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LightThe foundation and first flowering of The City. The City is a massive, floating city in space, the flower of galactic civilisation's efforts. In this period, she is first completed and begins to grow into her role as the centre of trade in the Milky Way.
LightRepresentatives from each species on the galactic stage (Human, Drisax, Loren, and others besides) arrive on the City for its official opening. The Loren delegation includes an influential diplomat of galactic reknown, who is to be his species' permanent representative and ambassador on the City, and his young daughter. This event is Light because the opening of the City is the culmination of several decades of breakneck construction, and is held up as a symbol of hope and galactic cooperation.
DarkThe daughter of an influential alien diplomat [the Loren] is kidnapped from her home in the City by humans against galactic growth. The City’s militia tries to determine her location, but their efforts are slow. The father gathers a band of his own men, and though they are able to find her whereabouts, they are too late. She was dead, and the humans who killed her gone. This is VERY Dark.
LightTo broker a settlement over the diplomatic incident caused by the death of the alien diplomat's daughter, the City turns to Jalix'e of the Red Soil Clan. Jalix'e is a member of the Drisax species, a bipedal crustacean species originating from the Flame Nebula. Jalix'e has significant and shady connections across galactic society. He is what humans would describe as a gangster. Jalix'e accepts the City's requests, and manages to head off the alien diplomat's people (which I am not determining here) from withdrawing their support for the City.
LightThe alien diplomat murders three humans claiming to be psychics aboard one of the small worldlets making up the Dyson Sphere that provides for the City’s energy needs. He does so alone. The event is Light because the psychics appear to have been planning to destroy that worldlet and thus interrupt the continuity of the Dyson Sphere and thus threaten the City’s power supplies.
DarkThe Loren alien diplomat, whose name is Ston'Gei, is put on trial in the House of Justice in the City for the killing of the three human psychics in the City. The trial is controversial. Opinion is heavily divided along species lines as to the appropriateness of the charges given the perpetrator and the victims. However, by enlisting the help of Jalix'e and by his own considerable powers of persuasion, Ston'Gei is acquitted of all charges. This is a Dark Event because there is no question that Ston'Gei did in fact murder the three psychics, meaning that a crime has gone unpunished, because Ston'Gei is associating with Jalix'e and thus the criminal element of the City, and because of the disharmony between humanity and other species as a result.
DarkThe Three Families War. A minor turf conflict accidentally erupts into a full-blown, decades-spanning mob war between three powerful cartels when the son of a major crime boss perishes in the crossfire. The constant threat of erupting violence leaves whole generations growing up afraid to walk the streets at the wrong time of day.
DarkPak’ston, a son of the Loren diplomat, has become a major crime lord over the years. By choice, he becomes involved in the small turf war between him and two other rival gangs. While traveling with his family through the City, he was attacked. While some of his men guarding him were able to save him, his wife, and his daughters, his son was caught in the crossfire. After finding and killing the man who had personally killed his son, he made it a vendetta to murder everyone involved in helping kill his son.
DarkEssen Tian, younger sister of the dead man and daughter to the Tian Family matriarch, has sworn vengeance on the Loren who killed her brother. (It helps that said Loren is now trying to kill her whole family.) She orchestrates and leads an attack on one of the docks Pak'ston controls, resulting in the destruction of his smuggled goods, the death of several of his enforcers and distant relatives, as well as seriously injuring one of his daughters. Her involvement is never officially proven, but all the cartels "know" who is responsible thanks to the Tian mark: a black flower spray-painted on the floor of the docking bay.
Scene: AssaultQuestion: how did Pak'ston's daughter get away from the Tian Family attack despite being injured?
Stage: It is the Tian Family assault on the docks. Essen Tian has a personal vendetta against Pak'ston for the death of her brother (who was in turn killed because he killed Pak'ston's son). She and her team will kill several of Pak'ston's people, injure his daughter, and still get away with enough leeway to leave the Tian mark on the floor of the docking bay.
Required Characters: Essen Tian and Pak'ston's still-unnamed daughter.
Banned Characters: Any law enforcement. The police don't know anything about this little skirmish. Ex-law enforcement, or people with ties to law enforcement, is okay.
LightThe crime between the three mobs seemed to be escalating by the day. Kile, a human officer who works for the City’s police force, made a huge break in the fight when he discovered the location of one of the mob’s warehouses. Along with fellow officers, he stormed the warehouse and arrested many known offenders. While many of the head leaders remain unfound, this find was a break in the case that had caused the City much turmoil.
LightDiscovery of human psionics. In a rare time of (relative) peace and stability in the City, some humans have risen to prominence due to their ability perform feats of mind that were previously thought impossible outside the realm of charlatans and sleight-of-hand magicians. Their rise sets off a period of political and socioeconomic upheaval for the humans (and aliens, too) of the City, but also a grand period of experimentation and discovery as the first human psionics master their newfound powers.
DarkThe long crime war has taken its grim toll. Death, tragedy and corruption rule the day. The City, ravaged by the struggle for control of her, decays into uselessness and is abandoned.
LightThe bodies of the greatest diplomats, thinkers, and artists in the city's history, including that of our Ambassador, are placed on the traveling space memorial Arcadia. In this way, they are saved from being lost along with the City, which is quickly becoming too dangerous to store important artifacts on as a result of constant fights between mobsters piloting giant robots.