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EFFECT (1-2 words)STORYProduct OverallBalanceCalmCleanse Your LiverRejeuvenate Your HeartSoothe Your StomachNourish Your LungsRevitalize Your KidneyTeaCoffeeGemsolesZhicellPositive EffectsSpecific Health Condition
Allergies "I have taken allergy meds, nose drops and sprays since I can remember. Living in South Florida for 30+ years meant year-round allergy problems. For the last 10 years I used prescription Nasonex. Not only was it expensive, but when I used it as prescribed, I would get nose bleeds. About 2-3 weeks after taking Alphay Balance, Cleanse and Soothe I noticed that I had not used my Nasonex in a day or so. Then I started watching for my symptoms to see if I needed the Claritin D 12-hour that I always had available. Nothing! This was last February and I have not gotten my Nasonex refilled since, nor have I taken allergy meds." DFXXXXXXXXXXXX
Asthma"At 9 years old, I was hospitalized for asthma. I think I stayed there for a few months. After that, almost every few months I'd have to take asthma medication. Sometimes 6 to 8 types of medication at one time. Until to the of age 17, the doctor advised me to take care of my immune system because the older I get, the higher chances of asthma attack. Last year, I was introduced to Alphay products. I took 1-2 tablets of the 8 products in the morning and 1 each in the night. Last week I went for a medical checkup and doctor told me my lungs are very good." WK Chan.xxxxxxxx
Cold/flu SymptomsI had a fever of 99.9, body aches, headache, & serious congestion. I took 1 zhicell with 2 soothe, 2 lung, 2 kidney & 2 heart spaced out every two hours 3 doses & went to bed. At 1:30 pm Monday my fever was 99.1 at 4:10 am Tuesday was 102.2 at 10:30 Tuesday was 98.6. I don't know what it was but it is gone! :) "Do You Alphay" Jim D. St. Cloud, MNxxxxx
HeartburnI have suffered for years with heartburn and reflux, my symptoms were so bad at times I would have chest pain, trouble swallowing, and pain in my back and shoulder from all the acid just building up in my esophagus. I decided to try soothe the stomach along with 16oz of lingzhi tea daily for one month to see what would happen. Within 2 weeks I noticed my Gerd symptoms were pretty much gone! I didn't believe the results so I stopped taking the soothe for a few days and a week later I started having chest/upper back pain, and heartburn again. I am now convinced the mushrooms help keep my super acidic stomach in balance and supports my digestive system. I am so thankful for these productsxx
HemorrhoidsFor nearly twenty years I have suffered from hemorrhoids. I believed that they would remain with me for the rest of my life. Now I know they won’t. After I starting consuming Soothe capsules (one in the morning), I had very fast results. Not only are the hemorrhoids completely gone, I now have two bowel movements a day. My body feels much younger, like when I was a teenager. Thank you, Alphay!x
stomach ulcers“ At the young age of 23 I suffered from bleeding stomach ulcers. My life was spiraling down hill because I had no appetite, severe pain and became a homebody for fear of getting sick in public. I was told I needed to take 2 pills a day for the rest of my life not to cure the ulcers but to control the side effects of the ulcers. I knew this was not something I wanted to do so I turned to medicinal mushrooms. After throwing out my Pepcid and taking 4 medicinal mushroom capsules a day for 30 days, all of my symptoms were GONE. 10 months later I have yet to have another flare up. Medicinal mushrooms have truly changed my life!” Jake Montreuil-Althausxxxxx
Ulcerative ColitisFirst off, I want to thank you very much for introducing me to Alphay and medicinal mushrooms.  They honestly have changed my life.  I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in Jan 2014 shortly after my son was born.  It is a very debilitating condition that makes normal activities difficult and a social life non existent.  In Oct 2015 I was then diagnosed with breast cancer.  I went through chemotheraphy which only made my colitis worse; dealing with chronic diarrhea.  After my surgery in Feb 2016, I knew there was something that needed to be done.  I could not live in pain and fear of my conditions.  I met with Ronnie and heard her story.  I began using Alphay.  The first two months I began to take Soothe and Zhicell everyday.  I also love the Rich black , it's the only coffee I can drink now.  Coffee was a huge trigger for my coloitis, and I love coffee. The zhicell is an amazing elixir that helps heal and give you your energy back.  While taking soothe and Revitalize I stopped taking the prescription medicines that were prescribed for my colitis.  I no longer take any potent pharmaceuticals anymore.  I only am on Alphay.  Alphay has given me my energy and well being back.  I no longer suffer from colitis.  I make healthy food choices and live a healthier lifestyle.  Alphay promotes heath and longevity.    Jamie Z. Becker, MN
Weight loss“I tried the weight management longevity pack and I got some major results. This summer I lost over 30lbs. Lost 15 years as well. Lol. I feel like I did 15 years ago, (it's like I'm 17 again:-)) while doing the cleanse I walked everyday and ate healthy, delicious and organic food, cake included, I feel like my digestive system got a jump start. And the best part is that it's still working 2 months later. I have not gained back any weight, I feel amazing, I'm full of energy, its exactly what I needed.” Eva N.xxxxxxxxx
ADHD"My son has started taking the calming pills for his ADHD and it is working wonders! We have now taken him off his prescription medication and he is still able to focus and maintain during school. Yeah!!!"  AR
AllergiesI used to have allergies my whole life. It got really bad a few years back and nothing was helping. I started taking Revitalize your Kidneys for Women and all the sneezing, congestion, swelling, sinus infections, and runny nose stopped in a day and hasn't come back at all! Nourish your Lungs has had the same effect on me as well. - Hannah W. xxX
Allergies"My husband is a terrible seasonal allergy sufferer. NO ALLERGIES THIS SPRING, which I have heard from some has been the worst in years. He didn't take Alphay Balance formula for 2 days and his allergies are kicking up. Give it a try!" KHXXXXXX
ALLERGIES | SLEEPI've been an allergy sufferer for just about my entire life, taking both prescribed & OTC medicine pretty much daily. In the 2 months that I've been taking the Balance, I've been able to stop taking all medicine (with just a very rare exception) all together, which I feel is fantastic & amazing! 

Not to mention, I usually work a lot of hours and my sleep has been erratic at best. In the same 2 months, I've been getting far more quality sleep and been feeling more rested. The only thing that I have changed in that time frame is adding Balance to my daily diet." BM
Anxiety/Depression"This busy man has had amazing health/emotional benefits from the medicinal mushrooms. He was on several anti-depressants for a year, but did not like the side effects. With his demanding work schedule, he was falling back into anxiety/depression. The mushrooms have completely stabilized him, and allowed him to have the same effects as anti-depressants... but naturally without any side-effects!" JJXXXXXXX
ArthritisI've now been drinking the coffee for 2 months. Today I realized the arthritis in my finger that was so painful for the past six months...doesn't hurt anymore! Dawn Yilek, St. Cloud, MN
Asthma"My friend started taking mushrooms about 3 months ago. He is a former pro athlete with daily inhaler use for asthma. After taking the mushrooms, he has stopped using his inhaler. He ran out of mushrooms and had to use his inhaler every day again. He is reordering ASAP." AJ
Asthma"I have been taking the Nourish Your Lungs and Balance for about 2 months. One of my health problems is severe Asthma. In the past, I have found it very difficult to do any amount of exercise without the need of using my emergency inhaler and routine maintenance inhalers to keep me going. When hiking, it was extremely difficult to talk and hike, and to hike extended distances without pausing for a “breath”. Now that I have been taking these mushroom supplements, I have found that I can not only hike and talk at the same time, but am now able to hike for extended periods … hours without the need for my inhalers. Just recently I went hunting with a friend at an elevation of 9500 feet above sea level and went the whole day without the need of my inhalers. Yes, I was exhausted at the end of the day, but I was not experiencing any severe breathing problems. As a matter of fact, I do not need to use, nor do I use my inhalers on a daily basis anymore. I am off my asthma medications totally, and feel no ill effects.

I would like everyone to experience these same wonderful benefits that I am experiencing using these Alphay products."  JC
AsthmaI was diagnosed with asthma as a child and unfortunately I haven't outgrown it. I was on an allergy medication, a rescue inhaler, nebulizer treatments, and a corticosteroid inhaler for as long as I can remember. I took the allergy medication once a day, the corticosteroid inhaler twice a day, and my rescue inhaler at least 3x/week. Every winter I would end up having to do nebulizer treatments multiple times a day for weeks at a time. However, after taking Nourish your lungs (3 capsules) every day, I have been able to stop taking the allergy medication on a daily basis, I have used my rescue inhaler as little as 4x/month, and now only use the corticosteroid inhaler once a day now that winter is upon us. I am looking forward to seeing how my asthma fairs over this winter! Lisa B., Elk River, MNx
AsthmaI have had exertional + hayfever induces asthma since I was a freshman in college. I have been a mountain biker for 25 years and have always stuggled with tightness in my chest. Due to work I have not been able to ride so I started running about a year ago. I had been running for maybe a month when I was introduced to Alphay. I started taking Nourish (2 capsules once per day). I have not had any asthma symptoms since getting on Nourish. I run only once per week but we have horrible pollen seasons in Central Texas and I've had no issues with allergy or asthma. The only real change for me was adding Alphay Nourish to my daily routine. I am hoping to start riding again (some day) and can't wait to see how I perform. I expect to ride with no tightness in my chest. I have never before been a runner. I am thee weeks away from turning 50 so I'm not a young kid. This has been amazing for me. Thomas R. Georgetown, TXXXXX
AthletesWith Alphay’s capsules (I take about 4 per day) and their gemsoles, I have definitely improved my athletic performance (quickness and reaction time) and decreased my recovery time between workouts. I would highly recommend these products to all athletes/runners. Bryan R.xxxxx
Back painI have had several occasions where I have really hurt my back...spasms, tightness, tremendous discomfort. The only way I have relieved the symptoms is to get massage and Acupuncture ASAP. Well, I did it again on Sunday, and was lying in bed at 4 am worried that I wouldn't be able to get out of bed...never mind teach skiing in the morning. I got up, put my gem soles on my back, and was able to get up and ski in the morning. I kept my gemsoles on my back constantly for 2 days, and the pain is almost completely gone. I skied yesterday, ran today...it's a miracle!!!!! Kirstin H.XX
Balance"I have been taking Balance and Revitalize Your Kidney for a few months. I work as an esthetician/laser tech and meet many of people -- a large percentage of them comes back every 4-8 weeks. These past few months, I keep hearing from my clients how much happier and healthier I look. A wonderful client of mine came in just last Friday. As we were chatting about life, all of a sudden he said: "Liina, you look and seem so stress free, calm, all together, healthy, happy and keep getting thinner and thinner." He really made me think of how I feel! And how right he is!" LL
Balance"What I notice about the mushrooms is how it helps me at the gym. I have increased stamina and endurance that I didn't have before, as well as an increase in strength.
After starting the mushrooms, I also noticed a significant increase in dreams (and quite vivid ones) while sleeping. This tells me that I am getting better, deeper sleep.
During the day, they also alleviate some of the fogginess and muddled thinking that has gotten worse over the years.
And apart from a few sinus infections, I have been able to elude sickness this past year. Considering that I am a 5th grade teacher, that is pretty significant for me." S
Balance"My yoga practice is solid now. Long and strong nails/hair, and sleeping like a baby with vivid dreams. My nervous system is calm, and I swear I look younger! All these benefits AFTER I got past 3 weeks of fantastic bowel cleaning on these mushrooms. My daughter loves them too. They elevate her mood and strengthen her dance practice. My daughter, being 13, is.. well.. a normal hormonal teenager. The mushrooms bring balance and mood elevation without any "crash" later on. At first, she didn't even know I was sprinkling them on her food, and I noticed a response right away! That day was really the turning point for me. She did go through 1 week of headaches, which I consider a cleanse. I reduced the dosage and gave her more water. She go through it and is so happy now. ASXXXXXXXXXXX
BLADDERSo...45 brings on some new things for a woman. As these began for me I thought "no way, I'm too young". Two things were terrifying. Sweating at night in bed ~ yikes, can't be menopause. Second thing ~ urgency to pee, and I mean URGENCY. Frightening urgency. Now, this really interferes with running ~ I might add. Do I need a bladder surgery? I was getting nervous. I then got smart and remembered in our Alphay selections we have a Kidney formula (think all reproductive/bladder systems). I CAN'T BELIEVE IT. These problems were eliminated in about 2 weeks. No more sweaty nights and No more mad dashes to the bathroom. I am beyond grateful ~ and want to help my friends who may have this problem. Kirstin H.XXXX
Blood"My mother has been on blood thinners for almost 20 years and monitors her blood very closely. She really wants to reduce the thinners and, if possible, remove them from her daily routine. She has been taking Balance for about a week and a half and she has noticed that she does not need the high dose days of the blood thinner. She is taking this very slowly, but is pleased with the results so far. She has gone through Hippocrates and they could not get her off the thinners, but this is looking very positive. She is very healthy and eats 90% raw -- so all things are lined up in her favor. She is very pleased with the way she feels and the results she is getting." LP
Blood sugar levels“I’ve been drinking two cups of coffee a day for the last month, and my blood sugar has gone down over a 100 points.” Ruth M.xx
BP/HeartThis post is about our Heart blend. I have been taking 2-4 Balance daily for almost a year, plus seasonal blends as needed. Had never used the Heart, yet.
I need to have a shoulder repair surgery, for which I needed medical clearance. During a routine wellness exam to get this clearance, my doc found an irregularity on my EKG which had him send me to a cardiologist.
Background: until the last year or two, for all my life my BP has been 118-120/75-80 or better, even under seriously stressed situations. No meds in my life, other than nutritional supplements, healthy diet, raw/whole foods, little fat, other than the 'good ones', all blood work in the "better than normal range" but my BP has recently slowly risen to sometimes 148/87, occasionally even as high as 160/90, and I've developed occasional palpitations and chest tightness during workouts.. I have attributed this to weight gain, much recent family stress, along with the GOOD stress of meeting and marrying John (Baldwin).
Anyway, when my doc saw this thing on the EKG, I decided to break out the Heart blend..took 2 twice a day. This began about 4 weeks ago. The cardiologist had a stress test and an echo cardiogram done in the last 2 weeks. I monitor my BP maybe 2 x weekly.
Yesterday I got the call from the Cardiologist saying I got medical clearance, as the irregularity he saw was so mild I only need to see him a year from now. (It's there, but has probably been there ever since a 1979 car wreck pushed in my chest, onto the mitral valve, from which I fully recovered)

Well, just now I took the BP (it's 5 pm, just had 2 cups of caffeinated tea mixed with Alphay tea, some food, and just finished teaching my painting class which is always stressful, all of which usually raise the stats at least 10-15 points) Results: 121/82. Every time I've taken it in the last week, it is pretty much in that range. I have not had tightness or palps for @ 2 weeks, even at the 85% of max on the treadmill. Is this, to me, amazing reslut due to the Alphay Heart blend? I certainly can't say it is, beyond a shadow of a (western medicine's) doubt, but in my life, I will continue with whatever Alphay blend seems to be needed...for the rest of my hopefully very long life!" BA
Bronchitis"I was talking with my mom (who is a devoted Lingzhi consumer) this weekend about how many days she has for vacation time this summer. She said she has almost all of them because, for the first time in about 10 years, she didn't get bronchitis this winter. Typically, she has bronchitis about 2-3 times a winter (she's more susceptible because of her smoking) and she ends up missing weeks of work. Usually she has to go through 2 rounds of different antibiotics during these episodes. In hindsight, now that it is June, she realized she has only missed one day of work this whole winter because she did get sick but recovered in one day and was back at work. All I have to say is "wow"!. This is such a testimony to the powerful immune system boost that these mushrooms provide." AHXXXXXXXXX
Cancer, Leukemia, ALLI got A.L.L. (Leukemia) in Dec 2010. I lived in the hospital for 8 months and had 3 years of chemo. I suffered extreme chemo fatigue and neuropathy. I just was so out of energy that normal life was difficult. Alphay Zhicell and balance have made a huge difference for me. I am much more myself now. T. A. Becker, MNx
Child"My daughter, 11, has been a challenging child for years. High energy, very competitive, experiencing anger management issues, and very volatile. We have done many things to help her be more comfortable and adaptable to her surroundings. I now give her 1 Balance daily, and it has changed our lives. She has 1 "fit" a month, vs. several a week. It is have been a truly amazing transformation of a wonderful little girl. For this, I am very thankful." KH
Children"I am giving my kids Balance and I noticed a difference in Savannah after day one.  Is that possible?  Today is her day 5 and we haven't had any crying meltdowns when we were having at least 2 a day!"XXXXXX
cholesterol“I started using two packets a day, one in a protein shake for breakfast, and the other iced – and after 3 weeks, my total cholesterol dropped 39 points. I am off of my statin drugs for the first time. The coffee, like the other products, is a real winner.” SWxxx
Cholesterol"For the last 4-5 years my endocrinologist has been suggesting that I go on medication (statins) to lower my LDLs (the bad cholesterol). My numbers have been usually in the mid 140s to 150....good is below 130, but anyone with risk factors such as diabetes they want it below 100. My results yesterday...from 150 down to 116. My doctor asked me what I was doing different as my LDLs were consistent at 150 for years. I indicated that I was taking medicinal mushrooms on a daily basis (no other changes in diet or exercise). He stated that he has heard numerous Mayo doctors were excited about the results they are getting with medicinal mushrooms and encouraged me to continue taking them." DPXXXXXX
Cholesterol lower"I recently had my blood work checked for the first time since starting on the Alphay capsules 20 months ago and my total cholesterol went from 210 to 188. Alphay is the only thing I have done differently, so it gets all the credit. " Dan Fekete UPDATE A year later my cholesterol has gone down another 20 points. I attribute this to starting the Zhi Cell 4 monhs ago, but I also continued with the capsules.XXXXXXXX
CIRCULATIONFor over 10 years I have dealt with a severe circulation issue where my hands and feet turn purple and go numb frequently. Sometimes my whole arm goes numb when I'm sleeping at night. A friend of mine introduced me to the Alphay products, and after 2 days of using Zhi Cell, I started to feel tingling in my hands. I thought this was odd, and probably just coincidence, but on day 4, my hands were pink for the first time in years! I'm documenting how I feel/what I notice every day now. This product is amazing.
COFFEE, FOCUS"I love my Rich Black coffee! I always accomplish more when I drink it in the am! seems when I don't drink it I am ready for a nap before noon!! I feel much more focused & eager to do what needs to be done." Betsy Dxxxxxx
Cold sores“I used to get cold sores at least every few months, but since I started taking 2-4 mushroom capsules per day (18 months), I have yet to get a cold sore.” Joseph S.xxxx
Cold SymptomsMy 5 yr old son had cold symptoms one night before bed, coughing, sneezing, and runny nose. Normally we would give him a little cough/allergy medicine with the hopes that he would be better by morning. Well, instead I gave him one capsule of calm with water before bed and the next morning he woke up symptom free! I am so thankful to have a product I can safely give to my kids without worrying about side effects.
COMFORTThe sheets are fantastic! I've never been a "nice sheets" kind fo person, but I get it now. We've had ours for almost 3 years now and they literally feel softer and silkier now that when I first got them. And no pilly or worn out spots! Even my fiance talks about how nice our sheets are. It's like sliding into heaven. We've actually started traveling with them! Sam R. and Joe S.
Diabetes “Prior to using the gemsoles, I would leave work with intense pain from being on my feet all day. The pain was way too frequent-- mostly in my hips, but some days, I would literally hurt from my low back down to my feet. I started using the gemsoles over a year ago, and I will never work a shift without them. Since about 2 weeks after putting them in my work shoes, I have not experienced that kind of pain.” Samantha R. RN-BSNxxx
DIABETES"Both my daughter and I are type I diabetics. The mushrooms have helped us reduce the amounts of insulin we need to stabilize our blood sugars. My 19-year-old sometimes says that it's hard to feel the difference, but when you see it in your glucometer it has to be real. I do have to say, however, taking only a couple of capsules a day does not help as much as 4-6 a day that I take. Each individual will have to find their own dosage thru trial and error. Both my wife and I are chiropractic doctors -- we are very careful with what we take." Dave P.
DiabetesI was recently seeing an endocinologist for Type 2 Diabetes, but was told I could go see my normal doctor because I "no longer have diabetes. After taking a few Balance and day and drinking the tea, my HgB A1C went from 6.4 to 5.2. Teresa, MN
DogPearl turned 7 today, and she now behaves like a pup, because she takes 2 stomach in the morning, and 2 in the evening. That's $2 a day so she can move freely, jump in the car, wag her tail, and prance around with joy. Before mushrooms, she was no longer able to get in the car, or even stand up without help, after a hike. The medicines I have used before didn't work nearly as well or as fast. Her improvement happened in about four hours after the first 2 capsules. Mushrooms were made for mammal's all the way around! Barbara McKelvyxx
DOG LiverThis testimonial is for results with my dog. She had elevated liver enzymes. After 5 months on the Liver formula and recently adding the kidney formula, her ALT went from 426 to 163 (normal is 18-121. Her ALP went from 242 to 135. Normal is 5-160.XX
Dry eyes"For 20 years or so I have suffered from an acute case of dry eyes. Not only do I not produce enough tears, but the tears that I do produce do not have enough oil in them to stay on my eyes and therefore they dry out quite easily. The tears I have just evaporate.

Now dry eyes sounds like a minor inconvenience but I need to explain just how debilitating this condition is when it is severe. Normal activities that I used to think nothing about became difficult. Even something as simple as being in a room where there was a ceiling fan, driving, standing outside, laughing too long, crying (especially bad! A waste of all my tears for the day), bright days, lights on at all, talking too long, stress, exercising (because of the wind from moving about), etc…All of this would dry my eyes out.

By dinner time, or earlier, I could no longer have both eyes open. Gone were the days of reading in bed. Watching t.v. in the evening was accomplished using one eye at a time. I would rest one eye, then use the other and even then do so with great pain. It felt like a splinter was sticking straight into my eye. A large splinter. It hurt to open it. It hurt to have it closed. It hurt to move it. And, the eye moves all the time, even when you are sleeping. You begin to get the picture. My eyes looked like they were bleeding much of the time and in fact did bleed at times and the edges of my irises were beginning to show signs of fraying according to one doctor.

Each morning I stayed in bed as long as possible, many times up to an hour, working to open my eyes and to clear them enough to see. Warm washcloths, drops, etc. were used until I was able to see well enough to function.

I had been to 3 different eye doctors, a naturopath ,an acupuncturist, a Native American healer, 2 energy healers, and tried 2 other forms of alternative healing. I tried every kind of prescription drug, every kind of over-the-counter eye drops and ointments and even my doctor's approach to thinking outside the conventional... testosterone cream on my eye lids. While I got some lovely long, dark eyelashes from that and got more aggressive in traffic, it did nothing to restore my tears.

On September 28th I attended an Alphay meeting in Kansas City. I was given 3 capsules of Balance, 3 capsules of Calm and 2 or 3 coffees and teas. I took all of the capsules the next day and drank some tea and coffee. When I woke up the next morning, before I opened my eyes, I felt water on my face. I felt my cheeks and both were quite wet. I opened my eyes and a flood ran down my cheeks. TEARS! Lots of tears! I got up right away and had tea and coffee and was out of Alphay. That day was great. The next day was okay but not as good. The next day was not so good. I called my friend who had given me the samples and ordered more. This story has a very happy ending as you may be guessing. I am feeling like I felt 20 years ago! I can move my eyes in a way that I had forgotten was even possible. I can drive, read, be out in the wind, and maybe most importantly, LAUGH as much as I want. I have had many severe tests of these "new eyes". Tests that in the past would have disabled me for days. Tests like sitting with some folks that were chain smoking for 6 hours in a small room. Tests like standing outside for hours in a windstorm! Driving in difficult conditions like driving into the sun on a winding, hilly, curvy road. I did that a few months ago and spent a whole week recovering. I just can't believe any of this but it is true and honestly seems like a miracle." KJ
Ear problems"I have had ear problems since I was a baby and I am 50 years old now. I had several surgeries on my left ear, the first being when I was 12. The doctor called it a mastoid surgery. Basically I have no normal ear canal and my ear needs to be cleaned out by someone twice a year. Over the years I always had granular tissue build up and inflammation in my ear which would cause frequent ear infections. Many years I had to get my ear cleaned out every 3 months. It cost me $200.00 for an office visit, if I went 4 times a year that was a total of $800.00! I have been taking the Alphay products regularly for almost 1 ½ years. This past December I went to get my ear cleaned out, I hadn’t been there for 14 months and the doctor couldn’t believe how good my ear looked all the granular tissue was gone and no inflammation! The only thing I had done different was take the Alphay products regularly. Great testimony and it is saving me a lot of doctor bills. :) So basically the Alphay products started working for me within the first few months that I started taking them." PSXXXXXXXXX
ECZEMA“My 11-year old nephew has had really bad eczema all over the trunk of his body and on his legs since he was a baby. He also had molluscum contagious also known as water warts. My sister got him a bottle of "Cleanse Your Liver". After taking 2/day for a week, he showed his mom that the warts were drying up and going away. By the end of the month, both the eczema and the warts were completely gone. He truly was VERY happy!! This was during the month of July and it meant that he was able to go swimming without worrying about what people would say about his skin.” Pam S.XXXXXXX
ECZEMA“Prior to taking Alphay's capsules (3-6 per day), I had eczema on the tops of my hands and forearms. Being a nurse, I am always washing my hands and using hand sanitizer foam, so after trying essential oils and a few different creams- one being prescribed by a dermatologist, I figured I was just going to have to live with it. About 3 weeks after taking Alphay’s capsules, I realized my eczema was gone. 10 months later, my skin is still clear and recently I noticed that my ears no longer react to crappy earrings!… I’m ecstatic!” Samantha R.xxxxxxx
Endurance/Weight loss"I've been taking Balance for about two months now (2 in the morning and 2 at night). During this time I've also been trying to get in shape and committed to losing a bit of weight. In the past 5 weeks, I've dropped 10 lbs and put on 4 lbs of muscle. I can't attribute all of the progress to mushrooms since I've been eating really clean and working by butt off. What I definitely have noticed is that my endurance is quite a bit higher than normal. I've been knocking out 4 miles in the morning, and weights in the afternoon 3-4 times per week without noticeable fatigue. This is on a calorie restricted diet with moderate protein supplementation and LESS caffeine than I normally consume. Needless to say, I'm convinced there's something to the "improved athletic endurance" stories that we've seen in several places."  NC XXXXXXXX
Energy"I have started a new herbal supplement that contains Lingzhi mushroom extract. I was not expecting very much because I figured if my $2,000 a month medication can’t keep me awake no mushroom would be able to either. However, so far (it has only been three days) the effects have been miraculous! I have cleaned my whole house, played with the kids, started organizing things that needed to be organized years ago, and -- most importantly -- have not had to lay down during the day once!!!!! Now, this may not seem like much to you but if it continues it could be life-changing for me. I also am alert and focused. My other health issues seem to be effected also. No migraines yet and my bursitis and arthritis are not hurting as bad as usual, even though my activity level has increased."  ARXXXXXXX
EnergyI had the opportunity to purchase a variety of Alphay products, and can say all of them have been top quality. I have noticed that I am much more focused and have more energy from the supplements and tea. Jane A. Albertville, MNxx
ENERGY“I've been taking Alphay's Revitalize Kidney for Women for about a month. I crack open three capsules and drink as hot tea (with milk thistle for my liver). This is my new "coffee" substitute. The chiropractor who has a booth at my farmers market had identified an issue with my kidney, adrenals and liver. Of course he had ideas on how to fix me, but being a health coach, I wanted to try whole foods (food is medicine). So when I heard about Alphay's mushroom blends, I thought I would give if a go. After all, superfoods are my niche. So I added in the mushrooms to my morning routine. Weeks passed and I felt noticeably better. I had more energy, consistently throughout the day instead of crashing midday as I had been doing. And I felt more alive. The next time I saw the chiropractor I asked him to test me again. This time he saw a marked improvement! I know the mushrooms played a role! I am experimenting with adding them to food now just to get more of them in my diet. I add them to broths, chocolates, and I have even mixed them with garlic butter and eaten on popcorn. However you like them, I encourage you to give them a try.” Fairah A., MN.xxxxxx
Energy"Regarding mushrooms, I decided to stop taking them for a week to see if I would feel any difference. Well, I felt lethargic and was craving caffeine, so I'll go back to my routine of 3 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon. I guess my biggest result with the mushrooms is that I feel more energy and less brain fog when I take them, so they helped me get off my caffeine addiction." AI
ENERGY, PRE-WORKOUTThe very first time I took Zhi Cell I did it pre-workout and couldn't believe how much energy I had! Usually I NEED caffeine to get pumped up to lift, but I didn't with Zhi Cell. Brian D.
Energy/focus"The energy, focus, and drive that this conference demanded, and the demands of heavy travel were a great test for the mushroom supplements. A few things I've noticed: mental acuity, great energy level in such a stimulating, but sapping environment, unbelievable recovery from social hyperactivity, mixed with constant client meetings. Essentially, at these conferences I am "on" 24/7. I've always handled these types of events well, but this time there was a very big "well being" atmospheric tapestry in motion that kept me firing on all cylinders way beyond normal. It has to be the mushrooms as its the only thing I am doing different, other than really sticking well to 85% Paleo." Robert R.XXXXXXXXXX
Energy/Sleep"I've been taking Balance for a couple of months. I started with Calm and Revitalize 4-6 weeks ago. My energy level is great, mental focus and creative energy so much stronger, and I am sleeping so well with powerful dreams. While I had no specific issues that I wanted solved, my overall vitality and energy is so much better since starting with the mushrooms - I am really pleased." EC
Epididymitis"I have been living in great pain with a condition called Epididymitis. It halts my production of sperm and its flow to the penis. Whatever hormones provoke it are inflaming the area of the vas deferens tubes. I had tried many natural methods with no success. I started on the Balance formula and the mushroom tea. I began as advised with one capsule a day and have worked up to 3 capsules 3 times a day. For the first time in my life I am noticing an improvement! Just when I was afraid that there was no hope... it showed up.”XXXXXXXXX
Focus"I have been very driven and goal oriented most of my life, and yet over the last few years I have just become scattered in my thinking. I attributed this to stress and age, but was quite frustrated with the change and kept hoping it would go away. Now just 4 weeks of taking the mushrooms I am able to stay focused for longer periods of time, I am able to look at the goal and yet I don't have the frantic drive of my younger years, its a much more peaceful focus." JD
Focus"I have had a myriad of wonderful experiences with the mushrooms.  I have definitely had a cleansing experience -- physically, emotionally and dare I say it, consciously. There is no question that these are the most potent supplements I have ever encountered. They have enhanced my mental focus and meditations dramatically; carrying over into my day-to-day activities to a point to which I can only equate to Awakened Doing or Meditative Action."XX
Foot pain “Prior to using the gemsoles, I would leave work with intense pain from being on my feet all day. The pain was way too frequent-- mostly in my hips, but some days, I would literally hurt from my low back down to my feet. I started using the gemsoles over a year ago, and I will never work a shift without them. Since about 2 weeks after putting them in my work shoes, I have not experienced that kind of pain.” Samantha R. RN-BSNxxx
Hair loss"Hey I have to tell y'all that I noticed my hair isn't falling out anymore and my fingernails aren't paper thin. I LOVE the mushrooms! There are so many benefits to taking them!"XX
HASHIMOTO/ THYROID"I have Hashimotos. I worked with Eric before we found Alphay and got my TSH down from 21 to 4. But when Eric did his muscle testing on me, my thyroid was still not "turned on" as he puts it. I started with the Tea while waiting for my first order and started noticing that I had more energy. After being on the Balance and Kidney for 2 weeks, I started a diet and was able to lose weight, which I had not been able to do before. I also see that the puffiness in my neck has gone down. I definitely think that my thyroid is now "on". I don't go for my annual until June but I know that my levels will show the success!" Thanks for the testimonial Eric’s mom!xxxxxxx
Heart I have supraventricular tachycardia and frequent PVCs. My SVT occurs at random times and I used to have 6-10 episodes a month even on the medications I was prescribed. During an episode, I would experience chest pain, palpitations, and become short of breath, dizzy and nauseous. The episodes would last anywhere from 15 minutes to more than 10 hours. I would have episodes while I was watching tv, talking on the phone, at work, etc. It was very inconvenient and taxing on my body. I went to see a new cardiologist and electrophysiologist this year. After meeting with both these physicians, it was recommended that I have an electrophysiology study with possible ablation. The electrophysiologist informed me that with my condition, they may or may not be able to find the areas that cause the tachycardia. It was discouraging to hear that there was no guarantee that I would get an ablation and may still have to be on the two heart medications. Therefore, I started taking Rejuvenate your heart (3 capsules) every day along with my heart medications. I have been able to decrease the dosage of one of my heart medications and have had less tachycardic episodes every month. I am averaging 3-4 episodes a month, which is great! Lisa B., Elk River, MNx
Immune support"I hardly get any flu when I started with Nourish. Whenever anyone from office got sick or I feel my chest becomes tightened, I add one Balance, that helps the risk to fall sick." MK Lee.xx
Joint stiffness"I just upped my mushroom intake to 5 per day, and can report a noticeable improvement in joint stiffness. I am 71 and it is a a common ailment at this age. My wife Barbara upped her dosage to 12/day (various combinations) and her knee strength and pain that has been a continual nagging issue responded in just 3 days. We have been taking lower doses for nearly 18 months, but now feel that dosage is a very important part of using these supplements successfully."XXX
Knee pain“I’ve had three knee surgeries and was thinking I needed a 4th because my knee was so painful. After two weeks of drinking the coffee daily my knees no longer hurt. I was curious so I stopped drinking coffee for a week, and my knees began to hurt again…” Dawn G.xx
LIVER HEALTH"For the past few years, I have seen an Ayurvedic practitioner (who is also MD) once or twice a year to get recommendations on supplements. As you may know, Ayurvedic practitioners use pulse testing, examination of skin, nails, glands, etc. along with blood test results from a physician's office to help balance your "systems". According to her, I always had weak liver. At the last appt. she said: "I don't know what you did but your liver is clean". I am one of the people who didn't have any specific big ailments, but had noticed better sleep, mental acuity and more energy. This was nice to hear on top of other pleasant improvements!"  IPXXXXXXXXX
LYME DISEASE | ADRENAL FATIGUE“3 years ago today I found a large lump on my left breast and had surgery on January 11th, 2011. On June 10th, 2011 I got bit by a deer tick while photographing a golf tournament and had lymes disease symptoms within a week. (I didn't know I had been bit.) And then on January 12th, 2012 I found another lump in the same breast. By April of that year I was a MESS. My adrenals were barely working. I was a vapor. I was so exhausted. On April 25th I started taking a supplement of medicinal mushrooms. Within only 5 weeks I not only felt brand new but had eliminated or improved three major symptoms I had had for yeeeears. I had one of the symptoms so long I thought it was normal. I continued to notice improvements over that first year and now I feel incredibly fortunate to be as healthy and full of vitality as I am.” DG, Saint Cloud, MNxxxxxxx
Lymph NodesIn December of 2014, I suffered from a high fever (12/2/14 until 1/2/15). The cause was unknown according to doctors. Towards the end of the month, I noticed my lymph nodes were swollen under both armpits, groin area, and neck. Several months later, (August 2015) my lymph nodes had shrunk, however they were not fully gone. My groin area also suffered some minor pain from the swelling (I visited a gynecologist who rules out any possible reproductive issues). I went to a general doctor and rheumotalogist. They revealed that I was overall healthy and ruled out all other possible diseases, however, I did have some sign of a very low Autoimmune d/o. I began taking 3 Balance capsules per day. Within 2 weeks, my lymph nodes (on armpits and groin area) completely went away. I also do not experience anymore discomfort (since they are gone). The lymph node on my neck is still there however it has shrunk (this one had swelled the most back in December 2014). I will continue to take 3 per day since this was the only thing I changed in my diet and saw its effectiveness. XXX
MenopauseSo...45 brings on some new things for a woman. As these began for me I thought "no way, I'm too young". Two things were terrifying. Sweating at night in bed ~ yikes, can't be menopause. Second thing ~ urgency to pee, and I mean URGENCY. Frightening urgency. Now, this really interferes with running ~ I might add. Do I need a bladder surgery? I was getting nervous. I then got smart and remembered in our Alphay selections we have a Kidney formula (think all reproductive/bladder systems). I CAN'T BELIEVE IT. These problems were eliminated in about 2 weeks. No more sweaty nights and No more mad dashes to the bathroom. I am beyond grateful ~ and want to help my friends who may have this problem. Kirstin H.XX
Migraines"I used to get migraines brought on by my birth-control pills. Now if I feel one coming on, I can take 2-3 capsules of Calm and keeps it from happening! If I happen to not catch it in time, I take 3-4 capsules after a severe one starts, and have relief in about 15-30 min. I might mention that I had tried most all over-the-counter meds, with no relief, and I am thrilled that a natural supplement brings about better results than the man made synthetic crap, excuse my phrasing."
Migraines"I get hemiplegic migraines--a rare form where the aura paralyzes the left side of my body, which creates speech dysfunction and impaired consciousness and all of the other good stuff migraines do. The Alphay mushrooms (Balance formula) have helped so, so much...not only with the actual migraines, but with the depression and general brain fog that can accompany the condition!" -R.P.X X
MigrainesAt the tender age of five my son developed debilitating migraines. I will never forget the years that followed hearing him beg me "Mommy please help, help me Mommy!" He is now 29 and was still suffering from these crippling MIGRAINES, where he would endure excruciating pain for minimum of 8 hours, needing to remain secluded in darkness or in a dark hot shower, until vomiting himself to sleep. Since diagnosis he had been on meds, the last being Imitrex, but was still suffering! The end of November was difficult for him so he visited his neuroligist who prescribed him the LATEST "best” medicine, so he took one. The next day I introduced him to Alphay Tea. He began drinking one bag per day, 32 ounces well steeped and 4 days in called me asking me not to use him as a testimonial yet, but...."I am 4 days Migraine free MOM!" " Give it 30 days Mom then you can use my testimonial!" So now, that was December and here is his testimonial; he no longer us taking the meds, he is drinking Alphay Royal Blend TEA!!!XX
NO PAIN & SLEEP" I've been taking the Balance and the Calm now for about 2 weeks and really feel the difference. The Calm makes me really calm and mellow, sharper in memory too. My Mom who has arthritic feet and is always in pain has been taking the Liver Cleanse and Balance and says that now she has no pain in her legs any more. I am a true believer in this product." SL
I have a friend who has been taking Alphay's Rejuvenate the Heart capsules (3 in the morning, 3 before bed) for 6 months now. He also drinks Alphay's Royal Blend tea. When he went to our doctor last summer, his cholesterol level was high. He had it checked again a few weeks ago and the doctor said it's normal and wanted to know what he was doing! Craig is over 50, works out almost daily now, and is in great shape. I don't believe in a magic pill, but I do believe that these mushrooms play a huge part in his success. He still enjoys the same food and alcohol, that he always has. The difference is the mushrooms, and the exercise. Amy Ciampichini
Peace"I am definitely experiencing an amazing sense of peace and well being. I feel like I am living my life much more from the heart vs. the head, have a feeling of being grounded, and much more in touch with my intuitive self which has been quite beautiful. I am also having very lucid dreams. I take 2 each of the Balance and the Cleanse in the AM and PM and do 1 bag of tea per day." ATXXXXXXXX
Prostate"We have a wonderful "emerging" health story in our group this week. One of our members had started Balance in September. Previously, his prostate test (PSA) had been on a rise since 2011. We got this news last week: "the blood work was completed this Friday and the test is very encouraging. It went DOWN!!! It dropped almost .5 in 3 months, compared to a slow but steady increase since 2011."
Prostate"My PSA (Prostate-Specific Antigen) test started increasing last year and I became a little concerned as that is a killer in my family. I started using Alphay's Balance supplement on 9/14/12 and did some reading and research. I read a few books that lead me to believe that mushrooms and diet change would greatly improve my health, immune system, energy level and a longer active life into my 60's,70's,80's.....I am convinced after my Dr. visit this week and lab work.

The tests results for me are great news. Not only did my PSA level go back below my level of last year's lab blood work, but my overall cholesterol came in at new fantasic lower levels. I am convinced that the Alphay supplements and my new diet, which I pretty much started in December 2012, have helped improve my health for a very bright future. Other things I noticed within a few days of taking the capules in September 2012 were that my energy level went up (no more naps after work with 6am-2:30 workdays), and I feel way more clear-headed and focused. MB
Psoriasis"I've been taking Balance for only a month, but I've noticed that the psoriasis on my elbow is almost completely gone. I do use steroidal topicals every now and then, but they usually only keep the psoriasis at a manageable level, never ridding me of it completely." CMXXXXXX
Psoriasis/arthritis"An update on my customer who has had psoriasis all over his body for years! He began 4 Balance a day almost 3 weeks ago. He told us today that it's 80-90% gone. And his arthritis is so much better he is back to playing guitar which he had stopped over a year ago because his fingers hurt too much."XXXXXXX
Red eyesBefore using Alphay’s sleep mask, I would wake up with extremely red eyes. I no longer have that issue, and am saving money on not having to buy eye drops! Bryan R.xx
Skin"For me, the medicinal mushrooms have had three effects so far: 1) got rid of a dry patch of skin I'd had for over 3 years. Gone.  2) shrinking of a lipoma (a sub-dermal bump) that I've had for over 3 decades. It used to be about 1" in diameter, now it's the size of a pea. 3) better sleep." Scott O.
SLEEP"After being on the Balance and Cleanse for 1 week, I have noticed that I am sleeping much better. I used to have to take Ambien or other sleep medications in order to sleep through the night. I have not taken any sleep medications for the last week and have been sleeping very well. That hasn’t happened in years. If I wake up in the night, I am able to get back to sleep pretty easily, which never happens." JT XXXXX
SLEEP"I am at that age where sleep is elusive, so have not slept through the night for several years. About two weeks into taking the mushrooms, I slept through the night for the first time in years. I actually woke up with a start at 5:00 a.m. (my normal alarm wake up time) thinking something was wrong. This is now routine, I still wake up occasionally but much more often am getting uninterrupted sleep and waking up rested." JD
Sleep"After a month of taking Balance and daily Lingzhi tea, I sleep better, wake feeling energized and go about my day without worrying! At first I was afraid I'd not have time to do TWO businesses, and now I love doing both. Where is this energy coming from?" CHXXXXX
Sleep"After just three days on Balance, with the occasional Zhi4 coffee or the lingzhi tea in between, my fiancé and I have already experienced better sleep with an enhanced ability to recall our dreams. Can't wait to keep taking the supplements and get my hands on some of the others and see how it affects my mind and body!  ZR  XXXXXX
SleepI used to have really bad problems falling asleep. This has been going on since I was four but it got really bad in college. It was caused by high anxiety, stress, and overthinking, Ever since I've been taking Balance I have no problem falling asleep whatsoever! Now I have a deep, enjoyable, restful sleep every single night, regardless of whether the day before was stressful or not. I didn't know sleeping could be so nice! - Hannah W. XXXXX
SLEEP"2 Calm is my go to before bed...along with 2 balance. I honestly sleep better than with any pharmaceutical product on the market and I've tried them all. You also don't wake up feeling hung over or drowsy like you do with pharmaceuticals. I use revitalize in the morning. It's good to keep those kidneys clean. You feel so much better. My skin has never looked better. I feel that is a mix between the mushrooms and my oils (I make my own face cream). You can't put a price on keeping your body free from chemicals and processed foods. Worth every penny and sacrifice to afford them. I'm so thankful I decided to reach out to Amanda when I was at my wits end with different products." -Karla D.xxxxx
Sleep"These medicinal mushrooms have vastly improved my sleep. Quite a surprise. I had been waking up during "Liver time" around 1-3am for the past few years. No more. I sleep like a rock all the way through the night. This is really amazing to me, and totally unexpected."  SOX
Sleep"I regularly have a hard time sleeping and have noticed that I can now sleep through the night." (by world class, hall of fame athlete)
Sleep"Once I started taking the product my life changed. My sleep is now on a regular schedule after years of coping with narcolepsy." AR
I always slept like a log my whole life; could fall asleep almost standing up. A true Sleep Expert. Then I went through a divorce and for the first time ever, I would wake 1 or 2 times a night, and often not able to get back to sleep. It was quite disturbing, as anyone who's ever experienced insomnia knows.
When I started in Alphay, it didn't occur to me initially that the Calm formula might help, so I never took it for the first 6 months. Then I heard someone else's Calm story, did a little research on its ingredients, and tried it out, taking 3 capsules after dinner. Around the 5th day, I woke in the morning around 7, having never slept a solid 8 hours. I couldn't believe it.
For the past 6 months, I have 2 Soothe, 1 Kidney, and 1 Balance in my autoship. A few weeks ago, I realized I was starting to wake up in the night, right around 2pm, and stay awake about an hour. So, I put a bottle of Calm back into my autoship and it arrived around the 10th. I immediately went back to my 3-4 capsules in the evening. As before, the effect wasn't immediate, it took a couple days, but by the 4th night, I once again am waking at 7am, having hardly moved.

Advanced Education piece: Potentized Spine Date Seed extract is one of main ingredients in Alphay's Calm formula. Also called Zizyphus Spinosa, this herb has been used for 1000s of years to help with sleep. Our western minds tend to think of sleep aids as something that would knock us out. 5 Elements uses the approach of "removing excess heat from the Liver, "creating serenity in all 5 viscera (the 5 arer heart, liver, stomach, lungs, kidneys), and calming the spirit and nerves (note the "spine"-nerve correlation in its name).
SLEEPI have a good history of trouble sleeping and usually take Melatonin every night. Last night I didn't take anything, and with the sleep mask, fell asleep in 7 minutes (my buddy timed it)! I am definitely a believer! Brian D.
SLEEPThe Alphay sleep mask is AMAZING. Not only do I sleep soundly and for hours at a time, I feel like it has made me more clear and focused during the day. I love it! I actually just bought another for a Christmas present for a friend and am so excited for her to use it! Jeanie O.
SLEEPThe Alphay mask is so worth the money! I slept 7 hours the first night and could have slept longer, but I had to get up to meet my daughter. This is HUGE for me. I am a nurse and have so much trouble sleeping during the day when I work nights. I usually sleep only 2-4 hours at a time, sometime total. I've had the mask now for a few weeks, and it's still working great! Rebecca P.
SLEEPMy husband and I got the Alphay sheets and sleep mask and absolutely love them! We are both asleep in a matter of minutes and sleep uninterupted. So worth the investment! Dani and Todd J.
SLEEP, FOCUS,I have been taking Alpahy supplements for about 10 months. After just 4 days of taking the Calm formula and drinking the coffee, I was hooked! I loved reglar coffee, but it would make me extremely hyper, and then, crash around 2 in the afternoon. If I drank it in the afternoon, I wouldn't sleep at night. Alphay Rich Black Coffee gives me more controlled, sustained energy, without the afternoon crash. And, Calm at night helps me sleep very soundly, and also have much more lucid dreams! I have recently added the longevity pack with Balance and Revitalize your Kidney for women, and feel an even more overall balancing effect. Great results with these mushrooms! DJxxxxxxxxxxxx
Sleep/Weight loss"That Alphay stuff is great, how do we get more? I'm not one for coffee everyday but that Balance is getting me to sleep. Also your father lost some weight as well!"- my parents after using the Zhi Coffee and the Balance for one month. JWxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
stomach“I always enjoyed the taste and health benefits of fruit, but would get an itchy throat and stomach issues whenever I ate them (yes, like all fruit), so I had to avoid them. After taking Alphay capsules and drinking the coffee, I can eat fruit without any issues--its crazy.” Jake Montreuil-Althausxxxxx