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52Souls come and go, the undergroundRushing, we rush straight aheadLet's stop and look aroundIf only for a momentThe prority seat your sitting onIs needed, you just wasnt awareseat
53Think before you Toss your waste.Put litter in its Proper Place.Be Fair to TLF Who Really Care.Our Environment is in our Hands.Lets all Begin to do the Right Thing.For Heaven Sake Stop Litteringlittering
54Keep it downGimpmusic
55I can't get on the trainMove alongGimpmoving-down
56Oh my work work workmoving-down
57If one plus one is twoAnd two plus two is fourIt will be easier for youTo get past the tube doorIf you let those four people throughTo leave before you climb aboardothers-off
58We understand you would like some restAnd we don't want to have to pestSo please have some empathyKindly offer up your seat for meIf I'm pregnant, disabledOr if I'm elderlyseat
59If you're leaning on the poleWe'll assume you have no soulBecause that pole is in demandAnd you're crushing someone's handmoving-down
60Imagine what it's like to bePregnant, injured, or elderlyAnd all you want is to have a seatTo take the weight off tired feet.Would you rejoice if someone stoodTo give theirs up for you? You would.seat
61Sometimes when on the tubeSome commuters can be rudeSome can find this hard to bearDon't push or shoveLet others offAnd it will all be fairothers-off
62We don't mean to be rude at allBut bags on seats make transport fullTo give needy people more seating spaceBags on laps are far more ace
This is very true during busy rush hours
And avoids dirty looks like whisky soursseat
63We understand it's quite a pain,Finding a seat on a busy train,But please try not to push and shove,
Just show other passengers a bit of love
You'll find that it can be a treat,To let someone else have that seat.seat
64Hello testplatform
6590s pop or heavy metalYour loud music tests our mettleWe're all sleepy in the morningAll we'd like to hear is yawningMore aware and less obtuseLet's see that volume reduced!music
66When those doors opensLet's stand asideIt's not a competitionTo be the first one on the trainThe next one's in a minute!others-off
67Move right on downWhere the space is ampleThe best of usLead by examplemoving-down
68Move down the platform if you pleaseThere isn't any need to squeezeI'll tell you what's aceIt's personal spaceplatform
69Be a saint not a sinnerTake the trash from your dinnerDon't leave litter on the trainCleaning up can be a painlittering
70If you're sitting on your bottomDon't let others be forgottenLook around the train to see
'Do they need this seat more than me?'
71When the train is getting fullGetting squashed can be quite dullWhy not move along the trainSo everyone can breath again?moving-down
72If you are a travelling snacker
Please may sure you take your wrapper
Nobody likes an empty cupUpon their seat, so pick it up!littering
73You have a cough, we've all been there,And yet we have to share this air,Cover your mouth with a hand or tissue,It will hopefully stop us allhaving an issue!ill
74Travellers please take a moment to checkIs the way that you're sittingA pain in the neck?Your legs wide akimbo,Knees and legs in the way,
Tuck them in and improve someone's day!
75Nobody likes a platform squashEspecially after swerving a washWeave yourself through the stenchSeek an empty lonely benchMove down the platform, try it todayAnd keep the smelly crowds at bayplatform
76A trip on the Underground,Could be so much more spiffing,If we didn't have to listen
To the endless sniffing from the person
In this carriage, go on, give it a go,Give that hooter a jolly good blow!music
77Please remember every seatIs meant for bottoms, not for feetSo keep it clean and never useA seat for resting feet in shoesseat
78If someone's pregnant, weak or oldAnd trouble standing is foretoldBe kind and offer them your seatA simple gesture, to them a treatAnd stand until your destination;Or at least until the following stationseat
79Don't be waiting 'til you are askedTo give up your priority spaceIt's likely if you offer firstYou won't go losing face!seat
80Your mother isn't hereTo tidy up after youSo then, be a dear
And do what you know you ought to do
When on the tube being herded like sheep
And talked to like children one couldjust weep. E'en in the 7th circle ofhell they contend not with doggerel.
So please choose from this competition
Entries replete with erudition... ;)ill
82The sound of the tube is dull whereasSoul, rock and all that jazzCan nurse us with loud treble and bassHowever, there is a time and a placeSo wait until you get home to throwYour very own headphone discomusic
83If you want to show your love,In my face please do not shove.A peck on the cheek is perfectly fine,But a full on snog is crossing the line.At Tooting Bec or Turnpike Lane,Please don't do it on the train!ill
Loud, beating music sounds nice to some,
But a few don't like the beat of a drum.
If your tunes are blasting in you ears
Lower the volume and respect your peers.
85Don't be a litterbug and drop your paperOr leave your bottle for someone laterTake what you have and throw it awaySo it can be recycled for another day.littering
Some people need seats more than others
Disabled people and pregnant mothers
So if it won't debilitateParticipate and rehabilitateseat
87Sometimes when on the tubeSome commuters can be rudeso here is a tip to make it fairDon't push or shoveJust be a loveand show that you careothers-off
88The most beautiful giftyou could give to your soulis every single smileyou steal from those faceswhen you offer a little kindnessin an ordinary dayseat
89I love to see beauty everywhereSo when I step on any trainsI make it my businessTo clean up mine and other laneslittering
90Kind individualsTake pride in good deedsAnd give up their seatsTo those more in needseat
91I commended someone on their shoesIt took away the sardine bluesFrom all the apathetic facesShe had no lacesConcentrating on the presentcouldn't be more pleasantothers-off
92They who missed taking a seatStanding Room, awaits, to greet !Hold Tight! Make Room! Enjoy Your ride!
The distance from the middle: the same
To each side, In the Aisles, if You can,please Move Down Inside!moving-down
93Through the Barriers, down The EscalatorTo Arrive Early, on Time, or; no laterkeep things running smoothlyhelpfully be sure, let passengers offTrains first, when it opens it's Doorsfor the Baker, Lawyer, Nurse and Waiterothers-off
94How great to see, how great indeed!To see someone give up their seat!How great to see, How great to do:To Give Up Your seat to someone,
When They need Your seat more than You
How great to do, How great A Treat!seat
On The Underground, Travel Far and Wide
Travel Light, Travel Safe and Proud!Travel with A Magazine, Book, A Paper,Travel with Your Tunes, In the crowdand hear their wonderful sound! But;Please, don't play Your Music too Loud!music
96I am old and do not foldyour newspaper does thatbut if I'm not allowed a seatyou'll notice things about my feetthey tend to end atop my headplease let me sit, 'nuff saidseat
97Music on the undergroundsometimes lovelysometimesjust a rumbling soundwhich makes me thinkthe train is heremusic
98There's room inside for moreplease don't loiter by the doorThe driver has a job to doplease make some spacelet others throughand we'll all be on our waymoving-down
99It's a bit difficult to get a gurneyonto the tube trainhalfway through your journeyIf you feel nauseousbe cautiousand wait a while.ill
100It's all tickety boowhen youmind the gapkeep well backand move alongthe platformplatform
101We really would like to sayThat what you're doing is not okayMove down inside the carsAnd don't cling onto those side barsSquished people shout in painJust move down inside the trainmoving-down
102Music can be great on the train or busBut it really can cause such a fussTo those around you it may be too loudSo turn it down and make us proudmusic
103Ur more than welcome 2 the Priority SeatTo take the weight off your tired feetWe only ask you glance up at the doorTo see if someone needs it moreseat
104No one wants to ask for a seatGive it to them and get on you're feetFor if someone needs it more than youThat's what you should doFeel good when you do it tooAnd bring out the good in youseat
105When you hear those warning beeps,Don't go for the superhero leaps,Cos chances are, you'll trap the door
And pick up some bruises furthermore.
Not cool.door
106There once was a guy on a trainWho really hurt my brain,His head in a cloud?He played his tunes so loud!His beats beat my head into pain.music
107People settled, snug on their bum,Then on comes a lady with a big tum,And a kind young man rises,For there are no surprisesThat soon she's going to be a mum.'Thank you'.seat
108Sat comfortably in your seat,When you clock the old manAnd your eyes meet,Consider, his legs have trod a fair mileAnd perhaps he would be gratefulTo sit down for a while?seat
109Sit back, relax,Tunes on, life's sweet,Just consider the guy next to youMay not wanna share the same beat.music
110There was a girl eating hummus and pittaWho made others feel rather bitter,She chatted so loud,She'd make a megaphone proud,Leaving others with sore earsAnd her litter!music
111When the tube's packed tight
And folk are whiskers from a stranger,
Don't put yourself and others in danger,
If you can,move down,make a little space
Then that lady doesn't need to sufferThat elbow in her face.moving-down
112If you're feeling ill at allThe following is your best callNot the emergency alarm -That could actually do more harm.Instead, stay put for one short hopAnd ask for staff at the next tube stop.ill
113Thank you for picking me up,I just want you to enjoy the read,Please don't leave me on the tubeTo be stamped on and crumpled,Pop me safely in the bin -Is all I plead.littering
114If your running late, in a rush,Don't get in a crushDon't let crammed train ruin you dayThe next one is a few minutes awaymoving-down
115I'm whiffing the armpitOf the man standing near,And a heavy night he's had,It's clear... So, I'd be very gratefulIf you could move down a bitSo, I do not have a coughing fit.moving-down
116A kind gesture can go a long wayIn spreading joy throughout the day,A thoughtful actionWith a little smile,Can be passed on from mile to mile.seat
117I'm not demanding you fix a Rubik's cubeJust asking you not to litter the tubeJust to show a little thought,Show a little care,
No need to leave your wrapper or paper
To prove that you were there!littering
118Hey, you wouldn't like it,If I came round your houseAnd left a trail of litterLike the droppings of a mouse...
Taking rubbish with you,that'd be sweet,
Help us keep our tubes tidy and neat.littering
119Don't push and shove to get on first,Get so angry, blood vessels burst...Crack a smile, not your knuckles,Fade the angst, turn up the chuckles,Choose calm, don't get mad,Your blood pressure will be glad!others-off
120There once was a guy next to me
Who didn't want one seat, wanted three,
He spread his legs so wide,He'd need his own guideTo bring back that runaway knee.seat
121When tubes are packed tightAnd patience is reaching its height,Please try not to bark or bite,
We're all being jostled about on our way
Create some space if you canAnd let's have a good day.moving-down
122Elbow in your back,Newspaper up your nose,Painful music in your earAnd a suitcase on your toes,Be great to move further down inside,Thanks for not rushing to hate & chide.moving-down
When listening to music, please remember
Not everyone shares your taste or genre.
Some prefer classical, others may ponder
Rap, Pop, Rock n'roll, Reggae and Opera.
Turn down the volume, bide by this rule:
Ear drums are precious & curiously small
124If you have a dicky tummyand are feeling kind of funnyor you have a nasty coughand are feeling kind of roughremember you can always get offand seek help at the next stop.ill
125Central line rush, morning line rushStoney faced, dripping wetWe need a shake, drift awayDriver, cue the trackLean back, side step, get lowOne day, that imagination of minemusic
126Mind the gap and don't forget to squeezeDown the carriage, and hold on pleaseRemember to give up the priority seatFor those who struggle on their feetAt your destination safe and sound?Just another day on the undergroundseat
127Mind the gap and don't forget to squeezeDown the carriage, and hold on pleaseRemember to give up the priority seatFor those who struggle on their feetAt your destination safe and sound?Just another day on the undergroundseat
128You may have had a long day at workOr a long night showing off you tweakBut when you see a womenwho's the size of threeGive up your seatLet the pregnant woman rest her feetseat
129If feeling IllThere's no point standing stillGet off at the next stopJust incase you ruinThat pretty girls topill
130Shuffle, Shuffle - let's all get inThere's plenty of room,don't make a din!
If you move down the carriage slightly,
we can all board the trainmuch more politely.moving-down
131It's never fun to be in painOr sitting on a delayed trainSo take this into considerationWhen your train is at the stationPlease take this message to heartWhen your train is about to departdoor
132Your music is really loudIt makes me want to frownA little bit of silent won't hurtSo could you please keep it downmusic
133Your music is really loudIt makes me want to frownA little bit of silent won't hurtSo could you please keep it downmusic
134Good Morning, Good Afternoon,Good Evening or Good Night,For you I have some sound advice,
A pregnant woman, you should never query
Just stand up,And offer your seat, deary!seat
135You don't like it when your in the crowdWaiting for someone to move downAs they're too busy doing their thingWhen all they need to do is move in
Space is what we need, so don't cause a
Delay and move inmoving-down
136I'm using the depths of London, the cryps of travel. Clever bodies head in all directions with hints of stubble. Chooseyour path wisely as not all signals lead
us home. Stay within your means to reach
your destiny and never breathe alone.platform
137the tube is like the serengeti at times
hot and crowded, with few straight lines
it works as a way to travel en massebut a fair few ruin the journey, alas
those rushing buffaloes without brakes
who just can't bare to wait (a little).others-off
138When the doors open please stand asideWe are trying to get off from insideBeing polite is very cheapAnd you'll still get your seat!others-off
139music,music is really niceso much better than rolling dicebut please wear headphones on the trainas others on board may complainThink about others not just yourselfDon't assume your on the highest shelfmusic
140Please don't be hostile and be bitterWhen politely asked to take your litterHelp us keep trains both nice and cleanAnd the stations keep their sheen.littering
141When you have so little space,in a corner, armpit in your face.It really makes you groan and frown
When selfish people won't move down!!
142If listening to music's your planKeep the volume as low as you canDo the carriage a favourIt's unlikely your neighbourIs much of a Drum 'n' Bass fanmusic
143There is something we would like to sayIf you're not feeling totally okayGet off the train at the next stationDon't press the bell, just be patientill
144We know you enjoy the musical beat
But please keep it quiet, soft and sweet
Not everyone will dig the soundOf Elvis Presley's Huckleberry Houndmusic
145I was just a big bun in my mum when shegot on the Circle Line. The nice mangave up his seat. When I was a teenager
and saw that man now older,I gave him my
seat. Now I am that old man and she gave
me her seat. Thats the Circle lineseat
146Holding the doors is very courageousEven though it is dangerousIf you want to break your bones
Your going to go through lots of groans
Don't be that silly personThink through the better versiondoor
147Leaving your paper for another to readMay feel like a thoughtful deed,But spare a thought for the track,
That paper blows & it's not coming back,
And then equipment, it may jam,'Signal failure'! Wham, bam!!littering
148Northern, Jubilee, Central or Piccadilly
Whether you speak English, French, Hindi
We all use the tube for work or uniSo please give up your seats
For the ones who travel with us in need.
149Tube seats don't like litter,It can make them extremely bitter,So do us a favour,And stop littery behaviour,It'd be so kind,And it's good for your behind.littering
150Everyday is a struggleso don't waste your timeby getting into a squabblehelp the ones in needby offering them your seat.seat
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