Church of Ireland Parishes, 1291-1860, West Cork, from Mazier Brady
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Irish Names from Cole Population from Cole 1893
1291Taxations 1581 from Mc T.C.D. E.3.14, compiled by Arthur Hyde and Arthur Robbins, Fulton Morrisone, Hea Harrington, Eill Connell1693Patron Saint as furnished to Mazier Brady by Catholic Bishop of Ross Michael O'Hea1831
Abbeymahon and LisleeSt. Bernard
Abbeystrewy (Skibbereen)St. Patrick1699 Rector demands besides burying if the deceased is worth more than £5 a mortuary of 13s 4d or less than £5 his second best suit or 6s 8d in lieu thereof. Cornelius Crowley, a convert teaches school his wife teaches English. 100 confirmed. Meeting House of Quakers 8 families. Glissane is clerk of the parish.1834 Protestant population 246.1860 60 children at two Church Education schools, Protestant population 329.
Aghadowne1291 Ecc de Agynine XX, 1591 Donates O'Hea is vicar.£6.0.0St. St. Congallus1699 church ruinous, 14 to 18 Protestant families in parish. Daniel McCarthy priest of this Kilcoe and Abeystrewy, Mahony a convert teaches an English school1834 Protestant population 5061860 Church Education School with 65 and 27 frequent a second school. Protestant population 316Abey of the stream or field of the Fortress
Aglish15.. Dermitus McEglinge 1591 Donatus O'Morough Vicar1700 South wall of Aglish church down 7 or 8 protestant families to to Moveddy. Flax was sowed in graveyard. Croneen was Popish Priest now Dermot Murphy lives in Aghabullog parish was in Cloyne now alos has Ovens.1831 Protestant population 31, 1833 Petty Sessions house licensed for worship.Eaglais church
Ardfield1291 Ecca de Fard XX 1591 John O'Heves Vicar.St. James1834 Protestant polulation 391860 church in repair, 15 children Church Education society school. Protestant population 332.The high field
BallinadeeDowach, Kylyban 6 marks, Rathdruchin 4 marks rated at 5 marksIn good repair, Jonathan FalknerProtestant population 1291857: Protestants 120, Church Ed school 23 average attendance 13.Ballina-dhia, town of the tub or vat maybe hollow100
Ballybodan/Ballymodan11291 Ecclesia Ballybudan rated at 7 marks£2.0.01813 Vicar Joseph Jervois gave £22.15s towards a Presbeterian Meeting House1831 Protestant population 2.264 1860 Protestant population 1,550, 48 boys 76 girls in school 38 in another school in country part Bád, a boat possible as there was a ferry boat over the Bandon before bridge
Ballydehob1870 made a separate parishBel-atha-da-gcab, ford of the two mouths
BerehavenFive or six Protestant families most Dissenters
BallymoneyChurch in repair about 20 Protestant families, an English School, Popish Priest at Falobbish called Charles Carthy and at Kineigh Teigue Murphy. Two Protestant women teach school.1849 New church1850: Protestant polulation 178, 23 children at Church Education SchoolFormerly called Crossinhare townland of the shrunnery
Brinny5 marksLittle church in repairBreathnach, British district
Caheragh1317: Geoffrey Fitz John de Cogan is presented by the King (by mandate of the Bishop of Cork) to the Church of the Blessed Mary de Caheragh.1683: No church Three Protestant families go to Drimoleague1699 Service once a month by Mr. Patrickson, 12 Protestant families, Parish priest Will Guricheen a very old man, church is ruinous1830: Protestant population 131, 1860: Church in good repair, Protestant population 107, 20 children attend a Church education School.Stone forts
Cape ClearSt. Kieran1699 Dan Driscoll Popish Priest of this and Creagh parish none but Irish papists live on the island.1849 Church built by Rev. Spring stones used to build AIB Schull.Old church records know as 'Insula Sancta Clarae' was a parish united to Vicagage of Kilcoe
CarrigalineBeannier with its appurtinences Kyleglerath and Anglasse £33 9s 8d1591 spectat ad College de YoughalIn good repair, Rector Dr. Pomeroy, connected to College of Youghal, school is kept by the Church by Richard Codner clerk of the parish1860: Church in good order, Protestant population 267 and Douglas 310, 150 children in a school kept by local subscribersThe rock of the O'Laighins
Castlehaven St. Barrachane
Castleventry and KilkerranmoreDedicated to the Holy TrinityLarge church of St. Ciarán Castleventry caistleán-na-gaoithe caastle of the wind
Creagh1291 Eccca de Crinag Imr1544 Florence Magther late incumbent Irishman1699 church ruinous Dernot Driscoll Popish Priest Tullagh, Creagh and Cape Clear. 1834 Protestant population 4811860, 19 children attend a schools aided by the Church Education Society, ladies Hibernian Society and the Reformation Society. Protestant population 357A territory
Desertmore1615 Chrch and chancel in ruins1689 Paul Duclos (Dukelow) Rector1699 No church one Protestant family. Some Papists married to Protestants breed their children papists.1815 Church built on site of old church of Desertmore1860 no school, Protestant population 22
Dersetsergys£2.0.0Daniel Lord, church repaired, 1699 150 Protestant families are equal to to Papists, clerk teches school, here and Murragh, no Popish schoolmaster in this parish. Denis Mahony is Popish Priest. Church in good repair. 1830: Protestant population 432, 1850 Protestant population 437, 88 children on the rolls of two Church Education Schools. average attendance 45.Ferguse's hermitage
Dromdaleige (Dromomlegue)£1.0.01615 Church in ruins1699 Church in repair only few slates off, Divine service once a month by Mr. Hungerford. Felix Mccarthy is Priest of the Parish. 12 Protestants in Parish. A Protestant schoolmster complains that the Papists teach public schools.1830 Protestant population 567. 1860 protestant population 414, 72 children on rolls of Church Education Society School.Ridge of the two pillar stones
Dunderrow12th century Ms. called Dun-der-Maigh. Four Marks1815; Morgan O'Donovan, Rector, Chieftan of the O'Donovans of Clancahill ref Burkes L.G.1830 protestant population 1121850: Church in good repair hopeful of a school for 20 children Protestant population 83Fortress of the oak plain
Durrus£1.6.8Pre 1641 was a chapel of ease.1705: Patron Saint St. Faughnan 30 Protestant families Church (Moulivard) uncovered. Humphrey Sulllevane is Popish Priest of this and Kilcrohane.1792 Church built. 1830 Protestant population 8191860 Small glebe at Killeshane let to a tenant, divine service at church and two licences places of worship at Glenlough and Roosha 132 children at three Church Education Society schools. Protestant population 536dark wood
Drynagh (Drinagh)£2.0.01615: Con O'Farshame, an Irishman is VicarChurch in ruins, Rector Mr. Solomon Foley, seven or eight Protestant families go to Drimoleague or Kilmyne in Ross, Popish schoolmaster in parish1830 Protestant population 321. 1860 Church in good order, 75 children on the rolls of two Church Education Society Schools, Protestant population 290.1892 National School at Shandrum mixed 50 pupils. In the 1950s some parents boycotted the school as a protest against closure.Blackthorn Bushes
Fanlobbshe (Dunmanway)£1.10.0 Church repaired1700, half church in ruins, 30 English families in the town, Charles McCarthy is Priest of this parish. has been for many years. Chapel of ease a mile to the west of Dunmanway called Kilbarrry Church in ruins.1822 new church in site of ancient site. 1860 church in order 165 children 7 Protestant teachers paid by Church Education Society Protestant population 971, licensed place of worship at Carrigsculley.
Glanbarrahane (Castlehaven)1291 Ecca de Glenbean XX, 1591 Dermicius Cormaci Rector£6.0.01699 church not in good repair. Three gentlemen by turns have sermons in their houses. %0 persons at church in Castlehaven.1834 protestant parishioners 3641860 church in good order. 45 children on roll of Church Education School. Protestant population 197St. Barrahan's Glen
InnishannonMentioed in 12th century Ms as having been raided by the Danesc 838 AD, 1291: Eccia de Yusogenan £5.6.8Patrick Moore 1699: 20 families of Protestants in this and Lifeny and Templemichael. Church in good repair.1860: Church in good repair. Erasmus Smith school 30 boys 22 girls General and Mrs. Meade support an infant school 20 children. Protestant population 465.Little Owen's Inch
Inshilkylaghe (Inchigeela)1591 Edmond McBrien Vicar£3.0.01700: No Protestants lately 2/3 Protestants, Dennis Leary Priest of this and Kilnamartery Patish, at Gougan Barry lives Denis Mahony formerly Priest of this Parish now a hermit whio has built 7 chapels there1860: Church in good order 11 children attend school run by a Protestant Schoolmistress. Church Education Society Protestant Population 57.Inch of the fork
Island near Clonakilty)1291 Ecca de Insula Imr 1591 Maurice Hurley Vicar1810 schoolhouse large enough to accommodate 30 boarders opened in Clonakilty due to liberality of Lord Shannon1834 Protestant population of Island 25, Kilgariff 1098 and Desert 81860 church requires enlargement 42 boys attend a Church Education school in Clonakilty, 33 children attend an Erasmus Smith school in a distant part of the parish, 22 girls attend a female school in Clonakilty 35 infants Protestant population 820.
KilbogganAD 448, Four Masters recite an Irish poem mentioning Brogan as a follower of St. Patrick. 1481'M', Rector and Vicar (Pipe Rolls p.15)£3.16.0, 1610 First Protestant church built in Ireland,Daniel Lord, Church repaired, 1700: No Papists permitted to live with the walls of bandon. Downes preached to 800.1830 Protestant population 1,477. 1842, 223 children in Church Education Society Schools, Protestant population 1,038Cornelius Murphy recants in the parish of Moragh 25 Sept 1726.
Kilbrittan1579: Philip Gould P. KIlbrittain£1.13.4Patrick Moore, 3 Protestant families near Templetrine.1860 No church 12 children attend Church Education School, Protestant population 60.Dr. Olden's history suggests parish is called afterHubritan one of three brothers as coming from England Cill (Hu) Britain, Brittan's Church
Kilcaskin (Beara)1291 Ecca de Kylascan and Drumfegna Imr1699 a great wood formerly on Drom-faugh-nagh of great value was destroyed by Sir William Petty's ironworks (later Lord Lansdowne family). No church in repair, no Protestants except a convert Downing who lives in Bonane. John Mulconry is Popish Priest for last 20 years. Mckaskan is patron of the parishmaybe wood of little boat
Kilcoe1699 Mr.Bousfield preaches once in 6 weeks in a cabin 6 Protestant families. Church uncovered. Two churchwardens. James Abridge (Attridge?) and 6 Protestant families live in this parish.
Kilgarave/KIlgariff?, near ClonakiltyNativity of B.V.M.1834 Protestant population 1,028, see IslandRough or rugged wood
KIlkieranSt. Kieran
KilnagrossDedicated to the Holy Cross1883 church population 120 Church of the crosses
Killococonenagh (Beara?)£6.13.41862 230 church population no dissenters, apart from church at Castletown one at Kilcaskin/Adrigole. ArdroomWood of the rabbits
Kilmaloody/KIlmaloda1291 Ecca de Kylumloda 111mr 1591 Dominus Odry Rector (Johanes O'Drea)St. Mulooda1834 Protestant population 1501860 church in perfect order 35 children attend school aided by Church Education Society. Protestant population 157Mulooda's church
KillowenDaniel Lord, church repaired1860 Church in order 27 children Church Education School. Protestant population 60.1883 Coron National School 65 Myross 15 children, church population 430Macaboy's church
Kilmaceba/Kilmacabee1615 Tades McDonnell O'Donovan,Vicar1699 Church ruinousB.V.M.1834 Protestant population 191, Kilfaughuabeg 601860 Church in order 45 children Church Education School 18 attend another school Protestant population 261
Kilmichell (Kilmichael)1591 connected to Kilbrogan£2.0.01699 some few English there no church1860, church 11 children in parish school, Protestant population 46.April 23, 1728 Edmund Barrett renounces Popery in the Parish Church of Kilmichael.St. Michael's church
Kilmurray1591: Morricius McDermott Rector also of Templeusky.1860 Church Protestant population 85 no school.
Kilmeen1591 Daniel Hennehan or Lenerghan Trctor1600 Church is something out of repair, 50 persons at Church which lies 3 miles from Ballemony to the S.W. Parissh clerk but he only gets 33s out of this and Drinagh parish and teaches school. There is an O'Donovan tomb in the church yard. The Popish Priest Daniel Sullivan lives iin another parish he celebrates mass generally in a ditch sheltered with a few bushes and sods and sometimes in a cabin. Clerk has 2d a house at Xmas and as much at Easter.St. Marina 1834 Protestant population 2541860 Church in order 19 children in Erasmus Smith school 27 Church Education School Protestant population 204
Kilmoe1581: Dermitus McCormuce Macarty R. KIlmoe£5.10.01699 tithes paid by fishermen 40s for a sain, sometimes 10s per boat for hook fishing. John Prouce a good old man parish clerk of Schull and Kilmoe 4 Protestant families. Daniel Carthy is Popish Priest in eastern part. Mount Gabriel the haunt of wolves. Church in Schull uncovered. A young Irishman a Papist teaches school. Tiege Coghlan is Popish Priest in Kilmoe and the eastern part of Schull1699 9 Protestant families in Kilmoe. The church at Kilmoe was dedicated to St Brinnah alis Brandon whose festival is kept in KIlmoe on the 16th May. in all the Sullivan's country they observe as a holiday St Roonane's day.1830; Protestant polulation 630, 1860 Protestant population 513, 4 Church Education Schools 94 children at Lisacaha 57 children in a Church Education School. in this portion Protestant polulation 509.1699 Downes: Mr. Pierce Arnot, Thadus Coghlan, and Mr. Maher a late convert and Thoms Dyer the tide waiter live in the parish.
Kilnagross1591 D. Long Rector also treasurer of Cork1860 34 children attend Church Education school, church exhibits damp. Protestant population 180 of whom 6 are Dissenters.
Kinneigh1591 Cornelius Donati Rector1699 tis supposed the church was once a cathedral ahigh round tower stands in the church yard. 11830 Protestant population 392 1860 church in order 75 children on the rolls of the Church Education schools, Protestant population 341.Spelled by the Four Masters'Ceann-Ech',the Horse's Head1699 A stone in the S.W. corner of the church is counted very sacred which the Irish solemly swear on, the church is accounted among the Irish very sacred. There is a tradition amongst the Irish that in the church yard there was a well which had great medicinal qualities they stoped it up.
Kinsale1291 Eccia de Kesaly 111mr£3.0.01767 Classical school1830 1,070 Protestant population 1860 Church in good order, 21 boys, 19 girls and 25 infants attend schools supported by subscription Protestant population 700Ceann Sáile, head of the sea
Knockavilly1291 Eccia de Cnocbile Mmr1834 apartment and house of Abraham Haynes, farmer, Lissgrovin licensed for worship.1860 church in order 9 children on roll of Church Education School, Protestant population 68
Kyicroghan (Kilcroghan)£2.10.0
Kylmocomoghe/Kilmocamoge, (Bantry)1550; Mcdermott O'Mulrlane, Claaerk is psrdoned (Morrin, Patent Roll 4th Edward VI), 1591 ad St. Catherine Waterford£2.0.01696 Grand Jury comlaint two friars in the Abbey of Bantry. 1699 a cabin built for a church in Bantry about 150 persons usually at church in Bantry. two little schools kept in Bantry. A barracks for one company of foot are building.1830: Protestant population 948. 1842 66 children on roll of schools supported by Church Eduation Society. Protestant population 396. 1699 Downes: In the parish of Kilmacomoge the Irish observe Macmog's day as a festival nd generally each parish observes a patron day. The Dioceses of Cork observes St. Finbarr, Ross, St. Faughnan's day as a festival.Church of St. MaedhlogDecember 7th 1729, John Galway son of Herny Galway of Bantry renounces Popery before Richard Davies Vicar.
Leighmoney11291 Eccia de Lachmoin1830 Protestant population 971860 Church in ruins since time immemorial 6 children attend Church Society school. Protestant population 34
Lislee1291 Eccca de Lyslig VImr, 1581 William Moyran Rector and James Heyes Vicar1699 Church in good repair same congregation as that of Timpoleague1834 Protestant population Lislee 274, Kilsallagh, 1836 New school house licensed for divine worship.1860 53 children attend Church Education school, Protestant population 249. Church in good order.1889 church population 160 Fort of Lugaidh
Moviddy1591 Nicholas O'Flynn Vicar or William O'Foy1699 Moviddy Church in repair, 7 or 8 Protestant families in Aglish parish go to Moviddy.1830 Protestant population 85160 church in order no school Protestant population 47
Murragh1591 Daniel O'Hennehan VicarDaniel Lord Church repaired, 1699 80 attend church in good repair, John Lamb parish clerk, two churchwardens, clerk teaches school, Daniel Hurley a quiet man Popish Priest of this and three or four contigous parishes since before late troubles, More Protestant than Papists in this parish 100 Protestant families 20 of these are Dissenters they go to Bandon. Tithes of potatoes in this parish and in all the country. Church in repair1811 Murragh church built former church and burial ground undermined by river. 1830 Protestant population 3741860 Protestant population 223, 52 children Church Education Society School.September 25th 1726 Cornelius Murphy recants in front of John Frier Curate.A smooth, flat piece of land by the river
Myrus/Myross near Ross1291 Ecca de Mydris Imr 1591 Cornelius O'Donovan Vicar£3.0.01699 Church ruinous service seldom performed. 4 or 5 Protestant families. Minister is admonished to preach in his own house until a church be built.St. Brigid 1831 Protestant population 162, church built in 18261860 33 children at Church Education School. Protestant populatio 166.Level wood
Rathbarry1291 Ecca de Rath 1111mr 1591 henry Walsh Vicar1699 Six families of Protestants go to Clonakilty or RossSt. Michael 1834 Protestant population 67.1860 Church in order 14 children attend a school maintained by Lord Carbery. protestant population 911896 church population 150 two churches Rathbarry and Ardfield and a chapel of ease at Muckross. 1902 large Celtic Cross erected at Castle Freke by Lady Carbery, largest memorial cross in Ireland.Barry's fort
Rosscarbery (Ross)1291 Ecca de Ross Cathedralis XXs 1688 schoolhouse impaired by late war be repaired and arrangements to be made by John Sullivan Treasurer and Thomas Hungeford and Thomas May gentlemen/St. Faughnan, son of Mongach1860 Parish of St. Faughnan's of Ross licensed place of worship at Recnascreena 36 children attend Church Education Society school Protestant population 300.1729 Mr Andrew Donoughue recants in Ross CathedralCalled by the Four Masters 'Ros Ailithir' wood of the pilgrims
Sherkin1699Mr. Trix preaches in SherkinSt. Connaill
Skull1581 Joanna Brethaghe, connected with College of Youghal.£6.6.81830 Protestant population 1,898, 1836 schoolhouse at Liscabee licensed for worship.1860 Protestant population of one division 515 other 735. Two church Education schools one with 69 the other 98.Sancta Maria de Scholia belonged to University of Ross (Smith)
St. Edmunds near Dunmanway, Associated with Shouldham family. Their house and lodge nearby.1865, made a separate parish1891 Rev Millar preaching in Irish Sundays 4.30.Agricultural school in parish, two parochial schools one (National) and the other Church Education. Church population 250.
Taxax near Kinsale1581 E. de Taxax vacat per resign.1860 to be united with Kinsale. Protestant population 4.Tí-Sassin Englishman's house person being Hubritan a Saxon pilgrim
Teampul-Na-mBoct. Altar (Goleen)Formerly part of Kilmoe pre 18911891 Church population 500, no Dissenters, April to November service in Lissacaha and Cashelane schoolhouses alternatelyChurch of the poor also called Altar from a Crom-Leacht (sloping stone) said to be a Druid altar
Templebryan near TimoleagueChurch in ruins1860 No church Protestant population 19Was in the possession of the Knighs Templars near the ruins of its ancient church is the shaft of a cross erected by them 1303
Templemalus1591 Thomas Arundel Rector1687 Dissenters will contribute nothing to keep church in repair1834 Protestant population 381860 church in order no school Protestant population 28O'Malus church ruins of ancient church and stones of extensive heathen temple.
Templemichael De Duagh1591 Michaelis de Dawghe D. Long1830 Protestant population 581860 church in order, 6 children attend Church Education Society school Protestant poplation 18.
Temple-O-MalisSt. Malis
Temple-Quinlan1591 connected to Abbey of Fermoy1834 Protestant population 40St. Quinlan
Timolegge (Timoleague)1291 Ecca de Tagumdag V1 mr£4.0.0, 1696 Grand Jury complaint four friars in Abbey of Timoleague1699 service once a fortnight 80 personsNativity of B.V.M.1834 Protestant population 1611860 church in order, 11 children Church Education school Protestant population 801887 population of church 170 two churches Timoleague and Abbeymahon, Erasmus Smith school 15 children, Abbeymahon National School 15.Four Masters Teach Mlaga Mologa's religious house
Tullagh (near Baltimore)1291 Ecca de Tulag XXs.Long Vicar and Treasure of Cork1699 congregation at Skibbereen 100 Colonel Beecher 100 Church is ruinous half a mile from Baltimore1834 Protestant population 3251860 lecture in schoolhouse in Sherkin 23 children on roll Church Education School Protestant population 153, church in indifferent order1873 parochial school Baltimore supported by Church Education Society, Irish Reformation Society and local subscriptions.The hill