1Mega Man Legends 2PS112hNJan 7th★★★½Pretty good and a obvious improvement compared to the last one. Although I think some of the RPG elements really ruins a bit of the experience, the grinding can be really frustrating for example. I liked all the dungeons though, expect for the underwater one that was really boring. The game is beautiful, with lot of charm, sadly we will never see a third one.
2Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom PainPC58hNJan 15th★★★★I'm happy because I was wrong about it. It's so much more better than I thought it would. Gameplay is good,and the mission structure is not bad and yeah, the plot is convoluted and kind of a mess but was expected and the characters are a mixed bag (Huey really sucks). MGS as a series have many elements already and MGSV is stretching a point. But at the very end I really like Kojima idiosyncrasies. The ending was less unfulfilling than people made me believe too. But Ch. 2 should be it's own game. It's a game bigger than it should and smaller than it should at the same time for it. And we should have a Ch. 3 with a "true" MGS5 of sorts.
3Tormented Souls PC 9hNJan 18th★★★★ A love letter to one of my favorite genres of all time. This game is amazing, it combines the best of the classic Silent Hill and Resident Evil games. It have the opressive atmosphere of the original Silent Hill games and the level design of the original Resident Evil. And the puzzles of both. It is hard to find faults in this if you are a fan of these kinds of games but the UI could be better (and it's the weak link of the game) and the voice acting is lacking (but in a nostalgic kind of way). Visuals and the OST are both impressive for a indie game though. I hope the team can succeed and make more oldschool survival horror games.
4Radiant HistoriaNDS 36hNJan 20th ★★★★½ Amazing game, all around. It's the best 'time travelling' system I've ever seen in a game. The cast is cool, the plot is pretty nice and the game structure is amazing and really well realized. The tone is just perfect. If it wasn't for visuals that are somewhat repetitive and not up to par with the rest of the game and the small dungeons it would be a perfect game. Still, one of the best JRPGs I've ever played. And one of the most and rewarding to complete.
5Demon's SoulsPS39hYJan 31th ★★★★★ Just a quick replay before Elden Ring. First time I finished it in a emulator and it was really enjoyable to beat in 1080p@60fps. It's in my Top 5 of favorite games of all time and it's the game that somehow made me love videogames again when I first played it (and it was a time I was really disillusioned with videogames). I don't even how many times I've finished it. Would love to play the PS5 version, besides the char designs it looks amazing. I hope I can play it someday (if I can get a PS5 someday or we see a PC release).
6Muramasa Rebirth PSV 8hNFeb 10th ★★★★ This is the first game from Vanillaware I beaten. And it was a really good start, the game is so gorgeous to look at and with lots of charming vistas. The OST is pleasant and the rhythm is perfect, the game doesn't last more than it should. Not much I would change on it. Would maybe change the teleports to when you encountered a shrine and not as it is (all of them opens after you finish the game the first time). More weapon styles would be nicer too but the two overall styles aren't that bad.
7Koudelka PS1 17hNFeb 12th ★★★½ It's clunky, outdated and really slow but I just really liked it. A large reason it's because it is a combination of my two favorite game genres: Survival Horror and JRPGs. And it leans more on the JRPG side of things than Parasite Eve for example. The enviroments are pretty nice too and the dub is probably the best of the time (not that it's hard to be). Also, it made me like the first Shadow Hearts even more in retrospect.
8Motor Toon Grand Prix PS1 2h NFeb 13th ★★★ Just a short but really psychedelic and enjoyable kart racing game. It's funny to think that the same studio and director that made this game would go and make Gran Turismo.
9Omega Boost PS1 4hNFeb 13th ★★★ Nice controls but the arcadey nature of its structure kinda spoils the game for me. Would be better with an infinite continues system as the game can be quite punishing and the camera being a late-90s camera is not always precise. But still enjoyable for what it is and the atmosphere of the stages and some of the boss designs are good.
10Monster Hunter: Rise PC 42hNFeb 17th ★★★½ As someone who the first MH was World this feels a stepdown in so many aspects. The enviroments and sense of wonder of world are totally gone and the progression is not as enjoyable (even more with being way more stingy on the drops compared to World). The setting is also not as well realized. And the multiplayer feels a bit dead? At least on PC. Still the gameplay loop makes it fun and I think that wyvern riding is just more fun than the clutch claw.
11Elden Ring PC 77h NMar 2nd ★★★★★ It was everything I thought it would be. And a bit more. Finally a FromSoft game I love as much as Demon's Souls. The atmosphere, the setting, the exploration, the lore. Elden Ring have it all. It's a special masterpiece and every second of it was of pure bliss. From outdone themselves. Many of the things in this game like the art direction and sense of wonder are the absolute peak of the medium. Made up for the hype this time and I already want a sequel or DLC so much. Top 5 ever material.
12Gran Turismo 7 PS4 30hNMar 12th ★★★½ What a shame and a waste. This game made me realize that even if the game is excellent I can't put up with the greediness of Games as a Service and their desire to induce FOMO on people. Gameplay-wise it was everything I would hope for a new GT overall and the campaign was good although it could be longer but all the problems with it really soured my opinion on it and my desire to play it more. Online only for a single player is a joke, worst roulette I've ever saw in a game.
13Nioh PC 100h YMar 19th ★★★★★ As good as I remembered. I like everything on it, the loot system, the gameplay, the builds, the char design, the level design, the boss. Wouldn't change much in a sequel. The Odachi and Tonfa are great additions. And the Abyss although hard can be really fun.
14Nioh: Dragon of the North PC 3hNMar 26th ★★★★ The only problem with Nioh DLCs are their strange level requirements that clearly expects you to play NG+. This is their only mistake because the content of them all are amazing and Dragon of the North starts really strong. All the new areas are good, the Aoba Castle in particular was really fun to explore. Although its the DLC with the weakest bosses of the three
15Nioh: Defiant Honor PC 3hNMar 26th ★★★½ I don't like Sanada that much and this DLC is weaker than the other two but still is really enjoyable. The levels are pretty good again and although it uses the same irritating gimmick of Dark Souls 3 Ringed City DLC in one of the levels in Nioh is a much more enjoyable level to play. Tonfas are a nice addition too and the gauntlet of enemies in the last level is really fun.
16Nioh: Bloodshed's End PC 3hNMar 26th ★★★★ Some parts of the last Nioh DLC are just peak Nioh. The best set of bosses and the parts of the levels with NPCs are really good. The last level combines everything great about Nioh in particular. Memorable bosses, nice level design and nice visuals and is truly a special way to wrap up one of my favorite games of 2010's. And of course, Jin fight and the Grand Tournament are amazing as well.
Shin Megami Tensei Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers
3DS 31hNApr 02nd ★★★½ Nice atmosphere and characters, Nemissa in special is a highlight but all the new systems are bad. The personality system in particular is something that makes the game so clunky to play sometimes and Magnetite in this game is a bigger problem compared to other Megatens with it. Still it's a enjoyable game and the pacing is one of the best in the series, nice level design, just a bit of a opportunity wasted as it could be a little closer to more modern SMTs in gameplay.
18Kirby: Triple Deluxe 3DS 7hNApr 06th ★★★½ It's just more of what makes Kirby so enjoyable and cute. One of the better Kirby games, with the hypernova mode and some of the bosses being the highlight. I just would prefer if the sunshine items counted overall and not in area to area basis to unlock the bosses. Something like the Mario 3D games generally does
19Castlevania: Symphony of the Night PS4 5h YApr 08th ★★★★½ The original one is a 10 of course. I just don't like the new dub as much, don't like they removed I am the Wind and the sound effects sound a bit strange in this version being so much louder than the music, which is a shame. The instant loadings is something truly enjoyable though and they put a nice CRT filter.
20Resident Evil Remake PC 6h YApr 10th ★★★★ I probably enjoy the pace of the original a bit more because I think the defensive items and crimson head makes the game a bit stilted on the first half of the game. The lighter/canteen mechanic isn't enjoyable at all, it's just two slots less in a game with a LOT of different items to grab. Still beautiful to look at though, timeless, great atmosphere and the last area is peak classic Resident Evil, easily.
Go! Go! Beckham! Adventure on Soccer Island
GBA 5hNApr 16th ★★★ One of my favorite football players ever as a protagonist of a cute platforming game and a nice one, visuals can look a bit bland sometimes but really cute in other. The enemies are a bit infuriating with some irritating pattern sometimes but the game is enjoyable and the two last worlds are probably the best the game can offer. Good platforming overall too and collectables if you are into it.
22Severed PSV 7hNApr 17th ★★★½ Nice visuals as expected from a Drinkbox Studios game and nice progression overall. The controls are a bit irritating after the novelty wears off and made me wonder if the game wouldn't be better if something more traditional were implemented. I really liked the way the little plot is told though and winning a chaotic battle is so rewarding.
23Vampire Survivors PC 23hNApr 23th ★★★½ Really addictive formula and easy to play but with a nice depth on gameplay, the 30min clock seems like a good point to end a run too. The assets bordering plagiarism is a bit funny as it's from Castlevania games. It's probably a 8/10 with better (and more original) visuals and more content, we will see how it turns out when it leaves Early Access but I really interested to keep playing it.
24Kirby: Planet Robobot 3DS 8hNApr 24th ★★★★ Playing this I've had two realizations: Kirby is one of the most consistently good series out there and it's somehow peaking in these last years/decade. Robobot is a really good game, the new gimmick is really well used and I really hope we use robots again in a future game. It's visually good to look at and consistent with it's thematic during all the game, something I really appreciate.
25Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn 3DS 6hNApr 25th ★★★½ Beautiful even on the low resolution screen of 3DS and I liked the addition of powerups in this version. Impossibly chill game, so relaxing all the time. The bosses could be a bit better telegraphed but are all fun too and the callbacks to the old games in the last world are really appreciated.
The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky SC
PC 70hNApr 30th ★★★½ Emotionally on point and perfect as being a direct sequel of the first game. The pacing suffers a lot in the last third with the need to explore the same places again and again but everything have so much more gravitas and importance this time. The gameplay is as good as the first one and the OST is better this time. The party is great all around, Estelle development from her new Bracer days is just amazing. I can see myself enjoying this game more as I play the rest of Trails games.
27Trimps PC 20hNMay 8th ★★★ Just a nice, incremental game design here. It could be a bit more interactive but I'm not gonna complain that much. Big numbers make brain go brr with happy chemicals.
28Stacklands PC 6hNMay 10th ★★★ Cute one, and really short. Pretty nice idea too, the map should be bigger though. The way cards bounces on each other can be really annoying though.
29Nioh 2 PC 40hNMay 15th ★★★★½ Beautiful sequel. I think I'm more attached to the first one but I can see it changing when I play Nioh 2 more and eventually 100% it. Many of smaller things are just better on the sequel, Yokai Shift is better than Living Weapon and you having access to buy elixirs and other consumables through the shrines is something really good. It felt a little bit harder than the first one too, not as broken on the NG. Now, onto the DLCs.
30Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door NGC 28hNMay 22th ★★★½ Charm visuals and cool writing but sometimes the backtracking can be really boring and somewhat frustrating. Probably would be even better if it was a little shorter, many moments like getting to know White Bomb is just feels like unnecessary padding. 3 characters instead of 2 in battle would probably be nicer too. Even more with the characters being so different from each other. The final boss is quite though, maybe a little bit too much.
31Kirby and the Forgotten Land NSW 12hNMay 29th ★★★★ Best Kirby game, no question about. It's impressive the things they did extremely well in their first 3D game. The way they interacted with the powerups was some of the highlights of the game, the bosses are all cool and varied, the level design is great and charm is over the charts. So cute. Now, how Nintendo continues from that? This is something I am quite eager to see. I just hope it doesn't take that much time as from Star Allies to this.
32Pokémon Brilliant Diamond NSW 25hNMay 30th ★★★ Hard to talk about this one. On the other hand it removes many of the grips I had with original gen 4: HMs are streamlined, the game is much faster and the regional dex is better with the addition of the Grand Underground but otherwise it looks insanely cheap. The visuals sometimes looks good but most of the time it just looks cheap. And I don't like the Grand Underground implementation at the end. Feels so annoying tryind to find the rarer pkms. And TMs being finite again is bad.
33Pokémon Ultra Sun 3DS 30hNJun 08th ★★★½ Quite a nice change of pace for Pokémon overall although the new 1v2 battles can be somewhat... cheap on the player? Not hard, but just cheap. And the Ultra beast battle, yeah, probably one of the harder Pokémon fights. I just liked all the new ideas even if many of them were not as well realized. The game can look really good too, I miss the style of the 3DS games as I think everything on Switch so far is a big miss visually. It seems the story is a mess but honestly I didn't pay attention.
34Pokémon Black Version 2 NDS 40hNJun 11th ★★★½ It's pretty decent, although the story isn't as interesting as BW1. Gameplay-wise is somewhat more of the same too, with the nice expansion of the Regional Dex. Don't have much to talk about this one. Playing this after the more modern pokémon games I really miss the spriteworks of the Gen 5 though.
35Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising PC 14hNJun 12th ★★★½ I just like the gameplay loop on this one, it's pretty chill and it tries the Suikoden thing of improving the castle and throws a nice twist at that. Of course the plot is really simple too being a side game for the main event that is Hundred Heroes next year. Somewhat the sidequests are a bit too much filler though but the nice gameplay makes up for it overall. And beautiful game, I loved the visuals all the way through. Both the scenarios and character models are simply gorgeous.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge
PC 3hNJun 17th ★★★½ Nice visuals and variety of enemies and levels. TMNT is always something pretty nostalgic. Not much to talk about it it's a pretty straightforward beat em up, at least it doesn't have any big flaws and there's a nice Story Mode with level ups. As always, dibs on Leonardo.
37Street Fighter EX plus Alpha PS1 2hYJun 17th ★★★½ Just a quick replay, game is still as good as I remember.
38Street Fighter EX2 Plus PS1 2hYJun 18th ★★★★ Same as above. This is probably even better than my memories. Always found the EX series heavily underrated.
39Strider PS1 1hNJun 18th ★★ Important for future hack and slash and character action games but this didn't aged well. Controls are really stiff and everything feels really clunky. The sequel is leagues above this one.
40Strider 2 PS1 2hNJun 18th ★★★½ Beautiful artwork, nice OST and great pacing. It improves in pretty much everything compared to the first game. The variety is bosses is pretty commendable although some of them are really annoying to defeat. Pretty nice ranking system too making the game pretty forgivable if all you want is to finish it.
41Spaceplan PC 20hNJun 26th ★★★½ The most effort put in a game like this. I liked how it have a short fun story and have a clear ending, something that’s lacking on the genre of incremental games. It’s pretty cheap and a pretty good past time. I liked how well balanced it is too, even when everything gets really expensive.
42Suikoden III PS2 72hNJun 26th ★★★½ I wanted to enjoy this so much more. I really liked the overwhelming majority of characters, the tone is pretty much like the other Suikoden games but the game is slow and the backtracking is excruciating. The game have really bad design decisions like teleporting being accesible only after 60hrs. There's so much fat that could just be trimmed. The three points of view makes the plot kinda messy too and the OST is nothing to write home either, way worse compared to Suiko1/2.
43Incredible Crisis PS1 2hNJun 30th ★★★ Pretty charming PS1 game and somewhat a predecessor for the games like WarioWare and Rhythm Heaven. The OST is pretty good too, the biggest problem with the game is that the minigames wildly vary in quality and there aren't many of them. Still a pretty unique game from PS1.
44Nobody Saves the World PC 23hNJul 3rd ★★★½ It is somewhat slow and longer than it should be and this is the biggest flaw on it. Besides that, it's a pretty good game as all Drinkbox Studios games. And will probably grow more on me with time and a replay on NG+. Some of the forms are pretty creative and the game is really out there with some of its ideas.
45Klonoa: Door to Phantomile PS1 2hNJul 7th ★★★½ Another charming game, with nice level design (the non-linear levels are pretty good) and nice bosses. The story is somewhat of a surprise too for a cute platformer game like this. The precision platform of the last stages and the lives system that doesn't work well with the saves stops this one from being pretty good to great but still it's pretty recommended.
46Pokémon Shield NSW 19hNJul 14th ★★★½ Better than expected overall. Found many of the cities quite good-looking and I liked the gyms being stadiums. Dynamax are kinda lame though compared to Megas and Z-moves but still it was a decent game. Just hope we had more wild areas, clearly the best part of the game. Could be so much better of course, but it was not as bad as I was expecting.
47Pokémon Legends: Arceus NSW 23hNJul 18th ★★★½ Honestly didn't felt it was the revolution the series deserved. The capturing gameplay loop got old quite fast for me. But the QoL and speedups are quite welcomed to return on the next main line game. Visually it's really poor although many of the Pokémon models are pretty cute. As with Sun/Moon 1vs3 battles are just lame.
48WarioWare: Get It Together! NSW 3hNJul 18th ★★★½ Great collection of minigames and very varied cast of characters. The co-op campaign was really fun and made me interested in other WarioWare games. Some scenarios are really chaotic what makes it more fun. The NintendoClassics stage is peak Nintendo nostalgia.
49The House of the Dead: Remake NSW 1hNJul 18th ★★★ Shorter than I was expecting. Still fun co-op.
50Streets of Rage 4 NSW 3hNJul 19th ★★★★ Way better than I expected and probably my favorite modern beat-em-up. Streets of Rage 1 and 2 are my favorite 90's beat-em-ups so it's just following suit. The new mechanics were really well thought I think and loved how you can recover a part of HP after using the specials. Essential. Worthy of being a sequel.
51Fighting Force PS1 2hNJul 19th ★★★ Old but gold PS1 jank. Pretty nice structure for a beat-em-up too.
Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Torna – The Golden Country
NSW 18hNJul 23th ★★★½ It have many things I wanted on XC2 like a better tone, cast, char design and atmosphere but being a DLC it doesn't have the sense of magnitude and structure of the original one. The gameplay is pretty toned down compared to the original too. Jin is even better than the base game here and it's best character by far, visually it's pretty good but afterall it makes to me clearer that I just didn't like Xenoblade Chronicles 2 that much and that's it.
53Xenoblade Chronicles 3 NSW 71hNAug 06th ★★★★ A total volte-face compared to Xenoblade 2 and I'm really glad about it. Great cast of characters, best pace ever seen in a Xeno game and a good OST really makes this a great return to form for Xenoblade. Gone are all the problems I had with 2: Excessive fanservice, gacha mechanics and really bad pacing. The system could be a liitle bit better and more streamlined and the villains aren't as good as past entries but still an amazing game with a nice plot, obligatory for fans of the series.
54Lost Odyssey 36072hNAug 14th ★★★★½ Yeah, the plot and villain could be better and the character designs are a miss for most of the time but I loved Lost Odyssey so much. Everything else is amazing, the themes, the systems, the cities, the dungeons, the gameplay, the beautiful OST and the short story snippets that are probably my favorite storytelling of any game I've ever played. This have Legend of Dragoon, Shadow Hearts and oldschool FF DNA and I'm so glad something like this exists. What a journey. Sakaguchi's swan song.
55Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War PS2 10h NAug 18th ★★★½ The biggest problem with AC5 for me was how excessive in everything the game was. So many stages, so many aircrafts to buy... In many moments the missions are excessive with it's size and the lack of checkpoints made the game a little bit cheap with the quantity of missiles feeling undertuned. I liked the more minimalistic plot of AC4 more too but besides that the game is still the good old AC gameplay. It definitely feels the weaker of the trilogy on PS2 though but still interesting enough
56Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War PS2 6h NAug 20th ★★★★ My favorite AC from PS2. It scales back a lot of the problems I had with AC5 being a smaller but more concisive game. The plot didn't reach the heights of AC4 but it is the better game and I really enjoyed the last twist and final boss. The cutscenes are somewhat of a highlight too, many of them pretty memorable and the styles are a pretty nice addition. It just feels better to have only one team partner to equip too.
57Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation 3608h NAug 22th ★★★★ What a great game. I loved the changes like more missiles and checkpoint implementation that makes the bigger missions just more enjoyable to play They should made this way back after the PS1 games as we have these longer missions since 04. The dog fights are amazing in AC6, the new IA systems pretty good and responsive and even the ground missions were made way more tolerable. The plot is a bit of a mess though but the cutscenes are still very nice and mission 9 a highlight of the series.
58Soul Hackers 2 PC 52h NSep 2nd ★★★★ Even if it's pretty different compared with the original, Soul Hackers 2 have a great cast a a nice plot and a really good rhythm like it. Ringo is one of the best chars from Atlus games and the rest of the cast just as good. Of course some can find the dungeon crawling a bit tedious but it's just more Megaten and I love it. The gameplay balance felt pretty good, although I would change some aspects of it, like increasing the quantity of demon skills. The OST is the weak point, sadly.
59The Zachtronics Solitaire Collection PC 13h NSep 9th ★★★ I've never played a Zachtronics game before so when they announced a solitaire collection I knew it will be the time. This is a good collection of variants but I was hoping for something more meatier with better QoL than Microsoft Solitaire Collection. Still it's a good way to pass the time and some variants like the chinese and soviet one are pretty fun. The tarot-one although really difficulty is beautiful visually.
60Tanuki Justice PC 2h NSep 12th ★★★ Really simple but really charming platformer. Some of the levels are really hard (level 6, particularly) but the continue systems are forgiving enough. A sequel expanding some of the elements would be nice as this game already have a pretty good foundation for what it is. The co-op is really enjoyable too.
61Mad Games Tycoon 2PC 35h NSep 24th unrated Pretty big upgrade if compared with the first one. Got many of the trophies but sadly this time we have multiplayer-coop trophies so I will probably will never 100% it like I did with the first one. Not rating it yet, also (will wait until it gets off the early access) but it's already better than the first one.
62Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown PC 12h NSep 25th ★★★½ It's inferior than 6 and some other games on the series but it isn't a bad game. Visually it's stunning, the weather system is pretty nice (although obnoxious sometimes) and the gameplay feels great. I disliked how the upgrades system works this time though, too many options and removing the option to sell older airships felt cheap in a 'publisher wanting you to do mtx' kinda way.Here's hoping AC8 is better or on par with 6.
63Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water PC 18h NSep 30th ★★★★ Pretty great even if it feels really budget constrained. Level design could definitely be better but the chapters structure doesn't help. More fun than Fatal Frame 3 though and more focused. The parts were you play with Yuri are great, highlight of the entire series, the parts with Ren (and his camera) not so much.
64Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot PC 34h NOct 09th★★★½ Not much to see if you aren't a DBZ fan but if you are there's lots of things to enjoy in this game. The structure felt pretty faithful if you compare with the manga/anime but with a good part of the filler removed. The Boo saga suffers a little bit with lack of budget but it felt advantageous to me as I think Boo saga goes for too long. Definitely one of the best DBZ games.
Record of Lodoss War-Deedlit in Wonder Labyrinth
PC 6h NOct 12th ★★★★ Brilliant metroidvania. Beautiful, plays like a dream, good OST, great bosses, mechanically rich with a pretty nice weapon variety. But to be a perfect one should be a bit more dense in its areas, have more backtracking, felt less linear, have more enemies. I really want to see the next game from this team though.
66It Takes Two PC 12h NOct 16th ★★★½ This game made me really conflicted on how I feel about it. Gameplay-wise is really amazing with some moments that felt pretty magical, everything works so well and it's so competent of what it wants to do. But the story is bad, the writing horrible and the ending pretty unsatisfying all things considered. The protagonists were unlikable past the point of no return too. What bad parents they can be sometimes.