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Summoned by the God Who Made Us1Delores Dufner, OSB (USA), © 1993 Delores Dufner (published by OCP)American traditional (USA), in John Wyeth's Repository of Sacred Music, Part Second, 1813#83450
Uyai mose (Come All You People)2Shona; Alexander Gondo (Zimbabwe); transcr. I-to Loh (Taiwan), 1986Alexander Gondo; arr. John L. Bell (Scotland), © 1994 WGRG, Iona Community (admin. GIA Publications, Inc.)#00027
Gathered Here3Phil Porter (USA)Phil Porter© 1990 Phil Porter#VT003
ChrIst Is Our Cornerstone4"Angularis fundamentum lapis," ca. 7th c.; trans. John Chandler (England), Hymns of the Primitive Church, 1837, alt.John Darwall (England), New Universal Psalmodist, 1770X
All People that on Earth Do Dwell5based on Psalm 100; William Kethe (Switzerland), Anglo-Genevan Psalter, 1561; adapt. Thomas H. Troeger (USA), 1992Louis Bourgeois (present-day France), Genevan Psalter, 1551X
Let’s Walk Together6Laurie Zelman (USA) Mark A. Miller (USA)© 2007 Abingdon Press (admin. Music Services)#67043 and 86056
Come, Let Us All Unite to Sing7anon., ca. 1812, Millenial Praises (USA), 1812Edmund S. Lorenz (USA), Notes of Triumph: for the Sunday School, 1886X
Jesus A Nahetotaetanome (Jesus, Lord, How Joyful You Have Made Us)8Cheyenne; John Heap of Birds (Cheyenne, USA), 20th c.; trans. David Graber (USA) and others, Tsese-Ma’heone-Nemeotȯtse (Cheyenne Spiritual Songs), 1982, © 1982 Mennonite Indian Leaders’ CouncilPlains Indian traditional (USA)#VT008W
Come Away from Rush and Hurry9Marva J. Dawn (USA), © 1999 Marva J. DawnGregg DeMey (USA), © 2008 Re:Create Music, admin. Faith Alive Christian Resources#54272 and VT009W
Here in This Place10Marty Haugen (USA), 1981, Gather, 1988, alt.Marty Haugen, 1981, Gather, 1988© 1982 GIA Publications, Inc.#00031
Mountain of God11Phil Campbell-Enns (Canada)Phil Campbell-Enns© 2016 Phil Campbell-Enns#VT011
What Is This Place22Huub Oosterhuis (Netherlands), Zomaar een dak boven wat hoofden, 1968; trans. David Smith (England), © 1967 OCP PublicationsNederlandtsche Gedenckclanck, 1626; harm. Bernard Huijbers (Netherlands), harm. © 1984 TEAM Publications, OCP Publications#80945
Hamba nathi (Come, Walk With Us)23Zulu; South African traditional; trans. Gerhard Cartford (USA), © Lutheran World FoundationSouth African traditional; arr. Anders Nyberg (Sweden), © 1984 Utryck (admin. Walton Music Corp.)#95039
There's a River of Life24based on Revelation 22:1; Jonathan Maracle (Mohawk, Canada)Jonathan Maracle© Jonathan Maracle, SOCAN#VT024
Brethren, We Have Met to Worship25George Askins (USA), Social and Camp-Meeting Hymns for the Pious, 1817, alt.The Columbian Harmony (USA), 1825X
Dhuh Pangeran (O Prince of Peace)26Javanese; Saptojoadi (Indonesia); trans. Lawrence M. Yoder (USA), Mennonite World Conference International Songbook
1990, alt.
Saptojoadi © 1978 Mennonite World Conference#VT026
Here to the House of God We Come27Shirley Erena Murray (Aotearoa New Zealand)Colin Alexander Gibson (Aotearoa New Zealand)© 1992 Hope Publishing Company#80538
Come, ChrIstians, Join to Sing28Christian H. Bateman (Scotland), The Sacred Song Book for Children, 1843Spanish traditional; arr. David Evans (Wales), 1927X
Come, Now Is the Time to Worship29Brian Doerksen (Canada)Brian Doerksen© 1998 Vineyard Songs#5b057fdc795532430948
Jesus Calls Us30John L. Bell (Scotland) and Graham Maule (Scotland)Isle of Lewis traditional (Scotland); arr. John L. Bell© 1989 WGRG, Iona Community, (admin. GIA Publications, Inc.)#01471
Come, We that Love31Isaac Watts (England), Hymns and Spiritual Songs, 1707, alt; refrain Robert Lowry (USA)Robert Lowry, 1867, The Victory, 1869X
God Welcomes All / Amen32John L. Bell (Scotland)South African traditional; transcr. John L. Bell© 2008 WGRG, Iona Community (admin. GIA Publications, Inc.)#72484
You Are Good33Israel Houghton (USA)Israel Houghton (USA)© 2001 Integrity's Praise! Music and Sound of The New Breed (admin. Capitol CMG Publishing)3383788
We Praise You, O God, Our Redeemer34Julia Cory (USA), Hymns of the Living Church, 1910, alt.Nederlandtsche Gedenckclanck (present-day Netherlands), 1626; adapt. Eduard Kremser (Austria), Sechs altniederlӓndische
Come to the Water35Carol Ann Weaver (Canada)Carol Ann Weaver© 2018 Carol Ann Weaver#VT035
Let Us Build a House36Marty Haugen (USA)Marty Haugen© 1994 GIA Publications, Inc.#00004
Be Still and Know37Psalm 46:10anon., arr. Jack Schrader, 1988, © 1989 Hope Publishing Company#18623
Life-Giver, Maker, God of All38Delores Dufner, OSB (USA), 2013, alt. © 2016 GIA Publications, Inc.Nicolaus Decius (present-day Germany), 1522, Deutsche Evangelische Messe, 1524#102022
As We Rise, O God, to Meet You39David Wright (USA), © 2005 David WrightJames E. Clemens (USA), © 2005 James E. Clemens#85618
In Thy Holy Place We Bow40S. F. Coffman (USA), 1901, Church and Sunday School Hymnal, Supplement, 1911, alt.J. D. Brunk (USA), Church and Sunday School Hymnal, Supplement, 1911X
For You, O God, My Soul41Based on Psalm 95:4-7; Marty Haugen (USA), alt.Marty Haugen© 1982, GIA Publications, Inc.#07348
Could It Be That God Is Singing42Becca J. R. Lachman (USA), © 2004 Becca J. R. Lachman, rev. 2018Southern Harmony (USA), 1854; arr. Alice Parker, © 2008#VT042W# and VT042A
God, Be the Love43based on the "Prayer of St. Patrick" (Ireland), 5th c.; Richard Bruxvoort Colligan (USA)Richard Bruxvoort Colligan© 2004 This Here Music/ #16018
We Long to Know Her44Jacque B. Jones (USA), 2019, © 2019 GIA Publications, Inc.Southern Harmony (USA), 1835; harm. Alice Parker (USA), © 1990 Alice Parker#VT044W and VT044H
O Gott Vater (O God and Father)45German; Leenaerdt Clock (present-day Germany, Netherlands), Ausbund, 1583; trans. Mennonite Worship and Song Committee, 2019Theütsch kirchen ampt (present-day France), 1525 X
Holy Spirit, Truth Divine46Samuel Longfellow (USA), Hymns of the Spirit, 1864, alt.Orlando Gibbons (England), Hymnes and Songs of the Church, 1623X
God of Our Strength47Fanny J. Crosby (USA), 1882, Baptist Hymnal, 1883William H. Doane (USA), Baptist Hymnal, 1883X
Come, My Way, My Truth, My Life48George Herbert (England), The Temple, 1633Ralph Vaughan Williams (England), 1911, Five Mystical Songs, No. 4; adapt. for Hymnal for Colleges and Schools, 1956X
All Who Are Thirsty49Brenton Brown (USA/South Africa) and Glenn Robertson (South Africa)Brenton Brown and Glenn Robertson© 1998 Vineyard Songs2489542
Spirit, Working in Creation50John Richards (Wales), 1978, alt., © John Richards (admin. Renewal Servicing)James E. Clemens (USA), © 2015 James E. Clemenstune: #VT050M, text: #83860
O Great Spirit51adapt. Doreen Clellamin (Nuxalk, Canada), from a song by Nuxalk Yount people (Canada)adapt. Doreen Clellamin, from a song by Nuxalk Yount people, Transcr. Pablo Sosa (Argentina)© 1994 Doreen ClellaminX
Confitemini Domino
(Come and Fill Our Hearts)
52Latin; Psalm 136:1; English and Spanish stanzas Taizé Community (France)Jacques Berthier (France)© 1982, 1991, 2011 Les Presses de Taizé, (admin. GIA Publications, Inc.)#01395
O Holy Spirit, by Whose Breath53attr. Rabanus Maurus (present-day Germany), Veni Creator Spiritus, 9th c.; trans. John W. Grant (Canada), Hymn Book, 1971, alt.,
© 1971 Estate of John Webster Grant
plainsong (present-day Germany), 9th c.#19150
Kindle in Us Your Love54adapt. from Latin liturgy (present-day France), ca. 10th c.Deanna Witkowski (USA), © 2014 Deanna Witkowski, Tilapia Tunes (admin. BMI)#5ee54147e84e1
O Fiery Spirit55Jody L. Caldwell (USA), after Hildegard of Bingen (Germany), © Jody L. Caldwell 1995Kimberly A. Williams (USA), © Kimberly A. Williams 1995#VT055M and VT055W
Like the Murmur of the Dove’s Song56Carl P. Daw Jr. (USA), The Hymnal 1982, 1985, © 1982 Hope Publishing Co.Peter Cutts (England), © 1969 Hope Publishing Co.; harm. Mennonite Worship and Song Committee, 2019#40840 and #06675
Holy Spirit, Come with Power (Ven, Espíritu, cual viento)57Anne Neufeld Rupp (USA), © 1970 Anne Neufeld Rupp, trans. Barbara Mink (USA), © 1988attr. B. F. White (USA), The Sacred Harp, 1844; harm. Joan Fyock Norris (USA), © 1989 Joan Fyock NorrisVT057H for music
contact Byron Rupp for text permission: byron.rupp
Holy Spirit, Come to Us58adapt. from Latin liturgy (present-day France), ca. 10th c.; John 13:35; 15:12-13; 1 John 3:16; 4:10, 16Jacques Berthier (France)© 1998 Le Presses Taizé (admin GIA Publications, Inc.)#04136
Ehane he'ama
(Father God, You Are Holy)
59Harvey Whiteshield (Cheyenne, USA), Ehane He’ama Vovoaheto; trans. David Graber (USA) and others,
Tsese-Ma’heone-Nemeotȯtse, 1982, © 1982 Mennonite Indian Leaders’ Council
Plains Indians traditional (USA)#VT059
Trinity Song60Sandra McCracken (USA)Sandra McCracken; acc. Zach Sprowls (USA)© 2016 Drink Your Tea Music7068847
You Are Holy, You Are Whole61Per Harling (Sweden), alt.Per Harling© Oxford University Press#00877
Gott Ist gegenwärtig (God Is Here among Us)62Gerhard Tersteegen (present-day Germany), Geistliches Blumengärtlein, 1729; trans. The Hymnal, 1940, alt.Joachim Neander (present-day Germany), Alpha und Omega, Glaub-und Liebesübung, 1680X
Like a Rock63Keri K. Wehlander (Canada), 1998Linnea Good (Canada), 1999© 1999 Borealis Music#97534
So lange Jesus bleibt der Herr (As Long as Jesus’ Reign Goes On)64German; Nicolaus von Zinzendorf (present-day Germany), 1742; trans. Mennonite Worship and Song Committee, © 2019from Russian Mennonite oral tradition; transcr. Gesangbuch, © 1955 Gesangbuch der Mennoniten Brüdergemeinde#VT064TSC and VT064TR
Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence65from the Greek "Σιγησάτω πᾶσα σάρξ βροτεία," Liturgy of St. James of Jerusalem (Mediterranean), 5th c.; trans. Gerard Moultrie, Lyra Eucharistica, 2nd ed., 1864, alt.French traditional, Chansons populaires des provinces de France, 1860X
Alleluia / Make a Joyful NoIse (Psalm 100)66Psalm 100; refrain Hebrew traditional; הַלְלוּ יָהּ (Hallelujah) (Mediterranean), ca. 4th c. BC, translit. Greek, ἀλληλούϊα (Alleluia) (Mediterranean), ca. 3rd c. BC; stanzas © 2006 Evangelical Lutheran Worship (admin. Augsburg Fortress)Jacques Berthier (France), © 1984 Les Presses de Taizé (France), (admin. GIA Publications, Inc.)#91445
Tú estás aquí (My God Is Here)67Spanish; Michael Rodríguez (Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, USA) and Jesús Adrián Romero (Mexico) 2004; trans. Mennonite Worship
and Song Committee, 2019
Michael Rodríguez and Jesús Adrián Romero, 2004© 2004 Vastago ProduccionesX
Akekho ofana / Hakuna wakaita (There’s No One in This World like Jesus)68Zulu, Shona; traditional Zimbabwean; English trans. Patrick Matsikenyiri (Zimbabwe) and Daniel Charles Damon (USA)trad. Zimbabwean, arr. Patrick Matsikenyiri (Zimbabwe)© 2006 Abingdon Press (admin. The Copyright Co.)#69796
Hallelujah, Salvation, and Glory69based on Revelation 19: 1, 6, 16; A. Jeffrey LaValley (USA)A. Jeffrey LaValley© 1984 Candied Jamm Music/Savgos Music (admin. BMI)X
Praise God (Dedication Anthem)70Thomas Ken (England), A Manual of Prayers…, 1695; altered 1709Lowell Mason's Boston Handel and Haydn Society Collection…,9th ed., 1830X
Praise God (Doxology)71text A Ruth Duck (USA), © The Pilgrim Press; texts B and C Thomas Ken (England), A Manual of Prayers . . ., 1695, alt.; Spanish trans. anon.; French trans. anon.; German trans. anon.Louis Bourgeois (France), 1551texts B and C are public domainX
Alleluia72Hebrew traditional; הַלְלוּ יָהּ (Hallelujah) (Mediterranean), ca. 4th c. BC, translit. Greek, ἀλληλούϊα (Alleluia) (Mediterranean), ca. 3rd c. BCDarryl Neustaedter Barg (Canada), © 2019 Darryl Neustaedter Barg; acc. Anneli Loepp Thiessen (Canada)#VT072
O Worship Our God,
All Glorious Above
74based on Psalm 104; Robert H. Grant (England); Christian Psalmody, 1833, alt.Sacred Melodies (England), vol. 2, 1815X
Praise, My Soul, the King of Heaven!75based on Psalm 103; Henry F. Lyte (England), The Spirit of the Psalms, 1834, alt.John Goss (England), The Supplemental Hymn and Tune Book, 1869X
Holy, Holy, Holy!76John B. Dykes (England), Hymns Ancient and Modern, 1861; desc. Godfrey Hewitt (Canada), ca. 1971, © 1971 Godfrey HewittJohn B. Dykes (England), Hymns Ancient and Modern, 1861#111222
Laudate Dominum (Sing, Praise, and Bless the Lord)77Latin; based on Psalm 117; Taizé Community (France), 1980Jacques Berthier (France), 1980© 1991 Les Presses de Taizé (admin. GIA Publications, Inc.)#00123
Oh, For a Thousand Tongues78Charles Wesley (England), 1739, Hymns and Sacred Poems, 1740Thomas Jarman (England), Sacred Music, 1803X
Sanna, sannanina79Text meaning: HosannaSouth African traditionalX
We Sing to You, O God80Gracia Grindal (USA),© 1993 Selah Publishing Co., Inc.John Darwall (England), New Universal Psalmodist, 1770; desc. Charles H. Webb (USA), alt., © 1980 Harold Flammer, Inc.#44740
All Creatures, Worship God Most High81Saint Francis of Assisi (present-day Italy), “Laudato sia Dio mio Signore,” 1225; trans. William H. Draper (England), Hymns of the Spirit,Geistliche Kirchengesäng (present-day Germany), 1623; adapt. and harm. Ralph Vaughan Williams (England), The English Hymnal, 1906,X
Segala puji syukur (All Our Praise)82Niko Njotorahardjo (Indonesia)Niko Njotorahardjo© 1987 Niko NjotorahardjoX
When in Our Music God Is Glorified83Fred Pratt Green (England), 1972, The Hymn, 1973, © 1972 Hope Publishing Co.Charles V. Stanford (England), Hymns Ancient and Modern, 1904#00445
To God Be the Glory84Fanny J. Crosby (USA), Brightest and Best, 1875William H. Doane (USA), Brightest and Best, 1875X
Heleluyan85Muscogee (Creek, USA); Hebrew traditional; הַללְוּ יָהּ (Hallelujah) (Mediterranean), ca. 4th c. BCMuscogee traditional; transc. Charles H. Webb (USA), © 1989 United Methodist Publishing House (admin. Music Services)#40880
You Are Exalted86Twila Paris (USA), alt.Twila Paris© 1985 Mountain Spring Music; Straightway Music17827
O Praise the Gracious Power87Thomas H. Troeger (USA), 1984, New Hymns for the Lectionary, 1986Carol Doran (USA), 1984, New Hymns for the Lectionary, 1986© 1984 Oxford University Press, Inc.#023053368569
Lobe den Herren (Praise to the Lord, the Almighty)88German; Joachim Neander (present-day Germany), “Lobe den Herren, den machtigen Konig der Ehren,” Alpha und Omega, Glaub- und Liebesubung, 1680; trans. Catherine Winkworth (England), Choral Book for England, 1863, alt.; stanza 4 adapt. Martin A. Selz (USA), Chantry Choirbook, © 2000 Augsburg FortressErnewerten Gesangbuch (present-day Germany), 1665#57289
Tú eres todopoderoso (Because You're Holy)89Spanish; Juan Salinas (USA); trans. Adam M. L. Tice (USA)Juan Salinas; arr. Greg Scheer (USA)© 1999; trans. and arr. 2019 Canzion (admin. CanZion Editora)#SSS460
Masithi: amen (Sing Amen)90Xhosa; South African traditional; trans. unknown, alt.S. C. Molefe (South Africa), © 1991 Lumko Institute#21217 (for reprints only - contact Lumko Institute for streaming permission)
We Praise Thee, O God91William P. Mackay (Scotland), The Praise of Jesus, 1863William P. Mackay (Scotland), Revival Tune Book, 1863/4X
Build My Life92Brett Younker (USA), Karl Martin (Scotland), Kirby Kaple (USA), Matt Redman (England), and Pat Barret (USA)Brett Younker, Karl Martin, Kirby Kaple, Matt Redman, and Pat Barret© 2016 Karl Andrew Martin, Kaple Music; Capitol CMG Genesis; Housefires Sounds; Said And Done Music; sixsteps Music;
Thankyou Music; songs; Bethel Music Publishing
Nyanyikanlah nyanyian baru (Sing to God a New Song)93Text: Indonesian; based on Psalm 148; paraphr. Tilly Lubis-Nainggolan (Indonesia), 1988; © 2009 Yamuger, Indonesian Institute for Sacred Music; English trans. David J. Diephouse (USA), alt.; trans. © 2009 Faith Alive Christian ResourcesBatak traditional (Indonesia); arr. H. A. Pandopo (Indonesia), 1999#84955
Gloria94Latin; Luke 2:14Jacques Berthier (France), © 1979 Les Presses de Taizé (admin. GIA Publications, Inc.)#01103
Praise the Lord, Sing Hallelujah95based on Psalm 148; The Book of Psalms, 1871; adapt. William J. Kirkpatrick (USA), ca. 1893, alt.William J. Kirkpatrick, ca. 1893X
Your Love is Amazing96Brenton Brown (USA/South Africa) and Brian Doerksen (Canada)Brenton Brown and Brian Doerksen© 2000 Vineyard Songs#5b057fdf9f6f63091812
Magnificat97Latin; based on Luke 1:46Jacques Berthier (France), © 1978, 1980, 1981 Les Presses de Taizé (admin. GIA Publications, Inc)#00127
Immortal, InvIsible, God Only WIse98Walter C. Smith (Scotland), Hymns of Christ and the Christian Life, 1867, alt.Welsh melody, Caniadau y Cyssegr, 1839X
Glory to God in the Highest99from the Greek “Δόξα ἐν ὑψίστοις Θεῷ” (Mediterranean), ca. 3rd c., Latin “Gloria in excelsis Deo” (Mediterranean), 4th c.; English trans. English Language Liturgical Consultation, 1988; adapt. Mennonite Worship and Song Committee, 2019Marty Haugen (USA), Mass of Creation, 1984, rev. 2019, © 1984 GIA Publications, Inc.#06082
Praise Him, Praise Him100Fanny J. Crosby (USA), Bright Jewels for the Sunday School, 1869Chester G. Allen (USA), Bright Jewels for the Sunday School, 1869X
Sing Praise to God Who Reigns101Johann J. Schütz (Germany), “Sei Lob und Ehr dem höchsten Gut,” Christliches Gedenckbüchlein, 1675; trans. Frances E. Cox
(England), Hymns from the German, 1864, alt.
adapt. from GENEVA 138, Genevan Psalter (Switzerland), 1547, Bohemian Brethren’s Kirchengeseng, 1566X
Santo, santo, santo (Holy, Holy, Holy)102Spanish; Guillermo Cuéllar, (El Salvador), ca. 1986, Misa Salvadoreña; refrain trans. composite; stanzas trans. Bret Hesla (USA)
and William Dexheimer-Pharris (USA), alt.
Guillermo Cuéllar, ca. 1986, Misa Salvadoreña© 1993, 1994, 2012 GIA Publications, Inc.#00986
Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee103Henry van Dyke (USA), 1907, Poems of Henry van Dyke, 1911, alt.Ludwig van Beethoven (Germany), 1823; adapt. Edward Hodges (England), Trinity Collection of Church Music, 1864, alt.X
10,000 Reasons / Bless the Lord111Jonas Myrin (USA) and Matt Redman (England)Jonas Myrin and Matt Redman© 2011 Shout! Publishing; Sixsteps Music; Said and DoneMusic; ThankYou Music (PRS)
Womb of Life and Source of Being112Ruth Duck (USA), 1986, 1990, © 1992 GIA Publications, Inc.Ronald Arnatt (USA), © 1971 Walton Music Corporation#07714 and 88803
Cantai ao Senhor
(O Sing to the Lord)
113Portuguese; based on Psalm 98, Brazilian traditionalBrazilian traditionalX
Nun danket alle Gott (Now Thank We All Our God)114German; Martin Rinckart (present-day Germany), 1636; trans. Catherine Winkworth (England), Lyra Germanica II, 1858, alt.Johann Cruger (present-day Germany), Praxis Pietatis Melica, 4th ed., 1647X