2016 Utah Candidate Questionnaire (Responses)
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First and Last NameEmail AddressPhone NumberWhat is your candidate website URL if you have one?What is your candidate Facebook URL if you have one?What race are you running for?Identify your race (Be SURE to include the name of the county or district)What party are you running under?1) Do you believe Common Core Standards are a good fit for every student in Utah, whether preparing for a selective university, college, or technical certification?2) Do you believe it should be a parents' right to opt a student out of the Common Core aligned high-stakes tests and also to opt a student out of the State Longitudinal Database System, which currently tracks all students without parental consent?3) Should parents have a right to opt out of daily data tracking on their children, thus requiring teachers or schools to have non-tech offerings?4) Do you believe Utah should provide universal pre-K education for children and full day kindergarten? 5a) If disparate funding were not a factor, would you support splitting school districts down to the high school level in order to have smaller districts with greater public representation?5b) If you answered "no" on 5a, at what point should school districts be split?6) With regard to Federal funding of Utah’s education system, do you support Utah ignoring all federal education mandates to do what is best for Utah’s teachers and students, and self-fund from state monies any shortfall that results? 7) Do you support the removal of compulsory education laws that currently make parents criminals if their children are truant? Phrased differently, do you support methods of persuasion and enticement over use of state force in dealing with truancy issues?8) Do you believe that Utah should tie education with the department of workforce services to use the schools to train children for jobs? 9) Do you support embedded testing where children use computer devices to learn and interact with, while they are being assessed/monitored behind the scenes?If you want to clarify any of your answers above, please do so here.What should be the objective of educational goals and standards?If you want to share a brief position on education issues, please do so here.10) Do you believe funding of Utah's public education system is adequate or under-funded?Please explain your answer to #10
3/20/2016 10:41:41Miriam Ellis
8016438295District School BoardAlpine SD 6
Unaffiliated - School Board Races
NoYesYesNoYesYesYesNoNoTo give students a deeper well of knowledge, guided by correct principles, and the ability to think critically in new situations. I maintain that the most important relationship in the school system is between parents, teachers, and students, with as little interference from administrators as possible. District involvement is acceptable when necessary, state at only a minimal level, and the federal government doesn't belong in education at all. AdequateI believe we can make better choices with the money we have.
3/21/2016 23:14:06Denise ForsythThetop555@aol.com8017030571District School BoardSchool BoardConservativeNoYesYesNoNoNONE! If this happens Peoples property taxes will not be paying for a EDUCATION it will be paying for a PAYCHECK. YesYesNoNoNo more Common Core. No more illegals, No more standardize testing and let the teachers teach. Do not fix what is not broke. Other states are not Utah and in Utah Families are Families....... Encourage students to complete their assignments with reward at the end of the month. Dances, Parties, etc. Utah is a very special place because you have parents who care and are in their children life. Common core is a dictation on our Teachers, Principals, Students and Parents. It is wrong and their is a lot of things that are missing students need to learn. Common Core is from the U.N. We are American and we are smart and we have done a great job until Obama came into office!AdequateI believe if you the school system involved parents and its community and there is no problem. I do believe when Utah let Illegals into our school it brought them down and Teachers are having a difficult time teaching to those who don't understand. Get rid of common core and Standardized testing and we would have enough money back in the school and let Teachers use their own inteligence to teach! We do not need common core... Parents are fed up and stay the course.
3/26/2016 23:50:42Nate Jensennate@jensen2016.com801-739-5044
GovernorGovernorRepublicanNoYesYesYesYesYesYesNoNoI want to get government out of education and place the decisions in the hands of parents and teachers.Adequate
3/27/2016 3:38:28Kris Kimball
801-278-0366State RepresentativeLegislative District 37 (SLC)RepublicanNoYesYesNoYesYesYesNoNo1. To instill our children with a love of learning.
2. Teach our children how to think, not what to think.
3. Every child is unique and their gifts and talents should be allowed to soar and not be pigeon holed in a one size fits all education track.
4. High School graduates are totally prepared for the next phase, based on whether they choose employment, internship, vocational school, or university studies.
5. Standards, curriculum and assessments should be completely controlled at the local level to adjust as necessary.
6. Provide more learning time and less testing time.
Adequate100% of the State Income tax that Utahns pay goes into education. However like any other government agency, there is wasteful spending and misuse of our tax dollars. An example of this is when the State School Board signed onto the Common Core Standards, Assessment and Curriculum theory without doing any kind of cost analysis and without waiting for actual data to show that this complete overhaul of our education system would benefit our children here in Utah.
3/27/2016 9:11:42Brad Dawbrad@braddaw.com801-850-3608www.braddaw.com
State RepresentativeHouse 60, South half of OremRepublicanNoYesYesNoYesNoYesNoNoAssist parents in helping their kids reach their highest potential.AdequateAll kids have an opportunity to receive a good education if the community steps in to assist.
3/27/2016 12:01:43L. S. Brown
Write in candidate for governor
NoYesYesNoYesYesYesYesYesThe federal government should not be involved in education. Keep education on the local level as much as possible.What is best for the students and success in life.I believe the greatest failure of education is failure to teach the values, traditions and substance of constitutional government.AdequateI am greatly concerned about the national debt and the federal government funding one-third of the Utah budget.
3/27/2016 16:15:48Jonathan Johnsonjj@hirejj.com801-892-0401www.hirejj.com
GovernorGovernor of UtahRepublicanNoYesYesNoYesYesYesNoNoNo. 4: I am not opposed to optional pre-K and optional full kindergarten, but neither should be mandatory.
No. 6: If there is federal funding Utah receives that doesn't have onerous strings attached to it, I can see keeping that federal funding,
No. 8: While employment skills are often a good result of public education, children (and data about them) should not be put in a government workforce database.
No. 9: There are good uses of technology in classroom; however, I object to undisclosed "behind the scenes" monitoring.
The future has never been as unpredictable as it is today. We cannot predict the exact specific skills our students will need to compete in the future workforce (e.g., the e-commerce industry in which I work didn’t exist when I was in school, including law school). However, we can prepare our students for an unpredictable future by teaching them to love to learn, to learn how to learn, to analyze and to solve problems. If we meet these objectives, our students will be educated and adaptable participants in an ever changing world and able to create options for themselves.

While in today’s economy I think we need to provide strong STEM programs, I have a liberal arts (Japanese) degree and see great value in a classical curriculum heavy on literature, history, civics, art, rhetoric, and making. I do not see much value in rote learning and memorization of facts.
www.hirejj.com/k-12-education-plan-for-utah/AdequateI think the answer is "we don't know" because according to a recent state auditor report Utah doesn't know how all of its public education funds are being spent nor can it prove that more spending equates to better results. Until we know how and where the money is being spent and the predicable results of additional spending, we should assume it is adequate.
3/27/2016 22:22:38Michelle Boultermkboulter@gmail.com435-668-0758
State School BoardState School Board Seat 15
Unaffiliated - School Board Races
NoYesYesNoYesYesYesNoNo#7 I support removing compulsory education laws. However, I am hesitant to point blank support means of persuasion and enticement. Too often I have seen those methods used as a form of control. For me the bottom line is that parents are in control to do what they feel best. As long as parental rights are protected and not dictated, I would be in full support.To allow children to realize their potential. I am opposed to Federal Standards and regard it as an unconstitutional usurpation of power and a denial of State and local control. No government or program should put themselves between parent and child. Strong families are the key to preserving local education control.AdequateI feel we have adequate monies but we are underfunded because there is so much waste. We have money going to employees at the Utah office of education and local district employees, as such, the ideals upheld are tied to the purse strings and not to the best interest of the child. I would support scaling back and even getting rid of the Utah office of education and having only ELECTED positions, including Superintendent. Having smaller districts would help eliminate so much of the waste and fraud that is happening. This would free up money for teacher pay and LOCAL districts would decide how best to allocate those funds.
3/27/2016 22:38:37Jason Christensen
Jason Christensen for Senate 6
State SenatorSenate District 16IndependentNoYesYesNoYesYesYesNoNoI feel that it is the parents right to teach the children. Or if one must have someone else to teach their children. Then I believe those options should include home school co-ops, private schools, or church owned schools. Government should not be in this industry. Promote the freedom for parents to teach their own children. Promote independence from the government, self-reliance. Teach the three great loyalties, God, Family, Country. Nothing more. Please see my article on my website here.

3/28/2016 9:54:37Paul McCollaum
U.S. House of Rep. district #2
U.S. House of Rep. district #2Constitution/Am. Indep.NoYesYesNoYesYesYesNoNoYour school board should set standards so that your children graduate from high school ready to function in society or to enter college ready to learn without having to take catch-up courses.Adequateour schools waste a lot of money, that if big Government would stay out of the local School board way could be used to better results.
3/28/2016 9:57:11Morgan Philpot
State SenatorSenate 14RepublicanNoYesYesNoYesYesYesNoNoSupport of the family, enlightenment of the individual student per their unique gifts and talents, knowledge of truth."Education comprehends all that series of instruction and discipline which is intended to enlighten the understanding, correct the temper, and form the manners and habits of youth, and fit them for usefulness in their future stations." Noah Webster. The responsibility and duty to educate a child rests with parents and family, any involvement by government should be oriented to helping fathers and mothers fulfill their role and to protect them in this divine responsibility.AdequateHome and family are the keys to successful education.
3/28/2016 16:51:13Joe Buchman, PhD
4356020798coming soon
State SenatorSenate 14LibertarianNoYesYesNoYesYesYesNoNoI am a product of public education. While I remain grateful to the best of my high school teachers, college professors and my PhD mentors, I know first-hand from over 30 years in Higher Education that learning only occurs among motivated learners. So much of what we do in public education (government education) diminishes rather than enhances that motivation. That said, I do not advocate an immediate or costly or destructive transition to the alternatives I mention above. This transition will likely occur over a generation or two. It has already begun (see, for example, the dramatic expansion of resources available to the home school community, as well as their relative effectiveness compared to the most dysfunctional of our large inner city schools nationally). As this transition continues, public schools are likely to respond by getting better at what they do best, and allowing the Internet/Technology platforms take over what they can do best.Creating for each individual child a rich learning environment where she/he can discover for themselves what their charisms (unique divine/genetic gifts) and callings are to live, as an adult, the most rewarding life possible -- one which maximizes the positive contribution they create/cause on the Earth both during their lifetimes and beyond.Jerry Harvey, of George Washington University is a mentor/hero of mine in this area. See his article "Learning to Not*Teach" at - http://medicine.nevada.edu/Documents/unsom/ofd/workshops/LearningtoNotTeach.pdf
AdequateAs a Libertarian I support competition, free markets and choice in education. State-controlled education is a proven failure especially in large cities across the US. The proven effective alternative is free, online, self-motivated learning -- something any child with access to the Internet (Khan Academy, MIT's open source course materials, etc) has access to. As public schools continue to decline, or not meet the needs of self-paced active learners, these resources will continue to become more effective. Eventually government-controlled, in-person, centralized control in education will disappear in the face of more effective, essentially free alternatives.
3/28/2016 18:11:42Richard Call
8012988999District School BoardDavis 1
Unaffiliated - School Board Races
YesYesNoNoNoI see no reason to do so. NoYesNoYesThe objective should be based on acceptable and agreed on standards that every student knows and understands the learning expectation and can demonstrate what they know and how to accomplish a learning skill or task. I believe the most important issues facing education are : 1) maintaining a meaningful and viable curriculum of learning for all students, considering learning styles, intellectual ability and students individual differences. 2) increased funding for all school programs needs to take place state wide, in every school district. Teacher pay and incentives need to increase. We have to do something to attract and maintain a powerful teaching and administrative force to provide the best possible instruction for all students. 3) our classroom sizes need to be much smaller at every level to provide differintiated instruction for all students. Allowing more concentrated efforts for teachers to work individually with students. 4) Maintain appropriate funding for student growth to provide, buildings, teachers, technology and resources that every student needs. 5)Make sure our schools are inviting, caring and creative learning environments for all students. UnderfundedEducators deserve increased pay. Class sizes should be significantly smaller.
3/28/2016 23:49:34Stoney T. Fonua
3853131116Federal - SenateU.S. Senate #1Independent AmericanNoYesNoYesYesNoYesNoYesThese Questionnaire are worded in a Common Core Standard for a Common Core Standard answer. My answers doesn't match my way of thinking. Face to face communication for me is the best way to relate my message and comprehension of how I would like to answer these questionnaire. At the end of the year, each child should be able to teach English and Math within the level or grade of that year. Meaning, at the end of 5th grade, I should be able to teach 5th grade level of English in reading, and teach 5th grade level of math.2 Life supporting issues; 1st (for boys) as rule #1 - do not do anything to hurt girls or women. 2nd (for boys and girls) as rule #2 - do not blame others for what happen to one self. Meaning, what one self get is good or bad, is by choices they make. It's no one's fault but themselves. UnderfundedUnderfunded not in money, but need adequate life teaching methods from Kindergarten through High School.
3/28/2016 23:49:48Jade Tuan Quoc Vo
(385) 831-5368
Federal - Senate
The Demcratic Senator , Senator District.
DemocraticYesNoNoYesYesNoNoNoYesNAImprove speaking, reading and writing skills, and scientific knowledge !NAUnderfundedNA
3/29/2016 2:10:25Aleta Andersen Tayloraletataylor@gmail.com801-244-1585AletaTaylor.comState SenatorSenate 10 Salt Lake CountyRepublicanNoYesYesNoYesYesYesNoNoThe process of true education is not based on money as much as it is based on diligent attention and nurture, and the ability to unveil the next level of learning like a tempting pathway of pearls before the learner. Knowledge and understanding are sweet and addictive. We often stifle the joy right out of the classroom for both teacher and student by treating all students the same and subjecting them to unnecessary, even harmful testing. Each child is a new and unique being who will, if placed in a fertile learning environment surprise us all with their potential. Whenever we let the Federal Government control something, it first has to be homogenized, before it becomes manageable. The amount of creativity and enthusiasm for life and learning that we kill at school, is a true crime against humanity. And yet we still try year after year to force all children into the same mold of conformity. By so doing we lower the best and demean the potential of the rest. I am a full-time Substitute teacher in the Canyons District at this time. I teach all ages and abilities. I am a mother of seven great adults who contribute everyday in their neighborhoods and communities. My husband Sherm and I are Nanny T. and Sherpa to eleven awesome and inspiring grandchildren. I have a great stake in Utah's education success.Enlightenment and understanding that ripens with experience into wisdom and the joy and appreciation that is born when one discovers the true principles that govern our world and relationships. Good education should produce caring and contributing citizens of civil society that willingly restrain themselves and seek to live virtuous lives under the rule of law, because they know that this will bring the most happiness, prosperity, and opportunity to the most people.When I ran for Mayor of South Jordan my slogan was "Build on the best, improve the rest. This will be my approach to education. I will step continually closer to a more effective education paradigm by restraining and removing those influences that tie the hands of caring educators and parents, by implementing effective policies that acknowledge the primary roll of parents in the education of their children's minds, and morals. And by stating loud and clear that religious values, high moral standards and clear and honest ethics, are an integral part of a complete education. We should guard the shrine of education from ungrateful liberal sycophants who use it's alters to preach against the very laws and principles, namely the Constitution, that allow them their ignorant and uneducated rantings. Yes, there is a great deal of clean up to be done where public education is concerned. AdequateI believe there is still waste in ed spending at many levels. Federal regulations as well as price gauging by some vendors, and at times excessive levels of administration, keep prices much higher than they would be in a more open and competitive market environment.
3/29/2016 7:09:48Richard Proctorprovis@sulmega.com801-285-9489State TreasurerState
Constitution/American Independent
3/29/2016 9:57:25Tim Quinndtimquinn@yahoo.com801-830-5765State RepresentativeHouse 54RepublicanNoYesYesNoYesYesYesNoNoTo prepare students for real life. To help prepare them to be productive and responsible citizens that can provide for themselves and their future families.AdequateWhile we are one of the lowest, if not the lowest, per pupil spending states, our graduation rate and test scores are quite high. While money is part of the answer for educating our children it is not the only answer. I believe competition is vital to adequately educating Utah's children.
3/29/2016 10:05:31David Eldredgede@naltic.com435-503-4972
County Office-specify race below
County council Seat B at LargeIndependentNoYesYesNoYesYesYesNoNoPrimarily based on communities and familiesUnderfundedI really do not know
3/29/2016 10:43:44Calcalnbuff@gmail.com(435) 671-2833
County Office-specify race below
County RecorderRepublicanNoYesNoNoYesYesYesYesNoSupport parents, not take their place.UnderfundedShouldn't have teachers providing school supplies from their own pocket.
3/29/2016 10:51:41Kraig Powell
State RepresentativeHouse 54RepublicanNoYesYesNoYesNoNoYesYesTo outline the concepts that students should be able to master at each stage of their schooling.Utah public education does well but can be improved by giving teachers more resources and professional development.UnderfundedUtah needs to attract more business and industry to increase our tax base and provide more funding for public education. Teachers need to be paid more in Utah because current teacher shortages in this state are threatening the high educational standards we are trying to maintain.
3/29/2016 14:44:31Adam Gardiner
State RepresentativeHouse 43RepublicanNoYesYesNoYesYesYesNoNoI worked for Congressman Rob Bishop, a former teacher and congressman against common core, for a number of years. I see how common core was manipulated by the Department of Education to and how it was used to tie common core to education funding. I believe the federal government has no business being involved in educating our children.I'm for common sense education and for critical thinking education. Teaching students how to solve problems and learn on their own. Every state politician I have ever heard has said how decisions for education should be made by parents and school boards. Yet every single politician insists on rolling out an education plan that spells out what they are going to do to "fix" our system from the state level. I hope to not be one of these politicians, but to truly move to more local control of education. What works in the Park City School District doesn't necessarily work in the Box Elder School District.Too often politicians distain the federal overreach of education. I happen to be one of them. But all too often the state of Utah does the same thing with the school districts and overreaches to make decisions for students without consulting parents and school districts. I am not one of them.UnderfundedI believe that our system could always use more funding. What I'm more concerned with, however, is not the underfunding of the system today, but the threat of being underfunded for future growth.
3/29/2016 16:36:32Dan IvieDanivie@yahoo.com435-671-0391County Council
Wasatch County District E, Midway City Rep
RepublicanNoYesYesNoNoI need to think more about that but off the top of my head...populationYesYesNoNoI think surveys like this are to black and white. They try to pursade your answer with words such as always, all, everyDo what is best for the students. Fo what is necessary so the teachers are allowed the opportunity to do what they do best.....educate UnderfundedAlways need more money for education. More teachers, better curriculum etc...
3/29/2016 17:57:55R. Glenn Stoneman
435-896-0233State RepresentativeHouse 70RepublicanNoYesYesNoYesYesYesYesNo9) I believe that computers and electronic devices are helpful in education but they should not be used for monitoring and assessing behind the scenes.Reading, writing, and math should be standardized. The rest of academia should be left to the local level.UnderfundedWhile current funding is adequate for most academic schooling it is woefully underfunded for schooling in areas outside of preparing for college. Not every student is prepared or wants to go to college. We need to help those students who want to learn marketable skills in building trades, and skilled labor, the opportunity to learn some of those skills in high school so that they have the opportunity to decide if it is something they would like to pursue.
3/29/2016 20:14:05Gary Thompson,Psy.D
www.vote4drgary.com (up in a week or so)
State School BoardDistrict 10 School Board
Unaffiliated - School Board Races
NoYesYesNoYesYesYesNoYesQuestion # 9. I support such technology utilization ONLY if the test has been properly validated for its stated purpose, there is full informed written parental consent, and 100% transparency regarding data privacy issues included in the written consent. "Stealth Testing" can play a proper role when used ethically, and if a particular child's cognitive and emotional "make-up" indicate that such testing would be their best interest. As in private psychology practice, these decisions are best made by a fully informed parent or legal guardian. To fully partner with "parents as experts" in providing an environment of valid, safe individualized cognitive, and academic growth with the primary goal of allowing children to exercise their creativity on a path to becoming informed citizens of this great country, and to serve their fellow citizens in their respective communities . Please check out my website when it is completed. My focus is on educational values and guiding principles, as opposed to specific focus on issues. Underfunded
3/29/2016 22:27:56Bruce Young
County Office-specify race below
Davis County CommissionerRepublicanNoYesYesNoNoI am generally in favor of smaller districts to allow for greater public representation. At the same time I would have to see some economic analysis to determine at what point duplicated overheads become unmanageable to fund. While I do not currently know what the ideal size is it should take into consideration economies of scale, avoid diseconomies of scale from being too big to manage effectively and yet be small enough to have greater public representation. This would require a thorough analysis to determine that ideal size.YesNoYesYesOn question number 7 I only support making parents responsible for truancy if the parent is at fault through either facilitating or encouraging the truancy. I do not support making the parent culpable in the case of home schooling, reasonably excused absences or truancy that the parents are not aware of nor could be aware of.

On question number 4 I am not sure whether this should be universally provided by the state. My children did not all attend pre-school or have all day kindergarten and are still extremely high achievers in their schooling. My wife and I are very active in their education and encouraging them but I understand that this is not the case with all children. If a clear long term improvement of achievement to the children that are provided state pre-school and all-day kindergarten can be demonstrated then it may be justified.
Making sure that children are prepared to enter the workforce and society with the knowledge and skills that are required to be successful.Education is a fundamental cornerstone to the long term prosperity of our society. I am running for county commissioner, which is a position that does not have very much direct impact on the education system since this mostly falls under the purview of the boards of education and state legislature, but I value education highly and see some opportunities to work with the school district to further that purpose. UnderfundedI believe much could be done to spend what we are spending more effectively but we also need to make sure that our children are being prepared for the workforce and to compete in the global economy and that requires adequate funding.
3/30/2016 12:35:20Kay Christofferson
State RepresentativeHouse 56RepublicanNoYesYesNoYesFor some area this may work well. It may not work for all of them. It should be decided by the local residents.YesYesNoNo5a requires a yes or no answer. I think that the answer should be that it depends upon the desires of the people that live in the area effected.To see if the student is making progress and how effective the education is.I think standards are great - only if they are accepted by local parents. The main problem is that the Federal Government has taken a role in our education and that isn't their job. It is not a responsibility enumerated in the Constitution.UnderfundedThere is only so much funding to go around. It would be great to have more money to increase quality of education.
3/31/2016 6:31:17Fred Johnsonfjbricky@gmail.com8015577849State SenatorSenate distict 1RepublicanNoYesYesNoNoNoYesNoNoto produce well educated adults, capable of navigating an increasingly complicated worldI support solutions, I think standards are not necessarily bad, but parental rights trump any government issued mandate.Underfunded
3/31/2016 16:06:23Darrell Robinson
Local School BoardJordan School Board (District 1)
Unaffiliated - School Board Races
NoYesNoNoNoResearch strongly shows that small districts cost more money to run and provide fewer programs. Florida Legislators commissioned a study to split their large districts and in the end, the did just the opposite, they combined small districts. In the study, Jordan School District split with Canyons was sited as a financial nightmare. States are not splitting large districts for this reason. See study: http://www.oppaga.state.fl.us/MonitorDocs/Reports/pdf/0826rpt.pdf
There are better ways to get more public representation. Stronger School Community councils, More to join parent organizations such as PTA, PTSA, PTO. Attend a school board meeting. Volunteer at the school. We do not need to duplicate more services to get more people involved.
YesYesNoYes#9 ...use computer devices to learn...
I am a PhD Candidate in Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences. My research interest is using technology in the classroom. It would be malpractice for me to say, lets go back to the dark age to learn, because we are worried about Data Collection. Some data gathered in education, can be extremely helpful in assessing knowledge and helping students get the educational help they need. Carefully planned strategically developed technology learning environments are critical for our future success.
The critical thing for me, is what data is gathered, and how it is protected. I am trained in Educational Data Mining and I know dangerous this area can be.
Safety needs to be taken in the implementation of technology in the classroom, and the gathering and use of data collected.
I am against things like SAGE testing especially when it is used as an only way of evaluating students and teachers.

Related issue: question #3.
requiring teachers or schools to have non-tech offerings?... Teachers should not be required to offer a separate offering for a technology approach to a subject. Like it or not, technology is in our future and students will be required to use technology in higher education and in the work force. If the class is learning how to type, the child should not be given a pencil and paper as an alternative. If the class is learning how to research on the internet, the child should not be allowed to use the encyclopedia. There are alternate options for education such as home schooling, selected Charter or Private schools could be developed for these students.

#7 How can you answer this question? There are two questions and they call for opposite responses. I am against state control of a parents right to educate their children. Truancy laws should NEVER go after parents.
I believe in local control allowing teachers and administrators to work with students, parents and the community on what education looks like. Even in Utah, not everything works in all areas. The federal and state governments ought to cut the strings that hold back innovative and creative classrooms. Federal and State governments need to become a support to our local schools.I am an education innovator that has been trained to help move our schools to the 21st century. With the explosion of private, charter and home schooling options, private traditional schools are going to have to become creative and effective to attract students and parents to our schools. Gone are the days where students will only consider distance in picking a school. Our schools need to think outside the box in developing, creating and implementing ideas in the classroom. UnderfundedUtah is traditionally the 50th state in funding for education. We do a great job with the money we get, but it is an embarrassment to be last in funding. In recent years, our funding problems are being addressed and I am grateful for this emphasis.
3/31/2016 17:21:46Ken Ivoryvote ivory@gmail.com801.694.8380www.voteivory.com
State RepresentativeState House of Reps, District 47RepublicanNoYesYesNoYesYesYesNoNoI believe technology will play an important role in providing individualized educational options and greater parental choice in education."Every government degenerates when trusted to the rulers of the people alone. The people themselves, therefore, are its only safe depositories. And to render even them safe, their minds must be improved to a certain degree." --Thomas JeffersonI believe we need to remove the educational handcuffs a the federal and the state level and empower parents, teachers and principals to address the unique educational needs of our unique children. No two children, classes or schools are alike, even from year to year. UnderfundedAn investment in knowledge pays the best interest. Benjamin Franklin
I believe our human resource and creativity is our greatest assets and in Utah we are blessed to have the youngest population per capita in the U.S. in the midst of an aging baby boom generation. So long as we have the constitutional requirement to provide an equal education for all children at the state level, I believe we can improve how we provide top rate education as one of the best investments we can make as a state. Sadly, we are deprived of the equal and fair right to determine our own destiny with ample opportunities to broaden the base by which we fund essential services, including education, because the federal government still retains control over more than 65% of our lands. As you know, I am working tirelessly on this issue that is a linch pin to our financial and constitutional independence in education and so many other aspects for the self reliance of our state.
3/31/2016 20:18:30Craig Bowden
Federal - House Representative
CD 01LibertarianNoYesYesNoYesYesYesNoYesTeaching to the individual students using input from the students themselves and their parents. Each kid is different.My only real points is that top down mandates//standards don't work. Local works best. And we need to quit basing everything on testing. Teach kids a love for learning and they'll grow. Lastly, teachers who are otherwise magnificent may not score as well because their evaluations are tied in to standardized testing. We need to ignite teacher passion by removing this.UnderfundedWe could do more if we could bring money currently exiting the state ny allowing the lottery.
4/1/2016 12:50:26Randy ElliottElliottfordavis.com8013729343www.randyfordavis.comCounty CommissionCounty CommissionRepublicanNoYesYesNoYesYesYesYesNoUnderfundedI believe we could better utilize the state school trust lands to provide more for education.
4/3/2016 21:06:57Frank Stricklandfrankssb7@gmail.com801-706-6397State School BoardState School Board District 7
Unaffiliated - School Board Races
NoYesYesNoYesYesYesNoNo#8 The Dept. of Workforce Services role should be to give the students real time data on which jobs are available, salary ranges, requirements, etc. to give the student guidance in selecting coursework that will lead to a real job upon graduation. Workforce Services should not work with the schools to use psychological profiling, personality profiles, etc. to pigeonhole students into a state assigned career.To make sure that the Elementary and the High School students receive:
1) Training in basic life skills/subjects and citizenship training (American History, the Constitution, English, Math, Science, etc.) that prepare them to be functioning citizens
2) Have available advanced coursework for those who desire to prepare for advanced studies after High School
3) Vocational training for those who desire to directly enter the job force with entry level skills
A) I believe that the role of Utah schools is to not to be laboratories for social engineering and standardizing students to some national or federally enforced 'norm'.
B) The control of the education of a child is first vested in the parents of the child and then to whatever entity (Homeschool, Private school, Charter school or Public School) they choose to delegate their authority to in assisting in the education of their child.
C) The State should only interfere in the parent’s authority in extreme cases with clearly defined guidelines and safeguards against abuse.
D) Control of Utah public schools should remain in Utah.
E) I believe money appropriated to raising teacher's salaries should be used to increase their take-home pay and not diverted into benefits, increased-pay-for-increased-work (Career Ladder), and other shell games.
F) Also, when funds are appropriated for classroom supplies they should only be used for that purpose and the districts should be required to give a detailed accounting for the expenditures.
AdequateThe money is adequate, it is the priorities of how to use the money that need changing.
4/4/2016 19:34:10Jon Marsh
8018724007State RepresentativeHouse 20DemocraticYesNoNoYesNoNoNoYesYesUnderfunded
4/4/2016 23:18:47David Sharette
8018083822davidsharette.comDavid SharetteState School BoardState Board Seat 8
Unaffiliated - School Board Races
NoYesYesYesYesYesYesNoNoSome of the answers were hard to answer "yes" or "no", because I am a strong proponent of local (parental) control. So, for example, I think it is a great idea for schools to train students for jobs, as long as the parent's are the ones choosing the school that their child attends. I wouldn't want the state mandating that certain students are trained for certain jobs (communism). With regard to pre-k and full day kindergarten, I think there is the potential for great programs for early education that could be implemented, and since the tax-payer is paying for the education system even when their child is 3 and 4, I think it is a great idea for them to be participating in pre-k and all-day kindergarten, as long as it is not compulsory.Educational goals and standards should be set locally. And by locally I mean by the school. Every school in each area of Utah is (and should be) different, with a different population of children that require different teaching methods, curriculum, and should be kept to different standards.Generally, I am in favor of handing over more power to parents and less to the districts and State School Board. The districts and local schools should be controlled by the parents in the same way that a governing board controls any enterprise. The district should have to answer to the parents and parents should have complete veto power over a district. The federal government's strings are enormously cumbersome and Utah should fund our schools adequately enough that they don't have to rely on the Federal government for ANY funding. UnderfundedI think it is slightly underfunded, but it's really hard to tell given the waste that is present.
4/5/2016 12:10:48Alisa Ellisalisa.ellis@gmail.com801-836-6654
State School BoardState School Board District 12
Unaffiliated - School Board Races
Over time we have shifted education decisions away from the family. It's time to bring decision making back to the local level where families can work with teachers to make education decisions that will benefit their children. There is too much bureaucracy in education and I will stand up to this.
We should be working to educate for human greatness not for human capital. I don't agree with the school to work model of education and believe we need to combat this ideology that is permeating society.

• Parents are primary stewards of their children’s education.

• The worth and value of an individual is not limited to their workforce potential.

• The unique talents of each child can't be fostered or managed through distant data profiles.

• Restore True Local Control. Let teachers teach.
There is a lot of wasted spending. We need to more effectively fund education in a way that will pad the classroom not the administrative offices.
4/5/2016 13:38:01Todd Weiler
State SenatorSenate 23RepublicanNoYesNoNoNo
When a community decides that a district is too large. This should be a local decision, not a legislative one.
1) I am a strong advocate of Utah's curriculum standards, not common core standards. While some of those standards align with federal standards, Utah's standards are much more comprehensive and I believe will give every student the opportunity to succeed regardless of whether college or career is in their immediate future. Our standards need to continue to be enhanced and modified so that we are giving every child in Utah's public schools the most competitive advantage in a global economy.

2) I believe strongly in parental rights when it comes to education. I do believe that schools should use technology and data to better understand instructional effectiveness and for obvious things, like school lunch balances and attendance. I do not believe that student specific data should be used for any purposes that parents are not comfortable with.

3) This sounds like attendance and school lunch balances. Schools and teachers also use technology to post assignment scores for students and mark missing assignments so parents can access that information and keep track of their students success. I support the use of technology for these purposes.

6) While I support the notion of local state control in terms of funding, without finding an additional source of revenue, I am not inclined to raise taxes or cut funding to public schools by 25-35%. I don't believe my constituents want their income tax to go up by that amount either. The bulk of this funding is title I funding for impoverished students (which local districts decide how to spend) and special education funding to provide services to students with IEPs. I support the elimination of any federal funding that takes away local control.
I believe that educational goals and standards should be established to provide support to parents in providing a well rounded education for every child in Utah. Students should be prepared to attend college or obtain a skill certification so they can go into a career of their choice if college is not in their future. Our state's goals and standards should be high so that our students have every door open to them (college or career) once they graduate. High standards and a quality education system are an economic engine which will continue to enhance our high standard of living here in Utah.
As an ardent supporter of parental rights and choice, our educational standards and goals should be aligned to support parents in the education of their children.
I believe in free market capitalism. In order to attract the highest quality teachers to our classrooms, our teacher pay can't be the lowest in the nation and our class sizes the highest. We are losing our best teachers to surrounding states because of low salaries. Our entire state is facing a teacher shortage because of this issue. If we want the best, we need to pay for it. Comparably, this last session I voted in favor of several funding equalization measures to help bring charters into parity.
4/5/2016 14:57:49Liz Mumford
District School BoardDavis School Board SB01
Unaffiliated - School Board Races
Districts should be organized to provide the maximum opportunities for student success and support for educators while retaining a strong connection to the communities they represent. Reducing every district to the high school level could create redundancies, inefficiencies with already limited funds, and unfairly target certain demographics. Evaluating district size is definitely up for discussion, but I see a clear role for proper districts to support schools according to our state code.
I am an advocate for student opportunity. Public schools provide a critical role in educating the vast majority of the children in our state. I will respect parental rights and protect our children's potential to become anything they aspire to. There is nothing common about their unique capacity.
Educational goals and standards should provide benchmarks of achievement that allow for local schools and teachers to implement best practices that reflect the needs of their community.
My top priorities are engaging parents through successful community councils; recruiting, retaining, and rewarding great teachers; & evaluating policies to most effectively serve students. I am a fresh, pragmatic voice in the community and my main goal is to represent Davis County residents. Please visit www.lizmumford.com to learn more about my positions on stengthening our local schools.
There is no question we need to get more money to where it has the most impact on students in the classroom. The best use of funds should be determined at the local level. In general, we should look first for efficiencies in the current funding and attract new businesses to our community to increase the potential revenues for schools. We are on the brink of a huge teacher shortage and that will require partnerships & investments with universities to develop new teachers. Our district is also on a growth trend with associated costs. As a responsible board member, I would be willing to dialogue and consider ways to increase funding with support from the community.
4/6/2016 13:58:52Laren Livingston
County Office-specify race below
County CommissionerDemocratNoYesYesNoYesYesYesYesNo
The problem is that material comes from out of state yet teachers have to follow common core and state curriculum. This means teachers have to re-write the material. Also teachers have to pay a lot for education and then do not have enough to pay it back. Teachers also have to fund too much of their own money for supplies. I was a teacher for 6 years.
Students should receive a classical education which is combined with a practical education that is tied to real jobs.
There are too many people telling teachers what to do. Use a Utah publisher based on Utah curriculum, pay the teachers more for supplies by asking for volunteer funding on the tax return, and leave the teachers alone. Let them do their jobs. Also there are too many training classes that are useless and just have politically correct junk in them. I currently substitute teach.
Some schools are OK and some are not.
4/9/2016 13:50:05Dorothy Engelman
State SenatorSenate 29DemocratYesNoNoYesNoGeographic areasNoNoNoNo
To make sure ALL of Utah's children meet standards set by the educators in our state (which Common Core was, it is state-generated not federally.) so they are prepared to compete for future jobs.
Public education for all students is a basic tenet of our country and I strongly support schools that educate everyone to the best of their abilities and not under the control of special interest groups.
We are the lowest of 51 US entities and have been dropping since the 80's. We even rank lower than Guam. Our teachers do incredible work for very little pay or benefits. More state money should be allocated to education at all levels, but particularly at pre K -8th grade.
4/10/2016 22:28:16CHIA-CHI TENGccteng@byu.edu8014949882
Federal - House Representative
US House of Representative 3RepublicanNoYesYesNoYesYesYesNoYes
Question #9. I only support embedded testing if parents know and approve. And the results are used by teachers to better understand students learning experience. Sometimes less intrusive testing methods can be beneficial to certain students.
An educator's most important responsibility is to inspire.
We need to give parents and teachers the most freedom and flexibility to do what they know are best for their students.
Utah's per pupil education spending is one of the lowest in the nation, but the best way to increase education funding is to grow economy and remove bureaucracy, not raise taxes. As a federal office, this starts by holding the line on over spending and balancing the budget. Unfortunately, Jason Chaffetz joined the DC establishment and voted for the $1.1 trillion spending bill.
4/12/2016 10:05:34Dani Hartvigsen
801 691-3466
State RepresentativeHouse 2RepublicanNoYesYesNoYesYesYesNoNo
Educational goals and standards should defer to parents on what is best for their child.
I have been at Utah legislative sessions for the past five years collaborating with like minded organizations to promote parental role in education. You can review my committee testimony on Decriminalizing truance bill in 2016.
Adequate if all programs that do not support parents role were to be eliminated. Additionally, I believe that better accountability at local level would solve some problems with funding also.
4/13/2016 16:19:40Rachel Thackerrachel@thacker.org8013679338rachel4asd.comDistrict School BoardAlpine SD4
Unaffiliated - School Board Races
To create a thinking, moral populace, capable of being self-reliant, creative, and innovative.
I oppose any federal, top-down, manipulative standards, with the attending data-mining computer-adaptive tests. The current Utah Core (just renamed Common Core) aren't higher, as some claim. They're not lower, either. They're just wrong, going off in directions that I believe make teachers hate teaching and children hate learning. A return to a classical, academically rigorous, traditional curriculum, using well-tested assessments that do not mine data, is the direction we need to go.
I also feel that we do need to make changes to the special education curriculum. Just because a child has learning disability does not mean they will never go to college. The current system is slowly squeezing out children in special education. I think we can do more to help them.
District level administrators are paid more than the governor! If we eliminated or reallocated some of the administrative costs in each district, the money could be used in the classroom and to award great teachers -- where the money will do the most good.
4/14/2016 14:29:41Bevan Weedvote@voteweed.com8012538986www.voteweed.com
State RepresentativeHouse 41RepublicanNoYesYesNoYesThe real issue here is cost . YesYesNoNo
This survey has some potentially leading questions. Do I support the option to have a parent pay the actual cost for all day kindergarten Yes I do. We need more options for our parents to make decisions not less options. Q9 I am against this . If consent is given by the parents I see that this could be useful in improving the testing/software. Q8 If done with an afterschool program where kids can develop skills that could lead to career I am not against that idea. I am not for Department of workforce services sharing data about students to employers with out parental consent .
There needs to be more data on this . When money is spent to fund vendor legislation I have a problem with that. My fear is the money is not getting to the teachers and to the students where it matters most.
4/18/2016 18:50:12Steve Hartwick
State SenatorUtah State Senate District 23DemocratNoYesYesYesYesYesYesYesNo
8: I believe there should be courses available in helping certain students achieve career skills which are tied in with the department of workforce services, but these shouldn't be mandatory.
To not only prepare students for success as adults, but to help them fall in love with learning.
I am as against Common Core as I was the No Child Left Behind program, which also failed. To have a federal standard for what needs to be taught in public schools grades K-12 is necessary to a point, but the standardized testing, and word for word federal mandates as to how exactly things should be done is counter-productive and arduous. Furthermore, teachers having to write their curriculum around any federally mandated program prevents them from taking the time needed to teach required subjects more thoroughly, and thus harms the students' ability to succeed.
The statistics sadly speak for themselves. Utah is currently dead-last in funding per student in the nation.
5/16/2016 18:24:23Bryce Dunfirdbryce@dunford.com801-910-1833BryceDunford.comDistrict School BoardJordan School Board District 5IndependentNoYesYesNoYesYesYesYesNoSchools need to prepare individuals to be successful in life.Underfunded
Our schools need more money. However, we need to take money from the right sources, so as to not lose control over our education system. If we continue to take federal money, we give the federal government control of our schools. This needs to change. We need to find other sources of money to fund our schools.
9/7/2016 21:09:34Kayleen Whitelock
District School Board
Jordan School District Board of Education Precinct 4
Unaffiliated - School Board Races
For number 9 I am troubled by the question and want to clarify I am not against computer testing that serves to help with student learning and helps the teacher to form instruction. Number 6 in my perfect world we would not need federal money and could then also say no thanks to federal oversight and rule. I strongly believe in local control.
They should help all students achieve their highest level of learning in a positive environment. I also believe they should help students understand government and their rights and responsibilities.
Education in my opinion is one of the things that makes America great. One way to harm our country therefore is to ruin the education system in our country. I feel that some are trying to do this and have therefore made teachers villains which is hurting children. Education for all is the key to a bright future for individuals and countries.
We don't currently have enough money invested in education to compensate teachers adequately to keep and attract high quality teachers. we are among the lowest funded and this only works because we have high parental involvement and volunteerism is high.
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