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8:00-9:30Registration, Breakfast, Prizes, Schedule Creation
9:30- 10:20 Session #1Admin meet up w/ FWSprincipal and @pgprincipaliPad support Group w/ @lizbdavis Join the google group Birth and Growth of a PLN /Twitter 101 w/ @tsocko @cybraryman @dancallahanGlobal Ed - Free cheap ways for educators to travel and to travel with kids @worldlillieCreative Ways for Students to present information - Alternatives to Power PointNot available for the morningEDTech's Continuum of SkillsForeign Language Meet-up @magistraM
10:30-11:20 Session #2iBooks Author @isabelcourtney How to address Privacy and one's Digital DNA @nsharoff @bknittleThe Blended Classroom Structure, Function, Goals. How you do itFaciliating Teacher PD in your district @abbewaldronAsk a Student w @mytakeonit #askastudent askastudent.orgSocial Media in the Classroom Marcinek and Milton @andycinek @42thinkdeep Bloggers Meetup (if you have a website, let's chat) @worldlillie10 Common Principles alive in a Data Driven more traditional school system
11:30-12:20 Session #3Digital Photography using mobile devices
(Un)Common Core ELA - implications, questions, ideas @jleung10 @lookforsun Rethinking preservice teacher education @rpetersmauriInnovative ways to use ipads in the elem classroom @edukatemeFlipping the Classroom; Change the Game of Learning @mramsterpaperless research papers w ipads @katrinakennett and ***Students****Boomwriter A free online writing competition website to collaboratively create a book with students. Interactive workshop @worldLillieReflection on 1:1 after ten years Mike Arsenault, Alice Barr, Cathy Wolinsky, Ben McNaboeQR and Augmented Reality - what are they and how can we use for education? @speechtechie
12:30-12:55 Demo timeLunch!Technology for Elementary ClassroomASPEN X-2 Tips and Tricks (looking for them, I have little to offer) Librarians Lunch Group--meet the other libs here!Diigo: social bookmarking
1:00-1:25 Demo timeUsing EdModo in the Classroom
1:30-2:20 Session #4Theater Games - 5 Reasons You Need them in your classroom @jleung10Problem and Project based learning @docjessmStudents as Technology Leaders - How student can help with tech in te classroom Sam RodgerTech & Teachers of the Deaf
Skype in the Classroom! Mystery State, Skype and More @ncarroll24Edcafes: Edcamp in the Classroom @katrinakennett and ***students*** WeTrustU
(Students) What we think is missing
Design Challenges in the classroom and the tasks that make them better @ jmpcroninSenior Project Discussion @allisonshaver @csheil @erikmwalker and @k8jhughesHow Ca we Help You? What do educators need to be able to teach the leaders of tomorrow? Brainstorming a wish list is the first step to making it happen @bropycat
2:30-3:20 Session #5More iPad convo with @lizbdavis#BYOTchat
Discussion of BYOTech/BYODevice
@mytakeonit @KJhigginbottom @mluhtala
Intro Student Blogging @ncarroll24Urban Education - The Good, The Bad, The Unexpected @cybraryman1, @thalesdream @colindorrImplementing New ideas in the Schoolhouse @katrinakennet @looksforsunMiddle School student's perspective - Tech as game changer w/ Sam & MikeCurriculum is the Cutting Edge Updating your Curriculum Boom Writer - A free site for kids to compete to create bank chapters. Many classroom uses @worldLillieProject Based Learning Time to Share Selena Ward @thetechtiger
5:00 - ?Afterparty at Meadhall - 4 Cambridge Center, Cambridge, MA