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Club NameClub DescriptionClub Activities PlannedAdvisorRoom Number or LocationMeeting Day of Week FrequencyClub President First NameClub President Last NameClub Vice President First NameClub Vice President Last NameClub Vice President First NameClub Vice President Last Name
A Novel IdeaClub members will choose, read, and discuss a variety of texts.Read mutually agreed upon books and discuss them.StewardD2ThursdayWeeklyEvelynBrylowKaylieCorbett
Academic Foundation (CAF)Plan activities for student participation in fundraising or raising awareness about the Carlmont Academic Foundation.All activities will take place at Carlmont, and the activities will be planning and executing ideas for the aforementioned fundraisers and raising awareness.RamrothD11Monday 1st week onlyMaxwellJungGretaFoehrChloePalarca-Wong
Advanced Computing and AlgorithmsLearn concepts (such as graph searching, data structures, and greedy algorithms) and prepare for programming competitions such as USACO.Lectures/Presentations, Practicing programming if time allows.VoldstadD24WednesdayWeeklyDavidFangVarunHegdeNickNhien
Aloha ClubA group of people that have a strong sense of aloha spirit and a desire to spread love. Purpose is to display culture through hula dancing and community gatherings. Heritage fairHeckGymTuesdays4th week onlyJuliaMeredithEvaEspinosa
Argument ClubRight now in America, people on all political sides lack empathy for those with differing opinions. Political arguments devolve into shouting matches devoid of empathy and respect. With argument club, we want to fix that. The purposes of the club will be to open the minds of club members to other ideas and help them refine their beliefs to teach club members how to have productive discourse with others who disagree with them. To Repair America, One Argument at a Time™.
Some days, we will give presentations on how to argue respectfully and productively. Other days will be argument days where students will pair up to argue about topics of their choosing from philosophy to politics. Referees/moderators (the club leaders and any other interested members) will walk around ensuring that arguments stay peaceful and beneficial.
Argument Club will be very different from Debate Club. Debate is a competition between two opposing sides with assigned points of view, both unable to change their point of view or come to an agreement. In Debate, realizing you were wrong means you lose. Argument Club is cooperative instead of competitive. The two participants work together to try to peacefully understand one another's points of view, and ideally come to an agreement, with one or both people changing their minds. While Debate teaches rhetoric and persuasion, Argument club teaches the Socratic and dialectical methods. The goal is to find truth and understanding, rather than to persuade.
Just lunchtime meetings.WallerE6ThursdayWeeklyGabeMitnickThomasStearns
Armenian clubWe will meet to talk about Armenian culture and current events. Heritage fair NicholsD26Tuesday2nd and 4th weeksDavidBedrosian SeanVanderaaSammy Bean
Artificial IntelligenceTo educate and inspire students interested in artificial intelligence.Meet in E10 to lecture on Artificial Intelligence.PearlmanE10ThursdayWeeklyDavidFangNickNhienVarunHegde
Aviation ForumDuring the club meeting, we will discuss about the topic that related to aviation and discuss about the physics and engineering behind the operation of the airplane. Also we will discuss about the airline and different types of airplane. Besides of that, we will provide some map for school with school mapping and geographic information system with aviation technology and information workshop.We are planning to visit aviation museum and plane spotting.LordC11Every first Friday of the month.1st week onlyZexiangWangLuoBaoChak wa (Winston)Cheang
AVIDStudents will help plan, facilitate, and run events pertaining to the AVID program.Team bonding events, college visit field tripsShustermanC14Friday3rd week onlyKinseyCookAshleyMarchi
Badminton ClubTo play badminton in the gym on a weekly basis, discuss badminton strategyWeekly badminton games in the gymChunD14MondayWeeklyAlexanderKwanNathanChenKyleNip
Baking ClubWe share the love of baking with others by bringing in baked goods, watching cooking shows, and holding bake sales for different charities.Meet during lunch to share treats and watch shows. Bake sales planned during the 0.Gaitan (Lewellen)A14Monday1st and 3rd weeksWillNadanJadeMargolis
Best BuddiesBest Buddies is a club that allows students to interact with the special ed kids at our school. You are paired up with a special ed kid at our school and you become their buddy. You and your buddy then go on to develop a long friendship since this buddy stays your buddy throughout carlmont. (Ms.Dugan is reaching out to kids that she believes are best for this club) This club differs from Reach Out since it is focused on one to one interactions and the relationships develop mostly outside of school. Club recruitment / Match party / officer & chapter meetings / friendship updates / Mid-year report / best buddies month celebratory activity (march) / end of the year recap / any additional activities YOU plan with your buddy outside of schoolHarrison and DuganT13 (with special Ed kids) E1 (with officers)Tuesday 1st and 3rd weeksZachBurgosIzzyLemasterManavManocha
Black Student Union (BSU)To lead students in discussion of black culture in relation to our nation's climate.Fortifying bridges and fairsMcGinnis D16Thursday 2nd and 4th weeksJanelleKwofieReignMillerNoahAlagao
Boys VolleyballDiscuss volleyball. This may include but is not limited to sharing tactics and formations, sharing videos, watching volleyball games from college and professional teams, meeting and eating lunch with likeminded members of the school who enjoy to watch and play the sport of volleyball.The planned activities will be a discussion of a certain tactic each week. Whether it be a type of hit, defensive formation, hit, or game. Additionally, Mr. Smith regularly supervises volleyball at lunch on Fridays during the fall and winter. Details will be provided about that each week. JayC12Monday2nd and 4th weeksMilesOzorioKyleLauJustinWong
Bring Change to Mind (BC2M)Bring Change to Mind, alternatively called BC2M, is a club on campus that meets at lunch on Fridays in C14. We are partnered with the Bring Change to Mind Organization, that strives to eliminate mental health stigma in today's society. Our mission is to be able to break away from stereotypes and educate about mental illness, to not just students, but the community as a whole. This would be held out through mindful activities around school/in the quad and throughout the local Belmont/San Carlos community. The club itself will provide safe place for students to come together during meetings and discuss mental health, free from any fear of judgement or scrutinization. -Happiness Jars (jars full of positive messages placed in classrooms for students to take)
-Gratitude trees (tree, maybe in quad for people to write what they're grateful for on)
-Posters for people to add to with post it notes (posters with questions like "what does anxiety or depression feel like to you" for students to respond to)
-Stress Ball Making (in quad)
-Eat your feelings (cupcake decoration)
-Photobooth (in quad)
-End of the year event (collaboration with other BC2M clubs in the area, to celebrate what's been accomplished during the year)
-So long stress (release of biodegradable balloons in the quad)
-Speaking the Unspoken: A Teen led Mental Health Conference
-Mental Health Hackathon
-2nd Annual Teen Wellness Conference Sept. 22 Google Campus, Sunnyvale
-3rd Annual BC2M Student Summit Nov. 3 Twitter HQ, San Francisco
Shusterman C14Tursday WeeklyMackenziRaulsEmmaLee
Burlingame Cancer ResearchTo simplify various studies of cancer, to build a data base by reading scientific articles, and to learn more about applications in research. Writing articles on case studies and clinical trials, working on a website.KochelU10Wednesdays WeeklyJadeMargolisWillSherlockJiangRebecca
Business- Compete in regional, state, and international business conferences
- Complete club-wide service projects
- Host fundraisers at school and around the community
- Apply for scholarships and chapter/county/state/national leadership positions
- Collaborate with other chapters to host training events
- Hold weekly workshops in marketing, finance, entrepreneurship, management, etc.
- Make new friends from all around the globe and form professional connections
- Get down to business while having fun!
- Regional DECA Career Development Conference in San Jose: Early January
- State DECA Career Development Conference in Anaheim: Early March
- International DECA Career Development Conference in Anaheim: Late April
- Business speaker series
- Fundraising events
California Scholarship FederationWe plan on hosting drives in the school and encourage our members to volunteer in our community. In club events are also geared towards helping our community and in the past have been making toiletry bags and writing cards for children in hospitals.We plan to host another drive on campus and to have another and making event for children that are in hospitals/ChiangU14Wednesday1st and 3rd weeksYannieLamKatieWong
Car clubWe are not planning any off campus activities, the sole purpose of this club is to give car lovers a place to congregate and discuss the things they love and educate those who wish to learn more about their passion. There will be educational presentations made and every once and a while, a car related movie. Car show in the senior parking lot (if possible).WallaceB3FridayWeeklyLoganLapierNoahGoldstein
Carlmont Technical Theatre AssociationProvide an outlet for training in Technical Theatre. The Tech Club will (under supervision) provide technical service and support to all internal and external clients. Bring guest artists in to train and lecture in different areas of the live performance skills. Run lighting & sound boards. Build scenery. Build props. Keep the PAC organized and the theatre systems maintained and other activities and tasks as they arise.Horn/TepCPACTuesday2nd and 4th weeks, Opposite Tuesdays of Math ContestSophieLyndRachaelTaube
Ceramics ClubCreate ceramic pieces and have monthly class lessons on new techniquesCeramicsCondosF13TuesdayWeeklyJeffreyMillerMeredithLuncefordAshleyTrierweiler
Chamber MusicA safe place for music lovers to appreciate music, arrange and play music together, and compose.Members will discuss, arrange, play, and compose music. An off-campus performance is possible. SwitzerBand RoomThursdayWeeklyLillyHeSophiaGeverLillyHe
Changing Lives ClubAs a club we strive to help kids that can't get an education, get one. We do this by organizing drives and other such events, by no means raising money. With organizations in the bay area, we will go there and work with those organizations. We will need to buy items to host awareness campaigns and other events of this sort.We will be going and working with other organizations in the bay area as well as raising awareness and hosting drives.GarciaE7MondaysWeeklyVarshaRajSargaNair
Chemistry ClubThe objective of our club is to help all of the students in AP Chemistry to prepare for the AP Chemistry exam, the Chemistry olympiad, and to answer all of their questions regarding the course. Also we want to spread our love of chemistry.weekly meetings to share love of chemistry. The club will only be held inside Mr Guzman's classroom. Every week we will do reviews of every concept in each chapter/unit of AP Chemistry; we will occasionally organize parties or games when there's no need to review course materials.GuzmanB2ThursdayWeeklySteveLiuJoanneNieSakinaBambot
Chess Clubmember set up boards and play chess. We may have inner-club competitions but do not plan to have any off-campus activitiesWe plan to participate in the club fairSkrabled-10FridayWeeklyAndreyShapiroJustinHsu
Chinese Culture Club (CCC)Planned club activities include regular club meetings, teacher and student food sales, assembly performances, field trips, and the annual Chinese New Year festival.Outside of the regular meetings, we plan to have assembly performances, food sales, field trips, and host the annual Chinese New Year event.ChiangU14Friday1st and 3rd weeksAlbertLiDianeJiGloriaTu
Choir ClubWe support the Carlmont Choral Program through fundraising activities.We have choir concerts planned throughout the year, as well as a couple other performances for fundraising.TepF21FridayWeeklyGracePurcellJadeMargolis
Christians in Action (CIA)A community group of Christians who gather together to learn about and spread the love of Jesus Christ and encourage each other in faith. Games, bonding, bible studiesRedmonC13ThursdayWeeklyChristopherWadhwaNathanielPonSeemaAlvarez
Classic Film ClubWe plan to watch and discuss classic films.Watch movies at lunchMigdailA1Monday and WednesdayWeeklyWilliamYontsKatrina SharoninWilliamSharonin
Club Tennisweekly meetings on sundays with occasional meetings on wednesdays. We meet at local tennis courts to play tennis for 2 hours. play tennisPearlmanTennis CourtsSundays and Wednesday MorningsWeeklyChrisChoJerryLiu
Computer Science ClubDuring regular meetings, we'll learn about interesting CS topics from student presentations, discuss CS ideas and concepts together, and work on projects related to CS. Additionally, we will go to various local coding competitions, and train during club meetings before those competitions.Stanford ProCo, Lockheed Martin CodeQuest, Harker Programming Invitational, various hackathonsVoldstadD-23MondayWeeklyKevinWangNickNhienDavidFang
Conspiracy ClubWe will present on controversial conspiracy theories, mysterious creatures and other mystical occurrences in order to educate our audience.We want to present and educate a class of people about an underappreciated topic.HillA-4ThursdaysEvery other ThursdayMitchellAnderson-McEwanTyHallAmandaZollars
Drag Race ClubThis club appreciates and learns about drag culture. We will examine, not only the history of drag, but the modern forms of drag while also watching current drag performances and programs.Screenings of Rupaul's Drag Race and we might participate in Clubs fair and Heritage Fair dependent on availabilityNguyenE12Tuesday1st and 3rd weeksAdrianHarrisVictoriaLegein
Dumbledore's ArmyMeetings where we discuss the Harry Potter books, talk about different fan theories, and how we feel about the happenings in the books and movies. We will do a bunch of activities such as name games and word searches in order to encourage our club to work together and meet new people. Presentations and other in class activitiesGarciaE8Wednesday1st and 3rd weeksTaisiiaYakovenkoAnnaFeng
Dungeons and DragonsEvery week we meet for two hours after school to play D&DOur only activities are the weekly meetings.BraunsteinD-27FridayWeeklyEmmaEvansEthanDobias
EndAlzOur goal is the help and spread awareness to those with Alzheimers. We plan to do bring awareness of Alzheimers to the students at Carlmont.NozikS-20Mondays1st and 3rd weeksViennaHuangCindyChen
Fantasy Sports ClubFirst Monday of every month we will meet in E 12 for meetings involving how fantasy sports work, planning draft dates, and getting everyone set up with the app. There will be no money or gambling involved. We will be participating in 3 drafts for 3 major sports, baseball, basketball, and football. Once the team is drafted you manage the team to your liking on an app in order to come in 1st place. There is no prize, the goal is to have fun and enjoy sports.Club meetings in E12: meet and discuss sports and the fantasy process, Drafts: at chosen times by all members participating in the season, can be done anywhere on computer or phone, just need internet access. Only free fantasy sites will be used. There will be no money associated with this club.NguyenE12MondayFirst Monday of every monthRyanBusserSamuelBean
Fashion & Design ClubFrom designing t-shirts to styling with color theory to learning to sketch fashion figures.+Designing and printing t-shirts
+exploring aesthetic and how to dress for it
+how gender expression contributes to fashion
+Runway viewing parties
+styling with color theory
+sewing lessons
+how to accesorize
SchulemanF12Thursday1st and 3rd weeksNoaGudelunasOliviaChow
FBLA-Develop business and leadership skills
-Compete in a wide range of subjects from public speaking to programming
-Participate in community service projects
-Interact with students from around the country
-Develop business and leadership skills
-Compete in a wide range of subjects from public speaking to programming
-Participate in community service projects
-Interact with students from around the country
-Go to regional, state and national conferences with Mr. Soelberg only.
E-6Thursday WeeklyAlbertLiVarunHegdeGriffinSoelberg
Filipino ClubExploring and sharing Filipino culture through discussions, presentations, food and performances. Besides our monthly presentation, we hope to participate in clubs and heritage fair.NguyenS21Wednesday2nd week onlyMadisonPalarca-WongJoeSison
FOMF (Friends of Millard Fillmore)Event to promote students research skills through a fun competition held the first weekend of February. The main event besides meetings on Thursdays is a trivia research competition held on the first weekend on February. Throughout the weekend, two teams of Carlmont students will work to find answers and documentable proof of those answers. The Monday following the event will have an adjudication session where the answers and proofs are scored for points.BraunsteinD27Thursdays1st and 3rd weeksIsaacBraunsteinTBDTBD
FootballActive participation in the sport or training for sport
Card fundraiser (Fall) It's It sale (Spring). Raising
funds to support football program
MessinaD6Monday WeeklyJayden KuhnDaniel Taumalolo
French ClubActivities involving immersion into French culture, language, and heritage.Meetings in S24 about French Culture, Language. Some activities will include watching French Movies and a French food day.BurtonS24Tuesday4th week onlyDavidTalgoSabrinaNgAndreaBrehovska
G.E (Gender Equality Club) A club that welcomes all genders and aims to help prevent gender stigma in everyday society. Her drive (period product drive), Zines, anti-stress activities CalvinD3Thursdays 2nd and 4th weeksChloeWenAzucenaDuranJade Margolis
Gender-Sexuality AllianceWe plan to have discussions about events that have or currently are happening that affect the LGBT+ community. We will also have events that will celebrate gender identity and sexuality. This club is designed to create a safe space for students who consider themselves in the LGBT+ community and for allies who are willing to support their peers. We will take a field trip to the Castro in San Francisco in the spring. We also will sell tee-shirts during valentines week. We plan to host discussions about topics within the LGBT+ community and celebration parties. RamrothD11Wednesdays 2nd and 4th weeksCameronGarcia BrownSophiaKrackovCathLei
Girls DanceAll activies will include rehearsals, assembly, rally and concert performances throughout the school year.Homecoming Assembly, Celebration Assembly, Winter Studio Show, Spring Dance ConcertReibsteinDance StudioDaily, period 5,6WeeklyGiannaLagerloefDanaDossmannElizabethHall
Girls Who Code-Teaching computer science concepts to all levels of coders
-Participating in programming competitions and hackathons
-Making excursions to tech companies to learn about women in STEM
-Close the gender gap in the field of computer science
-Organizing guest speakers for club meetings
-Offering access to the Girls Who Code curriculum
-Having lots of fun!
Tentatively: San Mateo Hackathon, PROCO, LinkedIn fieldtripVoldstadD24ThursdayWeeklyJessicaYuLily Gittoes Neha Choudhary
Go ClubThe club is dedicated to spreading knowledge and sharing enthusiasm about the board game Go. Reguylar activities of the club include casual practice and instruction in the board game Go.Regular activities of the club include casual practice and instruction in the board game Go.Skrabled-10thursday2nd and 4th weeksVernonLukRachelJiangColinSuits
Gosh Yarn ItIn Knitting Club, the primary goal is to teach each member how to knit proficiently and independently enough so that eventually we will be able to create hats and scarves (and depending on members' skill level perhaps sweaters) to donate to homeless shelters or to tie up in areas where the homeless population is high. The club will meet each week in the designated classroom under the advisor's supervision. Depending on productivity and time availability, the club will either go all together to donate/place (tied on poles with notes that say "take me for warmth" for people in need to find) the items or one member will individually go to donate/place the items. If the trip will be taken as a group, Knitting Club will sign all proper field trip forms and the advisor will be present.HeroC3MondayWeeklyEmilyKimSabrinaJacksonSamanthaTurtle
Green Team-- advocating environmentally-friendly practices + possible workshops (zero waste)
-- working to improve school waste system (composting, recycling, landfill)
-- campaigns such as Green Week + social media engagement
-- participation in a month of environmental education (Project Green Challenge)
-- managing school garden
-- environmental-oriented volunteer opportunities such as beach cleanups
-- discussions on environmental topics (climate change, energy, politics, etc)
-- environmental-related field trips (Shoreway Environmental Center, aquarium, etc)
-- have fun!!!!!
Green Week
Possible Environmentally related field trips
Guitar ClubOn a weekly basis we will meet in the classroom, E-8 and we will practice playing songs and learning songs as a group and also have jam sessions with the members of the club. We may also do a few field trips over the course of the guitar club life span and will most likely be to places of music significance.Nothing outside of our meeting place, however if we do plan to go off of campus later on, we will make sure to notify Mr. Kelly and get the proper paper work done.GarciaE7ThursdayWeeklyErikCramerJacobBerg
Hope BrigadeHope Brigade is a cancer awareness and support club. Meetings are generally relaxed and we focus on trying to do as much as we can to give back to our community. Holiday Toy Drive (on campus), every holiday season, we host a toy drive for children with cancer; Activity Kits (on campus), every year we make activity kits for children with cancer Schoenstein D7Fridays2nd and 4thCindyChenKyleWilkinsonJTEden
HOSAHOSA is a medical club that is a chapter of a national organization. In this club, we will host guest speakers, prepare for and partake in HOSA competitions, and learn more about the medical field.We will try to arrange for attending HOSA conferences and competitionsNozik
HUB (Human Biology Club)We will be teaching club members about the human body through physiology and anatomy. We will also be discussing the current and future medical advances that have been discovered or that is being worked on in today's society. We will have presentations about the functions of the human body parts and discuss with team members about favorable topics.Field Trip to Denali Therapeutics TsuchiyamaE11Wednesday1st and 3rd weeksAlishaZhouShruthiSatheesh
Ice Skating ClubFigure skating enthusiasts meet up to watch figure skating videos and keep up with the happenings of the skating world! We will be watching figure skating videos and keeping up with the happenings of the skating world.JayC12Tuesday Whenever there is no math contest JoelleFaybishenko SamanthaTurtleAmandaLi
Indian ClubIndian Club seeks to increase the diversity in Carlmont by bringing an Indian perspective to the communityFor now, just regular meetings, but hopes to celebrate Diwali in the quad and dance in Heritage FairMcGinnisD16Monday1st and 3rd weeksRishabhKokalKinjalVyas
Instrumental Music CouncilThe idea of the club is to increase participation and involvement in the music program and to spread music in general. The majority of the activities will be fundraising events, which will occur during the Carlmont concerts, or additional performances. Most meetings will consist of planning and preparing for these events (ex: creating advertisement posters and small items to sell at concerts).DaBaldoOutside of F-20FridayWeeklyWillAlvarez-RutzAbbyBrenzaAnaAlvarez-Rutz
Interact ClubBy definition, Interact clubs bring together young people ages 12-18 to develop leadership skills while discovering the power of Service Above Self. Our club does work with Belmont and San Carlos Rotary. Our club does work with Belmont and San Carlos Rotary. It is a friendly environment to provide fun volunteer opportunities to the students.Our club does work with Belmont and San Carlos Rotary, volunteering to help our community. We don't do events off campus as a club, however we inform our members of events they can do individually on their own time at our meetings. We have had members volunteer at the Rotary Crab Fest, at second harvest food bank, at the goblin walk in San Carlos, and so on. FungA10Tuesday1st week onlyJackieMaerinaTimotieRodriguezCharlesWang
International ClubInternational Club, which is founded in 2014 in ESL, is created in purpose to welcome students from different countries to CHS, and better fit in the environment. Our purpose is to bring people from different nationalities together, to learn about each other's culture uniqueness, and to celebrate their most known holidays. We want to build a community and friendship.At the beginning of the year, we would hold a club gathering activity to meet every member in the club. We plan to do club activities at lunch like the ASB activities for fun and relax. We also want to do some outside volunteer work to help our community. LordC11Monday2nd and 4th weeksMelodyLiuShaneLargo
Investment ClubWe plan to discuss topics related to investing and finances through presentations and demonstrate how to use stock market simulations for practice with investing during meetings.Other than presentations about investment topics, we will also integrate stock market simulation demonstrations and club member discussions about investment during meetings. No off-campus activities are planned.HarrisonE1Thursday1st and 3rd weeksKatiaDeynegaIrisWuGrantHunsader
Japanese Culture ClubLearn and celebrate traditional and modern Japanese Culture Presentations, snack sharing, movie watching
Heritage fair, club fair, Fortifying Bridges
Mr. Nichols E7Thursday WeeklyNinaChungJaleyna LaraDariaMucha
Jazz ClubWe will meet during lunch is discuss, listen and play jazz in a combo style. Play jazz during lunchSwitzerF20TuesdaysWeeklyChrisChoJosephBazarsky
Jewish ClubOur club plans on continuing the discussion of what it means to be Jewish-both in the present and in the past. We will have occasional guest speakers provide us with more information about our identity, and we will bond in order to create a welcoming Jewish community on campus. Jewish club will also collaborate with Muslim-Fellowship Club and Christian Club in order to unite these groups, and create an accepting and friendly environment. Our club will also celebrate major Jewish holidays such as Hanukkah and Passover.Celebration of holidays, collaboration with Muslim-Fellowship and Christian club, and discussions about Jewish history and identity with occasional guest speakers.ShustermanC12 Friday2nd and 4th weeksVictoriaTsinkerJessicaNepomnyshy
Junior State of America (JSA)JSA is a debate club, and is part of a larger national organization. The organization holds 3 major off campus conventions every school year, and some one day conventions, as well. JSA holds 3 major off campus conventions every year, along with scattered one day and regional conventions. On campus, JSA holds debates and discussion about current events. AidiD15WednesdayWeeklyAbbySandersDanielKoganBrennanDai
Key ClubKey Club organizes local service activities with its sponsored San Carlos Kiwanis Club for its members to sign up for. There will be a few times a year where field trip forms are needed, for example, Special Games in the spring. Key Club also plans fundraisers to contribute to our club fund, which goes towards subsidizing members if they want to attend events that require more money like District Convention or Fall Rally North. Key Club provides service and leadership opportunities to students. Students volunteer on their own time to help out on various activities throughout the community on the club, division, and region level. Most activities will be done off campus at local sites like community centers and food banks, where members will participate in service events. Various service activities like school cleanups which are on campus, and off campus service opportunities around the community, done on own time so no field trip forms are required. Activities generally include setting up and working local fairs and Kiwanis fundraisers. There are a few events throughout the year where our advisor's supervision will be necessary, like at Region Training Conference at the end of September and District Convention in the spring.MiskellyD12ThursdayWeeklyEmilyNguyenRebeccaJiangMillicentKu
Korean American Student AssociationKASA’s goal is to spread Korean traditional and pop culture, food, and current events. Share Korean food, traditional/pop culture, and current events. Fung A10Friday WeeklySabrina GaspariniNina Chung
Kozy Kids ClubRegular activities of the club will include making child-sized knot-blankets for the Lucile Packard Children's Hospital. There will be no off campus activities.Regular activities of the club will include making child-sized knot-blankets for the Lucile Packard Children's Hospital. There will be no off campus activities.JayC12Friday1st and 3rd weeksTaliaFineBrandonGee
Latinos UnidosLatinos Unidos is a culture club here at Carlmont that embraces and celebrates Latin Culture. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE LATINO TO JOIN, EVERYONE IS WELCOME! We meet once a week to learn about the culture and experience hands on with food and music and friends. We also participate in Clubs Fair and Heritage FairClubs Fair, Heritage Fair, and Fortifying BridgesArgaluza and GodinaU12 and S32ThursdayWeeklyAdrianHarrisBrianaMcDonald
League of legends Talk about newest patch of the gamePractice on getting better on league of legends LordC11Monday 1st and 3rd weeksJiahaoLiTuu chiehChenZhuangxinyueZhao
Lunch In A PickleThe club meets weekly during lunch to provide a social environment for students of all abilities to meet and interact. The club will plan, implement and follow through on providing the opportunity for CHS staff members to purchase store bought sandwiches via the Reach Out club. The "business" experience provides our special education students the real world experiences of organizing orders, money handling skills and delivery of sandwiches. Proceeds from sandwiches will go toward expenses for "Hang-Outs" and for the annual MORP for special education students. Friday lunch in T-13 provides a social environment for students of all abilities to meet and interact. The club will plan, implement and follow through on providing the opportunity for CHS staff members to purchase store bought sandwiches via the Reach Out club. The "business" experience provides our special education students the real world experiences of organizing orders, money handling skills, navigating the campus for the delivery of sandwiches. Proceeds from sandwiches will go toward expenses for "Hang-Outs" and for the annual MORP for special education students. Renard
Maker ClubThe club will be dedicated to activities that will aid students in building their passion projects. Each member will propose an idea that requires creativity and ingenuity to complete. One project will be worked on at a time, so that all members can see the project to completion. These ideas will be executed before the "Maker Faire" held in San Mateo, with the purpose of displaying the projects at the exhibition and networking with other makers. The "Maker Faire" is an off-campus activity that will require field trip paperwork, even though it will be during a weekend.The only activity that will not be completed on campus is the exhibition at the San Mateo "Maker Faire". Tuesdays at lunch will be when the projects are made in the robotics room.WallaceB3TuesdayWeeklyWilliamMcKinneyFredyGarcia
Math ClubWe have bi-weekly math contests as well as hosting the American Math Competition in February.Atlantic Pacific math contest, California Math League contest, American Mathematics Exam - all on campusTsuchiyamaE-11Tuesday2nd and 4th weeksJoshuaMathewVernonLuk
Math Enthusiasts' ClubSanta Clara Math Contest, Purple Comet! Math Meet, Stanford Math Tournament, biweekly meetings.Santa Clara Math Contest, Purple Comet! Math Meet, Stanford Math Tournament, biweekly meetings.RamrothD11Tuesday2nd and 4th weeksSophiaWolczkoLorenzoWolczkoColinSuits
Memeology ClubThis is a club where students can share memes, or jokes in general, to temporarily forget about their stress and have fun. The activities done in class would usually include a slideshow of memes that I have found or ones that other people sent me that are school appropriate. Then, I would have the room open for anyone else that wants to share a meme.Activities include me presenting a slideshow of memes I've collected, having other students share anything they thought was funny, and having meme creating competitions. There will not be any off campus activities. GuzmanB2Friday1st week onlyChrisZadaRyanVersen
Mock Trial (Varsity and JV)Members of Mock Trial will be rehearsing every Tuesday and Thursday in preparation for county competitions in February. They will draft directs and crosses, practice objections, and memorize the case materials required in order to perform well in said competitions.Other than regular practice, Mock Trial members may also either travel to or host scrimmages with other Mock Trial teams. As mentioned above, there will also be county competitions in February.Gomez
E2Tuesday and ThursdayWeeklyJosephBazarskyAlexanderDerhacobianKellyDoherty
Movie MatesWe will watch vote on which movie to watch and then watch themOn campus we will watch movies. We have no off campus activities planned.SheridanF 10wednesdayWeeklyEoinCunninghamJackLickens
Mural ClubMural clubs' goal is to beautify Carlmont and the city around it with student produced murals. We will creative, plan, and execute murals.Plan to execute a professionally supervised mural.SchulmanF-12Monday1st and 3rd weeksDanielVillaseñorAliceMuir
Music Production ClubOur club focuses on the general production of music through Logic Pro X. We will educate our club members on the uses of the DAW (Digital audio software) and allow them to create new music with the class. In addition, we will have various activities, that are all musically inclined, for all students to participate in.We will work with Logic Pro X software, compose new music, learn from famous artists and songs, watch educational videos, host rap battles, work on a group anthem, etc.CondosF-13Fridays1st and 3rd weeksJeffreyMillerAdrianCunninghamKyleDimick
Music Theory ClubMeeting at F21 to help musicians with understanding music and theory better as well as preparing for the CM Exam and possibly the AP Music Theory Test if we can get that implemented.helping students with questions on theory during the meetings; playing examples on the piano and using the whiteboards to make concepts easier to understand. We’ll also help students prepare for the CM Exam and possibly the AP Music Theory ExamTepF21Non-Math Contest TuesdaysNon-math contest tuesdaysIrisWuKarinaTseng
Music to the ElderlyOnce a month we go and sing/play music at retirement homes around San Carlos and Belmont, specifically the San Carlos Adult Community Center and Carlmont Gardens.Visits to retirement homes once a month on Fridays after school with advisor present.JayC12Monday4th week onlyLaurenLuiVeronicaRoseborough
Muslim Fellowship ClubActivities such as discussions and presentations will be organized weekly in order to create a safe and empowering space for ALL students to express their ideas and deepen their understandings of faith and Islam. Additionally, through events, meetings and discussion, MFC seeks to contribute to the creation of a strong sense of community among CHS students.The activities planned include weekly discussions/presentations focusing on a wide range of topics, anything from, identity and social justice, to prophetic sayings and spirituality.Schoenstein D7ThursdayWeeklyImanSarsourZainaAbdelrahmanEmnaSellami
Neuro Club As a chapter of the International Youth Neuroscience Association, we will be meeting twice a month to discuss hot topics in the world of Psychology and Neuroscience! We will discuss various career paths in Psychology and what teens can do now, to learn more and get involved. We will also be engaging in various experiments, watching psych related movies, TED talks, and much more! We will be promoting Brain Week on campus in March to promote brain research efforts and the associated benefits, collaborating with other clubs, participating in a psych related movie/book club, patient-doctor simulations, neurological experiments/mock exams, and participating in school events! McKee D21Wednesday1st and 3rd weeksNeha Choudhary Edrina Hamzeh
NewspaperRegular: daily meetings in-class where students will work on one or more of four news media publications: newspaper, magazine, news videos, and online news.
Planned activities: Fall field trip to Chicago for JEA convention. (Written permission and forms handled.)
Produce newspapers, magazines, online news services, etc. Newspapers distributed 6 times a year; magazine 3; news site updated periodically.RaisnerS11Week DaysDaily meetings | Monday through FridayKylieLinSophieLyndRyLei
Outdoors ClubDiscuss outdoor activities as well as locations for camping excursions and other events (not with club).Just discussion about outdoors activitiesWallerE-6Tuesday1st and 3rd weeksSeanVanderaaDavidBedrosianJakeRobinson
PAW (Protecting Animals Worldwide)We will have meetings where we give members information about volunteering at local shelters on their own time. We will also have animal trivia and games at meetings. We will participate in ASB activities such as Clubs Fair and Scotsland.Possibly a supply drive on campus PierceT3Wednesday2nd and 4th weeksSonaliKanayaAmeliaHsichAllisonUozumi
PC Gaming ClubWe will discuss the most recent events in the PC and PC gaming industry and how the events will impact the scene and society.We plan to have speakers come in during lunch to discuss their job and talk about their company. We also will be talking to Microsoft to host an event and play on their systems.RoweT-10TuesdayWeeklyDanielKholodenkoZacMalletEthanLin
PERIOD.PERIOD. @ Carlmont works with the non-profit PERIOD. to strive to provide for menstruators in need through service, education, and policy.Collaboration with Gender Equality Club for period product drive in early spring, distribution of period products to local housesMoynihanE8Monday1st and 3rd weeksChloeWenRyLei
Persian ClubEmbracing and celebrating Persian cultureJust to talk about our experiences as Persian-AmericansParkerS32Wednesday 3rd week onlyEdrinaHamzehNehaChoudhary
Philosophy ClubWeekly reading and discussions of philosophy Every week we read and discuss various works of philosophy. No activities out of schoolTurkisA-2Thursday WeeklyKellyDohertyErikAnderssonJessicaHayley
Photography ClubStudents will learn some of the basic photography skills and will have a chance to practice and improve them throughout the year. Some of the planned activities include presentations, videos, as well as the practice and review of the skills learned BraunsteinD27Mondays2nd and 4th weeksTaisiiaYakovenkoNihalKarim
Physics ClubThis club will help prepare students for the College Board AP Physics C mechanics test.Go over questions that will help prepare students for the AP test.FungA10MondayWeeklySimonLiuArulBangari
Playlist clubEvery meeting we will share music from a certain genre for the month. At the end of each month we make a playlist for all club members to listen to. Sharing music and discussing different genres. We also will create a shared playlist at the end of every month. There will be no planned off campus activities.GatzertS22Wednesday1st and 3rd weeksIsabellaPetersonToriBalsam-Ashling
Polynesian ClubTo represent our Polynesian culture.Heritage fair, fundraiseNozikS20Tuesday/FridayWeeklyEmaliTeputepuSamiuelaVaeaKaukauolaFifita
Quiz (Trivia) TeamWe will split into two teams and practice playing a jeapordy-like friendly competition.We will go to some competitive events at places like stanford and other high schools.BraunsteinD27FridayWeeklyColeLorchKevinWangColinSuits
Reach Out ClubReach Out Club has lunch meetings that are open to anyone on the campus and its vast population to eat lunch, hang out, relax, and socialize. In coordination with the Reach Out Commission in ASB, Friday hangouts from 5-7, MORP, and club meetings. DuganT13Friday1st and 3rd weeksDarianDennlerKaijaVillagrandGabrielle Blatt
Red CrossRedcross club is all about raising awareness to provide care and preparations for people in our society and allow them to be ready and prepared in the face of dangers like fires, earthquakes, etc. It educates people on how to help others in dire circumstances like if someone chokes or becomes unconscious. Citizen preparedness essentially. Meetings, pillow-case project, raising awareness, teaching about fire-safety and earthquake hazard and actionsHarrison E1Friday1st and 3rd weeksShruthiSatheeshAnnikaNambiarAlishaZhou
Relaxation MotivationRelaxation Motivation is a club meant to provide a stress-free environment for students. We provide various relaxing and calming activities such as origami, making stress balls, or coloring. Each meeting will begin by discussing tips for reducing stress due to school or outside factors. Some other activities we have planned are mediation, sharing jokes, and zentangling. Relaxation Motivation has a wide variety of different activities planned such as doing origami, coloring, making stress balls, meditating, listening to calming music, and more. BraunsteinD25Friday1st and 3rd weeksMayaO'SullivanMorganMcClellanTiaPapapietro
RoboticsWe train team members and give them the skills necessary for us to compete in the annual F.I.R.S.T. Robotics Competition. This provides a highly valuable and unique opportunity for students to gain engineering and business experience while developing teamwork and communication skills.On campus:
- Training in design, fabrication, programming, electronics, and buisness
- Working on creating robots to compete on the FIRST Robotics Competition

Off campus:
- 1+ Local Regional (No overnight stay)
- 1 Out of city Regional (Overnight stay)
- 2-3 Off-season robotics competitions
- outreach events such as Maker Faire and Save the Music
TalcottB3after school Wednesdays and FridaysWeeklyKevinWangJuliaBrettle
Rock Climbing ClubDuring meetings we will discuss climbing strategies and watch videos of famous climbers/interesting climbs/climbing competitions. We will teach members whatever they want to know about rock climbing, and tell them how and where to start climbing if they are inexperienced climbers.During our meetings we will discuss opportunities and places for members to rock climb. Our activities during the meetings will include more experienced rock climbers teaching beginners about rock climbing knots, technique, vocabulary, and culture.Jayc12Wednesday2nd and 4th weeksGretaFoehrLoganMeadow
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