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MTC - Suicide by MentalSide
MTC - Canyon Quest by Wisstem
mtc.wind.arc» by fredair
MTC - Vermilion City by Cousin
MTC? | Lumi by Clearvision
MTC - Cold Fingers by Nïx
MTC - Hypoxemia by Arkive
Shockwave.MTC by dMw
MTC - My first map :3 by der rote flitzer
MTC - Speedy Valley by Eternity
MTC - RedRaven by RayRaven
MTC - Budget Cuts by AR »rex.racer
MTC - Merry-Go-Round by Dodeka
MTC - La Saga. by spX Seven
»Separated.MTC by Solux
MTC - Frozen Mind by Sparco
mtc.switch' by riolu!
mtc - sequoia by ben3847
MTC|Otherside by Marius 89
MTC - Crossfire by bigben
Perfect 10 9 (mtc) by pjw
MTC - Artillery Racing by //>>°Lars//
Solux7Nice smooth fullspeeder but it lacks some scenery imho2No real flow for me, kinda boring and not fully respawnable5Probably a quite nice track but not finishable for me at all due to the last jump and overall "noob killing"4Generally unsmooth transitions from the dirt road to the hill and nothing special6Definitely not a bad track but not really my thing, no GPS5Ok in general but it misses the flow that makes it intuitive and the fog drives me crazy3Not bad but misses any flow. I also dislike the wallride as Valley is not suitable for those imho4Nothing for me1Crapmap2Extremely unsmooth, not playable for me; the scenery might not be the worst i've seen in this MTC but the display cost is insane1Unsmooth, unintuitive, no flow, nothing else to say imho4An ok fullspeeder but does not seem well worked out - especially the first wallride4Confusing route and weird lucky jump at the end, otherwise not bad7Nice and smooth transitions but fairly boring for me10Well, it's my track :P2Smooth transitions in general but the huge PF parts make it extremely boring6MTC rules violated and even if that was not a thing just an average track8Very nice idea and well implemented - nothing to complain7Ok but not great, nothing really special3Fairly simple track: nothing to complain but nothing special either1Feels like a weird lol map made in 10 minutes to me. Also the promised GPS does not work7Not intuitive for me at all but smooth ^^
fredair7Nice FS map, calculated but overall nothing superspecial. The respawn routes were very bad, since you couldnt really finish the map (you had to respawn every CP since the speed wasnt enough)4Scenery Missing, no MT and in general too simple.
10Fear is the park to the dark side... fear leads to anger... anger leads to hate... hate leads to suffering... j/k this is my map55645235779minus 1 because the respawn breaks the flow but overall very smooth and flow
8Nice map, flow, smooth, calculated and easy but this map has too many simple PF sections and it is "too" simple (No scenery and stuff like that)
3So boring… this has too much PF parts
7nice route, very clear where to go, no GPS needed. Cool intro and outro7Nice Speedtech with envi-mixing, but this map had nothing that flashed me. The MT is very good with the usage of unsharpness
61Con't do that first jump, impossible4nice design and ideas, but this map is impossible if you never play valley.
riolu!6Solid FS map, can't really judge it that well as a non-FS player, but I yet enjoyed it. Good scenery as well.2Very badly calculated jumps and turns, way too many long straights and one pretty odd transition in the mid part don't make this map really fun in my eyes.8Awesome! Slightly confusing, but well executed route and the theme has been worked out well. Great MT work as well.4OK map, but lacks scenery. The way the MTC theme has been kept isn't really creative either, as it's basically just driving over dirt. Bonus point for the spooky meme at the start!8Really enjoyed this one! The layout is really well-executed, and considering the fact that there's a re-use while crossing the gap twice, it's even better. Wasn't a big fan of the left drift before the actual re-use though.7Good execution of the given theme, the racing line flows well and was easy to find. I find the fog slightly exaggerated as you barely can't see further than one turn though.4Nice MT work, however the track itself didn't really make me lose my socks. Especially the drop down to the road after the wallride was very very weird to drive. The last jump down to the finish however, was quite nice.6Solid map, fun to drive. The first 10 seconds are a bit too straight-forward though and make it a bit boring in my eyes. MT work is good, as well as scenery and theme execution.3While I really like the flip thing, the rest of the map isn't really of high quality. The drop down to the dirt at the start seemed good at first, however when I saw the more than obvious blockmixing, I didn't like it anymore. Could've used some scenery and MT work too.5Nice one, enjoyed my ride.2This one seems to be quite a mess as none of the parts really make sense regarding flow and racing line.7Finally a FS map without any long speeddrifts which make it much more enjoyable for me! Smooth, fun and challenging. Good MT work, author time and theme execution as well.8Lovely one. Enjoyed my ride here, the simplistic style works out very well.9It's the first time I play a map of this kind where respawns are coming into use. Super awesome to drive, intuitive and smooth route, great MT work. One of my favorites from this MTC!7Good use of custom objects to make this one a smooth ride. However I'm unsure whether the podium block, which is placed in the 1 block gap, is considered as block or sign. Bit too short as well, but that makes the track more suitable for hunting.8Wow, another track which has a very unique style, haven't really seen this kind of track so far yet. Unsure in how far it violates the "no Press Forward" rule, but the idea and the execution is really good. Lovin' the intro as well, superb job!10xd8Simple, but good map. Enjoyed playing it, finally a solid envimix track! Sweet MT work as well, especially the outro was enjoyable.7I had massive problems finding the way here. More clear signage would be very helpful, however once you found the way it's a good track. Typical usage of all surfaces, the layout idea is cool too. The outro was very enjoyable!7Nice technical track with some well executed drifts and transitions. Wasn't a big fan of the transition from platform to narrow road in the mid part, which isn't quite intuitive, but the rest of the track flows well once you know how to drive it.1No idea what this map is supposed to be, I couldn't even do the start...?8Cannon start hype! Great use of the custom objects here, even though those S-turns are pretty weird to drive on if you haven't seen them before. Awesome MT work, as expected!
ben38477good concept but way too many turbos6too many long straights and too sharp corners10well done6drivable but not much scenery, also gps drives through a block at the end7good atmosphere7couldn't find the flow here sorry8simple but fun8polished with its own style4grabbing ac points but atleast it's calculated4really bumpy, just two straight roads crossing the gap at both ends2wat6decent but unpolished7couldn't find the flow here sorry8respawns aren't cool, also don't like the dirt transition thing, but good scenery7first 6 seconds are 10/10 but the rest doesn't fit the hype5scenery is ok, but come on having someone else making the mt? The route is mostly just pf9really nice mt, cool end10mi mape7feels like patchwork, no red thread6weird blockmix, scenery and route, depth of field in the gps is out of focus1double invalid, after deadline & a scenery block outside of the areas8overspeed at the start makes you wanna give up on the first turn, rest and mt is good tho
Sparco (ignored because incomplete votes)Simple and correct fsHas put 10 on all maps with another enviro than stadium because forced for sent the sheet (explications in mx topic)Nice atmosphere and mtc work, but the map is a bit too basic thoughBasic dirt map and I don't feel the themeLittle techie with some partsGood work on mt and scenery/atmosphere, the track si very creative, but unfortunately some parts are miscalculated. MX is in missing about tech tracks like that imoThe driving is on almost only one area and the map isn't so fun to playGood fs map, funnier and more creative (about lines) than previous onesGood techie with diversity, a bit basic at some parts but ok map. Never been stuck at the endNice track, a bit the same idea as me but with less pf parts lol6 tbh because with tricks she is really fun (imo ofc)can't play it (explications in mx topic) but the screenshot is great
Drhugs7Good map, fitting the theme, but very pressforward.3No GPS, got lost at some point, no flow, no scenery, pretty poor map.8Pretty good all around, no real pressforward zone, that is a really good point for this theme. Not stunning, but solid work there.6Nothing too fancy but all in one that a cool little dirt track.7Flowy & smooth tech, i'd add a point if there was a gps.7A bit bugging at some points, but good.4Too short, a bunch of unsmooth parts & the mod dsnt look good even if its winter orientated.7Not my kind of track, but i can't deny it flows really well.2Pretty awful all around, no scenery, no gps, no smooth ... Ikr it's a "first track" but i can't just be kind because of it, it'd be disrespectful for the others.4Very unsmooth, does not look that good (i've seen too many ultra detailed rpg stuff to be stunned by that tbh), kind of pressforward all around, and if we just talk about flow it's basically slalom & a wall with poorly calculated jumps... Sorry.3Unsmooth, lack of flow, not looking good.8Smooth, calculated, flowy and you actually made a scenery. As always i really like your stuff.6Pretty good all around, one transition that i really liked, but as said in the comment the end is a killer, as i'm pretty bad at tech.8Some nasty smoothness, creativity & correct flow, a fine track.7Way too short sadly, with 10 seconds more i might have set a 10/10, the smooth levels are high there, even if its nothing really fancy, most are straight jumps, still i value those stuff as they feel good.3Ultra pf ... Can't rate such work, not that smooth actually , if you were going to make it so pressforward i'd ask a minimum of perfect smoothness. Transitions aint creative at all, i've seen them (even made them) a thousand times. Very boring to drive.5Nothing stunning, the ending was creative, rest is just turns with no real creativity, no strong flow. The AT is badass but i'm not gonna rate a track because of it.7Dope flow, the feeling with stadium car is just great, i want more of this (i would have given a better rate but the scenery is too low, even if it actually looks ok).615k coppers and yet it feels like there's no real scenery, valley seems to suck on this point (as it's not the first time i see that). For the track itself, i didn't really like anything, lack of smooth at many points, this broken loop is so annoying and too many pathes are confusing (to me). But well i guess the flow is fine for a valley map.7Strong flow, no smooth, good looking.2What's the point? 15s to get to the gps, really annoying, even more when its just random stuff to get there. The track itself = no flow, no smooth, not looking good, that's all i dislike put in a single track...5Not a big fan but its ok.
dMw756576610just my track =P35599986676859
spX Seven8no comments from me because trackmania crashed two times in not even 30 minutes and i got tired of writing the comments over and over again.510778910532871097792799
AR »rex.racer768769510This feels like a professionally constructed map. The track is moderately difficult but pretty easy to finish, and the line is really fun to drive. The scenery is engaging, really like the texture pack. The intro was pretty creative too. I enjoyed this one a lot.63That loop is lacking polygons :P I also didn't like the wall, though it wasn't that bad.8107874686Really difficult for me.727
Arkive9Oh, wow, what a rush... This track was quite the ride! Amazing flow on a course that felt fantastic. The amount of speed kept throughout the course was astonishing. It always kept me on my toes with narrow roads and upcoming jumps, but never felt unfair in doing so. The course route was obvious and, even in the nigh impossible case of getting lost, the GPS was present. Though I never tested this, it looked like you made it more or less respawnable; that's quite a feat for a fullspeed. The intro was a nice touch as well. The scenery felt a bit on the light side, but it looked good nonetheless. A spectacular track indeed.5This track would need some work in order to feel good. While there's flow, it isn't the best. Even beyond that, the direction isn't clear enough in a few places due to blind spots and lack of clear signs. Many times I'd find myself flying off the edge simply because there weren't any telltale signs that let me prepare for the next corner. The scenery is rather barren, and the night mood hinders this particular map. The night mood, when done properly, can certainly be cool, but you need to make sure that there's enough light and direction so as to not hinder the drivers. In this case, the darkness caused some of the aforementioned blind spots and crashes. There's a distinct lack of any mediatracker, which in and of itself isn't much of a problem. I would have liked to see a GPS for this map, especially seeing that many corners are rather unpredictable. Primarily, though, I'd work on improving your course flow and direction.9I feel like I can compare this track to Super Hexagon, if you happen to have played that game. Really fast, rather difficult, but DANG! When you get that perfect run in, it feels absolutely amazing. Great flow, a nice intro, and the kind of speed that would make the Road Runner jealous. The GPS was a very nice addition, with some nice map facts and, of course, a good show of how the map works. The route is very clear and any car crashes were a result of my failure as a driver rather than some cheap trick of the map. My one major gripe is the jump about twenty seconds in; I feel like that particular spot requires too high a degree of perfection, but it was nothing a little bit of practice couldn't sort out. The scenery served well as it looked nice and helped show the correct route on the fly. Even if it takes a hundred failed attempts, the feeling of a single successful run makes everything worth it.8Thoroughly well designed. The flow was good and there was no confusion on the track's path. The included GPS was a welcome sight, and the overall course was fun and diverse. I could have done with more scenery and perhaps some more mediatracker stuff, but that's really just minor preferences. This was certainly a solid entry.8The biggest problem I have with this course is its lack of direction. There are plenty of signs, but I have no idea which ones I should follow when. Once I found the route, though, it was a lot of fun. It had great flow and fun corners. It didn't require insane amounts of perfection and was never unfair. The scenery looked pleasant as well, though I could have done with some mediatracker stuff (a GPS at least would have helped greatly). Other than the route confusion, it was a very solid course.9This track... I like it. Real nice flow, difficult but not unfair, and a nice intro to boot. The fog is a really nice effect here, and the scenery overall is nice without distracting. The path is incredibly clear with plenty of signs; it would require a serious effort to get lost here. The GPS is always a nice addition and looked great, and I bet you modified those medal times because I'll need to put more effort through if I want gold. A real nice job here.10I swear I've played this map somewhere before... It's like I made it or something...10First off, the two things you linked to on your track page didn't download for whatever reason. That's nothing big enough to affect scores; I just had to download them externally. I'm glad I did, though, since this track absolutely nailed atmosphere. The intro sequence was very well constructed, and the GPS had some nice camera angles that didn't detract from its purpose. The little things like changes to colour and saturation really added to the effect already established by the well-chosen mod. The scenery itself really gave the desired feel of being in a desolate, abandoned area. But enough about the minor things, let's talk about the course itself. Quite a masterpiece, indeed. There were fun corners and great transitions, along with a notable sense of speed. Indeed, the course difficulty was done well. Though it required multiple attempts to figure out, it never felt too unfair. I could have done with better direction, but the GPS was obviously present and the course itself wasn't exactly confusing, either. I could do with some camera angles in the outro, but that's more preference than points. Surely something this expertly done must do well in the MTC; I wouldn't be surprised if you took home the gold.6If this is your first map, I can't wait to see what you do with some experience under your belt. While a bit bumpy in places, it's quite unique and creative. I'd say work on making your maps flow a bit more and you could certainly be making some great courses! Also, don't forget to add some scenery! What you have is very minimal, and you could certainly do with making a good first impression. There isn't any mediatracker here, but that's not a truly notable problem. I'd recommend experimenting with it as early as you can, as a good mediatracker can greatly aid a track's presentation, and certain courses need a good GPS. So I might not be handing you a great score, but I'm actually quite impressed. It's your first map, after all, and you're already partaking in a mapping challenge.8Where many TrackMania fullspeed courses are built like a steel roller coaster, smooth and sleek, yours is a nice wooden coaster, bumpy but fun. The most standout thing here is the well built scenery and mediatracking; everything looks great, and you even took time to make a replay sequence. Your English could use a little work, but that's nothing to take points off for. Now then, let's talk about the real point of judging: the course itself. Like I said earlier, it's bumpy but fun. Speed is kept rather nicely despite the bumps in the road, and the course itself is fun to drive. The loop could have been a bit smoother in my opinion, but that was the only major place that felt like the rough path could cause any major problems. My biggest gripe with the course itself was that the end was a little too tight, especially with the speed you have going into the last jump. The GPS was very nice, and the fact that the course was respawnable was a nice feature as well. Smooth out the roads a bit more, and I believe you could make some exceptional tracks. Oh, and one last thing, those medal times are brutal!7I enjoyed this more than I originally anticipated. The scenery isn't particularly great, and although the course route is simple there aren't any signs for the underground crossroads part, which probably would have been confusing if it weren't for the needed GPS. The route is quite fun, and the underground pieces were used quite well. The outro sequence didn't seem to work (the camera was stuck and the replay wouldn't move), but I'm not sure if that's a client side problem or you did something weird with the course mediatracker. I think the thing I didn't really like about this course was the lack of variety; you mainly used those underground pieces, with only a short part of road/platform blocks. That being said, I was certainly satisfied with this course.7A thoroughly enjoyable fullspeed course. I really enjoyed the flow, and the GPS was quite nice even though the direction was quite clear. Scenery was nice and didn't distract from the track. Some tough corners, but nothing unfair. I don't really have anything else to say; this track was good.9Oh, this was very fun to drive. Short, but sweet. The scenery was quite good, and the intro was a welcome sight. A GPS is always good to have, even though the direction was clear. It was fun to drive, and it was challenging without being unfair. I especially liked your clever use of the multilap start. I don't really have anything else to say about this, the quality really speaks for itself.8Quite an enjoyable fullspeed. The flow was really well done, and the use of respawn checkpoints was quite interesting in conjunction with the fullspeed type. The scenery was pleasant and the direction was evident, and the added GPS was nice as well. It felt good to drive and wasn't too hard to complete. I'd say more, but that's really all I have to say. Good job with this one.8A very nice, short track. I found it quite simple to complete, perhaps a bit too simple really. The first segments were all I had trouble on, so I could do with more difficulty, but that's just me. The flow here is really good, and the blockmixing/item usage really helped make this track work wonders. A very nice intro sequence and the always appreciated GPS sequence were present. The course was well signed and clear in direction anyways. It felt good to drive on, but I could have used more scenery. It's nothing major, but the area just felt sort of empty to me. Anyways, I thought this was a great track with great flow.5I want to give this a higher score, but I just can't. It flows nicely, it's got some creativity with the constant use of respawning, it's got a nice GPS with multiple replays, and the intro is rather inventive (if a bit long). The problem I have is that it is pretty much 90% press forward. There is hardly any player input needed, which just means that this track isn't particularly good. The rules state that you aren't allowed to make any PF courses, and I can see why. If you want to score higher with me, then let me do more of the driving.9Oh, this one was fun. An easy track to complete, but plenty of places to improve. Fun corners, nice mix of on and off road, and a good length lent this track to be a good time. The scenery was great as well; never dull yet not distracting. Great signage and item usage were certainly beneficial. The intro and outro sequences were not only present but very well executed. Though it wasn't really necessary for a map with as clear direction as this, I did notice that there was a lack of GPS sequence. There really wasn't anything major to complain about here, just an overall great map. Oh, and that end was quite interesting.9This was a fun track to play. Easy to complete, but a nice challenge to get Gold. The track was very well built and had great flow. Not a whole lot of variety, just the GP roads, but they were used exceptionally well. Great sign placement and nice scenery made the track feel very nice. The mediatracker was simple but effective; I always enjoy a nice intro and outro sequence. The GPS was a welcome sight as well. While there wasn't anything crazy here, what was presented was a very polished, enjoyable track.7If there's one thing I can give points for here, it is the creativity. This didn't feel like any old map, it felt fresh and inventive. Good use of items plays a good part in this, and the overall course plays out well too. It flows great on a good run, but making a mistake in certain parts can be especially punishing. The scenery was great and the bright day mood felt particularly perfect for this map. The intro and outro were well done, but I would have liked to see a GPS sequence on this map as certain parts might be confusing on the first run. I think it runs a bit too long, but that's just me. I certainly enjoyed this entry.8I enjoyed this map. The flow was really nice, and the item usage really helped here. The inclusion of a GPS was certainly nice and helped prevent any uncertainties in the map, which was already pretty easy to figure out and was well signed. The scenery was very well done, too. Personally, I would have enjoyed an intro sequence and perhaps even an outro sequence, but those are very minor things. I can certainly say that this map was well designed and quite fun.7This is certainly not an easy track. I generally try to finish all the tracks at least once before I make my final vote, but this one was just too hard. I got close (just missed the last jump into the end!), but it just isn't my kind of track. I do enjoy a good challenge, but this felt like it required too high a degree of perfection. That being said, it wasn't based on luck, and the length of the track makes the higher difficulty forgivable. Besides, the beginning segments had great flow when done properly, so it obviously wasn't just thrown together. The intro was short and nice, and the GPS was certainly a necessity here. I can't say if you had any outro sequence, as I the map was password protected, but that won't affect points in any way. Personally, I would have added a couple blocks if only to reduce the perfection required, but I see that you added an extra layer of challenge for yourself.7An interesting track indeed. Lots of fun corners, and a fun start. I felt like it could have had better sign placements. The GPS certainly helped with this, though. Your intro and outro were also quite well done, and the scenery was rather splendid. The course flowed really well on a good run, but suffers from uphills that do not have direction and can lead to unexpected turns and walls. I don't really have anything else to say; it's just a good map with great scenery and mediatracker that suffers from poor directions at times.
points after penalty7848.68860757870804145.945747982.876.55872857157.63880
MTC - Suicide by MentalSide
MTC - Canyon Quest by Wisstem
mtc.wind.arc» by fredair
MTC - Vermilion City by Cousin
MTC? | Lumi by Clearvision
MTC - Cold Fingers by Nïx
MTC - Hypoxemia by Arkive
Shockwave.MTC by dMw
MTC - My first map :3 by der rote flitzer
MTC - Speedy Valley by Eternity
MTC - RedRaven by RayRaven
MTC - Budget Cuts by AR »rex.racer
MTC - Merry-Go-Round by Dodeka
MTC - La Saga. by spX Seven
»Separated.MTC by Solux
MTC - Frozen Mind by Sparco
mtc.switch' by riolu!
mtc - sequoia by ben3847
MTC|Otherside by Marius 89
MTC - Crossfire by bigben
Perfect 10 9 (mtc) by pjw
MTC - Artillery Racing by //>>°Lars//
points after penalty
Adventcalendar points
92MTC - La Saga. by spX Seven88mtc.wind.arc» by fredair20fredajrcalculated from an exponential fit using
88mtc.wind.arc» by fredair85mtc - sequoia by ben384717ben3847f(88)=15
85»Separated.MTC by Solux82.8MTC - La Saga. by spX Seven16sevenfold_avengerf(38)=0
85mtc - sequoia by ben384780Shockwave.MTC by dMw14acdmwAnsatz: f=a*exp(b*x)+c
80Shockwave.MTC by dMw80MTC - Artillery Racing by //>>°Lars//14lars1998=> f(x) = 0.111*EXP(0.058*x) -1
80mtc.switch' by riolu!79MTC - Merry-Go-Round by Dodeka13dodeka
=> ACpoints = f(x)+3 = 0.111*EXP(0.058*E27)+2
80MTC - Artillery Racing by //>>°Lars//78MTC - Suicide by MentalSide13mentalside
79MTC - Merry-Go-Round by Dodeka78MTC - Cold Fingers by Nïx13nixgames24
78MTC - Suicide by MentalSide76.5»Separated.MTC by Solux12.-.
78MTC - Cold Fingers by Nïx75MTC? | Lumi by Clearvision12clearvision
75MTC? | Lumi by Clearvision74MTC - Budget Cuts by AR »rex.racer11rex-racer
74MTC - Budget Cuts by AR »rex.racer72mtc.switch' by riolu!10riolu
71MTC|Otherside by Marius 8971MTC|Otherside by Marius 8910sd.marius89
70MTC - Hypoxemia by Arkive70MTC - Hypoxemia by Arkive10arkive86
64MTC - Crossfire by bigben60MTC - Vermilion City by Cousin7cousin
60MTC - Vermilion City by Cousin58MTC - Frozen Mind by
58MTC - Frozen Mind by Sparco57.6MTC - Crossfire by bigben7benzi_boy
54MTC - Canyon Quest by Wisstem48.6MTC - Canyon Quest by Wisstem6wisstem
51MTC - Speedy Valley by Eternity45.9MTC - Speedy Valley by Eternity6juliusoctopus
45MTC - RedRaven by RayRaven45MTC - RedRaven by RayRaven5rayraven
41MTC - My first map :3 by der rote flitzer41MTC - My first map :3 by der rote flitzer5der_rote_flitzer
38Perfect 10 9 (mtc) by pjw38Perfect 10 9 (mtc) by pjw5pjw
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