Survivor Challenges
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Challenge DescriptionType of ChallengeSuggested Amount of PlayersHosting Difficulty
ReflexThe host posts a message in all caps, and the first person to repost the message, with no typos, in all lowercase, scores a point.SpeedAny★☆☆☆☆
xelfeRExactly the same as Reflex, except the contestants must type it backwards.SpeedAny★☆☆☆☆
Roflox/Raflax/RyflyxExactly the same as Reflex, except all vowels must be replaced with the letter o or a. Make sure to clarify whether 'y' is a vowel or not if it's not Ryflyx.SpeedAny★★☆☆☆
xolfoR/xalfaR/xylfyRA combination of xelfeR and Roflox/Raflax where you must type the phrase backwards AND replace all vowels with a specified vowel.SpeedAny★★☆☆☆
Fatal FourflexA combination of Reflex, Xelfer, Raflax, and Math Reflex. The host says a math equation as text, such as "FOURTEEN PLUS FIVE." Players must then apply Reflex, Xelfer, Raflax, and Math Reflex to this phrase. The first person to whisper the host the four answers to the prompt will score.SpeedAny★★☆☆☆
Creepy PastaThe host posts a sentence, and the player must recopy it by spacing each letter. First person to get it right wins a point. Example: HELLO BURTHOPE ||| h e l l o b u r t h o p e SpeedAny★☆☆☆☆
Broken CapitalsThe host posts a sentence and the player must recopy it by alternating capital letters and lowercase letters. First person to get it right wins a point. Ex: TRIAFT SUCKS BAD ||| TrIaFt SuCkS bAdSpeedAny★☆☆☆☆
ColorsThe host posts a message containing some (but not necessarily entirely) colors. The first person to send a message containing only the properly spelled colors scores a point.SpeedAny★☆☆☆☆
PlatformerThe host posts either "pit", "fireball", or "vine", and the contestants reply "jump", "duck", and "swing", respectively. Anyone who typos or sends the wrong action is out, as well as the last person to send the correct action. Last person standing wins.SpeedAny★☆☆☆☆
GenerosityThe host sends "I throw the <color> ball!" and the first person to reply with "I catch the <color> ball!" gives a point to someone else. First to a set number of points wins. There are many variations to this challenge and how it can be won.SpeedAny★☆☆☆☆
Generosity 2.0Used in Big Brother games only. The players that give the winning player points are immune from nomination. Usually applies for renominations as well.Speed/StrategyAny★★☆☆☆
Quote UnquoteThe host posts a message, and the first person to quote it scores a point.SpeedAny★☆☆☆☆
Who's Still Standing?The host posts, "Who's still standing?" The last person to reply "I'm still standing!" is out. The last person still in the challenge wins.SpeedAny★☆☆☆☆
Musical ChairsThe host will say "MUSIC STARTS!" and everyone will post "dance" or some form of it while the music is running. When the host says "MUSIC STOPS!" each player must pick a numbered chair. First come, first serve. Last person without a chair is out, and one chair is taken out afterwards until there is a winner!Speed<12★★★☆☆
Musical QuotesThe host will give a however many players are playing minus one quotes. It works like musical chairs. First come, first serve, but you have to quote them. Make sure people do not start quoting until you say go. Players are not required to dance.Speed<8★★★☆☆
STAB!When the host posts, "STAB!" players must reply, "I stab <player>!" Anyone who is stabbed is out. In addition, if the host sends a typo or anything that is not specifically "STAB!", anyone who attempts to stab is out.Speed/AllianceAny★★☆☆☆
Silent STAB!Same thing as "STAB!" but players whisper the host who they stab. They will remain anonymous. Typos usually apply for this game.Speed/AllianceAny★★☆☆☆
VengeanceSame thing as "STAB!" but the person stabbed gets to eliminate someone that did not stab them from the competiton. Typos do not apply.Speed/AllianceAny odd number of people★★☆☆☆
Stab FrenzySimilar to stab, except instead of "STAB!", it is now "GUN!", "SWORD!", and "KNIFE!". On gun, the contestants say "shoot" instead of "stab" and on sword, the contestants say "slice" instead of "stab". There are also generally no typos on Gun/Sword/Knife.Speed/AllianceAny★★☆☆☆
Random HuntSimilar to Stab, but done in rounds. The host will name two people and an action in the following format, "triaft soda17: attack" Then, the two named players must race to do the action to the other named person. For example, soda17 would say "I attack triaft" to win. Both names must be of the same length and the players must type the names exactly as written, so a round could also look like "voice kandi: throw away". This challenge works best when run like a tournament, so every player participates in one round, then the winners move to the next round, and this continues until one remains.Speed/AllianceAny★★★★☆
AssassinTwo players face off - the first person to "sandwich" something said by the opponent by sending a message both immediately before and immediately after a line they send scores a point.Speed/Timing2 at a time★☆☆☆☆
Generate OlivesThe host will post a word, and the players must generate the word, one letter at a time, by sending the first letter, then the first two letters, then the first three letters, up to the entire word, and then <word>-olive to finalize it. The first person to do so alone without any typos scores a point.Speed/Timing<12★☆☆☆☆
LinksExample : =======olive THEN ======olive= THEN =====olive== THEN ====olive=== THEN ===olive==== THEN ==olive===== THEN =olive====== THEN olive======= Word is chosen by host. First to complete the chain gets a point.Speed/TimingHighSpace<12★☆☆☆☆
Linked OlivesA combination of Generate Olives and Links. The host posts a word, and then you must do a 4 link chain starting with the first letter of the word, then add another letter when you get to the other side, then go back and add another letter when you reach the end of that chain, repeat until you're done. Example of "dog" - ====d ===d= ==d== =d=== d==== do==== =do=== ==do== ===do= ====do ====dog ===dog= ==dog== =dog=== dog==== dog-olive==== =dog-olive=== ==dog-olive== ===dog-olive= ====dog-olive. If anyone messes up, they have to go all the way back to the start. This challenge normally only goes for one round.Speed/Timing/PrecisionIs<12★★★☆☆
Bob the BuilderThe host will say a word followed by a series of numbers, each corresponding to a letter in the word. The players must build the word one letter at a time in the order dictated by the numbers. For instance, if the host said "dart - 3 1 2 4" the correct response would be : ==r=, d=r=, dar=, dart.Speed/Timing/PrecisionIs<12★★☆☆☆
Google RaceThe host asks a question that nobody can possibly know the answer to (ex. who won the men's pole vault in the 1976 Olympics), but to which the answer can easily be found on Google. The first person to answer the question correctly (after Googling for it) receives a point.Speed/GooglingAny★★☆☆☆
Generate a Word (GAW)The host posts two letters, and the person who posts a word of 6 letters or more (sometimes 8) that starts with the two letters scores a point. Example : IS - isotopeSpeed/ThinkingAny★★☆☆☆
WAGThe host posts two letters and the player must make a word by having these two letters at the end of the word. Example : IS - thesisSpeed/ThinkingAny★★☆☆☆
EdgesThe host posts two letters and the first person to make a word that fits the designated amount of letters required that begins with the first letter and ends with the second letter the host posted scores a point. Example : IS - icebreakersSpeed/ThinkingAny★★☆☆☆
Word WizardA combination of GAW, WAG, and Edges, where players must post three different words that apply to all three challenges. Example- XE, xylophone, deluxe, xenophobia.Speed/ThinkingAny★★☆☆☆
ShiritoriThe host will post an order in which the players will go in. The host will then post two letters. The first person in the order must post a word that is 6 or more letters which starts with those two letters (like GAW). The second player in the order must then say a 6 or more letter word which starts with the two letters which END the previous person's word. [If Player 1 says origaMI, Player 2 must say a word starting with MI.] Play continues in this order. A player is out under three conditions: 1) A player takes over 7 seconds to think of a suitable word 2) A player says a word which repeats the last two letters of a word that has already been said [If Player 1 says doctOR and Player 2 says orderED, Player 3 cannot say educatOR as it repeats the OR from Player 1]. 3) If a player says a word for which the following player cannot possibly continue the chain, then the following player can CHALLENGE the first player. If the first player cannot think of a word that would follow, then that player is out. If the first player CAN think of a word, then the following player is out. [Player 1 says carroTS. Player 2, thinking there is no words starting with TS, says CHALLENGE, hoping to get Player 1 out. Player 1 responds with TSunami, which begins with TS, meaning Player 2 is out]. Last player standing wins.Speed/Thinking<10★★★☆☆
Three LettersThe host will give three letters. Players must make a word using those three letters. The letters must appear in the order given. For example, if the host says FTR, a player could say father, however, fortune would not work.Speed/ThinkingAny★★☆☆☆
GAWAGThe host will give 4 letters, and players must give a word beginning with the first two letters, and ending in the last two. The word mst be six letters or more. (IE: PHHY philosophy)Speed/ThinkingAny★★☆☆☆
Barbecued ChickenThe host will give either three 3-letter words, four 4-letter words, or five 5-letter words. Players must come up with a word that uses one letter from each of the words given to make a brand new word. (Example: Day fOx foG, dog.)Speed/ThinkingAny★★★☆☆
First LetterThe host will think of a word, then give some words. The amount of words given are based on how many letters are in the word. Each word must begin with a letter in the word. First to guess the word gets a point. (Ex: daily overtime ghost; dog.)Speed/ThinkingAny★☆☆☆☆
Hedger's GameThe host begins to spell a word backwards one letter at a time. The first person to guess the word correctly scores a point.Speed/ThinkingAny★★☆☆☆
ScattergoriesThe host posts a category and a letter. The first person to reply with a word that starts with the letter and is a part of the category scores a point.Speed/ThinkingAny★★☆☆☆
AlphabetThe host posts the entire alphabet with missing letters. Use the missing letters to unscramble and form a word. First to post the word gets a point.Speed/ThinkingAny★★★★☆
Extreme AlphabetIt's just like alphabet, however letters in the scrambled word appear more than once. The number in the missing spot of the letter designates how many times it appears in the word. (Ex: Bubble would be shown by A3CD1FGHIJK1MNOPQRST1VWXYZ)Speed/Thinking<12★★★★☆
PresentationThe host posts a phrase in which all letters have been replaced by the numerical values 1-26 (1 for A, 26 for Z, 5 for E, etc.). The first person to post the phrase in letter/english form scores a point.Speed/ThinkingAny★★★★☆
Where's The Vowels?The host will give a word or phrase, but it is missing all of its vowels. Players must figure out what word/phrase it is, including its vowels. Typically, y is a consonant in this game.Speed/ThinkingAny★★★☆☆
F'd UpThe host says a phrase including a number and objects (such as, 52 Cards in a Deck), but some of the words will be abbreviated to just their first letter (so, 52 C in a D). The first player to post the complete phrase with all the letters elongated to their full word wins a pointSpeed/ThinkingAny★★☆☆☆
UnscrambleThe host posts a scrambled word. The first person to unscramble it scores a point.Speed/ThinkingAny★★☆☆☆
Avatar RaceThe host will post a random amount of users' avatars in the game. (Ex: %soda17). Players must give the full name of the user(s) avatars that are shown. First to give the full names in order the host posted in wins a point.SpeedAny★★☆☆☆
Rhyme TimeThe host will post a word and the first person to post two words that rhyme with the word scores a point. For fun, the host may post two words, and the players must give a word that rhymes with each word. IE: card shack, hard back.Speed/ThinkingAny★★☆☆☆
Rhyme Time 2.0The host will give a lot of words that rhyme, and the player must identify one word that rhymes with those words, but isn't listed.Speed/ThinkingAny★★★☆☆
Toss UpLike Wheel of Fortune the host gives a category posts a number of blanks. Then slowly starts replacing blanks with letters over time. The first person to solve the puzzle scores a point. Speed/ThinkingAny★★★☆☆
Spelling BeeThe host will give the pronunciation of one word. First player to spell the word the host is pronunciating wins a point! Speed/ThinkingAny★★☆☆☆
Spell BoundThe host will give two words. One word is spelled correctly, the other is spelled incorrectly. Players have 5 seconds to whisper the host the correctly spelled word. IE: (A) duck or (B) duq, A would be the correct answer. At first, all players who choose the correct answer within 5 seconds are safe. All players who choose the wrong answer, or don't answer in time are out. If it drags on, do one round of "Spelling Bee" to break the tieSpeed/ThinkingAny★★☆☆☆
SpoonerismsThe host will post a phrase in which the first letters of every word have been scrambled around. The first person to post the correct, unscrambled phrase scores a point.Speed/ThinkingAny★★★☆☆
Math ReflexThe host will ask a math question. First one to get the correct answer scores a point.Speed/ThinkingAny★★☆☆☆
Simon SaysA game of EM-based simon says. Winner is the last one standing.Speed/Thinking<16★★★★★
Bullshit SaysAn entirely unfair, sadistic version of EM-based Simon Says in which most reasons players get out are bullshit. Best to not host until you've seen it played.Speed/Thinking/Bullshit/The Possibilities are EndlessAny★★★★★
ChromatologyThe host will say a thing, and the players must say the color that it is. i.e. Host: "grass" players : "green".Speed/ThinkingAny★☆☆☆☆
Before & AfterThe host will give two words and a blank in between them. The first person to find the word that goes in the middle scores a point. (Ex. "Taco ___ Tower". Bell would be the answer)Speed/ThinkingAny★★★★☆
Speed ChainThe host will give two words, with two blanks in between them. The blanks will have the first letter of the word. Players must fill in both the blanks. IE: Candy M_____ L_____ Tamer: Mountain Lion.Speed/ThinkingAny★☆☆☆☆
TISNFThe host posts an acronym or something of the sort (LOL) and the first person to type out what it means (Laugh out Loud) scores a point.Speed/Knowledge/ThinkingAny★☆☆☆☆
CompositionThe host will The host will name a group of things that "compose" another thing, and the players must name what they compose. i.e. "marshmallow, chocolate, graham crackers" would be "smores".Speed/Knowledge/ThinkingAnyAny★★☆☆☆
Brazilian ShuffleThe host will give one category. Players must list 5 things that pertain to that category. IE: Host says colors players could say red white black blue green. First to give 5 legitimate answers scores a point. Speed/Knowledge/ThinkingAny★☆☆☆☆
CentersOpposite of Edges. The host posts a word with the first and the last letter removed. First person to post any applicable word wins. [XAMPL --> EXAMPLE / EA --> HEAT or BEAD]Speed/ThinkingAny★☆☆☆☆
Word LadderThe host says two four letter words. The players must create a bridge from the first word to the second word by changing one letter in the first word to create a new word. Example: Host: "MORE to CART" --> Player would say: MORE CORE CARE CART. Each of these words changes one letter from the previous (M to C, then O to A, then E to T). First one to successfully make a chain wins a point.Speed/Thinking<6★★★★☆
MultiquoteThe host posts four messages (generally "A" "B" "C" "D"), and then says go. The first player to quote all four messages scores a point. Timing out is a very large factor.Timing/Speed2 at a time★★☆☆☆
Push MeThe first person to type 1 2 3 in three separate messages and without being interrupted scores a point. Can also be done with words (eg. D O G instead of 1 2 3).Timing/Speed<12★☆☆☆☆
Turke yPlayers must post "turke" in one post and "y" in another, and must be uninterrupted three times. If they do this successfully, they score a point.Timing/Speed<8★☆☆☆☆
Complete MeThe goal is to have two different people say the words "COMPLETE" and "ME" on two consecutive lines. The first two people to have a successful match both get a point. The round starts when the host says "YOU" and then the first two to match win their respective points. (At tiebreaker, the host will just say "COMPLETE" and the first to say "ME" wins.)Timing/Speed<12★★☆☆☆
Red Light, Green LightThe host says "GREEN LIGHT" after which everyone begins counting to 20, one number a time. The host will say "RED" warning players to stop counting, then "LIGHT". Anyone who counts after "LIGHT" is eliminated. The host then says "GREEN LIGHT" again and this process repeats until someone reaches 20 or one person is left in. A yellow light can also be added, where players can only send 1 message after "YELLOW" is said.Timing/Speed<12★★☆☆☆
Just In TimeThe host posts a number, and every person to reply in that amount of seconds (or more, if nobody does) scores a point. Use timestamps, and don't allow talking while a round is active. First to 5 points (usually; you can do more)TimingAny★☆☆☆☆
Duck Duck GooseThe host will say "QUACK!" and players have the options of saying "duck" or "goose". If a player is the first to say "duck" they win a point. However, if they are the third post and say "goose" they earn 2 points! If someone says "goose" and is not third to post, they are either eliminated or docked points. Normally if there's only 3 players remaining, the only option is "duck".Timing/Speed12>5★★☆☆☆
ChutesThe host posts a message similar to "~~~~~~~~O" and players must respond with a message similar to "=========O" of equal or lesser length than the host's. The closest person without going over scores a point (tiebreak goes to who was first).Precision<12★★☆☆☆
Counting DotsThe host posts a long string of dots, and the player with the closest guess to how many dots there are scores a point. Only one guess per player. Tiebreak goes to who guesses first. (Dots range from 1-125).Precision/ThinkingAny★★★☆☆
Speed CountingThe host sends a normal text message, and the player with the closest guess to how many letters are in the message scores a point. One guess per player. Tiebreak goes to who guesses first.Precision/ThinkingAny★★☆☆☆
Speed Counting 2.0Rather than counting the letters every time, the host posts a message and then, on the next line, says what the players should be counting. [Example: this game is SO cool --> capital letters --> the correct answer would be 2]. Categories include punctuation, words, spaces, vowels, etc.Precision/ThinkingAny★★☆☆☆
Platformer EnduranceSimilar to Platformer, except the only way to get out is to typo or to reply slower than the time limit. The host posts a time limit at the start (no more than 5 seconds), and slowly decreases it as the challenge progresses. There should not be breaks between rounds except to decrease the time limit. Last person standing wins. It can also be hosted with multiple lives.Precision/SpeedAny★☆☆☆☆
Memory BuilderLike Platformer Endurance, but instead of commands, memorable/logical actions are used. The host will create pairs (such as TAR --> PIT or CAR --> BOMB). Then, whenever the host says the command (TAR) then everyone must say the action (PIT). The host will continually add new pairs throughout the challenge (CAT --> DOG, TAP --> HOUSE, etc.). If a player typoes, takes too long, or chooses the wrong pairing, they are out. Last one standing wins. For an extra challenge, make pairs that have no obvious or logical connection (GREEN -> LOBSTER or RED -> TORTOISE).Precision/SpeedAny★★★☆☆
Cookie CountingThe host will post a line of parentheses and colons (and other things), where each instance of "(::)" is a cookie. The fastest person to reply with how many cookies are in the line scores a point. Also commonly done with the :doge: emote and referred to as Doge Counting.Precision/SpeedAny★★★☆☆
World TravelThe host posts a set of interconnecting places in the format of <Source> to <Destination> [Ex. A to B]. The destination will then be used as a source in another pair. The firsst person to post the order in which all places are visited scores a point. [Ex. B to C; D to E; A to B; C to D --> Answer: ABCDE]Precision/SpeedAny★★★★☆
CategoriesThe host posts a category, and all players must whisper the host something that belongs in the category within five seconds. In addition to anyone who does not reply in time or is incorrect, if two or more players send the same thing, they are also out. Once there are only two or three people remaining, switch to Categories Face-Off.Knowledge<18★★☆☆☆
MostThe host says a category and a time limit. The person who can whisper the most items in that category to the host within that time limit wins a point. Players only get one whisper to do so. First to three wins.Knowledge/SpeedAny★☆☆☆☆
Categories Face-OffThe host posts a category, and players must continually whisper the host something that belongs in the category every 7 seconds. Anyone who does not reply within the 7-second timeframe or repeats one of their prior answers is out. Last person standing wins.Knowledge/Memory/Speed/Timing<3★★☆☆☆
Ultimate ListThe host will give a category and an order. The players must then take turns in the order saying things which belong to the category. If a player takes too long to post something in the category or posts something outside the category, they are out. Last player standing wins!Knowledge/TimingAny★★☆☆☆
Mix-N-MatchThe host will create 2 lists of 5. One list is labeled A-E and the other is labeled 1-5 (each list on a different line). The contestants will try to match the terms in the first list to those in the second list. First to correctly pair the lists scores a point. [Ex. "A. One Piece B. Spongebob C. The Simpsons D. Batman E. Game of Thrones" "1. Springfield 2. Westeros 3. Grand Line 4. Bikini Bottom 5. Gotham City" --> Answer: B4C1D5E2A3 (the second list is the name of locations in the first list)]Knowledge/SpeedAny★★★★☆
Code WordThe host will think of a word or phrase, and give clues to players each round. All players are allowed one guess for each round. First player to guess the word the host is describing wins a point. (Ex: Clue #1: Fruit. Clue #2: Sweet. Clue #3: Fuzzy. Clue #4: Princess. Answer: Peach.)Knowledge/Speed<6★★★★☆
Binary PaymasterThe host will give a list of objects and then a category. 1 means yes, 0 means no. People will make a binary code out of the options. First to post the correct code wins a point. (Ex: Red, Pink, Silver, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Green, Magenta; Colors of the rainbow. The code would be 10011110).Knowledge/Speed<7★★★★★
TriviaGeneral knowledge trivia.KnowledgeAny★★★★☆
Memory Lane TriviaTrivia based off of events that have happened in the game.Knowledge/Memory<5 (end of the game)★★★★☆
GhostPlayers take turns attempting to spell a word by saying one letter at a time. The first person who spells an actual word loses the round and the other player gets a point. If a player says a letter that does NOT correspond to an actual word, then the other player can "challenge" that letter. If challenged, the player must provide the word they were attemping to spell, or they will lose the round. If they can provide a word, then the one who challenged loses the round. Players should have a time limit per letter and all words must be more than 3 letters.Knowledge/Thinking2 or 8★★★★☆
CodeThe host will think of a 3 or 4 (by choice of the host) digit number. Each round, each player submits their guess for what the code is via whisper. The host will then say for each player how many digits they got correctly in the correct place. IE: if the code is 123, and a player submits 321, they will have gotten 1 correct, the 2. Repeat this in the same fashion until a player correctly guesses the code.Knowledge/Teamwork<8★★★★☆
Color CodeThe host will give a set of 8 colors (red, orange, yellow, blue, green, pink, purple, and turquoise). The host will then come up with a sequence of 4 unique colors in a random order. Players must figure out what the code is by sending random combinations of 4 colors. Say for example the color code is red, blue, green, yellow and a player guesses orange, pink, blue, yellow. The host would say - - - !. Dashes designate that the color chosen in that spot is not there. Exclamation points designate you have a color in the correct spot. First to guess the code wins!Knowledge/Teamwork<8★★★★☆
MasochismEvery round, the host picks a game-related penalty (such as cannot participate in PoV / public votes / vote against in jury / etc). All players can either choose to take the penalty or opt out and be eliminated from the game. The player continues adding penalties until everyone has opted out except for one person. That person then becomes the HoH / immune, but all the penalties they have acquired go into effect. [NOTE: The penalties only happen to the person who wins the challenge.]StrategyAny★★★★★
WIFOM / Giant's DrinkOne player is randomly selected to be a poisoner, the other is the drinker. There are two drinks - clear liquid and bubbly, frothy liquid. The poisoner whispers the host which drink should be poisoned, and then the drinker must whisper the host which one they drink. If the drinker drinks the poisoned drink, the poisoner wins. If the drinker drinks the safe drink, the drinker wins. Can also be done with 4 cups, where the players switch roles each round until someone drinks the poison.Luck2★☆☆☆☆
Russian RouletteThere is a 6-chamber gun. 5 chambers are empty, one has a bullet. The host will randomly select the sequence by which the players take turns. Each turn coordinates with the chamber (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6). Each turn, the player with the gun must choose one of three things: 1) shoot self, 2) shoot player, 3) shoot air. If the player shoots self and its a blank, nothing happens and the next player takes his/her turn. If the player shoots a person and it is a blank, the shooter MUST shoot their self on the next turn. If the player shoot air and its a blank, they die. If there is a bullet, they win the challenge. If there is a bullet during one of 1 or 2, the shooter or the target dies respectively. The host will make a new sequence and a new chamber every time someone dies, or when the 5th turn finishes and no one has died. Luck/Alliance6★★☆☆☆
Car BombEvery round, there are a number of cars, and one of them has a bomb. Players must whisper the host which car they choose to enter, and all who enter the car with the bomb are dead. Last player standing wins.LuckAny★★★☆☆
Poisoned CheeseSay there are 6 players. So that means 7 cheeses. Host will whisper each player a cheese that is poisoned. The players' goal is to whisper each other their poisoned cheeses to figure out which cheese is not poisoned. The player whispers the host a cheese they wish to eat. If they eat a poisoned cheese, they die and are out of the challenge, and the host reveals their cheese to everyone. If they eat the winning cheese, they win the challenge.Luck/AllianceAny★★☆☆☆
BombHost will have a predetermined number, and everyone will take turns adding 1-3 to the total number. Once the number reaches or goes over the number that the host had in mind, then whoever was adding at that moment is eliminated. There are many ways to do this, such as having the secret number be revealed ahead of time, and players whispering the host instead of adding out loud.Luck/Alliance<12★★☆☆☆
GreedEach round, players whisper the host a number 1-10, adding it to their total score. Whoever sends in the highest number each round is eliminated, and this goes on until the final 2. Once final 2 is reached, whoever has the highest score between the two will win. So, how greedy are you?Luck/Alliance<12★★★★☆
Tax CollectorPlayers starts with $100, and must pay taxes to the host each round. Whoever sends in the least amount of money is eliminated. If someone pays more than they have, they are eliminated. Game goes on until 1 player left. Luck/Alliance<12★★★★☆
ElevatorsAll players start in an elevator on the 1st floor, and have three options - idle, cut someone, or go up. If someone goes up, they advance up a floor. If anyone reaches the 5th floor, they automatically win. Cutting someone will cut their elevator and knock them out of the challenge, unless the person cut idled, in which case, the person who tried to cut is out. First person to reach the fifth floor OR last person standing is out.Luck/AllianceAny★★★☆☆
Elevators 2.0Exactly the same as Elevators, except a fourth option is introduced - turn off the power. If someone chooses to turn off the power when everyone else in the game goes up, they immediately win, regardless of if someone would have reached the 5th floor.Luck/AllianceAny★★★☆☆
RopesThere are a set number of ropes per round (generally about equal to the number of players). Everyone picks a rope to go on, and also pick a rope to cut. They will whisper their choices to the host. If their rope gets cut by another player, they fall and lose. If not, they survive to the next round where they can pick a new rope to go on and to cut.Luck/AllianceAny★★★☆☆