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Club Name (don't include "Lowell")What tier would you like to register your club under? Club President Name and RegClub Email (SUPER IMPORTANT)Vice President/Alternate Contact's name, regAlternate Contact's EmailClub SponsorClub Sponsor's EmailMeeting DaysMeeting RoomShort Description of What Your Club Does
Acts of Random Kindness (ARK)ClubShayla Nguyen, 2013lowellarkclub@gmail.comAlegria Jeremias-Lin, 2116Aljeremias-lin@s.sfusd.eduMaria Aguirreaguirrem1@sfusd.eduMondayVicci CenterThe ARK Club is a club striving to spread happiness around our campus and community, one random act of kindness at a time.
Agape Christian ClubClubVictoria Peng, 2014lhsagapeclub@gmail.comKaylie Woo, 2014kaykayliz26@gmail.comMs. Honghongl@sfusd.eduWednesday258Games, worship, community bonding, Bible study
Altruism AllianceClubMadison Chan (reg 2003) and Janelle Lo (reg 2017)altruismalliances@gmail.comFion Lee (reg 2007)jalo6@s.sfus.eduJason Chanchanj2@sfusd.eduEvery other Monday70We are an organization designed to give students voices on specific causes they care about and wish to raise awareness for. We plan to fundraise for a variety of different causes that the students of lowell care about through creative and beneficial events, activities and experiences! Why aren't we like other fundraising clubs? What makes us different is that we don't specifically fundraise for one field of causes, but a wide range so that we can help all!
Amnesty International ClubCasey Rawlings Olivia Onek Amanda Klein kleina@sfusd.eduThursday238Amnesty International is a nonpartisan human rights organization working internationally and domestically to address human rights abuses like prisoners of conscience, issues of discrimination, banned books, and more!
Anime ClubClubChris Tan, 2203lowellanime@gmail.comAditi Bhat, 2202aditibhat017@gmail.comAnne Torrestorresa@sfusd.eduEvery 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month215We are a club dedicated to watching anime and spreading Japanese culture.
Archery ClubClubEmi Tsutakawa, 2114 and Rachel Liao, 2108lowellarcheryclub@gmail.comEddie Li, 2020edd.li2145@gmail.comAaron Buckleybuckleya@sfusd.eduFridaySoccer field (open grass area)Provide students with the opportunity to improve or learn new archery skills. Our club has the equipment that is needed so no experience or equipment is require from club members.
Armenian ClubClubEva Oskanian, 2007EvOskanian@s.sfusd.eduEmily Avetisyan, 2106Emavetisyan@s.sfusd.eduTatetik KiramichyanKiramichyant@sfusd.eduThursday05Armenian Club educates students about its culture, history, and how they contribute to the world. We do fun activities, teach Armenian dances and songs, learn some of the language, and faith.
Art ClubClubAnne Angeles, 2219anangeles@s.sfusd.eduNicole Wong, 2216niwong6@s.sfusd.eduMs. Karen Franklinfranklink@sfusd.eduFirst and third Tuesdays of the month215The purpose of this club is to teach and spread art to those who may not have any experience with it. Those who do have a lot experience with art are welcome to teach and help the other members.
Astronomy ClubClubEmma Yu, Stefanie Garcia, 2220Stgarcia@s.sfusd.eduKathleen WestWestk@sfusd.eduTwice a month (wednesdays or thursdays)241In astronomy club, we hope to share our love of the, the universe, and everything in it with the Lowell student body. From guest speakers, to rocket competitions, to star parties and solar viewings, our goal is to open the eyes of people to how grand and mysterious the universe is. We hope to encourage creativity and inspire the next generation to keep looking up!
Ballroom Dancing ClubClubTyler Li, 2016anjelicalowe2004@gmail.comAnjelica Lowe, Ms. Cadoppicadoppic@sfusd.eduEvery other Monday W103We teach Lowell students how to ballroom and Latin dance in a welcoming, nonjudgemental environment. This is a great opportunity to meet new people, engage in a healthy and fun way of exercising, and learn a few steps along the way!!
Bay Area Student ActivistClubBrandon Bui, 2119lowellbasta@gmail.comJason Chen, 2107jchen03@gmail.comMs. Sutilovic sutilovicz1@sfusd.eduMostly Wednesdays, dependent on events233Bay Area Student Activists (BAStA) was created in the wake of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting to unite students on issues that concern them. BAStA aims to bring together Bay Area students from all backgrounds and work together to amplify our voice. Our entirely student-led organization promotes student engagement in the civic process, and it works with policy-makers at the city, school district, county, and state levels on issues that affect students. BAStA is also committed to educating students on how to exercise their rights in school and in the government. BAStA hopes to continue spreading student activism in the Bay Area, and it intends to show the state that high school students will not be silent on issues that deeply affect them and their communities.
Best BuddiesClubAnnika Hilladakis (Quynh Pham), 2004bestbuddieslowell@gmail.comCamino Torres-Leanos, 2004caminoxtl@gmail.comJennifer Nicklessnicklessj@sfusd.eduThursday145Best Buddies is a club that represents inclusion with people with and without IDD, or intellectual and developmental disabilities. We create one to one friendships based on people’s interests and self expressions, and celebrate this idea of no person being left behind.
Bike ClubGroupJack Carlin, 2118jackcarlin77@gmail.comZephyr Anderson, Zaldenand@gmail.comLTC Doug Bullardbullardd@sfusd.eduFridayRangeWe are going to the PE Dept. to ask if we can use a few of their bikes to give people who don't have any, and/or teach people how to ride a bike. Also those who are more experienced Mountain Bikers are planning on entering in races around the Bay Area. On meeting days we will go bike riding.
Biomedical ClubClubClaire Tao, 2202 and Jason Luong, 2207lowellbiomedclub@gmail.comIsabella Wong, 2205iswong1@s.sfusd.eduSutilovicsutilovicsekisa@sfusd.eduevery other wednesday 233We learn about how scientists find antidotes for different diseases with guest speakers and trips to different hospitals around the city. We also learn about our own health and actions we can take to keep it healthy and ways to promote health through volunteering events.
Black Student Union ClubJoVonne gallow, 2002 Lhsblackstudentunion1718@gmail.comCo- President- Ediana berhane, 2011Jogallow1@s.sfusd.eduAdee horn, Dr. statmore , statmoree@sfusd.eduWednesday251BSU is a cultural club meant to teach not only African American but also our allies about our rich culture and heritage. We have games and many bonding activities to create a safe space and sense community.
Book ClubClubJacqueline Mei, 2103lowellbookclub@gmail.comSilky Nigenda, 2008sinigenda@s.sfusd.eduMr. Sasso, Mr., jonesj4@sfusd.eduEvery other WedsMeyer Room 099AWe vote on books to read then fangirl about them, then go to author signings around the bay.
Breakers' AllianceClubLillian Tang 2106, Grace Thwin 2110lowellbreakdance@gmail.comJasmine Bao 2201jabao@s.sfusd.eduMr. Dickermandickermans@sfusd.eduTuesdayOutside the student union classroom (next to the science building stairs)Breakers' Alliance is a chill space for students to explore their interest in dance and learn more about hip hop culture. No experience needed!
Bring Change to Mind (BC2M)ClubLindsey Chun 2111lichun@s.sfusd.eduAndrea Luong 2109anluong4@s.sfusd.eduMr. Lombardi Lombardij@sfusd.eduTuesdays twice a monthW107Bring Change to Mind is a club that would be one of the many high school "branches" of the non-profit organization called Bring Change to Mind. We strive to end the stigma and discrimination surrounding mental illness. We will educate Lowell about impacts of mental illnesses and create a community full of peer support. We will have mental health trainings, speakers, discussions, and different activities based on the various topics we will cover, as well as working with the organization to plan events that will engage the school community.
BuildOnClubTeo Koulias, 2005lowellbuildon.sf@gmail.comTaig Lonergan, 2018taiglonergan@gmail.comKristin LubenowLubenowK@sfusd.eduTuesday255Lowell BuildOn is a chapter of BuildOn which is a nonprofit organization that works to break the cycle of poverty illiteracy and low expectations through service events in America and treks to foreign countries where we help to build a school with the community.
Burmese ClubClubChris Law 2018burmeseclub123@gmail.comAshley LaiAslai@s.sfusd.eduMs. TrimbleTrimblem@sfusd.eduTuesday335Meet to learn about Burmese culture and food
BusibuttonsClubLetitia Chen, 2020lhs.busibuttons@gmail.comTanya Santos, 2009tasantos1@s.sfusd.eduMr. Herefordherefordd@sfusd.eduFriday219At Busibuttons, you can learn how to make pins with our button machine and we also teach you how to use photoshop.
Business and Economics ClubClubHelen LudeLowellbusinessandeconomics@gmail.comHyuma TioHytio@s.sfusd.eduMs.JohnsonJohnsonR@sfusd.eduThursday255Lowell Business and Economics is a discussion-based club which focuses on business economics, and the ways in which they relate to our everyday lives. Our meetings usually start with an introduction to a new concept, through videos and lectures, followed by an open discussion and occasional kahoots with prizes!
C.A.R.E ClubClubMoon Kung, 2004lowellcareclub@gmail.comRaylynn Nguyen, 2005moonkungg@gmail.comMs. Linlins@sfusd.eduTuesday253Lowell C.A.R.E. Club strives to provide pads, tampons, and other hygienic products for women in need. Our goal for C.A.R.E. is to host fundraising events, such as bake sales and boba sales in order to raise money to purchase these items. We hope to utilize the catwalk to host pad and tampon drives to bring awareness about this issue, and lessen the costs of these purchases. After fundraising, we will package the products in bags and donate them to the Mission Neighborhood Center.

We believe that homeless women should not have to choose between eating their next meal or purchasing hygienic products.
California Young Democrats GroupAnnika Hilladakisahilladakis@gmail.comAnnika Hilladakis (Quynh Pham), 2004viktoriammiro@gmail.comWilliam Sloansloanw@sfusd.eduTuesdays230California Young Democrat’s is a club that spreads the awareness and focuses on the importance of our future politics and how we can help our future by changing things starting with the 2020 election.
Ceramics ClubGroupSkylar Tan, 2015sktan1@s.sfusd.eduAudrey Chu, 2020auchu@s.sfusd.eduMs. Ellen RellerRellerE@sfusd.eduFridays001Open to students who want to come in and work on their ceramics or learn new techniques. We are there fridays after school and some saturdays.
Chess ClubClubAdam Feng, 2017lowellchess@gmail.comBrian Fong, 2014brfong3@s.sfusd.eduMr. Prothroprothror@sfusd.eduFridayS205Our club meets every Friday, hanging out playing chess after school. Occasionally, we also go to tournaments to play competitively.
Chinese Cultural ClubClubYanyu Chan, 2015lowellchineseclub@gmail.comLouis Chuadrian12128@gmail.comMs. Liangliangj4@sfusd.eduEvery other ThursdayW107We host many activities at Lowell and off campus. Our various meetings throughout the year include making Chinese food, arts and crafts, Kahoot, Chinese tutoring, etc.. Our most popular and entertaining meeting is a Karaoke Contest. The most exciting event we have is the Chinese New Year Parade. At Lowell Chinese Cultural Club, we are in charge of sending high school students from Lowell to volunteer at the parade.
Chinese traditional arts ClubXufei Zuo, 2105chinesetraditionalartsclub@gmail.comZiyin Zhou, 2109zizhou@s.sfusd.eduNing Zhangzhangn@sfusd.eduEvery other fridayW107Traditional Chinese instruments, calligraphy, chess, tea, cuisine, and Chinese tutoring
Climbing ClubGroupMaya Lobo, 2110lowellclimbingclub@gmail.comCrystal Grissom, 2118crystalcookiegrissom@gmail.comIan Knight Knighti@sfusd.eduTwice a month Friday270Lowell Rock Climbing Club goes to Mission Cliffs twice a month on Fridays. Regardless of whether you have climbed before, we teach you everything from tying a knot to belaying another person. Come join us for an afternoon of fun! For more information email
Cooking ClubClubAndy Surin, 2013lowellhscookingclub@gmail.comLetitia Chen, 2020zolasee@gmail.comMr. DickermanDickermans@sfusd.eduTwice a months201The Lowell High School Cooking Club teaches people how to cook safely and properly. Cooking is an essential life skill and we want to provide a place for people to cook and build their culinary skills.
Criminal Investigative ForensicsClubSabrina Cheng, 2213Itissacheng1@gmail.comFiona Morgan, 2213Fionamorgan918@icloud.comMs. DaleyDaleyb@sfusd.eduThursday114C.I.F aims to help expose students to the multiple fields within forensics and to distigmatize the work that the professionals in that occupation do. Every year, we will follow a sample case, going thru the procedures and learning more about the people involved in helping to solve such a murder case. Each occupation will be separated into a unit ( spanning 2-3 meet up days), with a guest speaker come in time to time to help with labs or inform us more on their occupation.
3D Printing ClubGroupAlec chen, 2112; Alexander Lui, ; Allui1@s.sfusd.eduTheodore Keller, 2103Thkeller@s.sfusd.eduProthroProthror@s.sfusd.eduFridayS205Teach people how to create 3D models and print them.
Days for GirlsClubCrystal Chan, 2020lowellhs@daysforgirls.orgSophie Li, 2011sophielilyr2001@gmail.comDavid Herefordherefordd@sfusd.eduEvery other wednesday219Our club is part of Days For Girls, a nonprofit organization that provides women and girls worldwide with access to menstrual hygiene kits. As a club, we focus on distributing menstrual hygiene products to women in need within our community. We also host fundraisers and advocacy events to educate our peers about periods.
DentalClubSydney Geronimo, 2103sydneysnowg@yahoo.comCeline Bautista, 2103cebautista@s.sfusd.eduMs. Mitchellmitchellk@sfusd.eduFriday216Dental Club wants to promote awareness about careers in the dental field.
Dev ClubClubRafael Cenzano, cap1jedi@gmail.comCappillen Lee, 2103cap1jedi@gmail.comRaymond Chanchanr@sfusd.eduThursday332 Lowell Dev Club is a place where anyone can be engaged in the world of computer science. Our club is focused on enhancing your programming skills and helping you learn new ones. If you're a beginner because at our club you'll have expert peer instructors who have tons of computer science experience and completed projects.
DIY ClubClubEmily Yu, 2011diyfanatics@gmail.comSydnie Chen, 2102emyu2002@gmail.comRandell ProthroProthroR@sfusd.eduWednesdayS205DIY Club meets every other Wednesday and we have different diy projects every meeting. We teach members step by step of how to complete each project and materials are provided for the members.
EARTH ClubClubDerek Quach 2105, Gabby Quach 2120lowellearthclub@gmail.comAndrew Bui 2107buiandrew@yahoo.comMr. Lombardilombardij@sfusd.eduevery other FridayWL107/WL109Our club is an environmental activism club, where we help clean up trash in public places like the beach or parks, as well as fundraise for organizations that clean the ocean (The Ocean Cleanup) and organizations that help bring clean water to impoverished areas (The Thirst Project.)
Eco ClubClubChristy Vong, 2105 + Tanya Santos, 2009lowellecoclub@gmail.comSophia Zuzga, 2102tasantos1@s.sfusd.eduMr. Worthworthj@sfusd.eduMonday244Eco Club's goal is to implement more sustainable and environmentally-friendly practices in our Lowell community.
EECS ClubClubSean Zeng, Skynel13@gmail.comAlexander Peng, 2018skynel13@gmail.comRaymond Chanchanr@sfusd.eduFriday332We do hands on projects with Arduinos and Raspberry Pis. We also do guest talks.
Environmental ClubClubEllie Reiff, 2004lowellenvironmentclub@gmail.comCrystal Chan, 2020crchan2@gmail.comMs. Melvinmelvink@sfusd.eduTuesdayGardenWe weed, plant, and nurture the school garden and go on fun nature adventures.
FCN ClubClubKatrina Wu, 2116 and Renee Ung, 2114lowellfcnclub@gmail.comGabriella Quach, 2120 gabbyq1013@gmail.comSydney Rechty54Thursday216We fundraise for the St.Jude Children's Research Hospital through bimonthly bake sales as well as in-school fundraisers. We also will be attending the St.Jude Walk/Run to support Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.
Feed the HungryClubSamantha Baula, 2207lowellfeedthehungry@gmail.comHailey Huey, 2210lowellfeedthehungry@gmail.comJonathan Lombardilombardij@sfusd.eduEvery other WendesdayW109
The purpose of our club is to raise awareness for the issue of hunger in our community, from volunteering at food banks, to making and donating food to soup kitchens.
Fencing ClubClubJonas Castillo (2018) Katie Huang (2003) kati3huang@gmail.comWyeth Marshall, 2004wymarshall@s.sfusd.eduMr. Alex Chengchenga2@sfusd.eduWednesdayThe alley between the main and science building.The fencing club is a great place to learn, practice, and talk about the sport of foil fencing before the spring season. During our meetings, we'll work on our bladework and footwork, with a lot of open bouting too!

Whether you have zero experience with fencing or if you've been fencing since the day you were born, you could come, make some friends, and stab the ones you don't like!
Filipino-American Club ClubCaitlin McCoy, 2011lhsfilam@gmail.comJackie Acosta, 2006; Victoria Wong,, victoria.e.wong@gmail.comSirly De la Riartedelariartes@sfusd.eduTuesday218Every Tuesday, Fil-Am meets to learn about the Filipino culture, play games, eat snacks, and bond. During the spring semester, we rehearse for Multicultural Night, a cultural showcase that takes place at the end of the school year.
Food For AllClubElizabeth Cheng, 2312elcheng@s.sfusd.eduAudrey Yan, 2315auyan@s.sfusd.eduRaymond Chanchanr@sfusd.eduFirst Tuesday & Third Wednesday every month336Food For All is a club focused on finding a way to take leftover, unopened school lunches, which schools intend to throw out, and instead transport the lunches to nonprofit organizations around San Francisco, which will then go to homeless centers. Our goal is to contribute to improving, strengthening, and connecting our community, as well as caring for the wellbeing of the people who need it. In addition, we also want to cut down on food waste in our neighborhood.
Fun in STEAMClubDenise Yu, 2118deyu4@s.sfusd.eduAlexis Kwock, 2111alkwock@s.sfusd.eduMs. Lianliana@sfusd.eduWednesday339We will be doing hands-on activities, challenges, and experiments that involve Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math.
Future Business Leaders of AmericaClubMaximillian Eisenberg, 2010lowellfbla@gmail.comYanyu Chan, 2015adrian12128@gmail.comMs. Hanlonhanlone1@sfusd.eduTuesday231FBLA is a business club, but it also has many more aspects. We also host activities in nursing and computer science, since they are also connected to business and economics in some way. We have a competition annually.
Future clubClubSophia Zhang 2104; Elizabeth Trang 2103; Kristen Yeung 2120; justin yang 2111lowellfutureclub@gmail.comElsa Chan 2117, Emily Huang, huang.emily123@gmail.comMaria Aguirreaguirrem1@sfusd.eduTuesdayVICCI CENTERna
game devGroupRaymond Chen (as co)archen707@gmail.comAndrew Vuonganvuong3@s.sfusd.eduMr.Dickermandickermans@sfusd.eduThursdays201Make a game(I think that is the case; we're working on it right now)
Game Theory ClubClubAlex Kuang 2117Lowellgametheory@gmail.comYifei Zhou 2108yzhou1163@gmail.comTran, R.tranr1@sfusd.eduEvery other ThursdayS104The club is a game theory based club where students will learn strategy in playing mind games, solving riddles, and brain puzzles (such as sudoku and crosswords). The objective is to teach students to think and give them a chance to excersie their minds in ways other than things they do in class, and of course last but not least, to give students a place where they can meet new friends and have fun!
Girls Who CodeClubJessie Lin, 2010lowellgirlswhocodeclub@gmail.comDenise Yu, 2118linjess99@gmail.comRaymond Chanchanr@sfusd.eduMonday336returning club so xd but ig "Encouraging females to learn computer science, to close the gender gap in technology. No worries, anyone can still join. All genders are welcome. No experience required. We have mentors if you have any questions, coding lessons, mini-projects to work on, and events to visit tech companies. Come join us and have fun!"
GSA (Gender-Sexuality Alliance)ClubJonas Castillo, 2018castillojonas626@gmail.comLydia Prudhomme, 2001 and Isabella Paterson, 2112 and ispaterson@s.sfsud.eduDestinee Lanne (LGBTQ+ Liaison) and Ms. Meredith and santiagom@s.sfusd.eduMonday215GSA (or Gender Sexuality Alliance) is a safe place where anyone of any gender or sexual orientation can come to discuss relevant issues, plan events, and have fun! We have booths at LoveFest and the Stress-Free Fair, and we host events like Rainbow Week and movie nights! Also, follow us on Instagram @lowellgsa!
H2O (Help 2 Others)ClubKaitlyn Lau, 2101; Venisha Patel, 2103thethirstprojectlowell@gmail.comVictoria Enciso, 2106vienciso@s.sfusd.eduJames Dowddowdj2@sfusd.eduWednesdayS204Lowell H2O is a club that fundraises for The Thirst Project which is a non-profit organization that helps provide clean drinking water to countries, with little to no access, buy building freshwater wells in these communities. We have biweekly meetings usually on Wednesdays and host events such as walk-a-thons and bake sales.
Hapa ClubClubLauren Muchowski, 2105 lowellhshapaclub@gmail.comIvy Zip, 2101 (Co- President)ivzip@s.sfusd.eduMs. Kleinaklein@sfusd.eduTuesday231The Lowell Hapa Club is a cultural club honoring the mixed Asian community, while volunteering and having fun!
Harry Potter ClubClubJune Imler, 2002lhsharrypotter@gmail.comLila Chen, 2117lichen10@s.sfusd.eduMr. Worthworthj@sfusd.eduWednesday244Harry Potter Club will mainly just meet once a week and have fun Harry Potter-themed activities like Potions (class), trivia, and possibly some scavenger hunts throughout the year.
HEALClubCurtis Chan, 2006 Yanyu Chan, 2015lowellteenheal@gmail.comShienna Xie, 2020shieana.xie@gmail.comChristian Ferreyferreyc@sfusd.eduEvery other Thursday133The goal/purpose of this club is to inspire teens to participate in healthy eating habits through the learning of healthy cooking skills and for teens to lead an active living lifestyle.
Heart in MotionClubRichard Soong, 2011 Kelly Liu 2220Him.lowell@gmail.comBernice Lau 2209, Elyssa Ramos 2310Richard.Soong@heartinmotion.orgClaudia Parkparkc@s.sfusd.eduTuesday215Heart in motion is a non-profiting volunteer organization that gives Bay Area teens opportunities to volunteer gain leadership skills
Hip Hop ClubClubGrace Thwin, 2110 & Lillian Tang, 2106lhshhc@gmail.comVictoria Fong, 2219vifong2@s.sfusd.eduRandell Prothroprothror@sfusd.eduFridayOutside world language buildingWe explore hip hop and urban dance through different choreographies made by the club leaders. Weekly lessons are taught by officers. We also perform at events using our self-made choreography and mixes.
History ClubClubSimone Felton, Syed, 2120hasyed1@s.sfusd.eduMr. Bellbellm@sfusd.eduEvery other Thursday254History Club hosts bimonthly lectures by SF State history professors who are interested in sharing their research. We also play history-related games and eat snacks.
Hustle and Heart ClubNicole Chan 2016nichan@s.sfusd.eduMegan Lymely@s.sfusd.eduChristine Hosoda hosodac@sfusd.eduMeetings twice a month257Our mission is to help less privileged recreation centers and schools around San Francisco by fundraising in order to replace their basketballs which are made of cheap rubber, meaning it is not the ideal sports equipment for an indoor gym. Through our mutual passion for sports, our club can bring together a community one basketball at a time.
IBD AdvocacyGroupMichaela Pelta, 2117michaelapelta@yahoo.comKyla Mates, 2118kymates@s.sfusd.eduBatia Horsky khbatia@yahoo.comevery other mondayW108We advocate as well as educate others about what IBD is. So many people have never heard of this disease that affects so many Americans. We fundraise as well as team up with the Crohn's and Colitis foundation for events. In the past we were at events such as spin for Crohn's and the California Wine Classic.
Impact DeltaClubTanya Santos, 2009lowell.impactdelta@gmail.comIsabella Su, 2105tasantos1@s.sfusd.eduMs. Daleydaleyb@sfusd.eduTuesday114Lowell Impact Delta is a public health club. Our goal is to educate and promote public health in our Lowell community.
Interact ClubClubLauren Tran 2010lowell.interact@gmail.comEoin Garcia, 2105eoingarcia1026@gmail.comMr. Starrstarrd@sfusd.edutwice a month Monday 259Our club participates in many volunteer events directed toward the community. We plant trees, volunteer at marathons, and do various positive activities to make the world a better place to live in.
Italian clubClubMaia Saha 2016lowellitalianclub@gmail.comLouise Michel 2010Lomichel@s.sfusd.eduChiara PelagattiPelagattic@sfusd.eduEvery other thursW110In Italian club we meet to practice Italian culture and language through film, games, music and of course food!
J.S.A (Junior State of America) ClubMichelle Song, 2107 ;Zoe Simotas, lowellhsjsa@gmail.comZoe Simotas, 2114zsimotas@norcal.jsa.orgScott DickermanDickermans@sfusd.eduThursdayS201Will be the Lowell chapter of a student run national organization that is bipartisan and focuses on increasing civic engagement and activism among youths through debate and fight apathy events. We will practice practical debate and activism skills and talk about how to get more involved within our communities.
Japanese Culture ClubClubHolly Jiang, 2106lowelljapaneseclub@gmail.comAnne Angeles, 2219anangeles@s.sfusd.eduMs. Cadoppicadoppic@sfusd.eduevery other mondayW103At japanese Culture Club, we tell our members about different aspects of culture in Japan through presentations. Every week, we have officers present different aspects of Japanese culture. Every week is something different, so members will not know what’s going to come next!
Jew CrewClubMichael Ryaboysfr.michael@yahoo.comSharon KnafelmanShknafelman@s.sfusd.eduRandell ProthroProthror@sfusd.eduWednesday232On website
Join JadeClubJessica Chen, 2016lowell@teamhbv.orgWarren Quan, 2020quanwarren11@gmail.comMs. Christensenchristensenc@sfusd.eduEvery other Tuesday239We are a group dedicated to raising awareness about hepatitis B, a disease that affects 1 in 12 Asian and Pacific Islanders. By participating in volunteering events, fundraising to pay for people's hepatitis B treatment, and presenting at local libraries, we hope that we can reach a large population and stop the spread of this global disease.
Journalism ClubClubElla Yitzhaki, 2002Ella.yitz@gmail.comAnhai Roantree, 2212anroantree@s.sfusd.eduMr. Gustafson gustafsone1@sfusd.eduWe meet twice a month WedsJournalism room We help introduce people to journalism and allow those who can’t take the class to still learn journalism skills, techniques, and insight.
Karaoke ClubClubEmily Rong, 2009lhskaraokeclub@gmail.comAlex Ngo, 2010emrong2@gmail.comMs. Westwestk@sfusd.edu2nd and 4th WednesdaysRoom 241Karaoke Club is where you can come and sing karaoke with your friends! If you don’t want to sing, you can come to support your friends. We welcome all to join! And no experience required!
Key ClubClubAdeline Nocon, 2012Lowellkeyclub@gmail.comJennifer Phanjp4099@gmail.comAnjana Amirapuamirapua@sfusd.eduWednesday263International service club closely with many high schools in the area that works together to help the community by volunteering and fundraising, but also building our leadership skills and friendships with Key Clubbers everywhere.
Korean ClubClubChloe Yu, 2007lowellkoreanclub2016@gmail.comLucy Zhu, 2107lzhu317@gmail.comMr.Prothroprothror@sfusd.eduMondayW105The Korean Club's main goal is to help others learn more about Korean culture and have fun while doing so. Our club activities range from playing Korean variety show games, culture presentations, kpop games, and more! Snacks are provided and we also host giveaways for cool prizes :) We meet every Monday in Room W105 so please give us a visit and bring your friends!
La RazaClubNancy Garcia 2102Nangarcia021@gmail.comMaria Herrera 2116Herreram2100@gmail.comMaria Aguirre Aguirrem1@sfusd.eduTuesday(Adee’s) peer resources Our club meets to plan out activities in school, but also retreats or field trips simply for fun or for educational purposes.
LacrosseGroupMegan Ma, 2015 and Yuriko Chiaki-Robb, 2010laxteamlhs@gmail.comIsabelle Sam, 2008meganmasf@hotmail.comAaron Buckley buckleya@sfusd.eduFridaySoccer field Our club focuses on teaching students of all experience levels the sport of lacrosse.
Latin ClubClubPiya Rao, 2109piyabrao@gmail.comXaria Lubensky, 2103xaria.lubensky@gmail.comAnnie HuynhHuynhA@sfusd.eduEvery other FridayW102Latin Club is a place where you can learn about Ancient Rome and the Latin language through fun activities.
League of legendsGroupRaymond Chenarchen707@gmail.comAndrew Vuonganvuong@s.sfusd.eduMr.Dickermandickermans.sfusd.eduTuesdays201Plays league
LionDanceMEClubJanet Ngu, 2017liondanceme.lowell@gmail.comCrystal Yao, 2001crystalbookreports@gmail.comNing Zhangzhangn@sfusd.eduMonday & Thursday Outside World Language BuildingWe are a Chinese lion dance group that teaches students the art of lion dancing.
LUNAR Model Rocket ClubEddie Li, Brendan Leungbrleung@s.sfusd.eduMs. Judith Brooksbrooksj@sfusd.eduTuesdayS 104LUNAR Model Rocket club builds model rockets from scratch or kits. No experience required.
Mathematics SocietyClubDylan Huynh, 2007lowellmathclub@gmail.comSamantha Lim, 2112salim@s.sfusd.eduRobert Tranrobertktran@gmail.comWednesdayS104Lowell Mathematics Society (formerly Lowell Math Club) is a place for anyone interested in math and/or problem solving and wanting to expand their knowledge in it while meeting people with the same drive. Each year we compete individually and as a team in a wide range of math competitions, including the prestigious AMC 10/12 (American Mathematics Competition), the statewide CAML (California Math League), and other regional tournaments like the Stanford and Berkeley Math Tournaments. We highly encourage anyone enthusiastic in math to join and compete along with your friends. Doing well in these competitions are an exceptional boost to your college apps as many of our former members have gone to top public and private colleges including Harvard, UC Berkeley, UCLA, etc!
Meditation ClubClubChase Bush-McLaughlin, 2006lowellmeditationclub@gmail.comSimone Felton, 2005sachiko.felton@gmail.comDavid Yuanyuand@sfusd.eduFridays and during reg (absences excused as activities)216learn and practice meditation and mindfulness
Mental Health AwarenessClubStella McGinn, 2017lowellmha@gmail.comJustine Sprinkle, 2006jusprinkle@s.sfusd.eduMatt Bellbellm@sfusd.eduTuesday259Our club focuses on raising awareness of different mental health illnesses within Lowell.
Military History ClubGroupZephyr Anderson, 2101lowellmilitaryhistoryclub@gmail.comJack Carlin, 2118jackcarlin77@gmail.comSteve Hardeehardees@sfusd.eduFridayRange/Room 4We educate those interested in military conflicts and their context. We also provide a greater view into the military and it's purposes throughout history. We also discuss through debates and discussions topics relevant to military history. We also have model building competitions.
Minorities United ClubKenneth Galdamez, 2014emCortezFigueroa@s.sfusd.eduEmely Cortez Kgaldamez24@gmail.comMs.Henares Tuesday211Provide a safe space for those students who identify as minorities at Lowell.
Mobile Games ClubClubErnest Leung and Leon Li Reg 2120lowellmobilegamesclub@gmail.comRyan shi 2118Ryanshi66@gmail.comMr.Dowddowdj2@sfusd.eduWednesdayUndecided Provide a platform for people to enjoy gaming together. We also plan to host tournaments as soon as we can.
Model United NationsClubLouise Michel, 2010lowellhsmun@gmail.comAbby Pachynski-Hoopes, 2019apachynskihoopes@gmail.comWilliam Sloansloanw@sfusd.eduMonday230During club meetings, we prepare delegates (members) to go to Model UN conferences around the Bay Area and beyond. We also throw a SFMUN conference yearly in December.
Multimedia ClubClubAnita Liu, 2120anitaxiuliu@gmail.comPayton Kawanami, 2006paytonkawanami@gmail.comMr. Gustafsongustafsone1@gmail.comevery other FridayS107Lowell Multimedia Club provides a safe, non-judgmental environment to share, publish and improve your multimedia works. We work to express media on a more comprehensive level. Our goal is to give other fellow students the opportunity to show their creativity through film, photography, and much more. We want our club members to get as much exposure for their art as they can. Everyone has the chance to publish his or her photos and videos on our website, Instagram account, and school bulletin board.
Music for Elderly ClubJelix Tsan, 2011 and Christopher Yuan, 2015lowellmusicforelderly@gmail.comSamantha Lei, 2219samanthalei96@gmail.comMrs. HollanderHollanderE@sfusd.eduWednesdayRoom 71During every club meeting, we rehearse our pieces either as ensembles or soloists in the upcoming events where we plan to perform in nursing homes/ care centers. These performances occur twice a month over the weekends.
Music ProductionClubKyle Carigo 2011lowellmusicproduction@gmail.comKhang Chung 2004khangvchung@gmail.comMs. HenaresHenaresN@sfusd.eduThursday211Teach people who are interested in making beats and how to distribute them through platforms (YouTube, SoundCloud, etc.).
Muslim Student AssociationClubJuwairya Shaikh, 2115, Hadiqah Syed, 2120lowell.msa@gmail.comSadiyah Aly, 2113saaly@s.sfusd.eduAdee Hornhorna1@sfusd.eduMeet twice a month on Mondays251The Muslim Student Association is a social club meant to unite Lowell Muslims and Muslim allies on-campus. Through values of diversity, unity, and piety, the MSA will allow for Muslims to connect with their peers, practice their faith, and build a strong community. The club is open to all faiths and welcomes diversity.
Nursing ClubGroupFion Lee, 2007fionlee2727@gmail.comYuriko Chiki-Robbyuchiakirobb@s.sfusd.eduMr. ChanChanJ2@sfusd.eduEvery other mondayRoom 70In nursing club, you get to see presentations on different paths and ways how you can end up with a nursing degree. We also can help students get a sense of where you might like to go to college if you were interested in nursing. We will explain that their are multiple fields that nursing can lead to such as cosmetology, anesthesiology, or just a register nurse. There are also information given to give opportunity for students to volunteer at hospitals to understand how hospitals run in real life.
Online ClubGroupSteve Shi, 2013fluffyduffybuffykins@gmail.comCharles Rehman, 2218commiedaddy123@gmail.comMr. Chanchanr@sfusd.eduSaturdayLowell Online Club Discord ServerVarious online activities such as gaming, chatting, anime, homework, meme exchanges.
Operation SmileClubIsabella Su 2105
Christine Shen 2118
lowelloperationsmile@gmail.comPansy Kuang
Cindy Chen
Mr. MichelsMichelsa@sfusd.eduEvery other Monday236
Orchestra Leadership ClubHilary Xu 2014, Fiona Yim 2006lowellorchestraleadership@gmail.comHilary Xu 2014, Fiona Yim, lixu3@s.sfusd.eduEsther HollanderHollanderE@sfusd.eduTuesdays 71Plan events for orchestra
Outdoor ClubClubEthan Ostrow, 2008lowelloutdoorclub@gmail.comLuke Woodhouse, 2017ethan.ostrow7@gmail.comMr. Prothroprothror@sfusd.eduwhen necessaryS205The Outdoor Club holds various activities throughout the school year and summer including indoor and outdoor rock climbing, hiking, camping, backpacking, skiing, frisbee and spikeball events. We have NO MANDATORY MEETINGS, and everyone of any athletic capability is free to join.
P.A.W.S ClubClubTiffany Tsai 2011pawsclublowell@gmail.comGigi Huang 2017gigihuang7501@gmail.comMr. MichelsMichelsa@sfusd.eduEvery other Tuesday 236We help animals without shelter through volunteering and fundraising.
Philosophy ClubClubChase Bush-McLaughlin, 2006lowellphilosophyclub@gmail.comChase Bush-McLaughlin, 2006chasebmclaughlin@gmail.comMr. Ungarungarm@sfusd.eduTuesday254discuss philosophy in a socratic seminar-type format
Ping Pong ClubClubJason Tsui 2007, Noel Lim 2011, Nathan Chan
Vincent Tam, 2108vitam@s.sfusd.eduMr. Prothroprothror@sfusd.eduWednesday, Thursday, and FridayScience building lobbyWe meet every week from Wednesday to Friday in the Science Building Lobby. Lowell Ping Pong Club is open to those are interested in the sport and just having fun with friends. For those that are truly passionate about the sport, we'd be willing to give a couple pointers and lessons as well (No experience needed, non-commitment).
Plug InClubIsabell Paronyan-Fastovsky Isabell19pf@gmail.comLilly Lakritz, 2109Lakritz34@gmail.comMs. AguirreAguirrem1@sfusd.eduWe will meet twice a month on various daysCollege CenterWe will help students at Lowell find volunteer, internship, and work opportunities that fit their interests and help them with the application process (interviews, essays, etc).
Pokémon ClubClubAshley Lai, 2016pokemonclubie@gmail.comSydney Yap, 2016syyap@s.sfusd.eduMs. Westwestk@sfusd.eduThursday216We play Pokémon, we watch Pokémon, we ARE Pokémon! Come join us for fun games and friendly competitions every Thursday, room 216.