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Titlemultiple copiespublisher's description
5th Wave, TheYancey, Rick5"Cassie Sullivan, the survivor of an alien invasion, must rescue her young brother from the enemy with help from a boy who may be one of them"--Provided by publisher.F Yancey Sci-fi
Across Five AprilsHunt, IreneYoung Jethro Creighton grows from a boy to a man when he is left to take care of the family farm in Illinois during the difficult years of the Civil War.F Huntold copies--appeal????
Adventures of Tom Sawyer, TheTwain, Mark4The adventures of a mischievous young boy and his friends growing up in a Mississippi River town in the nineteenth century.F Clemensdialect makes it a tougher read--American classic--on list fpor College-bound students
Alienist, TheCarr, Caleb4In New York City of 1896 reporter John Moore, psychologist Dr. Laszlo Kreizler, and police secretary Susan Howard join forces to catch a serial murderer.F Carrlonger adult fiction
Angel of Darkness, The Carr, Caleb3The distraught wife of a Spanish diplomat begs the team to help find her kidnapped infant daughter. It is a case fraught with danger, since Spain and the United States are on the verge of war. Their investigation leads the team to a shocking suspect: a woman who appears to the world to be a heroic nurse and a loving mother, but who may in reality be a ruthless murderer of children. 1897 / New York.F Carrlonger adult fiction
Angela's AshesMcCourt, Franktextbook (7)"When I look back on my childhood I wonder how I managed to survive at all. It was, of course, a miserable childhood: the happy childhood is hardly worth your while. Worse than the ordinary miserable childhood is the miserable Irish childhood, and worse yet is the miserable Irish Catholic childhood." So begins the luminous memoir of Frank McCourt, born in Depression-era Brooklyn to recent Irish immigrants and raised in the slums of Limerick, Ireland. B McCourtadult biography
Annie JohnKincaid, Jamaica6A fictional account of a young girl's coming of age in Antigua, from a doted upon childhood to an adolescence fraught with events and alliances leading her away from mutual complacent acceptance. (Big break away from a doting mother in linked stories.)F Kincaid
Ask the PassengersKing, A. S.3Astrid Jones, who realizes that she is a lesbian, deals with the gossip and rejection she faces by sending love up to the people on airplanes as they pass over her.F King lesbian coming out, smal town issues
Astonishing Adventures of Fanboy and Goth Girl, TheLyga, Barry4A fifteen-year-old "geek" who keeps a list of the high school jocks and others who torment him, and pours his energy into creating a great graphic novel, encounters Kyra,Goth Girl, who helps change his outlook on almost everything, including himself.F Lyga bullying, oddball friendships, dysfunction
Astonishing Life of Octavian Nothing, Traitor to the NationAnderson. M. T.3Various diaries, letters, and other manuscripts chronicle the experiences of Octavian, a young African American, from birth to age sixteen, as he is brought up as part of a science experiment in the years leading up to and during the Revolutionary War.F Avilonger teen fiction
Au Revoir Crazy European ChickSchreiber, Joe5Perry's parents insist that he take Gobi, their quiet, Lithuanian exchange student, to senior prom but after an incident at the dance he learns that Gobi is actually a trained assassin who needs him as a henchman, behind the wheel of his father's precious Jaguar, on a mission in Manhattan.F Schreiberhumor, college application questions, manic adventure
Ball Don't LieDe la Pena, Matt6 (some are SSR copies and don't show in catalog--ask Ms. W) Seventeen-year-old Sticky lives to play basketball at school and at Lincoln Rec Center in Los Angeles and is headed for the pros, but he is unaware of the many dangers--including his own past--that threaten his dream.F De la Penaeasy, basketball, dangerous neighborhoods, aspirations
Barbarian Nurseries, TheTobar, Hector3After the husband and wife that she works for disappear, live-in maid Araceli takes their two boys on a journey through sprawling Los Angeles to locate their grandfather.F Tobarimmigrants, rich v. poor/working class, CA (Laguna)
BearstoneHobbs, WillA troubled Indian boy goes to live with an elderly rancher whose caring ways help the boy become a man.easy
Beckoners, TheMac, Carrie8 (some are SSR copies and don't show in catalog--ask Ms. W) When Zoe moves to a new town the first people she meets is the Beckoners, a group of girls whose main purpose is to stay on top. As she struggles to tear herself from the group of bullies, she must avoid becoming a target herself and protect others. She begins to realize that standing up for what is right is harder than it seems.F Macbullying, violence, friendship
BelovedMorrison, TonitextbookSethe was born a slave and escaped to Ohio, but eighteen years later she is still not free. She has too many memories of Sweet Home, the beautiful farm where so many hideous things happened. And Sethe's new home is haunted by the ghost of her baby, who died nameless and whose tombstone is engraved with a single word: Beloved. F Morrisonadult fiction Listed for college-bound students
Black BoyWright, Richard3Autobiography of a Southern African-American who yearned for intellectual and physical freedom.B Wrightadult biography
Blink and CautionWynne-Jones, Tim2Blink, hoping to steal some breakfast, is forced to go on the run after stumbling upon the fake kidnapping of a CEO and recovering the man's cell phone, and he meets up with Caution, a girl trying to ditch her drug-dealing boyfriend, who identifies Blink as a mark until he tugs at her heart strings.F Wynne-Jonesmystery, adventure, runaways
Blood and ChocolateKlause, Annette Curtis7Vivian relishes the change, the sweet, fierce ache that carries her from girl to wolf. At sixteen, she is beautiful and strong, and all the young wolves howl for her. But Vivian still grieves for her dead father; her pack is in disarray, and she feels lonely and lost. She longs for a normal life. But what is normal for a werewolf?F Klausewerewolves, romance, sexuality
Bodega DreamsQuinonez, Ernesto5Chino, a young Puerto Rican man with a bright future, looks to Willie Bodega, the New York City drug pusher who rules Spanish Harlem, for a favor and becomes ensconced in a world of betrayal and violence.F Quinonez
Book ThiefZusak, Markus6Trying to make sense of the horrors of World War II, Death relates the story of Liesel--a young German girl whose book-stealing and story-telling talents help sustain her family and the Jewish man they are hiding, as well as their neighbors.F ZusakHolocaust, Germany, foster children, love, longer teen fiction
Bossy pantsFey, Tina3Memoir (nonfiction), Actress Tina Fey recounts her life, sharing how she managed to fulfill her dream of one day becoming a comedian on television and discussing her childhood, marriage, career, and views on beauty, politics, motherhood, and relationships.B Fey adult biography
Breaking ThorughJimenez, FranciscotextbookHaving come from Mexico to California ten years ago, fourteen-year-old Francisco is still working in the fields but fighting to improve his life and complete his education.
Breathing UnderwaterFlinn, AlextextbookSent to counseling for hitting his girlfriend, Caitlin, and ordered to keep a journal, sixteen-year-old Nick recounts his relationship with Caitlin, examines his controlling behavior and anger, and describes living with his abusive father.F Flinneasy-ish
Buried OnionsSoto, GaryWhen nineteen-year-old Eddie drops out of college, he struggles to find a place for himself as a Mexican American living in a violence-infested neighborhood of Fresno, California.F Sotoeasy
Call of the Wild, TheLondon, JacktextbookThe adventures of an unusual dog, part St. Bernard, part Scotch shepherd, forcibly taken to the Klondike gold fields where he eventually becomes the leader of a wolf pack.F LondonAmerican classic, dog's POV
CeremonySilko, Leslie MarmontextbookTayo, a young Native American, has been a prisoner of the Japanese during World War II, and the horrors of captivity have almost eroded his will to survive. His return to the Laguna Pueblo reservation only increases his feeling of estrangement and alienation. While other returning soldiers find easy refuge in alcohol and senseless violence, Tayo searches for another kind of comfort and resolution. Tayo's quest leads him back to the Indian past and its traditions, to beliefs about witchcraft and evil, and to the ancient stories of his people. F Silkoadult fiction
Chinese CinderellaMah, Adeline Yen9Memoir (nonfiction) This is the story of the author's painful childhood and her ultimate triumph and courage in the face of despair. Adeline's affluent, powerful family considers her bad luck after her mother dies giving birth to her. Life does not get any easier when her father remarries. She and her siblings are subjected to the disdain of her stepmother, while her stepbrother and stepsister are spoiled. Although Adeline wins prizes at school, they are not enough to compensate for what she really yearns for - the love and understanding of her family.B Mahadult memoir
Chocolate War, TheCormier, RoberttextbookA high school freshman discovers the devastating consequences of refusing to join in the school's annual fund raising drive and arousing the wrath of the school bullies. F CormierTeen/YA classic, bullying
Chosen, The Potok, ChaimtextbookThe story of two fathers and two sons and the pressures on all of them to pursue the religion they share in the way that is best suited to each. And as the boys grow into young men, they discover in the other a lost spiritual brother, and a link to an unexplored world that neither had ever considered before. In effect, they exchange places, and find the peace that neither will ever retreat from again....F Potok
Code Name VerityWein, Elizabeth6In 1943, a British fighter plane crashes in Nazi-occupied France and the survivor tells a tale of friendship, war, espionage, and great courage as she relates what she must to survive while keeping secret all that she can.F Weir WW II, women, war, mystery, great for higher-level teen readers
Cold MountainFrazier, Charles4Inman, a wounded Confederate soldier, leaves the hospital where he is being treated and determines to walk home to his sweetheart Ada, only to find the land and the girl he remembers as changed by the war as he.F Frazierlonger, adult title
Color of WaterMcBride, James6McBride finally persuaded his mother to tell her story -- the story of a rabbi's daughter, born in Poland and raised in the South, who fled to Harlem, married a black man, founded a Baptist church, and put twelve children through college. McBride's tribute to his remarkable, eccentric, determined mother -- and an eloquent exploration of what family really means.B McBridemixed race upbringing, education, parent-child relationship, molestation and incest
Color Purple, TheWalker, Alice6Tells the story of two African-American sisters: Nettie, a missionary in Africa, and Celie, a child-wife living in the South. The story of Celie is told through letters: Celie's letters to God and her sister Nettle, who is in Africa, and Nettle's letters to Celie. Celie's letters are a poignant attempt to understand her own out-of-control life. 1920s - 1940s / Georgia & Africa.F WalkerDepression (economic), African Americans, incest, sisters, love, redemption
Contender, TheLipsyte, RobertAlfred Brooks is scared. He's a high school dropout and his grocery store job is leading nowhere. His best friend is sinking further and further into drug addiction. Some street kids are after him for something he didn't even do. So Alfred begins going to Donatelli's Gym, a boxing club in Harlem that's trained champions. There he learns that it's the effort, not the win, that makes the man. It's that last desperate struggle to get back on your feet when you thought you were down for the count.F Lipsyteeasy 760 Lexile
CriminalMcVoy, Terra Elan10Eighteen-year-old Nikki's unconditional love for Dee helps her escape from her problems, but when he involves her in a murder Nikki winds up in prison, confronted with hard facts that challenge whether Dee ever loved her, and she can only save herself by telling the truth about Dee.F McVoygangs, crime, prison, infatuation, disillusionment
CroakDamico, Gina5 (some are SSR copies and don't show in catalog--ask Ms. W about it)A delinquent sixteen-year-old girl is sent to live with her uncle for the summer, only to learn that he is a Grim Reaper who wants to teach her the family business.F Croaklife after death, grim reaper, mystery, anger
Cry the Beloved CountryPaton, AlantextbookThe story of South Africa in the 1940s, a land divided by racial injustice, and of Stephen Kumalo, a Zulu Christian pastor, and his son, Absalom, who has been accused of murdering a white man. apartheid, South Africa
Daughter of Smoke and BoneTaylor, Laini2Seventeen-year-old Karou, a lovely, enigmatic art student in a Prague boarding school, carries a sketchbook of hideous, frightening monsters--the chimaerae who form the only family she has ever known.F Taylor fantasy
Devil's Highway, TheUrrea, Luis Alberto2Nonfiction. In May 2001, a group of men attempted to cross the border into the desert of southern Arizona, through the deadliest region of the continent, a place called the Devil'sHighway. Fathers and sons, brothers and strangers, entered a desert so harsh and desolate that even the Border Patrol is afraid to travel through it. That May, twenty-six men went in...twelve came back out.304.873 Urreaillegal immigration (ifficulties and consequences to immigrants)
Diary of a Young GirlFrank, Anne8A thirteen-year-old Dutch-Jewish girl records her impressions of the two years she and seven others spent hiding from the Nazis before they were discovered and taken to concentration camps. B Frank
DivergentRoth, Veronica3In a future Chicago, sixteen-year-old Beatrice Prior must choose among five predetermined factions to define her identity for the rest of her life, a decision made more difficult when she discovers that she is an anomoly who does not fit into any one group, and that the society she lives in is not perfect after all.F Rothfuture dytopia
Eleanor and Park Rowell, Rainbow4Set over the course of one school year in 1986, this is the story of two star-crossed misfits--smart enough to know that first love almost never lasts, but brave and desperate enough to try.F Rowellteen romance, but with depth; bullying, chikd abuse
Ethan FromeWharton, EdithtextbookStory of a man torn between his joyless marriage to one woman and his lustful desire for another.
Fanboy and Goth GirlLyga, Barry4A fifteen-year-old "geek" who keeps a list of the high school jocks and others who torment him, and pours his energy into creating a great graphic novel, encounters Kyra, Goth Girl, who helps change his outlook on almost everything, including himself.F Lygabullying
FangirlRowell, Rainbow3Feeling cast off when her twin sister outgrows their shared love for a favorite fictional character, Cath, a dedicated fan-fiction writer, struggles to survive on her own in her first year of college while avoiding a surly roommate, bonding with a handsome classmate who only wants to talk about words, and worrying about her fragile father.F Rowell
Fault in Our Stars, TheGreen, John20Sixteen-year-old Hazel, a stage IV thyroid cancer patient, has accepted her terminal diagnosis until a chance meeting with a boy at cancer support group forces her to reexamine her perspective on love, loss, and life.F Greenromance, cancer, grief, death and dying
FeedAnderson, M. T.2In this society your brain cyberfeed provides an endless stream of information, entertainment and advertising. When Violet’s feed is disrupted, she’s cast adrift and everyone is forced to examine the power of the feed in his/her life.F Andersdonfuture dystopia
First Kill (Slayer Chronicles)Brewer, Heather7 (some are SSR copies and don't show in catalog--ask Ms. W) The summer before ninth grade, when Joss sets off to meet his uncle and hunt down the beast that murdered his younger sister three years earlier, he learns he is destined to join the Slayer Society.F Brewereasy
FledglingButler, Octavia E.2Shori, a fifty-three-year-old vampire who appears as a young girl, wakes up in a cave and becomes the target of a plot to kill her and the rest of her species.
FrankensteinShelley, MarytextbookSwiss medical student Victor Frankenstein discovers the secret of life (which he never reveals, lest someone repeat the mistake). He then puts together a body, essentially a man, from various corpses. He then becomes horrified by the creature he has built, and abandons.F Shelley (7 copies)British classic literature
Freedom Writers DiaryGruwell, Erin5When Gruwell was a first-year high school teacher in Long Beach, CA, teaching the "unteachables" (kids that no other teacher wanted to deal with), she discovered that most of her students had not heard of the Holocaust. Shocked, she introduced them to books about tolerance. The students were inspired to start keeping diaries of their lives that showed the violence, homelessness, racism, illness, and abuse that surrounded them. These student diaries form the basis of this book, which is cut from the same mold as Dangerous Minds: the outsider teacher, who isn't supposed to last a month, comes in and rebuilds a class with tough love and hard work.305.235 Gruwell
Frozen FireBowler, Tim6Fifteen-year-old Dusty gets a mysterious call from a boy who says he is going to kill himself, and while he claims to have called her randomly, he seems to know her intimately.F Bowlermystery
Gabi, A Girl in PiecesQuintero, Isabel5Sixteen-year-old Gabi Hernandez chronicles her senior year in high school as she copes with her friend Cindy's pregnancy, friend Sebastian's coming out, her father's meth habit, her own cravings for food and cute boys, and especially, the poetry that helps forge her identity.F Quintero New--Inland Empire author, teen issues
Give a Boy a GunStrasser, Todd9Events leading up to a night of terror at a high school dance are told from the point of view of various people involved.F Strassereasy, school shootings, violence, society, gun culture
Glass Castle, The Walls, Jeannette3The author recalls her life growing up in a dysfunctional family with an alcoholic father and distant mother and describes how she and her siblings had to fend for themselves until they finally found the resources and will to leave home.B Wallsadult memoir
Glory Fields, TheMyers, Walter DeanFollows a family's two hundred forty-one year history, from the capture of an African boy in the 1750s through the lives of his descendants, as their dreams and circumstances lead them away from and back to the small plot of land in South Carolina that they call the Glory Field.F Myers
Go Ask AliceAnonymous (Sparks, Beatrice)10This book is based on the diary of a fifteen-year-old drug user--her descent into the seductive world of drugs and her inability to climb out.F Sparksteen classic, runaways
Great ExpectationsDickens, CharlestextbookThe orphaned Pip is serving as a blacksmith's apprentice when an unknown benefactor supplies the means for him to be educated in London as a gentleman of "great expectations." British classic literature
GrendelGardner, JohntextbookThe first and most terrifying monster in English literature, from the great early epic BEOWULF, tells his side of the story.Readalike for British classic literature (difficult if they know nothing about Beowulf)
Gym CandyDeuker, Carl6 (some are SSR copies and don't show in catalog--ask Ms. W)Mick Johnson works hard for a placement on the varsity team during his freshman year, and decides to use steroids in order to hold onto his edge, despite the consequences to his health and social life.F Deukersteroids, football,
HatchetPaulsen, GarytextbookAfter a plane crash, thirteen-year-old Brian spends fifty-four days in the wilderness, learning to survive with only the aid of a hatchet given him by his mother, and learning also to survive his parents' divorce.F Paulseneasy
HeldRavel, Edeet6Seventeen-year-old Chloe, vacationing in Greece, struggles to remain calm when she is drugged, kidnapped, and held in a warehouse pending a prisoner exchange.F Raveleasy, Stockholm Syndrome, kidnapping
Hole in My LifeGantos, Jack5The author relates how, as a young adult, he became a drug user and smuggler, was arrested, did time in prison, and eventually got out and went to college, all the while hoping to become a writerB Gantosadult memoir
Honey, Baby, SweetheartCaletti, Deb3In the summer of her junior year, sixteen-year-old Ruby McQueen and her mother, both nursing broken hearts, set out on a journey to reunite an elderly woman with her long-lost love and in the process learn many things about "the real ties that bind" people to one another.F Caletti
Hot Zone, ThePreston, Richard8Tells the dramatic story of U.S. Army scientists and soldiers who worked to stop the outbreak of a deadly and extremely contagious virus in 1989.614.57 Prestonebola, nonfiction
House of the Scorpion, TheFarmer, NancytextbookIn the country of Opium lives a boy named Matt, who is a clone of the powerful drug lord, El Patron. His purpose is to extend the life of El Patron when his own body fails him. It is impermissible for him to meet others, but when he sees a group of children outside the window, curiosity besets him. F Farmerfuture dystopia, cloning
House of the Seven Gables, TheHawthorne, NathanieltextbookIn a sleepy little New England village stands a dark, weather-beaten, many-gabled house. This brooding mansion is haunted by a centuries-old curse that casts the shadow of ancestral sin upon the last four members of the distinctive Pyncheon family of Salem. difficult, American classic literature
How to Lose EverythingMattheis, Philipp11Jonathan, Sam, Schulz, and Eric were just normal teenagers with dreams, but they made their dreams a reality once they found a large stash of cash. However, as the cash runs out, so does their friendship and livelihoods.F Mattheiseasy
Hunger Games, TheCollins, Suzannetextbook"In the ruins of a place once known as North America lies the nation of Panem, a shining Capitol surrounded by twelve outlying districts. The Capitol is harsh and cruel and keeps the districts in line by forcing them all to send one boy and one girl between the ages of twelve and eighteen to participate in the annual Hunger Games, a fight to the death on live TV. Sixteen-year-old Katniss Everdeen regards it as a death sentence when she steps forward to take her sister's place in the Games. But Katniss has been close to dead before - and survival, for her, is second nature. Without really meaning to, she becomes a contender. But if she is to win, she will have to start making choices that weigh survival against humanity and life against love." F Collins popular (probably already read it)
I Am MalahaYousafzai, Malala2memoir (nonfivtion) Malala Yousafzai's biography describes her fight for education for girls under Taliban rule, the support she received from her parents to pursue an education, and how the Taliban retaliated against her by trying to kill her.B Yousafzaibiography mid-level
I beat the OddsOher, 3The football star made famous in the hit film "The Blind Side" reflects on how far he has come from the circumstances of his youth. While many people are now familiar with Oher’s amazing journey, this is the first time he shares his story in his own words.B Oheradult biography mid-level
I Have Lived a Thousand YearsBitton-Jackson, Livia5Memoir (nonfiction) An inspiring and haunting memoir of a teenager who survived the Nazi death camps of World War ll with her mother and brother.B Bitton-JacksonHolocaust memoir
I SwearDavis, Lane5"After Leslie Gatlin kills herself, her bullies reflect on how things got so far"--Provided by publisher.F Davisreadalike for 13 Reasons Why, bullying, suicide
I, Juan de ParejaTreviño, Elizabeth Borton de4Juan de Pareja, the slave who prepares the paints and canvases of the artist Velazquez, describes his work with his master and the climate of Spanish court life.F Trevinoeasy
If I StayForman, Gayle10While in a coma following an automobile accident that killed her parents and younger brother, seventeen-year-old Mia, a gifted cellist, weights whether to live with her grief or join her family in death.F Formanpopular, romance, death and dying, grief
Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, TheSkloot, Rebecca7Examines the experiences of the children and husband of Henrietta Lacks, who, twenty years after her death from cervical cancer in 1951, learned doctors and researchers took cells from her cervix without consent which were used to create the immortal cell line known as the HeLa cell; provides an overview of Henrietta's life; and explores issues of experimentation on African-Americans and bioethics.B Lacks adult, science, ethics, family biography, African Americans
In My Hands: Memories of a Holocaust RescuersOpdyke, Irene Gut10Memoir (nonfiction), Recounts the experiences of the author who, as a young Polish girl, hid and saved Jews during the Holocaust.B OpdykeHolocaust memoir
In the Time of the ButterfliesAlvarez, Julia2They were the four Mirabal sisters - symbols of defiant hope in a country shadowed by dictatorship and despair. They sacrificed their safe and comfortable lives in the name of freedom. From tales of hair ribbons and secret crushes to gunrunning and prison torture - describes the everyday horrors of life under the Dominican dictator Trujillo. 1938-1960 / Dominican Republic.F Alvarezdictatorships, political martyrs
Into the Beautiful NorthUrrea, Luis 20Nineteen-year-old Nayeli works at a taco shop in her Mexican village and dreams about her father, who left the family to work in the United States. Recently, it has dawned on her that he isn't the only man who has left town. In fact, there are almost no men in the village—they've all gone north. While watching The Magnificent Seven , Nayeli decides to go north herself and recruit seven men—her own "Siete Magnificos"—to repopulate her hometown and protect it from the bandidos who plan on taking it over. Filled with unforgettable characters and prose as radiant as the Sinaloan sun, Into the Beautiful North is the story of an irresistible young woman's quest to find herself on both sides of the fence.F Urreaimmigration, teens, family issues, friendship
Into the WildKrakauer, Jon6Tells the story of Chris McCandless, a twenty-four-year-old who walked into the Alaskan wilderness on an idealistic journey and was found dead of starvation nearly four months later.B McCandlessadult biograpy
Into Thin AirKrakauer, Jon7When Jon Krakauer reached the summit of Mt. Everest in the early afternoon of May 10, 1996, he hadn't slept in fifty-seven hours and was reeling from the brain-altering effects of oxygen depletion. Twenty other climbers were still pushing to the top, unaware that a storm was on the way. In this detailed account of the deadliest season in the history of Mt. Everest, Jon Krakauer takes the reader step-by-step to the mountain's deadly pinnacle, and the events leading to the death of nine climbers.B Krakaueradult memoir
It Happened to NancyAnonymous (Sparks, Beatrice)8The story of a fourteen year old girl infected with the HIV virus by a rapist, as told through the pages of her own diary.F Sparks
It's Kind of a Funny StoryVizzini, Ned5New York City teenager Craig Gilner succumbs to academic and social pressures at an elite high school and enters a psychiatric hospital after attempting suicide.F Vizzinisuicide, depression
Jacob Have I LovedPaterson, KatherineFeeling deprived all her life of schooling, friends, mother, and even her name by her twin sister, Louise finally begins to find her identity.F Patersoneasy
JesseSoto, GaryTwo Mexican American brothers hope that junior college will help them escape their heritage of tedious physical labor. 1960s / Fresno, CA.F Sotoeasy
Johnny Got His GunTrumbo, Dalton6This work continues to rivet readers with its story of an American youth who survives World War I as an armless, legless, and faceless basket case with his mind intact.F TrumboFutility of war
Johnny TremainForbes, EstherA fourteen year old silversmith's apprentice becomes a rider for the "Boston Observer" and messenger for the patriots who planned the Boston Tea Party.
Joy Luck Club, The Tan, AmytextbookIn 1949, four Chinese women--drawn together by the shadow of their past--begin meeting in San Francisco to play mah jong, invest in stocks and "say" stories. They call their gathering the Joy Luck Club--and forge a relationship that binds them for more than three decades. Chinese americans, mother-daughter relationships
Julie of the WolvesGeorge, Jean CraigheadWhile running away from home and an unwanted marriage, a thirteen- year-old Eskimo girl becomes lost on the North Slope of Alaska and is befriended by a wolf pack.F Georgeeasy
Knife of Never Letting Go,. TheNess, Patrick3Todd, one month away from an important birthday, learns all the tough lessons of adulthood when he is forced to flee after discovering a secret near the town where he lives.F Nesssci-fi
Left Hand of Darkness, TheLe Guin, UrsulatextbookWinner of the Hugo and Nebula Awards A groundbreaking work of science fiction, The Left Hand of Darkness tells the story of a lone human emissary to Winter, an alien world whose inhabitants can change their gender. His goal is to facilitate Winter's inclusion in a growing intergalactic civilization. But to do so he must bridge the gulf between his own views and those of the completely dissimilar culture that he encounters.Sci-fi
LiarLarbalestier, Justine4 (some are SSR copies and don't show in catalog--ask Ms. W) Compulsive liar Micah promises to tell the truth after revealing that her boyfriend has been murdered.F Larbalestiermurder, supernatural, lying and liars
Little WomenAlcott, Louisa MayChronicles the joys and sorrows of the four March sisters as they grow into young women in mid-nineteenth-century New England.F AlcottAmerican classic fiction
LockdownSmith, Alexander10When fourteen-year-old Alex is framed for murder, he becomes an inmate in the Furnace Penitentiary, where brutal inmates and sadistic guards reign, boys who disappear in the middle of the night sometimes return weirdly altered, and escape might just be possible.F Smitheasy
LuckySebold, Alice12Memoir (nonfiction), The author tells the story of her violent rape at the age of eighteen, her accidental sighting of her attacker six months later, the resulting trial and conviction of the man, and the trauma she suffered for years afterwards.B Seboldadult memoir, rape, justice, college life
McTeagueNorris, FranktextbookThe powerful study of avarice in a seedy section of the Bay Area may well be Norris's masterpiece.difficult, American classic literature
Memoir of a GeishaGolden, Arthur4Enter the world of one of Japan's most celebrated geisha; where appearances are paramount; where a girl's virginity is auctioned to the highest bidder; where women are trained to beguile the most powerful men; and where love is scorned as illusion. Japan 1930s & 1940s.F Goldenadult fiction
Mercy, AMorrison, Toni3A Dutch trader named Jacob Vaark travels to a Virginia plantation to collect on a debt. Lacking funds, the borrower offers Vaark flesh -- a trade Vaark is disinclined to accept. But then a woman steps forward and pleads with him to accept her daughter. "Please, Senhor. Not me," she asks him. "Take her. Take my daughter.": Virginia / 1680s.F Morrison
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