1Tales of SymphoniaNGC48hN4-Jan-2021★★★☆☆Besides the forgettable soundtrack, some dumb sidequests and the wonky pacing in the last third it's still a good game, with simple but charming plot, nice world lore and concepts and really lovable cast. The gameplay is pretty good for the most part too with a good level of challenge overall. The dungeons are more of a mixed bag: while some of them may be among the best of the genre, others are infuriating and contextually incoherent. Overall a really worthy game to play though. 7/10
2Outer WildsPC21hNSteam7-Jan-2021★★★☆☆I think Outer Wilds is at it's best at the first half when you are just in awe discovering things, learning about the universe of the game and just exploring for the sake of exploration. The second half can have really frustating and infuriating moments and some things are a little too obtuse because you have such a small timeframe to explore. Still it's atmosphere and how it conveys the mysteries of this universe makes this more than worth to play
3Metal Gear Solid V: The Ground ZeroesPC2hNSteam8-Jan-2021★★★☆☆It's alright but ultimately I think this more open ended design will not be for me when it comes to MGS games. I hope to be wrong when I eventually play The Phantom Pain. At least the set up for the game is interesting enough.
4Ghost of TsushimaPS435hN8-Jan-2021★★★★★This hits many right notes for me. Loved the less intrusive mark points of open world, loved the stealth sections and the stand-offs never got boring. And all the combat options, one more fun than another. As some other games from the studio, this feels something with a lot of heart and if not for some clunky and jank here and there would be pratically a perfect game. Beautiful and emotive ending too hitting all the right notes along the way. And yeah, visually nothing short of beautiful. 9/10
5Mad Games TycoonPC11hY11-Jan-2021★★★★☆The only negative about this game is that is kinda ugly but is the most addictive Tycoon I've ever played. I play almost every year, since release. Just played on normal, bought all developers, developed hardware, got a lot of GOTY prizes, etc. 11hrs
6Tetris Effect: ConnectedXBO5hNGamepass13-Jan-2021★★★☆☆Beautiful to look at and the new mechanic is a nice way to spice things up. I would like a more beefier main campaign, still, there are lots of fun to have with this game. A new Tetris is always something good for me. 7/10
7Monster Hunter World: IcebornePC37hNSteam25-Jan-2021★★★☆☆Yeah, Didn't grabbed my atention as the base game did. Probably because every enemy is a big hurdle and the drop rates doesn't help. Lost 6 or more hours just to get an Elder Dragon Gem. I disliked the repetitions with some enemies and the lack of options to just skip some cutscenes (yeah, sure, I play this because of the plot and SURE I want to see some big monster screaming at me for the 1000th time...) It's good but probably more for the hardcore MH fan. 7/10
8Last Day Of JunePC5hNSteam3-Feb-2021★★★☆☆Inspired on one of my favorite songs of a musician I really like so I was really interested to play it. it really delivers on the promise of the song and the game is cool to look at (although the faces without eyeballs can be a little awkward). And the ost is nice as well using songs of the said artist. The biggest problems is the repetition that gets old fast and the near game-breaking bug that me and many people experienced. A really frustrating that sadly the deveoper never acknowledged. 6
9MinoriaPC5hNSteam7-Feb-2021★★★★☆Sequel of one of my favorite indie games and although it is not as good as Momodora is pretty good still. I actually liked the visuals and atmosphere is killer, but sadly lacks content even more than Momodora. Also, some QoLs here like a mini-map and a better way to deal with spells is really lacking. Still would easily replay it and I liked the weapons (although the selection is short). And the bosses again are a huge high-light, as good as Momodora. 7
10Bowser's FurySwitch4hN15-Feb-2021★★★★☆Great one. It seems Nintendo can't do wrong with Super Mario 3D games. This makes me so interested in a full blown seamless 3D Mario game. Maybe this was a prototype for it.
Cool thing to hoard power-ups too, worked really well. 8
11Cat Quest IIPC10hNSteam16-Feb-2021★★★☆☆Pretty cool sequel for a cool game. Loved the new spells, equips and the co-op integration. And yeah, hyped for the third one. 7
12Dead SpacePC13hNSteam17-Feb-2021★★★★☆Great game. I loved the pace, the level design and the cool weapons. The limbs system is nice and keeps the game really engaging until the end. The shop is a great way to balance the game and a easy way to make the player play the game whatever the way they want. Hoarding and selling items to buy nodes is just so good. And of course, the UI is just brilliant. Sadly the PC port is not so good, I really hope we see a remaster down the line. Afterall now EA is interested in making them too. 8
13Return of the Obra DinnPC9hNSteam20-Feb-2021★★★☆☆Cool concept and really nice visuals. OST is really good too but the games just loses a lost of steam in the second half. The biggest problem is just not having a way to get in the death scenes instantly. The need to go to the scene every time gets boring so fast. Still a really nice structured game and quite unique too. 7
14Shin Megami Tensei IV3DS65hN27-Feb-2021★★★★☆What a great game. Sure, insanely infuriating at the times, some ideas doesn't hit (like the alignment mechanics this time) and some demon designs are the worst in the series. Also, it suffers a little from bloat at the last 3rd. But the games have some really higher highs like the tone and atmosphere, the fast pacing of the battles and one of the best OSTs of the genre. Mechanically the alignment doesn't work but plot-wise surely does. And the white ending is one of my favorite endings, ever. 8
15Axiom VergePC10hNSteam6-Mar-2021★★★☆☆Pretty good one and solid gameplay for the most part. The bigger selection of weapons seems like a misstep, many of them are just useless. The verticality of the game a good chunk of the time can be annoying too and the teleport system seems like a misstep also.
Still the pace is good and the good presentation really makes it feel memorable. 7
16GTA VPC28hYEpic14-Mar-2021★★★☆☆Pretty good, probably my favorite GTA game. Great open world and the protagonists and their interaction are really and really funny too. Really impressive for a game that ran on 2006 hardware in its original form. The quests are varied but some of them are really bad. I really dislike the ones with helicopters/planes but the heists are the best ones for sure and I hope it returns in GTA6. Good selections of music for the radio stations also, for me as good as Vice City. 7/10
17Doom EternalPC18hNSteam19-Mar-2021★★★☆☆Not as good as Doom 2016 in my opinion, the pacing of this game is more akin to a game like DMC than to a FPS. Still works most of the time although some enemies are just frustrating to face. And the new stage structure, yeah, it's just not my kind. Too long too, the last third just dragged on and on without new gameplay elements. 7
18Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse3DS50hN2-Apr-2021★★★★★It's not perfect, the tone is clearly out of place for a Megaten game (although the game have good characters and plot for what it's aiming) and the lone survivor tone of other SMT games are better. Also it naturally repeats too many scenarios and dungeons from SMT4 but besides that what an amazing game. The gameplay had a huge improvement compared to the original, nice new villains, all the new songs are great and the pacing is second to none in the series. The most fun SMT to play too. 9
19Golden Sun: The Lost AgeGBA42hN5-Apr-2021★★☆☆☆Disappointment. Too much boring and unecessary backtracking. Also, braindead combat, lack of QoLs and bad pacing. It is a game worse than the first and that one isn't some classic of the genre or anything. The visuals are still pretty for a GBA game and some dungeons are pretty fun to play but beyond that there isn't much interesting going on in this game.
The writing is pretty boring and bloated, also. So many infinite dialogues that could be better just going straight to the point. 5
Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Overclocked
3DS35hN7-Apr-2021★★★★☆The story beats doesn't always works for me and the char design is not much to my taste but this game does so much things right. Great OST, blazing fast pace, lean and perfect gameplay and at the time bring great things for SMT as a whole as the search system for fusions. The chars can be a bit of hit or miss and the atmosphere isn't as good as it could have been with the tone set for the game but still is a pretty great game. A hard but a fair one. Loved it. 8
21Shin Megami TenseiSNES40hN15-Apr-2021★★☆☆☆Mixed feelings. For one side we have a start of a great series, the thick atmosphere, amazing OST and nice demon designs but the other side... This game is really slow and really cryptic. I get it, I like the feeling of discovery in JRPGs but not knowing what items and spells do? Not knowing gear stats? And the engine is really slow and clunky too. This runs really nice on PS1 version but this one, yeah, not good. Also the plot and chars are not that great or something. It ends nicely, though. 5
22Beautiful Katamari3607hN7-May-2021★★★☆☆This runs really bad on Xbox and is much more harder than the other Katamari games so it can be frustrating sometimes. The worst Katamari game overall but it isn't a bad one. Still have it's fun moments, amazing ost and the amazing last stage. 6
23Resident Evil VillagePC11hN9-May-2021★★★★☆Amazing one. Even better than 7. It does everything 7 did but better and even borrows good things the series had to offer. Amazing setting, best RE protag, great areas, enjoyable and rewarding backtracking, great production values, nice gauntlets and one of the best REs all around. There's so much on it but at the same it's really cohesive. O hope we have at least another game in this formula. 8
Devil Summoner: Raidou Kuzunoha vs. the Soulless Army
PS228hN25-May-2021★★★☆☆A really good one by Atlus and get a lot of the things right. Good atmosphere, one of the best settings for the series and really nice and witty writing. It have some problems though, the biggest of them the encounter rate and the lack of zones without encounters. At least the non dark-cities shouldn't have combat. It makes exploration frustrating at times. The combat wouldn't bother me if you had room to breathe. The lack of variety of enemies/compendium is really obvious too. 7
25Air CombatPS13hN27-May-2021★★★☆☆A short one but really enjoyable. It starts the series pretty well and have a rocking ost. The last stage is really hard though but not frustrating. It's barebones in content but the sleek gameplay makes for it. 7
26Armored WarriorsARC1hN30-May-2021★★★☆☆
27X-men (1992)ARC1hN30-May-2021★★☆☆☆
28Resident Evil: Deadly SilenceDS4hY3-Jun-2021★★★★☆Pretty good after all these years and all the new additions are pretty nice. It was an amazing foundation back then to one of my favorite genres and franchise ever and still is a fun, highly replayable game. And this is probably the best version so far, gameplay-wise. 7
29PersonaPSP24hN3-Jun-2021★★★★☆For me it was a way better experience that people told me it will be. I liked the cast, really liked the fast pace of the game, and think this is the best contact/talk system of any Megaten game. Also, the OST is pretty good (still worse than the PS1 though). The setting is as good as of any other Persona game and the visuals are pretty charming. I would love a new Persona with the same atmosphere of the old Personas. 8
30Persona 4 GoldenPC61hN12-Jun-2021★★★★★Still one of my favorite games ever and if anything Golden new content enhanced that feeling. Really enjoyable dungeon crawling, lovable cast of characters, the theming of bonding really well explored and even make some of the things I dislike in the original better. And of course, killer OST. The new dungeon isn't as good but at least I liked the plot and SLink. And the other SLink is great. This game is amazing, was such a great memory of my teenage years and Golden made it even better. 10
31Gears of War: Ultimate EditionPC6hY13-Jun-2021★★★☆☆Good as I remember and even better co-op. The game loses a little steam by the end though. (It's bizarre how easier General RAAM was in co-op). 7
32Gears of War 4PC9hN20-Jun-2021★★★☆☆Beautiful to look at and really intense. Even with the new team still is a pretty good game and have a pretty good grasp on what made Gears fun. Still it does feel more like a new thing overall and feels a little slow on pace sometimes. The Snatcher arc took forever. And I have a lot of problems playing the campaign co-op online sadly. Pretty good game but can feel a little too different of Gears sometimes. Not really complaining though, I liked the new direction as a non-hardcore fan. 7
33Super MetroidSNES4hY20-Jun-2021★★★★★It's a classic, right? The start of a genre and one of the greatest games of all time. Intense atmosphere, great pacing (although it feels a little slow at Maridia), high skill ceiling allowing all kinds of sequence break but still fun playing it on the intended path. Amazing OST, a level design so good you doesn't really feel teleports are missing and a incredbile ending sequence. Miss one or two QOL that the sequels have but still is the best Metroid and one of the best games ever. 10
34Gears of War 5PC17hN4-Jul-2021★★★☆☆I don't like what they did to JD at all at this game but at least we have a change of pace in gameplay. Still, longer than it should have been. The final boss was a little of a letdown too but at least the ending scene was great. The robot is a nice change pace in gameplay and the game is pretty gorgeous. 7
35Dark Souls 3PC19hY12-Jul-2021★★★★★I love it. What it lacks in novelty it exceeds in consistency and is really polished being the most consistent Souls experience. Truly it lacks on novelty and vaierty, it plays really safe but as the closure of the series is really good. Visually stunning rivalling the best points of Demons Souls and Bloodborne in certain parts. Sadly the DLCs is not up to par, still the base game is amazing and probably my second favorite From Soft Game. 9
36Dark Souls 3: Ashes of AriandelPC4hY15-Jul-2021★★★☆☆It's pretty decent, great areas overall and good level design. The snowy enviroments are a bit stale in the series though and three phases for Friede is a bit much. Should've had another boss too. 7
37Dark Souls 3: The Ringed CityPC5hY17-Jul-2021★★★☆☆Not as good as Ariandel, mostly because the enemies are all over the top and there so many ganks. The idea of the infinite respawning archers and the laser beam angels can fuck off, it ruins the good level design of both areas. And Midir has waaaay too much HP and his moveset is really har to telegraph, it's almost cheap. 6
38Ace Combat 2PS14hN17-Jul-2021★★★★☆Pretty good and a improvement compared to the first one. Also great OST. I just hoped for less ground assault stages. There are too many. 8
The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD
Switch35hN27-Jul-2021★★★☆☆Huge improvement compared to the original. I didn't even finished the Wii version and hated it, this one I liked, felt the game was really decent. Beautiful visuals and the game is so much more pleasant to play now with traditional controls and less Fi and NPC intrusions. You still need to get used to it though. The pading is still felt and the last third of the game sucks, Song of the Hero is some of the worst arcs of a Zelda game, gameplay-wise. Still great dungeons, bosses and OST. 7
40Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling TogetherPSP42hN28-Jul-2021★★★★★I couldn't believe that exists a TRPG almost as good as FFT. LUCT is amazing, the always great text, a holy combination of Matsuno and O. Smith, another masterpiece of OST by the best duo and one of the best visuals of a Square game. The characters maybe rank above FFT also. The only problems is gameplay ones. Quite big, in fact, the game is really unbalanced, skill ranks evolves way too slowly and the crafting system is boring, still it's a joy to play being more chaotic than FFT. I loved it. 9
41Yu-gi-oh! Forbidden MemoriesPS15hY29-Jul-2021★★★★☆I play this a couple of times every year, not the best card game by a mile, but it's just nostalgic and comfort food to play.
42Ace Combat 3: ElectrospherePS110hN30-Jul-2021★★★★★Actually had played the english PS1 version. But I'm considering new because I've played the Japanese version and did all the endings. About the game: Amazing one, even better than I remember. And I'm glad that we had a fantranslation of the incredibly superior japanese version. It plays better than 2, it's more deep and the stages more varied and if it doesn't a insanely interesting setting. I even liked the OST too, it blends so well with the game's artistic style. Perfect, now I just hope for more games as advanced in timeline as this one. And damn the plot twist at the end. 9
43Ace Combat 04: Shattered SkiesPS24hN5-Aug-2021★★★☆☆Huge ordeal to be next in the line after the amazing AC3 and AC4 don't succeed in everything. The visuals are not as distinct as AC3, the OST not as good, the plot not as crazy and the missions not as varied but it is still a good game. But yeah, a good deal steps back compared to AC3. And the structure of the game, many many stages with focus on ground assault and a timer ticking is just not good overall. Stiil the tight controls and the nice artwork in the storybits makes this worth playing. 7