67Ghost Trick: Phantom DetectivePC13hN29-Oct-2023★★★★Ghost Trick is a joy to play, with a compelling plot, memorable characters, and an outstanding OST. It's incredibly satisfying to witness each new cool animation, experience new gameplay concepts, or unravel one mystery of the game, only for the game to introduce another. At times, the gameplay can be slightly clunky, particularly when dealing with certain puzzle solutions, but it's a minor issue. In the end it's a idea executed really well and a pretty creative game.
66Super Mario WonderSwitch9hN20-Oct-2023★★★★☆Where do I even begin? Let's start with the name. Just as "Breath of the Wild" perfectly encapsulated that game, "Wonder" aptly represents this colorful, beautiful, and awe-inspiring experience. It feels like the true successor to "Super Mario World," emerging 33 years later. "Super Mario World" was the first game I ever played, and it's filled with nostalgic memories. "Wonder" evoked that same childlike sense of discovery from finding secret stages in that game in the 90's to the joyful holiday moments I experienced while playing "Galaxy" and "Galaxy 2" over a decade ago.

What sets "Wonder" apart is its unbridled freedom. It defies preconceptions about what a Mario game should be. It introduces a plethora of new enemies, fresh concepts for familiar foes, inventive level design, and novel ways power-ups function (like the glider cap and wall jump, which I loved). The new character animations infuse the game with vitality and high-effort craftsmanship. To be honest, I didn't expect this level of greatness from a new 2D Mario game, but here it is, one of the finest platformers ever.

If it weren't for my mild disappointment with the OST and some of the boss battles, this game would be a solid 5-star masterpiece. The sheer creativity displayed by the Mario team at Nintendo is nothing short of extraordinary. Here's hoping for more of this brilliance in the future.
65Final Fantasy V Pixel RemasterSwitch27hY15-Oct-2023★★★★☆One of my all-time favorites. The main theme has the power to unlock a cascade of memories that always makes me deeply emotional. Final Fantasy V is a gem. It weaves a simple yet heartfelt story with remarkable composure. It boasts one of the most enjoyable gameplay systems ever seen in the Final Fantasy with a huge array of combinations and features charming characters like Ghido, the original warriors, Gilgamesh, and even its villain.

In my opinion, Final Fantasy V is often underestimated due to its perceived lack of 'complexity' compared to other entries in the FF franchise and other JRPGs. However, it possesses a subtle elegance and lightheartedness reminiscent of the best Dragon Quest games. While the second world/arc may feel like a bit of a downtime, everything else in the game is simply outstanding. The bigger and bigger stakes after each crystal (and world!), the battle on the big bridge, the exploration of new worlds, the epic confrontation of Galuf against Exdeath, and the captivating library segment and many, many more all exude charm and brilliance.
64Ringed CityPC7hY7-Oct-2023★★★The more I replay this DLC, the more I like it. I've even come to think that the Angels, which were initially a major annoyance, aren't as egregious as they once seemed. The Demons/Demon Prince battle stands out as one of my favorites in the series, and I've developed a greater fondness for Gael this time around. However, Midir remains an insufferable boss, seemingly beyond hope.
63Ashes of AriandelPC3hY5-Oct-2023★★★☆It's interesting how my appreciation for these Dark Souls 3 DLCs grows with each playthrough. Sister Friede is such a good boss battle, and the level design is intricate and well-executed, growing on me more and more.
62Final Fantasy IVPSP19hY5-Oct-2023★★★★This version is absolutely beautiful. It's a real shame we didn't get FFV in this same style. Final Fantasy IV is an exceptional game that marks the point where the series truly establishes its unique identity. I appreciate nearly everything that distinguishes Sakaguchi-era Final Fantasy games (and some other titles he worked on, like Lost Odyssey).

These distinct qualities include simple yet enjoyable gameplay, an excellent sense of atmosphere and grandeur with higher and higher stakes during the campaign, and a pacing that has rarely been matched in gaming. All of it is already here on FF4. The pacing pretty much is unmatched on JRPGs, for example. And of course, we can't forget the outstanding OST, featuring some of the best songs in the world of video games, such as "Red Wings Over Baron". Even the numerous fake deaths in the game don't seem that egregious after all. FFIV is a remarkable leap forward compared to its predecessor, and it undoubtedly stands as a milestone in the world of JRPGs.
61Dark Souls IIIPC40hY2-Oct-2023★★★★☆Just pointing in this replay that PvP in Dark Souls 3 sucks. i-frames are so annoying against invaders online, jesus. Even more if you play with slower weapons. That said, probably the most well rounded Dark Souls experience. The moveset of Claymore is so, soooo good. It's probably the most pleasant moveset in all Souls games since Demons Souls. Now I understand all the baemore/slaymore people.
60Final Fantasy III Pixel RemasterSwitch14hN30-Sep-2023★★★☆While the 3D version still holds a special place in my eyes, this pixel remaster offers a faster-paced alternative for those looking to revisit FF3. However, I did miss the depth of characterization and uniqueness present in the 3D version, and it's a shame these aspects weren't integrated here. Nonetheless, having essentially a SNES version of FF3 is a plus, and the quality-of-life improvements make a significant difference. The option to save anywhere is a welcome addition, and the newly arranged OST is excellent. It's worth noting that FF3 still feels like it is pretty much a DQ game, not having a identity of its own until FF4.
59Saturn BombermanSaturn3hN24-Sep-2023★★★☆Cute game with nice stages. I don't think it's better than Super Bomberman IV but it's close enough. Some bosses are kind of bad though.
58Panzer Dragoon II ZweiSaturn3hN10-Sep-2023★★★☆This one is more balanced, creative, and intense than its predecessor. The alien atmosphere and exceptional OST contribute significantly to its appeal with boss fights that were all enjoyable. Like many arcade-inspired games, the latter part of the game can become quite challenging and punishing. Nevertheless, the experience is ultimately rewarding. I can't help but think that the Panzer Dragoon universe holds untapped potential for much more material than we had.
57Virtua Cop 2Saturn3hN10-Sep-2023★★★☆This sequel is a significant improvement over the first game. Recharging your weapon now only requires a single button press. The stages are more diverse and engaging compared to the original, with each offering two distinct paths to choose from. The enduring low-poly charm remains intact.
56Virtua CopSaturn3hN9-Sep-2023★★★The second stage proved to be more challenging than the third one. Additionally, I found the requirement to press the button twice for a recharge a bit taxing on the thumbs. Poor hostages, I accidentally shot so many during my playthrough.
55Panzer DragoonSaturn2hN3-Sep-2023★★★Decent with a pleasant OST. The visuals are uniquely appealing. However, it could benefit from a more intricate weapon system and slightly longer stages.
54Elden RingPC98hY2-Sep-2023★★★★★Transcendental. During this playthrough, my goal was to complete all quests, acquire all graces, defeat all bosses, and collect as many weapons and items as possible. It proved to be an immensely rewarding experience. Elden Ring wasn't just a fluke; it is consistently beautiful in every aspect.
53Silent HillPS14hY22-Aug-2023★★★★★A perennial classic. It's incredible how much it influenced the entire genre and how trailblazing and impressive it remains, even on limited hardware. The pacing and exploration are still second to none, the dub was one of the best of its generation, the cutscenes have held up well, and the OST is in a league of its own. This is the best survival horror game of all time, and it's not even close.
51Dragon Ball: Advanced Adventure
Gameboy Advance
3hN18-Aug-2023★★★☆Adorned with adorable character designs, this game conceals a surprisingly robust beat 'em up/2D platformer experience. Goku's controls are remarkably fluid, and the one-on-one battles are so enjoyable. The level of competence displayed by this game surpasses expectations, making it all the more impressive. I'm confident that someday, I'll find myself compelled to revisit this one.
52Demons SoulsPS318hY18-Aug-2023★★★★★Anual replay. Played full co-op this time with my girlfriend (her first time playing the game)
50Lunar 2: Eternal BluePS134hN17-Aug-2023★★★★Impressive. My expectations were set higher than its already enjoyable predecessor, and this installment surpassed them. Although I harbored more criticism than praise for the distinctly '90s dub, it's hard to ignore the tremendous qualities of the game. Granted, the dungeon enemies turned infuriatingly challenging in the final third of the game, but overall, Lunar 2 showcases brilliance. It encapsulates all the hallmarks of an exceptional '90s JRPG, which, for me, embodies the pinnacle of gaming. The character roster is solid, villains are engaging, and the sprite work is undeniably charming. The adorable aesthetics of the game, coupled with a bounty of anime cutscenes, left me thoroughly impressed. Lunar 2 claims the title of my favorite Gamearts creation, and forms a seamless connection with the first Lunar game. Outstanding.
49Castlevania: The Adventure ReBirthWii3hN16-Aug-2023★★★A pleasant experience, albeit infused with the expected touch of challenging classicvania difficulty. The boss battles, particularly against Dracula, offered enjoyable encounters. I'm uncertain whether it's due to my selection of normal difficulty, but I found enemy damage to be slightly higher than anticipated. Nevertheless, the game delivers an enjoyable time, complemented by appealing visuals.
48Dragon Quest IIISwitch26hY10-Aug-2023★★★★The brilliance of JRPGs takes its roots here. Dragon Quest III is a marvel of tight game design. Even after three decades, playing it remains an exhilarating experience. This version, often unfairly criticized, offers a delightful way to experience the game. While the SNES version boasts exquisite sprites – arguably the pinnacle of SNES visuals – this rendition brings its own merits with subtle quality of life improvements and the pleasing MIDI soundfont.
47KuonPS27hN6-Aug-2023★★★☆Overall, it's quite enjoyable, although occasionally feeling a tad cheaper and lacking in polish. The second campaign could have benefited from more variety as well – it felt somewhat akin to replaying the other campaign. Incorporating a system similar to the zapping mechanic in the original Resident Evil 2 would have sufficed. Nevertheless, if you're someone who, like me, holds a deep fondness for classic survival horror, it's a worthwhile experience.
46Tales of ArisePC50hN6-Aug-2023★★★★☆This year, I played Abyss, and it immediately claimed the spot of my favorite Tales Of title. It's a fortunate coincidence that the next Tales Of game I played is likely just as good, if not better. I adored Arise – it's an absolutely stunning, enjoyable, and charming game. It takes a weighty theme like slavery and, in my opinion, handles it rather effectively, even though it eventually delves into high-fantasy territory – a trademark of the Tales Of series. The game manages to maintain a grounded experience at various points, boasting excellent character development and visuals (some of my favorite party character designs ever, without a doubt). I can empathize with long-time Tales Of fans who might have felt a sense of betrayal with this game, though I don't believe Arise veered as far from the series' essence as other franchises like Final Fantasy have at times. The boss fights provide an exhilarating thrill, and although I mainly played as Alphen, the other characters were intriguing to play as during the limited time I spent with them (particularly in the coliseum). Towards the end, the game does drag a bit. I believe the story elements could have been more evenly distributed throughout the campaign instead of being heavily concentrated towards the conclusion. Nevertheless, this didn't diminish my fondness for the game in the least.
44Xenosaga Episode I: Der Wille zur MachtPS248hN27-Jul-2023★★☆Remember how Miyazaki had Sekiro, Kojima had Peace Walker, and Akifumi Kaneko had Wild Arms 4? No one is immune to imperfection; everyone has a work that falls short. In the case of Takahashi, it's Xenosaga. Perhaps I'll find more enjoyment in it if I eventually complete the trilogy, but for now, it's strikingly average when compared to Xenogears and Xenoblade, which is truly a disappointment. This game represents Takahashi's most cryptic, least captivating, and most bewildering creation. Regrettably, it's often for the wrong reasons. Visually, it's not exactly eye-catching either; character design has always been a weak aspect of Takahashi's works, but the Xenosaga series takes this flaw to the extreme. The game features a cast of characters that look downright silly. I genuinely feel that this narrative structure does no favors to the essence of Takahashi's game design. In Xenogears, you'd gradually uncover the truth after an initial cutscene, but it was connected by a coherent thread of events. Xenosaga, on the other hand, bombards you with isolated facts lacking a cohesive narrative to follow. While I am aware of Xenosaga 3's positive reputation, I'm not sure if I'm up for playing Xenosaga 2 at this moment. Only time will tell.
42Yu-gi-oh! Forbidden MemoriesPS16hY18-Jul-2023★★★★Yearly replay
43Dragon Quest HeroesPC24hN18-Jul-2023★★★I mean, it had a pretty nice cast of characters between the old timers and the new ones (visually all of them looked simply amazing), but the game does drag. The protect-the-flag stages are the worst ones and there are too much of them. I did have fun though, DQ is always good on my book. I can't be to harsh on the game though, Yangus and Healix are so precious afterall.
45Dark Souls: RemasteredPC30hY1-Jul-2023★★★★☆Anual replay. Played full co-op this time with my girlfriend (her first time playing the game)
41Tales of the AbyssPS253hN26-Jun-2023★★★★Truly beautiful. I really like how, initially, everything may appear overwhelming and contrived, but it gradually unfolds in an organic and thoughtful manner. The camaraderie among the party members, the thematic depth, and the overall flow of the game are remarkable. The dungeon design is exceptional, the cities are visually stunning, and the villain rivals the likes of Dhaos. The game handles sorrowful themes with the same sincerity and levity that great animes do. Abyss is a gem of a game that provided me with an enjoyable experience throughout, surpassing Symphonia in almost every aspect. As for the gameplay, I'm still undecided on whether I prefer this or Symphonia, but everything else is undoubtedly a significant improvement. Guy stands out as the best bro ever and while Anise may be considered the weakest link in the game by far, she is far from being the worst character ever after you get deep in the gameplay. The OST, while not bad, doesn't quite match the greatness of this game, except for its incredible opening. This is the best Tales of game I have played thus far.
40Democratic Socialism SimulatorPC3hN22-Jun-2023★★★This game turned out to be more well-made than I had anticipated. Visually, it is quite good, and despite its focus on USA politics, its themes can be easily translated to democratic socialism in other countries. I found some of the events to be eerily similar to real-world occurrences in the country I live in. It was refreshing to witness an anti-imperialist portrayal of the USA for once. As a strong advocate of popular power, it was easy for me to get reelected. However, the game's simplicity left me wanting more.
39We Love Katamari REROLL+ Royal ReveriePC5hN3-Jun-2023★★★★Katamari is always a blast, isn't it? This one feels somewhat more challenging compared to others in the series. All the sparks of creativity that define Katamari are once again present throughout the game. Additionally, this remaster surpasses the remaster of the first game, which is quite commendable. The inclusion of the Royal Reverie content is also a nice addition.
38Mad Games Tycoon 2PC98hY1-Jun-2023★★★☆Bigger and better than its predecessor in nearly every aspect. However, the inclusion of online-only trophies is a questionable decision. In my opinion, this is the type of game that doesn't lend itself well to cooperative play.
37The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the KingdomSwitch63hN27-May2023★★★★It's a bit challenging to judge TOTK. On one hand, I can appreciate and understand the marvel and inventiveness of the new mechanics introduced in this game. Exploring the world was an enjoyable experience, and once I started playing, it was difficult to put the controller down. However, on the other hand, it doesn't quite capture the heights and sense of wonder achieved in Breath of the Wild. I feel that the shrines aren't as impressive as before, and the temples don't surpass the Divine Beasts in terms of quality by that much, in my opinion. While it's understandable that they reused the entire map, it does diminish the sense of encountering something entirely new that was so prevalent in the first game. Nonetheless, it remains a great game, and the final boss battle is way better this time around. It's an 8 by now but can be a 7 for me eventually.
36Fatal Frame: Mask of the Lunar EclipsePC13hN23-May2023★★★☆Despite being the weakest entry in the Fatal Frame series, this game still holds up as a solid experience, thanks to the strength of its tried-and-true formula. However, I believe there could have been more effort put into translating the character controls and prompts to better suit the controller scheme. It felt somewhat cumbersome compared to the norm of the game genre and other Fatal Frame titles. Additionally, the abundance of characters negatively impacts the game's pacing, although the new "camera" with one of the characters adds a refreshing twist. It's unfortunate that you challenge the final boss battle with the least satisfying character in terms of gameplay, but the piano element of the battle helps redeem it to some extent.
35Resident Evil: The Darkside ChroniclesPS36hN22-May2023★★★This game feels like such a missed opportunity. It's astonishing how one aspect almost completely ruins the entire experience. Darkside Chronicles clearly had a much higher budget and presents a well-executed retelling of the events from Resident Evil 2 and the original campaign is truly remarkable. However, the shaky camera implementation is absolutely detrimental. It's a poor design decision, especially for a rail shooter game. The camera instability is so severe that it almost surpasses the flaws of the original game, single-handedly dragging down the overall experience by a lot.
34DrakengardPS219hN18-May2023★★★☆Wow, what an insane storyline! Although the game can be frustrating at times (and it progressively becomes more difficult to progress with each ending), it holds a unique charm. It's the type of madness that you rarely see with such a budget nowadays. This game feels incredibly authoral and unhinged, and even if I don't agree with every decision, I can certainly appreciate the boldness it took to create something like this. Personally, I don't find the gameplay as bad as some people claim, but a remake could greatly enhance the experience of Drakengard. However, the real standout is the OST, which is truly one of the most outstanding compositions in video game history. It reaches its peak just before the end with that incredible, haunting piece in Ending E. It's pure brilliance.
33Resident Evil: The Umbrella ChroniclesPS34hN15-May2023★★★Despite the developers clearly being on a tight budget, I had a lot of fun with this game. As someone who enjoys playing these types of games in co-op, I was disappointed by the single-player campaigns. However, the game does a commendable job of adapting the events from the original games, which impressed me. In fact, I would go so far as to say that the RE Zero scenario presented here is the best way to experience Rebecca and Billy's story, considering that the original game itself isn't very good.
32Breath of FireSNES30hN12-May2023★★★☆Just a copy of Dragon Quest, but honestly, I'm not one to complain. BoF1 incorporates many great elements that DQ gets right, such as quality of life features like dungeon exit spells and teleportation, charming sprites, and a simple yet enjoyable traditional plot. It does have a few gameplay imbalances, but they're not infuriating. Overall, it's a good start to the series. I played it with the War of the Goddess mod.
31Final Fantasy VIIPC34hY25-Apr-2023★★★★★This is the best one. FFVII is a brilliant game from start to end, and it's almost a miracle that it came to be this way at that time. Of course, there are some rough spots like the submarine minigame, but otherwise, it's a marvel in every other aspect. The beautiful OST, the strong cast of characters, the rich lore, and the story that never loses the thread make this game one of the best of the golden age Squaresoft. The gameplay is fun and creative, and it had it all in 1997. It will be a stone-cold classic forever, having influenced and influencing many others to come. FFVII is undoubtedly the crown jewel of JRPGs. Played with Tsunamods/Ninostyle Chibi mods.
30Mega Man Maverick Hunter XPSP2hY24-Apr-2023★★★★It wasn't as good as I remembered, but it's still pretty enjoyable. The change in the capsule order bothered me more this time around, and the character has a laggy start in their walking animation that really bothers me. However, it's Mega Man X, a classic, and I really appreciate the charm of the low-poly models, the cutscenes, and voice acting. It's a shame we never got to see Mega Man X 2-4 in this same style.
29Trails in the Sky the 3rdPC45hN23-Apr-2023★★★Hard to talk about this one. Really liked Kevin in SC, and a game entirely focused on him seemed like a great idea, especially since it's a pure dungeon crawler, one of my favorite genres. However, it didn't work out as well as I had hoped. There were many repetitive story beats, the structure wasn't good, and the pacing was really bad. There was just too much uninteresting information that buried the interesting parts of the universe, making this one the worst of the trilogy. The Kiseki writers could have used some editing to make the story more concise and interesting, and some parts could have been removed altogether (Kloe and school again? Come on). However, the OST is fantastic, and the gameplay is an improvement over the first two games. Thankfully, starting with Crossbell, the series returns to a more traditional JRPG structure.
28Diablo IIISwitch25hN13-Apr-2023★★★☆Really nice game if you just want to relax and have a good time with someone. Everything is pretty easy to understand, and the visuals are pleasing to look at. I appreciate how the difficulty works in this game, with levels that gradually increase in challenge, so the gameplay never becomes too monotonous. Additionally, some of the sidequests are nicely integrated into the main storyline. I can't get enough of this loot-system either, so addictive
27Super Mario Bros. 2SNES3hN1-Apr-2023★★☆This game is definitely an improvement over Lost Levels, but it still doesn't quite feel like a Mario game. However, it's great to see classic Mario characters making their first appearance here, and the visuals are cute on the SNES version.
25Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden CoinsGameboy2hN31-Mar-2023★★★Better than the first one and honestly on par with some mainline Mario games if not much better (like Lost Levels and 2.) I really like the Super Mario World style map too.
26Super Mario Bros.: The Lost LevelsSNES3hN31-Mar-2023I can think of many "accolades" for this one. It's the worst sequel of all time, the worst game in a great franchise, and even the worst game of all time wouldn't be too far off. It's absolute trash. It's insane how difficult it is to control Mario in this game, and the level design is pure hell. I can understand why Nintendo of America didn't want to put a "2" on this game in the west.
24Super Mario LandGameboy1hN30-Mar-2023★★
23Resident Evil 4 (2023)PC20hN29-Mar-2023★★★★I can finally say that I love RE4. But it's the remake. It feels like a true Resident Evil game that incorporates action, rather than an action game with a few RE elements. Ashley is a better character now, and the survival horror elements are infinitely better. Everything feels great. However, like the original, the game overstays its welcome (although not as much as the original with the og island level). Unfortunately, Ada is worse in this version. Her voice acting performance is subpar, and her role in the story is not as good.
22Natsuki ChroniclesPC4hN21-Mar-2023★★★★It's Ginga Force, but now in horizontal mode, and with a much larger budget and more attention to detail. It's a genuinely great and fun game to play, with varied stages and everything working seamlessly. It's easily one of my favorite shmup games. The game is somewhat easier than Ginga Force, but it feels like it's because everything works better and you have more options this time.
21Ginga ForcePC6hN19-Mar-2023★★★☆Way better than I expected. While I'm not a big fan of the character designs, everything else in the game is tailored to my tastes when it comes to shmups. I especially enjoyed the upgrade systems and would love to see more of that in the genre. The second-to-last stage is one of the most intense I've ever seen in a shmup, and learning it was a great experience
20Dragon's CrownPS315hN18-Mar-2023★★★☆The co-op experience is pretty painless and enjoyable and probably the best way to play Dragon's Crown. That said, the visuals are a bit of a mixed bag. While some of the artwork is beautiful and whimsical, the exaggerated character art and fanservice are a turnoff for me. The gameplay can also become chaotic, but the UI options help with character visibility. Some boss fights are really intense.
19Sekiro: Shadows Die TwicePC22hN11-Mar-2023★★☆The saying goes, "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all," and given Sekiro's popularity, I will leave it at that. However, I'm glad I completed it and don't feel the need to play it ever again. I'm also glad that FromSoftware returned to their dark fantasy "soulslike" games after Sekiro. Sekiro is not in the same genre as Souls and Bloodborne, despite what some may believe.
18Thunder Force IV
Mega Drive / Genesis
2hN8-Mar-2023★★★Thunder Force IV is a frenetic shoot-em-up that can feel a bit cheap at times, especially in the later stages, but that's typical of the genre. The visuals can be confusing, with enemies and scenery blending together, but I enjoyed the verticality of the stages. The 99-lives system is helpful for learning the game, and the OST is pretty good
17Streets of Rage 3
Mega Drive / Genesis
2hN8-Mar-2023★★This game is worse than the last two in every way, even graphically, which is pretty baffling. The gameplay felt more clunky as well
16Chained EchoesPC28hN7-Mar-2023★★★☆This is a really slow game, all the influences are obvious and I really don't think the way the levels are implemented are good, the battles are pretty slow and few and far between but despite these flaws, Chained Echoes is a great homage to those classic games. The story becomes increasingly crazy, and I'm all in for it. As an indie game, Chained Echoes is impressive in scope, and the party is well developed. It won me over in the end
15Wo Long: Fallen DynastyPC34hN5-Mar-2023★★★★☆More streamlined and straightforward than the Nioh games, but satisfying in its own way. The new systems, such as parrying and morale, add great variety to the combat, which is still excellent. I loved the setting, which was a nice change of pace, and I'm glad that Wo Long exists as its own thing. I really hope they make another game in this new IP. My only complaint is that it's too short, but when that's your biggest problem with a game, you know it's a winner.
14Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About TimePC7hN27-Feb-2023★★★★This is a great platformer, it really understands why the original trilogy was so great. And it's hard as nails too, I can't see myself ever getting close to platinum this one. That said it was pretty good to overcome the main campaign and the game even puts more checkpoints if you start to die a lot. So, it's hard and challenging but in the main campaign at least doesn't feel cheap. Just demands a better level of execution from the player. The gameplay of the new characters are all great, Tawna could get a game for herself even, I would be there to play it. Insane amount of content too.
Devil Summoner 2: Raidou Kuzunoha vs. King Abaddon
PS242hN26-Feb-2023★★★★A sequel better at pretty much everything. Gone was the random encounters on cities, now you get access to one more demon in battle and the flow of battle is all around better. An example how a sequel should be, really. Most of the dialog it's pretty fun as the first one and OST is Atlus goodness. The plot is not as interesting as the first one but it's not bad either. Great flow and pacing too, the only misstep is the battle against the four riders being the way it was. I can see someone getting softlocked with it easily.
12Theatrhythm Final Bar LineSwitch12hN20-Feb-2023★★★★The ultimate Theatrhythm experience for me. I appreciated the gameplay changes and the expanded selection of songs is fantastic. It's also commendable how much care was put into the order of the songs on each map, mirroring the original games' progress. The visuals for the scenarios were all fantastic as well. I hope to see more of Square's older games getting this kind of attention. Overall, this is the perfect way to spend some time
11Metroid Prime RemasteredSwitch14hY16-Feb-2023★★★☆Pretty happy with this one. The original controls never felt right to me. The GC controls lacked the second analog stick of modern FPS consoles, and the Wii controls were never my cup of tea. This version corrects both of these problems. Of course, some of my criticisms remain, such as excess of gauntlets in Phazon Mines and the visors. However, the overall atmosphere and moment-to-moment gameplay were excellent, and the biomes were impressively varied. The remaster was well-done, with attention to other details. Prime 2 and 3 now, please?
Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2 Record Breaker
Nintendo 3DS
52hN11-Feb-2023★★★☆Devil Survivor 2 falls short in comparison to its predecessor in almost every aspect, but I'm still glad that we got a second game in the series. The gameplay is enjoyable and different enough from mainline SMT games to make it worthwhile. However, the characters, OST, and overall progression don't quite measure up to the first game. Perhaps a third installment in the series could be worth exploring? I hope to see Atlus trying again. The first one is almost a classic
9Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga 2PS238hN5-Feb-2023★★★★Enhanced the first one for me, and the two combined are better than being analyzed as separate games after all. I think the smaller gameplay changes were for the better, and the game didn't overstay its welcome. The way the plot flows from one game to another makes it a perfect duology. It was great the way DDS2 continues from DDS1, and the themes throughout both games were great. The ending was so satisfying, considering the journey.
8Demon's SoulsPS59hN4-Feb-2023★★★★☆For all the problems I have with the remake, I think Bluepoint did a good job providing a fun way to re-experience the beauty of Demon's Souls. However, the original will always be better, as some of the changes are not for the best. The voice acting lacks the goofy charm of the original, and the character models do not look right. That being said, I still had a lot of fun playing it, knowing that it would be a somewhat different take on one of my favorites
7Digimon World 4PS235hN28-Jan-2023★★This is a really disappointing game, probably the worst in the franchise. It has some nice ideas, and the soundtrack is pretty good, but it's a poorly balanced mess with various degrees of cheapness. The progression feels absurdly slow, the bosses aren't fun, and you never evolve your Digimon (only in NG+ playthroughs). It's only tolerable in co-op, and it would probably receive an even worse rating if I had played it solo (although I don't think I would have even beaten it).
6MushihimesamaSwitch1hY20-Jan-2023★★★★A replay with another friend. The Mushihimesama duology is peak bullet hell for me so far.
5GuwangeXbox 3601hN19-Jan-2023★★★☆This is probably their most unique game overall. Each character in the game has a distinct playing style, which makes for an interesting and varied experience. I also really enjoyed the setting, being a sucker for Japanese folklore. It's really nice
3DoDonPachi DaiOuJouPS21hN8-Jan-2023★★★☆Pretty appealing visually, probably the best DoDonPachi game so far
2Touhou Luna NightsPC6hN8-Jan-2023★★★☆The weakest game from Team Ladybug, as the mechanics aren't as interesting as their other games. Visually, it's pretty good, but the character design in this one isn't as appealing either. Nevertheless, it's still a fun game, but it's clearly inferior to Synchronicity Prologue and Lodoss War. The OST, however, is probably their best effort so far, which gives it an extra point
4EspgaludaPS21hN8-Jan-2023★★★A really nice and unique mechanic in this game. It takes a bit of time to understand, but once it clicks, it really clicks.
1Digimon Story: Lost Evolution
Nintendo DS
53hN5-Jan-2023★★★★I'm pretty happy to finally be able to play this game in English, and the fan translation didn't disappoint me. The game was also great - a natural evolution from the Dawn/Dusk games with charming sprites and a nice progression. I think it's the strongest game in the Story Trilogy on DS. The only thing that I think could be improved is the balance of the plate mechanic. I didn't feel that the difficulty at the higher stages was balanced, and I think you should have more options for better tools
95DrainusPC3hN31-Dec-2022★★★★Beautiful, beautiful effort from what is shaping up to be my favorite indie studio. I really love the visuals in all Team Ladybug games, and Drainus is no exception. Gameplay-wise, it is top-notch, as with all their other efforts. The game makes you replay it back to back, but with gameplay as satisfying as that and these great collection of stages and bosses, it's simply a joy. Probably their best.
94Dragon Quest VPS240hY30-Dec-2022★★★★Replaying this made me like it even more. And the PS2 version is the definitive one for sure, with beautiful and charming 3D and great OST orchestration. It also has one of the best stories DQ has ever had. I loved it, and some parts of it that I disliked - like the monster capture system - bother me less these days. That said, it is pretty bad how hard it is to catch some monsters. It shouldn't be fully based on luck like that.
92Esp Ra. De PsiSwitch2hN29-Dec-2022★★★★Amazing game. Beautiful artwork and sprites, great variety, and one of the most satisfying Cave games to play yet (which means something). I loved how well balanced the game is - it doesn't have infinite continues like other of their games, but it is so well balanced around the lives you get. Essential shmup.
93Castle of ShikigamiPC1hN29-Dec-2022★★★Ugly as hell, but at least it was pretty fun. It feels quite cheap sometimes, and the "bombs" system in this one is not that interesting. Still, there's fun to be had with this one.
91Deathsmiles IISwitch1hN26-Dec-2022★★★☆All the bad things from the first one are back, but one good thing is not - the visuals got a really big downgrade compared to the first Deathsmiles. Still, the gameplay loop is as satisfying.
89Akai KatanaSwitch2hN25-Dec-2022★★★☆Cave is doing really interesting games with mechanics in this one. The way the ships have an HP bar and a shield feels so obvious that it's bizarre to not see more games doing it this way. It's visually impressive too, as all of their games are. Apparently it's more story-focused? Although I don't really pay attention to the stories in these games.
88Terror of HemasaurusPC2hN25-Dec-2022★★★☆Despite how dark and gloomy the game can be at times, and how real some of the text can be, it was pretty fun in co-op. I played it twice and had a lot of fun both times. It's so enjoyable to be able to destroy everything in your sight. The big dinosaurs are quite cute, even if they are killing machines. The dramatic tones of the OST also make the experience quite funny, if you have that kind of sense of humor. Clearly leftist political tones with this one, which I like.
87IkarugaPC3hN25-Dec-2022★★★☆I can see why this is so hyped. Beautiful game with one of the most impressive stage obstacles I've seen so far in a bullet hell. The color switch mechanic is so iconic that it was used in many other games, like Outland. The way the game gives you a continue every hour looks like a nice way to increase longevity and make you learn how to play the game. Recommended, but you already knew that anyway.
90DeathsmilesSwitch2hN25-Dec-2022★★★★If not for the trash character design, this would probably be my favorite game of them. Most impressive set of stages, great visual identity that gets away from the military visuals of most shmup games, great stage obstacles, and the simple but great idea of attacking front and back coupled with a nice power-up mechanic make for the most enjoyable Cave game to play.
86Crimzon Clover: World EXplosionSwitch1hN24-Dec-2022★★★☆So chaotic and visceral, and so good. It's insane how hard this game goes. I always like the exclusive mechanics in these games, and the lock-on/buster one in Crimzon Clover feels so good. I hope for more games with things like this.
85Mushihime-sama FutariXbox 3602hN23-Dec-2022★★★★Even better than the original, if that is even possible. Even if it is by a little.
84DoDonPachiPS12hN22-Dec-2022★★★☆Better than the original. The best improvement is the boss's HP bar, something that has become the standard in the next Cave games.
83DonPachiPS12hN21-Dec-2022★★★Visually, it is not as impressive as other Cave games that came later, nor does it have as strong an identity either, but gameplay-wise it already shows how competent the studio is. The PS1 version is also quite decent.
82Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden MemoriesPS17hY20-Dec-2022★★★★I play this at least one time every year. So, obligatory replay.
81Mushihime-samaSwitch2hN19-Dec-2022★★★★Amazing game. One of the best shmups I've played, for sure. Everything in this game is really top-notch. Beautiful and creative visuals, different from all the other bullet hell games, a great and soothing OST, smooth controls, nice and varied but still thematically consistent bosses. This is everything a game like this should strive to be, in my opinion. I really like the approach "easy to play and learn, hard to master" in all the Cave games I've played so far.
80Ghost BladeSwitch1hN19-Dec-2022★★★It's a pretty by-the-numbers game, where there isn't much to talk about. At least it doesn't have anything that bad either, well, except for the blatant and unnecessary sexualization. At least it only lasts a few screens
79Soldier Blade
PC Engine / Turbografx
2hN18-Dec-2022★★★Soldier Blade does a nice thing with the power-ups found in every shmup game and the OST is quite pleasant, but, as with many of these games, the final stages feel quite cheap overall. The final boss takes forever to die.
78Grandia PS153hN17-Dec-2022★★★☆Slow start but Grandia has an incredible sense of adventure. The clear highlight is the main duo, Feena and Justin, which makes the game bigger than the sum of its parts. The dungeons and maps are great, the soundtrack is pleasant, and the pace of the game is not bad, it's a shame that the gameplay system is still quite immature compared to the two sequels. The last third also loses a little bit of steam but it is still worth playing.
77Cell to SingularityPC90hN5-Dec-2022★★★A pretty impressive incremental game at the start, but it gets really slow. The pay-to-win mechanics are really enforced if you don't want to play this for months. However, it's an interesting way to learn a thing or two about astronomy and biology.
76Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies
Nintendo DS
35hN1-Dec-2022★★★☆If not for the focus on multiplayer and post-game this game have I would enjoy it even more. Still it's a pretty good DQ, that simplifies the vocation system of VI and VII and combines with the progression system on VIII. Having all the DQ charm, of course, nice dungeons, nice character and monster design, good QoLs. A joy to play.
75Wild Arms: Alter Code FPS248hN24-Nov-2022★★★★★The perfect remake. Everything was treated with so much care and thought on this one, making an already amazing JRPG into one of the best games off all time. They expanded the game, got some ideas of the amazing system on Wild Arms 3 but respected the OG pretty well here. Many things are just better: The text, the visuals, the OST that will grow on you, the already classic opening and all the new extras making this a joy to play and explore. Wild Arms is so great and this is peak JRPG.
74KeyWe PC5hN15-Nov-2022★★★Decent and creative co-op game with many different minigames. Somewhat gets kinda repetitive by the end but still there's fun to be had with it.
73Pulling No Punches (Punhos de Repúdio)PC2hN14-Nov-2022★★★☆Short but really nice beat'em up that shows the madness that Brazil lived during the pandemic in a really sarcastic way. Probably will only have full effect if you are brazilian but as a game it's pretty decent and functional all things considered.
72Shadow Hearts: From the New WorldPS243hN10-Nov-2022★★★★☆People always say that FTNW is not as good as Covenant but no one talks about how freaking good FTNW is. Great pacing, amazing dungeon design, creative scenarios and a pretty good party, it's lovable how memorable all of them are. Even have the best OST of the trilogy and the game flows so well between a humoristic approach to a more serious tone in their narrative. The system is a bit complex at the start but feels good the get the hang of it as time goes by in the game. Amazing achievement.
71Vagrant StoryPS121hN5-Nov-2022★★★☆Beautiful scenarios, art direction and writing by Matsuno didn't save Vagrant Story to be a really clunky game. It's good and pretty different than the rest of JRPGs but it feels incomplete and with a really disjointed narrative. This should be in production for a little more time, it felt like it really needed it. And the box system it's a pain to get around. Also, too many systems at play at the same time. Still, it's a impressive achievement for PS1.
70SIGNALISPC7hN30-Oct-2022★★★★Amazing game. In some ways it's the best survival horror since the heyday of the genre on PS1 and PS2. Visually impecable, excelent atmosphere and masterfully crafted to be cryptic and minimalist in it's story it's really amazing what the team achieved here. Sadly, you can see the budget of a indie game in some parts, like many, many doors and rooms you will never access only existing for window dressing. Even with it, the backtracking is pretty competent too. Pretty unique too.
69Spyro: Year of the DragonPS110hN28-Oct-2022★★★☆Pretty good game and the strongest of the trilogy. Although it has some of the worst minigames of the trilogy the structure of the levels were the best in the series. And visually continues to be pretty cute and charming. Probably a pain to 100% though, with all these minigames.
68Resident Evil 4PC16hY24-Oct-2022★★★I really hate what happened to survival horror games after this game but after many years I'm somewhat at peace with this game. With HD Project Mod and the tweaks it came with it (no QTEs, better FOV) made the game more fun to play for me even if it is one of the RE games I like the least. Anyway, I'm pretty happy with what RE become since Resident Evil 7 and I think I will enjoy RE4 remake much more than this.
67Wild ARMs XFPSP63hN22-Oct-2022★★★☆Wild Arms ended with a bang but not flawlessly. The gameplay is pretty creative, one of the most creative I've saw on a SRPG, XF have a good integration with elements from the series and the OST was pretty good too (as the rest of the series). The plot though is a bit uninteresting and the pace of the game suffers a lot because of it, should be way more shorter. The game also doesn't know when to put a character to rest. Visually could be better too, at least it's better than WA4.
66It Takes TwoPC12hN16-Oct-2022★★★☆
This game made me really conflicted on how I feel about it. Gameplay-wise is really amazing with some moments that felt pretty magical, everything works so well and it's so competent of what it wants to do. But the story is bad, the writing horrible and the ending pretty unsatisfying all things considered. The protagonists were unlikable past the point of no return too. What bad parents they can be sometimes.
65Record of Lodoss War-Deedlit in Wonder LabyrinthPC6hN12-Oct-2022★★★★
Brilliant metroidvania. Beautiful, plays like a dream, good OST, great bosses, mechanically rich with a pretty nice weapon variety. But to be a perfect one should be a bit more dense in its areas, have more backtracking, felt less linear, have more enemies. I really want to see the next game from this team though.
64Dragon Ball Z: KakarotPC34hN9-Oct-2022★★★☆
Not much to see if you aren't a DBZ fan but if you are there's lots of things to enjoy in this game. The structure felt pretty faithful if you compare with the manga/anime but with a good part of the filler removed. The Boo saga suffers a little bit with lack of budget but it felt advantageous to me as I think Boo saga goes for too long. Definitely one of the best DBZ games.