VPN Service AverageJurisdictionAudited No Log policySpeed Protocols Encryption Leak Protection Avaliability Owned Servers RAM Servers Ownership Bug Bounty Payment PricingBypassing Restrictive NetworksCustomer Support Ethics Adblockers Other Additional Features Compatibility Streaming Torrenting
AirVPN 2.56
4- Italy-based VPN with 14-eyes country membership. Hence, amazing ability to surpass data retention laws.
2- No third-party audits with claimed No Logs Policy. 4- Servers, located in UK and Australia are super speedy. 0- Only OpenVPN protocol is used.5- The strongest of all, RSA-4096 , encryption is used. 4-Have ultimate peace of mind as there is no IP leak, DNS leak, and Data leak. 3- Works wonderfully on Windows, Mac, iOS, Linux, and Android devices. 0- Can't figure out credibility at this front as no information is provided. 0- No RAM servers are owned. 5- Hides nothing about ownership and brings the owner, Paola Brini, into the public's eyes. 3- There is a claimed bug bounty program but no information is provided. 4- Other than cash, other leading payment methods are offered.
3- While the pricing is affordable, there is no free trial and money-back guarantee. For 1 month, users have to pay $ 8.51. A 3-month subscription can be purchased at $18.23/month. The other 3 plan prices are $59.57( 1 year), $96.03( 2 years), and $120( 3 years).
2- OnlyTOR can be tamed or get along with this VPN. 2- Not equipped enough to assist the customers as customer support is offered by emails and FAQ. 3- Full disclosure is not there aware with its social responsibilities, and respect copyrights. 0- No ad-blocker.2- Only Split-tunneling and Quick connect added features are offered.
2- Scores less at this front as streaming and device compatibility not at much impressive. The number of servers is limited. Torrenting is great.
1- Poor streaming capabilities as Netflix doesn’t work. Few servers work on Amazon Prime. 4- Most of the servers are good for torrenting.
Astrill3.015- Registered in Seychelles and is not bounded by any data retention law. 2- No regular audits. No-logs policy. 2- Very few servers are speedy. 4- WireGuard, the cutting edge protocol, along with OpenVPN, is used.5- Have peace of mind while using Astrill as strong RSA- 2048 encryption is backing the end-users. 4- WebRTC leak protection is not there but there is amazing IP leak, DNS leak, and data leak protection. 3- Can't be used on smart TV while works perfectly fine on Windows, Mac, iOS, Linux, and Android devices. 2- Presence in 58 countries with 368 servers. 0- Lacks big time in owning the RAM servers.
4- Discloses the details of the owner and there is no detailed About Us page. Hence, the transparency of this VPN is not 100%.
0- Don't have a bug bounty program. 4- Pay via cryptocurrency, card, and online modes for the subscription. 2- Other than 3 kinds of subscriptions, $20 (1 month), $90( 3 months), $120( 1 year), no other kinds of facilities are offered.
4- Other than missing out on the Shadowsocks support, it excels at every front. There is TOR compatibility and dedicated IP servers.
3-Live chat and email support are there. Can’t be reached over the phone. 2- Not maintains the ethics as there is no full disclosure and doesn’t respect the copyrights. 5- Enjoy a great experience as a powerful ad blocker is at your server. 3- Advanced features like Quick Connect, Smart DNS, and Split-tunneling are offered.
4-Streaming is limited to Netflix, doesn’t has global coverage, works perfectly on all the leading devices, and torrenting needs improvement.
5-Netflix US can be watched on the majority of devices. Also, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, ESPN, and HBO Max can be streamed.
3- Poor support for P2P activities. Servers marked yellow, which are few, can be used to access BitTorrent.
Betternet1.674- An offshore VPN that is not forced to hand over the customer information to the government. 0- Keeps logs of the customer data and there are no audits. 3- Server speed is not supportive for games. 1- Lacks big time in other protocols.3- The strongest encryption is RSA-4096 in its case. 0- No protection at all. 3- Average compatibility as it can be used on only common platforms like 1- Very little coverage as only 11 servers are associated with it. 0- RAM servers are not present. 1- Keeps everything a secret and discloses nothing related to ownership. 0- VPN is not at all bother to keep bugs at bay and take no actions. 2- Only card and online payment support are there. 2- There is a free trial but only two types of subscriptions, $12.99 for 1 month and $95.88 for 1 year, are offered.0-Good for nothing as is not equipped to bypass restrictions. 2- Only email and FAQ-based customer support are offered. 2- Absence of full disclosure, respects the copyrights, and oversells the VPN capabilities. 0- Has to bear with the annoying ads as adblocker is not there. 0- No added features are offered. 1-Other than the device compatibility, compatibility is not so great on other fronts. 0- Not at all good for streaming. 0- Risk of dropped connections, no torrenting support, and slow speed.
Cactus VPN3.874- Head office registered in Canada and a part of Five Eye. 2- Lacks reliable audits and has a no-log policy. 3- The US servers are good.
5- A wide range of protocols like WireGuard, PPTP, IKEv2, and OpenVPN will safeguard the end-user.
2- Default encryption is AES-256 while handshake encryption is RSA-2048. 5- Impressive leak protection as no IP leak, DNS leak, and data leak is happening. 5- An all-rounder that works amazingly on all the leading devices. 1- Nothing is disclosed about how much is owned out of 39 servers. 0- RAM servers are no owned. 5-Ownership is in hands of Sergiu Candia and nothing is kept under the sheets. 0- The company is not concerned to fix the bugs. 4- Payment support is impressive as only cash payments are not acceptable.
4- Great pricing plan, free trial is absent, 30-days money-back guarantee. The pricing details of the four subscriptions are as fellowed, $7.99( 1 month), $19,19( 3 months), $55.99 ( 1 year), and $75.99 ( 3-year).
4- No dedicated servers but superb TOR compatibility and Shadowsocks support. 3- Responsive live chat is there. Phone support is not provided. 2- Ethics are not followed diligently. 5- Amazing in-built adblocker. 1- Only Smart DNS is offered as additional features. 4- Has amazing device support, browser extensions are wonderful, streaming needs improvement, and torrenting is average. 2- Works with Netflix but needs to offer support for other platforms as well. 3- Torrenting traffic is not restricted but speed is not very impressive.
Celo VPN2.543- Australia -based VPN, member of Five Eye, and is a follower of Enemy Of Internet policy. 2- No audits to check the authenticity and has a dubious no-log policy. 2- Poor connectivity and speed for streaming, 2- Only WireGuard and IKEv2 are there to protect the end-users.
2- Need to improve the encryption part as the strongest handshake encryption is RSA-2048 which is outdated.
3- Data leak protection is not there but IP leak and DNS leak protection are there. 2- Only useful for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices. 1-Around 39+ servers are spread across 11 countries. 0- No RAM servers. 1- Ownership, company partners, and the rest other things are hidden from the public. 0- Bug bounty program is absent. 4- Payment support for cards, online, and cryptocurrency is available. 2- Only one plan, $6.00 for 1 month, is offered. No free trial and money-back guarantee.1- Other than Shadowsocks support, nothing else is helping you out to bypass the network restrictions. 2- FAQ and email ticketing customer support are only provided. 2- Respects the copyrights but full disclosure is not delivered. 5- A powerful adblocker is integrated. 0- Added features are not offered by this VPN. 3- Torrenting is superb but lacks devices compatibility. Streaming compatibility needs improvement as well. 3- Capable to unblock Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, BBC iPlayer, and HBO NOW. 4- Freely allows torrenting on few servers.
CyberGhost 4.215- VPN based in Romania with no association with Fourteen-Eye.3- QSCert is handling audits for this VPN and adheres to the No-log policy. 4- Adequate speed for torrenting and streaming. 5- Amazing protocol infrastructure with OpenVPN, IKEv2, and WireGuard support.5- Master of all, ChaCha20 is offered. 4- Lacks WebRTC data leak protection but performs superbly when it comes to DNS and IP leaks. 5- Use it on any device without giving a second thought as every possible device is supported by it. 4- Amazing coverage as 6200 servers are present in 90 countries. 5- Fully transitioned RAM servers are present. 5- Maintains transparency as ownership and related details are disclosed. 0- No measures are taken to resolve the bugs. 3- Lacks online and cash payment support.
5- Multiple benefits like assorted plans, free trial, and a money-back guarantee are provided by this VPN. Its 1 monthly plan cost is $12.99. Other pricing details are $47.88 ( for 2 year), $83.76( for 2 years) , and $ 87.75( for 3years).
1- Offers only dedicated server facility. 5- Very much concerned about provided customer assistance as all the possible means are provided. 3- Awareness of its social responsibility and respect the copyrights. 5- In-built adblocker is there to keep the annoyance at bay. 5-A wide range of additional features like SmartDNS, Quick connect, and Active Blog is offered. 5- Compatibility, at every front, is superb. 5- Name any streaming platform and this VPN can help you watch it uninterrupted. 5- Lets you torrent seamlessly without letting any prying eyes looking for you.
Encrypt.me2.653- Based in the USA with a certain possibility of adherence to data nation law. 4- Proof of two audits, carried out by Security Innovations, is there. 2- Server speed is good only for browsing. 4- Lack WireGuard protocol but comes with OpenVPN and IKEv2 support.2- Default encryption is AES-256 and no information is provided related to handshake encryption. 2- Only sub-standard data leak protection is there. 2- It works only on Windows, iOS, Mac, and Android devices. 1- Though it says that 87 servers work for it, nothing is disclosed about owned servers. 0- Not at all capable to own RAM servers. 5- Dave Pack and Peter Sagerson are the owners and the VPN maintains transparency in ownership. 0- There is no bug bounty program offered. 1- Very poor payment support as the only card is accepted. 3- Only two plan choices to make, limited free trial, and money-back guarantee. Get its 1-month plant at $9.99 and 1-year plan for $99.99.0- Has nothing to overcome the network restrictions. 1- Poor customer support as only the FAQ section is there to help out. 4- Other than overselling VPN, it is maintaining ethics at every front. 0- Not equipped with an adblocker. 1- Other than Split-tunneling, nothing else is offered. 2-Doesn't have a wide range of servers, poor compatibility with torrenting apps, and streaming platforms. 1- Hardly works on Netflix. 1- Says clearly that it can be used to torrent copyright content.
ExpressVPN4.765- Out of the reach of any surveillance agency and not at an enemy of the internet. 5- Best audit firm, PwC, is handling audits, proofs are provided, and has a stringent No-log policy. 5- Dedicated servers for streaming. The majority of servers are speedy. 5- IPSec and PPTP are not present but strong WireGuard and OpenVPN are protecting users.5- Premium encryption is used as the CA4096 is the strongest handshake encryption. 5- All kinds of leak protections, except the proven user data leak, are available. 5- Whichever is your device, it works on it wonderfully. 5- More than 3000+ servers are working for this VPN in 94 countries. 0- Absence of RAM servers. 5- VPN can be trusted as crucial details like the owners' names are disclosed.
5- A very impressive bug bounty program, with full details, is offered to the customers.
4- Pay whichever mode you prefer out of card, online, and cryptocurrency.
3- No free trial but the 30-day money-back guarantee. Multiple subscriptions are offered. The cost of these subscriptions is $12.95 ( for 1 month), $59.95 ( for 6 months), $99.95( for 1 year).
3- Compatible with TOR and has the support of the obfuscated server.
5- Doing a great job at this front as live chat, email, FAQ, and other responsive customer support are provided.
4- Knows the social responsibilities but lacks ethics at other fronts. 0- Fails to provide an adblocker. 5- Impressive additional feature-suite is offered that includes SmartDNS, Split-tunnelling, and quick-connect. 5-ExpressVPN is scoring high at compatibility as torrent apps, streaming platforms, and a wide range of servers are supported. 0- Streaming is not available. 5- Works wonderfully with uTorrent or any other BitTorrent client.
FastestVPN2.575-Cayman Island-based VPN with no government monitoring. 2- No proof of auditing and adherence to the No-logs policy. 3- Moderate speed that is good for normal browsing. 3- A moderate use of protocols.2- Fails to provide any other information apart from default encryption which is AES-256. 1- Run-of-the-mill data leak protection which is hardly useful. 5- All kinds of devices are supported by this VPN. 1- Only discloses that it has a presence in 40 countries. Nothing else is disclosed. 0- Score zero as no RAM servers are owned. 1- Seems dubious as other than the owner names, the rest of the things are hidden. 0- Bugs are going to bother you as there is no bug bounty program. 2- Accepts payments via card and PayPal.
4- No lifetime plan and free trial. But, an impressive money-back guarantee is there. Users have three choices to make, a 1-month plan at $10.00, a 1-year plan at $29.95, and a 3-year plan at $39.95.
0- There is nothing to help you out in lifting the network restrictions. 2- Live chat doesn’t work in reality. Email ticketing is the only viable way to contact them. 3- While full disclosure is provided, social responsibilities are not handled diligently. 0- Users have to deal with annoying ads. 3- Fails to provide support for Smart DNS and Split-tunneling. 4- Streaming compatibility is amazing, devices compatibility is noteworthy, and torrenting compatibility is limited.
5- A trusted name in the streaming world as all the leading platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime. HBO and the like are supported.
3- Claims to support torrenting but speed is too slow.
F-Secure Freedome2.345- Finland-based VPN with no government intelligence agency monitoring. 2- No audit proofs with a claimed No-log policy. 2- Servers, located in the US, are speedy while UK servers have poor speed. 2- Only OpenVPN, IPSec, and IKEv2 are there to safeguard the users.2- Encryption is outdated as only AES-256 and RSA-2048 are offered. 0- Fails big time to provide any kind of leak protection. 2- Hardly good as only Windows, iOS, Mac, and Android devices are supported. 1- It has a presence in 22 countries and no detailed information is offered. 0- Null RAM servers. 5- Nothing is hidden on the ownership part. Details of owners, company head office, and the like are mentioned clearly. 5- A bug bounty program is offered and customers are guided at every stage. 2- Card and online payments are possible. 2- Other than 30 days of a free trial, nothing else seems impressive. A direct 1-year plan at $34.99 can be purchased. Also, the two-year plan will cost $89.99.2- Only a bunch of dedicated IP servers are there to help you.
4- Live chat is available for limited time forum support is provided, concerns can be forwarded via emails.
3- Doesn’t bother to provide full disclosure which is crucial. 0- Too many ads are going to ruin your experience as no adblocker is there. 1- Only an active blog added feature is offered. 1- Compatibility with devices and torrenting apps is too poor. 0- It's not good for streaming. 0- Doesn't provide support for BitTorrent or other peer-to-peer file sharing platform.
GooseVPN2.224- A Netherlands-based VPN with Nine Eye membership. 2- Follower of No-log policy but no carrying out audits. 2- People using Canada-based servers, are not able to stream or download content. 3- Not so great protocol protection as there is no WireGuard support.2- Not impressive encryption as ASE-256 and RSA-2048 are offered. 1- Nothing, but data leak protection, is there. 4- There is no Firefox extension and router support. 1- 25 servers in 25 countries are working for this VPN and nothing is revealed about the ownership. 0- RAM servers are not owned. 5- It's great to have all the ownership details readily available. 0- Lacks bug bounty programs. 2- Doesn’t maintain the secrecy in the payment as cryptocurrency is not supported, along with cash. 4- Customers can choose between a 1-month ($9.99 ) and a 1-year plan($59.99 ). 7-days free is also there.2- No TOR compatibility, no Shadowsocks support, and dedicated IP servers. 2- Concerns can only be forwarded via emails/tickets. 3- Copyrights are well respected but the VPN fails to provide full disclosure. 0- Adblocker is absent. 0- Has nothing to offer at additional feature-front. 3- Streaming compatibility is impressive but torrenting is below average. 4- BBC, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Kodi, and YouTube can be watched easily. 3-Only a few servers are good for torrenting.
Hide.Me3.563- Belongs to an Enemy of Internet country, Malaysia. 2- A shady No-log policy with no proof of audits. 5- The majority of servers are offering blazing speed. 4- All the encryptions, including the WireGuard, IPSec, and IKEv2, are utterly secured.5- Going great at this front as updated RSA-4096 is there to safeguard end users.
4- Other than WebRTC leak protection, the rest of the other key leak protections such as DNS leak and IP leak facilities are there.
5- Useful for all kinds of devices. 1- Has kept the information about a number of servers and ownership of the servers a secret. 0- Zero fully transitioned RAM servers. 5- Leon Juranic is the CEO and Founder of Defense Code LTD, the company which owns this VPN. 0- The servers are not taken care of for the bugs.
4- Customers can't pay in cash. But, other leading modes like card, online, and cryptocurrency are acceptable.
3- Plans for 1 month($12.99), 1 year($99.99), and 2-year($ 129.99) are offered, along with the free trial and money-back guarantee.3- One has to adjust without any dedicated IP servers and TOR compatibility. 5- Other than phone support, the rest other customer support options are there. 2- Not very much ethical VPN as doesn’t respect the copyrights and there is no full disclosure. 0- Experience is not free with ads. 2- Users can enjoy only Active Blog and Split-tunneling with all of its subscriptions.
3- Fails to be a highly compatible VPN as streaming and torrenting apps are not supported very well. But, device compatibility is great.
3- Watch Netflix, Hulu & Amazon Prime Video at a decent speed. 3- Most of the servers are optimized for torrenting.
HideMyAss2.873- A UK-based VPN with strict surveillance of online activities.
4- After handing over customer logs to a US agency in 2011 and facing the wrath of people, now VerSprite is handling third-party audits for HideMyAss VPN.
3- Enjoy average speed on UK, Australia, and US servers. 3- No WireGuard encryptions. But, secure OpenVPN is there.5- Uses updated AES-256 and RSA- 4096. 4- Assorted leak protections like DNS leak, IP leak, WebRTC leak protection are present. 4- Firefox extension is not present while it works on Windows, iOS, Android, Linux, and Mac devices. 3-1070 servers, spread across the 210 countries are working. The company doesn’t own the servers. 0- RAM servers are present. 5- Avast is managing this VPN since 2016. 0- It delivers its services without a dedicated bug bounty program. 2- Not very comprehensive payment support. 4- 1-year($59.88) and 3-year($107.64) plans are offered with a free trial and money-back guarantee.0- Has no ability to lift the network bypassing. 3- Chat and emails are available only for a limited time. No direct phone number is provided. 2- Hardly pays attention to its social responsibilities. Full disclosure is also not provided. 5- Offers a cutting-edge adblocker that keeps any kind of disturbances at bay.
4- Other than SmartDNS, the rest other key addition features like SmartDNS, Quick-connect, and Active Blog are provided.
3- Device compatibility is moderate. 4- Can be used to stream platforms like Netflix USA.Disney+, Hulu., Amazon Prime., ESPN, and ESPN.
3- P2P optimized servers, located in Prague, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, London, or New York, are good for torrenting.
HotSpot Shield2.873- USA-based VPN which keeps an eye on people's online activities. 0-Keep logs and have no audits. 4- Nearly 1/3 servers are optimized for streaming and download. 5- A wide range of secured encryptions like WireGuard and IPSec are backing the users.5- All the latest versions of AES-256 and RSA-2048 encryptions are offered. 1- Not so impressive leak protection as IP leak and DNS leak are available but in reality, they don’t work. 4- It doesn’t work on smart TV but can be used on all the leading data-driven devices. 4- Though this VPN doesn’t own 1800+ servers, the encryption is under its authority. 0- Lacks RAM servers. 5- This VPN is under the ownership of Anchor Free and David Gorodyansky. 0- No bug bounty program is offered. 4- Support for almost every leading payment mode is present.
2- Fails to impress much as only two plan choices are there. No free trial but a 45-day money-back guarantee is there. Its minimum subscription starts at $12.99 and remains valid for one month. Other than this, only a 1-year plan at an expense of $95.88 is offered.
0- Lacks every possible ability which is required to bypass network restrictions. 5- Customers are in awe of its customer support which is comprehensive and responsive. 2- Affiliate disclosure is absent and doesn’t respect the copyrights. 0- Adblocker is not present. 2- Its subscribers can enjoy only Active blog and Split tunneling facility. 3-Performs very well when it comes to device and streaming compatibility 2- Only good for watch Hulu and YouTube. Facebook videos can also be watched. 5- All of its servers allow torrenting.
IPVanish 2.243- An enemy of internet VPN headquartered in the USA. 0-Handed over the logs to the FBI couple of times, no audits are done, and there is no No-log policy. 4- Speed is above 90 Mbps on the majority of servers. 4- Enjoy secure WireGuard, OpenVPN, IPSec, and IKEv2 protocols are there.2- Though great encryptions like AES-256 and RSA-2048 are offered, they are not updated. 4- Barely any kinds of leaks will happen as there are IP leaks, DNS leaks, and WebRTC leak protection available. 2- Users can't be used on a smart TV, chrome & firefox extensions, and routers. 4-1600 self-owned servers in 75 countries are managed by this VPN. 0- There is no RAM server to support this VPN. 5- The ownership is in hands of Mudhook Media Inc.
0- The VPN is present with cyber-world vulnerabilities as there is no bug bounty program.
2- Payments are possible only via card and online methods.
3- Enjoy the money-back guarantee for 30-days but no free trial. Its subscription cost varies a lot. There are only two subscriptions offered. The 1-month plan will cost $3.49 for 1st month and $9.99 after each consecutive month. Similarly, its 1-year plan will cost $31.49 for the first month and $89.99 later.
3- There is no TOR compatibility and a dedicated IP server. 5- Has been applauded many times for its highly responsive customer support.
4- Ethics are maintained up to a great level as copyrights are respected and social responsibilities are handled very well.
0- Ads are going to annoy the end-users. 3- There are no additional security features. SmartDNS is also not provided. 2- Other than torrenting, no other compatibility is impressive. 3- Mostly streams sports channels. 5- BitTorrent, uTorrent, and Vuze are supported by this VPN.
Ivacy 2.612- Bounded by Singapore government laws and keeps logs of online activities. 2- Though adopts a No-log policy, there are no audits done. 4- No drop in this speed after connecting to the US and UK-based servers. 3- Secured IPSec, OpenVPN, and IKEv2 protocols for moderate security.5- An updated ChaCha20 encryption is used. 4- Though WebRTC leak protection is not there, it will prevent any data and IP address leaks. 5- Compatibility with all the leading devices. 4- 3500+ servers in 100+ countries are working for this VPN. 0- RAM servers are not there to support. 1- No information about the owner is revealed. 0- Users will have to deal with online dangers as the bug bounty program is absent. 2- Payments can only be done via card and online methods 5- Enjoy the benefits of multiple plans and a money-back guarantee with this VPN. There are three subscriptions: 1-month at $9.95, $44.00 for 1 year, and $59 for 3-years.2- Only dedicated IP servers and obfuscated servers are there to bypass network restrictions. 5- Customers will get immediate assistance when contacted via live chat, emails, and forums. 2- VPN fails to maintain ethics. 0- Use it if you are ok to deal with ads. 3- Lacks at offering SmartDNS and Quick-connect facilities. 4- Users will have a decent server network, device compatibility, and streaming abilities. 3- Works with HBO Now, BBC, SlingTV, and Kodi. Netflix is not supported. 4- Has average torrenting capabilities.
iVPN3.655- An offshore VPN, based in Gibraltar, with no association with any surveillance agency. 4- Audited by Cure53 and adopts a strict No-log policy. 3- Servers, based in the UK, are not great for gaming and download.
4- A secured WireGuard VPN protocol, along with IPSec, OpenVPN, and IKEv2 protocols is here to use.
5- Latest RSA 4096 encryption is used by this VPN along with default AES-256. 5- No kinds of leaks are there as it protects against all the leaks. 3- Lacks support for smart TV and routers. 1-Only 77 servers in 31 counties are at work. Nothing is disclosed about the ownership and location of the servers. 0- RAM servers are absent. 5- Nicholas Pastell has full ownership of this VPN. 0- Need to work on this front as the bug bounty program is not designed. 5- Amazing payment support, Even cash payments are allowed.
4- Though one won't be able to enjoy a free trial and lifetime plans, there is an impressive 30-days money-back guarantee. Four plan choices are offered: $10.00 for 1 month, $100 for 1 year, $160 for 2 years, and $220 for 3 years.
2- Compatible with TOR but lacks dedicated IP servers and Shadowsocks support. 3- Chat is not available around the clock and phone support is not absent. 4- Provides full affiliate disclosure and has respect for copyrights. 5- There is a cut-above adblocker integrated with this VPN.
2- A bunch of added security features, along with split tunneling are provided. Smart DNS and Quick-connect are offered.
2- Streaming compatibility is nearly zero. The server network needs to be a bit more extended. 1- Can only be used to stream CTV. 3- Torrenting is allowed with limited speed. Also, US servers are not ideal for torrenting.
Mullvad3.784- Sweden-based VPN, driven by 14-Eyes laws. 4- Hire a third party for internal audits and have a No-log policy. 5- Amazing speed at all locations. 4- Impressive protocol infrastructure as WireGuard, a highly encrypted protocol, is present.5- Cutting-edge versions of AES-256 and RSA-4096 are at customers' service. 5- Superb protection against data leak, IP leak, proven user leak. DNS leak, and WebRTC leak, 2- Compatibility with Windows, iOS, Mac, and Android devices. 4- 769 servers, located in 37 countries, are working for this VPN. The company is in under process to own the servers. 0- VPN works without fully transitioned RAM Servers. 5- Things are not hidden from the public. The name of the owner, Fredrik Stromberg, is revealed. 0- Can't be called 100% safe as there is no bug bounty program. 5- Wins our hearts as cash payments are also allowed. 5- All the payments, except the cash ones, are eligible for a money-back guarantee for 30-days. Only 1 subscription is offered a 1-month plan at $5.00.3-Impressive Shadowsocks support and TOR compatibility can help you make it through all the restrictions. 3- Fails to provide live chat support which is very much needed. 5- Highly ethical VPN as every criterion is fulfilled. 0- Fails to impress as there is no integrated adblocker.3- Doing the average job at this front as only Quick Connect, Active Blog, and Split tunneling is offered. 4- Compatibility is great when it comes to devices, streaming, server network, and torrenting. 3- Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, BBC, and Disney+ can be watched easily. 5- Uses port forwarding for enhanced torrenting.
NordVPN4.675- The VPN situated in Panama is not a member of any surveillance association. 5- Regular audits are handled by PwC and have a no-compromise zero-log policy. 5- Supersonic speed on all the servers. 5- Great at encryption front as WireGuard, OpenVPN, IPSec, and IKEv2 are present.5- Best of breed encryptions like ChaCha20, SSL/TLS, and RSA-4096 is offered. 5- Stay tension-free as no kinds of leaks will happen. 4- Doing a great job by offering compatibility with all the leading devices, chrome & firefox extensions, and smart TV. 5- A total of 5475 servers in 59 countries are working for NordVPN. 5- Amazing VPN as owns fully transitioned RAM servers. 5- NordVPN is managed and owned by NordSec. The website has details about offices and headquarters as well. 5- Impressively offers a detailed bug bounty program. 5- Pay via any method, including cash.
3- Average performer as there is no free trial and lifetime plans. Customers have three plan options at variable costs. The 1-month plan is available at $11.95, $59 for 1-year, and $99 for 2-years.
4- VPN is laced with facilities such as IP servers, TOR compatibility, and obfuscated servers.
5- Takes care of every query and allows its customers to contact via emails, live chat, forum, and phone.
4- Knows well about its social responsibilities and maintains ethics. 5- Equipped with a feature-rich adblocker. 5- Very generous at this front as features like Smart DNS, added security features, and Active Blogs are offered. 5- Excels at every criterion of compatibility. 2-Falls short on streaming as only Netflix is supported decently. 5- BitTorrent and uTorrent can be accessed on all of its servers.
Ovpn 3.654- Associated with 14-Eyes and located in Sweden. 4- Has proved in the court that no logs are stored and No-log policy is implemented stringently.
4- More than half of the severs, especially the one based in the US, are and suitable for torrenting and streaming.
3- OpenVPN which is the oldest yet highly encrypted protocols are at your service along with WireGuard.
5- ChaCha20 and updated RSA-2048 encryption is offered. 5- Doing a great job in protecting end-users against IP leak, Data leak, DNS leak, and WebRTC leak. 3- Users won't be able to use it on smart TV and routers. 2- Other than the presence of servers in 22 countries, nothing else is disclosed. 4- Transition to RAM servers is going on. 5- Very transparent with its customers and reveals ownership information. 0-It lets the online threats bother you as no bug bounty program is offered. 5- All the leading payment methods are accepted.
3- 10-days money-back guarantee on all subscriptions is provided. Customers can go for 1-month, 6-month, and 1-year at the expenses of $11, $41.94, and $59.88 respectively.
0- There is nothing to help you out if you want to pass the network restrictions. 3-Live support is there but it's not available around the clock. 2- Hardly adheres to any ethics during operations. 5- Users will have a great experience as an in-built adblocker is there. 0- No added features are provided to the end-user.
2- Not so-much compatible VPN as torrenting and streaming apps support is not that much sound. The wide server network is not there.
4- Can be used to watch Netflix, iPlayer, YouTube, Amazon, Hulu. 1-Things are not mentioned clearly.
Perfect Privacy 3.875- Switzerland-based VPN which is not bounded by any data retention law. 4- Provided proof of not saving user data in court. However, audits are not done. 2- Server speed is poor and has low connectivity.
5- Highly impressive protocols structure as WireGuard, IPSec, OpenVPN, and IKEv2 are supported.
2- Encryptions are not updated regularly. 5- Nothing to worry about as all kinds of leak protections are there. 4- Works on all kinds of devices, except the Chrome & Firefox extensions. 1- Very shady server presence as nothing is disclosed related to the location and ownership of 55 servers. 0- No RAM severs. 4- Though the details of the owner are disclosed, there is no About Us page. 0- Use this VPN at your own risk as the bug bounty program is absent. 4- Lacks cash payment support is absent.
2- No three-year plan, free trial, and limited money-back guarantee. A 1-month plan can be purchased at $12.99 while a 1-year plan will cost $119.99. The two-year plan costs $214.95.
3- Has only substandard TOR compatibility and obfuscated servers. 2- Don’t expect an instant response as there is no live chat and phone support. 4- VPN information is not oversold which is a sign of ethical practices. 5- Superb in-built adblocker2- Users can only avail of Split tunneling and added security features are offered.
5- Compatibility is amazing as torrent and streaming apps are accessible, devices of all kinds are supported, and servers are present at many locations.
4- Good enough to let the user stream Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and HBO Nordic. 4- Anonymous connections with up to 1000 Mbps are allowed on BitTorrent.
Private Internet Access4.313- USA-based VPN with government monitoring. 4- No audits but evidence of not keeping logs have been presented.
4- Almost all the servers are speedy enough to support torrenting, downloading, and gaming.
5- Superb protocols features as all the latest and most trusted ones are adopted. 2- Outdated versions of great encryptions are used. 5- Browse the internet with no fear as there are IP leaks, DNS leaks, and WebRTC. 4- There is no support for SmartTV. 4- A server giant, PIA uses 28936 third-party servers in 77 countries. 5- VPN is supported by fully transitioned RAM servers. 5- This VPN is managed by Kape Technology since 2019. There is a detailed About Us page as well.
3- Claims to offer a bug bounty program but fails to provide details and evidence of its presence or working.
3- Cryptocurrency payment support is restrictive. Cash payments are not allowed.
5- Other than the absence of a free trial, everything about this VPN is amazing at the payment front. Affordable 1-month plan at $9.95 cost. A 1-year plan can be purchased at $48 and the 2-year plan is available at $69.95 cost.
4- TOR compatibility is not there but doing an amazing job by offering dedicated IP servers, Shadowasocks support, and obfuscated servers.
4- Ready to help customers via live chat, emails, and FAQ section. Queries left on Twitter are also entertained diligently.
3- Full affiliate disclosure is there but oversells the VPN information. 5- A powerful adblocker is offered with this VPN. 4-Its subscribers are granted added features like Smart DNS, Active blog, and Split tunneling. 5- Very much compatible VPN. 2- Netflix is not supported. Good enough to stream IPTV. 5- With SOCKS5 proxy. It makes torrenting a breeze on all of its servers.
Proton VPN4.375- Located in Switzerland and no monitoring. 5- Sec Consultant is performing internal audits, evidence of no keeping logs are provided, and has strong No-log policy. 5- All the servers are speedy and have no glitches. 5- Utterly secured protocol framework including WireGuard, IPSec, and OpenVPN.4- AES-256 and RSA-4096 are used. 5- Amazing leak protections for all kinds of vital leaks. 3- It doesn’t work on Chrome and Firefox. Router support is also not offered. 4-1246 bare metal servers in 55 countries at work for this VPN.
4- Claims to own fully transitioned servers but no information is provided.
4- The company website says that this VPN is employed owned and is managed by Proton Technologies. So, things are not crystal clear.
3- Though a bug bounty program is offered, as per the vendor, we were not able to find the details.
5- All kinds of payment modes are acceptable. 5- Affordable basic plans, plans for 1-month($6) , 1-year($48) , and 2-year,($79) and money-back guarantee.2- Other than TOR compatibility, nothing else is offered. 3- Only paid users can enjoy 24/7 live chat support which is not a great thing. 4- There is no full disclosure but social responsibilities are handled very well. 5- Yes, there is an effective adblocker provided. 5- Smart DNS, Quick Connect, Active blog, you name any added feature and it offers that.
4- Impressive compatibility as most of the devices are supported, streaming platforms can be accessed, and servers are present globally.
5- Stream favorite shows on Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime Video, Sky Go, and more. 3- Free users can't torrent. Speed on few servers is not optimized for torrenting.
PureVPN3.762- Hong-kong based VPN following the Enemy of Internet Policy. 5- Last audited by KPMG and has defended itself of not keeping customers log by providing sufficient evidence. 3- Very few servers touch the mark of 80 Mbps. 4- WireGuard is absent but famed protocols like OpenVPN, IPSec, PPTP, and IKEv2 are used.2- Not so strong encryption is used. 2-Substandard leak protection with an in-built DNS leak detection tool. 5- It works wonderfully on all the leading platforms. 4-6500 servers in 140+ countries are used for this VPN. 0- Fails to own fully transitioned RAM servers.
5- GZ Systems Limited is handling the ownership of this VPN. Details about company headquarter and offices are also present on the website.
5- A bug bounty program with loads of features and facilities is offered.2- The old school card and online payment support are offered.
4- One-year plan is available with a free trial. Money-back guarantee on all the plans. The basic plan, the 1-month plan, starts at $10.95. For a 1-year plan, one has to pay$69.95 while the 2-year plan comes with a price tag of $80.
2- Users are offered dedicated IP servers and obfuscated server facilities. 5- Other than phone support, the rest of the other customer support means are offered. 2- Ethics are not maintained. 5- Keep annoying ads and malware at bay as this VPN is an in-built ad blocker.
5- Doing a great job by offers a whole bunch of added features including Smart DNS, Active Blog, and Quick Connect.
4- Excels at device compatibility but streaming compatibility needs improvement. 2- Claims to support streaming comprehensively. But, only discloses the name of Amazon Prime Video. 4-Activation of File-Sharing mode is needed to see which all servers are optimized for torrenting.
SaferVPN2.223- A member of 5- Eyes and situated in the USA. 2- A dubious No-log policy with no proof and audits. 3- Upload speed, on US servers, reaches the mark of 44Mpbs. 2- Only the traditional OpenVPN and IPSec are used.2- ASE-256 is the default encryption but it's not updated continuously. 4- It can be trusted at this front as there are IP leaks, data leaks, and DNS leak protection. 3- Though it works on all the leading data-driven devices, the iOS app is very buggy. 2- No information related to the ownership and location of 1300 servers in 50 countries is provided. 0- No RAM servers and no work is done towards this direction. 5- The owner of this VPN is Safer Social and the About Us page is also present. 0- One has to manage without a bug bounty program. 4- More than average payment support as cash payments are not possible.
3- There is no two-year plan and lifetime plan. Free trial is also missing, and a money-back guarantee is there to give ultimate peace of mind. A costly 1-moth plan as the pricing is $12.95. The 1-year plan is pocket-friendly as it can be purchased at $65.88. $90 is the total cost of the 3-year plan.
2- Not competent to bypass network restrictions completely s only obfuscated servers are offered. 5- Takes care of customer concerns via emails, phone, forums, and live chat. 3- Other than respecting copyrights, ethics are not maintained elsewhere. 0- No ad-blocker will be there to protect you. 2- Not doing an impressive job as there is no Split tunneling, Smart DNS, and added security features. 3- Device compatibility is of a moderate kind but streaming compatibility is great. 4- Platforms like BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime, Hulu, US HBO GO, Foxtel, along Netflix can be accessed. 4- Offers unlimited bandwidth and it's great for torrenting.
Strong VPN2.593- Based in the USA with intelligence agency surveillance. 2- Follower of No-log policy but fails to prove it as no audits are done. 3- Ping speed is poor on the majority of servers.
4- PPTP is absent but it is backed with amazing protocols like WireGuard, IPSec, IKEv2, and OpenVPN are there.
2- Needs to pay attention to the update of ASE 256 and RSA-2048 encryption used. 5- Going strong in the market as a wide range of protections is there. 3- No support for Chrome & Firefox extensions along with smart TVs. 2- 950 servers in 50 locations, whose location is not disclosed, are used by this VPN. 0- VPN lacks RAM servers. 5-J2 Global is the owner of this VPN and other ownership-related details are well mentioned on the website.
0- Not recommended if you don’t have to get bothered by bugs as no measures are taken to resolve them.
2- Substandard payment support is offered as card and online payments are possible.
3- An average performer that doesn’t provide a free trial. Only two plans are provided to users. The 1-month plan is very cost-effective as it can be purchased at $3.50. The other plan is for 1 year and can be availed at a mere cost of $27.99.
0- Lacks at every front. 3-Limited live chat support, along with FAQ and emails. Are offered. 2- Keeps professional ethics at bay. 5- Enjoy the service of a superb ad-blocker. 2- Smart DNS is offered but there is no Split tunneling which is crucial for optimized performance. 3- Great job when it comes to device compatibility but streaming & torrenting compatibility have loads of scope for improvement. 2- Can help you access only Netflix US. 3- Claims to allow torrenting but detailed information is provided.
SurfShark 4.215- Governed as per the laws of the British Virgin Islands and is not forced by any data retention law. 5- Recently, in 2021, Cure53 done the second audit and follows a strict No-log policy.
5- Sets the benchmark for others with 161 Mbps speed. There is no limit on bandwidth as well.
4- A wide range of other protocols and high-end WireGuard is there to help you out.5- Latest version of ChaCha20 and RSA-2048 is used.
5- Proven user leak protection may be absent but it offers sound protection against all the key leaks such as IP leaks and DNS leaks.
5- Without any glitches, this VPN works on all the leading platforms. 4- 3200+ servers in 65 countries are used for SurfShark. 5- Backed with a bunch of fully transitioned RAM servers. 5- Multiple co-founders are there and the website has full details on offices, contacts, and the like. 0- A detailed bug bounty program is absent. 4- Cash payments are not allowed but all other leading payment processing is possible.
4- Free trial is offered but one has to give credit card details to avail of that. Subscriptions for 1-month, 6-months, and 2-years are offered at expenses of $12.95, $38.94, and $59.76 respectively.
3-Shadowsocks support and obfuscated servers are provided. 5- Choose any means, live chat, phone, emails, and forum, instant support is offered. 4- Full affiliate disclosure is provided but doesn’t respect the copyrights. 5- An impressive adblocker is offered. 5- All kinds of leading added features like Smart DNS, Active Blog, and the like are offered. 5- Regardless of the platform, SurfShark is super compatible.
5- Around 20+ streaming platforms, including US/UK Netflix, Disney+, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, HBO Max, and ESPN, can be watched easily.
5- With unlimited bandwidth and optimized servers, torrenting is great.
Torguard 3.293- USA-based VPN. Hence a member of 5-Eyes. 2- Claims to have a No-log policy but not have enough substantial evidence to support it. 5- Servers are having great ping and download speed. 5- All the leading suite of protocols are adopted by this VPN.1- Very poor performer at this front. 5- Updated and wide range of leak protections like IP leak, DNS leak, WebRTC leak, and data leak are offered. 3- The iOS app is buggy while there is no support for smart TV. 3- Company says that 3000+ servers in 5 global locations are used. 0- Lacks support of RAM servers. 5- Benjamin Van Pelt is the owner of this VPN. The website has details on company offices and contact numbers. 3- The company claims to offer a bug bounty program but no details are present. 4-Keeps the cash payments, as they are cumbersome, out of the way. 4- Plans for 1-month($9.99 ) , 3-months ($19.99), 1-year( $59.99) , 2- year($99.99 ) , and 3-year($140 ) are offered with a free trial of 2 days.4- Doing great to curb network restrictions as everything else, other than TOR compatibility, is offered. 3- Live chat support is limited and can't be reached out via phone. 3- Sort of ethical VPN as social responsibilities are handled very well. 5- Backed-up with a cutting-edge adblocker. 1- Other than Smart DNS, nothing else is offered to the customers. 2- Need to improve the device, streaming, and torrenting capabilities. 2- Claims to provide a dedicated streaming subscription but doesn’t explain which all platforms can be accessed.3- Few servers allow torrenting.
Trust.Zone 2.895- Offshore VPN, headquartered in Seychelles. 2- No-log policy is implemented but no audits are done.
4- Multiple security makes the US servers a bit slow. UK servers are comparatively fast.
3- OpenVPN and IPSec are impressive but lack WireGuard.5- Implements updated versions of AES-256 and RSA-4096. 4- Impressive protection against IP leak, DNS leak, and data leak. 2- macOS and smart TV support are not provided and browser extensions lack features. 1- Only the number of servers and countries covered are disclosed. 0- A poor performer at this front as no RAM servers are there. 5- Gain customers' trust by revealing the name of the owner 0- Fails to impress us at this front. 4- Choose any payment mode other than cash.
5- All of its plans are available with 3 days free trial and money-back guarantee. There are three plans. The 1-month plan costs $8.88, the 1-year plan costs $39.95, and the $55.99.
2- Tries to remove the network compatibility with dedicated IP servers which is not possible. 2- Not that much concerned about handling customer concerns. 2- Respects the copyright but oversells the VPN information. So, not that much an ethics lover. 0- Users have to move ahead without an adblocker. 1- Active blog is only offering this VPN as additional features. 2- Does a good job when torrenting is concerned but there is no device compatibility and streaming compatibility. 2- Have dedicated streaming servers for Netflix, speed is poor, and no other streaming platform is supported. 4- The majority of torrent apps like uTorrent, Vuze, and qBittorrent are accessible with this VPN.
Tunnel Bear 3.724- Canada-based VPN. 3- Cure53 did the 2nd audit in 2018 but no proof of not saving customer logs are provided. 1- Hardly any server is good enough to download or upload the content. 4- Both kinds of OpenVPN and IPSec protocols are adopted.5- Used the latest versions of ASE-256 and RSA-2048 encryption. 5- High-end protection against IP leak, data leak WebRTC leak, and DNS leak is provided. 3- Linux users and smart TV users can't utilize this VPN. The iOS is not that feature-rich. 3- There are no co-owned or RAM servers out of 1800 servers. 0- No fully transitioned RAM servers are there.
5- Name of the owner, contact details of concerned authorities, and other crucial ownership details are revealed on the website.
2- Presently, there is no bug bounty program but the company claims that it was there in the past.
3- Cash and online payments are not allowed.
4- Every month 500Mb is provided as free. A Money-back guarantee is conditioned. One has to spend $9.99 for its 1-month plan, $59.88 for a 1-year plan, and $120 for a 3-year plan.
2- Offers only a wide range of obfuscated servers which are not enough to bypass all kinds of restrictions. 2- Chatbot is of no use. Emails take time to respond and there is no phone support. 4- Very much ethics lover copyrights are well respected and full affiliate disclosure is offered. 5- Adblocker is there to help you out. 3- There is Smart DNS, Active Blog, and Split tunneling as added features. 3- Impressively offers device compatibility but has to work hard to improve streaming & torrenting compatibility. 3- Can be used to access Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, HBO Max, and Kodi.3- Port forwarding makes torrenting possible on few servers.
VPN.ac2.675- Bucharest-based VPN with no online activity monitoring. 2- No-log policy implementation is done but no audits are carried out. 5- Enjoy blazing speed on the majority of servers. 3- Impressive WireGuard protocols are present.4- Going strong as default encryption is updated AES-256. 4- Though the proven user leak protection is absent, the IP leak, DNS leak, and data leak protection are superb. 2- It can be used only on Windows, iOS, and Android devices. 1- Other than counties covered, nothing is disclosed. 0- No support of RAM servers. 5- VPN is very much transparent and lets the customers know that the owner is Netsec Interactive Solutions. 0- No bug bounty program is spotted. 4- Strong payment support as only cash payments can't be done.
3- On each plan, a money-back guarantee is offered. No free trial is there but a demo can be purchased at $2. There are four plans choices to make. The 1-month plan is available at $9 while the cost of a 3-month plan is $24. The other two plans are $58 for 1-year and $90 for 2-year.
1-Only obfuscated servers are there to help. 2- Emails and Skype support is provided. Live chat is absent.
2- Ethics have been put on a stake as no disclosure is there and not much awareness about social responsibilities is there.
0- Not offering the power of an adblocker. 2- Customers are only offered Active Blogs and some additional security features. 2- Has a lot of ways to go to be called a highly compatible VPN as torrenting & streaming are below standard. 3- Its double-hop servers grant a hassle-free streaming experience on Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime, and HBO. 2- Very limited torrenting with poor speed is allowed.
VPN Unlimited 3.783- Headquartered in the USA and a part of 5-Eyes. 2- No audits are carried out but claim to have a No-log policy. 2- Don’t expect great speed for downloading. 5- Updated and latest protocols are present to help you out.5- Best of breed versions of AES-256, ChaCha20, and RSA 2048 is provided. 5- Amazing leak protection against all the key leaks. 5- All kinds of leading devices and platforms are supported by this VPN. 3- 700 servers spread across different 50 locations are used. 0- Need to work in this direction as no RAM servers are there. 5- This VPN is managed by KeepSolid Inc. and the website features details about offices and contact authorities. 0- We were not able to spot any bug bounty program. 4- Customers are allowed to make payments via cards, online, and cryptocurrency mode.
2- Subscription costing is not too impressive, a free trial is also not offered, and customers can't enjoy the perk of a money-back guarantee. $9.99, $59.99, and $99.99 are the costing details for its 1-month, 1-year, and lifetime plans.
2- Lack TOR compatibility and Shadowsocks support. 5- Customer support is very responsive. Live chat is present all the time. 1- Not a good follower of ethics. 5- Keep the hassles away as there is an adblocker. 1- Split tunneling is the only considerable offering of this VPN. 4- Performs excellently at device and torrenting compatibility. 2- Only Netflix US is accessible, 5- With five P2P-optimized servers, torrenting is possible.
VeePN4.364-Panama jurisdiction doesn’t force this VPN to keep any kinds of logs. 4-Leviathan Security did the audits and confirmed no logs are kept. 4- Australia servers are faster. 5- Impressively uses best-of-breed protocols like OpenVPN, IKEv2. IPSec, and PPTP. 3- AES 256-bit key is the default encryption. 4- DNS leak, WebRTC leak, IP leak, and data leak protection are guaranteed. 5- Works superbly on platforms like 3- Owns 2500+ servers in 50 locations but nothing is revealed about how many servers are self-owned. 0- Not paying attention to this part. 1- No owner information is provided and the About Us page is missing. 0- No bug bounty program-related information spotted.
5- Payments are possible via Visa, MasterCard, and American Express credit cards, PayPal payment system, and BitCoin e-currency.
4- Free Trial for 1-day is offered, a money-back guarantee is there, and plans are pocket-friendly. The expenses are 10.99$/month with a 1-month plan, 1.67$/month with a 5-year plan, and 5.83$/month for a 1-year plan.
4-Shadowsocks support is there. TOR compatibility is there but speed is super slow. 4- No phone number is provided. Live chat is offered 24/7. 3- Respects copyrights and is a bit aware of social responsibilities. But full disclosure is not offered. 5- Has a dedicated adblocker.5- NetGurd, dedicated servers, and kill switch are offered. 5- Meets all the compatibility criteria.
4- US Netflix is easy to stream. BBCiPlayer, Sling TV, YouTube, Chromecast, HBO Now, Kodi, and Amazon Prime also compatible.
5- Yes, torrenting, in its best form, is offered by this VPN.
VyprVPN3.285- Switzerland-based VPN with no monitoring. 5-Leviathan Security is handling the audit part, proofs of no-log saving are presented, and has a detailed No-log policy. 5- Servers offer blazing speed. 4- LTP2 is absent while WireGuard is there to help you out. 5- Performing wonderfully at this front as well as updated AES 256 and RSA-2048 is offered. 4- IP leak and DNS leak protection are amazing. WebRTC leak protection needs improvement. 4- While all the leading data-driven devices are supported, there are no browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox. 4- All of the 700 servers in 70 locations are owned by the VP. 0- VPN performance is not backed with RAM servers. 5- A bit more details, other than the owner's name, Golden Frog, GmbH, can be figured out on the About Us page. 0- The bug bounty program is not there to keep online threats at bay. 2- Lacks payment support for cryptocurrency and online payment.
4- The absence of a free trial hurts a bit but plans are affordable. There is no 1-month plan. The 3-month plan is the basic one and can be purchased at $12.95. $45 for 1 year and $60 for 3-year are the other two plan details.
2- VPN is only supported by few obfuscated servers to bypass network restrictions which are not enough. 5- Live chat is offered in multiple languages and email support is responsive. 2- Fails to bear the social responsibilities and sells out the VPN information.
0- The absence of an adblocker bothers a bit as users will have to deal with unwanted disturbances.
3- Customers are offered powerful Quick Connect and Active Blog features. Smart DNS is missed out. 4- Compatibility is of an above average kind as streaming apps, torrenting, and all leading devices are supported. 4- Netflix US, UK, and Canada are accessible. HBO Max, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Kodi, and ESPN are only limited to few locations. 4- P2P traffic is not blocked, speed is good, and the majority of the torrent apps are supported.
Windscribe3.572- Canada-based VPN handing over online activity details to the government. 2- Some logs like transection ID, timestamps, and bytes are saved and no audits are done. 5-Amazing speed experince. 4- WireGuard, the latest one, is present there. 3- Though AES-256 is the default encryption, it's not an updated one. 5- Enjoy high-end protection against all the leaks, except the proven user data leak. 5- Use it without any worries as all kinds of devices are supported. 3- 63 servers are there but no information is provided about ownership. 0- Need to buckle up to have some RAM servers. 4- Details of the owner, Yegor Sak, are provided but there is no About Us page.
3- It's said that this VPN offers a bug bounty program but we were not able to spot the details about it.
4- Payments can be done via all the leading methods, other than cash. 4- Limited free trial and a money-back guarantee are there. Only two plans are offered: 1-month for $9 and $49 for 1-year.2- No TOR compatibility, lacks Shadowsocks support, and no dedicated Io servers are there. 3-Live chat support is absent, customers can contact via Reddit, and emails take time to respond.
4- Keeps the VPN information a secret and respects the privacy along with ith copyrights. 2- Ethics are hardly maintained.
5- Great and viable adblocker is provided.
4- Quick Connect is absent but impressively it offers Active Blog and Smart DNS features. Added security features are also there.
3- Other than device compatibility, nothing much is there to impress. 3- US Netflix, US YouTube, BBC iPlayer, Disney+, and Amazon Prime Video can be viewed on the majority of the servers.
3- Only says that torrenting is allowed. But no information regarding the apps and optimized servers are provided.
Zenmate 3.564- A member of 14-eyes and based in Germany. 2- No audits are done and have a No-log policy. 3- Few servers lack speed. 2- Traditional OpenVPN and IKEv2 are present. 5- Uses latest AES-256 and RSA-4096. 2- IP leak and DNS leak protection are provided. But, there are complaints about their failure. 3- App for iOS and Android devices are offered. Browser extensions are provided. 3- Claims to have the support of 3200 servers in 79 locations. 0- No RAM servers are at work for this VPN. 5- Detailed About Us page, contacts of concerning authorities, and name of the owner are revealed. 0- VPN doesn’t offer any such facility. 2- Below average payment support as only card and online payments are offered.
5- Pocket-friendly price and a money-back guarantee on all the plans. The basic plan, a 1-month plan, starts at $6.99. A 6-month plan can be purchased at $16.14 and a 1-year plan costs $20.28.
0- No ability or facility that can lift the network restrictions. 2- Queries can only be forwarded via emails. FAQ section is there to help out. 2-Doesn’t follow ethics at all other than understanding its social responsibilities. 5- Users are granted a highly workable adblocker. 1- Only sub-standard Active Blog added feature is offered. 3- App support is limited, torrenting is of a sub-standard kind, and streaming has scope for improvement.
3- The majority of servers are optimized to stream content on Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime, Comedy Central, and HBO Now.
4- Has torrenting optimized servers.
ParameterRating Criteria
Besides our all VPN factors that help users decide whether or not a solution is good for them (Jurisdiction, Audited No Log policy, Speed, Protocols, Encryption, Leak Protection, Availability, Owned Servers, RAM Servers, Ownership, Bug Bounty, Payments, Pricing, Bypassing Restrictive Networks, Customer Support, Ethics, Adblocker, Compatibility, Streaming, Torrenting, and Other Additional Features), we have kept the reasonability in mind while giving the average rating. So, its value from 0 to 5 is given as per the cost of VPN vs. how efficient it is.
“0” score is given to those providers of the countries who are having various data retention laws. Therefore, these are being used to espionage their citizens. The 1-2 score is given based on the country, its data retention laws. Next, 3-4 will be given to the USA-based VPN providers as there is no data retention laws are available. Lastly, 5 score offers to those off-shore countries’ providers without any data retention laws.
Audited No Log policy
Here, 0 provides who claimed to have a zero logs policy and released the data, which they are not supposed to have. 1 score will be provided to those who neither have nor claim to have a “no-logs” policy. Similarly, a 2/3/4 score indicates that it doesn’t have any logs policy, and it doesn’t have proof to back it up 5 for the offerers. Here, an independent audit company audits those providers.
The reviews of the speeds have been taken from various review pages. Moreover, some providers examined the scores manually. Therefore, the speed results will depend on the network connection, location, and other things. So, it is expected that it might be different from one case to another.
The VPNs are scored 1-5 based on the protocols. Therefore, 5 scores will be given to those service providers who maintain safer encryption algorithms protocols. Moreover, the 0 scores are given to those who cannot provide secured and protected encryption algorithms and also reliable protocols.
If the connection provider offers secured and updated encryption algorithms, 5 scores are given to them. Here, users can gain the best reliable connections, security, and anonymity without any hassles. Lastly, the 0 points will be offered to those connection providers with outdated and weak encryption standards. However, the intermediate points are given based on good to moderate offerings.
Leak Protection
If the VPN offers superior IP leak protection, it is liable to get 5 points. Moreover, those 5-pointers also offer WebRTC leak protection, DNS leak protection, and data leak protection. Therefore, users must remain assured that they will never have any data leak. So, the 2/3/4/0 points indicate lowered protection features. Hence, a lower score means the VPNs are not offering any protection to the users. Moreover, they have leaked the user information.
The score-giving criterion assesses the service availability on diverse devices and operating systems. So, this may include device compatibility and browser extensions. Therefore, the 5 scores will be given when the VPN is more compatible with your device and others also. Similarly, when it is less compatible with the devices and doesn’t offer browser extensions, its’ scores fall drastically.
Owned Servers
If the VPN possesses an alarming country coverage rate and a minimal number of servers available, 0 points are offered. Moreover, the service providers, if they don’t own the servers, they get 0 points. On the other hand, 1-3 points are given for the improvement they have made in the global coverage and the server numbers. Lastly, the highest points of 4-5 are given to organizations with a magnified server network and collocated server announcements.
Ram Servers
Previously, the years of user data and the proprietary organizational data are preserved on the hard drives. But, with the help of a RAM-only server, every probable side of VPN, ranging from the OS to the software stack to finally all user data, is preserved using volatile memory RAM. Therefore, the VPN provider will score 0 without any RAM servers. On the other hand, 3-5 points indicate a transition from RAM servers to finally all the RAM servers.
The VPN will score 0 if no ownership is disclosed and obscure who operates or owns the product. Similarly, 5 points indicate the entire disclosure of the ownership, and also the owner is not fictional. A VPN provider could be marked between 2-4 if the proprietorship is revealed and there are some significant discrepancies. These may include some confirmed fake news and facts.
Bug Bounty
Various VPN providers take the security of their services and applications seriously by offering bug bounty programs. Therefore, points have been delivering from 0-5 by secure and resilient infrastructures. So, those VPN providers will get 0 for no bug bounty and 5 for clear revelation and public bug bounty. On the other hand, that provider could be rated between 2-4 if such a program is established in the VPN. Still, the low score means some extra information is unavailable, for example, rewards given and bugs found.
VPN providers are ranked 0-5 based on the payment criterion. If some providers have a few payment options, they score 1. These include a card payment option, and no anonymous payment is possible. On the other hand, 5 scores are given to the VPN providers, who offer a massive amount of payment options, such as cash, gift cards, cryptocurrency, anonymous, and credit cards.
Various VPNs come with pricey options. Therefore, 0-1 is given to those with the most expensive buying options. They don’t offer any free trial and even money-back guarantees. However, 5 will be given to those VPN providers, which are the cheapest yet provide unique features. Moreover, they have specific plans, such as special features and length, money-back guarantees, and a free trial.
Bypassing Restrictive Networks
If those VPN providers give a massive effort into bypassing restrictive networks, 5 points will be given to those! These 5-rated providers offer compatibility with TOR, Shadowsocks support, and dedicated IP servers. However, the rating will gradually fall if they provide a minimal feature compared to the aforementioned points. For example, if they have a moderate server amount, they will score accordingly.
Customer Support
Those VPN providers may offer poor to moderate to high customer support to their users. Therefore, they have ranked accordingly. So, 0 is given for poor customer support, which is not at all functional. Also, they provide one type of support, such as email chat. The higher scores 1-5 indicate customer support is moderate to extremely high. They provide email, phone, chat, and discord services to their existing and new customers.
The ethics assessment involves information discovered online regarding respecting copyrights, social liability, and complete affiliate disclosure. So, if the VPN provider ranks 1, it means it only offers a few amenities to its users. Similarly, the highest-ranking 5, indicates overselling VPN capabilities and other extraordinary features. Therefore, the more will be the creation, the higher will be the scores.
The VPN Adblocker will safeguard anything that passes its data via the VPN tunnel. Additionally, no adblocking system is flawless. So, some of the ads will help you in passing traffic through the tunnel. However, the Adblocker feature has 256-bit AES encryption. So, 0 will be given to those VPN providers who have no adblocker feature. Similarly, 5 will be given to the working ad-blocker.
Other Additional Features
The extra features of VPNs include SmartDNS streaming technologies, enhanced VPN usage, for example, quick connect, an active blog, the top-notch security features like malware blacklists, split-tunneling, and phishing protection. Therefore, that VPN provider will acquire 0 points if it lacks any additional features. Meanwhile, other services if providing all of those extra amenities should be rated as 5 points.
Users don’t just require a VPN on their laptops or PCs, but on multiple devices. Similarly, VPN's compatibility for browsers, routers, servers, torrenting countries, and streaming platforms matters too. While giving marks from 0-5, we have kept all these factors in mind. 0 score means the VPN provides the least compatibility and no security against online identity theft, whereas 5 indicates the highest compatibility.
The best VPN would be an efficient tool, which encrypts the user’s online activities, and conceals the real IP address. Therefore, the users can sustain their digital presence safeguarded and private. Due to such extreme core functionalities, VPNs are excellent while streaming. Keeping this in mind, the ranks have been given 0-5 considering the speed, the number of platforms supported, and countries with no restrictions.
VPN safeguards P2P file-sharers while torrenting in two fundamental ways. The major concept of VPN for torrenting comes amid the internet and the users. The safest way to torrenting is by using a quality VPN. It offers enough DNS leak protection, doesn’t log the user’s activity, and caps the bandwidth and data. As per VPNs' capability to do torrenting considering the mentioned factors, the ranking is done from 0-5. 0 to those providers which offer poor torrenting services, and 5 to those, which offer seamless torrenting.