YearOpenBCI Product UsedElectrode / Other ProductsAuthor(s)TitleURLJournal/ConferenceDOILanguageKeyword(s)Notes
2022Cyton BoardUltracortex Mark IVMario I. Chacon-Murguia & Eduardo Rivas-Posada
A CNN-based modular classification scheme for motor imagery using a novel EEG sampling protocol suitable for IoT healthcare systems
S.I. : Neural Computing for IOT based Intelligent Healthcare Systems
motor imagery, real-time brain computer interface, convolutional neural network, common spatial patterns, continuous wavelet transform
2022Dibyajyoti Biswal
2022OpenBCI GUI
Xuecheng Qu, Zhuo Liu, Puchuan Tan, Chan Wang, Ying Liu, Hongqing Feng, Dan Luo, Zhou Li, Zhong Lin Wang
Artificial tactile perception smart finger for material identification based on triboelectric sensing
2022Cyton+Daisy BoardEEG Electrode Cap KitYevheniy Dmytriyev, Federico Insero, Marco Carnevale and Hermes GibertiBrain–Computer Interface and Hand-Guiding Control in a Human–Robot Collaborative Assembly Task
collaborative robotics; brain–computer interface; hand guiding; haptic interface; multimodal communication; assembly task
2022Cyton Board
Bingshan Hu, Jiangtao Xue, Dongjie Jiang, Puchuan Tan, Yiqian Wang, Minghao Liu, Hongliu Yu, Yang Zou, and Zhou Li
Wearable Exoskeleton System for Energy Harvesting and Angle Sensing Based on a Piezoelectric Cantilever Generator Array Publications exoskeleton, cantilever structure, angular sensing, energy harvesting, frequency upconversion
2022Ahmed J. Abougarair, Hanadi M. Gnan, Ali M. Elmelhi, Nasar Aldian Ambark ShashoaReal Time Classification for Robotic Arm Control Based Electromyographic Signal
2022 IEEE 2nd International Maghreb Meeting of the Conference on Sciences and Techniques of Automatic Control and Computer Engineering (MI-STA), Robot arm, Electromyography (EMG), MUAP, Servo motor, OpenBCI
Cristina Farmaki, Nikolaos Zacharioudakis, Matthew Pediaditis, Myrto Krana, Vangelis Sakkalis
Application of dry EEG electrodes on low-cost SSVEP-based BCI for robot navigation
2022 IEEE International Conference on Imaging Systems and Techniques (IST), SSVEP, dry electrodes, OpenBCI, robot navigation
2022Cyton+Daisy BoardUltracortex Mark IVKarina Sanchez, Sruthi Sakthivel, Michael Bose, and Evan JenningsNeuroGen: EEG AND Near-Infrared Light Stimulation Device Clara University English
2022Cyton+Daisy BoardEEG Electrode Cap Kit
Nastaran Saffaryazdi, Syed Talal Wasim, Kuldeep Dileep, Alireza Farrokhi Nia, Suranga Nanayakkara, Elizabeth Broadbent, Mark Billinghurst
Using Facial Micro-Expressions in Combination With EEG and Physiological Signals for Emotion Recognition in Psychology
OpenBCI; decision fusion; electroencephalography (EEG); emotion recognition; facial micro-expressions; neural networks; physiological signals.
2022Cyton BoardSadaf SarafanNovel Computation for Fetal Electrocardiogram Extraction
2022Swapnali A. Chaudhari, Dr. Bharti W. Gawali, and Dr. Omprakash S. JadhavStatistical Analysis Of EEG Data For Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
2022Cyton+Daisy BoardUltracortex Mark IVJoseph Kempel, David Bridgett, Andero Uusberg, Sachit ButailThe effect of positive extrinsic distraction on the temporal dynamics of emotional response to aversive stimuli regulation; distraction; extrinsic regulation; event-related potential
2022Cyton Board
Ana S. Santos Cardoso, Rasmus L. Kæseler, Mads Jochumsen, Lotte N. S. Andreasen Struijk
Manual 3D Control of an Assistive Robotic Manipulator Using Alpha Rhythms and an Auditory Menu: A Proof-of-Concept
2022Ganglion Headband KitBrandon Hernandez, Oscar Morales-PonceA Human-Computer Interface for Hands-Free Musical Accompaniment
2022Cyton BoardEmma Louise BaczkowskiMinimally Invasive Clinical Monitoring and Data Transference in Cardiac Patients
2022OpenBCI GUIBerith Atemoztil De la Cruz-Sanchez, Manuel Arias-Montiel, Esther Lugo-GonzalezEMG-controlled hand exoskeleton for assisted bilateral rehabilitation and Biomedical Engineering rehabilitation, EMG signals, Fuzzy control, Hand exoskeleton
2022Cyton BoardJosh Andres, Nathan Semertzidis, Zhuying Li, Yan Wang, Florian MuellerIntegrated Exertion – Understanding the Design of Human–Computer Integration in an Exertion Context Journals integration, whole-body interaction, exertion, bike, cycling
2022Cyton+Daisy BoardJiangfan Chen, Haobo Li, Lei Han, Jiaoyi Wu, Ali Azam, Zutao ZhangDriver vigilance detection for high-speed rail using fusion of multiple physiological signals and deep learning Soft Computing rail, Vigilance detection, Multiple physiological signals, Convolutional recurrent neural network
2022Sandra Cano, Jonathan Soto, Laura Acosta, Victor Peñeñory, Fernando MoreiraUsing Brain -Computer Interface to evaluate the User eXperience in interactive systems, user eXperience, interactive systems, brain computer interfaces
2022Joseph O'Neill, Rutledge Detyens, Ryan Integlia, Sorinel Oprisan3D Convolutional Neural Networks on an EEG-Based Motor Imagery Dataset 2022
Brain Computer Interface, 3D Convolutional Neural Networks, electroencephalogram, Event-related potentials, Classification
2022Cyton+Daisy Board
Victoria Peterson, Catalina Galván, Hugo Hernández, Maria Paula Saavedra, Ruben Spies
A motor imagery vs. rest dataset with low-cost consumer grade EEG hardware interfacesLow-cost technologiesElectroencephalography (EEG)
2022Cyton BoardEric Redlinger, Bernhard Glas, Yang Rong
Impact of Visual Game-Like Features on Cognitive Performance in a Virtual Reality Working Memory Task: Within-Subjects Experiment Serious Games
HMD, working memory, gamification, cognitive training, serious game, game, cognitive activity, user performance, visual memory, cognitive, user performance, mobile phone
2022OpenBCI GUI
Wang Haohong, Gao Shenghao, Zhao Yimin, Song Maojia, Damien Constantine Rompapas, Wang Heng
The Mind Commands You: Combining Brain-Computer Interactions with Augmented Reality to Control Internet of Things (IoT) tools, and Robotic Platforms
IEEE International Conference on Electronics Technology 2022
EnglishRobotics, Brain-computer Interface, Mixed Reality, Augmented Reality IoT, Human-Computer Interaction
2022Cyton+Daisy BoardUltracortex Mark IV
Destini Chambers, Amina Ndiaye, Javan Hutchinson, Charles Mcclary, Dr. Sylvia Bhattacharya
Prediction of Gait Intention from Pre-movement EEG Signals for Vehicle-to-Pedestrian (V2P) Communication Modeling Annual Symposium of Student Scholars - 2022EnglishPre-movement EEG, decision classification, gait
2022Cyton BoardHeadband KitAloaye E. Itsueli; Jonathan D. N. Kamba; Jeremie O. K. Kamba; R. Alba-FloresDrone Control Using Electroencephalogram (EEG) Signals 2022
Training , Artificial neural networks , Feature extraction , Electroencephalography , Software , Recording , Pattern recognition, Electroencephalographic , Artificial Neural Network , drone , UAV
2022Cyton Board
Puchuan Tan, Xi Han, Yang Zou, Xuecheng Qu, Jiangtao Xue, Tong Li, Yiqian Wang, Ruizeng Luo, Xi Cui, Yuan Xi, Le Wu, Bo Xue, Dan Luo, Yubo Fan, Xun Chen, Zhou Li, Zhong Lin Wang
Self-powered gesture recognition wristband enabled by machine learning for full keyboard and multi-command input reality; gesture recognition; human-computer interaction; machine learning; triboelectric nanogenerator.
2022Cyton BoardUltracortex Mark IVTakumi AsakuraRelationship between Subjective and Biological Responses to Comfortable and Uncomfortable Sounds Sciences evaluation; electroencephalography; heart rate variability
2022Cyton BoardUltracortex Mark IVShahanawaj AhamadSystem Architecture for Brain-Computer Interface based on Machine Learning and Internet of Things International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications(DOI) : 10.14569/IJACSA.2022.0130357EnglishBrain-computer interface; machine learning; internet of things; EEG; system architecture
2022Cyton BoardDavid Zambrana-Vinaroz, Jose Maria Vicente-Samper, Jose Maria Sabater-NavarroValidation of Continuous Monitoring System for Epileptic Users in Outpatient Settings Portable Systems for Diagnostics and Monitoring Applications; artifacts; ear EEG; ECG; epilepsy; HRV; monitoring system; PPG; PTT; wearable
2022GanglionJonas Auda, Uwe Gruenefeld, Thomas Kosch, Stefan SchneegaßThe Butterfly Effect: Novel Opportunities for Steady-State Visually-Evoked Potential Stimuli in Virtual Reality Augmented HumansDOI:10.1145/3519391.3519397EnglishVirtual Reality, Brain-Computer Interface, Steady State Visually Evoked Potential, Realism
2022Cyton+Daisy BoardEEG Electrode Cap Kit
Nastaran Saffaryasdi, Yenushka Goonesekera, Nafiseh Saffaryazdi, Nebiyou Daniel Hailemariam, Ebasa Girma Temesgen, Suranga Nanayakkara, Elizabeth Broadbent, Mark Billinghurst
Emotion Recognition in Conversations Using Brain and Physiological Signals '22: 27th International Conference on Intelligent User InterfacesDOI:10.1145/3490099.3511148EnglishHuman-Computer interaction (HCI), Multimodal Emotion Recognition, Conversational emotion recognition, Electroencephalography (EEG), Galvanic Skin Response (GSR), Photoplethysmography (PPG), Multimodal fusion
2022Cyton BoardUltracortex Mark IVCharles PerkinsMultichannel Transcranial Acoustoelectric Brain Imaging in a Human Head Model University of Arizona, University LibrariesEnglishAcoustoelectric Imaging
Acquisition Hardware
Transcranial Acoustoelectric Brain Imaging
2022Cyton Board
Corentin Piozin, Gabriela Herrera Altamira, Catherine Simon, Brice Lavrard, Jean-Yves Audran, Florian Waszak, Selim Eskiizmirliler
Motion prediction for the sensorimotor control of hand prostheses with a brain-machine interface using EEG 10th International Winter Conference on Brain-Computer Interface (BCI)DOI: 10.1109/BCI53720.2022.9734823EnglishElectrodes, wireless communication, vibrations, wireless sensor networks, vibration measurement, feature extraction, electroencephalography, brain-machine interface, prosthesis, feature extraction, motor imagery
2022GanglionCatur Atmaji, Danang Lelono, Agus Harjoko, Andi DharmawanThe Use of Time and Frequency Features in Finger Movements Based on Electromyogram Recording International Conference for Advancement in Technology (ICONAT)DOI: 10.1109/ICONAT53423.2022.9726009EnglishElectrodes, time-frequency analysis, finger, artificial neural networks, muscles, feature extraction, electromyography, artificial neural network, long short-term memory, 4-channel electrodes
2022Cyton BoardSwati Mandekar, Abigail Holland, Moritz Thielen, Mehdi Behbahani, Mark MelnykowyczAdvancing towards Ubiquitous EEG, Correlation of In-Ear EEG with Forehead EEG 2022, 22, 1568 EEG; correlation; forehead EEG; impedance spectroscopy; biopotential electrodes; BCI
2022Cyton+Daisy BoardUltracortex Mark IVHenry, Eléonore H; Bougard, Clément; Bourdin, Christophe; Bringoux, Lionel.Changes in Electroencephalography Activity of Sensory Areas Linked to Car Sickness in Real Driving Conditions in Human NeuroscienceDOI:10.3389/fnhum.2021.809714English
2022Cyton Board
Yang Zou, Yansong Gai, Puchuan Tan, Dongjie Jiang, Xuecheng Qu, Jiantao Xue, Han Ouyang, Bojing Shi, Linlin Li, Dan Luo, Yulin Deng, Zhou Li, Zhong Lin Wang
Stretchable graded multichannel self-powered respiratory sensor inspired by shark gill Shark gill, Graded Multichannel, Respiratory sensing
2022Cyton BoardYuan Liu, Shuaifei Huang, Zhuang Wang, Fengrui Ji and Dong MingFunctional Reorganization After Four-Week Brain–Computer Interface-Controlled Supernumerary Robotic Finger Training: A Pilot Study of Longitudinal Resting-State fMRI,
a section of the journal
Frontiers in Neuroscience robotic finger, resting-state fMRI, fALFF, ReHo, DC, neuroplasticity
2022Cyton BoardHeadband Kit
Piera Riccio, Kristin Bergaust, Boel Christensen-Scheel, Juan-Carlos De Martin, Maria A. Zuluaga, Stefano Nichele
AI-based artistic representation of emotions from EEG signals: a discussion on fairness, inclusion, and aesthetics Interface. Generative Art. Algorithmic Fairness. Art therapy. Disability Aesthetics.
Takumi Nagasawa, Kenta Masui, Hirokazu Doi, Keiko Ogawa-Ochiai & Norimichi Tsumura
Continuous estimation of emotional change using multimodal responses from remotely measured biological information Life and Robotics recognition, Multimodal physiological responses, Remote measurement, Electroencephalography
2022Cyton Board
Vivianne Flávia Cardoso, Denis Delisle-Rodriguez, Maria Alejandra Romero-Laiseca, Flávia A. Loterio, Dharmendra Gurve, Alan Floriano, Sridhar Krishnan, Anselmo Frizera-Neto & Teodiano Freire Bastos Filho
BCI based on pedal end-effector triggered through pedaling imagery to promote excitability over the feet motor area
Research on Biomedical Engineering interface, Motor imagery, Lower-limb rehabilitation, Robotic rehabilitation
2022Cyton+Daisy Board+Wifi ShieldGuoxia ZouThe Recognition of Action Idea EEG with Deep Learning
Complexity, Deep Learning, Conv1D-GRU, Recogonition of idea, Robotic hand
2022Cyton BoardChuanchu Wang; Haihong Zhang; Soon Huat Ng; Xiaoqun Zhu; Kai Keng AngWireless Multi-sensor Physio-Motion Measurement and Synchronization System and Method for HRI Research
2021 43rd Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine & Biology Society (EMBC)
Wireless communication, Wireless sensor network, Force measurement, Sensor systems, Electromyography, Electroencephalography, sensors, HRI, EEG, EMG, IMU, Time Synchronization MeSH Terms, Acceleration, Humans, Motion
2022OpenBCI GUIM. A. Obaidah, Mahmudunnabi and M. M. KhanBrain Wave and Head Motion Controlled Music System
2021 IEEE 12th Annual Ubiquitous Computing, Electronics & Mobile Communication Conference (UEMCON)
Sleep, Music, Medical treatment, Mobile communication, Control systems, EEG, brain wave, accelerometer, music system, smart system
2022OpenBCI GUIK. A. A. Weiss, F. Concatto, R. G. C. Teive, and A. R. G. RamirezOn-line recognition of emotions via electroencephalography
IEEE Latin America TransactionsEnglishEmotion Recognition, Brain-Computer Interface, Electroencephalography, On-line Processing
2021Cyton Board
Jose Manuel Macias-Macias, Juan Alberto Ramirez-Quintana, Jose Salvador Antonio Mendez-Aguirre, Mario IgnacioChacon-Murguia, Alma Delia Corral-Saenz
P300 Embedded Processing Based on Convolutional Neural Network for Ubiquitous Brain-Computer Interface
ReCIBE, electronic journal of Computing, Informatics, Biomedical and Electronics wave, electroencephalography, convolutional neural networks, brain-computer interface
2021Cyton BoardMario Valderrama, Edgar Gonzalez, Fernando GarciaDevelopment of a low-cost surface EMG acquisition system device for wearable applications IEEE 2nd International Congress of Biomedical Engineering and Bioengineering (CI-IB&BI)DOI: 10.1109/CI-IBBI54220.2021.9626100EnglishElectrodes, surface impedance, protocols, costs, prototypes, muscles, electromyography,
2021Cyton Board
José Juez, David Henao, Fredy Segura, Rodrigo Gomez, Michel Le Van Quyen, Mario Valderrama
Development and implementation of a wearable system with ear-EEG for the monitoring of epileptic seizures IEEE 2nd International Congress of Biomedical Engineering and Bioengineering (CI-IB&BI)DOI: 10.1109/CI-IBBI54220.2021.9626123EnglishElectrodes, brain, wires, epilepsy, electroencephalography, synchronization, biomedical monitoring, biomedical electrodes, brain activities, epilepsy, in-ear electrodes, wearable system, wireless, long term monitoring, mobile application
2021Cyton Board
Garc´ıa Ayola Fernando Luis, Bigio Roitman David, Valderrama Manrique Mario Andres Department of Biomedical Engineer, Universidad de los Andes, Bogota, Colombia
Design and fabrication of a myoelectric prosthesis for trans-radial amputees IEEE 2nd International Congress of Biomedical Engineering and Bioengineering (CI-IB&BI)DOI: 10.1109/CI-IBBI54220.2021.9626086EnglishFabrication, Sociology, Hardware, Electromyography, Iterative methods, Statistics, Robots, Trans-radial, prosthesis, needs, iterative, myoelectric
2021Cyton BoardUltracortex Mark IV
Hessa Albawardi; Aljohara Almoaibed; Noor Al Abbas; Sarah Alsayed; Tarfa Almaghlouth; Saleh Alzahrani
Design of Low-Cost Steady State Visually Evoked Potential-Based Brain Computer Interface Using OpenBCI and Neuromore 4th International Conference on Bio-Engineering for Smart Technologies (BioSMART)DOI: 10.1109/BioSMART54244.2021.9677782EnglishNeuromuscular, Wheelchairs, Prototypes, Brain-computer interfaces, Electroencephalography, Software, Real-time systems, Brain-computer interface (BCI), steady state visually evoked potential (SSVEP), electroencephalogram (EEG) and Wheelchair
2021Cyton BoardUltracortex Mark IVCarlton MoellerTime Perception Changes During Open Monitoring but not Focused Attention Meditation: A Result of Attentional Scope Dilation,%202021.pdfImpulse: The Premier Journal for Undergraduate Publications in the NeurosciencesEnglishTiming; Time perception; Mindfulness; Meditation; Mantra; EEG; Focused Attention;
Open Monitoring; Attentional Scope; Attention
2021Cyton BoardLim, Zheng You and Sim, Kok Swee and Tan, Shing ChiangLeft And Right Brain Balancing Application With EEG Neurofeedback System
2021Cyton Board
Md Ahnaf Shariar, Syeda Maliha Monowara, Md. Shafayat Ul Islam, Muhammed Junaid Noor Jawad, Saifur Rahman Sabuj
Brainwave Assistive System for Paralyzed Individuals
ITU Journal on Future and Evolving TechnologiesEnglishAction potential, brain-computer interface, brain wave, central nervous system, electroencephalography data
2021GanglionGold Cup Electrodes
Nibras Abo Alzahab, Angelo Di Iorio, Luca Apollonio, Muaaz Alshalak, Alessandro Gravina, Luca Antognoli, Marco Baldi, Lorenzo Scalise, Bilal Alchalabi
Auditory evoked potential EEG-Biometric dataset
PhysioNet stimulus, Evoked Potentials, EEG, Biometric System, Bone-conducting auditory stimuli, Music
2021Cyton BoardCustom 2 Channel ECG
Claudine Schallera, Andrea Fümm b, Simon Bachmann b, Luca Oechslin a, Yoshi Nakaharaa, Roger Melliger c, Patric Biaggia, Christophe Alain Wyssa
Heart rate profiles and heart rate variability during scuba diving
Swiss Medical Weekly, Scuba diving, ECG, Heart Rate, Variability
2021Cyton BoardEEG Electrode Cap KitSrividya Pattisapu, Supratim Ray
Stimulus-induced narrow-band gamma oscillations in humans can be recorded using open-hardware low-cost EEG amplifier, Gamma Oscillations, OpenBCI
2021Cyton+Daisy BoardUltracortex Mark IVVictor Asanza, Daniel Montoya, Enrique Peláez, Francis Loayza, Leandro L. Lorente-Leyva, Diego H. Peluffo-Ordóñez, Kléber GonzálezMILimbEEG: An EEG Signals Dataset based on Upper and Lower Limb Task During the Execution of Motor and Motorimagery Tasks Data10.17632/w9xfz56txv.2EnglishHuman-Machine Interface, Brain, Electroencephalography, Brain-Computer Interface
2021Cyton BoardB. H. Kim, S. Jo, S. ChoiALIS: Learning Affective Causality Behind Daily Activities From a Wearable Life-Log System Transactions on Cybernetics
Physiology, Sensors, Emotion recognition, Biomedical monitoring, Electroencephalography, Brain modeling, Feature extraction, Affective causality, daily activities, EEG, emotion recognition, lifelog, physiological signals, wearable
2021Cyton Boardg.tec-g.SAHARAO’Sullivan, M.; Temko, A.; Bocchino, A.; O’Mahony, C.; Boylan, G.; Popovici, EAnalysis of a Low-Cost EEG Monitoring System and Dry Electrodes toward Clinical Use in the Neonatal ICU EEG; EEG electrode; dry electrode; MicroTIPs; microneedles; g.tec; OpenBCI
2021Cyton BoardEric Redlinger, Claudia ShaoComparing brain activity in virtual and non-virtual environments: A VR & EEG study Sensors, EEG, HMD, Theta wave, Tetris, Cognitive training
2021Cyton BoardUltracortex Mark IVT. Majoros; S. OnigaActivity recognition using consumer-grade EEG device
13th International Conference on Electronics, Computers and Artificial Intelligence (ECAI)
Support vector machines, Performance evaluation, Brain, Visualization, Time series analysis, Scalp, Electroencephalography, Artificial Neural Networks, Brain-Computer Interfaces.
2021Cyton BoardSkintact Foam ElectrodesWassim Alhilali, Cyril Camachon, Christophe Hurter, and Vsevolod PeysakhovichEye movement detection in military aeronautics using EOG Conference 2021EnglishAeronautis, EOG, Aviation, Military, Oculometry
2021Cyton BoardUltracortex Mark IV
Mario Quiles Pérez, Enrique Tomás Martínez Beltrán, Sergio López Bernal, Alberto Huertas Celdrán and Gregorio Martínez Pérez
Breaching Subjects’ Thoughts Privacy: A Study with Visual Stimuli and Brain-Computer Interfaces of Healthcare Engineering 2021 Interfaces, Privacy, P300, Visual Stimuli
2021Cyton BoardUltracortex Mark IV
Rosca Sebastian Daniel; Leba Monica; Sibisanu Remus Constantin; Panaite Arun Fabian
Analysis of EEG-Based Stroke Severity Groups Clustering using K-Means
2021 International Seminar on Intelligent Technology and Its Applications (ISITIA)
Seminars, Systematics, Clustering methods, Statistical distributions, Stroke (medical condition), Tools, Electroencephalography
2021Cyton BoardUltracortex Mark IVMauricio A. Ramírez-Moreno, Mariana Díaz-Padilla, Karla D. Valenzuela-Gómez, et al.EEG-Based Tool for Prediction of University Students’ Cognitive Performance in the Classroom Brain Sciences; cognitive performance; education; neuroengineering; machine learning
2021Cyton BoardSkintact Foam ElectrodesChen Chen, Ke Sun, Xinyu ZhangExGSense: Toward Facial Gesture Sensing with a Sparse Near-Eye Sensor Array
In Proceedings of the 20th International Conference on Information Processing in Sensor Networks (co-located with CPS-IoT Week 2021) (IPSN '21)
Face Synthesis, Wearables, Face Gesture Sensing, Biosensing, Human-Computer Interaction, Interactive Virtual Reality
2021Cyton BoardZhu, M., Chen, J., Li, H. et alVehicle driver drowsiness detection method using wearable EEG based on convolution neural network Computing and Applications (2021) detection, Electroencephalographic (EEG), Convolution neural network (CNN)
2021GanglionNg K.H., Ng S., Siew X.H., Wai A.A.PEEG Based Multitasking Assessment Using Simultaneous Spatiotemporal Stimulus
In: Guo H., Ren H., Kim N. (eds) IRC-SET 2020
Covert attention, Overt attention, Spatial attention, Steady-state visual evoked potential, Rapid serial visual presentation, EEG
2021Cyton+Daisy BoardEEG Electrode Cap Kit
Gumilar, Ihshan and Barde, Amit and Hayati, Ashkan F. and Billinghurst, Mark and Lee, Gun and Momin, Abdul and Averill, Charles and Dey, Arindam
Connecting the Brains via Virtual Eyes : Eye-Gaze Directions and Inter-brain Synchrony in VR
CHI EA '21: Extended Abstracts of the 2021 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems
2021GanglionShihab Ahmed, Animesh Mitra, Sumon Saha and Md. Afsar AliFabrication of Cost-Effective Prosthetic Arm Using Electroencephalography
Proceedings of the International Conference on Industrial & Mechanical Engineering and Operations Management
EnglishBionic arm, Prosthetic arm, Brain-Computer-Interface, EEG controlled arm and Electroencephalography
2021GanglionXu, Jianbo; Chen, WenxiImpact of Water Temperature on Heart Rate Variability during Bathing temperature; bathing; ECG; heart rate variability; quantitative analysis; t-test
2021Cyton BoardSandra Cano, Jonathan Soto, Laura Acosta, Victor Peñeñor, Fernando MoreiraElectroencephalography as an Alternative for Evaluating User eXperience in Interactive Systems
In: Rocha Á., Adeli H., Dzemyda G., Moreira F., Ramalho Correia A.M. (eds) Trends and Applications in Information Systems and Technologies. WorldCIST 2021. Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing, vol 1365 signals User eXperience Brain-computer interfaces Ubiquitous computing 
2021Cyton BoardKendall Medi-trace ECG electrodes
Joel S. Burma, Andrew P. Lapointe, Ateyeh Soroush,. Ibukunoluwa K. Onighi, Jonathan D. Smirl, Jeff F. Dunn
The validity and reliability of an open source biosensing board to quantify heart rate variability, Volume 7, Issue 6, from CellPress rate variability, Electrocardiography, Cyton board, Open source, Validity, Reliability
2021Cyton+Daisy BoardUltracortex Mark IVR.Anuradha, G.Rathi, A.GraceSelvarani, N.Gokul, M.S.Dhakshata Real Time Electric Light Control using EOG Signals
2021 International Conference on Innovative Trends in Information Technology
10.1109/ICITIIT51526.2021.9399605EnglishEOG signals, OpenBCI, Blink detection
2021Cyton BoardUltracortex Mark IVVincent Kiplimo NgetichFamiliarity Detection from EEG Signals Using Wavelet Transform and LSTM
Proceedings of the International Conference on Computing and Communication Systems: 13CS 2020
EnglishElectroencephalography, Wavelet transform, LSTM
2021Cyton+Daisy BoardUltracortex Mark IVJatmika Nurhadi, Rosita Rahma, Lestari Kusuma Dewi, AswanAn Anxiety Phenomenonin Reading Scientific Articles in Indonesian and English: A Neurolinguistics Analysis
Advances in Social Science, Education and Humanities Research, EEG, reading, scientific article, sLORETA
2021Pulse SensorBernal Guillermo, Montgomery Sean M., Maes PattieBrain-Computer Interfaces, Open-Source, and Democratizing the Future of Augmented Consciousness in Computer Science 10.3389/fcomp.2021.661300English
2021Cyton BoardZhenrui Ji, Quan Liu, Wenjun Xu, Bitao Yao, Jiayi Liu , Zude ZhouA Closed-Loop Brain-Computer Interface with Augmented Reality Feedback for Industrial Human-Robot Collaboration
Industrial human-robot collaboration, Brain-computer interface, Augmented reality, Interactive robotic path planning
2021TBDMikolaj Bunchwald, Aleksandra Czyz, Marcin JukiewiczAnalysis of EEG Signals for Non-technial and Non-medical Students Journal of Instruction10.29333/iji.2021.14248aEnglishbrain-computing interface, SSVEP- related brain signals, electrocardigraphic signals, alpha waves, p300
2021TBDDeepak KapgateEfficient Quadcopter Flight Control Using Hybrid SSVEP + P300 Visual Brain Computer Interface Journal of Human–Computer Interaction
2021TBDShahnavazi, A., Homayounfar, M., Fadaei, M & Shabani, Sh.The Effect of Light on Reaction of Food Customers Based on Neuro-marketing
Consumer Behavior Studies Journal, 2021, Vol. 8, No.1, pp. 1-21 Behavior, Emotions, NeuroMarketing, Electroencephalogra
2021Cyton Board
Vivianne Flávia Cardos, Denis Delisle-Rodriguez, Maria Alejandra Romero-Laiseca, Flávia A. Loterio, Dharmendra Gurve, Alan Floriano, Carlos Valadão, Leticia Silva, Sridhar Krishnan, Anselmo Frizera-Neto and Teodiano Freire Bastos-Filho
Effect of a Brain–Computer Interface Based on Pedaling Motor Imagery on Cortical Excitability and Connectivity Sensors - Special Issue "Sensors Technology for Medical Robotics"–computer interface; brain connectivity; lower limb rehabilitation; motor sensory rhythms; pedaling
2021Cyton BoardcustomNetiwit Kaongoen, Jaehoon Choi, and Sungho JoSpeech-imagery-based brain–computer interface system using ear-EEG of Neural Engineering–computer interface,ear-EEG,speech imagery,multilayer extreme learning machine
2021Cyton BoardNa Wu, Hao JIN, Xiachuan Pei, Shurong Dong, Jikui Luo, Ruijian Yan, and Gang FengGesture recognition system based on CNN-IndRNN and OpenBCI Web of Conferences 336
2021Cyton BoardPalpolage Don Shehan Hiroshan Gunawardane; Raymond Macneil; Leo Zhao; James Enns; Clarence De Silva; Mu ChiaoA Fusion Algorithm for Saccade Eye Movement Enhancement with EOG and Lumped-element Models Transactions on Biomedical Engineering10.1109/TBME.2021.3062256EnglishMathematical model , Electrooculography , Computational modeling , Muscles , Biological system modeling , Biomedical measurement , Adaptation models Author Keywords Electrooculography , Adaptive filters , Biosignals , Saccades , Eye models , Human computer interactions
2021Cyton BoardUltracortex Mark IVRana Md Shahariar Parbez; Khondaker A. MamunBlinkFruity: A Real-Time EEG Based Neurofeedback Game for Brain-Computer Interface 2nd International Conference on Advanced Information and Communication Technology (ICAICT)10.1109/ICAICT51780.2020.9333469EnglishEntertainment industry, Games, Tools, Electroencephalography, Real-time systems, Brain-computer interfaces, Reliability, Blink, Brain–computer interface (BCI), EEG, OpenBCI, game design, gameplay
2021Cyton BoardYumiao Chen, Zhongliang Yang and Yangliang WenA Soft Exoskeleton Glove for Hand Bilateral Training via Surface EMG, surface electromyography, hand motion recognition, bilateral training
2021Ultracortex Mark IVAikaterini Gialopsou, Christopher Abel, Timothy M. James, Thomas Coussens, Mark G. Bason, Reuben Puddy, Francesco Di Lorenzo, Katharina Rolfs, Jens Voigt, Tilmann Sander, Mara Cercignani, Peter KrügerImproved spatio-temporal measurements of visually evoked fields using optically-pumped magnetometers preprint (MEG), visually evoked brain fields (VEF), superconducting quantum interference device (SQUID), OPM
2021Cyton Board cEEGrid ear electrodesMichael Thomas Knierim, Christoph Berger, Pierluigi RealiOpen-Source Concealed EEG Data Collection for Brain-Computer-Interfaces PreprintEnglisheeg, ceegrid, concealed, ear, in-ear, mobile EEG, open sourceAwesome appendices
2021Cyton+Daisy BoardUltracortex Mark IVMarianna Koctúrová, Jozef JuhárA Novel Approach to EEG Speech Activity Detection with Visual Stimuli and Mobile BCI Science, mobile EEG device, speech detection, feed-forward neural network, visual stimuli
2021Cyton BoardMads Jochumsen,Taha Al Muhammadee Janjua, Juan Carlos Arceo, Jimmy Lauber, Emilie Simoneau Buessinger and Rasmus Leck KæselerInduction of Neural Plasticity Using a Low-Cost Open Source Brain-Computer Interface and a 3D-Printed Wrist Exoskeleton interface, neural plasticity, neurorehabilitation, motor imagination, exoskeleton
2021Myoware Muscle SensorSkintact Foam ElectrodesWilver Auccahuasi, Grisi Bernardo, Madelaine Bernardo, Alfonso Fuentes, Fernando Sernaque, Elizabeth OréControl and remote monitoring of muscle activity and stimulation in the rehabilitation process for muscle recovery Paradigms in the Internet of Things Ecosystem,, Electromyography, Interface, Monitoring, Muscle, Web service
2021M. M. Khan, T. Tazin, M. K. Tanzid, Z. H. Arshie, S. Islam and R. H. AshiqueDevelopment of Home Auotomation System by Using Brain Wave 2nd International Conference on Sustainable Technologies for Industry 4.0 (STI)10.1109/STI50764.2020.9350509EnglishHome automation; Software packages; Neurons; Psychology; Organizations; Electroencephalography; Engines; Digitization; computerization; brain waves; home automation; framework; IoT
2021Cyton BoardGriffin Milsap, and Preston PeranichTechnical Note: A Low-Cost Research Platform for Brain Computer-Interface Applications in Mixed Reality
2021 10th International IEEE/EMBS Conference on Neural Engineering
BCI implementations , mixed reality environments , less-invasive holographic stimulus presentation , greatly enhanced portability , 3D-printable electroencephalography attachment , Microsoft HoloLens , low-energy communication , hobbyists , prototype BCIs , untethered XR environment , external compute resources , low-cost research platform , brain-computer-interface applications , steady-state-visually-evoked-potential , SSVEP , neural signals , audiovisual stimuli , exogenous BCIs , physical stimulus presentation apparatus , prolonged system setup
2021Cyton BoardArkadiusz Hulewicz; Krzysztof DziarskiSteady-State Visual Evoked Potentials SSVEP in Brain-Computer Interfaces
MEASUREMENT 2021, Proceedings of the 13th International Conference, Smolenice, Slovakia
Electrodes , Electric potential , Visualization , Area measurement , Electric variables measurement , Electrophysiology , Brain-computer interfaces
2021Cyton BoardEric Redlingera, Bernhard Glasb,Yang RongaImpact of screen size on cognitive training task performance: An HMD study
International Journal of Psychophysiology, HMD, Cognitive training, E-learning
2021Cyton+Daisy Board
Soha Rostaminia,1 S. Zohreh Homayounfar,2 Ali Kiaghadi,3 Trisha L. Andrew2,4,* Deepak Ganesan,1
PhyMask: Robust Sensing of Brain Activity and Physiological Signals During Sleep with an All-textile Eye Mask
Arxiv PreprintEnglishSignal Processing (eess.SP); Human-Computer Interaction (cs.HC)
2021OpenBCI HardwareXiaoyan Shen a,b, *, Xuemei Wang a , Song Lu a , Zhiling Li a , Wei Shao a , Yan Wu a
Research on the real-time control system of lower-limb gait movement based on motor imagery and central pattern generator
Biomedical Signal Processing and Control
Brain-computer interface, Motor imagery, Functional electrical stimulation, Central pattern generator, Gait detection, Rehabilitation training
2021Cyton BoardBingbing Wang,1 Zeju Xu,1 Tong Luo,1 and Jiahui PanEEG-Based Closed-Loop Neurofeedback for Attention Monitoring and Training in Young Adults
Biomedical Signal Processing Using Non-Invasive Sensors for Healthcare