Organisation nameOrganisation SizeHeadquartersMarket Presence Overall Description Areas of Cooperation SoughtWilling to share further information under a Non-Disclosure AgreementWebsiteContact PersonEmail
PROMPTLYMicro (<10 employees and ≤ € 2 m turnover)PortugalInternationalPromptly is a cloud-based patient-centered multiplatform solution with state-of-the-art UX interface that collects and analyses scientifically standardized data on health outcomes reported by patients. This data allows patients to manage their own care knowing their expected treatment results, and care teams to follow-up their patients’ outcomes using state of-the-art technology. We have recently built an integrated IoT platform for the empowerment of AHA and the delivery of homecare services.AI technological partners; experts in security; Psychological and emotional support associationsYes, SOUSA
BIODATA DEVICESMicro (<10 employees and ≤ € 2 m turnover)SpainInternationalManufacturing Class IIa (CE compliance) medical devices for professional telemedicine applications at home and clinical settings. We can help those more fragile patients who also have a complex chronic condition, by remotely monitoring their health status, to avoid decompensation and hospital readmission.
Biodata Devices has developed a personal telemedicine station (on market, CE approved, Class IIa Medical Device), called Lifehub Home, which allows frailty and complex chronic patients to be remotely monitoring. Lifehub Home includes 6CH ECG, blood pressure monitor, SPO2 monitor, temperature monitor and any third party bluetooth probe or accessory, in addition to any data included manually by user. We can integrate custom tests, evaluation charts and any type of specific application that the consortium would like to develop around the equipment. This is possible thanks to the unique architecture in the world that integrates an Android-based interface. The user interface adapted for older people is multilingual, and has a voice guided system to simplify the use of the device for people without technological skills. The use of the integrated tablet allows an easy communication with the central monitoring services, through WIFI, or 3G-4G-5G cellular communications, in which teleconsultation services can be integrated by videoconference.
Software developers with solutions of remote patient monitoring and socio-health care platform. Our technology is cloud agnostic so we need a partner to provide that part of the remote monitoring and tracking solutionYeswww.biodatadevices.comDavid, ASTRUGA
Optiva MediaMedium (< 250 employees and ≤ € 50 m turnover)Spain InternationalWe are a SME spanish company founded in 2002 with 15 year's experience participating in research and innovation projects. Our team of 200 professionals covers all areas of the TV space from engineering to operations, media and metadata management, product design and development, monitoring and testing, business and technical consultancy and of course research & innovation as a key area for the company’s development supported by breakthrough digital and communication technologies like AI, ML, LiFi, Blockchain and Cloud technology.

Optiva Media R&I has been very active in the European cooperative research projects, participating in proposals at FP7 and H2020 Work Programmes: ICT (AI, Privacy, cloud, ML), NMBP, FoF, Cultural Heritage. As well as Eureka!- Eurostars . R&I also participates in national platforms such as: CDTI (PID-CIEN), MICINN-MINETUR (Avanza-Innpacto).

AI, metadata, cloud technology, education and training, AR, VR... Yes
TendertecMicro (<10 employees and ≤ € 2 m turnover)United KingdomEuropeanTendertec is building the next generation of personalised safety & care technologies for the post COVID-19 era. Our solution for social care is unlocking new models of care provision - fully data-driven, timely, cost-effective, personalised and preventative. Our vision is to transform the paradigm care delivery in any setting and help create an ecosystem of tech-enabled, personalised and sustainable health and social care services supporting vulnerable people and their circles of care around them so as to ensure quality of care and life for all. 

We can provide expertise in areas of Artificial Intelligence, Machine & Deep Learning, Thermal Sensing, Embedded Systems, Integration, Social and Health Care Provision, User Centred Design.
Care Providers that can offer Pilot Sites, UX/UI Designers, Occupational Therapists and Physios that can use the intelligence we offer to produce tangible actions helping seniors, Manufacturing, KONIDARI
Gesan srlMedium (< 250 employees and ≤ € 50 m turnover)ItalyNational"Gesan S.r.L. is a company based in San Nicola La Strada (CE) – Italy, operating in the healthcare business sector, founded in 1993 by its current CEO, Dr Pasquale Russo. Gesan is configured as a technological service company dealing on the design and development of software solutions for the healthcare sector offering on-site assistance to their customers. It currently has more than 100 employes dedicated to four different business units: 1) Development and assistance, 2) Research and development, 3) Assistance at customer site, 4) Healthcare help desk and call center services.
Gesan has several several products on the market, the most important are: i) Wirgilio, a complete web-based medical records (currently serving the main hospitals in Campania - Italy); ii) Kairos: a suite of clinical application supporting both people wainting in the emergency room and and clinicians that manage patients; iii) e-CUPT: a mobile app (for iOS and Android) dedicated to citizens in order to book medical examination for public clinical structure; iv) WincareCloud: an ambulatory medical record for the specialists operating in public and private structure; v) Energy: a suite of software allowing clinician to manage LIS/RIS/PACS; vi) Caduceo: a software dedicated to doctors dealing with primary care (for pediatric and adult patients). The software allow to enroll and manage patients in both clinical and administrative aspect.
Gesan S.r.L. has an its own Data Center, located in San Nicola la Strada (CE) - Italy, dedicated to the management and provision of CLOUD services to private clients. The Data Center offers all the features of security and redundancy that well suites to the provision of services and applications dedicated to the healthcare sector. The technologies used comply with all regulatory requirements regarding privacy and data security as expected in the Public Administration and Healthcare sector."
Artificial Intelligence, decision support, devices & monitoring, augmented teality for serious game, IoT devicesYes Saverio, VALENTE 7
Global Peace Community Interest CompanyMicro (<10 employees and ≤ € 2 m turnover)United KingdomInternationalIntroduce innovative solutions, to improve holistic well being of Human Beings.IT Development companyYes, HOWELL
ViVO Smart Medical devices LtdMicro (<10 employees and ≤ € 2 m turnover)United KingdomInternationalViVO Smart Medical Devices is an IS013485 Approved Medical technology company. We specialise in Rehabilitation technologies from devices to digital health.IT support - digital health - acquisition of user data and connectivity.Yeswww.vivosmartmedicaldevices.comDavid,
VicomtechMedium (< 250 employees and ≤ € 50 m turnover)SpainInternationalVicomtech is an applied research centre for Artificial Intelligence, Visual Computing and Interaction located in San Sebastian (Spain). Vicomtech is a non-profit foundation established in 2001. Vicomtech has a strong record of projects in ICT technology transfer and applied research with companies (more than 90% of them are SMEs) in different sectors. Vicomtech is part of the international alliance, specialised in applied research with a strong focus on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Vision and Learning in the fields of Computer Graphics, Multimodal-Multimedia, Visual Interactive Digital Media, Visualization and Simulation, with several partners in Germany, Portugal, Italy, Spain, China and Panama.

Among its 180 employees, more than 150 are researchers (more than 40 PhDs) dedicated to the field of applied research. The role of Vicomtech in the market is to supply society with technology by transfer of primary research to industry through collaborative R&D&I projects. Vicomtech is an applied research centre specialising in Advanced Interaction technologies, Computer Vision, Data Analytics, Computer Graphics and Language Technologies, which Vicomtech applies across multiple sectors.

Vicomtech´s main assets are constituted of its highly specialized staff and their corresponding expertise, which can be corroborated by the vast amount of scientific publications, implemented prototypes and software development kits (SDK) that have been produced. Those are the result of continuous and incremental applied research work on strategic areas.

Due to the direct contact with several industries from different sectors (Healthcare, medical, engineering, transport, etc.), the researchers are experts in bringing innovation to the companies with the latest advances in research.

The Department of Digital health and Biomedical Technologies will coordinate Vicomtech’s participation in this call. This department has over 10 years’ experience in the research and development of graphics, predictive modelling, AI and machine learning, data harmonisation, imaging, computer vision, interaction, information and artificial intelligence technology for the medical, clinical, health, biology, biotechnology and pharmaceutical sectors. They work closely with clinical institutions and industrial partners in the research and development of technologies, prototypes and products for computer-assisted diagnosis, therapy planning, intervention and follow-up, hospital information management, clinical decision support, support for biomedical research and clinical studies, telemedicine and home care and assistive technologies.
Vicomtech is also an associated member of the Biodonostia Health Research Institute (, one of the top ten clinical research institutions in Spain associated with Donostia University Hospital.

The ISO 9001:2000 and UNE 166002:2014 standards assure that the work developed in the centre is tested with a quality assurance system that accomplishes the certificate standards proposed and recognised worldwide by the ISO organisation.

Vicomtech is also certified by the European Commission as an organisation that meets European Norm CEN/TS 16555-1:2013 System for Innovation Management. The centre has also implemented an Open, Transparent and Merit-based Recruitment of Researchers (OTM-R) policy to comply with the European Researchers’ Charter and the Code of Conduct for Researcher Recruitment and meets with the requirements of H2020 MGA Article 32.

Vicomtech has strong expertise in European projects with proven track record in coordinating EU projects, such as DESIREE (H2020-PHC), VI-DAS (H2020-MG), ASGARD (H2020-FCT), Cloud-LSVA (H2020-ICT), INLANE (H2020-GSA), MEDIASCAPE (FP7-ICT), ARGUS (FP7-ICT), RePLAY (FP7-ICT), SAVAS (FP7-ICT), OpeNER (FP7-ICT), SUMAT (CIP-PSP), among others, having taken the scientific lead in a number of H2020 and FP7 projects as well, such as MIDAS (H2020-PM), CAPTAIN (H2020-PM), CAPER (FP7-SEC), SAVASA (FP7-SEC), SHAPES (H2020-TDS).

In addition to Vicomtech´s extensive experience coordinating and participating in H2020 projects, they also have been awarded a number of PPI (Public Procurement of Innovation) at the national level including CADIA, CADDER, LATEVA SALUT, and ONKOTEAMS IBS.
General IT & tech support.
Online learning platform
Integration into systems
Serious games
RIATLAS SRLSmall (< 50 employees and ≤ € 10 m turnover)ItalyNationalRiAtlas, authorized spin-off of the University of Salerno, is an innovative start-up in the digital healthcare sector. RiAtlas is accelerated by EIT Health Headstart Program, an independent organization of the European Community.
RiAtlas, taking advantage of the potential of Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things, develops Value-Based applications in the Health Continuum Care Pathways, fostering on advanced tools for the collection, analysis and visualization of clinical health data.
RiAtlas supports the shift from hospital to home care setting and bridges the gap between personal/context data sets and medical outcomes, favouring the return of the patients in their living environment (de-hospitalization). The final scope is to enhance Quality of Care, supporting clinical decision-making, and to improve Quality of Life, increasing patients’ engagement.
RiAtlas matured a solid experience in innovation and digital transformation projects working in the healthcare sector. RiAtlas is structured as a software house: includes (in its teams) software developers and data scientists/analysts who are able to realize the software products defined in collaboration with artificial intelligence (machine learning, data mining, etc.) researchers and specialists. RiAtlas staff boasts more than 200 scientific publications and more than twenty years of experience in Italian and European R&D projects. Such solid and focused experience enables RiAtlas to achieve high standards of consistency and strong analytical reproducibility.
RiAtlas has matured specific capabilities:
1. To develop software solution as a “medical device”, following Medical Derive, Ethical EU and GDPR directive/guidelines;
2. To develop software solutions based on HL7-FHIR standard, in terms of integration and interoperability with electronic health record system, medical device, wearable device and other sensors.
We are looking for an industrial partner (ICT provider in the digital healthcare sector), leading the project, in order to integrate our AI-based tool to classify and evaluate health status of frailty patients and to make available our competencies in software development as a “medical device”, in compliance with HL7-FHIR standard, in terms of integration and interoperability with electronic health record system, medical device, wearable device and other sensors.Yes, ROMANELLI
SurgiQMicro (<10 employees and ≤ € 2 m turnover)ItalyNationalSurgiQ is a digital health startup dedicated to patient care planning automation. We do provide resource optimization for surgical, medical and rehabilitation pathways, to private and public providers in Italy, and we already have a pilot in the UK.We do cover process and resource improvements aspects; organizational management, decision automation. We do not cover patient care, mobile apps to collect data, wearables and other care delivery technologies.Yeshttps://www.surgiq.comIván,
Kodfu SoftwareMicro (<10 employees and ≤ € 2 m turnover)TurkeyEuropeanKodfu is a software company specialized in Healthcare. Having three active software projects for the Ministry of Health of Turkey, Kodfu has an experienced team in the health-related software development. We have an extensive knowledge of the National Healthcare System software of Turkey and have an experience on the previous PCP projects. We have the capability to implement and to lead the software requirements of the project.MedicalYeswww.kodfu.comMurathan,
IDIVAL - Biomedical Research Institute (Santander)Small (< 50 employees and ≤ € 10 m turnover)SpainNational Valdecilla Research Institute (IDIVAL; is the main institution dedicated to biomedical research in the autonomous region of Cantabria. It is patronized by both the University of Cantabria (UC) and the Cantabrian Health Service (Servicio Cántabro de Salud, SCS), which is the public organism in charge of providing medical assistance to the vast majority of the population (more than 99% of which is covered by public medical assistance).
The core of IDIVAL activity is the University Hospital Marqués de Valdecilla, a tertiary care facility with over 700 beds and all major medical and surgical specialities.Nevertheless, IDIVAL included both clinically-oriented groups, as well as groups focused on more basic research, but the overall goal of the institution is to foster high quality patient and disease-oriented translational research. The quality of IDIVAL research led the institution to be recognized as an accredited Health Research Institute (Instituto de Investigación Sanitaria) by the Spanish Government.
Although IDIVAL is relatively small in comparison with other institutions, the close collaboration between the University and the Health System, and specifically the University Hospital, is allowing IDIVAL to foster basic-clinical collaborations and a fast-growing and excellent research activity, specifically oriented to generate new knowledge helping to solve the medical problems of the population. That is the reason why IDIVAL activity focuses in prevalent disorders, such as cancer, neurodegenerative disorders, cardiovascular diseases and other musculoskeletal problems.
Moreover, the entity has different resources that promotes the implementation of new technology solutions. On one hand, IDIVAL is the Coordinator of The Medical Technology Innovation Platform (ITEMAS), acting as mediator for the communication between the various agents in the innovation process (hospitals, academia, and industry around Spain) by creating tools that provide a real-time picture of medical technological innovation and foster strategic contacts and alliances. Which promotes the sustainability of health care, patient safety and industrial innovation and competitiveness. On other hand, the IDIVAL Innovation Support Unit, in collaboration with the Valdecilla Virtual Hospital, develops the EValTec program (Valdecilla Health Technology Evaluation), that performs studies of ergonomics and human factor of health technologies supporting its implementation in a safer and adaptative way that fit the system's needs. In addition, Valdecilla Virtual Hospital allow our professionals and collaborators from other entities to put into practice and train in new applications or healthcare technologies. This foster their implementation and efficiency prior to its incorporation in a real context.
Technological developmentYes,
CT CONSULTING SRLMicro (<10 employees and ≤ € 2 m turnover)ItalyEuropeanCT Consulting has created a complete communication platform to connect Fragile Patients with Care Managers, Family Care Givers and Institutional Health Facilities.
The platform communicates with patients at home via their home TV which, connected with our innovative electronic device, patented in 2019, becomes a smartphone and a computer with all their functions.
All stakeholders communicate with patients via TV and with each other via the web, with our multi-channel platform for sms, email, hybrid mail, online payments, delivery.
See example video for Covid-19 Youtube at the link
An industrial partner who helps the production of the device in large quantities and ensures the after-sales
Fraunhofer PortugalSmall (< 50 employees and ≤ € 10 m turnover)PortugalEuropeanFraunhofer Portugal aims on the creation of scientific knowledge capable of generating added value to its clients and partners, exploring technology innovations oriented towards economic growth, the social well-being and the improvement of the quality of life of its end-users.- Frailty and pre-frailty detection (D1)
- Capacity/Autonomy to manage critical events/emergencies (D2)
GPI spaLargeItalyInternationalGPI S.P.A. has been operating in the healthcare and social services market since 1988. This
alliance combines the range of skills of the companies involved with the aim of extending and improving the services offered. GPI’s business focuses on healthcare information systems, welfare and social services, home assistance, rehabilitation, rest homes, domotics, multi-services for healthcare and hospital organizations, telecommunications, social and sanitarycall centers, online payment systems, mobile technologies, as well as consulting services on technology and organization. GPI has a strong expertise in healthcare and welfare processes and services, and has managed many projects in Italy. There are over 1300 customers (500 in healthcare) that work with GPI Group solutions: institutions, healthcare bodies, public and private hospitals, daycare centers communities, residential healthcare centers, nursing homes, childcare centers, cooperatives Credit institutions, organized distribution retailers, small and medium sized enterprises and more.

In the last five years GPI Group has tripled its turnover, from 63.5 million in 2013 to 179.9 in 2017 (EBITDA 25,9 mln). At the end of 2017 the number of employees rose to almost 4.000 employees in 12 subsidiaries. Among them, the GPI Research Center was founded in order to achieve R&D objectives and focuses its research on e-Health, e-Welfare and well-being. Established in 2011, the Center is co-located in the EIT ICT Labs node in Trento.
We are interested in partnership involving Clinical Institution and Reseach entitiesNo
imaginary srlMicro (<10 employees and ≤ € 2 m turnover)ItalyInternationalimaginary is an Italian company, based in Milan, which designs and develops immersive technology solutions that support training, learning, motivation, behavioural change and awareness building, in contexts such as eHealth and Smart Society in a highly effective and interactive way. Such applications, developed using proven methodological approaches, are based on simulations, Serious Games and other innovative and effective immersive technologies, allowing both the collection and processing of information and the collaborative creation, exchange, upgrade and development of knowledge.
Imaginary has always been a pioneering and innovative company playing a key role in European Research: the company worked on more than 30 EU research projects as well as on many industrial commercial projects covering the whole process from user-centred design, to design and development of game-based and immersive solutions to evaluation phases. Thanx to its multidisciplinary team, imaginary already won 14 international awards for their serious games in different application areas.
integration, algorithm for frailty detection, ethics, privacy and security and www.rehability.meLucia
Hygea SaludMicro (<10 employees and ≤ € 2 m turnover)SpainNationalHygea develops expert systems of personalized health focused in the health promotionIntegrating data and ensuring interoperability (EHR integration + Personal medical devices integration).
Serious games.
Shared care planning.
Enabling information exchange.
Starlab Barcelona SLSmall (< 50 employees and ≤ € 10 m turnover)SpainInternationalEstablished in 2000 Starlab is an independent, private R&D SME. Starlab Barcelona develops innovative sensor concepts as well as software products and consulting services. The Neuroscience Business Unit has extensive experience in brain stimulation and electrophysiology, advanced data analysis, and basic/applied research for both institutional and industrial clients.

Some of Starlab Neuroscience relevant areas of expertise include:
• Algorithm and Model development: EEG signal processing, Computational Intelligence, Machine learning, Data-mining, Big-Data, Biomarker evaluation, Multi-modal and Multi-sensory data fusion
• Electroencephalography (EEG) and neuroimaging: Protocol design, experimental and clinical trials, biomarker discovery, real-time and off-line data analysis, visualization and reporting.
• Software development: End-to-end systems, application layer, and cloud-based data management and analysis.

Starlab Neuroscience brings scientific rigor to the provision of neuroscience data analysis services to clinical and professional applications. Starlab Neuroscience capability is based on a unique combination of expertise in different stages of the data analysis pipeline from the signal acquisition through EEG signal processing to the final application of advanced machine learning techniques. Our methodological approach allows the evaluation and statistical validation of electrophysiological and neuroimaging biomarkers at subject individual level, which paves the path for its extensive application in clinical decision support systems for diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment monitoring.

Some relevant projects where Starlab has been involved are:
• LUMINOUS (EU H2020 FET, Coordinator – 4M€) – Human consciousness study
• FEXO (EU H2020 PCP, Partner – Phase I and II – 140K€) – Development of a stroke rehabilitation platform
• MAGIC (EU H2020 PCP, Coordinator – Phase I 60K€) – Development of stroke rehabilitation platform
Project Coordinator and leading partnerYes
Healthy ReplyLargeItalyInternationalStarting from 2007, Santer Reply is a company of the Italian group Reply.
Santer Reply operates in the Health and Public Administration market mixing:

- a consolidated experience in the sector, matured with the creation and management of vertical applications and services for Local Health Authorities, Hospital Companies, Municipalities and Regions;
- in-depth skills in the use of innovative architectures and technologies.The new communication channels and digital media represent one of the areas in which Santer Reply has matured a great deal of experience for many years.

Following the innovation trend, it has specialized in:
➢ development of telemedicine and services / products related to remote health management;
➢ promotion of improvement and innovation in the use and management of socio-health data;
➢ preparation of an innovative model of "care and cure" territorial services.

Today Santer Reply is recognized as a Reply Group company specialized in consulting services and application development for the Healthcare and Public Administration market. In particular, it is aimed at Local Health Authorities, public and private Hospitals, RSAs, Regions and Municipalities.
Santer Reply proposes portals for the citizen to make public utilities (e.g. booking centers) available, while for the healthcare and hospital sectors it proposes a federated model for the integration of vertical application solutions (e.g. analysis of production activities, telemedicine and management of patient reception processes).
Santer Reply can make strategic experience regarding software system integration available to the project. Experience in this field has been gained in the development and management of the integration platform of the repository of the reports and of the health file for the Valle d'Aosta and Lombardy regions. In particular, the latter puts this integration platform at the disposal of all the local health structures, both for the supply of the central registry of Lombardy and for the patient reception systems (CUP, PS, ADT, LIS) and repository of reports.

Furthermore, Santer Reply has gained significant experience in projects aimed at the design and development of open technology platforms for accessing information (e.g. Open Data), integrated with existing systems (e.g. IEEE, HL7, IHE, ...) pgeared towards future additions, and distributed in the access and provision of services.

The experience of Santer Reply in integration systems began in 2005 with the project of the Regional Integration Platform (CRS-SISS Project) which today boasts the following installations:

- Lombardy: 24 hospitals, 15 local health companies
- Valle d’Aosta Region: provision of a Regional ESB both for interoperability between the Region or ASL / ATS and the Hospital, both for interoperability with other Regions.

Supply of the Electronic Health Record (ESF)In the context of internal integrations (via ESB), over 500 integrations have been completed; in the context of the CRS-SISS project there are about 450 integrations of the following types
- Personal data (HL7): 215 additions
- Repository reports (HL7): 19 additions
- Order-Filler (HL7): 169 additions
- Reservation services and payment systems (CRS-Mall): 35 additionsThese integrations involved 40 different suppliers with more than 20 types of departmental systems.
In the repository of the Hospital Companies managed by Santer, more than 100 million reports are filed and managed to date (period 2009 - October 2015), with an average of more than 4 million reports per company.
1) Partner to be able to deploy in Spain and Poland. 2) Partner capable to implement D3, D7 and support with D8, D9, D10Yes
BALIDEAMedium (< 250 employees and ≤ € 50 m turnover)SpainInternationalSoftware Engineering Big Projects related to social and health areas.Frailty Experts (Clinicians)Yeswww.balidea.comM. Carmen LÓPEZ PÉ
Euro.Soft srlMicro (<10 employees and ≤ € 2 m turnover)ItalyInternationalEuro.Soft is a SME founded in 2000 and operates in the Information & Communication Technology (ICT) sector, particularly for technological systems and technical consulting. The Company is certificated ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14000 and operated in conformity with the ECSS ESA (E40, Q80, M..) standards. Some customers in the Aerospace sector are: ASI, ESA, Thales Alenia Space, Telespazio, Space Engineering/TeS (Airbus), ITSLab, SAM, CIRA.
The Staff is composed by a permanent staff of 15 highly skilled human resources. R&D department is composed by engineers with know-how in development of HW/SW applications, aerospace platforms, research projects.
clients, users such hospitals, medical clinics, nursing homes etcYeswww.eurosoftsrl.euFrancesco Paolo
GRADIANTMedium (< 250 employees and ≤ € 50 m turnover)SpainInternationalGradiant is a private non-profit foundation that aims to improve the competitiveness of companies by transferring knowledge and technologies in the fields of connectivity, intelligence and security. Gradiant’s ICT research and innovation activity spreads over Digital Communications, Intelligent Systems, Services and Applications, especially in security, Cloud-based systems, Multimodal Information, and eHealth which result in the development of technologies applicable in a wide variety of market sectors.Clinical support in frailty, Psychological and emotional support, Telemedicine and interoperability platformsYes Manuel MORÁN
KIRANET SRLSmall (< 50 employees and ≤ € 10 m turnover)ItalyNationalKIRANET is an Innovative SME, founded in 2005, whose main objective is to create value for customers and partners through the combination of technologies and expertise in the field of ICT applied to specific market sectors. Indeed, by constantly arguing with the academic world, KIRANET applies research and pre-competitive development to healthcare, manufacturing, aerospace, railway, smart cities sectors. In the last 10 years, KIRANET led very important e-Health projects. The aim is to continuously generate new opportunities and themes that increase the skills and potential of medical applications. Technological innovation in KIRANET products together with biomedical research are strongly transforming care processes and health services. In particular, KIRANET develops solutions for improving both people well-being and the efficiency of health/non-health services. Thus, the collaboration between the research world and the health system is strengthened to test and validate new technological solutions that help citizens to manage their health more effectively while supporting health professionals.

KIRANET developed innovative systems for the Healthcare Digitization, in particular for:
• therapy and drug management,
• high-cost/high-risk medical devices management,
• homecare process and equipment management.
KIRANET current healthcare offer consists in a complete system to manage the clinical and logistical process in the hospital, composed of:
• a software suite (FID-CARE),
• an automated trolley (FID-RUN) for meticulous therapy preparation and its bed-side administration,
• a smart cabinet (FID-ROK) for protected and controlled storage of drugs and medical devices,
• an automatic pocket drug dispenser (FID-RAY) for precise patient auto-administrations.
The company is ending the industrialization of these smart systems for the healthcare sector and is negotiating to obtain important industrial/commercial agreements with large players already operating in the reference market.
Currently, KIRANET is engaged in the implementation of an R&D project in the "Active & healthy aging" field, named HOMECARE; its aim is to provide methodologies and technological tools in order to improve the organizational models and to facilitate their integration. The HOMECARE project focuses on:
• support the elderly and people with chronic or disabling diseases, by increasing control over their health;
• encourage the patient care in a complete – but individualized – way, developing a type of assistance based on a multidisciplinary approach, by promoting mechanisms for integrating social and health services, care and rehabilitation;
• ease the continuity of care for the elderly and non-self-sufficient people, through the implementation of the network of primary care services;
• encourage patient empowerment in the treatment process, involving in care process objectives and chooses;
• enhance hospital-territory integration with the correct management of the discharge process and the evaluation of the patient's clinical and social-care conditions already during hospitalization;
• strengthen the establishment within the territory of the single access points for taking charge of fragile people with a view to continuity of care.
All that we do not cover: Experts in security, Psychological and emotional support, Cognitive and functional decline support, Clinical condition management, End-users education and empowerment, partners to cover the solution in other supplier countries.Yes
FUNDACION TECNALIA RESEARCH & INNOVATIONLargeSpainInternationalTECNALIA RESEARCH & INNOVATION ( is a private, independent, non profit applied research center of international excellence. Legally a Foundation, Tecnalia is the leading private and independent research and technology organisation in Spain and one of the largest in Europe, employing around 1,450 people (300 PhDs) and with income of 108 Million € in 2019.
The whole team at TECNALIA has one mission: to transform technology into GDP, meaning wealth to improve people’s quality of life through generation of business opportunities for industry. TECNALIA is committed to generate major impacts in economic terms, by means of innovation and technological development, addressed by 6 business divisions covering the economic sectors of Energy, Environment, Industry, Transport, Construction, Health and ICT. TECNALIA has been granted 483 patents and promoted more than 30 spin-off companies.
TECNALIA is a key agent in the European Research Area. TECNALIA actively participates in the governing bodies of several European Technology Platforms, PPPs and JTIs (EEB, FOF, SPIRE, ARTEMIS…). In FP7 activity TECNALIA had position 11th among RTOs and 23rd in absolute, according to the EC’s 7th FP7 Monitoring Report (Final), since we partnered in 377 projects, coordinating 81 of them; in H2020 TECNALIA is similarly active and participates in 295 projects, coordinating 61 of them, up to the end of December 2019. TECNALIA is a member of EARTO and of EUROTECH, linking together the most important RTOs in Europe.
TECNALIA Ventures is a wholly owned subsidiary for the commercialisation of innovative technology-based results, turning innovative technology assets into new profitable and sustainable businesses and generating economic value for society. TECNALIA Ventures focuses on accelerating the development of disruptive technologies to transform them into investable business opportunities and managing the portfolio of TECNALIA spin-offs, currently integrated by a portfolio of 15 start-ups in a wide range of sectors. TECNALIA owns international branches at France (Montpellier, Bordeaux), Italy (Pisa), Germany (Tübingen), Serbia (Belgrade), Colombia and Northamerica.
The University of the Basque Country (EHU/UPV), TECNALIA and Donostia International Physics Center (DIPC) are the founding members of Euskampus (2010, ), a project with attained the qualification of International Campus of Excellence from the Spanish Ministry of Education (2010). Euskampus partners with the PRES of the Universities of Bordeaux in the Euskampus-Bordeaux Transborder Campus.
TECNALIA is an equal opportunity employer. Current ratio of female/male employees is 43/57.
TECNALIA’s work processes are certified under ISO9001, ISO14001 and UNE166002 (Quality, Environment and Innovation Management standards respectively).
platform developers, software in tegrators, cognitive and psycho-emotional services providers, ...Yeshttp://www.tecnalia.comAlberto
Telerehabilitacja Mobilna Sp. z o.o.Micro (<10 employees and ≤ € 2 m turnover)PolandEuropeanResearch and development for public health care, a software application for telemedicine and mobile devices technology, consultation.Reconciliation of the Division of labor between partners and the integration modelYeswww.telerehabiltacja24.plKazimierz FRĄ
IZERTISMedium (< 250 employees and ≤ € 50 m turnover)
SpainInternationalIZERTIS is the parent company of a group of technology services companies. It has more than 20 years of experience in the sector and integrates more than 700 professionals distributed in its offices in Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Peru, Colombia and the Dominican Republic.
IZERTIS is a technology consultancy firm that facilitates the digital transformation in organizations through the implementation of solutions, technological and innovation services linked to the development of new business models, the intelligent use of technology and its correct management by the people who make up IZERTIS, and the work teams deployed in its clients.
Since 1996, IZERTIS leads, both in Spain and Portugal and in Latin America, the development of projects linked to the digital transformation in private companies and public administrations.
The strategic agreements and partnership levels that IZERTIS has, as well as the client and project references that support it, make it a reference company. Its commercial offer integrates technological solutions and services linked to digital transformation, business management, control and decision making, development, improvement and maintenance of platforms and applications, technological infrastructures and services, resource management, digital marketing and project management and IT governance.

"The important thing is not the technology, but what we do with it".
For IZERTIS, technology is an enabler, but before its deployment there is an analysis and assessment process that defines if its use is necessary for its clients. In addition, since its inception it has developed close relationships with the most important technology manufacturers in the world and collaborates with organizations of all sizes. Its commitment to customer satisfaction goes beyond this and seeks to establish solid and lasting relationships where the development and evolution of its business model is the main starting point.
Its HR policy is based on the professional development of its employees. IZERTIS invests in achieving the highest qualification of its work teams, which have knowledge, skills and certifications that guarantee their technical and professional capacity.

Activities and products of the company:
IZERTIS accompanies its clients towards the achievement of their objectives through an offer based on the provision of specialized technological services, which are adapted to their needs, through five business areas that encompass the whole technological and digital ecosystem of the company:
-Digital transformation: services aimed at facilitating the digital transformation of organizations and the implementation of digital models.
-Business solutions: tools to facilitate business management, control and decision making.
-Smart software labs: development, improvement and maintenance of platforms and applications.
-Technological infrastructures & services: deployment, administration and maintenance of physical, cloud and hybrid infrastructures.
-Business operations: management of resources specialising in digital transformation, IT and consultancy.
-Digital experience: development of online strategies aimed at generating business through the use of marketing techniques.
-Business consulting, project & service management: project management and IT governance.

We are open to join in different areasYes GONZÁLEZ
Uniwording ProjectMicro (<10 employees and ≤ € 2 m turnover)SwitzerlandInternationalAn association no Profit which aims to devolop and to spread a universal signs language
Social and Healthcare area, IT CompaniesYes DE
Instituto de Biomecánica (IBV)Medium (< 250 employees and ≤ € 50 m turnover)SpainInternationalIt is a Research and Technological Organization (RTO) that combines knowledge related to anthropometry, interfaces design, biomechanical evaluation and promotion of health and it applies them to very diverse areas with the aim to improve the competitiveness of companies and industrial sectors by addressing people’s quality of life.D3, D4, D8 and D10Yeswww.ibv.orgJosé David
NTT DATA Italia S.p.A.LargeItalyInternationalNTT DATA Italia is one of the main ICT players in the italian market. It provides a wide range of IT services, from Advisory to System Integration, from Application Maintenance to Outsourcing. NTT DATA Italia main data: 8 sites (Milan is the HQ), about 4.000 employees, around 400M€ annual revenues. NTT DATA is strongly focused on Innovation, and can claim strong capabilities in the new technologies like IoT, AI, Cyber Security, XR, Blockchain, etc. NTT DATA Italia is part of the Japanese corporation NTT DATA.Integration with Healthcare DI
Nextage srlSmall (< 50 employees and ≤ € 10 m turnover)ItalyEuropeanNextage S.r.L. is an innovate Italian SME with more than 10 years of experience in the healthcare business sector. The management and analysis of biomedical big data, both clinical and genetic, has always been subject of interest from us, supporting by research funded projects but also by european, national and local clients. The knowledge and skills gained over the years in health has allowed to develop the local node of repository for Galliera Hospital (Genoa, Italy) that allows to feed the regional Electronic Health Record (EHR) and to deliver to a large company a platform for the management of Hospital Discharge Forms, today used in many italian hospitals and health centers.
Nextage’s ICT unit has mainly developed software to create web enterprise platforms with particular attention to biomedical topics by using an internal framework, registered in the SIAE's, which is a structured, homogeneous, tested, always updated stack containing all the fundamental characteristics / components for the secure coding.
Other successful projects include SurgiQ, a platform to support specialist to plan and schedule activities, now an innovative start up; Colibri, born from a Decipher EU PCP, now a platform to collect, manage and monitoring clinical data of therapeutic paths designed for chronic patients and healthcare professionals.
Machine Learning and AI Experts, HIS integration and interoperability, Gamification strategiesYes
Up Project Gestion de ProyectosSmall (< 50 employees and ≤ € 10 m turnover)SpainEuropeanUp Project is a Spanish company with 13 years of experience in the management of large-scale projects, applying various methodologies such as project management. About 5 years ago it started working in the development and management of technological projects through Upicus, a platform for the integrated management and communications. Since 2014, Up Project bellows to the short group of companies which have been awarded with the Innovative SME Stamp by the Government of Spain.

Up Project developed an exclusive software for health management technical- doctor-patient, from which you can collect your medical history, tests, pre-medical prescriptions, contact medical personnel and diagnostic images; This software allows to offer a service with added value for professionals and companies in the health sector.
Recently, as part of the European Project InDemand, Up Project developed an application for prescribing physical exercise for health, follow up on real-time these prescriptions, establish a process and communication between medical staff and sport facilities, and implement adherence strategies for patients. There are different interfaces for GPs, trainers and patients. The application contains gamification to engage the users and allows for patient empowerment and socialization.
Iot Devices, Privacy and Data security, Psychological and emotional support, AI/ algorithmics, partners in other countriesYes PÉREZ
Tunstall HeatlhcareMedium (< 250 employees and ≤ € 50 m turnover)SpainInternationalTunstall is a UK based business which has been working in the health and social care ecosystem for over 60 years. We provide Technology Enabled Health and Care (TEC) solutions and services enabling frail older adults with multimorbidity to live independently at home for as long as possible. Tunstall has the overall objective to improve and optimize care of older persons with multi-morbidity to make it more effective on home time and more cost-effective than current care by integrating health and care using a rage of technology solutions and services.

Today we operate in 52 countries around the world following our vision “A world where people have the freedom to live life to the full in a place of their choice” and according to our mission is to provide technology based solutions and services to improve our customers’ ability to deliver new, more efficient and effective models for health & care management in the community setting.

Some features about Tunstall:

• 60 years’ experience – a strong brand and trusted reputation
• Over 3.000 FTE worldwide
• Supporting over 5 million end users around the world across the connected health, connected care and connected services portfolios (Independent Living and Group Living and connected health)
• Tunstall directly monitoring 1.4m end clients from Tunstall’s 15 response centres around the world including full manged service, out of hours support and disaster recovery support
• 370.000 elderly are supported 7/24 thanks to our Proactive and Personalized telecare in Spain (44% of the Public Telecare Users in Spain)
• 795,000 end clients are supported in Group Living schemes provided by Tunstall
• 224,000 hospital beds are supported by Tunstall’s Nursecall systems
• 64,000 patients in the Nordics have their clinical care home visits scheduled, coordinated and managed using Tunstall systems
• Over 12,000 business clients have chosen Tunstall’s products and services to help meet their care management requirements
• 253 client monitoring centres worldwide have chosen use Tunstall software

Our focus is on developing solutions that enable the delivery of efficient, preventative and coordinated health and social care in the community. As care become increasingly digital, we promote more connected and intelligent services that can: Monitoring and Response; Selfcare and Wellness; Activities of Daily Living; Social Engagement; Condition-Specific Management; Care planning..

Our solutions and services enable independent living, by defining new models of care and creating connected global healthcare solutions which support more than five million people daily. We focus on using the latest digital and mobile technology to enable people to feel safe, secure and independent, giving them the freedom to live the life they choose. Our products combine secure digital connectivity and mobile platforms to give confidence, reassurance and peace of mind in health and care delivery being those extremely aligned with the challenges described in the ECARE project.
Virtual Carer & Social PrescriptionNowww.tunstall.comEster
Dedalus Italia S.p.A.LargeItalyInternationalDedalus Italia S.p.A. is one the leader companies of the Dedalus group, the first diagnostic and hospital healthcare software organization in Europe and one of the major international players. The company is owned by the Management and by Ardian, the biggest private investment company in Europe and 4th in the world. The shareholding structure ensures stability and great financial capacity, which will be dedicated to the development of new products and to the consolidation operations of the European market, that is still too fragmented. Starting from 2017, Dedalus Group implemented its expansion by leveraging the full functional coverage of all ICT needs of every healthcare system (not limited to hospital systems), either public or private. Thanks to the acquisition of Agfa Healthcare IT – Aceso, Dedalus consolidate its role pf pan-European player in healthcare software market, with market leading positions (#1 player) in Germany, Italy and France, and an international coverage that runs from Brazil to China, Spain, UK, USA, Latin America, Middle East and North and South Africa reaching over 30 different countries.
Today Dedalus employs over 3,400 highly skilled resources, providing one of the largest R&D software teams in Europe with more than 1,100 FTEs. The combined Pro forma revenues stood at c. €470m for FY2019 (DACH 44%, Italy 29%, France 24%), while growing at c. 6% CAGR (2016-19) on an organic basis.
Thanks to its undisputed portfolio of leading web-based solutions, Dedalus covers the whole spectrum of solutions for healthcare operators, supporting over than 5000 hospitals and 4800 laboratories around the world.
The wide experience acquired in all strategic areas can be exploited to optimize and improve regional and national systems, in particular in those Countries which require a substantial economic efficiency-raising, higher quality of service to citizens and improved care quality in the coming years. At the international level, Dedalus Group is able to contribute to the design and implementation of important strategic projects providing those Countries that decided to reform or realize their healthcare systems with innovative and state of the art information systems, thanks to its outstanding skills and technologies.
Companies and/or Research centers with expertises in Artificial Intelligence, cybersecurity, Telerehabilitation systems, mobile apps. We are interested also in partners with expertise in evaluating with the socio economic, legal and ethical dimensions related to the introduction of the eCare solution in the healthcare sector.Yeswww.dedalus.euDavide
KinetikosSmall (< 50 employees and ≤ € 10 m turnover)PortugalInternationalKinetikos is a digital health company revolutionising the standard of care for movement disorders and its related musculoskeletal and neurological conditions. We address the concept of frailty in older adults through our CE-marked medical device digital solutions which analysis and monitors in continuum the movement of individuals and translates it into clinical insight, allowing an accurate assessment of their condition and reducing risks in various functional domains, as well as mental health outcomes (i.e. depression, social burden).

Deficits in mobility are common in older individuals and those with movement disorders and often affect activities of daily living, work, and socialization. Highly knowledgeable in biomechanical models and at applying artificial intelligence to clinical research, our awarded team's scientific activity totals more than 120 presentations in national and international conferences, more than 50 published peer-reviewed papers among conferences and international journals, and an active collaboration as manuscript reviewers in some of the main clinical and biomechanics journals. Our team’s expertise ranges from web and mobile application development, UX/UI, data science and biomechanics. Because we operate in the health space we also ensure that all developed digital solutions comply with the new EU and US data protection regulations.
Kinetikos is focused on movement analysis and how this analysis can contribute to the detection of frailty and pre-frailty conditions and consequently support clinical decisions and patients and families’ decisions. However, this solution will always be complementary to a set of other tools, which will allow to cover the unmet needs identified in one of the previous points and which are not covered with our solution, such as:
- Psychological and emotional support
- Cognitive and functional decline support
- Social and healthcare system integration
- IT adoption
- Data management and interoperability
Nueva Mater DeiSmall (< 50 employees and ≤ € 10 m turnover)SpainNationalNueva Mater Dei is an authorized, private-nursing home of integral care to elderly people. Our main objective is to offer a quality of life as high as possible, encourage autonomy, welfare, personal development and coexistence between our residents. The entire complex has 5.000 m2. It is made up of large gardens to walk in nearby. The building’s structure allows a convenient distribution of care zones, common areas and private spaces, in order to achieve a fulfilling degree of serenity and independence at the residents’ rooms. Nueva Mater Dei provides special attention to prevention and empowers health care through personalized programs, with the social and cultural environment where the elder develops. Better health from a better environment. Specialized in user center design, end-users empowerment, from the idea creation to product testing and business model development.Technology and Innovation for nursing homes and seniorsYeswww.nuevamaterdei.comRosario
Assisto SrLMicro (<10 employees and ≤ € 2 m turnover)ItalyNationalAssisto is an innovative SME that deliver an AI remote patient monitoring algorithm that integrate CIRS test with a B2B Api as a Service modelSw developer, Care-giverYeswww.assisto.meLeonardo
Teseo SrlMicro (<10 employees and ≤ € 2 m turnover)ItalyNationalTeseo is an Italian startup and a spin-off the University of Genoa with more than 30 publications on Ambient Assisted Living, social robotics and AI solutions for elder care. We are a team of 9 people including industry experts and skilled developers.

We developed Kibi, a smart assistant that provides coaching on active aging to older adults and actionable insights and peace of mind to their caregivers. It collects data using only a smartwatch and a few inexpensive devices to be installed in the environment, and process them with machine learning and AI algorithms to understand the daily activities the assisted person performs during the day. Kibi can talk to the assisted person to encourage them to tackle any issue, or provide data to their caregivers and alert them in case of emergency.

Kibi is offered as a service and is suitable both for personal and professional use. We have a first version ready to market for elder care facilities and ongoing pilots with selected partners in Italy.

We may be willing to partner with:
- Health care and elder care service providers willing to integrate their workflow with Kibi to address together D9
- Providers of IT services in the elder care and health care space, to receive support in the integration of our solution with the procurers' systems and the electronic records system
- Hardware manufacturers with expertise in the healthcare field
- Subjects that can help us improve the user experience, either by cooperating on the dashboard and/or vocal assistant, or provide user feedback beyond that provided by the procurers - www.kibi.techAlessio
Mass Factory Urban Accessible Mobility, S.L.Micro (<10 employees and ≤ € 2 m turnover)SpainInternationalMass Factory Urban Accessible Mobility, S.L., is a high-tech company, spin-off from the “Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB)”, born with the Mission to create innovative products that add value to society.
Two founding values stand out at the main characteristics of our products / services:
1. Universality: following Universal Design principles we develop systems to be used by most of the people.
2. Social Welfare: applying the Smart City concept of using technology to improve the lives of citizens.

Our products / services are branded as App&Town.

App&Town H-Monitor is a Personal Health System monitoring biometric indicators and mobility parameters for Senior Citizens. it comprises: Wearable device, Mobile App, Beacons, Big Data and AI algorithms. Their main functionalities are:
- Wearable: it provides biometric indicators.
- App: it gathers and monitors biometric indicators, mobility parameters and overall activity.
- Big Data: it stores and standardizes all collected data.
- AI Algorithms: it detects and prevents loneliness and isolation, promoting safe and healthy habits and exercise.
It is the unique System providing a solution for the two worst problems for Senior Citizens, frailty and loneliness.
On one hand, the Wearable device allows the continuous monitoring of biometric indicators, i.e., the continuous assessment of health changes based on each person's individual activity patterns and baseline health conditions. Identifying and assessing problems early provides a window of opportunity for interventions to alleviate problems before they become catastrophic and require hospital or nursing home care.
On the other hand, Beacons, Wearable and Smarphone allow to control the activity of the user, both indoor and outdoor. System monitors the time while staying at home, out of home and spent in recommended premises/activities. It also provides support to reach destination in case of disorientation or getting lost and to get in situ assistance if required. Finally, it also avoids going out of secure areas or going to non-recommended locations.
Companies with Medical knowledgeYeswww.appandtown.comFaustino
Telemedis Węglarz Sp. J.Micro (<10 employees and ≤ € 2 m turnover)PolandEuropeanPoland, Telemedis Sp. J . We have developed an innovative service-oriented system IT architecture( based on HL7 FHIR Standards) that allows us to model many care scenarios that will make life easier for caregivers and staff involved in helping (doctors, nurses, social workers). Our experience in the field of cardiology, diabetes, geriatrics, as well as long-term partnerships with medical and research and development canters, allow us to build a product that meets market expectations.End-users education and empowerment
Psychological and emotional support
Clinical condition management
Yeswww.telemedis.plWładysław Wę
Medium (< 250 employees and ≤ € 50 m turnover)SpainNationalOur consortium is a group of a company and two research groups from Santander (Cantabria, Spain). We are developing the TeDFES project (Technologies and Photonic Devices for Healthy Aging). The target of TeDFES is to advance towards “digital health”, improving supervision, diagnosis and actions in elderly people, both in primary or ambulatory care and in residential areas. Our group is capable to coordinate and lead the eCare tender. It is composed by three members with different backgrounds
The Photonics Engineering Group (PEG) of the University of Cantabria has been focused on Photonic/Optical/Fiber optic sensors; fiber light sources; Optoelectronics Instrumentation; Techniques of detection, Measurement and Monitoring of events and processes using image for any sector of application, PEG has recently decided to focus its work on R+D+I, mainly, in life sciences and health. This decision is backed by a great progress in the Photonics knowledge, methods and techniques able to be used in biological sciences and health that are significantly contributing to the solution of several of the “societal challenges” of our time.
Valdecilla Research Institute (IDIVAL) is the main institution dedicated to biomedical research in the autonomous region of Cantabria. The core of IDIVAL activity is the University Hospital Marqués de Valdecilla. Nevertheless, IDIVAL included both clinically-oriented groups, as well as groups focused on more basic research, but the overall goal of the institution is to foster high quality patient and disease-oriented translational research. IDIVAL acts as mediator for the communication between the various agents in the innovation process (hospitals, academia, and industry around Spain) by creating tools that provide a real-time picture of medical technological innovation and foster strategic contacts and alliances.
AMBAR is a telecommunications systems company, active in the development of new services, specialized in the global integration of communication systems. Its activity puts the focus on the design, installation and maintenance of convergent solutions within the fields of Cyber security, Data, Voice, Security / Energy and Image. Likewise, it actively works in the development of R + D + i projects, some of which have the support of public entities that promote innovation and technological development of Spanish companies. AMBAR has worked in the hospital environment with projects related to telemedicine support, home teleassistance technologies and on-site entertainment in the hospital for patients.
cloud processing & IAYes
Ab.Acus srlMicro (<10 employees and ≤ € 2 m turnover)ItalyInternationalAb.Acus is a high-tech company whose mission is translating scientific research into innovative tools, making mainstream technologies serving healthcare while reducing its costs. Ab.Acus is deploying pioneering solutions in the field of digital biomarkers, telerehabilitation, home care monitoring, and digital therapeutics.
Ab.Acus has been partnering with outstanding companies and research centres from all over the world. An amazing track record of R&D projects within the H2020 program well characterises our international research flavour. Ab.Acus has been qualified as “PMI Innovativa” (Innovative SME) by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development in 2020.
Ab.Acus innovation strategy is rooted in the decreasing cost of consumer electronics, the subsequent increasing breadth of availability of powerful and always connected devices in everyone’s every-day life and the empowered digital literacy of society at large. Ab.Acus is shaping the future of digital services to citizens, providing reliable and robust tools leading to innovative clinical paths, reliable monitoring framework, and high-quality services.
Ab.Acus activities are framed within the most innovative technological topics such as Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), as well as Cloud platform and wearable technology. Ab.Acus covers all these competence’s areas and mix them together to provide valuable solution concepts at the cutting edge of innovation.
Ab.Acus is based on two main business branches. The first one consists in providing R&D services to support national and international partners within technology transfer processes and international cooperative research projects. Actually, Ab.Acus is partner of several projects involving both academic and industrial partners with the aim to lead the technological transfer of research outcomes and support the digital transformation of healthcare. The second one consists in developing innovative eHealth solutions and selling the know-how and patents generated to external resellers or commercial partners. The product portfolio of Ab.Acus includes for example an innovative wearable system for telerehabilitation (RehabMe) and a cloud-based platform for the monitoring of chronic diseases (QuantifyMyPerson). Ab.Acus delivers robust and usable telemedicine tools translating the last research findings into persona-oriented solutions. All the systems have been already used with elderly population.
interoperability with clinical systems, psychological and cognitive support provision, education and empowerment
Yeswww.ab-acus.euMaria BULGHERONI
Cuviva ABSmall (< 50 employees and ≤ € 10 m turnover)SwedenEuropeanCuviva is providing an innovating IoT platform for communication with, and monitoring of, multimorbidity patients and fragile elderly - at home and in care facilities. Everything centered around the individual, with easy-to-use interfaces, sensors, text and video communication. Unique ready-to-use design and easy installation creates efficiency and scalability.

The oldest individual using Cuvivas solution so far is 102 years old, and that without any prior digital competence. Through sensors, e.g. vital parameters are collected wirelessly, and between the patient and the healthcare provider, video and text communication is provided. Connections to other devices, as e.g. wrist IoT-device, creates the ecosystem around the individual. The healthcare and care staff can interact with the individual through their staff interface, that is provided in a responsive web design to be reached in the office, in the car or for that sake at home with tha patient. In such planning of events, reminders, meetings etc are also done. For futher description please see the enclosed Service Definition.
We have the infrastructure in our platform, with e.g. interfaces towards both the individual and the healthcare and care provider staff, this both for communication and monitoring. We are also constantly working with content in our solution, such as daily support for activities, tasks, health plan, care plan, etc, and we see aim to be a core supplier in biulding the ecosystem for healthcare and care for the most fragile individuals. In such we are, and will increasingly, work together with other suppliers.
E.g. we have a partnership with the Italian diabetes support system supplier METEDA. Other companies we are in perthership with is Microsoft, Cogvis, ForaCare, Dräger, Atea, Tele2, etc. We are constantly seeking additional partnerships.
CoquusSmall (< 50 employees and ≤ € 10 m turnover)SpainEuropeanNOVOS is a software development company with more than 20 years of existence, dedicating its last 10 years to the development of its own software products. During all this time, Novos has worked for a very stable client portfolio where the weight of large companies linked to its solutions stands out, such as hospitals, logistics or pharmaceutical companies. This stability is also reflected in the team of professionals, with a long relationship with the company and a high degree of specialization and excellence in their skills.
The level of automation of Coquus, the diet management tool for hospitals and nursing homes, over alternative solutions in the market and the global challenge against Malnutrition, has set Novos' strategic focus on this business unit: patient nutrition. In addition to commercial development, important innovations and new services are being developed to achieve safer, more customized and more controlled nutrition for the entire population.
A key audience for Coquus is the elderly people where Coquus plays a key role in getting better nutrition and fighting the serious problem of Disease-Related Malnutrition.
We are a software solution managing diets in hospitals with a high level of personalisation. With +25% of prevalence of Malnutrition (DRM) we want to help citizens to have a safe and personalised diet in hospitals and we would like to extend this service to home.Yes LÁZARO
KOMPAI roboticsMicro (<10 employees and ≤ € 2 m turnover)FranceEuropeanWe develop advanced robotic solutions to help frail people and their caregivers, wherever they liveHealth and other data management, link with existing platformsYeswww.kompai.comVincent
Instituto Pedro NunesMedium (< 250 employees and ≤ € 50 m turnover)Portugal EuropeanIPN has been developing and increasing its competencies regarding the innovation of health technologies. It is connected to a strong ecosystem that involves the main stakeholders across the value chain in the health and social care sectors.
- IPN has been an associated member of EIT-Health since its beginning: is member of the Innostars region and has participated in about 20 projects; it is active partner of AAL community since its beginning, being participated in about 7 projects (coordinating 2) and co-organized the AAL Forum 2017, in Coimbra;
- IPN was one of the co-founders of the Ageing@Coimbra, a 4 stars reference site from the EIP-AHA. Also, the involvement in current initiatives that are building the Multidisciplinary Institute for Ageing (MIA), the Healthy Ageing@LAB (collaborative interface laboratory) and the late DIATOMIC DIH for Health.
Altogether, IPN places itself in a unique position to engage and catalyse the health and social care ecosystems with a complete set of competencies that will add value to any team developing new activities in such sectors.
Over the years, IPN has been working on several projects with a systemic and holistic view of the technology path toward market access. IPN highlights its knowledge and experience in technical verification, health technology assessment, clinical validation and medical device certification.
IPN aggregates a multidisciplinary team, capable of providing complementary competences that allow us to cover a wide range of technical areas, undertaking RTD and technology transfer activities in the fields related to Medical Devices development involving cutting-edge technologies like:
- Artificial Intelligence;
- Robotics;
- Internet of Bodies;
- Cyber security;
- Additive manufacturing.
Additionally, IPN aims to contribute to the creation of high-value health care by supporting Medical Device Validation, Evaluation and Certification and following Health Technology Assessment (HTA) methodologies.

SME providers of IT services in the clinical environment (e.g.: EHR), platform
Vanessa Cunha
112 MotionMicro (<10 employees and ≤ € 2 m turnover)NetherlandsEuropeanWe’re a leading provider of digital products and services, targeting the 50+ and 65+ market segments with a range of PREVENTIVE care solutions which improve the quality of life. We're on a “Ageing Well” journey: delivering personalized, preventive, solutions addressing the needs of people at risk of falling or at risk of physical decline due to the risks associated with inactivity, social isolation, dehydration and malnutrition.

Our hardware products include the CareWatch wearable - which offers unique hardware features typically absent from competitors in healthcare (such as customization/integration options, low-power usage and superb readability) - and DrinkWELL - an intelligent drinking solution which prevents dehydration for older people.
Yeswww.encourage.careNanno van der
Althea Italia S.p.A.LargeItalyInternationalAlthea is a multinational company operating in the field of the integrated healthcare technology management and telehealth service delivery. Althea is involved and motivated
to develop the telehealth market promoting a model where a Service Center assure the day-by-day follow up of the patients (training, technical support, clinical protocols
adherence, need of clinical support). The development and large-scale application of this model require a high reliability infrastructure and high efficiency of the software
application and of the operation. eCare project represents an important opportunity for Althea to tune and optimize the processes of service delivery in telehealth.
This optimization will be possible introducing new technologies on the field (in order to
monitor the patients) and collecting data to support and help the operators of the Service
Center to manage patients with efficiency.
Althea can provide a portfolio of services in line with the objectives and requirements of the eCare project. Althea is looking to enter in a structured consortium willing to assume the role of operational pillar (providing services, infrastructure, personnel, technology, process know how)Yeswww.althea-group.comAndrea
BOK Technologies & Solutions SRLMicro (<10 employees and ≤ € 2 m turnover)RomaniaEuropeanBOKtech is developing and implementing highly accessible, user friendly and patient-centric solutions in the medical field integrating the modern concept of Electronic Health Record with IoT devices, accessible interfaces and artificial intelligence, thus creating a smart healthcare framework that is both flexible and easy extensible.
XR technologies, clinical/medical, wearable/remote monitoring technologiesYeshttp://www.boktech.euOtilia Kocsis