Queen's Prize Scheduling Updated 9-12-13 Standing Stones
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EntrantCategoryProjectYouth?Judging TimeRoomTable #SponsorJudge 1Judge 2Judge 3
Abbatissa ingen IohneEmbroideryMitre of Minden-the Mitre of Minden is from the 1400s made from silk with silver motifs and pearls and silk embroidery. On the front is the Annunciation and on the back the Virgin EnthronedNo10:00 AM20625HL Fiondel SongspinnerHE Catalina de ArazuriAine nic TailliuerLady Avery of Standing Stones
Aemiliana VillianiClothing/CostumingMid 12th century sewing, under and over tunic-A handsewn underdress and handfinished overdress in the anglo norman mid 12th century style. Flannel was substituted as entrant is allergic to wool. With original drafting and design.No2:00 PM308125HL Sethrun MagoinghousMistress Sancha LestrangeAine nic TailliuerLady Elzebeth Von Rostock
Aethelwyn AethelredsonBeveragesLiqueurs-Various flavors of liqueurs made with a base of brandy or vodka and flavored with fruits, nuts, and/or spices.No11:00 AM21276Caoilfhionn inghean Cheallaigh ui MhordhaHL Cionaodh na Cairrce mac CosgraighMistress Roise ni'UllachainHL Aldred Lyccidfelth
Agnes von HeidelbergCooking-Single DishOranges of Xativa which are Cheesecakes--A 16th Century Spanish recipe for a fried cheesey bread.No1:15 PM21286Mistress Gwen A'BrookeHE Mistress Salamandra the WhitesmithHL Brighid O'MahunaHL Leopold Heinrich von Rufkahr
Aislinn JustiniusInstruments, Musical, StringWaisted 5 string Vielle-5 String Vielle, later form, based on illuminations from the Cantigas de Santa Maria and other sources, with bow.Yes1:15 PM309145Kazimierz VerkmastareHE Conna ingen Ui ChearbhaillMaster Jack BanyardHL Vels inn Viggladi
Aleit de la ThommeJewelryPortrait of a Young Girl- Necklace-A recreation of the necklace from Petrus Christus' Portrait of a Young Girl c 1460-1470.No10:00 AM21167Mistress Roise ni UllachainLuckie of Falcons Keep HE Donald MacdonaldMistress Sorcha inghean ui Mhaolain
Allessandra de PiroCandle MakingTwisted Beeswax Candles--Hand poured twisted beeswax candles based off of several illuminations.No2:00 PM305106HL Katherine de HeiligeMaster Gerald GoodwineHE Mistress Comyn HrothwynHL Rowan Houndskeeper
Andromir VukovicFootwearSimple Medieval Shoe-I will be replicating a shoe found in Western Europe dating back to the 9-13th Century to be judged at the Queen's Prize Tournament. Thank you in advanceNo10:00 AM21163HL Katherine de HeiligeHE Mistress Comyn HrothwynMistress Tatiana DieugardeMaster Gottfried von Koln
Angela Mulier DiLucianIlluminationAll Women are Mothers of the World-I am doing an illumination, inspired by a 15th century painting by Lorenzo Monaco.No1:15 PM2058Mistress Nikolena Martinovna PopriadukhinaHL Katherine die HeiligeMistress Tatiana DieugardeHL Simonne Margurite de La Rochelle
Anna PlantynSpinningHand spun wool for nalbinding-Single ply wool spun for nalbinding. Hand spun on a bottom whorl drop spindle.No10:00 AM30494Mistress Nikolena Martinovna PopriadukhinaMistress Caera WytherMistress RigelaLady Adaline Lister
Annora ReynerClothing/CostumingMiddle class Tudor Men's outfit c. 1525--A complete ensemble for a middle class Tudor man circa 1525. This outfit will include fitted joined hosen, shirt, doublet, and gown. All items handsewn with linen thread.No2:00 PM308126Hertogin Magdalena vander MeereMaster Jack BanyardHL Katherine die HeiligeHL Caitlin nic Raighne
Apple NightWritingWordsmithing AOA scrolls--Text for a set of AOA level scrollsNo11:00 AM309156HE Mistress SlanieMaster Jon TristramSigtrygg LaudherskeriHL Ingeborg bildsbriotr Ulfdottir
Appollos of Mag MorIlluminationIlluminated Scroll-Entrant will present a hand painted/illuminated piece. This is a Child entryYes11:00 AM2052HL Ingeborg bildsbriotr UlfsdottirHE Conna ingen Ui ChearbhaillCatin of EdingtonSafiyah of Deodar
AtsutakaIlluminationIlluminated Capital Letter-An Illuminated Capital Letter with border illumination for medieval recipe.No2:00 PM20514HE Gracye of LokwodeHL Elynor of GlastonburyHL Neathery of SafitaMistress Mirabel Wynne
AviendhaString ManipulationLucet-THIS IS A CHILDREN'S ENTRY A selection of different lucet cords demonstrating different media for the technique as it might be used in period.Yes2:00 PM30490Mistress Thora SigurdsdottirHL Runa KetilsdottirMistress Rebecca BeaumontEllien Chadway
BelindaWeaving, Band/Tablet/Inkletubular weaving-Tube weaving on tablet loom.No2:00 PM304101HL Gyda GloraHL Jaida de LeonHL Etta HolteNesscia inghean Chearnaigh
Bella de GreeneWeaving, Band/Tablet/InkleYouth Woven Cord for ScrollsYes2:00 PM30493Mistress Cassandra di CappellettiMistress Caera WytherKristine Nic TaillierMistress Rigela
Beocca the fair of HastingsClothing/Costuming15th century Burgundian Hoopalaund--Bungundian Hoopalaund includes, three layers, brocade linen chamise, gold silk kirtle and the over dress made of velvet linen brocade, black linen lining, with black wool on the belt (tenitivly), Hennin with silk veil, and wool on the bitten of the dress. Wrist and coller are black fox fur.No11:00 AM305118Mistress Genevieve PenroseMistress Mirabel WynneHG Mistress Magdalena vander MeereLady Avery of Standing Stone
Bjarki VikarasonArmor10th Century Norse Spangenhelme-I assembled a 10th Century Spangenhelme through the process of cold steel forging and finishing the helm to be used for heavy fighting.No3:00 PM21046HE Vaclav SemjakaHL Leopold Heinrich von RufkahrHL Paul AdlerHL Snorri
Brianna TalbotCooking, Single DishPickling--A comparison in pickling of eggs, onions, and carrots in red wine vinegar and cider vinegar.No2:00 PM21282Master Alan of DarkdaleHL Michael of SafitaHL Fiondel SongspinnerMistress Genevieve Penrose
Bridget MagaoinghousFelt MakingFelted Wool PouchYes1:15 PM20619HL Seathrun MagaoinghousHL Jaida de LeonHL Runa KetilsdottirHL Violet Sinclair
Bryan of Loch RannochWeaving-StandardThe Tartan I weave-Woven plaid of the type that would become a clan tartan after the SCA period.No4:00 PM304103HL Cathus the CuriousHL Marguerite des BauxAoibheann PalsdottirLady Adaline Lister
Bryg inghean LasairionaClothing/CostumingEntry is a hand sewn skirt. The skirt will become the bottom half of an under dress. This is a child's entry.Yes10:00 AM308119HL Ingeborg bildsbriotr UlfsdottirMistress Gillian WarrenderLady Ariadne KarbonopsinaLady Elzebeth Von Rostock
Cai DubhghlasJewelry16th Century collar of state or Livery Collar-This piece is based upon the Collar of Esses from the house of Lancaster, but with a Spanish influence with the use of animal motiff. The piece is cast of pewter and soapstone molds.
No1:15 PM21166HL SnowLuckie of Falcons Keep Mistress Roise ni UllachainHE Fernando
Cassius Acilius RufusArmorEarly 15th Century Winged Elbows-A pair of winged elbows from the early 15th century. This is the entrants first armoring project. Youth entry: Age 13Yes10:00 AM21033Sir Alexander Caithnes of WykHL Leopold Heinrich von RufkahrHL Jawhar ibn AkmelHL Gunther Klaus von Stuttgart
Catrijn vanden WesthendeSpinningHandspun wool for weaving and knitting-Two contrasting examples of spinning: a fine 2-ply merino, and a coarser 3-ply Romney; completed on drop spindle.No2:00 PM30495HG Magdalena vander MeereMistress Thora SigurdsdottirHE Giulia Isabella da VeneziaLady Adaline Lister
Cecilia de GatistburyString ManipulationKnit "Ecclesiastical" Gloves-A pair of knit gloves using some of the techniques and motifs found in extant Ecclesiastical gloves of the Middle Ages. These gloves are not an exact replica of any extant gloves, but rather an interpretation of those gloves for non-Ecclesiastical use.No3:00 PM30496Hertogin Magdalena vander MeereMistress Jorun EydisardottirHL Giraude BenetHE Giulia Isabella da Venezia
Cecily DarvellClothing AccessoriesEarly Tudor Headwear-A bonnet, frontlet and paste suitable for a lady at the court of Henry VII.No11:00 AM305109Mistress Elianor de MorlandMaster Jack BanyardMistress Liriel CorrellAntonia Stefani
Cecily FitzWarynWeaving, Band/Tablet/InkleExploring Basic Tabletweaving-A journal of what went right and what went wrong during the weaving of my first three tabletwoven bands.No11:00 AM30498HL Annika RauscharinMistress Caera WytherMistress RigelaHL Etta Holte
Ceilidh AemiliusInstruments, Musical, String3 string Tenor Rebec-A 3 string tenor rebec, 14-15th century, built and carved with a nautical motif.Yes10:00 AM309144Kazimierz VerkmastareHE Conna ingen Ui ChearbhaillMaster Jack BanyardAedammair ingen Ailillain
Cesare di Lodovico MaleficiWritingThree Tales of Calontir-I am composing three tales based upon the writings of the Ulster cycle and the Fenian Cycle. All are a body of medieval Irish heroic legends and sagas of the Ulaid, the areas currently known as Ulster and Leinster. It is one of four great cycles. The ulster cycles were formerly The Red Branch Cycle, you also have the White Book of Rydderch, The Red book of Hergest, The Yellow book of Lecan. Also with this is the book of Leinster. The famous stories from this series are the Tain Bo Cuailnge (the cattle raid of cooley) and the stories of Cu Chulainn. It is ambitious at best but one most strive for something.No2:00 PM309155Mistress Thora SigurdsdottirHL Hanne AbendscheinHL Cathus the CuriousLady Ariadne Karbonopsina
Chiara di PaxitiWritingThe Creation of the Scroll Texts for the Reign of Damien and Issabell--This paper is a discussion of the process of creating the AoA-level scroll texts for Their Majesties' reign.No10:00 AM309153Mistress Ishmala bint YuhannahHE Dolan Madoc of HarlechHL Aldred LyccidfelthSigtrygg Laudherskeri
Chloee PhillipsClothing/Costuming12th Century Bliaut-Chloee is eight years old and she designed, drafted, cut and constructed her 12th Century Bliaut. She chose straight sleeves instead of Maunches because "I plan to wear this for work and play!". She chose not to do side laces.Yes3:00 PM305105HL Violet SinclairMistress Genevieve PenroseLady Ariadne KarbonopsinaMistress Roselyn of Aberdeen
Constanza Marina de HuelvaCooking, Single DishTodo tipo de bunuelos-This is a comparative study of Capitulo V: para hacer todo tipo de bunuelos (Chapter 5: In Order to make every type of fritter) in Libro de arte culinaria de Martino da Como. I'm looking at ingredients and preparation methods as well as completing the redactions for the eight recipes found in this chapter.No2:00 PM21283Fionnuala inghean FhearghuisHL Aline Swynbrook Mistress Gwen A'BrookeHL Simonne Margurite de La Rochelle
DanilynGlassworkSimple Stained Glass (Child's Entry)-I made a stained glass window piece that looks like a 15th century st George's shield.Yes3:00 PM21141HL Aline SwynbrookeMistress Roise ni'UllachainHL Shandrake ValeLuckie of Falcons Keep
DavianGames, Toys, and DollsEveryday toys and games-Davin is 4 1/2, daughter of Severin Svendottir aka Severin Roberts. Davian is creating everyday toys and games for her entry!Yes10:00 AM21034HG Catalina de ArazuriMaster Dammo UtwilerMaster Eadweard BoicewrightMistress Elianor de Morland
Denise LecourtWeaving, Band/Tablet/InkleTablet Weaving-Egyptian inspired tablet weaving. Purple & gold, silk band woven based on a piece found in Egypt.No1:15 PM304100Mistress Ishmala bint YuhannahMistress Caera WytherMistress RigelaHL Etta Holte
Devin (Son of Lady Angela)IlluminationEarly Period Influenced Illuminated Border-Devin is creating an illuminated border. His natural artistic style is reminiscent of early period, and he loves dragons.He is 13 years old.Yes10:00 AM2051HL Elynor of GlastonburyHL Katherine die HeiligeKathryn WynterbourneSafiyah of Deodar
Dragomir SasulPoetryTriolets-A few(3-5) Triolets based on the original French format(ABaAabAB)That were based in the late 13th century in french with English translations.No11:00 AM309151HE Slaine ni ChiarainMaster Dolan MadocLady Zaneta BaseggioAedammair ingen Ailillain
Duncan MacTorquillLeatherwork14th Century Pouch-A 14th century pouch based on a Norwegian archaeological find. The design was common throughout Europe.No10:00 AM21055HG Mistress Isabeau de Beaux YeuxCian mac Cu' Roi'Lord Alysandir LoganJoseph Lambertssoen
Duncan of SkeeneResearch PaperThe European Renaissance is seen by many as the most rapid growth in human intellect and society in the history of man, but is this statement true? There were other civilizations earlier in history that made great leaps in science, technology, and civilization previous to the swift advancements in Europe. Did one of these earlier advanced societies a have major influence on Europe? I intend through the posing of detailed questions to answer this mystery. I propose that the European Renaissance was accelerated by contact with both the Islamic Empires of the east and the Mongol Hoards of the Far East. The knowledge that was shared advanced European thinking at an unnatural rate allowing the sciences to grow in the West much faster than could have occurred without this contact with the East. The transition from the Dark Ages to the Renaissance would still have happened. I just believe that the transformation would have taken much longe r if Europeans had to actually establish these advanced scientific thoughts instead of just borrowing from already recognized Islamic discoveries. Some scholars and students will want to argue that the Middle East is backward and far behind the Western World today, I will attempt shed some light on what has become of the Middle East, what happened, why has the Middle East fallen so far behind the West today and what caused these two societies to basically switch roles?No1:15 PM309152Mistress Jorun EydisardottirMistress Katrei GrünenbergGabriel KjotvasonHE Mistress Slaine ni Chiarain
Edward BlytheMiscellaneous, ScienceHand bound book-Hand bound book. Paper folded and sewn together then glued to a spine an cover. Spine and cover consisting of leather wrapped wood.No10:00 AM310163Master Akitsuki YoshimitsuHL Katherine Devereaux of YorkHE Mistress Slaine ni ChiarainHL Etta Holte
Elijah (Son of Lady Angela)LeatherworkLeather Bag-A leather bag based on existing period remains.Yes3:00 PM21036HE Kajsa NikulasdotterMaster Eadweard BoicewrightAedammair ingen AilillainHE Semjaka
Elizabeth MacGavinMetalworkPewter Casting-researching design, carving soapstone mold, pouring pewter.Yes10:00 AM21039Mistress Ishmala bint YuhannahHE FernandoHL Rebecca BeaumontCai Dubhlas
Emme ZieglerEmbroiderySmall tapestry inspired by the Malterer Hanging. KlosterstichNo1:15 PM20627Katherine die HeilegeLady Avery of Standing StoneHL Neathery of SafitaMistress Liriel Correll
Eowyth þa SiðendEquestrian AttireMedieval Caparison (~15th Century)-A late (SCA) period equestrian caparison. The full-body style can be seen across several centuries, but the heraldic & style specific to mine can be more easily documented to 15th-early 16th Century English jousting manuscripts.No1:15 PM20629HL Richard de BleysHG Mistress Isabeau De BeauxyeuxLady Catherine Dark of the ForestHL Rowan Houndskeeper
Eric the ColorerIlluminationCaid argent arrow awardNo11:00 AM20511HL Leopold Heinrich von RufkahrHG Mistress Alethea CharleKathryn WynterbourneJoseph Lambertssoen
Eric ThornLeatherworkTooled leather covered bible box-This is a tooled leather covered box to house an very old Family Bible.No1:15 PM21058Master Eadweard BoicewrightJoseph LambertssoenHE Kajsa NikulasdotterMistress Bridget Edan
Esa SouthwickClothing/CostumingNorse Apron DressNo11:00 AM308128Master Jack BanyardAoibheann PalsdottirCaoilfhionn inghean Cheallaigh ui MhordhaLady Adaline Lister
Esteban ed ValenciaWoodworkRope bed with carved bed posts--Queen sized Cedar rope bed with carved rope design bed potstNo1:15 PM21169HL Simonne Marguerite de la RochelleMaster Eadweard BoicewrightHL Cionaodh na Cairrce mac CosgraighHL Katherine Devereaux of York
Eva CelensoenArmorLamellar body armour-I have made lamellar body armor. The armor is made out of rows of leather scales bound together by a synthetic cord. The Scale pattern is based off of one by Iron River Armoury. The lacing pattern is my own and does not seem to be historically accurate.No1:15 PM21050SethrunHL Snorri BjornssonHL Jawhar ibn AkmelCian mac Cu' Roi'
Eva GrimwulfsdottirJewelryMy Viking Hoard Bracelet-youth entry stamped bracelet and pouchYes11:00 AM21142HL Etta HolteMistress Sorcha inghean ui MhaolainMistess Jorunn EydisardottirLady Ariadne Karbonopsina
Felix (Feliciano Alonzo de Tarragonna)FootwearViking Turnshoes-Viking turnshoes and a brief history therein.No2:00 PM21164Mistress Gwyneth EspicierHL Seathrun MagaoinghousCian mac Cu' Roi'Joseph Lambertssoen
Fransisco DelgadilloLeatherworkLeatherwork Box-This is a leather box approximately 15" x 8" to a long side with 8" square side panels. There are 6 feet on the bottom. The top uses overlapping panels with a Viking locking device. Each side is tooled. The bottom is also tooled. The motifs are fleur di lis on the end pieces. The English are storming the Moorish castle on one long side,and on the other side the English are fighting the French. The box is tooled in the European style.No10:00 AM21057HL Caitlin nic RaighneMaster Thomas of CologneHL Svein SvithandaHL Waglaf Einlegger
Franz Johann GottskreigerScientific GadgetryGlockenwerk--Attempt at recreating in miniature the 13th century "explosion" of clock tower mechanisms designed to ring a series of bells.No10:00 AM310170Master Dammo UnterweilerMaster Jon TristramMaster Alan of DarkdaleHL Jonathan Hogue
Freygeirr FinnrsonArmorChainmaille-Chain Hauberk constructed with 14 gauge wire.No10:00 AM21049HL Grimr SkallagrimsonHL Snorri BjornssonHL Paul AdlerHL Seathrun Magaoinghous
Gabrielle von FriedrichstahlClothing Accessories15th century roll hat-roll hat embellished with beads.No2:00 PM305107Qadiya Catalina de ArazuriHG Mistress Magdalena vander MeereMistress Diachbha the WeaverAntonia Stefani
Galen MacColMainLeatherworkLeather Shoulder Bag from Novgorod--The goal of this project was to re-create a pouch unearthed in one of the Novgorod excavations as it would have appeared at the time of it's manufacture. The extant piece is housed in the Novgorod Archaeological Museum. It is a pouch with a fold-over flap and an attached shoulder strap. Dating for this item is not mentioned in the source material, but, judging from other items in the same excavation, should be somewhere between the 11th and 12th centuries.No11:00 AM21056Mistress Gillian WarrenderMaster Eadweard BoicewrightHE Kajsa NikulasdotterHL Seathrun Magaoinghous
Geva de KentBeveragesLate Period Red Wine-This project is a red wine made with Cabernet Franc grapes grown in my vineyard. The red wine was made with an extended maceration period, which produces a deeper red color. The No3:00 PM21275HL Ailith BystouneHG Mistress Isabeau De BeauxyeuxHE Mistress Gillian WarrenderMistress Tatiana Dieugarde
Ginevra da RavennaClothing/CostumingItalian Dress 1530'sNo10:00 AM308123HG Mistress Sile O'KaynHE Giulia Isabella da VeneziaMistress Diachbha the WeaverCecily Darvell
Giulia di GraziaLacemakingBobbin Lace - Le Pompe--Bobbin Lace: Le Pompe. Novice entry using gold (gilt) thread in a period pattern.No1:15 PM20631Mistress Liriel CorrellHL Marianna da FiorenzaHL Annika Die Rauscherin
Gretel MacGavinWeaving, Band/Tablet/Inkleinkle weaving-Youth: developed the design, chose colors, strung the loom and wove the trim.Yes2:00 PM30492HG Aislinn MacInnesHL Giraude BenetMistess Jorunn EydisardottirHL Kathryn Daggerr
Guenevere LehmanClothing AccessoriesWhip cording--Cording made of multiple colors with various fibers.Yes10:00 AM305104HG Mistress MagdelenaMistress Roselyn of AberdeenMistress BelAnna de Rouge de AnjouLady Jute van der Brugghe
Günther Klaus von StuttgartPaintingSumi-E Koboku Meikakuzu reproduction-I will use sumi-e, a monochrome Japanese ink wash on rice paper, to reproduce Miyamoto Musashi masterpiece Koboku Meikakuzu (Shrike on a dead tree)No3:00 PM20517HL Violet SinclairMistress Fionnuala inghean FhearghuisHE Mistress Slaine ni ChiarainThomas D'Orleans
Guy de la MayneHeraldic DisplayAchievement of Arms-Full Achievement of Arms for a Peer of the RealmNo11:00 AM308141HG Mistress Isabeau de Beaux YeuxGabriel KjotvasonDorcas WhitecapJehanne Bening
Gwendolyn verch MorgaineClothing/CostumingMan's Anglo Saxon outfit based on bog finds-I will be drafting patterns based on information obtained from extant bog finds from Kraglund, Skjoldehamn, and Thorsberg to create a hand sewn outfit suitable for an Anglo Saxon man.No2:00 PM308124Mistress Gillian WarrenderHL Gyda GloraMistress Bridget EdanHG Maerwynn Holme
Gwenllyn ferch IthelClothing/CostumingNorse Birka Coat-This entry is a wool Norse coat of a 10th century, Birka design. The garment is dyed with natural dyes and hand sewn.No3:00 PM308129Mistress Sorcha inghean ui MhaolainHL Gyða GloraMistress Caera WytherLady Elzebeth Von Rostock
Halldóra GudnisdottirClothing/CostumingNorse Women's Dress-A Norse women's serk, done in heavyweight blue linen.No1:15 PM308133HL Gyða GloraHG Maerwynn HolmeAbbatissa ingen Ihone Sigtrygg Laudherskeri
Harriman PikeArmorChainmail Shirt-Chain mail shirt made with 12 Gauge stainless steel. The rings are 1/2 inch in size and the pattern in European 4 in 1. Currently it does not have sleeves and am going to test it out for feel and see if I am going to add sleeves or notNo1:15 PM21048Halvgrimr StormtossedHE SemjakaHL Paul AdlerHL Seathrun Magaoinghous
Hedewig SophienCooking, RemoveMerchant's meal-A 14th century merchant class meal of a main-dish, brown bread, cheese, and drink.No1:15 PM21279Mistress Salamandra of WhitesmithHG Mistress Magdalena vander MeereMistress Roselyn of AberdeenHL Aline Swynbrook
Helena SoranzoClothing/CostumingSaxon Ladies Gown--I will be entering a 16th century Saxon ladies gown. This gown and accessories are inspired by the works of lucas cranach. No11:00 AM308136Mistress Molly HathawayHG Mistress Isabeau De BeauxyeuxMistress Roselyn of AberdeenAine nic Tailliuer
Hildibrandr tjúguskegg Bright MetalEastern style Viking seax--The entry will be a scabbard in the style of those found at Birka and Gotland. The main body of the scabbard will be of leather, with elaborate fittings made of a copper alloy. The fittings will include a variety of techniques, such as pierce work, chasing, tinning and riveting. No11:00 AM21053HL Isengrim SleggjaHE Mistress Salamandra the WhitesmithMaster Gottfried von KolnHL Neathery of Safita
Hirsch Ross EichmannMetalworkPewter tokens-I'm carving soapstone and pouring pewter tokens.No11:00 AM21059HL Richard de BleysHE FernandoHL Rebecca BeaumontCai Dubhlas
Hrefna HallberudottirClothing/CostumingNorse Womans Dress-A simple linen Sert. A wool Sert. A wool Hangerok and wool Dublin Hood.No3:00 PM308131Mistress Jorun EydisardottirAoibheann PalsdottirMistress Thora SigurdsdottirHL Runa Ketilsdottir
Ingerborj NilsdotterCooking, Single DishBuckwheat cake with pumpkin & molasses. Buckwheat & cornmeal quick bread topped with sorgum molasses and pumpkin prepared with vanilla and cream.No10:00:00212171HE Mistress Salamandra the WhitesmithHE Marie DuPuyHL DovLady Antonia de Cordoba
Isabella de ErbiereGlassworkThe journey of a glass bead-I will be exploring the process of making a glass bead,from making the glass to the end result of making the bead. I will have a research paper and also items that I have made through out the process of making the glass bead, like making glass, the furnace, and bead. No2:00 PM21165Master Edward BoycewrightMistress Roise ni'UllachainHL Shandrake ValeLord Alysandir Logan
Isobel MacDonaldClothing/Costuming12th Century Wedding Garments--I am entering a Man's and a Women's 12th Century Bliaut. These are actually the garments for Wulfric and my Wedding in September. I have worked closely with Sile in the design and construction of the garments and am using methods and designs that I have not previously worked with.No4:00 PM305117HG Mistress Sile O'KyanHE Catalina de ArazuriMistress Gillian WarrenderHG Aislinn Morcroft
Iulia Kaloethina EirenikinaCooking-Remove1 year in my kitchen--This project is the culmination of a years worth of recipes and experimentation. It is 12 recipes put together in a single course. The menu is Bread, butter, pork Rissoles, mustard, garlic and herb cheese, Mushroom Bacon tart, Chicken with garlic cooked in wine, cameline sauce, Broom flower soup, Apple raisin tart, fruit Rysschews, and finally sweet cheese.No11:00 AM21285Mistress Gwen A'BrookeHL Aline SwynbrookHL Jaida de LeonHL Simonne Margurite de La Rochelle
James Inn DanskiOtherGourd drinking flask(s)-Two different types of gourd drinking flasks or bottles.No2:00 PM310167HL Paul AdlerHL Svein SvithandaMaster Eadweard BoicewrightHL Vels inn Viggladi
Janos KatonaArchery EquipmentWooden Recurve Bow-Entry is a sinew-backed hickory recurve bow, made from lumber but shaped only with period tools. Recurve was formed with heat within the wood itself, and acts as a static recurve to increase bow efficiency.No1:15 PM21161Banba MacDermotMaster Jon TristramMaster Dolan MadocHL Jonathan Hogue
Jantije GoudenpaardEmbroideryDutch-Style Exampler--Counted-work sampler in the Dutch style, 16th c.No1:15 PM20622Countess Fionna nic Alisdar HL Gyda GloraHL Caitlin nic RaigheHL Fiondel Songspinner
John LasairionasonMiscellaneous ArtWho Was Leonardo Da Vinci-A presentation on Leonardo Da Vinci that will include a bit about most aspects of his life. Entry will also include an entrant painted reproduction of a painting done by Da Vinci. This is a child's entry.Yes11:00 AM310158HL Ingeborg bildsbriotr UlfsdottirMistress Diachbha the WeaverMistress Katrei GrünenbergHE Marie DuPuy
Judith of Three RiversLacemakingBobbin Lace-Using a pattern from "Le Pompe: Libro Secondo" and other sources, I have re-created a piece of linen bobbin lace.No2:00 PM20632HL Rowan HoundskeeperHL Annika Die RauscherinMistress Liriel CorrellHL Marianna da Fiorenza
Julia da BresciaOtherTurning a Page--Repurposing reed, cloth and other materials to make scribal parchment/paper. Researching and attempting to utilize period techniques for the use of making said materials. Utilizing said attempts with paint and seeing how well they work for scribal needs. Adapting mixtures if needed, to make a better paper.No3:00 PM310169Mistress Alcynon LuminoreMaster Alan of DarkdaleMaster GottfriedMaster Gerald Goodwine
Juliana della RenaWeaving, Band/Tablet/InkleBirka Inspired Tablet Weaving-Tablet woven band based on those found at Birka. Purple and Gold 20/2 silk.No10:00 AM30497HL Jaida de LeonMistress Fionnuala inghean FhearghuisKristine Nic TaillierHL Marguerite des Baux
Kamiizumi HirotaroOtherHandful? What the Heck's a Handful?-This crosses "Beverages" and "Cooking". Kinda. Maybe "Miscellaneous Science-y Stuff." Period and early post-period cooking and brewing recipes often refer to quanities in "handfuls." While this will provide a specific individual with a consistent recipe, it could lead to significant variation if the recipe is used by another person. I will be using collecting data to track the variation in hand sizes as translates to weight and volume, as well as the types of handfuls, and then preparing a multiple batches of the same baked item recipe using the variation demonstrated by the data.No3:00 PM310168HL Aldred LyccidfeldHE Mistress Comyn HrothwynCian mac Cu' Roi'Mistress Gwen A'Brooke
Kathryn WynterbourneClothing Accessoriesopen hood construction-Three open hoods, one machine sewn the other two by hand with one u finished so construction can be seen.No3:00 PM305111HL Gerode BenetHL Seathrun MagaoinghousHL Hanne AbendscheinHL Caitlin nic Raighe
KeldonFootwearBeginners boots (Child's entry)-My entry is viking leather handmade boots. I didn't do the pattern but I did everything else.Yes11:00 AM21140David Ben BenjaminMistress Gillian WarrenderMistress Tatiana DieugardeHE Giulia Isabella da Venezia
Killian SpanglerArmorVelsguard Helm--Hand cut and hammered helm, using shears, grinder and pounding out each peace. My first attempt at making a helmet for fighting.No11:00 AM21052HE Eric St. LegerHE SemjakaHL Paul AdlerHE Mistress Comyn Hrothwyn
KittenCooking, Single DishCake!-Researching and making cake!Yes2:00 PM21270HL Jaida de LeonMistress Roselyn of AberdeenHL Marguerite des BauxAbbatissa ingen Ihone
Konstantia KaloethinaIlluminationAn illumination from the Calontir Rabbulas-Based on an illumination found in the Rabbula Gospels, a 4-7th century Byzantine illuminated Bible, this depicts the voices of Calontir's past conversing with Calontir's present.No11:00 AM2059HL Aline SwynbrookeHL Annika Die RauscherinHL Gunther Klaus von StuttgartHL Katherine die Heilige
Krystyn i LundClothing/Costumingpersonal heraldry sideless surcoat-I'm sewing my sideless surcoat and paint my personal device onto it.No4:00 PM308134Sygtrygg FoamcarverGabriel KjotvasonHL Richard de BleysLady Ariadne Karbonopsina
Lasairiona inghean TalmhHerbalismCough Syrup-I will discuss cough remedies in period and present a finished version of an effective cough remedy that could have been used in period.No11:00 AM21287GwynethLady Catherine Darke of the ForestHL Ailith BystouneHL Rowan Houndskeeper
Lea Ann PughIlluminationHeroic Horses-Illumination and calligraphy based on text and images found in, and styled after, the Aberdeen Bestiary.No10:00 AM20512Mistress Cassandra di CapalettiHG Mistress Alethea CharleHL Adelaide al zaarqa bint JanosHL Kajsa Nikulasdotter
LeatherhandBeveragesCold Sake-A beverage that is sweet and tasty. Taking rice and converting it to an enjoyable drink. The recipe used in this entrant is of my own creation. Inspiration was taken form different sake made by others. Taking tastes and processes to achieve a beverage that is pleasingNo2:00 PM21273HL Rowan Houndskeeper of Three RiversHL Aldred Lyccidfelth HL Cionaodh na Cairrce mac CosgraighMistress Tatiana Dieugarde
Leslie SmithClothing AccessoriesBrief Study of Medieval to Tudor Adornment-This is the beginning of an in-depth analysis of the techniques, materials, and styles of Medieval, Renaissance, and Tudor clothing adornments and jewelry. This will include rosaries and prayer beads. Various sumptuary laws restricted the wearing of certain textiles, materials, gemstones, styles, and colors to specifically defined classes. Also included is an examination of common beliefs about materials (i.e., coral was believed to have good effects on circulatory health and warded off the evil eye) and information on the state of the technology that existed to produce such embellishments.No10:00 AM305108HL Cathus the CuriousHL Caitlin nic RaigheHL Hanne AbendscheinAntonia Stefani
Liesl GelückenEmbroideryEmbroidered glove favor-A glove, embroidered with elements of my heraldry, to be given as a favor and worn on the list field.No2:00 PM20624Mistress Gillian WarrenderHE Catalina de ArazuriLady Avery of Standing StonesMistress BelAnna de Rouge de Anjou
Lily AldrichMetalworkHammered Copper BowlYes11:00 AM21037HL Svein Sutari SvithandaIshmalaJawharGyda
Lily da ValeCooking, SubtletiesSugar Paste--I enjoy creating items that entertain and what could be better than Subtleties. Reading about cooks who created a wow factor for a feast has inspired me. No10:00 AM21284HL Simonne Marguerite de la RochelleMistress Gwyneth EspeciaMistress Gwen A BrookeHG Mistress Magdalena vander Meere