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TimestampWhat is your role?Which school or department do you represent?LCAP Goals/Areas AddressedWhat is currently working well at your school?What is currently not working well at your school?What would you like to see more of at your school?What would you like to see changed at your school?
2/4/2019 15:50:57StudentLower Lake Elementary School1 - LearningThe management in time and work .The cleanliness of our schoo.lI would like to see more people raising thier hand to prove they know or they are learning. I would like to see change is our grades in my class our average as a class is a D.
2/4/2019 15:51:09StudentLower Lake Elementary School1 - LearningWhat is good is that a lot of students who go to ELD are learning english.Something that is not good at the school is that the students are eating the school lunches because there is not a very good varity of food.I would like to less disrespect toward the staff.I want to see more respect and activity for the students
2/4/2019 15:51:26StudentLower Lake Elementary School1 - Learningwhat is good at my school is that eld is learning more english.Some people are not listening to yard duty and teachers.Being respectful and nice to others and approipate language.i want to see more fun and playing kind with others
2/4/2019 15:52:07StudentLower Lake Elementary School1 - LearningI think that the teachers are great! There are some cons though.I think that lunch is not working well. Some people do not want to eat because the food is not tasty. I feel like we need more nutritionist foods and better tasting food.I would like to see more classes in the future and maybe better lunch. I want more teachers and more classes.
2/4/2019 15:53:11StudentLower Lake Elementary School1 - EnrichmentWhat is currently working at our school is our after school programs, like EOC, S.w.a.g, it offers help to students that they may not be able to get at home.The current thing that is not working is the current food system, I think we should add more variety in our food choices because if students have brain food we can't focus and process as fast.I would like to see more hands on learning in the upper grades. The older students need more hands on learning with teachers so they can understand easily.I would like to see school a little later so students can have more sleep to focus in class. Some students fall asleep in class, maybe they need more sleep because, they may not have as much time at home to sleep.
2/7/2019 13:44:09Parent/Guardian, Certificated StaffLower Lake Elementary School4 - communicationTeam work, communication, focus on positivekeeping up equipment: tether balls broken, not replaced/fixed, technology broken for long periods of time Nursing staff available, support for Spanish learning, support Staff w/ basic Spanish knowledge, more support of field trips
2/7/2019 13:44:45Parent/GuardianLower Lake Elementary School1 - EnrichmentAfter school programOut of county field trips
2/7/2019 13:46:43Parent/GuardianLower Lake Elementary School1 - Learningworking toward higher scores on academics through incentives teachers considering a child's home life when they communicate with the childteachers being educated, due to lower income, on students' home life- emotion teaching, etc. more enrichment programs to improve students who may have a bad home life
2/7/2019 13:47:52Parent/GuardianLower Lake Elementary School1 - EnrichmentEnrichment ProgramsDistrict aligned field tripsI would like to see more of closed campus with security
2/7/2019 13:48:04Certificated StaffHighlands Academy1 - Learning, 3 - Positive CultureStudents progress in positive behavior and reading achievementProjects that need to be finished (playground, half-court, walls, remove hill)Enrichment programs that are available at other schoolsStorage shed, playground, etc.
2/7/2019 13:50:05Parent/GuardianLower Lake Elementary School1 - LearningSTEM, my son really loves the after school enrichment program, Lexia works greatMy son would like for the program to be extended for sessionsMore staff being paid or incentives to want to stay and hold these programs (Science Programs!)lack of field trips, we need to broaden our children's experience
2/7/2019 13:50:28Classified StaffHighlands Academy1 - Learningreading level is going up, academic achievement is progressing, testing score improvingno privacy for students when confiding in counselor, unsafe hill, enrichment programs offered here at highlandshighlands to have play equipment for kids, a kitchen, extracurricular activities like normal schools, storage shed,
2/7/2019 13:50:38Certificated StaffHighlands Academy1 - Learning, 3 - Positive CultureStaff are devoted to establishing positive cultue. Reading levels are rising. Students are advancing through Tiers program and are returning to general education settings (4 returned in first semester alone). We have no play equipment for children and an unsafe hill. No enrichment programs, like all other elementary schools. Students are unable to access extra curricular activities (sports, music, art). The ability for students to identify and enage in a niche- access to sports teams, music, art, assemblies, etc.I would like Highlands to have the same resources as general education- play equiptment, basketball court, musical instruments, choir, art, gardening, assmblies, confidential counseling space and safety (slippery hill, fencing, rock removal, and stoage shed). Highlands students are children that deserve recreation/play/exercise too.
2/7/2019 13:51:18Management/Board MemberHighlands Academy1 - Learning, 3 - Positive CultureThe staff does a great job with at risk studentsWe need equipment for students to play on, safety concerns, hill that people have fallen on, ground cover to mitigate the rock problem, fencing to keep students in and other folks outequal services for students that other elementary school sites receive (PE/Art/gardening) teachersa consistent staffing so students don't have as much change in their lives
2/7/2019 13:51:40Parent/GuardianLower Lake Elementary School1 - Learning, 1 - EnrichmentLexia, after-school programScience Programs
2/7/2019 14:00:21Classified StaffHighlands Academy1 - LearningOne or more years growth inside one year. The buddy reading system for our high performers tends to promote responsibility in those students and allows achievement.Returning students back to regular schooling has been a challenge due to their fear of the larger classrooms due to being in a 5-10 student classroom for potentially years at this point. Limited options for students at recess due to lack of equipment and play area. Our councilor is unable to do her job properly due to lack of privacy as there is no location to conduct session as they should be done (request for a wall being built inside the office building below).More enrichment programs just like regular elementary, middle, and high schools. Our students have no access to after school activities because they don´t exist here. Art, music, sport programs, etc are the type of programs we are looking for. The grounds being made safe. We have a massive dirt mound in the middle of our campus that has large rocks and steep slopes that teachers and students have injured themselves on both in the past and recently. There are rocks and broken materials strewn about the campus that end up being thrown when students get upset, endangering both school and private property as well as any person nearby. A fence for the property, a storage shed, a wall for our councilor and principal for confidentiality, a playground and a basketball court would be ideal (they would fit perfectly where the current dirt mound is).
2/7/2019 14:01:44Classified StaffHighlands Academy1 - LearningReading scores are improving. Students are being sent back to their home schools. Copacetic staff relationship.Safety, fencing, storage, confidential spaces for therapist and principal, security camerasOur school needs to be viewed as a priority in the district. Our students are the most disadvantaged and need the most support. These children deserve play equipment, extra-curricular activities, enrichment programs, access to sports, arts, field trips, and everything else that all other elementary students have access to. The "hill" is a dangerous slip hazard and large rocks used as weapons, students and staff being injured.
2/7/2019 14:25:51Certificated StaffLower Lake Elementary School4 - communicationCommunication with staff and admin. Love my job!Student behaviorPlace for in-school suspension. Extending outside property. More field room by extending the fence line.
2/7/2019 14:28:30Certificated StaffLower Lake Elementary School4 - communicationOverall direction, communication, support.Access to Curriculum Teacher Editions.Working Mimio.Smaller class sizes.
2/7/2019 14:40:27Certificated StaffHighlands Academy1 - LearningThe Tiers program is working well. Lexia is also working well.Safety continues to be a concern here. The students and staff slip and fall on the hill. The only area the students have to play is the high school baseball field, which is on the other side of the hill. There are rocks that the students throw, a staff windshield has been cracked and the students throw rocks at the classrooms and windows disturbing the class. We need more enrichment programs for the students during the school day. We need additional text books, workbooks and te for all grade levels, especially since we have students who have an IEP and are very low in reading and math. Having access to assemblies that would benefit our students that are going on at the other schools. We need additional physical activities for our students. We have some sports equipment, but not enough students to form teams to play. Play equipment for the younger students and a half court basketball court for the older would give the students additional ways to get their energy out and to meet the common core standards for PE. We need all the safety issues addressed.
2/7/2019 14:48:30Certificated StaffLower Lake Elementary School3 - Positive CultureThe support among the staff. The tech in my classroomMoney for field trips. More support for teachers to learn Spanish. We should be given credit towards our pay if we take Spanish classes because it would benefit our students.
2/7/2019 14:55:10Certificated StaffLower Lake Elementary School1 - CollaborationSite collaboration and teacher willingness to work together for a common goal. Leadership.Inclusion of Special education students in technology distribution. The upper grade students were not included in 5-7 grade getting 1:1 chromebooks.Mimio equipment.
2/7/2019 14:56:20Certificated StaffLower Lake Elementary School4 - CommunicationCommunication with coworkers to help with technology shortage. I can borrow chromebooks from other teachers. I dont hear back from ITFaster turnover for repair of technology. More technology and feildtrip money. More money for student engagement.
2/7/2019 14:57:06Certificated StaffLower Lake Elementary School3 - Positive Cultureleadershiptraining on how to use my new epson projectorclassroom storageLess yard duty time, more performing arts
2/7/2019 14:57:57Certificated StaffLower Lake Elementary School3 - positive environmentLower Lake Elementary School has clear expectations and procedures for students. The students come engaged and ready to learn. Facilities have improved a lot in the last few years. Our campus is beautiful and welcoming to students upon arrival. The state's dashboard is leading to lower suspension rates, not because behavior is improving, but because students are not getting suspended for major behavior problems. This is leading to a larger problem with behavior problems with students that don't normally have issues with behavior. More support for break and prep time for teachers. I have duty from 8:15-12:30 with no break. I have to leave my yard duty unsupervised or ask another teacher to watch my area in order to use the bathroom. Funding should be available for paras and other staff to do yard duty instead of teachers.Yard duty!
2/7/2019 14:58:31Certificated StaffLower Lake Elementary School3 - Positive CultureThe staff is great here!Technology, repairs to chrome booksFaster turn around on broken chrome books, 3rd and 4th grade garden area
2/7/2019 14:58:38Certificated StaffLower Lake Elementary School1 - collaborationStaff works well togetherHard to get technology updated and/or replaced.Academic intervention in lower grades, more para time in kindergartenLower class size - 24 is too many in TK/kinder
2/7/2019 14:59:19Certificated StaffLower Lake Elementary School1 - collaborationSharing with staffManaging tech. materialsFieldtripsremodeling the bathrooms for the staff
2/7/2019 14:59:27Certificated StaffLower Lake Elementary School3 - positive cultureEverything - great admin, I feel supported, and the kids are greatNothing I can think of ... Again, nothing I can think of Nothing - I love it!
2/7/2019 15:00:14Certificated StaffLower Lake Elementary School1 - collaboration, 4 communicationGreat staff/team, great communication.Not sure yetStaff that reflect student population (not only ethnic, but gender-more male staff)More structure, clearer protocol
2/7/2019 15:03:59Parent/Guardian, Certificated StaffLower Lake Elementary School, Lower Lake High School1 - technologyHaving 1:1 chromebooks allows for extension of learning and reinforcement of content. Lexia has been a great tool for foundational reading skills, it allows us to reach all students at all levels. It would be nice if my new Mimio board was interactive (My pens do not work and it makes it difficult to teach)
It would be nice to get professional development that is tailored to our needs. updating of the staff room facilities
2/7/2019 15:05:47Certificated StaffLower Lake Elementary School1 - technologyOur staff is amazing, kind to other humans, caring and hard working. We are lucky to have almost 1-1 chrome books for our students. Kevin Mack is always helpful in getting our tech issues fixed. Sometimes tech questions do not get answered without multiple attempts to get a hold of someone. We have some questions about how SH classrooms get funding and tech paid for in their rooms. Site funds. If that is not possible, easier access to using funds at the District level for our sites :) Remodeling of bathrooms (both students and staff) and more drinking fountains. Our cafeteria was supposed to be expanded years ago with the last bond, and it is still the same.
2/7/2019 15:06:02Certificated StaffLower Lake Elementary Schoolmy classroom has no chromebooksSH Chromebooks1:1 chromebooks
2/7/2019 16:10:52Certificated StaffLower Lake Elementary School1 - collaborationLLES is making educational progress slowly. I like that teachers are very dedicated to our students. We want the best for them and we as teachers strive to give them the best education we can. I like that we all work together for students. This was not always the case, and as a veteran teacher it makes my heart happy to see this turn-a-round.
We have a happy campus and I enjoy coming to work everyday to see smiling kids.
*For me personally as the ELD teacher, I am not getting enough out of the district collaboration days. I would like to join forces with the high school world language and ELD teachers.

*Another issue is not having green grass for the students to play on. We have beautiful new classrooms and a brand new playground with dead grass in the middle. When I emailed maintenance I did get a response that pipes were broken. Great, fix them, get water on the grass and we are good to go. I feel it takes too long for maintenance to fix broken things. (Water pipes, water fountains, door locks, PA/sound system) These things are essential for a school to run well.

*I would like to see our new teachers get more support in their classrooms. I would like to see veteran teachers (adopt) a new teacher for the year and help them with struggling issues that they might be having. This is different than the induction program, it is more on a personal level. Here is an example, today our staff went on a "Staff scavenger hunt." We were looking for learning intentions, data, student work etc. I noticed immediately that veteran teachers that have worked at LLES for a few or more years have beautiful classrooms full of color, student work, bulletins, organization. The teachers that are new this year, had very unorganized classrooms, not much up on the walls, and student desks were not orderly. I realize this takes time, but why couldn't a veteran teacher help out with some teacher "tidbits of advice." Or help organize or demonstrate how to put up a bulletin wall with student work/data. Some of these teachers have no clue how to do this.
*tech assistance and getting equipment materials in a timely manner. Communication is key as well. When I send an email to IT, there are times that I never know when something will get fixed because there is never an email back.

* I would also like to see a nurse on our campus either full time or part time.

*I think it needs to be communicated better on how much LCAP funds each teacher will receive for their classrooms at the beginning of the year, and what exactly they can spend it on. (conferences, field trips etc.) This seems to confuse many teachers each year.
I would like to see more designated ELD time for students during the day. 30 minute classes are just not long enough for the 2nd - 7th grade students. We have excellent curriculum, but we need more time with students. I would also like to see more EL teaching strategies taught to the gen ed teachers. At the last PD day, many of the ELD teachers came together to start creating a district rubric for teachers to use on understanding the ELPAC and how to use that information towards their individual student's learning. We need more time to create this as we are just in the "bubbling" phase of creating what that might look like.

2/20/2019 12:46:38Management/Board MemberLower Lake High School1 - enrichment, 3 - attendance, 3 -behaviorAttendance rate is improving
Suspension rates lowering
Activities for students after school (drama, music, athletics)
# of students that need credit recovery classes
Sped accommodations not being met

Need another ERMS counselor
Internships for students
More CTE funding money
Summer college classes on LLHS campus
12th grade transition class mandatory (career and college focus)
Bus awards for good behavior
See above
2/20/2019 12:46:59Management/Board MemberPomo SchoolA system for corrective behaviors. Continues to be refined especially on the "consistent blow out" students. Our team is working well on teacher clarity which is leading to student clarity. More consistent Learning Intentions and Success Criteria are being used across the campus to support student learning. A unified vision regarding the goal of reducing the number of suspensions.ELD instructional support via time for teaching small groups AND PD for all teachers.Support for developing an RTI (Response to Intervention) system school wide to support reading instruction and learning.
2/20/2019 15:11:03Management/Board MemberLower Lake High School1 - collaboration, 3 - behaviorTeachers are becoming increasingly adept at managing student behavior in the classroom setting and documenting behaviors and interventions well when they must refer a student to the office. Anecdotally, staff morale generally seems to be improving for the most part. As a newcomer to Aeries, I am pleased at how intuitive and thorough and accommodating it is, and I am grateful for the support I've received in Aeries from colleagues in the high school office and from Barbara Dye at the D.O.The class requirements for our seniors are perhaps not as rigorous or relevant as they could be; increased college and career readiness in lieu of superfluous elective classes would be a huge improvement.More training and support for special ed teachers. Increased support for new teachers ("support" in a form that does not involve additional bureaucratic hoops for them to jump through).I am uncertain how to approach one unfortunate aspect of our school culture: too many students feel entitled to leave their garbage all over the tables and grounds.
2/20/2019 17:49:05Management/Board MemberCarle Continuation High School, Blue Heron3 - attendancebell schedule, attendance is increasedshared campus, overfilled classes, some discipline issues at BH, some building needsadditional english sections and elective offerings, additional room as plannedlocation of blue heron,
2/20/2019 19:12:40Management/Board MemberDistrict Office1 - learningAdmin leadership is student centered and highly focused on improving instruction/learning.Most admin in district have more responsibilities than is optimal, which results in a decrease in the quality of what they can do across all of their responsibilities. Having many teachers with few years of experience increases the demands placed on administration. Students with high behavior disruption add to the complexity here. More coordination across all areas, which unfortunately may require more staff as everyone is stretched pretty thin. Balanced emphasis on supporting student basic needs, social/ emotional/behavioral needs, academic needs and prosocial skill development.
2/21/2019 10:29:22Classified StaffEast Lake SchoolDiscipline - AIA roomTrained staffMore involvement from the principal
2/21/2019 10:40:04Certificated StaffEast Lake School1 - learning, 1 - collaborationWe have a great team. Everyone does at least a little more than their jobs. I really like the reading program Lexia and the math program Big Math. We have too many discipline problems and it does effect our instructional time.More busses. More SPED. More counseling and behavior training. More staff for academic interventions.I would like to give more rewards to the kids who do what they are supposed to do. I would like to see a weekly reward. Maybe extra recess or PE at end of day on Fridays?
2/21/2019 11:23:06Certificated StaffEast Lake School1 - learningMany students are on track to achieving the 1+ goal in reading this year.
Lexia and Renaissance being used to augment reading instruction
Teachers who are piloting the Big Ideas math curriculum are finding it more accessible and effective to teach with
My main concern, district-wide, is the way we are providing designated ELD service for our second language learners. We need teachers who are certificated to teach language arts providing support to these students.

*overflow - as the overflow school, opening a new classroom in October and another in January has meant a lot of students have changed classrooms and are on their second or sometimes third teacher for the year. This lack of stability is especially difficult for our students who have unstable home lives.
*lack of certificated teachers
*too many students are in general education classrooms that have extremely high behavior problems; they disrupt the learning for the entire classroom.
*lack of available substitute teachers
*number of discipline problems prevent the principal from getting other work done
*lack of special education teacher on campus to serve SPED students
*No PE/ELD teacher

*higher academic achievement
*additional funding for para professionals who are TRAINED to work with small groups of students who need academic intervention to try to close the achievement gap
*partnering with a community organization (ie: Schools of Hope or Boys and Girls Club) to offer additional support to students

*our AIA staff person trained in behavior skills
*at least one bilingual staff person who can communicate with our newcomer students who have little to no English
*more funding allocated to setting up overflow classrooms with appropriate furniture and resources
*students who are bussed in from Clearlake should be able to go home right after school instead of waiting for a bus at 4:30
*consistent staff meetings with classified staff to build teamwork and decrease conflicts
*better communication from school to home (ie: parent newsletter)
2/21/2019 13:13:14Certificated StaffEast Lake School3 - positive cultureJump Start, focus on language skills, kindnessneed more chromes and more headphones...also it would be great if the district or county ELD facilitators could come up with 1-4 week independent lesson plans, generic by grade level, for students who have very little English whose families take them to Mexico for extended trips during the school year. field tripsget an after school bus
2/21/2019 13:14:42Certificated StaffEast Lake School3 - positive cultureGoal#1: Our teachers. They are a fantastic, hardworking group who bleed love and compassion for our students.Goal#3: Discipline. Because discipline is not followed through and routinely violent and harassing students are not relocated, student do not truly feel safe at school and have to deal with DAILY disruptions to their learning environment.Goal#4: Increased communication. More time for peer-to-peer communication and better dissemination of information across the campus. Please note: it has been improving. We just still have a ways to go both in quality and consistency.Goal#3: A clearly established and followed disciplinary path so that repeatedly violent and outrageously disruptive students can more quickly be placed into a more appropriate non-general education environment. Constant fear and constant disruptions hinder personal, social, and academic growth.
2/21/2019 14:58:28Certificated StaffEast Lake School1 - technologyStudents have chromebooksLack of support for students/teachersAn athletic program How we use the gym/outdoor fields to be utilized for fitness
2/22/2019 7:51:31Parent/GuardianLower Lake High School1 - learningThey teach them many things to learn and they teach them things that we do not know.What does not work is the food. The food is not very good and students do not like it.More good food. Pay more attention to the children.That if there is something that is no longer working, they need to replace it. Buy new tables in the cafeteria. Have more balls to play with during recess.
2/22/2019 7:56:10Parent/GuardianBurns Valley School1 - learningMy children have been here a year since they entered school and they are just learning English.My children still do not understand English very well.When a child does not know how to speak English, teachers need to pay more attention to children who are just learning.That the children that do not know English that they learn more everyday.
2/22/2019 8:00:49Parent/Guardian, Community MemberEast Lake School, Lower Lake High School4 - communicationI do not have much knowledge and I do not know very well how the school system works. I would like you to have more bilingual staff all day at all the school because when one goes in to the school the staff does not understand Spanish. We do not understand each other because the parents do not speak English.They do not have bilingual teachers who can explain to the children so that they can improve their learning.That they be given better support so that the children can learn English better.They need to change the food menus. They need to advance in their schooling and we need more security.
2/22/2019 8:03:59Parent/GuardianLower Lake High School3 - positive culturePersonally, my children have been happy. Thank you, I applaud all the teachers and staff.Parking-No parking at the school. The place to leave the children or pick up is not very safe.Security. That they improve the food.The bathrooms need to be painted, change the toilets or remodel the bathrooms.
2/22/2019 8:07:06Parent/GuardianBurns Valley School, Lower Lake High SchoolThe food is not working well.I would like to see that my two daughters advanced in their studies to get more points or better grades.They need to change the food menus. They need to advance in their school and we need more security.
2/22/2019 8:11:40Parent/GuardianBurns Valley SchoolFood is not liked by the children. There should be a guard at the doors of the school because sometimes the children go to the nearby store and it is a risk because the parents believe they are in class and an accident may occur in the street.More support for children who are just learning to speak English. To be given a personalized English class every day because it would help the students to improve the rest of the subjects.I would like our school to teach dance, ballet classes, karate or music so the children learn. I would like the children to learn how to play a violin or an instrument that each child likes. I would like that the teachers of this school take the time to get to know more of their students and help those who are not learning and offer personalized help.
2/22/2019 8:14:50Parent/GuardianBurns Valley School1 - learningI think one thing that is working is the help to raise the student's grades.What is not working is the support to motivate them to continue studying.More support for children who are low in some subject.better food. Cleaner bathrooms and have sinks that have hot water at Burns Valley School.
2/22/2019 8:19:54Parent/GuardianLower Lake High School3 - positive cultureFor me mainly the principal. I like her dedication and her ability to improve any type of situation either with students, teachers, parents and workers. Congratulations. Also, in some teachers. All right. (Dedicated and with great dedication) Well in sports and activities.I would like the students to have more tutoring and to carry out more support programs and focus on what they need, be it academic, psychological or whatever is needed.Support programs and look for different ways to call children's attention to education and to help them see that even though there is not a lot of money there is still a way to continue their education.Teach the students of the opportunities, funds that are available to continue studying and to not be afraid of studying.
2/22/2019 8:25:39Parent/GuardianLower Lake High School1 - enrichmentActivities, sports.Lack of chrome books for students to do their homework. Students are required to do the work on chrome books and there is not enough to send home. Only the AP students get a chrome book. That there is only one bathroom. Students lose a lot of class time when they have to go all over campus searching for the one bathroom that is open.A chrome book for every student to use. Bilingual staff.Students need more time to get to class when they have to go all the way from part of the campus to another.
2/22/2019 10:24:22Parent/GuardianPomo School3 - positive cultureThe buddy class reading program. My children really enjoy that time. (Buddy Classrooms)Positive Culture- Children are still being bullied from TK-6th grade.Maybe Saturday School for the children that are having problems behaving. Maybe a buddy system when the children are not in class the children can have support from classmates and teachersMe being a proactive parent and active in both of my children's school career, I would like to see more parents being part of their children's school
2/22/2019 10:28:24Parent/GuardianPomo School3 - positive cultureTeachers are very caring and loving. I believe they're doing an awesome job.Bullying is still happening. I see it daily all around school. Not sure what can be done. Maybe have an assembly regarding the issue. Maybe for bullying you can take both kids and have a meeting where they have to be together and think about what they are doing. Compost pile at school- explain to kids to take what you will eat only.
Food needs better seasoning.
Have an assembly on nutrition.
Instead of suspension have students do after school or during school cleanup. Or maybe do Saturday School.
Cold days under 50 degrees kids shouldn't have to be outside in the cold- open up rooms.
2/22/2019 14:14:29Parent/GuardianPomo School3 - positive cultureFor me everything is ok.The punishments that the teachers give the students.More support in sports and activities.The use of another way for walking when one leaves the school to the parking lot.
2/22/2019 14:16:31Parent/GuardianPomo SchoolMore support in reading English for the students. More sports for the students.More English language and math support.
2/22/2019 14:20:10Parent/GuardianPomo School3 - positive cultureFor me everything is good.I do not agree that the teachers do not give students permission to go to the bathroom during class. Also, if a student misbehaves they punish them by having them go outside and sometimes it is cold or raining. I think there should be another way to punish them instead of sending them outside.More support in sports and activities.They need to have a different are for one to cross the street.
2/25/2019 18:54:15Parent/GuardianKonocti Education Center1 - learningClass options and middle college. I have had no input on the classes my child has chosen. Also, we have not received any grades from the college classes my child is taking. Notifications of rally’s/ award ceremony’s so that we can attend. Just more information on student events.
2/25/2019 19:05:33Certificated StaffLower Lake High School Adequate supplies for studentsTraining equipment and facility for ECE students (on site KUSD child care) Adequate computer service and equipment for ALL students and teachers. The wifi system is terrible. My students can not connect 50% of the time.
2/25/2019 19:27:53Parent/GuardianLower Lake Elementary School, Konocti Education Center1 - learningCurriculum Staff turn over and large classroom sizesBetter Technology in classrooms, I would also like to see a Middle school return to the district. Reduction in class sizes!!! 36 or 34 kids to one teacher does not benefit the students nor the teachers.
2/25/2019 19:28:53Parent/GuardianBurns Valley School, Lower Lake High School3 - environmentThe free school lunches are nice Lack of professional teachersProfessionalism by teachers and administrators, true sports programs, I would like to see students not have so many standards they are set upto fail, bring back honors programs for freshman, and do not allow teacher to push their personal political agenda on students.
2/25/2019 19:57:18Certificated StaffLower Lake High School3 - positive cultureAIA, Counselors, PE providing some gyms clothes, marching band uniforms, classroom suppliesPBIS system, transportation (overcrowded, late buses), trainings for students and teachers on various programs, site to parent contact and outreach Access to technology for studentsI would love to see more ways to parents to be involved. We have parent teacher conferences next week and many parents didn’t know they were happening. Also providing students with access to technology at all levels and teaching me how to be responsible online in this technology age. They say we are one-to-one, but I don’t see how this is true.
2/25/2019 20:03:44StudentCarle Continuation High School3 - positive cultureMostly everything’s goodWe need to be more prepared for the real world, taxes, teach us how to balance a check book, things that are actually USEFUL More “real life” electivesNothing, just prepare us for after we’re out of high school
2/25/2019 20:10:10Parent/GuardianLower Lake Elementary School, Lower Lake High School1 - enrichmentExtraciricular activities, special ed services, Ases, office staffI do not like my child's teacher which I have reported to the LLE principal, the online and websites are less than desirable, the lice policy is even worse, and the disabled are discriminated against in school sports. The school lunches are the worst in the county.Technology revamp, addressing online bullying, healthier less processed foods, reinstating the PAL program, extraciricular options for disabled studentsBetter communication between staff, parents, and pto. Everything is during traditional work hours or during weekend sports tournaments. Nothing is ever updated on the websites. The lice headchecks need to be reestablished.
2/25/2019 20:18:28Certificated StaffLower Lake High School1 - collaborationOur departmentCommunicationMore department focused workMore department focused work
2/25/2019 20:19:32Certificated StaffLower Lake High School1 - collaborationOur departmentCommunicationMore work with own content area but also collborate cross disciplinesLess loss of classroom time
2/25/2019 20:28:55Certificated StaffLower Lake High School3 - positive cultureStaff support, support of students, TechnologyStudent involvement and pride in our schoolUpdated technology in all classrooms. I cannot use technology in my lessons because it is extremely unreliable and slow
2/25/2019 20:59:50Parent/GuardianLower Lake Elementary School3 - positive cultureEverything
2/26/2019 6:36:45Community MemberLower Lake Elementary SchoolMy greMy granddaughter has had excellent structure and efficient supportive planning in both K and 1st grades.As a grandparent so far what i observe is great In these times, we all know about the issues of sharing food, candy Etc and the reasons behind discouraging this practice. I feel that having popcorn and other goodies available for purchase from the school itself possibly encourages the sharing of food by the children who can afford to make those purchases because they feel bad for those who can't. I think other fundraisers should be planned to replace this option.
2/27/2019 0:28:40Parent/Guardian, Classified StaffLower Lake Elementary SchoolCommon core math is terribleCommon core math. Better healthier food.
2/28/2019 8:53:06StudentKonocti Education CenterI don't know?A lot of things. This is not a school. We need more stuff to it.Don't know.I'm not sure.
2/28/2019 8:54:28Community MemberKonocti Education Center3 - positive cultureCampus Supervisors, they're great with all the studentsLunch Time. High School students don't have much time to eat from the cafeteriaMore of the admins having contact with the students. Parent/teacher communication.I am on campus a lot and only see Cecil if he's leaving campus.
2/28/2019 8:55:24Classified StaffKonocti Education Center3 - positive cultureMy job.The Spanish Teacheradmin working with studentssee the principal interact with students and not sit in his office or leave campus.
2/28/2019 8:56:43StudentKonocti Education Center1 - learningThe things that work well at KEC are classes are going pretty well, learning.Bullies, supplies, and foodmore food options, more electives, more fun things to do at recessthe bullies, the rudeness of the teachers
2/28/2019 8:57:25StudentKonocti Education Center1 - enrichmentthe electivesthe bathrooms and the lunch food choicesbetter bathroom stall doorsbetter locks on the bathroom doors
2/28/2019 8:58:33StudentKonocti Education Center1 - enrichmentthe enrichments like gardeningI think we need to improve the bathroomsI would like to see more people be nicerI would like to see more enrichments at school
2/28/2019 8:59:24StudentKonocti Education Center1 - enrichmentAfter school programpeoples behaviors and them getting lunch detentiondifferent electivesthe lunch detention
2/28/2019 9:00:17StudentKonocti Education Center1 - enrichmentwhat I think is working well at our school is the after school choicesthe girls bathroom stallsfood choicesthe playground
2/28/2019 9:01:00StudentKonocti Education Center3 - environmentthe playgroundthe playground could be biggerI would like to see more natureI would like our own food choice
2/28/2019 9:01:56StudentKonocti Education Center1 - learningEnglishMaththe school should be funnerHave a piano class. THe salad bars should be actually salad. Vending machines. Lunch choice.
2/28/2019 9:02:29StudentKonocti Education Center1 - learningInternships/job shadowslunchesralliesbathrooms
2/28/2019 9:03:40StudentKonocti Education Centermost simpell thing, but need a few improvementbathrooms, not enough fun things to do, bullieschoices to do and a lot more electivesMore classes that teach you different languages and vending machines
2/28/2019 9:04:43StudentKonocti Education Center3 - positive culturethe scrugwalls that we have and the ralliesthe bathroom doors, the PE and time that we have to do thingsselected things that we can choosehow people are acting
2/28/2019 9:06:46StudentKonocti Education Center1 - technologythe computers and the classroomswe don't have a class that teaches Korean for all grades1 safe, approved vending machines
2 a gym for cheer and gymnastics
3 a class that teaches Korean for all grades
4 a cooler playground
5 a better food selection
1 safe, approved vending machines
2 a gym for cheer and gymnastics
3 a class that teaches Korean for all grades (please a lot of people really want this)
4 a cooler playground
5 a better food selection
2/28/2019 15:03:04Certificated StaffPomo School3 - positive cultureThe behavioral support team is really making a big difference in our school..Trauma informed practices - recognition of the needs of our demographic, in relation to their learning styles.... incorporating more trauma-informed practices into the classroom to elevate their learning.Trauma-informed practices
2/28/2019 15:03:32Certificated StaffPomo School3 - positive culturePomo School has increased in attaining a positive culture on the campus.Chronic absenteeism. The current system is not effective when dealing with chronic absenteeism. A change is needed to address the current system.
2/28/2019 15:03:43Certificated StaffPomo School1 - collaborationStaff collaboration and staff members supporting each otherBehavior not being addressed and lack off support from administrationself selected professional developmentRespect for teachers from administration
2/28/2019 15:03:54Certificated StaffPomo School3 - behaviorbehavior interventionhigh number of students in the classroomscience programs standard basedI love our school
2/28/2019 15:04:08Certificated StaffPomo School3 - positive cultureThe support staff we have in place is really helping teachers teach.Feedback. We need to have more positive feedback.Professional development on trauma informed practices. More understanding of the students we work with.
2/28/2019 15:05:00Certificated StaffPomo School1 - collaborationTeacher support towards one another. AIA, counselor, and coach support.One to one chromebooks so we can utilize lexia
2/28/2019 15:05:04Certificated StaffPomo School1 - collaborationteachers supporting each other and supporting new teachersI would like to have one to one chrome books so k-3 students can take advantage of the Lexia reading program.
2/28/2019 15:05:07Certificated StaffPomo School3 - positive cultureDicipline is being better addressed than in the pastGood ELA curriculum working on getting a good math curriculumFull time ELL teacher and full time Reading Resource teacherBetter behaved students, more respect for school and educators
2/28/2019 15:05:41Certificated StaffPomo School3 - behaviorRefocus Room to help children back into the learning environment Rainy Day Schedule is especially difficult for 7th gradeMore class options for 7th grade. Especially a daily PE ProgramI have no idea. I am too new
2/28/2019 15:06:00Certificated StaffPomo School, Lewis Independent Study School3 - behaviorHere at Pomo School, we are able to send distracting kids to a refocus room. We also have a team trying to work on behavior. This is a need at Pomo.We need more emphasis on learning and achievement. If kids feel like they're learning, they'll feel better and behave better.We need to work on positive school culture. We could provide more field trips and challenge kids to achieve difficult tasks together.School culture. The students need to take ownership of their learning, their school grounds, and their attitudes toward one another.
2/28/2019 15:08:463 - behaviorRefocus Room to help children back into the learning environment Rainy Day Schedule is especially difficult for 7th gradeMore class options for 7th grade. Especially a daily PE ProgramIt would be nice to see some pride from the students in our school. The school grounds are pretty rough. My classroom is very bad. It would be nice to have a better projector set up to lecture from so my body isnt blocking the white board.
2/28/2019 15:10:46
Parent/Guardian, Certificated Staff
Pomo School3 - positive cultureSupport with Admin/Psych/Counseling with students.Sharing classroom with afterschool program. F/T Campus supervisor7th graders moved to a middle school facility.
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