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If you'd like to be a mentor on the ScrumMaster Journey of learning please add you name and other information. This list will be shared with ACSM students, and others seeking mentorship, to help them in finding a suitable mentor Read more about ScrumMaster Journey mentorship in this document
Mentor NameHome locationWork locationCertificationsExperienceDescription
Jem D'jelalNorth London, N14Rickmansworth, Central London, DunstableCSM, CSPO, CSP, LeSS Practioner, Trained Coach10 yearsCareer ScrumMaster, main focus areas: Mentoring SMs & POs, 1-2-1 coaching & consulting on organisational design using agile ideas.
Jay RahmanCroydon, CR0St PaulsCAL 1, Agile 42 - ATCC, SM, CSPO, CSP, PSM, NLP Master Practitioner, SAFe Agilist, ICAgile Coach, Voss Trained Negotiator, HBX Negotiation Strategies, Training from the back of the room.10+ years20+ years of NLP Experience and 1-1 changework. Influence and organisational change, navigating the organisation strategies. Team rapport and change techniques.
Samantha WebbLondon, SE17 Central LondonCSM, CSP, LeSS Practitioner, SAFe Agilist, Certified Disciplined Agilist5 yearsPrevious Agile consultant, now back to my Scrum Master roots working with a team. Interested in team development, coaching and mentoring Scrum Masters, and what makes people tick.
Jon LindBrightonCentral LondonCSM,CSPO,CSP,LeSS Practioner,SAFe Agilist, Trained Coach5 yearsTeam, multi-team and enterprise scale traits of success and failure are of interest. Emotional Intelligence of team cohesion is a passion, whilst so is the need for Business, Product and Delivery to understand CD, CI and CA (continuous accessibility is a thing). Experience in Private, Public and Charity sectors. A life long of learning
Arif BobatStreatham Vale, SW16City of LondonCSM (awaiting CSP decision)7 yearsExperienced Scrum Master who's worked in multiple contexts (8 roles in 6 years, fired twice, redundant twice). Key interests in team dynamics, what good product discovery/ownership looks like and demonstrating good servant leadership. Also passionate about motivation, empathy and trust in the workplace (psych safety, mgmt 3.0 etc)
Georgina HughesActon, W3RichmondCSM, CSP, AgilePM Practitioner, Management 3.0 Practitioner, Agile Facilitator, Agile Coach5 yearsTeam and organisational culture, primarily working in early stage transformations and now working in a sustained agile environment. Retrospectives are my favourite part of the job when done well (and embarrasing when things go wrong). Originally a front end developer, I became fed up with PMs taking up ScrumMastery and treating me and my team poorly. I decided to become a Scrum Master for the developers so that I could help prevent people being treated in the way I had; to make a safe and fun space for people to spend their lives.
James McDonaghWorcester, West MidlandsCheltenhamCSM, CSP, ICAgile Certified Coach5 YearsI'm still learning, because a Scrum Master should never stop! Contracting as an SM for over a year, perm before that at two organisations, and with numerous teams. I've got some war stories, but I've seen this work and I've seen the difference it can make. Run a Scrum Alliance Meetup since 2017. Happy to help however I can.
Phil ThompsonKingston, SurreyBank, Central LondonCSM, CSPO, CSP, SAFe practitioner, PRINCE2. All lapsed because membership is extortion :-)10+ yearsSeasoned experience—both successful and painful—of Agile delivery across a range of industries and cultures. Been in the Agile space for well over ten years and now work with teams to help them improve their delivery. I have a operations / product background rather than technical developer and as a result tend to focus more on the upstream elements and how they affect teams’ ways of working. Currently in Fintech looking to improve delivery over a large delivery system, so the challenges of alignment vs empowerment at scale.
Raquel SilvaLondon, E15Stratford, LondonCAL 1, CSM, CSPO, CSP, ICAgile Coach, Management 3.0 Practitioner , ORSC Practicioner4 YearsScrum Master who cares passionately about helping Teams to deliver value to clients through simplicity using Agile processes.
Besides that, my main mission is to contribute every day to make the workplace a more human a place where people enjoy being, trust each other and work better together. Still on my learning journey and happy help other in the same jorney.
Pete Gore Croydon, CR8Liverpool Street, LondonCSM5 Years
Josh D'jelalLondon, N21 Bank, Central LondonCAL,CSM, CSP, ORSC*, TFTBOFR5 Years
Tomasz KropiewnickiLondon SW15Southwark, Central LondonCSP, CSM, CSPO, CAL1, ORSC, Management 3.0, SPC, CLP, PMP, MBA10+ yearsTomasz is a passionate Agile Coach and Delivery Consultant on a mission of discovery. He spends his days creating high-performance teams and helping organisations reach excellence in software delivery and portfolio management.
Comments: I think that this talk is tackling an area that is untapped by virtually all the frameworks both team and scaled.
We all seem to crave being “done” so much that many people lose the broader perspective.
Aginext is a perfect conference to introduce the methods I used by my clients helping them make the next step in thinking about the agile product/service portfolio.
On top ot that a Tomasz is an volounteer and an expert mentor with Tomastmasters International, as a Division director helping 26 clubs in Central London.
More about me on
Sadia Shafiq Biggleswade, SG18Dunstable LU5CSM6 yearsI am currently helping VocaLink-Mastercard in their journey to find better ways of working and continual improvement. I work with Team Members, Scrum Masters, BAs, POs and all humans within the organisation.
Tolu KusamotuLondon . HA1 Central LondonA-CSM6 YearsA scrum Alliance certified Scrum master with goal to help individuals, team and organisation to be agile. Tolu possesses invaluable practical experience working with government organizations, financial institutions and in the Media industry.