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TimestampName of teacher
Section (if required)
Subject Project title Objective (Write in Points) Materials requiredDescriptionExpected date of conduct of Project in the class ( Give the dates section wise )
9/19/2017 15:18:40Sir Medem1ComputerStorage and memory
1. Identify the different storage place used to store things.
2. Identify the storage unit of computer used to store data.
3. They will be able to understand what is memory and storage media in computer.
Colour pencil or crayon
A4 size paper
Draw any storage places at home given in your textbook.
Then the student will draw cd and pendrives with the help of textbook.
1a- 6 and 9 Oct
1b - 6 and 10 Oct
1c - 3 and 10 Oct
1d - 10 and 12 oct
9/20/2017 14:03:09Madam Ranjta1
Env. Science
Plants Around UsStudents will be able to identify and differentiate the different kinds of plants.
A4 size papers, leaves or pictures, glue and colours.
Collect 5 leaves or pictures (if leaf is not available) of different types of plants i.e., trees, herbs, shrubs, climbers and creepers and paste them in A4 size paper and write the names of each leaf.
10 october
9/20/2017 14:06:12Madam Ranjta1MathsMeasurementStudents will be able to understand the concept with hands on activity Four A4 size papers, colours. Measure any five items using handspan and write the measurement of each items.20 october
9/20/2017 14:10:50Madam Ranjta1English 11Preposition
Students will be able to demonstrate and identify the correct usage of preposition.
A4 size paper, colour, any stickers.
Draw a big tree and paste the stickers to show the position mentioned below-
1. On
2. Under
3. Near
4. Above
5. Far
16 october
9/19/2017 11:46:17Miss Delevinuo2
Env. Science
Domestic animals and wild animals.
Students will be able to familiarize with the domestic animals and wild animals and know their difference.
A4 size paper , pencil, rubber and colour pencil / picture.
Draw or paste a picture of one domestic animal and one wild animal and write and a short note on each animal.10 october 2017
9/19/2017 12:35:42Madam Lochumlo2English 11Preposition
1. Help them to construct their own sentences using prepositions.
2.understand the concept prepositions
A4 size paper, pencil
Here are some prepositions given below. Make your own interesting sentences using these prepositions- on, in, under, over, behind, infront of, between, inside
10th October (sec:A, B, C, D)
9/19/2017 14:34:01Miss Nirmala2MathsShapes
1. To build the knowledge of basic shapes
2. To identify things that looks like these shapes
Scrap book, colour papers, scissor, scale, glue
In the scrap book, cut and paste the basic shapes(rectangle, square, circle, triangle) by using colour papers. Then write two things that looks like these shapes below.
16th october(sec-A B C D)
9/19/2017 14:56:27Sir Medem2ComputerMs paint and its different tools used.
1. The students will be able to know the ms paint window.
2. They will get familiar with the different tools used in ms paint.
3. They will be able to identify different icons and buttons in ms paint.
Colour pencil or crayon
A4 size paper.
Firstly, the students will draw the ms paint window in a4 size paper and they will draw the icon and button of different tools in ms paint and name them and write it's functions.
2a - 10/13 OCT
2B - 9/14 Oct
2c - 9 - 14 Oct
2d - 10 /14 oct
9/18/2017 14:53:37Miss Inderjeet3MathsShapes
1. Learning about the solid shapes that we see around us.
2. Understanding the faces, edges and corners of the solid shapes.
Glue, paper plate, A4 size paper,colour paper/chart paper/recycled paper,scissors.
Make small models of solid shapes (cube, cuboid,cylinder, cone and use ball for the shape of a sphere) by using colour paper/ chart paper/recycled paper and paste them on a paper plate.Now in an A4 size paper write the number of edges,faces and corners of each of the solid shapes. Also write 2 examples of each that you see in your daily life.
9/18/2017 19:59:23Miss Vezovolu3ScienceDraw the digestive system and cut and paste in A4 size paper.
1) Students will be able to identify different organs of digestive system.
2) Students will realise the functional properties of digestive organs in our body.
1) Scrapbook
2) Glue
3) Scissor
4) Sketch pens
5) Pencil,Eraser,Sharpener,scale(ruler)
6) 2 A4papers
Students will make a model of the digestive system using the scrapbook pages cutting into different organ shapes and pasting on the A4 paper describing it's organ labelling.
17 & 18 October
9/19/2017 14:01:26Miss Thejavinuo3English 11Linking words
1. Students will be able to use linking words to join words,groups of words and sentences.
A4 size paper,pencil,eraser,scale.
Join the sentences by using suitable linking words .Class 3A - 4/10/2017
Class 3B - 5/10/2017
Class 3C - 6/10/2017
9/19/2017 14:47:28Miss Medosano3
Social Science
1. To understand the passage of time and how this is reflected through life events.
2. To give them an opportunity to share about important events in their lives.
A4 size papers, pencil and eraser
Make a timeline of your family members. Begin the timeline by writing the year that each of them were born.(eg- birth year of parents, sisters, brothers, etc) Also, show three important events that have happened in your family with the years.(eg- birthdays, vacations, weddings,etc)
16th October 2017
9/19/2017 15:05:04Sir Medem3ComputerComponents of microsoft word
1. The students will be able to get familiar with the ms word window.
2. They will be able to learn the different components in ms word.
3. Learn the functions and uses of different component of Ms word.
Colour pencil or crayon
A4 size paper
The students will draw the Microsoft Word window in a4 size paper and they will mention the different components and write a note on the description of its components in ms word.
3a - 12 and 13 Oct
3b - 11 and 13 OCT
3c - 9 and 11 Oct
9/19/2017 8:17:32Miss Kikruninuo4English 11Subject and PredicateStudents will be able to identify the subject and predicate in a sentence.
A4 size paper, pencil and colour pencil
Write ten (10) sentences about your class and circle the subject and underline the ppredicate.Class 4A - 16th Oct.17
Class 4B- 16th Oct.17
Class 4C- 16th Oct. 17
9/19/2017 10:27:53Miss Kikruninuo4English 11Subject and Predicate
(i)The students will be able to identify the subject and predicate in a sentence.
A4 size paper, pencil and scaleWrite ten (10) sentences about your class and circle the subject and underline the predicate.Class 4A = 16th Oct. 17
Class 4B = 16th Oct. 17
Class 4C = 16th Oct. 17
9/19/2017 13:57:11Miss Sukumbeni4B
Social Science
1.Familiarize the students with the different means of transportation.
2.To understand the importance of the various types of transportation.
A4 size paper, pictures or colour pencil,pencil and eraser.
Collect or draw pictures of any four means of transportation used today. Write two lines each on each of the pictures. Oct 20-21
9/19/2017 15:02:52Miss Medosano4
Social Science
1. Familiarize the students with the different means of transportation.
2. To understand the importance of the various types of transportation.
A4 size papers, pictures or colour pencils, pencil, eraser and glue
Collect or draw pictures of any four means of transportation used today. Write two lines on each of the pictures.4a(25/10/17)
9/20/2017 9:23:21Sir Sadikul4ComputerMs Word Basics
To learn some of the basics required for the students about how to use Ms Word 2007
Students will do in the Computer Lab and then follow up in the class room Materials-A4 size paper, pencil, scale, color pencils
How to:-
Create a new document
Opening an existing document
Saving a document
Exiting a document
Using cut/copy/paste option
Changing font/ font size
Changing font style/color
Changing text alignment
Changing line spacing
4A-3rd Oct, 4C-3rd Oct, 4B-9th Oct
9/20/2017 10:29:08Miss Inderjeet4MathsMeasurement
1.Learning the useage of ruler/scale to measure the body parts.
2.Learning to convert one unit of measurement(length) into another.
Ribbon, A4 size paper, ruler/scale.
Take a ribbon and wrap it once around your wrist. Now, measure the length of the ribbon on a ruler/scale, find the measurement of your wrist and note it down in an A4 size paper. Use the same process to find the measurement of your neck, hand and foot. Now, add all the measurements and convert it into metre.
16 oct
9/18/2017 20:30:25Sir Rajesh5MathsSymmetrical Figures
* To get the basic conception of symmetrical figures and lines of symmetry * Innovative idea in composition of design.
A4 Size paper, squared line paper, color pencils, pencil compass.........etc.
* Make a cut out of - a) Indian Flag b) Hexagon c) Logo of State Bank of India and do as directed.
1. Paste on a A4 size paper
2. Draw the lines of symmetry and also mention the number of lines of symmetry for each.
3. Take a squared line and create a suitable design that gives a symmetrical figure.
Nov. 1 to 3
9/18/2017 22:12:30Sir Thonsolong5Science
Make a list of Ten(10) object each that you can observed at home/outside the classrom.Identify and write down whether they are Transparent,Translucent or Opaque materials
1)They will understand /able to identify the different objects and distinguished them according to their properties .2)To identify the nature properties or medium. 3)They will have new understanding and concept of the topics in their practical life.
2A4 size paper, Pen , Pencils , Colours , Scale ,Eraser..
The world is made up of different Mass, Unit and properties.They comprises different quality and property depend upon the nature.They are found into Transparent,Translucent ,and Opaque materials.
Class 5....
Sec A 23
Sec B 24
Sec C 25
9/19/2017 10:25:58Miss Pampi5English 11Conjunctions Students will be able to use conjunctions in sentences.
A4-sized papers(2 pcs.), pen and red sketch pen
Write a paragraph of 10-12 lines on 'Why I like my school?' Use atleast one conjunction in each of the sentences.And also underline the conjunctions with red colour.
5A, B, C- 4th October
9/19/2017 14:56:46Miss Sukumbeni5
Social Science
1. Students will be able to identify the different kinds of pollution.
2. Create awareness on harmful effects of pollution.
3. Develop thinking skills.
A4 size paper, pen, pencil, highlighter.
Find out and mention four common types of pollution in your locality ( colony).
Suggest any two control measures on each types of pollution that people in your locality can do to control it.
Oct 10-11
9/20/2017 8:54:56Sir Sadikul5ComputerDesign a time table of your Class using Ms Word
Learning tables in Ms Word-Ms Word offers a flexible feature of presenting information in tabular form also it is very useful in organizing and representing data in an effective way
The project will be done by the students in the Computer Lab.
First row should have the details of the period number and first column should have the name of the week days.Format the text by applying appropriate font size, color and background colour also apply table style to it.
5C- 3rd October, 5A-4th October, 5B-5th October
9/19/2017 10:13:33Sir Sujit6CMathsRatio
The students will learn to understand the concept of ratio and will also learn how to determine ratio.
A4 size paper, pencil, colour pencil etc.
From class 6 (A, B, C), collect the following information given below :
a) Total no. of boys
b) Total no. of girls
c) No. of hostellers(from sec A and B)
d) No. of Ao students
e) No. of Sema students
f) No. of Lotha students
g) No. of Angami students
h) No. of other naga tribes
i) No. of non naga tribes.
Then find the ratio of the following :
i) No. of boys to No. of girls
ii) Total no. of students to no. of hostellers
iii) No. of Ao students to no. of Sema students
iv) No. of Lotha students to no. of Angami students
v) No. of other naga tribes to no. of non naga tribes.
Note: Groupwise students will collect the information and individually will find the ratio of the given information in A4 size paper.
Cl 6A -17.10.17
Cl 6B- 20.10.17
Cl 6C- 18.10.17
9/19/2017 14:43:10Miss Loreno6AEnglish 11TENSES
1. Students will be able to identify the verb and tense by encircling it.
2. Students will understand that verbs change form depending on their relationship to time.
3. Students will be able to make their own sentence using the past, present and future tense.
4. Students will be able to identify incorrect and correct verb tense in a sentence.
A4 size paper, highlighter, colour pencils, pen and ruler.
As a warm up, students will be asked the definition of Tense and their types. The teacher will then give a brief explanation on the Tenses Chart to refresh their memory. After the explanation, Students will be asked to make the Tenses Chart in an A4 size paper using different colour pencils for each tense. The Students will be given a set of questions where they will circle the verbs using a highlighter and identify the Tenses. To check their understanding of the topic, Students will be asked to frame the Tense and make their own sentences out of it.
Eg: future continuous tense
Sentence: John will be joining the school by next month.
6 'A' : 9th and 10th Oct
6 'B' : 10th and 11th Oct
6 'C' : 9th and 10th Oct
9/19/2017 14:46:13Miss Swedevino6
Social Science
Natural vegetation and wildlife
1.To familiarize the students with the various wildlife and bird sanctuaries and national parks of India.
2. To have an idea about endangered species of India.
3. To appreciate the need for wildlife conservation.
4. To develop thinking skills.
A4 size paper, pencil, pen.
Draw the outline of India map and roughly show any 6 wildlife or bird sanctuaries and national parks in their respective states.
Then, name any two endangered species of India and suggest two measures each on how to protect them.
9/19/2017 14:53:19Miss Alemtula6ComputerMs Excel and editing in worksheet
Students will be able to:
1)Enter text and number into an excel worksheet
2)Format chart/data series to display data effectively
Computer, Ms Excel
You are a member of computer club of your school, your class teacher has asked you to Create the result sheets for the recently held "Annual Literary and sports competition 2017" with the following fields:

1 2 3 4 5

Green 105 120 250 175 75

Blue 120 160 320 235 100

Yellow 120 160 265 125 125

Red 55 200 210 165 120

Calculate the total score of each house using auto sum button. Data series for each house should be represented by the respective house color.
Prepare the score sheet using Microsoft Excel by applying the required formatting effects.
6A- Oct 4/11
6B- Oct 5/9
6C- Oct 3/10
9/18/2017 20:04:26Sir Walu7English 11Confusing Adverbs
1. Students will be able to understand the difference between an adverb and its adjective root word. Example
a. This is my daily routine (daily as an adjective)
b. I go there daily(here daily as an adverb)
2. Students will be able to create sentences correctly using the confusing adverbs and adjectives.
1. A4 size paper(6 -7 sheets) 2. Oxford English Dictionary 3. Pen 4. Colour pencils or sketches 5. Scale 6. Eraser 7. Pencil
Students will select a list of ten(10) words from the dictionary that can be used both as an adjective as well as an adverb i.e confusing adverbs. They will find out the selected words meaning from the dictionary and independently write down two separate sentences for each word- one as an adjective and the other as an adverb. Example a. I gave you an easy task(easy as an adjective which
describes and modifies the kind of "task" which is
a noun)
b. Take it easy(easy as an adverb that modifies the
verb "take")
4,5 & 6 of October 2017
9/18/2017 22:36:00Miss Babylensa7Science
Study of blood cells and groups'- With the help of diagram list out the different types of blood cells along with its functions.Theoretically find out blood groups of any 5 of your family members or friends.Then make a chart of blood groups that each one can receive from,in case of emergency.
1.To understand the importance of different blood cells (RBC,WBC, platelets) in our body.
2.To learn about the different blood groups in humans.
A4 sheets,coloured papers,chart, sketch pens.
It's important to know about the different blood cells in our body and it's functions.
Being aware of one's blood group will enable us to find the desired recipient or donor in case of medical emergency.
Class 7 A- 9th and 10th Oct
7B- 11th and 12th Oct
7C-12th and 13th oct
9/19/2017 14:58:59Miss Alemtula7ComputerMs PowerPoint-Creating and editing a presentation
Students will be able to Create informational slide through the use of
Computer, Ms PowerPoint
Make a presentation on "Save Endangered Species" in MS PowerPoint. Your PowerPoint should consist of:
1) At least 4 endangered species
2) Description of each species
3) Reasons why plants and animals become endangered.
Minimum no. of slides should be six.
7A-Oct 6/13
7B-Oct 5/9
7C-Oct 5/12
9/19/2017 14:59:26Miss Swedevino7A
Social Science
Equality and Democracy
1. To familiarize the students with the vision and values of equality in the constitution.
2. To understand the importance of equality in a democracy.
3. To develop critical thinking in the students.
A4 size paper, pen and textbook.
Point out 5 measures adopted by government of India to ensure equality in India with the help of provisions contained in the constitution. State, whether you feel there is a gap between theory and practice. If so, support your answers by stating one/two examples to support your view point.
9/19/2017 15:03:37Miss Senti7MathsBar Graphs
1)It will allows students to learn what bar graph are used for.
2)How to intepret the data presented and
3)How to organize their own data using bar graphs.
A4 size paper, graph paper
1)Conduct a survey to find out the number of students of different tribes from all the sections of class 7
2)Construct a bar garph to represent the following data:
AO, Sema, Lotha, Angami, Konyak, other Nagas, and Non-Nagas.
3)Study the bar graph and answer the following.
a) What does the bar graph represent
b) Which tribe is the highest number of students
c) Which tribe is the least number of students
(class 7A-11-10-17, 7B -10-10-17, 7C-10-10-17)
9/19/2017 17:56:11Miss Akhrie7C
Social Science
Mention the different rulers of the Mughal dynasty(tabulr form) and their ruling period.writ the Biography of King Akbar
1.Familarise with different mughal rulers.
2.Learn how to write biographies.
A4 paperThey will read about the mughal dynasty and list out the different rulers of this empire and then write the biography of Akbar.They will refer the text.7(c) 17oct
9/20/2017 12:34:23Miss Akhrie7C
Social Science
Mention the different rulers of the Mughal dynasty(tabular form) and their ruling period.Write the Biography of King Akbar.
1.Familarise more with different Mughal rulers.
2.Learn how to write biographies.
A4 paper.
Students will read about the Mughal dynasty and list out the different rulers of this empire and write the biography of Akbar after understanding it.They will refer their textbooks.
9/18/2017 20:40:39Sir Walu8CEnglish 11Coordinating Conjunction
1. Students will learn the four different types of Coordinating conjunctions.
2. Students will be able to create sentences using the various types of conjunctions.
1. A4 size paper(6 -7 sheets) 2. Pen 3. Colour pencils or sketches
4. Scale 5. Eraser 6. Pencil
Students will give a short description about the four types of Coordinating Conjunction in their own words. After the definition or description of each types, students will write down five examples using different conjunctions for the various types of Coordinating Conjunctions.
4,5 & 6th of October 2017
9/18/2017 21:39:27Miss Senti8MathsDerivation of formulae of a cylinder
1) To know the two surface areas of a cylinder.
2) To derive the formulae for Lateral or Curved surface area and Total surface area.
A4 size paper, compass
1) Consider a cylinder with radius of its bases equal to radius(r) and height(h).
2) Draw two circles with equal radius(r). Find out the circumference of the bases.
3) Draw a rectangle with breadth equal to circumference of the circle and length equal to height of cylinder. Find out the area of rectangle and area of each base.
4) Since Lateral or Curved surface area of the cylinder is equal to area of rectangle, derive the formula of Lateral surface area.
5) Now derive the formula for Total surface area which is equal to the total sum or area of bases and area of rectangle.
(cl-8A, 4-10-17) (8B, 8C- 5-10-27)
9/19/2017 14:46:31Madam Blessy8AEnglish 11Coordinating Conjunctions
1. Students will be able to define and understand the various types of coordinating conjunctions.
2. Students will be able to create sentences on their own using the various conjunctions.
1.A4 sheets (6-7)
3. Pencil
4. Eraser
5. Scale
6. Stapler
7. Colour pencils or sketch pens
Students will define the various types of coordinating conjunctions such as coordinating conjunction of addition, of contrast, of choice and of logical deduction. Below the respective types of conjunctions, students will create five sentences using different conjunctions for the four types of coordinating conjunctions.
4,5 Oct - Sec A
6,9 Oct - Sec B
9/19/2017 15:10:29Miss Alemtula8ComputerDescribing different HTML tags
Students will be able to use HTML keywords and tags to format and display the content of Web page.
Computer, notepad, web browser
Create a web page to display the basic information about Olympics games 2016.
1. Set the title of the page as 'Olympic Games'.
2. Set the heading of the web page as "Rio Olympic 2016". Use font face 'Matura MT Script Capitals size', size-10. Insert an image related to 2016 Olympics, align it to 'center'.
3. Set the font face of first paragraph as 'Monotype Corsiva' and color-green.
4. Insert a link as 'Important information' in the center, Use font face 'Palace Script MT' and size-10.
5. Insert a table in the new web page and enter the data as given below.
2016 Summer Olympics medal table

Rank NOC Gold Silver Bronze Total

1 United States (USA) 46 37 38 121
2 Great Britain (GBR) 27 23 17 67
3 China (CHN) 26 18 26 70
4 Russia (RUS) 19 17 20 56
5 Germany (GER) 17 10 15 42
8A- Oct 5/9
8B- Oct 3/9
8C- Oct 3/10
9/19/2017 16:03:42Miss Jeniffer8SciencePrepare a report on alternative sources of energy
* to learn about various alternative sources of energy.
* to understand the limitations of fossil fuels.
* to find ways to tackle pollution by means of using alternative energy source.
A4-paper, pictures of some alternative energy source.
Prior to conducting the project in the class, the students will be asked to collect information regarding use of different alternative energy sources. They will also collect pictures from old books, magazines to paste on their report.
The students will then write a report on the topic in the class.
Sec A- 11-10-17
Sec B-12-10-17
Sec C- 13-10-17
9/19/2017 17:43:54Miss Akhrie8A
Social Science
Evil practices in the society:(female infanticide,child marriage,sati system).write your opinion regarding the prevelence of this in society.
1.understand the exploitation done against women.
2.Analyse the causes that led to this practices.
A4 paper.Students will research it at home,collect points and they will write their own opinion on the overall evil practices against women in the society.12oct 8(A),13 oct 8(B) and 14 oct 8(C)
9/20/2017 12:20:27Miss Akhrie8
Social Science
Evil practices against women in society:(female infanticide,child marriage,sati system).write your opinion regarding the prevelence of this in the society.
1.Understand the exploitation done against women.
2.Analyse the causes that led to this practice.
A4 paper.Students will research it at home ,collect points and write their own opinion on the overall evil practices against women.8(A) Oct 11, 8(B) Oct 12, 8(C) Oct 13.
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