SPOILERS: Alleged Errors in The Secret History of Twin Peaks by Mark Frost by LonelySoul
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1Gordon Cole mentions Dale's investigation in "northwest Washington State"Gordon ColeIn Cooper's first appearance (the pilot) and monologue to Diane, he says Twin Peaks is "five miles south of the Canadian border, 12 miles west of the state line." This puts Twin Peaks in northeast Washington.
The Access Guide also includes a map placing the town in this same region.
- Gordon Cole simply misspoke, since later in the book the descriptions of the town seem to place it the area Dale described. This is a little odd considering Cole had been to Twin Peaks.There are times during the series that make it seem as if Seattle is really close by, but beyond these instances, I don't think there is ever another explicit mention of where the town is.

As /u/Binary101010 points out on Reddit, there are some other indications in the series that back up Dale's description, such as Ronette Pulaski returning from over the border and One-Eyed Jack's being close enough to boat to.

According to Google maps, it would take about six hours to drive from Seattle to Colville National Forest (the approximate area Dale describes).
Access Guide maps
81, 339Dougie Milford's middle name is stated as James on page 81 in an interview about the Roswell incident but then in his newspaper obituary on page 339 it is stated as Raymond.On 81 - Dougie Milford, via an interview transcript

On 339 - Unknown
Unsure, no confirmation in TV series.- Simple misprint in the paper.
- Since Douglas had a very sensitive military position, it's possible he or someone else would have altered his name slightly.
Credit goes to Reddit user /u/HowlinMadSnake on this one.
143Margaret Coulson's tattoo is different and looks like the Major's in the TV series (the three triangles)Dr. Dan HaywardIn S02E17 "Wounds and Scars" the Log Lady reveals her tattoo as looking like two mountains (as seen on the hard cover of Frost's book).- Someone altered Dan Hayward's medical report
- The tattoo somehow changed over time from the "mountains" to the three triangles
From Dugpa user madeleineferguson:
"We know this is not the tattoo found on the Log Lady's leg. In fact, the actual symbol found on Margaret's leg is on the cover of the book. Mark Frost knew about the existence of this symbol, it is unlikely he did not remember its origin."
146Deer Meadow and Carl Rodd's Fat Trout Trailer Park are described as being "outside Twin Peaks on the way to Wind River."The ArchivistIn Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me the town of Deer Meadow and the trailer park are described (or at least implied) as being in southwest Washington state not too far from Portland, Oregon. (There is a real Wind River in southwest Washington, just to note.) ???Really not sure what to make of this right now. It seems like a total retcon of the original Deer Meadow location. If Deer Meadown is actually close to Twin Peaks, it would've taken Chet and Sam hours to drive there and it would've been more reasonable to fly into a different airport than the one in Portland. However, it does make it easier for Leland to drive there to see Teresa Banks.
161, 232It is implied that the Great Northern Hotel was built in the years leading into the Great Depression or perhaps WWII, it's unclear. On page 232 Ben's birthday is listed as 8/4/1940.On 161 - Robert Jacoby

On 232 - Dr. Lawrence Jacoby
In S02E11 "Masked Ball," we see Ben watching a film reel of the groundbreaking of the Great Northern Hotel. He appears to be around 10 years old in this video.

If the hotel was opened around WWII, Ben would be a baby/nonexistent. If it was opened around the Great Depression, Ben would be about 10, but then he'd be nearly 60 in 1989 and he does not appear to be that old. If the show's timeline is right, that means the hotel opened around 1950, making Robert wrong.
- As Robert's Oh, What a Tangled Web... book does jump around a lot, it's possible Robert just misspoke about when the hotel did open.
- Perhaps Ben really is older than he looks, by a lot.
163Twin Peaks High teams go by Lumberjacks instead of SteeplejacksRobert JacobyAs seen, for example, in Episode 17/S02E10/"Dispute Between Brothers" when Nadine is at cheerleading tryouts, the name of the team is Steeplejacks.- Since R. Jacoby recounts events from 1968, it's entirely possible the school simply changed the name its teams went by in or before 1989.One wonders if the school changed the name back to Lumberjacks for season three...
166"Pete played checkers, not chess."The ArchivistIn S02E15 "Slaves and Masters" Pete Martell is revealed as a chess genius and helps Cooper stave off more deaths by Windom's chess game. This theme runs for numerous episodes.- The Archivist was being metaphorical despite the truth of chess, attempting to paint Pete as a simple guy in real life, contrasting him to the description of Catherine which said, "Catherine played nothing but hardball."
- Reddit user /u/indyitt suggests that the Archivist was referring to Pete's younger days before he picked up chess.
171, 174Josie's age at the time of her marriage to Andrew Packard is reported on pg. 171 as being 19 on her marriage license, but then on pg. 174 it's stated that she claimed she was 21 at the time of meeting Andrew. TP suggests in the margin that Dale Cooper might have put together the informationUnsure, no confirmation in TV series.- Josie claimed to be 21 when she met Andrew, but then when they got married her age was "confirmed" to be 19 (even though she was actually 27)
175Andrew's date of death is listed as September of 1987TP suggests in the margin that Dale Cooper might have put together the informationIn the Pilot, which took place on February 24, 1989, Truman states Packard "Died in a boating accident last year." putting time of death in 1988.- Truman was speaking generally. September 1987 and February 1989 are only 17 months apart.According to Dugpa user OK,BOB, "Though Harry does say Andrew died “last year” in the Pilot, he later (Ep 1, I believe) says he died, “a year and a half ago,” when admitting his involvement with her to Cooper. September 1987 actually fits pretty well – it might seem like “last year”, but is closer to a “year and a half ago.”

So perhaps not an error after all.
181-182Hank has ties with Jean Renault going back to "a few years" after Hank got out of high school (and it is implied the football championship was thrown, a deal made between Hank and Jean). After his falling out with Harry, Hank "began making runs across the border working for Jean Renault."TP suggests in the margin that Dale Cooper might have put together the informationIn S02E10 "Dispute Between Brothers," Hank introduces Ernie to Jean Renault and says he met Jean in the woods (while he was staking out One-Eyed Jack's for Ben Horne). - Hank was a grunt and Jean was brains of the operation, so while Hank was working for Jean, the two never really got to know one another. By the time we see the scenes in the series, about 20 years had gone by since high school ended for Hank.Dugpa user StealThisCorn points out that Jean first assumes Hank to be Daryl Lodwick after looking at the identification Hank lifted from the D.A. at the diner. Perhaps Jean was just confused at first?
187, 188Big Ed enlists in the Army and heads to Vietnam right after High School, without popping the question to Norma, despite everyone assuming they would stay together. Norma fell in to the arms of Hank Jennings, co-worker at her mother's diner.
While in Vietnam, Big Ed sends letters to Norma every week. Hank intercepts those letters and proposes to Norma. They get hitched at the Chapel-in-the-Woods and take a trip to Hollywood for their honeymoon
TP suggests in the margin that Dale Cooper might have put together the information

When did you get married, Ed?

Right out of high school. See, Norma and I'd been together
all through school. Everybody figured we'd get
hitched, that'd be that, I barely knew Nadine to say hello
to. That spring, one bad weekend, Norma ran off with Hank.
-Ed told Cooper a simplified, easy-to-digest version that still caused him to feel emotion, but he didn't have to open up to a complete stranger.
196 - 200Big Ed comes back from Vietnam, after completing a tour of duty post high school, and waits a year to approach Norma at the Double R. He and Norma begin to carry on a sort of flirting where "a creature of habit, Big Ed started and ended every day with a cup of joe at the Double R, and usually ate lunch there too."
After his father passed, he took over and renamed the family business Big Ed's Gas Farm.
Shortly after, one Saturday late in 1984, Big Ed, in his tow truck, backs into Nadie Gertz, "driving on her father's John Deere lawn mower". Big Ed feels terrible, but sparks fly between the two and they get hitched three weeks later at the Chapel-in-the-Woods.
Hawk Hill

ED(continued from above cell)
I was so twisted up inside I couldn't see straight. When I
opened my eyes there was Nadine right in front of me.
There was something so ... sweet and helpless about her.
We drove all night. Ended up in some little town in
Montana, out past Great Falls ... I asked her to marry
me, half-joking, half-drunk, half-crazy. It was getting
light when we found a Justice of the Peace.
Norma, she ... she hadn't even slept with Hank. The
look on her face when she found out ...
-Ed told Cooper a simplified, easy-to-digest version that still caused him to feel emotion, but he didn't have to open up to a complete stranger.
202The Fall after their marriage, Ed goes bird hunting with Sheriff Truman, "like they do every season." Nadine follows Ed fifteen miles in to the woods out of jealousy of Big Ed and Norma.
While out hunting, with no idea she has followed him, Big Ed shoots at a bunch of ducks rising in to the air after being startled by Nadine and a "single stray pellet of buckshot catches her smack in the eye". Nadine loses the eye.
Hawk HillS02E01

ED(continued from above)
Nadine and I, we went up to my Dad's old cabin, up in
Eagle Pass. Honeymoon. I was hoping maybe we'd get
around to talking about an anullment, a divorce,
anything. But Nadine was so happy.
The first day we went hunting pheasant. Wanted to bag our
own dinner. Nadine was a crack shot. We had two birds
already, but I felt good shooting, liked the way the sound
echoed and rolled down those hills. I fired. A piece of
buckshot skipped off a rock and caught her square in the eye.
She laid across my lap as I drove us back to town. She
never cried, never blamed me, never hated me for it.
'Couple months later, Norma married Hank.
I don't believe in fate. You make your bed. You sleep in it.
-Ed told Cooper a simplified, easy-to-digest version that still caused him to feel emotion, but he didn't have to open up to a complete stranger.
190Norma's postcard to her parents from Hollywood has a "First Man on the Moon" stamp on it but is postmarked April 17, 1969.Norma JenningsAs pointed out by John Thorne (Wrapped in Plastic magazine) and Scott on episode 120 of the Red Room Podcast, the first man on the moon did not occur until July 20, 1969. The stamp itself was not released until September 9, 1969. Therefore, there is no way Norma could have had access to this stamp in April of that year.- This begs the question of whether or not there is a time flux situation going on in the Twin Peaks universe (that is not accidental). Although what this could mean is currently unanswered.Scott from the Red Room Podcast points out that TP's "Verified" comments throughout the book are numerous and bring attention to things that the agent looked into and confirmed. However, Scott indicates that none of the mistakes in the book, including this one, are pointed out. It seems as if TP would have noticed this. It is unlikely Mark Frost, a history buff, would have intentionally chosen this stamp if the timeline didn't line up and there wasn't some deeper reason. One wonders what this could mean for the nature of time in Twin Peaks.

Also, it should be noted that on page 286 the Archivist makes explicit reference to the fact that Armstrong and Aldrin left the first human footprints on the moon in July 1969, the same time that funding for Project Blue Book was terminated, so the Archivist is at least aware of this historical fact.

Dugpa user dud also points out that the stamp we see in the book is not the same stamp we see in the book trailer. This implies Frost specifically wanted to alter this stamp for some reason or used a different stamp in the trailer to throw viewers off.

Thanks to Dugpa user New Shoes - the stamp in the trailer is from the 1974 World's Fair (here's a clearer image: https://www.mysticstamp.com/pictures/stamps_default/USA-1527.jpg). This is still an impossible-to-have stamp.
Information on the moon stamp
190Norma's postcard to her parents from Hollywood states that she and Hank saw a taping of The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson in which Sammy Davis Junior and Victor Buono appeared together.Norma JenningsAs pointed out by Dugpa user OK,Bob, IMDb indicates that Victor Buono first appeared on The Tonight Show in June 1971 and Sammy Davis Junior was a regular guest on the tonight show going back into the 1960s.

CORRECTION: Victor Buono did appear on the show on April 15, 1969. But SDJ was not in this episode and this episode was shot in New York, not L.A.
- See above cell.Again, this begs the question of whether or not time is really as it seems in the world of Twin Peaks.

1969 Tonight Show Episode Guide
191The existence of Ilsa Lindstrom as Norma's mother instead of Vivian NilesTP suggests in the margin that Dale Cooper might have put together the informationIn the series, Vivian Smythe Niles (i.e. M. T. Wentz) shows up in person in S02E08 "Drive With a Dead Girl" and has appearances in two more episodes.-Norma was raised by her grandparents, was closer to them than Vivian, and Cooper mistook them as just her mother and father
-Vivian is her step-mother or other relative that had a big part in her life growing up so she refers to her as mother
211Nadine's full name is listed in a hospital record as Nadine Gertz HurleyDr. Lawrence JacobyIn S02E10 "Dispute Between Brothers" when Nadine is at cheerleading tryouts, she gives her maiden name to the judges as Butler.- When Nadine got married and took the last name Hurley, she kept her middle name of Gertz and simply replaced her last name of Butler instead of moving her maiden name to her middle name.
- Nadine lied to the judges or, due to the mental health issues her family had according to Jacoby in the book, she actually thought her last name was Butler even though it wasn't.
Maybe not even an "error", but it's listed here just in case.
218TP claims that Cooper's notes regarding getting shot by Josie reveal he was expecting the assault.Agent Tamara Preston, summarizing alleged notes by CooperIn S01E08 "The Last Evening," Cooper is indeed wearing his vest. Someone knocks on his hotel room door, he opens it and he gets shot three times. He does not seem as if he is expecting any violence. Cooper later says he was wearing the vest per bureau regulations when engaging in the type of activity he was involved in (the operation at One-Eyed Jack's).- Cooper, knowing how dangerous his excursion to One-Eyed Jack's could prove to be and being a man who strictly follows bureau rules, wore his vest and expected the possibility of assault. Tamara Preston summarizes his notes but does so without this context.
219Harry was witness to multiple conversations concerning Josie, Andrew, and Eckhardt.
"I was there, Coop. Andrew told her he forgave her cause he couldn't help himself, he still loved her and that Eckhardt was coming to take her away and help her escape the law, with his blessings. Maybe she believed him, I don't know.
Then Eckhardt showed up, and Andrew told him that Josie warned him about the attempt on his life years earlier, betraying Eckhardt. Like that was the only reason he'd survived in the first place."
Sheriff Harry S. TrumanIn S02E16 "The Condemned Woman," Andrew sits in a room at the Blue Pine Lodge with Josie and explains to her his feelings and that the police are coming for her, so she should run to Eckhardt because he loves her and can get her out of the country.
Andrew then visits Eckhardt at the Great Northern and the two have a private conversation in an elevator. Andrew claims he is there as a friend and says that Josie betrayed Eckhardt and warned him of the boat explosion. During this conversation he mentions that his "resurrection remains a well-kept secret."

Truman is not around for either of these scenes.
- Truman is lying to Cooper about being present for these incidents, having heard about them from someone else, perhaps from Andrew or Catherine.
- Cooper's volume on the Packard case was intentionally changed by someone who knew the details of these events. Perhaps Doppelganger Coop? Bob himself?
TP does note that there is a 4% possibility that this explantory note was not written by Truman. But if not him, who?
221The Archivist claims that an associate of Eckhardt's arrives a few days after his death to arrange to move his and Josie's bodies.The ArchivistIn S02E14 "Double Play," Thomas Eckhardt and his associate Jones arrive at the same time.- Jones, not being a prominent figure and just an associate, was not documented much so the Archivist makes some assumptions about the circumstances.
224Regarding the bank explosion, Pete Martell is found on top of Audrey Horne, possibly having blocked her from the blast. In Cyril's article he says,"[A first responder] also confirmed that Miss Horne may have been intentionally shielded by one of the victims in the blast, Pete Martell, who was found lying on top of her."Cyril PonsIn S02E22 "Beyond Life and Death," Andrew Packard and Pete Martell are shown to be standing right next to Eckhardt's bomb. Pete does not appear to make any attempt at moving prior to the explosion.- Pete, standing slightly behind Packard, was blown across the vault and on top of Audrey.
- The scene in the show is frantic, so perhaps there was simply more time than we saw for Pete to move back to the vault entrance.
227On March 23rd 1989 Catherine sells the mill and land to Ben. Stated on "Assignment of Contract Sale of Real Estate" where the date is both typed on the page as well as stamped by notary Mary Jo Plutnik with the date of March 23 1989.Twin Peaks RegistrarCatherine never sells the mill to Ben, and Ben (after recovering from his mental breakdown) begins the Stop Ghostwood project. S02E15 - S02E29-Registrar date error(see following other note.)Per the formatting of TSHoTP, it appears the mill may have been sold after the bank explosion and a second mill fire.

"She was the only resident of Blue Pine Lodge now, and with no living heirs or relations, Catherine became a recluse. She never spoke or wrote about what had happened, so one question remains unanswered: Who exactly was she grieving for? All of them, perhaps; brother Andrew, certainly; husband Pete, for all his shortcomings -- at least in her eyes -- probably; maybe even Josie, the worthy opponent who had tested her like no other. 2
As the last of the old-growth forests were harvested, the lumber industry around Twin Peaks has been declining for years. Soon after, Catherine abruptly closed the Packard Mill - the town's largest employer throughout the 20th century - after a fire, strangely, gutted its central facilities. As the town's largest employer, the mill's closing dealt a devastating blow to the local economy.
A few weeks after the fire, Catherine sold the mill and its associated properties to her former paramour, Benjamin Horne, and his investors in the Ghostwood Development, the plan he'd been pursuing for years.

Agent Preston puts the above note post the bank explosion material, leading to the possiblity there was a second fire after the explosion.

Strangely, unlike all the other annotation, Agent Preston does not end this notation with "-TP"

229, 230Audrey goes to the Twin Peaks Savings and Loan to prevent her father from "destroying the heart of the town with your plan to close the mill and turn all our beautiful forests into tacky neighborhoods and shopping centers and whatever else you and your greedy friends are planning(maybe even a prison, I'm hearing.)"
"I intend to give copies of your plans to the newspaper and I will be talking to people, probably news reporters and such, about all of this very very soon. You'll see."
Audrey HorneAudrey goes to the Twin Peaks Savings and Loan to protest the financial ties the bank has to the Packard Mill and land in service of her father and Stop Ghostwood. S02E29- Ben was only pretending to be good while continuing along with his Ghostwood development plans. Audrey discovers this and goes to the Savings and Loan to out him, but doesn't want to tip her hand until the reporters arrive.Just to note, when Audrey explains herself to Dell in season two's finale, she never explicitly mentions who (Catherine or Ben) she is protesting, just the bank's financial ties to the development. It's entriely possible that Audrey was planning to protest Catherine's alleged plans to develop the Ghostwood land, but before going to the bank she discovered that her father was actually planning all this development once he got the land back. The protest could still happen, but just now targeted at someone else. Hence her note.

This would also explain her change in tone to Ben. She and Ben were mending their relationship, but a revelation that Ben was pretending to be good would have made Audrey pretty mad.

In S02E19 "Variations on Relations" Ben says, "Sometimes the urge to do bad is nearly overpowering." This was in response to Dick Tremayne's worker's compensation request, but it might yield some insight into Ben's psyche.
232Jacoby suggests that the course of action to help Ben is to "gently direct him to the "truth" of the war's actual conclusion."Dr. Lawrence JacobyIn S02E14 "Double Play," Jacoby leads Ben to a Southern victory. "Actually what he is doing is quite healthy. By reversing the South's defeat in the civil war he will in turn reverse his own setbacks. What he needs now is both your understanding, a confederate victory, and a good price for his cotton. Metaphorically speaking."- Jacoby didn't want the idea of him encouraging a patient to enact a Southern victory in his official notes.
- Jacoby changed his mind when actually with the patient and experiencing it first hand.
As Reddit user /u/Whatstheplan points out, TP does make a margin comment on page 233 that Ben did "surrender at Appomattox." Although the Possible Solutions to the left could still apply if TP is just drawing this conclusion from Jacoby's possibly "fixed" case notes.
286Dougie Milford writes a front-page editorial in 1969 endorsing Dwayne's candidacy for his fifth term as mayor.The ArchivistIn S02E10 "Dispute Between Brothers," Will Hayward says the first time Dwayne ran unopposed in 1962, Dougie wrote a piece coming out against Dwayne.- Despite their fighting in this episode, Dougie developed a change of heart since his attack piece in 1962 and decided to write some kind words for Dwayne in 1969.The Archivist notes that these were the last kind words Dougie said or printed about Dwayne.
286, 315Robert Jacoby is said to have died in 1969, at which point Dougie Milford bought a controlling interest in the paper. However, on page 315 there is a piece in the paper allegedy by Robert Jacoby regarding Margaret Lanterman, dated October 28, 1986. This is a difference of about 17 years.
On 286 - The Archivist

On 315 - Robert Jacoby
Unsure, no confirmation in TV series. It seems more likely that Robert died in 1986 and not 1969, given the contents of the Post piece on Margaret.- The Archivist could simply have made an error. Or perhaps at the time they wrote the contents on page 286 there was some reason they thought Robert had died back in 1969. Perhaps he had come down with some serious illness that he was unlikely to recover from.On pg. 320 the Archivist even lists the funeral program for Robert's service with dates visible and comments about the period of time between his piece on Margaret and his death.

There are actually a lot more issues with Jacoby's life, as pointed out by Dugpa user LostInTheMovies. See the link in the following cell for more information.
User /u/naughtydoger contaced me on Reddit and had this to add:

"I was wondering if the Robert Jacoby dying in 1969 could be Robert and Lawrence's father. It would also explain why a staff writer named Robert Jacoby was able to write an article about the schoolchildren disappearance in 1947 (p.142), while Robert "Junior" should have been 7 years old (the first paragraph p.316 suggests Margaret and Robert "Junior" have the same age, despite the funeral program p.320 claiming he was born in 1931)."

It's possible the death issues stem from Robert's father dying, not Robert himself.
Visual timeline of Robert's strange life.
322Forensic specialist Sam Stanley returned to Philadelphia after the Banks case and disappearance of Agent Desmond and suffered an unspecified breakdown. The Archivist suggests it's related to alcoholism. He was placed on administrative leave and the Archivist can then find no record of Stanley returning to active duty.The ArchivistIn the pilot, Dale Cooper examines Laura's ring finger and finds a letter. He realizes this connects Laura's case to Teresa's and pulls out his recorder to update Diane. He explicitly instructs her not to give this piece of evidence to Sam and instead to give it to Albert.- The Archivist was simply unsuccessful at finding any documentation of Stanley's return to work. Seems unlikely.
- Documents pertaining to Stanley were intentionally hidden or otherwise made unavailable but he was still working. Perhaps Dale's reluctance to give Sam the evidence is evidence itself of Stanley's lapse. Dale would see this as a reason to avoid him.
- Since the Archivist does not explicitly state how long after his return to Philadelphia he suffered his breakdown, it's entirely possible his breakdown occurred sometime after Dale Cooper first got to Twin Peaks. Dale was aware Sam was on shaky ground and asked Diane to go to Albert instead.
In The Missing Pieces we see Sam Stanley show Dale Cooper the letter found under Teresa's fingernail. This happened presumably after Desmond disappeared and Cooper was tasked to investigate. At this point, Stanley still seemed to be of sound mind. However, it's possible that after this event is when Stanley's breakdown happened.

It's also worth noting that The Missing Pieces seem to be considered canon, since references to Jeffries' activity in Buenos Aires are made.
320, 324On page 320 it's said that Robert Jacoby's ashes are spread on Pearl Lake, but on page 324 Lawrence Jacoby says he is going to spread Robert's ashes at Hanalei Bay in Hawaii three years later.
On 320 - The Archivist

On 324 - Dr. Lawrence Jacoby
Unsure, no confirmation in TV series.- Lawrence kept some of Robert's ashes from the funeral ceremony at Pearl Lake to take to Hanalei Bay, another place important in Robert's life and also the place where Jacoby's mother's ashes were spread.The book actually says, "I brought along some of my brother Robert's "cremains"."
Emphasis added.

Proof in next cell
Twitter user @RussBurlingame confirmed that this is not an error.
324Laura was 18 when she began seeing Jacoby, per his notes from March 19th 1989
(She came to see me the day after her 18th birthday - the point at which she'd be treated as an adult, with no legal obligation on my part to inform her parents;" after this he treated her for "six months".
Dr. Lawrence JacobyLaura Palmer was 17 at the time of her death on February 24th 1989 (as revealed by Leland in the pilot).-Laura lied to Jacoby because she is smart enough to know that if she says she is 18, he won't have to report to her parents. He went along with it because he fell for her and knew that he could lie to the authorities if discovered. Dr. Jacoby himself does tell Dale and Harry in the pilot that Laura's parents didn't know she was seeing him.
- Jacoby himself lied. He made it look like Laura was 18 to skirt issues treating someone underage without parental consent. He clearly was involved with Laura beyond a doctor-patient relationship and he probably wanted to keep seeing her without scrutiny.
324Jacoby says of Leland Palmer, "Pride and only son of a wealthy Seattle Family...Outstanding professional career, culminating in an eight-year run as chief counsel to the Horne Corporation, which is what brought the Palmers to town."Dr. Lawrence JacobyIn Season 2 Episode 5, Truman says, "Leland Palmer is a well-known, well-liked, well-respected member of this community. His roots go way back. His grandfather, Joshua Palmer, brought the family here more than 75 years ago."- Jacoby was simply mistaken. Maybe he mixed up Leland's backstory with someone else's.
- Joshua Palmer moved to town 75 years prior, but perhaps Leland didn't originally live in Twin Peaks (his parents perhaps having lived outside of Twin Peaks despite his grandfather laying down roots there). Leland then moved into town, following his grandfather and the established family name.
Credit goes to Reddit user /u/AmmonM for this one.
340, Book Tour QuotesOn page 340 Lana's participation in Miss Twin Peaks is referenced. When asked about the lack of mentions of Annie related to this, book tour attendees have claimed that Mark Frost has stated, "I can't really talk about Annie. But Lana was definitely the winner of the 1989 Twin Peaks with her contortionist routine." This was tweeted on 10/24 by Ross Dudle (@RDudle).On 340 - The Archivist

Book Tour - Mark Frost
In S02E21 "Miss Twin Peaks," Will Hayward announces Annie Blackburn as the winner of the contest. Dick Tremayne is heard explaining his reasoning (the good speech) to Dwayne who was visibly upset Lana didn't win. Lana herself even cast the judges a look of anger, particularly at Dwayne. Although Lana did indeed do a "contortionistic jazz exotica routine."- Since Annie vanished when Windom kidnapped her, it's possible that Lana basically just usurped the Miss Twin Peaks crown. She had curried favor with Dick and Dwayne and most likely would have been the winner had Annie not won.
I'm still awaiting some sort of video/audio confirmation of Frost's statements on the matter, but this is an odd one. It seems as if Annie has possibly been retconned out or there is some greater meaning to Frost claiming she won the contest. Time alteration? Cooper's Dream? Etc.

If she has been retconned, it raises questions. Coop went into the Black Lodge following Windom in part because he had kidnapped Annie. No Annie, less motivation to follow Windom. And what do we make of the Annie scenes from The Missing Pieces in which a nurse steals the ring from her?

Time will tell.
@RDudle's 10/24 tweet
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