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3/15Site lead trainings: questions from participants
-What are your goals?
--Anna: We need to be more global in our thinking and take things digital, and we need to keep it simple. This isn't just about how we
Jessie: is this approach evidence-based?
positive feedback for tasks
progress: provide information to user, bite-sized cuts at their goals
answer: changes to progress a way to derive insights
are insights the same as my data
from anna: info, knowledge, encouragement
TASK for GE to take it all back, digest it and provide feedback about what they like and don’t
hard because we are at detail level
wants design principles re what we build, definition of design principles
call to actions we want users to do
where GE can be most useful is understanding what are we trying to do, what is the design principles (CTQ), within each design element do we want people to experience and feel in product and call to action,
jessie: how will you make it real?
anna: you are too far to the right
badges are linked to persona and accomplishment
need to show how the pieces fit together
about messaging related to failure as opposed to data showing ups and downs
we don’t want to take away from the user
comprehensive journeys off the table: how do we think about the basic things we need to build
profile, progress, newsfeed,
what can be woven together, how do all the pieces fit together in a big picture?
defining a quick win
adding a picture, moving something don’t count as quick wins
something that doesn’t have to go through design
intrinsic rewards: this feature is supposed to be pilot tested in less than 60 days (may)
little/no personalization now, little what’s in it for me?
2.17.17Reporting GE:Jenn, Elizabeth Rucci
Jiff: Jackie, Brady
- 2 users missing business as field. GE needs to check if it's coming through in SAML payload.
- 1 activated on 11/29 - there could be a different requirement of the payload at that time.
- 1 user shows 0 pts earned YTD, but 17 pts earned in activity (12/31/17)- could support team have issued points and assigned the wrong date?
- GE wants to make sure this is only a one-off issue, not potentially larger.
- Brady will log as bug- reflecting future
- 39 users enrolled but don't have log-in. These are all early access users (activated before 1/1).
-Row 1557: user has accumulated points but does now show a log in. Brady to dig in.
- Why don't we include job function? Privacy policy: will not share any individual level data. Must be de-identified. Column K would give GE enough information to identify users in groups smaller than 25 (if used in combo with other fields). Jiff is required to NOT share this level of detail.
- Jiff cannot pick and choose which sites can be filtered out. Can't automate the cancatonation
- GE can decide which fields to include as long as they meet Jiff's privacy standards. Brady and Elizabeth to work together to determine.
2.16.17Reporting GE: Anna, Adam, Jenn, Jessie, Matt, Aimee
Jiff: Jackie, Bri, Hodge, Mary, Kalyan, Katherine, Davinder
- MC and data dumps from separate data pulls from Brady- want to understand why these aren't consistent? - Brady to call Elizabeth
2.16.17Overall Enhacement StrategyGE: Anna, Adam, Jenn, Jessie, Matt, Aimee
Jiff: Jackie, Bri, Hodge, Mary, Kalyan, Katherine, Davinder
see- CT Onsite- GOALS// Tactics- Overall Enhancement - Tactical Changes: Jiff Product team to huddle and identify plan: quick wins and timing
- Roadmap: Revisit 6 month roadmap based on quick wins
- Move out Journeys: when would we deliver? 2018? Need to understand the expectiation. Scope later.
- Crotonville plan: need something early next week (plan for March 20 and April 24)
- Plan for next meeting: roadmap activity
- Move forward regionazliaton: get started with survey research
2.16.17Current State- missesGE: Anna, Adam, Jenn, Jessie, Matt, Aimee
Jiff: Jackie, Bri, Hodge, Mary, Kalyan, Katherine, Davinder
- 800#
- Healthy Habits
- Homestream- feels static -content card- place at the top; change pictures on system cards so it feels more dynamic. Ideal: user chooses where to place their card
- Content Card: only showing the same content; suggested content not added?
- Content Center- assumption is new ones on top
- Challenges: were sold custom challenge but now is fitting the old mold
- CYOC - is this happening by March 31?
- Self Service Challenges? 60 - business leaders want these but don't know when we're getting them.
- Crotonville: strategy: what will we give them? Need clarify- (Jiff: first need to be able to segment by SSO ID before we can outline acceptable strategy)
2.15.17JourneysGE: Anna, Adam, Jenn, Jessie, Matt, Aimee
Jiff: Jackie, Bri, Hodge, Mary, Kalyan, Katherine, Davinder
- GE concerned about Content lift
- need to design a solution that doesn't require heavy content lift- lead people to action, not content every time
- is there a way to design with search terms being pulled automatically?
- drive more towards insights for freshenss
- Anna: how do we spread the weight out// can't make this content dependent
- insights are difficult to find: there are 5 main insights that are important to the user.
2.15.17JourneysGE: Anna, Adam, Jenn, Jessie, Matt, Aimee
Jiff: Jackie, Bri, Hodge, Mary, Kalyan, Katherine, Davinder
- User goal: is there a way to start tying this in now? Kalyan to think about if possible to "sprinkle"
- Pulse question: similar to homestream card; based on eligibilty group
- pulse questions will be additional: not necessarily logic based.
2.15.17GE prioritiesGE: Anna, Adam, Jenn, Jessie, Matt, Aimee
Jiff: Jackie, Bri, Hodge, Mary, Kalyan, Katherine, Davinder
- personalization
--- improving progress
--- increase progress view- show me activity levels; sleep, see information that shows me actionable insights about myself
--- enhancing my profile

- quick wins on UX? Eg pull out newsfeed to bottom nav; show "manual entry" in progress
- Anna to send prioirty list; JIFF/GE mapping excerise to determine overlaps, priorities and flexiblities
2.15.17Motivation TheoryGE: Anna, Adam, Jenn, Jessie, Matt, Aimee
Jiff: Jackie, Bri, Hodge, Mary, Kalyan, Katherine, Davinder
Mapping Theory to Product (questions)
- how can I showcase my achievements?
- with all this new stuff, how does the user find what she needs?
- does the existing state of product allow this to work?
- there may be tension between community chosen by user and assigned at site/GE level. Need to be able to create complimentary experience
- Challenges profile feels like so much more robut than Nav- designed for community/competition, not individual progress like Nav. Could this be a quick win to pull in?
2.15.17GE BeliefsGE: Anna, Adam, Jenn, Jessie, Matt, Aimee
Jiff: Jackie, Bri, Hodge, Mary, Kalyan, Katherine, Davinder
- stay lean to go fast
- customers determine success
- deliver results in an uncertain world
- empower and inspire each other
- learn and adapt to win
2.15.17Motivation TheoryGE: Anna, Adam, Jenn, Jessie, Matt, Aimee
Jiff: Jackie, Bri, Hodge, Mary, Kalyan, Katherine, Davinder
- integrated regulation/intrinsic motivation = sustained behavior; but highly unlikley to move from integrated to intinsic
- Anna: how to do create connection b/w out of app activities and in app
- addressing the continuum of personalities and behaviors
- need to make people feel like we're listening, without making them feel like they are being watched
- how can we use Crotonville to test?To Design?
- potential to run a design sprint with Crotonville?
2.15.17Motivation TheoryGE: Anna, Adam, Jenn, Jessie, Matt, Aimee
Jiff: Jackie, Bri, Hodge, Mary, Kalyan, Katherine, Davinder
- Review of GE pyramid from Anna and Adam: (What's in it for me; my business; GE)- feel like we're still struggling to achieve "Me" on basic Navigator
- GE employees have strong connection to business and groups, including affinity groups.
- people at GE are loyal to the company and learning opporutnities here (changing with millenial population) but if you stay at GE for 2 years, you'll be here for a while.
- what's in it for GE: value of the GE job, motivation, culture of health, it's also a hiriing advantage for talent
- relation back to site; sites are competive and the is a natural friction.
- Militaristic, top down organization: how can 1 site differentiate from another? Health is a big one.
- "Me" is more complex and there are multiple personalities
- understand personality segments and different motivators
2.15.17Roadmap Review: HomestreamGE: Anna, Adam, Jenn, Jessie, Matt, Aimee
Jiff: Jackie, Bri, Hodge, Mary, Kalyan, Katherine, Davinder
- incremental iteration on homestream: goal is feel more dynamic
- new card templates
- improvements to self service
- aligns with what we need to support Journeys: eg. rules; card templates; Questions; analytics cards
- Schedule roadmap sessions to dig in to priority features; help GE "catch up" on features that they were not involved in envisioning/definiton
2.15.17LanguageGE: Anna, Adam, Jenn, Jessie, Matt, Aimee
Jiff: Jackie, Bri, Hodge, Mary, Kalyan, Katherine, Davinder
- Will Jiff offer GE any langauge that we have available? Yes, as long as the customer launch process is abided by.
2.15.17Roadmap reviewGE: Anna, Adam, Jenn, Jessie, Matt, Milind, Carolyn, Aimee
Jiff: Jackie, Bri, Hodge, Mary, Kalyan, Katherine, Davinder
- Higher Engagement: ABOS; sustained engagement over time
- Brilliant Design: competitive, consumer grade app. Competing for users time on their mobile device
- Care Navigation: in a complex benefits world, how do we help ppl get the care they need
- Scalability and Quality: scale across all product aspects; security, compliance, privacy,
- Follow up: schedule some brainstorm sessions on how to get users engaged (not just activated, but bringing people back). This is related to the segmenting personas GE shared with Jiff, and that aligns with Jiff's persona/segmenting work that we did as well
- 2 parts: getting people in (marcom); brining people back (in app)
- Follow up: schedule some brainstorm sessions on how to get users engaged (not just activated, but bringing people back). This is related to the segmenting personas GE shared with Jiff, and that aligns with Jiff's persona/segmenting work that we did as well
2.15.17Roadmap review: Product Lifecycle & Availabilty GatesGE: Anna, Adam, Jenn, Jessie, Matt, Milind, Carolyn, Aimee
Jiff: Jackie, Bri, Hodge, Mary, Kalyan, Katherine, Davinder
- Investment, Development & Availabilty Lifecycle
-- backlog (many ideas)
-- envisioning: what's the big picture and what is our phased approach
-- definition: funcational spec
-- implementation: we're buildling? should we give GE access here or in internal availablility?
- Availablity Gates: internal (Jiff only); limited (small set of customers; collect feedback; PM still owns); general (customer team now owns)
2.15.17Launch post mortemGE: Anna, Adam, Jenn, Jessie, Matt, Milind, Carolyn, Aimee
Jiff: Jackie, Bri, Hodge, Mary, Kalyan, Katherine, Davinder
-Additional 'What worked well':
---GE's internal huddles to connect daily prior to Jiff/GE daily meeting
---Launched in record time!

-Additional 'What can we improve':
---Miscommunication within Jiff that would then get passed to GE; understanding cadences of teams both GE and Jiff
---We start the discussion on marcomm and product is coming in at the tactical level, not at the strategic level: have to start with the strategy before jumping into the tactics
---Not driving to the 'bar' or the 'goal'
---Collaborative project planning

-Additional 'Future adaptations':
---Complete pre-release testing - need to undresatnd the full code freeze process better; per Matt, 'we want to help you make a good product, and getting in after code freeze isn't meeting the need of that. By the time we're seeing it, it's too late.'
---Figure out the timing of the produt launch timelines based on the product roadmap
12.7.16Marcom- Engagement campaign for launch Jenn, Julie, Lindsey; Mandy, Katie, Bri, Jackie, Anna- how do we engage? can we change the look and feel. how can we draw in-app
12.7.16Marcom- HealthyHabitsJenn, Julie, Lindsey; Mandy, Katie, Bri, Jackie-Reviewed HH toolkit
- Enterprise standards:
12.7.17Affiliates- SSOJenn, Matt, Aimee, Jackie, Bri, Alex, Vic- What is the business impact of affiliates accessing Jiff?
- HR perpesctive- do not want to create a feeling of being GE employee (co-employment)
- Also user accounts- contracting issue
(don't want to affect the # of employees PEPM)
- Vic outlined 5 options: recommend coming through SAML payload
- send through matrix with 5 opitons and outline risk.
Early Access Testing
11.9.16MarcomMandy, Katie, Bri, Jackie, Anna, Jenn, AimeeWhat's in a mini campaign?
- email w/ banner
- poster
- digital display
- flyer/desk drop
- blurb: short text to insert into blogs, etc.

**many production sites can't have posters on shop floor, for example
11.9.16MarcomMandy, Katie, Bri, Jackie, Anna, Jenn, Aimee- Decided to strike Tracking campaign (for Jan)- remove tracking campaign from marcom listDecision
11.9.16MarcomMandy, Katie, Bri, Jackie, Anna, Jenn, Aimee- Reviewed inventory and outstanding delivery
- Invision: 4 potential audiences: site leads; site champs; execs; week of launch: Crotonville unviel HealthAhead
- 12/7 meeting with Execs- show demo video + inspirational video; give access to invision
- week of 1/3 250 GE officers will meet in Boca Raton. Potential opportunity to engage - demo outside of conference space?
- Include Flyer (GE comms team to build) in packets to officers.
- App for mtg?
- Jackie to build Invision experience: one log in for everyone?
Early Access Testing
Jenn, Matt, Aimee, Jackie, Bri, MaryReviewed Early Access process and potentially delayed features:
Content Center Option 1: Show all seeded content for each language (105 pieces total) on 11/16. Roll over to appropriate language tags on 11/30.
Option 2: Show only English content on 11/16. Show translated content with appropriate tags on 11/30. SELECTED OPTION 2

Manual Entry: Steps

Conversion chart will not be translated for Early Access- will be available for 1/1.
11.7.16Site Lead TrainingJenn, Jackie- Jenn is reordering some product slides.
- Should we include inspirational video? Bandwidth will be an issue. Jackie thinks we should provide in intro email, not during training.
- Should GE or Jiff pitch product?
Jackie to discuss with Bri In Progress
11.3.16Onsite Feedback Jerome, Jenn, Matt, Julie, Anna, Jackie, Rachel, Mary, Bri, Mandy, MollyPositives:
- appropriate players to drive process (right people in the room)
- level of detail
- achieved objective and got plan in place
- good energy level
- Jiff team is open and listens well
- Jiff team quickly gets past “no” to “yes but”
- unique product and interesting product helps marketing
- collaborative style
- mutual respect
- team all together in one room to know personalities and built connections
11.3.16Onsite Feedback Jerome, Jenn, Matt, Julie, Anna, Jackie, Rachel, Mary, Bri, Mandy, MollyDelta:
- be real about changes and impact to timeline
- first conference space too small- and too warm
- phone/acoustic issues
- come prepared as if it’s a finalist meeting (eg. app mapping)
- show your knowledge
- don’t whiteboard with customer unless asked for
- timing could have been improved based on launch/tightness
- figure out schedule/cadence of next in person mtgs now
11.3.16Regionalization - ProcessJerome, Jenn, Matt, Julie, Anna, Jackie, Rachel, Mary, Bri, Mandy, Molly- defined and developed regionalization process: timeline
- market analysis (molly)
- survey draft (mary/molly)
11.3.16Regionalization - ScopeJerome, Jenn, Matt, Julie, Anna, Jackie, Rachel, Mary, Bri, Mandy, Molly- max 23 countries x 6 integrations. May be some that overlap (hopefully)
11.3.16Regionalization - ScopeJerome, Jenn, Matt, Julie, Anna, Jackie, Rachel, Mary, Bri, Mandy, MollyContent:
-Jerome: Would any of your clients be open to sharing their content? Anna - this wouldn't be allowed, because most organizations license the content
11.3.16Regionalization - CTQJerome, Jenn, Matt, Julie, Anna, Jackie, Rachel, Mary, Bri, MandyProcess:
-Vets the experience
-Feels valid
-Feels about 'them'
-Addresses idea of 'you are not a stepchild'
-Both employees and local site champs
-Don't presume we know anything
-Structured for iteration and sustaining

-Locally relevant with underlying pattern and consistency across the program
---Local VoC
---Social beliefs and norms
---Reading level
---Health literacy
-Language & Regionalization - not 1:1, mapping
-6 Journeys
---Getting enough
--Stress (Balance)
-Design with long-term sustainability in mind
11.3.16TrainingJerome, Jenn, Matt, Julie, Anna, Kalyan, Jackie, Rachel, Mary, Bri, Mandy- Considerations around additional support for GE site leads - mid-December training demo and give them the tool
11.3.16Regionalization - Self Service for EventsJerome, Jenn, Matt, Julie, Anna, Kalyan, Jackie, Rachel, Mary, Bri, MandyParking lot: Self-service training & scope
-Identify a couple sites (Aviation) for Events self-service
11.3.16PartnershipsJerome, Jenn, Matt, Julie, Anna, Kalyan, Jackie, Rachel, Mary, Bri, Mandy, MollyMolly presenting on partnership approach. We are constantly paying attn to this. who are the right vendors to bring onto the platform?
-Criteria for selection: employer cost drivers, consumer demand, good UX, channel partner input, maturity of sector
-Jenn sending the GE mapping of app to country, we said we have the same mapping
-GE constraint of free and available
-Jerome concerned about all US-based vendors, what do we have?
-Anna reiterates 1 free app in each of the 6 areas
-Limiting factors for Jiff: free, available in the local language
-is there an API is the template program? can use flat files but not when we need immediate data exchange.
-mapping that they've asked for: free, by region, by topic, what's free, what's upsell, languages,
-other two categories: what's the driver? free option or stick with the 6 categories?
-starting in sept: 23 apps x 6 with placeholder to start with in each region
-we need to identify the gaps so that we can know where we have placeholders vs what we need to prioritize
-Jerome asking the timing for integrating w a new partner
11.3.16Regionalization - Levels of integrationJerome, Jenn, Matt, Julie, Anna, Kalyan, Jackie, Rachel, Mary, Bri, Mandy
11.3.16Regionalization - EAPJerome, Jenn, Matt, Julie, Anna, Kalyan, Jackie, Rachel, Mary, Bri, Mandy, Molly-Jerome asked if we can add EAP
-Anna discussed that there isn't any centralized management around this, so it's manage/maintain, but Jerome can add for his sites if he wants to manage
11.3.16Regionalization - Jerome, Jenn, Matt, Julie, Anna, Kalyan, Jackie, Rachel, Mary, Bri, Mandy, MollyACTION: Jiff to add to locally available chart for steps, food, sleep, balance, tobacco, prevention (and other categories with high-penetration and global relevancy); Jenn requested to have the technical capabilities, and we discussed how that involves a deeper-dive around
11.2.16Module - next stepsJerome, Jenn, Matt, Julie, Anna, Kalyan, Jackie, Hodge, Mary, Bri
11.2.16ModulesJerome, Jenn, Matt, Julie, Anna, Kalyan, Jackie, Hodge, Mary, BriGeneral
-Jerome wants to understand does it evolve, how long does it take? are we talking quick hits?
-The person who needs the quick win
-The person who 'gets it' 1/3 of the way through
-Set expectations on how long this is going to take before jumping people in
One effort of the app is to create a community across GE (Idea around 'how did you start? how did you do it?)
-Mary - a helpful construct is thinking of the activation level of the person
-Jerome - Do we want to be all things to all people?
-Do modules need to be the same between each modules (we may hit limitations with some of the 'lego blocks')
-Jerome: how much time are we asking employees to put into this experience?
The 1 campaign
-Starting to tell personal stories about people at GE - not leaders; extraordinary people around GE
-From social perspecitve, how do we seed that kind of stuff?
-Anna wants to get Jerome's take on events
-Anna discussed the use of crowdsourcing ideas using the Questions feature
-Jerome discussed keeping the questions 'fun'; doesn't have to be clinical. Could be questions
-Mary discussed it's a great way to re-enforce GE culture, language, norms
-Anna - need to play around with intrinsic rewards; now have an Employee Experience leaders who reports to head of HR; story on highlighting his accomplishment of hitting 2M steps
-Anna - some businesses may do financial incentives, but connecting to me, my business, GE
-Julie - Some sites want to create point structure for event attendance; they're putting so much time into creating an event, and there is low attendance
-Anna - we're going to have to do multiple pathways; some people will want just a quick-bite; ability to re-engage users
-Jerome - we can get an idea of what people are interested in from what they select on the HealthAhead site today
-Matt - added 'what's more' to guide users based on what they're
-Matt - we can add the logic to pull specific articles to pull from the web service rather than storing into Jiff
Healthy Habits
-Anna - love the idea of having set structure for people who need that; but also works for marathon (wants things beyond the library - create your own habit)
Intrinsic motivators roadmap
-Anna - all of these things are interesting; how do we have a clear story for users? We have to weave a story on how that builds
-Kalyan - what does points mean that can be experience-related?
11.2.16Module - structured reviewJerome, Jenn, Matt, Julie, Anna, Kalyan, Jackie, Hodge, Mary, Bri-Matt/Cynthia - Nutrition
--Goal: why are you here (personalized); lose weight, healthy eating, etc...; Proposed content will change based on response
1) Do you want us to develop plan or not?
2) Push content baesd on goal
3) Propose which tracker will help them achieve their goal
4) Track progress - are you making progress on your goal?
5) Continuing to add content
6) Nudge -> share a recipe in newsfeed

Julie/Bri - Activity
Thinks most people will start here (structured v. unstructured)
1) Trigger - what brings me to the app?
2) Assessment - what do I want to do? WHY do I want to do it? (I want more energy, I want to live longer) - free text; doesn't need to drive anything
3) Goal - Run a 5K in 6 weeks
4) Week 1 - walk and start logging
5) Week 2 - watch a video and start to run
6) Week 3 - read inspirational story, run further; check-in mid-way; how are you doing on your goals? You said you wnated to feel better. Do you feel better?
7) Week 3 - fall off the map. 'We miss you. Will you come back?' 'Can we remind you in x weeks?'
8) complete module - post assessment; here's a badge; share your story; did you hit your 'why'?
For structured: can have easily shareable successes and recomendations for others

Anna/Hodge - Balance
Is there a beginning and an end or is it on a very long pathyway that can throttle up and back (Idea of journey - goes well with sustained engagement)
Balance is broad - stress, mindfulness, brain health
1) ask a set of questions to understand the user - what does 'balance' mean to you?
2) what kind of learner are you - competition, from others
3) how do you get motivated - individual v. group
4) Decision trees:
4a) stress
4b) brain health
4c) mindfulness
5) Quizzes/questions (quick bite that engages; and I get feeback on)
6) content/education
7) Events (yoga classes) /programs (Healthy Habits)
8) Get social - create community; who is intrested in what I'm interested in?
All of these act as filters to curate an experience for users:
Can we create an 'out of box' promotion package for sites (fun activity: group 5k; cookout)
Every year here's a site in Georgia that climbs a mountain as a group; could we
No more 'checking' (forward looking v. backward looking--can't feel like someone's watching me)
Facilitative v. directive unless person explicitly asks for it

Jerome/Mary - Stress
1) self assessment OR bypass
2) Let person know - this is what you'll find behind this door; and let them opt out
3) Intervention - structured: I don't know what I want; tell me what to do; unstructured: I want to meditate
---Anna's point: if they say 'I don't know what I want' ; they may need to have multiple options again, because they don't know what they don't know
3a - structured - Tips (bite size)
3b - actions - this for x days
3c - content, which would be a deeper dive into tips
4) assessment when a crossroads is reached

Jenn / Kalyan - Sleep
1) Identify self-perceived self-assessment/question (hours of sleep)
2) You've answered this question, so you must have some interest; let's serve up content on general good practices on sleep
3) Now that you know a little bit about it, what is your sleep goal?
4) You gave us some information, let's have you start tracking so we can validate where you are and where you want to go
5) report back sleeptime v goal
6) reflection
7) repeat 2-5
Mary - there can be other interventions - tips are pure education or are asking someone to do something
11.2.16Module - unstructured reviewJerome, Jenn, Matt, Julie, Anna, Kalyan, Jackie, Hodge, Mary, BriMatt/Cynthia - Nutrition
1) Do I want to see recipe, content-->rank them
2) Do you want to set a goal?
-->No: loop back to #1 - ability to continue select less/more of ____
3) Yes: set goal

Julie/ Bri - Activity
1) Starts the same
2) pick your own from this buffet
3) If you don't want to pick your own, we'll push content to you - focus on one or all of the focus areas
4) If you do - select from dropdown

Jerome/ Mary - Balance
1) Started from emotional place
2) Do you need help to get started?
3) Surface options:
--This is how 'so and so' used this
--Ability to rate tips
4) assessment check-in
This person feels like they know what they're doing
In context of Cleveland Clinic

Jenn / Kalyan - Sleep
1) did they say they had an interest in sleep?
No->Soft nudge to tee up content every so often
2) Track sleep
No-->soft nudge occasional content
Yes-->normal range or not?
-Yes-->celebration, great job! encouragement, tips, content
11.2.16Module themesJerome, Jenn, Matt, Julie, Anna, Kalyan, Jackie, Hodge, Mary, BriAssessment - User telling us here's where I am; here's what my goal is
Reflection point - Pulse check; is this working for you, or do we need to re-direct
Feeling of success - Quick to initial value; I am accomplishing something no matter how big or how small; no judgment principle, I continue to get encouragement; Progress not perfection
Journey crossover - Choose my own adventure; flexibility for the user; if this journey is boring, how do I move into something else?
Holistic view - Help user understand the relationship between the journeys
Physical Community - User created communities, GE communities, Communities that I can join
Virtual Community - User created communities, GE communities, Communities that I can join - either for action, support or information
Emotional State - Capture the 'why' and understand 'my success'
Expert/digestable content
UX is the difference between the structured and unstructured approach
11.2.16Design PrinciplesJerome, Jenn, Matt, Julie, Anna, Kalyan, Jackie, Hodge, Mary, Bri-Easy, fun and cool/'wow' factor
-Inviting & optimistic tone - forward movement
-Building with measurement in mind
-Helps the person
-Okay engaging user with app upfront, but make it a minimum ask
-Globally relevant
-Personalized not rigid
-Cumulative experience (app remembers where I am)
-Shared pattern to help with continuity
-Allow user to pause and re-engage
-Socil aspect is important
-Feeling of success - Quick to initial value; I am accomplishing something no matter how big or how small; no judgment principle, I continue to get encouragement; Progress not perfection
-Evidence-based content
11.2.16Personality typesJerome, Jenn, Matt, Julie, Anna, Kalyan, Jackie, Hodge, Mary, BriDisillusioned 11-12%
Strugglers (~40%)
11.2.16YammerJerome, Jenn, Matt, Julie, Anna, Kalyan, Jackie, Hodge, Mary, BriGE is going to use Yammerinformational
11.2.16Journeys namingJerome, Jenn, Matt, Julie, Anna, Kalyan, Jackie, Hodge, Mary, BriChanging from modules to JourneysDecision
11.1.16DataBrady, Jackie, Anna, Matt, Jenn, Dan- Can we include points by program instead of by total only?
- Include cohort view in data or make sure it's exportable
- Brady can follow up with Lisa on additional reporting values with EUS (can we include site, location, etc.)
11.1.16Web Service Integration (first call)Milind, Matt, Aimee, Katherine, Kalyan, Jackie- Introduction: Milind in charge of IT for Health Services (including HealthAhead), Matt is part of Milind's team. Milind oversees strategy
- Aimee is product manager for Faciltates b/c funcational and dev team.
- Content today- how is it managed? How do users access?
- User CMS (Droopal) - Aimee has highest level admin rights, works with Healthline (content provider) to access/add content into GE's system- Aimee checks, verifies and publishes with button.
- Is everything manually verified and published by Aimee?
- Is anything auto uploaded? NO
- use webservice to auto put content, hasn't been on roadmap but could be.
- new content published on ongoing basis, or is there is a cycle? Monthly cycle ~40 pz a month to Jiff. One new piece of content will be published to CSM for website in advance.
- content is pre-translated by vendor (except China- sometimes own translations) or sometimes GE translates. There is a translate feature in CMS as well.
- Old: can categorize by type; click "more content" until list is exhausted. Now, never will be more than 24 pieces of content on website at any time.
- You can share via email or "favorite" on website, but not comment. On the new site, there is a "Get Inspired" page that you can pin articles and review. Email share function will remain.
- Is the content pre-tagged via category? Aimee categorizes within Droopal; taxonomy + cms tags added by vendor with relevant terms.
- what is sophistication of taxonomy?
- solar server connects to Droopal to run taxonomy- pulls article content when tags are searched.
- What is Jiff's product strategy for content center so that GE can understand how they're requirements fit in?
10.26.16Marcom- Activation Station/expertGE: Anna, Julie, Jenn, Aimee
Jiff: Jackie, Bri, Mandy, Katie
- Activation Experts
- include collateral that leads can right on
- add tips and tricks
- site leads can offer chachkies for people who sign up at activiation station
- / health ahead will be promintent. Julie will send text to include
- Julie to send text on chachkies/directions to include
10.26.16Marcom- communication guideGE: Anna, Julie, Jenn, Aimee
Jiff: Jackie, Bri, Mandy, Katie
- Site Teams, not "site champs or leads"
- Key Dates- focus needs to be on timeline, not on photos. Can we make more graphic?
- Need to be concious of typesize with adding dates
- add timeline to top of other pages to orient where they are (breadcrumbs)
- Teaser Campaign - text is too small
- Remove bleed/crop mark downloads in comms guide but send bleed/crop to Aimee
- remove YouTube/Vimeo options for video (use MP4 and MOV only)
- Video page: add link to download email template (Aimee to build template)
- Add separation between teaser and launch
- add poster/flyer, not just "poster"
- Digital Display- remove "Jan 9"- make timeless
- Email banner: remove PDF and add "email template"- Aimee to create email templates
- Separate email banners b/w teaser and launch
- remove window clings/stand up banner from Comms kit- but send Aimee the files
- direction for Activation Stations?
- Need links from Aimee
10.26.16Marcom- inspirational videoGE: Anna, Julie, Jenn, Aimee
Jiff: Jackie, Bri, Mandy, Katie
- GE needs more diversity in video
- rephrase CTA: Go to website/download app (see logos). "The New HealthAhead: (website) "Download the HealthAhead App, powered by Jiff"
- remove dates for longevity and makes it more generic
- reference
- GE will NOT translate video
- add HealthAhead/GE for Me on last slide (not overlayed on photo b/c seems too busy)
10.26.16HealthAhead DayTVC: Patrick
GE: Anna, Jenn, Julie, Matt, Aimee
Jiff: Jackie, Bri, Cynthia, Kalyan, Mary, Katie, Mandy
Next steps- How can Jiff formulate based on GE needs?
- Joanie to schedule follow up with Patrick
In progress
10.26.16HealthAhead DayCynthia- Team is important b/c brings people together. 2 people is too small. Informational
10.26.16HealthAhead DayPatrick- TVC- Team size is a barrier, if I only want to participate with my friends- Does team size matter? Is there anyflexiblity? Informational
10.26.16HealthAhead DayAnna- All teams need to be same size
- Everyone can hit a million steps
10.26.16HealthAhead DayPatrick- TVC- everyone is going for 1,000,000 steps but there is recognition of local offices
- what do people feel most rewarded by with people around them?
- elements of competition- is that enough to motivate?
Cynthia: you're a winner if cross the finishline, don't need to be first
- We could great a goal that team of certain size so that we can motivate at a global level
10.26.16HealthAhead DayAnna- Can story be timebound?
- What would it mean to get there first
10.26.16HealthAhead DayBri- Paricipants will respond based on how we frame the race itself
- Eg walk around the community- importance to share what immediate team is doing on social
- moments of reading storyling that connects to broader company
- competitive only if those are driven by it,but doesn't need to be key takeaway
10.26.16HealthAhead DayAnna- Want to feel like a collective thing- we've heard from teams that they want a way to come together
- In listening tour; so geographically diverse that challenge app can create connectivity
10.26.16HealthAhead DayBri- Need to balance engagement (close knit team feel w/ competition) with unifying elements- storylines that connect me with GE
-We hear GE say it's Important for users to experience milestones at same moment- Why?
10.26.16HealthAhead DayAnna- Potential videos to engage? CEO doing something funny?
- Quirky moments need to highlight the right people
- Balance between quirky moments and story. Contemporaize how GE has done things in the past
10.26.16HealthAhead DayJulie- Can riff on word step to motivate other actions "Take a step towards healthy eating"Informational
10.26.16HealthAhead DayPatrick- TVC- Need call to action to step more
- some quirky moments can be around promoting other areas
10.26.16HealthAhead DayAnna- More quirky moments (eg. food fight/photos)
- like the idea of ending on HA day to build moment
- Let's focus on steps only (don't equate quitting smoking to step count)
10.26.16HealthAhead DayPatrick- TVC- Big moment: unlock Contintent
- smaller moments: keeping spirits up
- alternate between stepping and keeping momentum
10.26.16HealthAhead DayBri- General cadence should be unlocking stages/celebration/story every 3 days. Informational
10.26.16HealthAhead DayAnna- How to combine step goal with people focus with BIG step goal?
- Love idea around stories
- If you look at a 3 week duration, how much content can we deliver to people? This will define storyline
10.26.16HealthAhead DayBri- Prep before HA day- we can control when people start stepping
- We can put an end to it but there's much less predicatibilty
--> depends on how active people are
--> After 3 weeks, people get bored. We see tapering in activity level
--> depends on steps challenge; Time Based (Leaderboard)- get as many steps as you can in this amount of time; or Duration Based (here's your step goal- Race- so time is a variable)
10.26.16HealthAhead DayAnna- Views big story is around steps to unlock stories
- Anna wants to narrow away of focusing on history of GE, focus only on people
- Want to diversify stories: eg. 2 executives having a food fight; to unlock cultural differences around GE
- Excited about releasing CEO's photo
- Doesn't need to hit all topic areas in challenge content
- Do you end on HA day or start on HA day?
10.26.16HealthAhead DayBriQuestions
- Steps are overarching theme/unified goal
- Normalizing around steps? Translating healthy meal/sleep to steps. What is goal to turn them into 1 metric?
- --> to check off all topic areas (find balance, eat healthy etc.)
--> HA is not just about steps, broader healthy habits
---> We may decide it's too complicated to normalize. Maybe we should just do steps
---> do we need to equate everything to steps?
---> Can we call it points, not steps?
---> Points around the world is weaker idea than Steps around the World
---> Focus on steps is easy message. More powerful to tell a story
---> Can we use content to highlight other topics? Eg. Food Fight slide in Europe Stage
---> More important to tie all topics together instead of translate all to steps?
- If we're doing it for 2 weeks, not enough time to deliver all content w/o overwhelming
- Shrink content if we're only running for 2 weeks/tighten
- Content must motivate people to step and log steps or educate them on healthy habit they should be practicing
- May just only focus on steps-only content (activity based) (eg. no food fight but more jogging tour)
10.26.16HealthAhead DayPatrick- TVC- How to create positive challenge approach
- How to define step? Quitting smoking, having healthy meal, etc. how to celebrate all around health lifestyle, not just walking
- A million steps in the world: moving from different GE regions (eg. 200,000 steps unlocks Europe- 300,000 Africa)
- How many steps is realistic?
- Focus on people, not offices
- Stage slide ideas: Jog tour/Madrid; Walk up Eiffel Tour; watch 2 videos + vote on favorite dish; music-themed slideshow
- Can we create physical step value for non-physical activity?
- Can we incorporate GE history? (Similar to J&J) History through the eyes of the employee
- Release never before seen photos {eg. Steph 100,000 extra steps, unlock CEO high school photo}
- Timing is critical: how many weeks?
- If we're no where near target, how do we fake it?
- Minimize risk: HealthAhead Day activity to encourage global steps: "Step Live" live streamed step aerobics via FB Live
- Run life FB polls/comments throughout. Able to make it interactive session
- what is best way to equate non-phsycial steps with step count
- total # steps
- content restrictions
- test phase?
- how is app promoted/different in different countries
10.26.16HealthAhead DayTVC: Patrick
GE: Anna, Jenn, Julie, Matt, Aimee
Jiff: Jackie, Bri, Cynthia, Kalyan, Mary, Katie, Mandy
Anna Intro- HealthAhead Day overview: GLOBAL day.
- Don't always expect 500 sites to do exactly the same thing, but ask them to focus on a particular theme with HealthAhead Day
- How do we leverage HealthAhead Reimingination to bring everyone together. Feeling of unification and collaboration
- Head of HR priority: focus on people of GE.
- How do leverage day/event challenge to highlight personal side of stories of GE people to create a collective experience
10.17.16MarcomJiff: Mandy, Katie, Cynthia, Bri, Danielle, Jackie
GE: Anna, Jenn, Aimee, Julie
- Reviewed 2 options for copy and assests (teaser/launch)
- Digital screens may loop, or may be interspersed with additional content. Like having static and motion options.
- Rediscover: GE likes this concept for first initial message.
- Recharge can be saved for mid-year and used as refresh.
- Clearance for "" - if we use this for teaser, GE needs to include specific banner to mirror image.
- Digital Poster: edit- shorten copy "Rediscover HealthAhead: Your journey starts Jan 9, 2017"
- Table tents: GE preferes white space version. White space is better for printing. Card stock is recommend so it stands up and stands out.
- "Enrollment"- program doesn't require enrollment, use "Get Started" instead.
- Revise date- use "January 9th" cut 2017.
- Download the app: "Download the Jiff app, brought to you by HealthAhead". Important to highligh the Jiff app in the app store- people will get confused and search for the HealthAhead app
- Add Jiff icon w/ App store + Google Play on bottom to begin to communicate what employees need to look for.
- Mandy and Katie to revise materials and send through by FridayClosed
10.14.16Early Access Testing Jackie/Jenn- can we add Jenn + Matt to SSO list for Fidelity and Moneysense to test? - Added to test lists, will remove for launch. Closed
10.14.16Jackie/Jenn- Will we get 60 pieces on content in English? How many pieces of content per month after that?
- Jan = 60; every month after will be ~40.
- this is a manual project for Aimee so it takes a long time.
- Jenn to talk to team on Monday: When should content expire?
10.14.16Jackie/Jenn- How can make Milind more comfortable? Weekly progress updates?
10.13.16ChallengesGE: Anna, Jenn, Matt, Milind
JIff: Jackie, Bri, Cynthia, Mary, Marisa
- Reviewed Healthy Habits wireframes
- Anna: when can GE team test? Testing will take place in Feb. Can GE team get into app before then?
- GE wants to learn more about Jiff roadmap for one app, and understand user experience between two apps. How does Jiff socialize this to users?
-GE can explore HH in app in Dec. Timing TBDClosed
10.13.16ChallengesGE: Anna, Jenn, Matt, Milind
JIff: Jackie, Bri, Cynthia, Mary, Marisa
- Reviewed Race capabilities and funcationality and what can be customized (see deck)
- GE wants to know if, instead of unlocking milestones by team, could milestone be unlocked on a company level?
- Bri/Jackie to connect with product team to understand current cabilities and potential solutions. In Progress
10.13.16ChallengesGE: Anna, Jenn, Matt, Milind
JIff: Jackie, Bri, Cynthia, Mary, Marisa
- Goal for HA Day challenge is unity: feeling of unifying GE as a company
- GE team is starting to think about narrative for HA Day and challenge (potentially centralized on telling stories of GE employees)
- Jackie to loop Mandy in re: Marcom
- GE to involve Bri + Jackie in HA Day planning
10.13.16Early Access TestingJackie/Jenn- How do we test page load times for outsite US? Is it reliant on GE to find international users on each device.
- GE to select at least 1 person in Fidelity pilot and 1 money sense pilot for testing.
- Jackie to follow up with Vic re: testing page load times.
- Jenn to think of who should test for Fidelity and money sense
10.13.16MarcomJackie/Jenn- Copy needed for HA Site Lead microsite. Due 10/21
- Aimee is going to pulled a page in old site.
- Aimee will upload all materials to site. Aimee will provide us URL. Jenn will loop back on how URLs work. GE will provide URLs.
- Jackie to loop in Mandy to write copy.
10.13.16Content Center LanguagesJackie/Jenn- GE wants to push to 11/29 release but Jackie reiterated the timeline will be either 11/29 or 12/14 if not ready for first day of EAT.
- Aimee cannot pull deadline for 10/21; she will get JIff a subset of material. Only content sent by 10/21 is going to be available during EAT.
- Aimee can commit to 10/31.
- Video: what is the drop dead deadline for submitted videos for content center for Jan 1 load. GE is working with HealthLine - pushing to Dec. 1 to get new content. Does that work?
- GE trying to get videos that don't need a lot of translating. Can they put English videos as filtered in other languages? Yes, you can show a US video, but it will be a disjointed experience. It is feasible but it's not recommended.
- GE will get English content and translated across all languages. However, when it comes to older content, it may be replicated.
- Will Jiff share a spec doc of how this is works (Milind request)? Jackie follow up with Bri/Kalyan
- Jenn to follow up with Aimee on 10/31 date. Will socialize to team that only content provided by 10/21 will be tested in EAT.
- See email to Anna, Matt and team reitering timing/content/testing/etc.
10.12.16MarcomJiff: Bri, Jackie, Christian, Mandy
GE: Anna
- Who is GE's end user: different users across the world. How do we communicate with various? User is employees + families, around the world. (will have different perspectives)
- GE talked to 5K GE employees - end goal is the same: want to focus on physical activity, nutrition. Stress/relience/mindfullness/balance; quit tobacco (more in China/France, etc.); sleeping enough, prevention. Also about financial wellbeing.
- Where people want to focus is the same, but HOW is nuanced. Will continue to dig during regional focus groups
- HA Premise: 500 site with over 100+ employees. Current experience is on site: Subsidize healthy food, tobacco free sights; workout facility or classes on sight. Some family events. Moving to growing the culture of health and making it consumer focused.
- Consumer is end user. Also consider Site Champs on how to engage users. Executives are also an audience.
- HA has been global since day 1. GE typically study things for a while and then rip the cord
- Program has been in place for 8 years.
- Will understanding an app be difficult for end users? Healthcare + Aviation already use another app vendor, so level of understanding is broad and there has been exposure. GE has big digital presence. Even production lines are digitally savvy. Very highly educated workforce. Access will vary (eg. app v. web)
- Why are we not using Landor's designs/Economist build brand guidelines? Why are we building new assets?
- GE is not super edgy, but we like pithy. Clever. Keep HR and Unions in mind- does need to be carefully considered to not offend. Catchy and clear.
- Reimaginging HealthAhead: playing off Econimagination/Healthymagination. Rebranded Health by Numbers into HealthAhead to evolve how sites deliver healthy experience.
- Anna wants to give sites choice in copy.
- Look and feel should be the same as Landor designs. Clean + simple. Play with copy and emphasize but move much closer to what we have.
- Feedback from sites on other programs: leveraging table tents, flyers, cards etc. that add utility
10.12.16Content Center: LanguagesJiff: Bri, Vic, Kalyan, Jackie- Content center can follow language in the app. Requires engineering. Likely will not be ready for UAT. Likely will be ready for 11/29 or 12/14. GE MUST PROVIDE ALL CONTENT TRANSLATED BY 10/21 INCLUDING TAGS- EVERY ARTCILE MUST BE TAGGED BY LANGUAGE AND ALL LINKS MUST ALSO BE TRANSLATED. Jiff must store inside our database to tie content to language. But can be ready for 1/1. But need to make sure the experience still make sense for other clients (J&J). If there is a podcast that is not translated, it will not show. Language becomes a filter (tagged by language). Language is selcted by user in app. If there are no content language tags, nothing will show (will not default to English). Great user experiernce. All content should be translated in all langauges.
- What if GE cannot provide all translated Jan content by 10/21? Depends on GE's expectation for UAT. If they want to test all content. If we only have 6 pieces of content for langauge, user will see same piece of content every 3 days in homestream card.
- Content card in HS will be tested during UAT.
- Content center language may not switch on 11/16 but at latest 12/14.
- This solution makes sense on Jiff's product road map and makes for an overall optimal user experience; but does eat into buffer so we are still at risked. Aligns with Jiff's goals.
- In-app emails- translation scope? Translation/operational work, not product work for standard templates of product-generated emails.
- Manual steps- link is not configurable but can it change based on language selection? Known gap in terms of translation. Need to assess- can we build the website so that user can select language. Will know early next week on path forward.
10.11.16Content Center: LanguagesGE: Anna, Aimee, Milind, Jenn, Matt
Jiff: Kalyan, Vic, Bri, Jackie
- Anna does not care if they see English Content or Fr. Content- language trumps regionalization for 1/1
- What happens with events? Can this be segmented
- Short term v. Long term: both need to have language consistency for user. Either comes from device or in app profile.
- Short Term: 1/1 content that is provided by GE is the same content across all languages.
- Long Term: regionalized content
- Currently GE is sourcing generic content. GE content vendor is providing in English first, THEN translated. But we might not have all content in every language (eg. podcasts)
- What about dynamic content? Can we switch these out for article in certain places?
- Which pieces of dynamic content are not deliverable? Aimee to investigate and replace with translated content.
- Content Center will display all content that GE gives us (full set by langauge, not segmeneded) {library}
- Homestream cards will pick from Content Center, one for each topic
- If we have 60 pieces of content in English, but only 58 pieces in French, will the app work as expected? Jiff need to connect with Jiff engineers to see how we can accomodate expected behavior. Currently, functionality of rest of the app is that is something is NOT translated
- How is Jiff planning for Healthy Habits, etc?
- For 1/1, it's best for Jiff to receive all IDENTICAL content in each language. Anna agrees this is ok for short term (1/1)
- Anna: whats is v2 solution for dynamic content? And for regionalization?
10.11.16Content Center: LanguagesGE: Milind, Jenn, Matt
Jiff: Kalyan, Vic, Bri, Jackie
- Call w/ Milind to understand current content center capabilities
- Current translation process is that all strings run through Jiff translation process so that langauge setting on phone applies to all (all translated content is house in Jiff database) with the exception of Content Center, whicih is translated by GE
- Do we get translation in certain format that GE can send content center in same format so that it can reside in Jiff's database?
- each string is stored as a unique numeric ID in backend- the way we match english strings with other languages.
- Content Center is out of scope for translation.
- Simply storing the GE content means that we don't have a unique ID to match GE content with translations
- What are GE's needs: when a user in app, GE wants content to be presented in same language throughout. {For optimal user experience and user comprehension}
- Vic: initial experience is driven off phone setting, but user can select language in app.
- Kalyan: Is langauge all that GE cares about- could everyone get same content? Or does content need to be regionalized by Country?
- Milind: Must be country-specific AND available in any language the user selects
- How does this work for regionalization? GE is not provided the same content translated across all regions: this means double-eligibility: Country AND Language
- Milind: Article 1 in English could be dependent US; Article 2 in French is dependent on X country; CAN LANGUAGE BE FILTERED ON TOP OF ELIGIBILITY?
- Eg: Employee lives/works in Montreal. Country SAML is Canada/Montreal- they see Fr. Canadian. Country is a proxy
- need to solve for employees who don't align language to e-group.
- Will GE provide all content in all possible languages? No, we might not get each piece of content translated across all languages for 1/1. Jenn and Anna need to sync b/c have different beliefs on content process. Not different content for France eg. (not regionalized).
- Is content in content center country-specific? No
- Matt: if we use language setting on phone for launch, we don't have to segment by Country
- Generic content is same across languages
- GE cares more about language than regionalized content
-For Jan: need 60 standard pieces of content + 3 translations (Span, Port, French) for each.
- what happens if podcast is in English and can't be translated? We can't base off of language only.
10.11.16MarcomJackie/Jenn- No tips on table tent
- Use 1A for teaser; 1E for launch
- Julie thinking of potential CTA for teaser (eg. follow us on FB)
- include HA website on materials? Choose one CTA- either follow on social or website...
- Should we only promote HA website at Launch for new stuff?
10.10.16Early Access TestingGE: Anna, Jenn, Barbara, Julie, Aimee, Matt
Jiff: Jackie, Bri, Cynthia, Danielle
Reviewed Early Accesing Testing

-Phase 1— GE core team runs testing scripts
-Goal is to run through the test scripts - do all of these processes make sense. Jiff will assign roles
-Phase 2— broader representative sample of people (eg. Biz Op leads) **Anna's concern that if Biz Ops are included in Phase 2, the experience needs to be very buttoned up (same for Phase 3- site leads)

Feedback from GE group:
-Phase II should be fine tuning, Phase I should go longer
- Testing timeline for 4 languages/content center flow TBD.
- GE agrees to wait until after Jiff internal testing to finalize testing schedule.
- Danielle (Jiff) presented sample test script: This will be totally customized for GE. GE feedback is to be able to send image captures back as feedback.
- Question from Matt: GE has 18 stage SSOs. When will we move from stage to prod (Matt/Jackie to follow up with Vic)
- Question from Jenn: what does the process look like to solve these problems? Jiff works in real time, also in bi-weekly releases. Any testing scripts that has a fail in it we will look through and provide a status update
-Question from Anna: what have you done in terms of executive testing? special early access? Jiff only has had 1 CEO test, but happy to engage. Jenn to provide VIP list.
- Jackie to send Phase 2 consideration list; deck + notes
- Jenn to send Jiff VIP list + list of all GE email domains for End User support
- Jiff to finalize testing schedule after internal testing
In Progress
10.10.16Project Planning/ Marcomm-Jenn does not think "helpful tips" will be useful to sites. May be waste of time for Aimee to pull content and Katie to design
- Julie has TVC content vendor relationship- has approval from GE Med director to use exercices on table tent (visually focused, not text heavy)
- Jenn will review with Anna - does not make sense to expand scope if site leads need to translate.
- Katie to use approved exercise on Table Tent as test.
In Progress
10.10.16Project Planning- Jenn/Matt/Bri/Jackie brainstorm around ways of working.
- Dashboard and notes feels overwhelming to GE.
- Get tech to talk to tech: need right people in the room
- GE feels overwhelmed by amount to do.
- No shared cadence. How can we solve for this?
- Current Process: use workstreams for conversations; notes in Playbook; share Playbook; drive decisions with daily touchpoint w/ Jackie + Jenn
- Jenn feels too much volume in short period of time - "drinking from the firehouse". GE is short staffed. Jenn feels like daily/weekly touchpoint is great- but the difficulty is following up on action items
- Jenn does not feel like her team gets things far enough in advance to review. It's difficult for off the cuff meetings. More time on front end to convene team v. emailing (emails get lost in people's inbox, so they miss an important detail/update
- GE has weekly team meeting on Monday 90 mins, but still not getting through all of GE stuff that needs to get done as well as Jiff items. Two sides to the project: HealthAhead website (comms/partnerships/contracts, etc) + Jiff items
- Time and volume is main issue.
- Use product spec doc to move past assumptions. GE started in the dark on product and funcationality and had conversations without context, so Jiff assumed that GE knows certain specs.
- Jenn can't get team's attention in 24-48 hours. Need more lead time. Used to 1 week cadence, for example- Op Lead calls prep feels rushed (pitch being finalized 2 days in advance; normally would be finalized 1 week in advance)
- GE and Jiff need to be transparent on timing and scope.
- Jiff feels like GE is off and running on solutions without understanding functionality (eg. Challenges)
- Jenn and Julie need more time to coordinate efforts. Many dependent things- used to be very siloed. HA Day used to be the only thing coordinated across teams. This will get easier as GE staffs team. Need more cross-polination across teams. It feels unnatural for GE to work in this way of collaboration. What meetings does Julie need to be on?
- Jenn to include Jiff in HA Planning Mtgs
- Jackie to schedule spec doc review (Monday 10/17 during Project Team mtg)
- Jackie to upload playbook notes to Box after every workstream meeting
- Jackie/Jenn to take detailed notes on daily calls + workstreams; share action items through Box
10.6.16Content Center- Jiff reiterated issue of Content Center being segmented by e-group (country or language). This would present potentially disjointed experience (eg. English speaker living in Argentina receives Spanish content center, while rest of app follows langauge setting on phone). -Jiff/GE to brainstorm portential technical solutions to avoid disjointed experience. Kalyan and Malind to connect. Deliver solutions on Tuesday 10/11. In Progress
10.6.16Homestream- Content CardJiff presented solution for HS Content Card- 3 tile swipe updating 3x/week. Anna + team are happy with this solutionPending language fix on Content CenterIn Progress
10.5.16Onsite- Modules/RegionalizataionAnna/Jackie discussed dates and agendaConfirm timing/locationIn Progress
10.5.16W-9Anna requesting updated w-9 to set Jiff up for paymentJackie to sendComplete
Notes & Action Items
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Phase 1 EA Issue Tracker
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