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Check This OutRyan O'Donnell & Brian BriggsPD: Tech Ideas for teachersLOVE IT! My Favorite podcastRyan O'Donnell @creativeedtechAmazing Podcast on Ed Tech. that inspires others. Coach Ben approved!!
EdSurgeMary Jo MaddaEd Tech news updates, interviews, and debatesGood to have a podcast from a Educational Org not just 1 educators experiences Ryan O'Donnell @creativeedtech@gr2ipadteacher-excellent short news updates related to edtech; @Joe_Ballou they have good guests, offer a valuable summary of the business side of edtech, and do some good coverage of research.
New School VRPinky GonzalesThe New School VR Podcast helps parents, teachers, instructors, artists and engineers explore the vast potential of VR and AR assisted learning.pinky@newschoolvr.com
Moving at the Speed of CreativityWes FryerEd TechWes has been podcasting for a long time and has great tips and ideasRyan O'Donnell @creativeedtech
TechlandiaJon SamuelsonEd Tech3Ryan O'Donnell @creativeedtechAlso Coach Ben Approved!!
Every Classroom MattersVicki DavisAll Things EducationalShe shares teaching strategies, ideas, and inspirational educators from everywhere in a shorter 10-minute show.Ryan O'Donnell @creativeedtech@gr2ipadteacher interesting guests, very positive outlook @GilMattos Highly Recommended!
The Bedley BrothersScott and Tim BedleyCovers educational topics with some amazing guestsBrian Briggs @bribriggs
Of Tech and LearningDavid KampmannEducation, Technology , & Everything in BetweenFocus on higher education topics related to technology. Try to keep the tone positive.David Kampmann @mrkampmannwww.mrkampmann.com/oftechandlearning
Upgraded by HobsonsHobsonsStudent SuccessMonthly series exploring what the future of education could look like, and how students, families, and educators can connect learning to life. Great story telling: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/upgraded/id1086217543?mt=2&ign-mpt=uo%3D4 @jennastalbot
The Wired Educator PodcastKelly CroyEducation • Technology • Lifestyle • Educational InterviewsI interview educators whose work I find fresh, exciting, and inspiring. Once in awhile I do a solo episode about a particular topic. My goal is to help educators make a bigger impact and improve their lifestyle, and it is a lot of fun. Kelly Croy @wirededucator
TOSAsTalkingTECHTom Covington and Michael JephcottTechnology Integration in the Classroom. Bassett Unified School District https://goo.gl/6NR1XyGreat! Up and Coming podcast on tech. integration in the classoom. Interviews, advice on problem solving tech issues (B4UTicket), current trends in education technology, and more. Tom Covington @techtomBUSD Michael Jephcott @techmikeBUSDThese dudes are legit!!!! Super Coach Ben Approved
Pushing The Edge with Greg CurranGreg CurranPushing the Edge of Innovation and Social Justice in EducationHear Inspiring Educators who are pushing the edge on a whole range of fronts - change - innovation - social justice and diversityGreg Curran - greg@pushingtheedge.org
The Google EducastOye, there are manyThe show where we talk about educational applications for Google products, including news, tools, tips & tricks, and classroom applications.Almost weekly, check out =HYPERLINK( “[www.googleeducast.com/p/blog-page.htm]” ; “ [GoogleEducast] ” )@seani seanwilliams10@gmail.comRyan O'D "this is one of my fav Podcasts"
Stories Teachers Share - MindShiftMany TeachersEducationStories Teachers share is a podcast about what it’s like to be a teacher and what we can learn from them. It comes from the team at the wildly popular education blog MindShift, produced out of NPR member station KQED.@bribriggs
The Accidental CreativeTodd HenryCreativityLove the tagline at the end "Cover bands never chaned the world"Ryan O'Donnell @creativeedtech
The EdTech Take OutJonathan Wylie & Mindy CairneyEd Tech
Writer's AlmanacGarrison KeillorWriting facts for English classes?Good for teaching students about Literature that happened that day. Reads a poem a day, if you like that sort of thing. :)
Out of SchoolFraser Speirs and Bradley ChambersEducational TechnologyExcellent weekly discussion of issues related to school technology - particularly iPad.@michaelsladeI find it very useful in achieving a better understanding of school tech issues by two knowledgable people.
Blind Abilities TeamAccessibilityShort, frequent podcasts about accessibility.@michaelsladeGood series to help understand some accessibilty issues.
TED Radio HourNPRvingnettes of TED talks grouped by topichttp://www.npr.org/podcasts/510298/ted-radio-hour@dustin772Dustin Ellis, I love to listen while running! TED is always an ed-win!
Coach Corner Coach BenCoaching Strategies and Edtech inovationhttp://coachben.podomatic.com
https://goo.gl/6eQZHZ (Vlog)
EdTech TVhttp://edtech.tveducation / technology / best practicesBrent Warner@EdTechTV
Fifth Grade Lifehttp://www.spreaker.com/user/remscience-stannesA 5th grade perspective on school events, education, etc.I am helping my fifth grade students produce this. We started in the late fall with script writing.Rebekah @RemScience
This Week in GoogleLeo LaPorte & Jeff JarvisEverything Google. Also social media stuff.Kyle. Love this podcast. Sometimes a bit long, but there's always some tip/trick that I get out of it. Leo LaPorte & Jeff Jarvis are hilarious.@kylehunsbergerThis show goes SUPER deep on some really key technology issues. Great discussions.
NWP RadioVarious teacher leaders and staff from the National Writing ProjectWide-ranging but with focus on stories of teaching/learning, professional development, and youth leadership. Particular interest in writing and digital making. Interviews with authors of books in education and with teachers about projects and approaches to connected and deeper learning.These hourlong shows have been going on twice monthly for many years on BlogTalkRadio. Available on iTunes.@writingproject
Generation Anthropocenehttps://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/generation-anthropocene/id526637040?mt=2Earth Science - done by college students at Stanford@srkaviarThis is not only a fascinating podcast about our changing climate and man's contribution, but also because students have created it, making good use of professors at Stanford.
Teachers ask Jen SerravalloJen SeravalloELA TCRWP and AuthorLisa Robles @lisa_teacher
Every Classroom MattersCool Cat TeacherTech, PBLVery knowledgeableLisa Robles @lisa_teacherLots of good ideas, interviews...
Middle School Mattershttps://itunes.apple.com/podcast/middle-school-matters/id261383649?mt=2All things middle schoolLoved this one when I was a middle school teacher. Great ideas and funny!@srkaviar
Small School Big Tech PodcastAndrew Schwab & Mike Vollmerted techhttps://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/small-school-big-tech-podcasts/id370917047?mt=2@dustin772
ROJO5THhttp://apple.co/1TXbkLa5th Grade Student Podcasts@rojo5thLove listening to the kids
teach thoughttechthout.com51 Education Podcasts for the 21st Century TeacherVykki Morgan - haven't listened yet but bookmarked - need find what I like and subscribe
Educators Leadhttp://www.educatorslead.com/Inspiration and practical advice to help launch educators into the next level of leadershipInspirational interviews with superintendents, principals, assistant principals, authors, and other educational leaders sharing their story of how they got to where they are today (struggles, lessons learned, advice they wish they would have taken, etc.). Great resource for anyone interested in educational leadership.@JayWillis1
EdTech situation roomWes Fryer, Jason NeifferTechnology news and how it relates to education and the classroom.Similar style to TWIT or TWIG but with an education focus, more greatness from Wes Fryer@SimonYoud
TeacherCast PodcastJeff BradburyEducational Technology and Pedagogywww.TeacherCast.net@TeacherCast
TechEducator PodcastJeff Bradbury, Sam Patterson, Jeff Herb, Jenn Scheffer, Jen Judkins, David Saunders, Josh GauthierEducational Technology and Pedagogywww.TechEducatorPodcast.com@TechEdShow
Ask the Tech CoachJeff BradburyEdTech "How To"www.AskTheTechCoach.com@TeacherCast
Educational Podcasting TodayJeff BradburyHow to create Podcasts and WordPress Websiteswww.EducationalPodcasting.tips @PodcastingToday
TeacherCast App SpotlightJeff BradburyInfomercials featuring EdTech Companieswww.TeacherCast.net/AppSpotlight@TeacherCast
Today's Tech CoachKeith George and Mark ColemanFor instructional Technology Coach, Educational Technology Leaders, and teachers.http://www.bigtechcoach.com/p/ttc-show-notes.html@bigtechcoach
TeachComputingAlan O'Donohoe & guestsEducational Technology and Pedagogyhttps://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/alan-odonohoe/id482494084?mt=2Alan O'D @teknoteacher
Today In Digital EducationDoug Belshaw & Dai BarnesEducational Technology and Pedagogyhttp://tidepodcast.org/Alan O'D @teknoteacher
Education InnovationNikki Navta, Dr Todd KeruskinGame Based Learninghttps://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/education-innovation/id722372916?mt=2Dustin Stiver
American RadioworksStephen SmithEducation writ largeConsistently well produced documentary stories about education. Regularly bringing in researchers, administrators, policymakers and teacher voices, covering a range of big trends in education.Rafi Santo @empatheticsAgree this is broad-ranging, well-produced and always informative
Principals of ChangeDaniel Allen & Wes KrieselEducation Leadership and School Transformationwww.principalsofchange.org@schoolmadefresh
The eLearning Coach PodcastConnie MalamedeLearning / Instructional DesignParticularly relevant for Instructional Designers or those aspiring to work in the Instructional Design field@robbielangI do listen to it. I'm a bit behind in episodes, but will usually catch up in some binge listening sessions
Getting Smart PodcastTom Vander Ark and his staff K-12, HigherEd and lifelong learninghttps://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/getting-smart-podcast/id1017984086?mt=2@STEM_istLove the conversations in this podcast.
House of #EdTechChristopher J. NesiEducation TechnologyExplores how technology is changing the way teachers teach and the impact that technology is having in education.Education Podcast Network
Angela Watson's Truth For TeachersAngela WatsonK-12 PedagogyDesigned to speak life, encouragement, and truth into the minds and hearts of educators and get you energized for the week ahead.Education Podcast Network@kristymwarren- I listen to this one weekly!
thecultofpedagogyJennifer GonzalezK-12 PedagogyIf it has something to do with teaching, we're talking about it. Jennifer Gonzalez interviews educators, students, administrators and parents about the psychological and social dynamics of school, trade secrets, and other juicy things you'll never learn in a textbook.Education Podcast Network@GilMattos - Fantastic! One of my favorites - ever!
The Early Childhood Research PodcastLiz HahEarly ChildhoodKeeps you up to date with all the latest research and how we can apply new findings into our homes and classrooms. Listen to researchers, authors, teachers and parents talk about what's working for them and what isn't!Education Podcast Network
Principally SpeakingJason BodnarSchool LeadershipThis is a great podcast for newer administrators like myself to gain great ideas from those who have been there before and other life-long learners!Education Podcast Network
Better Leaders Better SchoolsDaniel BauerSchool LeadershipDaniel Bauer interviews top school principals as well as industry leaders to unpack their leadership insights learned via their experiences and mistakes. Discover how to create a winning school culture, focus on the essential, and lead with courage and integrity.Education Podcast Network@jpdropik-Great resource for leadership, not only informative but collaborative. Very beneficial
PrincipalPLNTheresa Stager, Jessica Johnson, Spike CookSchool LeadershipEach week we interview teachers, principals, superintendents, authors and presenters to learn how to become more effective educators!Education Podcast Network
Tranformative PrincipalJethro JonesSchool LeadershipJethro Jones interviews instructional leaders from around the nation to learn and teach what it takes to become a transformative principal.Education Podcast Network
Always A Lesson’s Empowering Educators PodcastGretchen (Schultek) BridgersK-12 PedagogyEducators! Is your passion tank running on empty? Look no further. Gretchen of Always A Lesson has a double dose of just what you need. Come fill yourself up with an Empowering Educators podcast to start your day feeling… EMPOWERED!Education Podcast Network
EDURoadTripGreg Bagby, Justin Birckbichler, and Mari VenturinoK-12Set up like a national road trip, this podcasts explores lessons gleaned from landmarks, meets up with featured guests, and shares teaching tips and tricks. Join us on the journey that is education.Education Podcast Network
Intructional Tech TalkJeff HerbEducation Technologyconsistently well produced documentary stories about education. Regularly bringing in researchers, administrators, policymakers and teacher voices, covering a range of big trends in education.Education Podcast Network
EdTech You Should KnowJeff HerbEducation TechnologyJeff Herb shares the latest and greatest Educational Technology tools on EdTech You Should Know - a show for educators at all levels and in all positions.Education Podcast Network
#30SecondTakeDr. Brad GustafsonK-12A fast-paced podcast that pits two people in a digital duel. Each person has 30 seconds to share their take on an important issue in education. Listeners will walk away with succinct responses to guiding questions from innovative practitioners in the field.Education Podcast Network
Dads In Ed PodcastJosh Allen, Brent Catlett, Devin SchoeningEducationJoin these three dads and educators as they discuss relevant - or not so relevant - topics that matter to guys who work in education.Education Podcast Network
Adam Jones Ed PodcastAdam JonesEducationAn interview-heavy show, Adam informally chats with education leaders about progressive education, technology integration and what it takes to nurture healthy learning communities.Education Podcast Network
Hack Learning with Mark BarnesMark BarnesEducation,
Education Technology
Mark Barnes, creator of the Bestselling Hack Learning Book Series, provides practical hacks you can implement immediately, because you don't need a 5-year plan.Education Podcast Network
Kindergarten Kioskhttps://twitter.com/kinderkioskEarly ChildhoodDiscuss topics relevant to the education of young children.Education Podcast Network
Tumble Science Podcast for KidsLindsay Patterson & Marshall EscamillaScience, STEMExploring stories of science discovery! Starts with kid questions and interview scientists and scientists communicators about the process behind science. Perfect for kids 6-12 and listening in class. Highly produced and fun!tumblepodcast@gmail.com
Talks With TeachersBrian SztabnikEnglish and allGreat interviews with master teachers! Lots of English teachers, but other subjects too! http://talkswithteachers.com/
The Education Gadfly ShowMike Petrilli from Thomas B Fordham InstituteEd reform, ed policy, ed researchDoes a good run down of some of the big news in education policy and politics; gives a good summary of important research. Commentary leans conservative, but is mixed with some good humor and self-awareness that makes it tolerable if they express views you disagree with.@Joe_BallouI listen periodically. Have worked with one of the frequent guest hosts. (JB)
The Tech Gypsies PodcastKin Lane and Audrey WattersEducation, Technology , & Everything in BetweenFrom AudreyWatters.com "We all should consider the implications of technology on how we teach and learn, lest the future of ed-tech be just like the history of ed-tech: learners as pigeons."@EGHSPrincipalRI
The Edtech PodcastSophie BaileyGlobal Edtech From the former head of content at Bett. Features trend topics and interviews with the personalities behind global edtech. Featured on itunes new and noteworthy. Comes from out of the UK.@PodcastEdtech
CueNotesCueThink Academic TeamMathematics Education, Pedagogy, EdTech5 -minute PD! classroom ideas for educators or Professional Learning Communities. Each CueNotes Episode contains resources available for download.@CueThink
Stuff You Missed in History ClassTracy V. Willson & Holly FreyHistoryShort episodes that cover all manner of topics from history that typically won't show up in a high school history curriculum. The topics are engaging and the guests brought on the show are some of my favourite episodes. I am a high school history teacher and this podcast was originally recommended to me by a student.@CaitlinLawson24
Beyond the Hour of CodeSam PattersonStudent SuccessThe author, Sam invites you to listen to parts of his book that geniunely focuses on promoting innovation by personally connecting students (being themselves) and more. Great ideas! @4sissielola
Grammar GirlMignon FogartyGrammarStudents loved tuning into current grammar trends for an in-class warm-up back when I taught English, especially because we did so few explicit grammar lessons.Betsy Sergeant Snow @snowfoto
Teachers Talking TechEric RobinsonTeachers review of sites and technology for education (K-12). https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/teachers-talking-tech/id989652829?mt=2@PatoWonton
Travel with Rick StevesRick StevesEuropean TravelInformative half hour(ish) topics on travel and destinationsbrknitter@musd.org
The Goin' Digital ShowDr. Greg GoinsPodcast for K-12 School LeadersLive show on Teach Cow Network (www.teachcow.com) that features many of the nation's top school superintendents, principals and innovators in K-12 education. Available on iTunes and Stitcher. www.drgreggoins.comdrgreggoins@gmail.com
Harvard EdCastMatt WeberThought Leaders in Educationhttps://soundcloud.com/harvardedcast
Stuff You Should KnowJosh Clark & Chuck BryantGeneralIn-depth research from all sides on a wide variety of topics (examples: mermaids, Evel Knievel, How Night Terrors Work) told in a fun, lighthearted way.Nicole Beardsley nbeardsley@campbellusd.org
Story Pirates
Radiotopia (Podcast family)VariousVarious narrative and investigative serieshttps://www.radiotopia.fm/
Surprisingly Awesome Adam Davidson and Adam McKayTaking on subjects that appear boring and explaining why they're awesomehttps://gimletmedia.com/show/surprisingly-awesome/Michelle mseugling@lvjusd.org
Google Teacher Tribe PodcastMatt Miller, Kasey BellG+ Suite and beyond for edhttp://googleteachertribe.com/lynchm@unionsd.org
ASCD Learn Teach Lead RadioBAM Radio NetworkASCD Learn Teach Lead Radio, where you'll hear engaging conversations between ASCD Emerging Leaders and leading authors, experts, and practitioners on the topics that matter to today's educators and impact the success of each child.https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/ascd-learn-teach-lead-radio/id1093613867?mt=2@bribriggsGreat words and wisdom from and for administrators
Learn with John Eick PodcastJohn EickThe Learn with John Eick Podcast packages the topics of 21st Century Learning and Leadership in a paradigm of hope, wonder and gratitude. Stop by and listen for a little laughter, inspiration and edu-straight talk.https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/learn-with-john-eick-podcast/id1177305939?mt=2@bribriggsGreat casual conversations about learning and leading. John is super fun and very knowledgeable. I love this podcast!
TLC Ninja TeachersLisa Nowakowski and Nancy MinicozziTech. Learn. Coffee. A podcast by teachers for teachers. Join edtech nerdists Lisa Nowakowski and Nancy Minicozzi (aka @NowaTechie and @CoffeeNancy) as they have a little coffee and talk innovation in the classroom to help bring out the innovator in you.https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/tlc-ninja-teachers/id1097982306?mt=2@bribriggsQuick conversations with teachers that can help transform your classroom!
Teaching TalesBrent ColeyStories from the classroom and lessons learnedWhat’s better than a good story? A story with a message! Join Brent and a different guest each episode as they share a story or two from their experiences in education, along with the lessons they've learned that have helped them grow as educators.@brentcoleyThis is a great podcast! -Tim Bedley
ClarksRoomJoe ClarkShort thoughts on Educational Leadership. This is the unedited thoughts from my brain to yours.http://www.clarksroom.com/podcast-list@Clarksroom
EdTechWeeklyRicky Zager, Kristy WarrenEd Tech news of the weekly, featured segment, 1:1, professional learning and moreBi coastal, K-higher ed@kristymwarren
The 5-Minute MishMashTim BedleyQuick tips from a veteran teacher. Plethora of topics for educators.@5minMishMash
Tech Tips 2Day with JimJames RobertsJim shares cool websites.I get at least one good idea from each episode@tbed63
The Creative ClassroomJohn SpencerInnovation. Deep thoughts with a knowledgeable, passionate educator.LOVE this podcast! John's style is very calm and not flashy, but he has such great ideas to share. I've learned a ton from him!@tbed63
The Alien Adventures of Finn Caspian: Science Fiction for Kids
By Typedrawer MediaSciFi Podcast for KidsThe Alien Adventures of Finn Caspian is a serialized science-fiction story for kids (start with Episode 1), told in 15-20 minute episodes for parents to put on when driving around town, or to marathon on road trips, or to bond over before bed. Described as a "mystery gang" story, sort of like Scooby-Doo in space.@bribriggs
The Ed Podcast Shane Lawrence Conversations about the teaching life. A teaching podcast for real teachers. No lists, no inspirational quotes. Just straight up convo's about the real life of teaching. @theedpodcast
Time to TeachTami Jimenez Tips, advice & suggestions for teachers, including pertinent topics & issues in education.This podcast airs a different series each month. Every series is meant to dig deeper into the overarching topic or issue. It's the perfect podcast for all educators enthusiastic about education. @TamiJ123
Planning Period PodcastBrad ShrefflerTeacher interviews, various issues, solutions, and stories facing educators and education.This podcast consists of information interviews with a different person connected to education each week. Inspired by the kind of natural conversations you might have when running into someone in the break room during your planning period (hence the name). Conversations range heavily, but tend to focus on the issues and topics relevant and current in education.@BradShreffler
Que sera Sarah? Sarah Lalonde
Que sera Sarah? vous offre les perspectives d'une enseignante en formation à la Faculté d'éducation à l'Université d'Ottawa. Suivez-moi dans ma découverte de l'enseignement et écoutez mes réflexions personnelles et mes conversations avec des experts ; ce podcast parle de tout et de n'importe quoi en éducation !
Je suis étudiante de première année à la Faculté d'Ottawa! Je partage avec vous mon cheminement en enseignement @sarahhhh_anneee
Derek Rhodenizer
Conversations with educators, breaking down the philosophies behind education.
This podcast has been amazing professional development, allowing me to have great, in depth conversations with a wide variety of educators. It's a grea space to learna dn grow!@DerekRhodenizer