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2021-2022 School Year
1/14/22Competition Drives ChangeCheckingVideoBlogSlidesSlidesEdPuzzleOverdraft, the fee-based service that enables consumers to make debit transactions in excess of their available account balances, has attracted significant attention. In 2022, more banks are getting rid of it!
1/7/22Americans Regret Holiday DebtManaging CreditVideoBlogSlidesSlidesEdPuzzleAfter the holiday season people are usually refreshed after their nice break and they're feeling the positive energy of the new year. But in 2022, many Americans say the holiday left left them in a lot of debt!
12/17/21Holiday Crypto CrazeInvestingVideoBlogSlidesSlidesEdPuzzleWith major platforms announcing easy gift-giving processes for the holidays season, more gifts might come in liquid form rather than cash or material goods! We'll have to stay tuned for the stats on gifting crypto/stocks.
12/10/21Is MSRP the Price for Me?Types of CreditVideoBlogSlidesSlidesEdPuzzleIn the summer of 2021, the car dealerships across the country struggles to get cars on the lot. Issues with new car manufacturing and the negiative impact of the pandemic made it hard to find a new or used car.
12/3/21Debt in the DMManaging CreditVideoBlogSlidesSlidesEdPuzzleWith a new CFPB rule in effect as of November 30, 2021 consumers who owe debt to a debt collector can now expect to get texts, emails and even DMs on social media about their overdue payments!
11/19/21Global Giving MovementPhilanthropy (Mini-Unit)VideoBlogSlidesSlidesEdPuzzleEvery year people in 70 countries celebrate Giving Tuesday! It is a chance for people to focus on giving rather than consuming. How much money is spent on shopping deal days? How much is donated on Giving Tuesday?
11/12/21Money and the MetaverseBONUSVideoBlogSlidesSlidesEdPuzzleEveryone wants to own the metaverse including Facebook and Microsoft. But what exactly is it? The metaverse has been a hot topic of conversation recently, with Facebook and Microsoft both staking claims. But what is it?
11/5/21Women In The C-SuiteInvestingVideoBlogSlidesSlidesEdPuzzleIn a historic IPO, Rent the Runway. made headlines for being the first to have all women leadership in the C-suite. Now the question is: "Why is it so rare for women leaders to get this kind of support?"
10/29/21Pain in the Supply ChainBONUSVideoBlogSlidesSlidesEdPuzzleRecent news have been headlining details of the supply chain crisis in the US and globally. What does this term actually mean and how can we understand the basics of this problem? Tune in for the breakdown!
10/22/21So You Want To Be An Influencer?EntrepreneurshipVideoBlogSlidesSlidesEdPuzzleIn 2021, there are more influencers making a career on social media than ever before! While many people may think it's their dream life, they likely don't know much about what it takes to be successful as a fulltime influencer.
10/15/21Coins for KidsBehavioral EconomicsVideoBlogSlidesSlidesEdPuzzleDid you know that your understanding of what money is begins at a very early age? You also build habits at a young age around saving, spending and gifting money. Data shows that it pays to teach kids the value of a dollar.
10/7/21FAFSA Fast FactsPaying for CollegeVideoBlogSlidesSlidesEdPuzzleIt's October! That means students expecting to be pursuing higher education next year need to complete the free application for federal student aid, better known as the FAFSA! Learn why it's so urgent in this episode!
10/1/21It's Saving SeasonSavingVideoBlogSlidesSlidesEdPuzzleThe holidays are right around the corner and for many people that can bring anxiety and financial stress. By planning and saving early using creative strategies, people can avoid racking up debt to buy gifts, food and more!
9/24/21Money For CollegePaying for College, InvestingVideoBlogSlidesSlidesEdPuzzleEvery year, families send their teenagers off to college. Do they have enough money to pay for tuition? What steps can they take early on to make sure that they do? This episode dives into 529 plans, scholarships & grants.
9/17/21Entrepreneurship on the RiseEntrepreneurshipVideoBlogSlidesSlidesEdPuzzleDuring the 30 days between 9/15 and 10/15 each year, America celebrates Latinx/Hispanic Heritage Month. Recent data shows trends in entrepreneurship that show a few interesting insignts into this fast-growing community.
9/10/21Crypto Gone GlobalInvestingVideoBlogSlidesSlidesEdPuzzleEl Salvador made the news as the first official country to announce major news regarding using one type of cryptocurrency as legal tender. Many experts are predicting that this trend will continue.
9/3/21When Water Does DamageInsuranceVideoBlogSlidesSlidesEdPuzzleRecent natural disasters have had a major impact on the financial lives of Americans. Many homeowners and renters alike were shocked to find out that certain things are not covered by their existing insurance policies!
8/27/21The Great ResignationCareerVideoBlogSlidesSlidesEdPuzzleThe “Great Resignation” is a phrase we're hearing everywhere! As we transition to the post-pandemic workplace, people would rather vacate their jobs than resume the “old normal” of clocking in and out daily.
8/20/21Financial FOMOBehavioral EconomicsVideoBlogSlidesSlidesEdPuzzlePre-pandemic, people though of FOMO as feeling left out of event you didn't attend. But, since the world has become much more digital, FOMO has been adapted by companies and marketing agencies trying to get us to spend more.
2020 - 2021 School Year
6/4/21Unsure of InsuranceInsuranceVideoBlogSlidesSlidesEdPuzzleWith the use of technology spiking across many industries, it is no doubt that it will be impactful with insurance. For car insurance premiums, companies are starting to use "telematics" to see how careful of a driver you are!
5/28/21Pandemic Savings BoostSavingsVideoBlogSlidesSlidesEdPuzzleOver the past year we've seen huge changes to the US personal saving rate. Most Americans never pay attention to this statistic or details about saving rate in general, but things have changed drastically due to the pandemic.
5/21/21No Credit Score, No ProblemTypes of CreditVideoBlogSlidesSlidesEdPuzzleA new pilot program was announced in May 2021 with a clear goal to create more accessibilty in lending and credit. But, while some people are in full support of the new ideas, others are speaking out against them.
5/14/21Entrepreneurs & ExecutivesEntrepreneurshipVideoBlogSlidesSlidesEdPuzzleEach year, May is the dedicated month to honor people of a certain demographic in America. What demographic of people is honored in May? How and why does this happen? Find out all about it and more in the episode.
5/7/21Protective ParentsBudgetingVideoBlogSlidesSlidesEdPuzzleParents want their children to be self-sustaining members of society, but paying for them to access everyday things can create a pattern of dependency. Research shows that older Americans dealth with this in the pandemic.
4/30/21Biases Behind ChoicesBehavioral EconomicsVideoBlogSlidesSlidesEdPuzzleAs humans, we make judgments about people, opportunities, policies, markets & more. A recent report of generational banking and financial beliefs/habits from BAI shares findings about Generation Z's biases.
4/23/21Guaranteed AccessPaying for CollegeVideoBlogSlidesSlidesEdPuzzleApril is recognized as Financial Literacy Awareness Month in America. News and media tell stories and share data about the importance of financial education. But who has guaranteed access to financial education?
4/16/21Got Student Loans? You're Not AloneManaging Credit, Paying for CollegeVideoBlogSlidesSlidesEdPuzzleMany people are using the phrase "student loan debt crisis" to describe the current situation regarding the amount of Americans who have outstanding student loan debt and the ballooning amount owed in total.
4/9/21The Creator EconomyCareersVideoBlogSlidesSlidesEdPuzzleWith news about venture capital raised by the CEO of Patreon, everyone has their eyes on creators again. What are the ways creators can make money from their work? Will this be around as a viable work option or is it a fad?
4/2/21Viral or Vicious?Behavioral EconomicsVideoBlogSlidesSlidesEdPuzzleThe personal finance community on social media is large! There are many who believe that this type of content is life-changing in a positive way, others think there are more negative aspects to financial advice on social media.
3/26/21Early Payday CheckingVideoBlogSlidesSlidesEdPuzzleThe advancement of technology has led to more and more people expecting to experience immediate gratification when making purchases. Now, this immediacy has expanded to getting your paycheck early.
3/19/21The Rise of NFTsInvestingVideoBlogSlidesSlidesEdPuzzleIt seems that every news article and television news segment has been reporting about NFTs recently - a relatively new asset that can be bought and sold digitally using blockchain technology!
3/12/21Level Up Your LinkedInCareersVideoBlogSlidesSlidesEdPuzzleLinkedIn launched a service called "Marketplaces" but that's not why the company was in major news headlines by early March. What's the buzz around LinkedIn and what are some tips for creating a successful profile?
3/5/21Women of the S&PCareersVideoBlogSlidesSlidesEdPuzzleIn January of 2021, an announcement was made about a woman becoming CEO of an S&P 500 company. This episode kicks off Women's History Month by looking at a historical view of women's roles in corporate America.
2/26/21A Taxing SurpriseTaxesVideoBlogSlidesSlidesEdPuzzleWhile 2020 was shocking in many ways, it is stil shocking us even in 2021. This week we take a look at 3 ways that many Americans were surprised by their tax returns from 2020 as they prepared to file in early 2021.
2/19/21Terms of Use on the LooseManaging CreditVideoBlogSlidesSlidesEdPuzzleIn December 2020, Instagram released updated terms of use but most people don't read through terms and conditions so they don't know what they agreed to! Data shows most people agree to terms without reading them.
2/12/21Minimum Wage is All the RageCareersVideoBlogSlidesSlidesEdPuzzleThe hot topic in economic debates recently has been minimum wage. To increase it or not? This is an especially timely issue as American consumers and businesses alike are struggling to cope with the impacts of the pandemic.
2/5/21Are College Degrees Worth the Fees?Paying for CollegeVideoBlogSlidesSlidesEdpuzzleLife in the midst of a pandemic comes with a lot of uncertainty. Many wonder if college is worth the price tag in a rapidly changing economy. What are the latest arguments for and against attaining a college degree?
1/29/21Until the Game StopsInvestingVideoBlogSlidesSlidesEdpuzzleIn late January of 2021, GameStop (GME), was all over the news because of a stock market frenzy. So many people are left with questions about the events that occurred and this episode breaks down the basics.
1/22/21Buy Now, Pay LaterTypes of CreditVideoBlogSlidesSlildesEdpuzzleBuy Now, Pay Later loans (also called point-of-sale loans) from companies such as Affirm & Afterpay allow customers to buy products now & pay later. Payment usually spans over months. But consumer advocates say to be careful!
1/15/21Bitcoin Bonanza!InvestingVideoBlogSlidesSlidesEdPuzzleBitcoin was a hot, buzzing topic several years ago and then it fizzled. In late 2020 and early 2021, however, it came back with a bang! Hitting its highest value ever, the digital currency was sure to make headlines.
1/8/21New Year, Same HabitsBehavioral EconomicsVideoBlogSlidesSlidesEdPuzzleNew surveys show that many Americans want to be smarter with money in 2021, but past studies show that people are not very good at sticking to new year's resolutions. What are some ways to stick to our goals?
12/18/20From IPO to IP Whoa!InvestingVideoBlogSlidesSlidesEdPuzzleMajor headlines shared updates about IPOs in late 2020, the year of record-setting IPOs - but it's important to understand how the IPO process actually works and what the pros and cons of IPO investing might be.
12/11/20Healthcare HasteInsuranceVideoBlogSlidesSlidesEdPuzzleIn a pre-covid environment, many Americans went about their lives without any health insurance coverage. Recent data indicates that the pandemic may have changed this behavior for many people.
12/4/20All the Business LadiesCareersVideoBlogSlidesSlidesEdPuzzleWomen are underrepresented in most prestigious and profitable professions, from well-funded entrepreneurs to high-earning professional athletes. One of the biggest offenders of gender disparity is the finance industry.
11/20/20Turkey TalkBudgetingVideoBlogSlidesSlidesEdPuzzleWhat will a covid Thanksgiving look like? One thing that certainly won't look the same is the price tag on the turkey! New data shows interesting changes to the costs of traditional Thanksgiving food items in 2020 vs 2019.
11/13/20Deals for DaysBehavioral EconomicsVideoBlogSlidesSlidesEdPuzzleEvery year, people go bonkers for the shopping deals that come around the day after Thanksgiving. This is known as Black Friday. But what's the big deal about it anyway? And, will things change in 2020 & beyond because of covid?
11/6/20Fed Up!Managing CreditVideoBlogSlidesSlidesEdPuzzleMany people knew federal funds rate reached zero due to the impact of coronavirus. But, while the media covers the Fed changing rates each year, most have no clue what this means or what the Federal Reserve actually does.
10/30/20Caught in the WebBehavioral EconomicsVideoBlogSlidesSlidesEdPuzzleMany companies are beginning to use "dark patterns" to trick us into doing things that we may not want to do when we go online. Why is this becoming more popular with big corporations and what are some recent examples?
10/23/20Say "OK" to the 401kInvestingVideoBlogSlidesSlidesEdPuzzleNew data from Fidelity shows a trend with millionaires who have used 401k accounts to build their wealth. But what are 401k accounts and how can young professionals use them wisely to become the next generation of millionaires?
10/16/20Cars During CovidTypes of CreditVideoBlogSlidesSlidesEdPuzzleA surprising new trend has come about regarding cars during the time of covid. Experts are warning Americans to be careful with cars and there is a clear reason why they think cars can be more dangerous than we may think.
10/8/20Pandemic EntrepreneursEntrepreneurshipVideoBlogSlidesSlidesEdPuzzleAn unexpected surge in new businesses is shocking people after a new release of data from the government. Most people would guess that the pandemic has halted all businesses, but new data shows a different story.
10/2/20FAFSA in the Fall Paying for CollegeVideoBlogSlidesSlidesEdPuzzleThe number of FAFSA applications being submitted yearly has declined steadily. This year that trend continued to due to the pandemic, but many experts are saying that families shouldn't be too quick to give up on FAFSA!
9/25/20Protection or DeceptionCheckingVideoBlogSlidesSlidesEdPuzzleYearly overdraft fees have increased steadily. Some financial institutions have stopped charging overdraft fees during the pandemic, but many continue. What are these fees, anyway - and why do most banks still charge them?
9/18/20The $1 Billion MergerCheckingVideoBlogSlidesSlidesEdPuzzleTwo Black owned banks, one on each coast of the country, are merging to form the largest Black owned bank in the nation. This comes as major news because there are not many Black owned financial institutions remaining.
9/11/20Friending, Then SpendingBehavioral EconomicsVideoBlogSlidesSlidesEdPuzzleTwo Black owned banks, one on each coast of the country, are merging to form the largest Black owned bank in the nation. This comes as major news because there are not many Black owned financial institutions remaining.
9/4/20The $10 Million DepositCheckingVideoBlogSlidesSlidesEdPuzzleIn the summer of 2020, a deposit of $10 million was made by a major corporation at a Black-led credit union in Mississippi. The deposit was made in response to the demand for racial equity surrounding #BlackLivesMatter.
8/28/20Wanna Split an Apple?InvestingVideoBlogSlidesSlidesEdPuzzleThere has been a buzz around two of the largest companies in the US stock market, Apple and Tesla. Many investors and non-investors alike are chatting more and more about recent news related to these companies.
2019 - 2020 School Year
6/5/20A Hazard to Your WealthInvestingVideoBlogSlidesSlidesEdPuzzleThe interesting trend that occurred when casinos closed and sports betting was no longer possible. Why is it so tempting for people who invest to trade stocks instead of investing for the long term?
5/29/20Banned From BanksCheckingVideoBlogSlidesSlidesEdPuzzleMany unbanked people had to wait several months longer than banked people for stimulus checks via mail. Some people have a hard time opening bank accounts because of their poor record with ChexSystems.
5/22/20Education Saves JobsCareersVideoBlogSlidesSlidesEdPuzzleThe unemployment rate rose drastically in April 2020. Not only does pursuing higher education tend to correlate with higher earnings over time, but data shows a correlation with higher job security, especially during rough economic times.
5/15/20Beyond the Curve [Automation]CareersVideoBlogSlidesSlidesEdPuzzleThe Covid-19 pandemic has led to an increase in automation. More jobs are being done by robots instead of people. Changes in the working environment, such as more remote working and physical changes in offices are coming.
5/8/20Beyond the Curve [Frugality]SavingVideoBlogSlidesSlidesEdpuzzleThe spread of Coronavirus has led us to changes in the way we spend our time and money. Many Americans are becoming much more frugal due to the economical situation.
5/1/20Beyond the Curve [Telemedicine]CareersVideoBlogSlidesSlidesEdpuzzleDue to the Covid-19 pandemic, the field of medicine is changing. Instead of visiting doctors in person, many people are opting for telemedicine, and experts say this change may persist even after the pandemic is over.
Major News From Major Credit Bureaus
CreditVideoBlogSlidesSlidesEdpuzzleThe 3 major credit bureaus decided to allow Americans to be able to access their credit reports every week through April 2021 for free. Before this announcement, people could only access their credit reports for free once a year.
4/17/20It's a SCAMdemic!Managing CreditVideoBlogSlidesSlidesEdpuzzleCoronavirus related scams are on the rise, and the total amount of money scammed has been around $10M. The most common scam has been targeted towards those waiting for stimulus checks.
4/10/20IRS Lowers Taxpayer StressTaxes VideoBlogSlidesSlidesEdpuzzleIn March of 2020, the US Treasury made an announcement about filing taxes for the 2019 tax year, changing the tax filing deadline to the summer. This was a part of the government's attempt to help Americans struggling financially through the Coronavirus pandemic.
4/3/20When Life Gives You Lemons...CareersVideoBlogSlidesSlidesEdpuzzleIn the 1st week of April 2020, the number of Americans who lost their jobs hit over 6.5 million as a direct result of Covid-19. This episode covers what to do if you've been affected by this personally.
3/27/20Your Stimulus Package Has ArrivedSavingVideoBlogSlidesSlidesEdPuzzleIn March 2020, all businesses had to close down except for essential services. As a result, many Americans were out of work. The Senate approved the largest aid package in US history, with trillions to support individuals and businesses.
3/20/20When Good Goes ViralPhilanthropyVideoBlogSlidesSlidesEdPuzzleIn response to the struggles of Americans from to the economic downturn, many celebrities, companies, and even ordinary individuals went online to spread positivity and do good in their community.
3/13/20CEO or See You Later?EthicsVideoBlogSlidesSlidesEdPuzzleIn 2019, a record number of CEOs of major companies stepped down from their jobs. It was the first time that most CEOs asked to leave had to go because of ethical lapses or poor behavior at work or in their personal lives.
3/6/20Capitalizing on CoronavirusInvestingVideoBlogSlidesSlidesEdPuzzleThe Coronavirus pandemic is having a global impact. America has seen its biggest stock market drop since the 2008 financial crisis, and companies who depend on factories in China are now stuck with no supply for demand.
2/28/20Smile More, Get HiredCareersVideoBlogSlidesSlidesEdPuzzleMany job interviews are going virtual! A.I. looks at things like your facial expressions and movements, speaking voice, and word choice to decide if you are among the best, most qualified candidates for the job or not.
2/21/20Drive Well, Pay LessInsuranceVideoBlogSlidesSlidesEdPuzzleStatistics have shown that the younger you are, the more car accidents you experience, and the more you pay monthly for car insurance. This leads to teenagers having very high premiums for auto insurance.
2/14/20Romance & FinanceBudgetingVideoBlogSlidesSlidesEdPuzzleA new survey shows that younger and younger generations are really struggling to come up with the money to pay for weddings, and it makes sense because the average cost of a wedding in the United States is getting higher and higher!
2/7/20Working Women Are WinningCareersVideoBlogSlidesSlidesEdPuzzleAs of December 2019 there are now more women working in the US than men, which is rare in American history. This is because a lot of jobs traditionally done by women are harder to replace with machines.
1/31/20Credit CrunchManaging CreditVideoBlogSlidesSlidesEdPuzzleIn January 2020, FICO announced the release of a brand new scoring model called, which affects the credit scores of 110 million people. With the new model, come changes to what impacts your score and what doesn't.
1/24/20Stacking Unused Gift CardsCheckingVideoBlogSlidesSlidesEdPuzzleCompanies don't get access to money on store gift cards until someone uses them. However, after a certain period of time, they can claim this money as breakage income, and access it anyway.
1/17/20Gotta Learn Before You EarnPaying for CollegeVideoBlogSlidesSlidesEdPuzzleMany Americans lack money management skills, and the only way to fix that is through learning about personal finance. Studies show that Americans who get personal finance in school were smarter about paying for college.
1/10/20New Year, New Money GoalsBehavioral EconomicsVideoBlogSlidesSlidesEdPuzzleMany financial resolutions are made during New Years, as many desire to live a debt-free life. Sticking to these resolutions can be difficult, but there are tips (getting into the habit of saving, writing down your goals) that can help.
12/20/19Split Your Payment in a Split SecondTypes of CreditVideoBlogSlidesSlidesEdPuzzleMany new fintech companies are offering installment payment plans so that buyers can split their purchases into smaller payments over a long time instead of paying it all up front. However, there are additional fees to pay attention to.
12/13/19Google Makes BankCheckingVideoBlogSlidesSlidesEdPuzzleGoogle has plans to offer smart checking accounts in 2020 by partnering with bank who would handle the actual accounts, while Google just handles the smart tech features. This new technology will make banking faster, cheaper and a lot more user friendly.
12/6/19Five Star PhoniesEthicsVideoBlogSlidesSlidesEdPuzzleIn 2019 it was estimated that more than 30% of online reviews on major websites are fake. To avoid being tricked by fake reviews, you should pay attention to the number of reviews, read the comments, and look at the dates.
11/22/19Reason for the SeasonTaxes, PhilanthropyVideoBlogSlidesSlidesEdPuzzleThe amount of money donated to charity in the US dropped since the new tax laws no longer give tax benefits for donating to charity. There are still reasons to give to charity that benefit yourself, like increasing happiness.
11/15/19Likes Me, Likes Me NotBehavioral EconomicsVideoBlogSlidesSlidesEdPuzzleIn Nov 2019, Instagram started hiding the amount of likes you get on each post. They announced that this was just a test and they wanted to prioritize people's mental health, but really they would get a lot of profit from this change.
11/8/19Peer-to-Peer Apps Go Head-to-HeadCheckingVideoBlogSlidesSlidesEdPuzzleVenmo has been trying to keep up with p2p payment apps like CashApp that are implementing more deposit methods. Regardless of which app you use, there is a security risk when you connect it directly to your bank account.
11/1/19That's Gross!Checking, TaxesVideoBlogSlidesSlidesEdPuzzleIt's important to check your paystub, as over 50% of workers in the US have had an issue with it at some point in their career. Look for any deductions and work benefits to make sure everything is right.
10/25/19Impress for SuccessCareersVideoBlogSlidesSlidesEdPuzzleMany employers say soft skills are the most important in an applicant. Soft skills are the skills that help people work and socialize well with other people. A good way to start building and practicing them is to prepare and use an elevator pitch.
10/18/19When the Mean is NiceInvestingVideoBlogSlidesSlidesEdPuzzleActive funds are investing in individual stocks, which is risky as the companies chosen might not do well. Index funds are accounts with lower fees that takes the average of the stock market making it a safer option.
10/11/19Gotta HabitBehavioral EconomicsVideoBlogSlidesSlidesEdPuzzleSurvey results showed that American parents are giving their kids about $30 a week on average for allowance, but kids aren't saving any of it. They need to break the habit of spending all their allowance to learn how to save.
10/4/19Be Fast with the FAFSAPaying for CollegeVideoBlogSlidesSlidesEdPuzzleTo get financial aid for college, you need to file for the FAFSA. Grants, loans, and work study are offered at a first come first served basis, so it is better to file for the FAFSA as soon as possible.
9/27/19Move Over, MillennialsManaging CreditVideoBlogSlidesSlidesEdPuzzleThe first big wave of Gen Z has just become old enough to take on credit card debt, home mortgages, car loans, personal loans and student loans. Gen Z is borrowing less money after seeing the amount of debt Millennials had.
9/20/19Gaming Gone GlobalInvestingVideoBlogSlidesSlidesEdPuzzleMany people choose to invest in gaming companies, as its market is worth a lot. There are funds where you invest in many different companies, so for those who want to invest but don't know much about games, this can be profitable.
9/13/19Nike Eyes Growing FeetBudgetingVideoBlogSlidesSlidesEdPuzzleNike Adventure Club is a subscription service for children's sneakers that collect outgrown sneakers and donate them to kids in need, or recycle them by breaking them down and turning it into other products.
9/6/19Bonds, Lame BondsInvestingVideoBlogSlidesSlidesEdPuzzleBonds lend your money to a company or to the government, and they pay you back later with some interest. However there are negative interest rate bonds, which are bought by people who are afraid of investing in riskier investments.