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@appropriantPerpetual MorningI keep watching yuri anime and I still don't know why. (Kase-san and Morning Glories)The Killer Rabbit of Gun Gale Online. (Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online)Thank god, Masayuki Miyaji is still alive. (Seven Deadly Sins)Batman. Ninja. (Batman Ninja)Weekly Movie NightLiteral retail hell. (Skull-face Bookseller Honda-san)Late bloom or cut petals? (Bloom Into You)Love comes afterwards, darling. (Darling in the FranXX)I love reaction gifs. (Asobi Asobase)OP of the Year. (Pop Team Epic) ED of the Year. (Asobi Asobase)Persona 3 is good, baby BABY BABY BABY BAY B-B-BABY BABY BABY BABY BABYYou did do something, Rei. (March comes in like a lion.)
@nigelryansNaijeruMy 2017 & 2018 in Anime, ComparedOverrated 2018 AnimeUnderrated 2018 AnimeOlder Anime I Watched in 2018Best Music in Anime 2018Best Moments in Anime 2018The Best, Worst, and Most Annoying Anime of 2018Personal Routines, Integrating Anime in LifeI've Been Burnt Out of Seasonal AnimeLooking Through My Anime Backlog, First Priorities in 20192018 Anime Roundup, Onwards to 2019Christmas Ramblings
@SpiritusNoxSAMusings and PretensionsYuru Camp, Cell Phones, and technology as companionship rather than escapeBloom Into You, Touko Nanami, and the terror of social performanceReincarnated As A Slime And The Power Of Positive FablesThe Ancient Magus' Bride, Grief, Forgiveness, and Taking OwnershipHitman and Death To CapitalismAlexis Kerib, The Cruelest Villain Of 2018Hero Academia and All Might As One Of The Greatest Mentors In Anime (POSTPONED: Eh, we'll get back to this, maybe)2018 Soundtrack ShoutoutsMusings on 2018 in gamingBest anime scenes 20182018 Winter Breakdown2018 Anime Superlatives
@_Zeria_ZeriaCode Geass, the Perfect Introduction to AnimeDiscovering Otaku Culture Through OreimoK-On Forced Me to Engage with True FriendshipYuru Yuri's Gatewy to Girls' LoveLearning to Relax with Hidamari SketchNanoha: The Young Adult Novel of AnimeDurarara's Accurate Portrayal of SubcultureHow Aria Made Me a Better PersonGhost in the Shell Changed my PoliticsI Used to be a Wandering SonEmbracing Queerness with Flip FlappersAnime's Eternal Brilliance in Shirobako
@wissewordsWis[s]e WordsNetflix Genesis EvangelionYou would call She-Ra your waifu if she’d been an animeMarco Polo was the first weebSlime v SlayerThis zombie is trans and that's NO coincidenceKindred Spirits under One Roof:
Himote House
Frankenstein Family: normality is overratedThe first boy Precure is genderqueerWatching too many pretty boysWatching too much slice of moeWatching too many kids showsWatching too much anime in 2018
@senpainotesSenpaiNotesClannad and IThe Ibuki Sisters in ClannadSome Thoughts on TomoyaF*** SunoharaFlip Flappers and Funeral by Arcade FireKotomiKirito and UtenaWatch Ladies versus ButlersSuguha
@StudentOf EthThe Incoherency VaultKoyomi Vamp & My Favorite AnimeJolynemonogatari Chapter Two: Suruga Monkey & Unrequited Feelings
Jolynemonogatari Chapter Three: Tsubasa Cat & Livetweeting/RewatchingJolynemonogatari Chapter Five: Tsubasa Family & My Family
Jolynemonogatari Chapter Six: Tsubasa Tiger & RepressionJolynemonogatari Chapter Seven: Mayoi Jiangshi & TearsJolynemonogatari Chapter Ten: Suruga Devil & Emotions
Jolynemonogatari Chapter Eleven: Sodachi Lost & Depression
Jolynemonogatari Chapter Eight: Nadeko Medusa & Suicide
Jolynemonogatari Chapter Nine: Hitagi End & The Perfect Anime
Jolynemonogatari Chapter Twelve: Ougi Dark & Endings
Sepulchral Resonance
PrologueChapter 1Chapter 2Chapter 3Chapter 4Chapter 5Chapter 6Chapter 7Chapter 8EpilogueThe Melancholy of Shinjo AkaneAfter The Rain
@Kachan_AnimeKa-chan Anime ReviewWhy I Love Idolish7What IS That?: KaijuRevisiting Fruits BasketQuite the Roller Coaster: Darling in the FranxxI Just Missed HideFree, Free, and More Free!Love, Loss, and Violet EvergardenOvercoming Tragedy with Kaoru IjuinStress, Anxiety, and the Sibyl SystemDouble Decker & Western Crime ShowsWhy Should I Care?: Kakuriyo no Yadomeshi Second HalfWhat 2019 Has In Store
@JackisboyJackisboyThe Problem with Chibi ReviewsThe Problem with Bunny Girl SenpaiThe Problem with Classic PokemonThe Problem with Avatar The Last AirbenderThe Problem with Tokyo Ghoul:re animeThe Problem with DemolitonDThe Problem with One PieceThe Problem with Fairy TailThe Problem with ForneverworldThe Problem with Hunter x Hunter?The Problem with Gigguk
@kobeAnime ahh it's kobe
@Ember_ReviewsEmber ReviewsHow to Train Your Reboot: Analyzing 2018 Anime RebootsGaro: Vanishing Line - Masterclass in Terrible Action DirectingTakagi-san vs. Pop Team Epic: Adaptation AnalysisPlanet With: Watered-Down MizukamiEmotional Complexity in Liz and the Blue BirdThe Appeal of PokemonAsobi Asobase, Aho Girl, and the Apathetic ComedyDarling in the FranXX: Why We Crave MelodramaWhat Happened to Digimon tri?Anime: Death via GlobalizationGintama: Shining, Smiling, Silver SoulComic Girls: Manic Manga Artist Anxiety
@MagicConan14The Animanga SpellbookGolden Kamuy's Attitude Towards FoodMerc Storia's Coming-of-AgeShould Anime Cater to "Overseas Markets"?The State of Anime, Manga and Associated Merchandise in 2018Starting ReLIFE in Another World (ReLIFE: Kanketsu-hen)Idolish7 and the Pride of an IdolThe Importance of the Sequential Nature of Media (re: an experience with Usagi Drop)Eden of the East: This is Obviously PoliticalBeing Strung Along for Season 3 (Bungou Stray Dogs: Hitori Ayumu/Dead Apple)So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish (Tsuritama)Sweet Mystery (Hyouka review for Reverse Thieves Secret Santa)Looking Forward to Winter 2019
Turtledovebe esoteric on purpose or dieThing Good: Karaage TarouSome Manga I Read This YearComic Girls Is Really Good But Here Is The Single Thing I Wish Was Different About ItPan De Peace Was A Show About BreadSome Games I Played This YearAnimecore Art That's Really Good But In Like A Fucky WaySome Games I Watched Other People PlayOof owie oh no :(Oof owie oh no :(Oof owie oh no :(Oof owie oh no :(Oof owie oh no :(
@Ima_Ga_SaikouDawn of the Second DayThe True Powers of the Valkyries: Symphogear and Growing UpI'm a Devilman, too: Humanity by Self-IDI'm sorry I failed
@Evanit0Evanit0Waifu WednesdayWaifu WednesdayWaifu WednesdayWaifu WednesdayWaifu WednesdayWaifu WednesdayWaifu WednesdayWaifu WednesdayWaifu WednesdayWaifu WednesdayWaifu WednesdayWaifu Wednesday
@kiddticKidd's Anime BlogContemporary Dating Culture and Why Love is Hard For OtakuA Neo Genesis of EvangelionAnime Culture in ZambiaSecret Society of ComfAggretsukoVirtual Idols and Youtubers
@andrearitsuAndrea RitsuKino's Gender: How Localization Mischaracterized An Agender CharacterWhy Comic Girls Is The Most Underrated Anime Series Of 2018Social Justice Magical Girls: (Almost) 15 Years Of PreCure Smashing Gender NormsI Månens Namn: Sailor Moon In SwedenMs. Vampire And The Recent Trend Of Lesbian Vampire MangaAndromeda Shun, Netflix And The Fear Of Effeminate MenSpoiler-Free Review: Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha DetonationI experienced technical difficulties and were unable to keep recording and as such failed the 12 days.
@anointed_geekThe Anointed GeekViolet Evergarden from Violet EvergardenYuzuki Shiraishi from A Place Further than the UniversePopuko and Pipimi from Pop Team EpicAnzu from HinamatsuriKaoruka Moeta from Comic GirlsKatsuki Bakugou from My Hero AcademiaHanako Honda from Asobi AsobaseMahiru Tsuyuzaki from Revue StarlightAyano Hanesaki from Hanebado!Lily Hoshikawa from Zombie Land SagaTouko Nanami from Bloom into YouAkane Shinjou from SSSS.Gridman
PeriPeri's Anime RamblingsIsekai Can Still Be GoodEpisode 10 of SAO Alizisation is the Culmination of Why the Show is Genuinely Terrible
@idrinknwatchaniI Drink and Watch AnimeT5 anime Christmas episodesI'm dreaming of a Shiro ChristamsAnime BoxOffice for 2018Sachiko FujinumaZombieland Saga reminded me a few thingsGurren LagannFavourite shows I watched in 2018Top 5 Anime GiftsAll I want for Chrsitmas is a MechaCells at WorkA thank you letter to my anime role modelsHopes and Dreams
@EclaTheDragonRuminatedScrawlings.wordpress.comHow I discovered Sound! Euphonium
@ennui_on_meEnnui On MeDevilman Crybaby's Hypnotic AppealAkira Doesn't Matter
@100wordanime100 Word AnimeSiluca MeletesShimadaAniEliasSayakaErenShizueLinAkariGoroKanameDiablo
@wen_sirius094When Sirius WritesT12 Animes of 2018Another List of Amazing English Dubbed AnimesT12 "Worst" Animes of 2018Being Late in LifeChildren Animes are actually good!Not Enough Ecchi AnimesWatching seasonal animes is a hassleI need more Yuri!!Slice of Life animes are literally giving me LifeAggretsuko, Wotakoi and AdultingMy T24 Favorite Animes of All TimeAnimes to watch in 2019 (from my backlog)
@TheHagitaPolar HalvesThat one Marvel AnimeTop 10 OPs of 2018Top 8 EDs of 2018FGO and Imagining CharacterDon't Leave Me AloneJazz is InfectiousWhat Does Happiness Mean?Distance in Liz and the Blue BirdBeing an Individual in Liz and the Blue BirdLife Goes OnYou Worked Hard, So It's Only Right That It Works OutTop 10 anime of 2018/All Time + Some Leftover Thoughts
@inksquid43Through the PaintingDiscovering Comfy SoLHighlight of Winter: Yorimoi's dream sequenceHighlight of Spring: Legend of Galactic Heroes and Ideological DogmaHighlight of Summer: Planet With, Violence, Love, and RedemptionHighlight of Autumn: Thunderbolt Fantasy 2 and HYYYYYPEHatsume Mei, and the confidence to be yourselfWhen Hype Lets You DownSeirei no Moribito, a reviewIm@s: Thank you for the Smiles (Shitpost)Anime Secret Santa: Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi reviewBest of 2018 Part 1Best of 2018 Part 2
@KamimamimashitaKamimashitaIn Praise of OP/EDWhat's in an OP? - The Maturation of Hachikuji MayoiUma Musume is American FootballRun With a Light Breeze - Relatability at Every LevelCooking with Kami: Hamburg SteakWakako-zake - The Joy of "Pshuuu"Maho is MozartRin is a Loner—And That's OkayIs Yama no Susume A Strictly Better Yuru Camp Δ?Explaining My Scoring SystemWe Should All Be a Little More Like Kaban-sanRude Awakenings in Violet Evergarden
@lapsterrThe Anime Duck CompendiumGuin's Moon CarOuka Ninja Scrolls and Weird SequelsCard Captor Sakura, Clear Card and the Spirit of a SeriesUtawarerumonoLast Period is more Higurashi than HigurashiShort Awards 2018Porun Defence Squad Assemble!Mammo's JourneyThat time Chuchu was evil for about five minutesPrecure All For YouAtarashi! - Exploring the gdgdverseRun Diva Run - Minarai Diva and Pushing Nonsensical Boundaries
@BlueZeroBlueZero12 Days of Mashima Waifus
@aCarriageReturnA Carriage Return[Twelve] Waiting for the rain[Eleven] Combat Baker & the Comfort in Knowing[Ten] Meeting Kiyono Yasuno and the Weirdness of Seiyuu Fandom[Nine] "It's a leap of faith"[Eight] Sweet Dreams of Amanchu[Seven] Future Great Mage In-training, Kohaku[Six] Somehow I Found Myself with a Lovable Demon Daughter[Five] On the Minute Moments of Resounding Impact[Four] Carriage’s Adventures in the Land of the Rising Sun[Three] Crumbling Pillars[Two] All We're Given[One] Hello you, Hello me
@RedStripe118RedStripe118The Adorable Tragedy of Teasing Master Takagi-sanDragon Ball FighterZ, a Toonami-Era Dream Come TrueScattered Musings on Mamoru Hosoda's MiraiSAO Alternative Gun Gale Online Nails the Fundamental Silliness of ShootersGintama Works Surprisingly Well as a Casual WatchA Couple of Cool Things That Happened to This Anime Fan in 2018Whoever Decided to Use Denki Groove for the Devilman Crybaby OP Deserves a RaiseLearning All of the Wrong Lessons from Cells at Work!The Endearing Non-Rivalry Underpinning Laid-Back CampYotsuba&! Finally Breaks Its Hiatus in America, and I Couldn't Be More JoyfulThe Wotakoi Best Boy (plus a Good Two Years for Adulting AnimeMy Favorite Anime in Recent Memory [March comes in like a lion]
@RiverRodeRiver RodeLostorage Conflated Wixoss and the Purpose of Tragic EndingsMy Seven Days: Narrative vs. Choice in Visual NovelsCharacter Arcs of Protagonists in the Yu-Gi-Oh Sequel TrilogyMHA: The Two Heroes: Cinematic Experiences and Subjective ScoringSSSS.Gridman: Fleeting Youthful, Forever BeautifulReview: SSSS.GridmanBehind the Mask of Into the Spider-VerseShokugeki no Soma: Good ArtReview: Seishun Buta Yarou
@somaisbatmanFloating CatacombsKuragehime: The Gender Fairytalecardcaptor sakura eternal gushpieceUtena and She-Ra Both Have Princesses so I'm Legally Obligated To Comment On ThatHow to Properly Rate Your Anime because This Matters A LotHeaven Will Be Mine is already an animeFuck it, Kero Kero Bonito is also animeget a haircut.I'm Not Going To Write About Concrete Revolutio, In An Attempt To Project Mysteriousness And Get You To Watch It For YourselfI Was Going To Do A Comprehensive Writeup on Juri, But Then I Started A Playthrough Of Pokemon PlatinumAnime TaxonomyI Won't Use Your Illegal Streaming Site Unless You Have A Random Anime ButtonAdults In LGBT Manga Are So God Damn Important
@SubtitledAnimeSubtitled AnimeNagi no Asukara + changeHibike! Euphonium + Orpheus in the UnderworldGhost in the Shell + Marshall McLuan and Medium is the MessageBoruto + Cheating SonPengiunDrum + Trains and the Passage of FateNaoko Yamada + LegsRakugo Shinju + Framing of DynamicsRevue Starlight, Tendou Maya + PowerSteins Gate is a Better Love Story Than ThrillerHibike! Euphonium, Haruka + Finding of Leadership Bloom Into You + Space and RelationshipsA Place Further Than The Universe + Friendship
@Esharp777Caffeinated TelescopesLearning to Love Pt. 1 (The Tatami Galaxy)Learning to Art (Comic Girls)Learning to Grow Up (FLCL)Learning to Watch (Monogatari)Anime I Watched In 2018 That Aren't From 2018 Part 1Anime I Watched In 2018 That Aren't From 2018 Part 2Learning to ChangeLearning to FeelLearning to ListenLearning to LiveLearning to Love Pt. 2
@Chumbo_21ChumboHuman Experience (Usagi Drop)Simplicity of a Love Story (TadaKoi)
@Jojimatthewshttps://www.youtube.com/user/littleG47Sheckley and animeTatsuyuki TanakaKuuki-keiAnime TenchouThemes????Storyclock as an analytical toolkit
@blautoothdmandblautoothdmandExtraWoman Who Stole FingersKikumana00:08A Child's MetaphysicsBirthday BoyNakedyouthLa Maison en Petits CubesA Feather Stare at the DarkGlassy OceanFantascope: TylostomaMidori-ko
@overlookingstuAn Overlooking ViewB: The Beginning: Forgive Me, For I Cannot Remember the SpecificsGetting Hooked on a Precure Series: Hugtto Precure Ep 4Ojamajo Doremi & Lessons in EmpathySome Manga RecommendationsNotes on Mononoke: Zashikiwarashi + Sea BishopScattered Thoughts on Nana Daiba & Revue StarlightThe Failures of Banana Fish's AdaptationTsurune. It's okay but I kinda love it.SSSS.Gridman: Teenage Empathy & IsolationMirai's Use of ArchitectureThe Lasting Beauty of Liz and the Blue Bird's Opening SceneRuminations on Mari Okada
@TheAstralGeminiThe Zodiac RoomMixing Melodies: An Ode to Yoko Kanno - A True Pioneer of MusicSoft Sounds and Simple Pleasures - How a Fluffy Moe Show Captured My HeartWords, Emotions, and the Complexity of the Human HeartWhy Do I Dream of a Bunny Girl Senpai?Family Matters in HinamatsuriIsekai is a Terrible GenreWinter Special: My Top 5 Snowscapes in AnimePocket Picks: Spyce Up Your LifeCooking in Anime: Christmas Special
@carrotcubKizuna ReverieRiding the Bus, Watching Cardcaptor SakuraLove Live! Set a Love Live in My HeartLillie Blooms Under the Sun and Moon
@L_zerbGetting up EarlyAkane's Struggle to Save Her Friend
@WattheWutWattheWutRevue Starlight is a TragedyAll They Left Behind was a Feather: Love Live! AnalysisLife Through Experience: Sora Yori mo Tooi Basho AnalysisLife Through the Motions: Yuru Camp AnalysisWhen Does SAO NOT Work?Power Through Unity: Kamen Rider Build AnalysisSeven Deadly Sins: What the HELL Happened?Understanding Art and the Artist: Comic Girls AnalysisAlita: Battle Angel is a MISTAKEChihaya's Promise: The iDOLM@STER AnalysisMelody of the Heart: Love Live! AnalysisThe Power You Gave Me: Love Live! Analysis
@Lizzo_B2SSoulcial Dreamin' Ent10 Visual VibesNetflix's Cowboy Bebop5 Anime Movies to watch on ChristmasSakeru Gummy8 Reason to attend an Anime ConventionAnime of 2019Favorite J-Music Cover BandsWhat's considered anime?Live Action AdaptationsHow I decide on created content?Cosplay SpotlightMemorable OST's
@ShadowxDreySoulcial Dreamin' EntMy Love for BulbasaurCats and AnimeSeries I'm looking forward seeingBeauty Pop (Manga)Godzilla: Planet of the MonstersGodzilla: City on The Edge of BattleMy Favorite SuperheroTop 5 Songs of The YearFlavors of YouthFavorite AMV's of 2018Favorite Albums of the yearFavorite Japanese Snacks
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