GMAT Requirements
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Requirements StatementsHow to define requirements using this spreadsheet: Requirements are defined using the attributes shown below. In summary, each requirement contains its requirements traceablity via Id, a requirements statement, the status, and the verification method. The descriptions below explain each required attribute in further detail.
FRR #Group NameIDRequirementStatusVerification
The level 1 requirement Id for the requirement group. For example FRR-1 for Spacecraft Orbit State.Feature area nameThe requirement id for the lower level requirement. For example FRR-1.1.1. for Keplerian Elements.The requirement statement.The requirement status. This must be either "Completed", "In Progress", or "Deferred". This field is case sensitive.
Completed: means the requirement has been implemented in the system and is ready for testing.
Deferred: the requirement is not implemented and not currently being addressed.
In Progress: means the requirement is currently being addressed by the developement team.
The Verification method for the requirement. Must be one of the following: "Demonstration", "Inspection", "Test", and "Analysis".
Demonstration: Observe an expected event.
Inspection: Observe an expected characteristic, property, or value.
Test: Perform an action, capture relevant data, and execute computation on data to determine a result.
Analysis: Combine multiple Tests to determine a result.
Traceablity for Inspected RequirementsHow to manage requirements traceablity using the Manual Test Status sheet. For requirements that have Verification method of "Inspection", "Demonstrate", or "Analysis", traceability is constructed via the test system automatically using the "Manual Test Status" sheet. However, requirements that are not tested using .tc files must have traceablity info entered in the "Manual Test Status" sheet. The information below describes test status attributes for requirements with "Inspect" verification method. The GMAT script test system reads this sheet, along with the ".tc" files discussed below, to automatically construct a Requirements to Test Matrix during the nightly build-test process.
Requirement IDStatusRequirements TesterTest Procedure/Case
The requirement Id.The status of the test. Must be "Incomplete" or "Complete". For example,FRR-16.9.5 1) The System shall allow the user to be able to define color for the Celestial Body by entering ColorName.
The Requirement state. This helps a user glance at the sheet and know what tests are missing withouth having to cross reference the Id to another sheet. Initials of test engineer if test is marked as completed.If there is an associated test procedure name in Test Complete or in some other document, put that here. If the inspection is performed by manual investigation, put "Manual Inspection".
Traceablity for Tested RequirementsTested requirements are those tested in the script test system by comparing GMAT output to external test data. Traceablity for requirements with a Verification method of "Test" is performed automatically by the test system by matching requirements listed in ".tc" files in the test system, with requirements Ids in this document. An example tc file, "", that maps to FRR-35.2.17, is shown below.
Categories: [Numeric]
Requirements: [FRR-35.2.17]
- File:
Truth: CoordSysTest_MJ2000Eq_To_BodySpinSun.truth
Comparator: PVComparatorNoTime
Tolerances: [1.0E-5, 1.0E-8]
Bugs: []
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