NameDatePassDirectionSnowline approachingSnowline past"Northern" side (usually lower)"Southern" side (usually higher)Pass elevationEst. trail miles in snow
Sabine M6/13Donohue (E/W) elev 11050SoBo8,2008,2008,2008,2001105010.8Per post in FB group: PCT Water & Passes - did not distinish by side of pass - mile estimate for Donahue only but probably 5 more miles in snow to get over Island Pass as low point between the 2 passes is about 9500 feet
Yose website6/17Donohue (E/W) elev 110508,5008,5008,5008,500110509.7This is from the Yos website and is not spedific to Donohue. Show probably continuous over Island, adding 5 miles snowline to snowline
Yose website6/17Cathedral elev 9700SoBo9,2009,2009,2009,200 9700Yose says about the JMT from Happy Isles to Donohue "Full snow coverage on the JMT begins around Sunrise Mountain and is persistent except on some exposed rocky areas and in open meadows where it has melted." but does not give elevations. I estimated 9200 as an elevation in the Sunrise area. There is a lot of tree cover on the Happy Isles to TM stretch and snow may linger in those areas even below normal snowline.
Will Walton6/21Cathedral elev 9700SoBo8,5009,0008,5009,000 97003.6"Snow starts around 8,500' [in tree cover] -- solid after switchbacks up to Sunrise [High Camp]. Snow stops halfway down from Cathedral lake to Tuolumne Meadow. All portions in the trees [have snow and it] takes forever and no trail visible."
Yahoo poster6/21"straight snow/Sun caps from sunrise creek to thousand island lakes with the exception of a clean seven mile stretch in Lyell Canyon"
Yahoo poster6/22Muir (E/W) elev 11955SoBo10,00010,50010,00010,500119558?My interpretation - what he posted: "4-day trip over Paiute Pass, Alpine Col, through Evolution Basin, over Muir Pass and Echo Col. ... Not much snow below 10,000 feet in the Evolution region, but the ground is mostly covered above 10,500 feet. Trees vs. none and north-facing vs. south-facing also determine how much snow there it."
Kristi M6/25Cathedral elev 9700SoBo9,1009,1009,1009,100 97002.3
Joshua Der6/26Cathedral elev 9700SoBo9,7009,2009,7009,200 97002.1Also snow before ascent to the Pass - 3.3 miles from from Sunrise Mtn (9,700 feet) past Sunrise camp through Long Meadow (9,400 ft)
Lexi6/28Cathedral elev 9700SoBo9,8009,6009,8009,600 97004.0Some snow below these levels, including Sunrise HSC and Long Meadow; note part of the trail before Cathedral Pass is approximatey 9.900 feet
FB poster6/28New Army PassNoBoNew Army cornice was huge and not going anywhere. In passing we were told a few made it over, but also directly spoke with people who had gotten stuck overnight on the ridge because conditions were too intense to make it down safely.
Joshua Der6/29Donahue and IslandSoBo9,9009,8009,9009,80011,05015.0Presumably with a few patches of dry trail where elevation dips down between the two passes. Related by another same-time PCT hiker "Those suncups between Island and Donahue were the worst."
FB poster6/30Muir (E/W) elev 11955SoBo10,50010,50010,50010,500119558.0"Snow line was right at 10,500 for every pass we did (No Lake to So Lake Loop only). Muir was 100% covered from the top of the switchbacks until big Pete meadow."
Lexi7/1Donohue (E/W) elev 11050SoBo10,20010,00010,20010,000110503.6But more snow than dry patches between Donohue and 1000 Island Lake (in addition to the 3.6 miles of continuous snow)
Lexi7/2alternate to Agnew via PCTSoBoDry and beautiful; avoided a lot of snow on JMT
FB poster7/2Island Pass areaJMT south of Thousand Island Lake scary traverse along the side of Garnet followed by a near vertical climb out due to the snow covering all the switchbacks. The trail is VERY hard to find. Coming down towards Mammoth it was basically destroyed from downed trees. If we would have known, we definitely would have taken the PCT."
Joshua Der7/2Silver elev 10900SoBo9,9009,8009,9009,800109004.0Lower elevations also have snow when in tree cover.
Joshua Der7/4Selden elev 10879SoBo10,00010,20010,00010,200108793.0Snow levels in opem areas - probably lower in tree cover
SEKI NP7/3Forester elev 13200SoBo11,00011,5009.07/1 "Northside of Forester pass, at 11,000 80% snow coverage" - did not state 7/1 snow level on south side of Forester - but 7/4 "Tyndall [Frog Ponds? at 11,035?] is snow free". Unclear what they mean about "Tyndall"
SEKI NPS7/4Mather elev 1208010,6006.0100% snow coverage down to Palisade Lakes (10,600). S.side is mostly melted"
Ben N7/4Donohue and IslandSoBo9,70010,1009,70010,10011,0509.0continuous snow starting 9,700 feet north of Donahue through 10,100 feet south of Island.
V7/4Duck PassSoBo10,00010,000Small patches of snow started immediately from the Coldwater Campground trailhead (8,900 ft). Beyond 10,000 ft, snow covered most of the trail. Past Skelton Lake footprints were sparse and wayfinding by GPS was necessary. Lots of sun cups.
FB post7/4Cathedral elev 9700A poster on FB showed directly comparable July 4 2017 vs July 4 2019 photos of Cathedral Pass that pretty clearly documented that snow was clearing there faster in 2019 than in 2017
FB post7/4Muir (E/W) elev 11955SoBo10,87010,50010,87010,500119558.0"Snow from Evo Lake all the way to Muir Pass, 4-5 miles of snow ... snow until about 3 miles so of Helen Lake then patchy then dry" I inferred elevations and miles from this description. Note the "South" side of muir is an east-facing slope so it makes sense that it would melt out slower than the "north" side facing west
Lexi7/6Silver elev 10900SoBo10,10010,10010,10010,100109003.0Steep snow at Duck Lake; Crampons or spikes and GPS required. Maybe half of footpath is visible
Ben N7/6SoBoThere is continuous snow starting at 10,140 headed up to purple lake near the duck pass trail junction
Joshua Der7/6Muir (E/W) elev 11955SoBo10,80010,60010,80010,600119559.0
V7/6Cottonwood PassNoBo11,15011,150"cottonwood Pass is snow free except for a tiny patch near the top"
Lexi7/7Selden elev 10879SoBo10,30010,50010,30010,500108793.0Great boottrack to follow. Spikes helpful not required
FB post7/7TM 7/4 to Reds Meadow 7/7 - JMT route past Garnet. Slow going, lakes partially frozen. Wore our MicroSpkies about 60% of our 4 days. GPS needed. Ice axes used Donahue as precaution. One stream crossing [Minaret Creek?] thigh deep coming into Devil's Postpile. [Edited to shorten]
Ben N7/7Donohue (E/W) elev 11050"Sun cups on both sides of the pass with good track to follow."
Joshua Der7/8Mather elev 12080SoBo10,60010,90010,60010,900120808.0
FB post7/9Muir (E/W) elev 11955SoBo9.0Evolution Lake to Middle Fork of Kings River crossing snow ~6 miles on north side and 3 miles on south side
FB post7/9New Army elev 1230010 foot high vertical cornice overhanging east
FB post7/9Muir (E/W) elev 11955SoBo11,00011,30011,00011,300119556.0Muir "continuous snow from Sapphire Lake to about 2 miles south of the pass" Snow slushy by 10 am
Joshua Der7/9Pinchot elev 12100SoBo11,00011,00011,00011,000121005.5
Lexi7/10Muir (E/W) elev 11955SoBo10,90010,80010,90010,8001195510.0Good well-packed track from prior hikers. A few dicey snowbridges on south side of Muir.
FB Post7/10Donohue (E/W) elev 11050SoBoLong stretches of deep suncups with compressed boot tracks through them. General consensus of JMT hikers on the trail is that you can and should follow the trail itself, not the boot tracks from northbound PCT hikers.
FB post7/10Mather elev 12080SoBo5.72nd Palisades lake to ~ 3 miles after Mather pass had snow. We roughly followed the mostly covered switchbacks on the way down. Seemed safer than the rock scramble that most NoBo PCTers seem to take
Joshua Der7/11Glen elev 11980SoBo10,70011,20010,70011,200119802.5
Ken7/11Silver elev 10900SoBo10,20010,50010,20010,500109002.5Snow field begins at Squaw Lake. Trail disappears but shows at times. Route finding a challenge. There is intermittant snow under tree cover at lower elevations.
V7/12Forester elev 13200NoBo12,55012,80012,80012,550132002.0Note: snowlines reported here are higher than in 2017, suggesting faster melt this year. There were large patches of intermittant snow below these elevations.
Lexi7/12Mather elev 12080SoBo10,90011,10010,90011,100120805.0Ugly cornice. Our progress has been slower than exxpected.
David Saussy7/12Piute Pass 11423SoBo11423minorEast side intermittant, long patches of snow start 11,200. Most challenging was the final 150 ft gain. Pass itself mostly snow free. West side only patches, none longer than 100 ft or so. Several challenging stream crossings in the afternoon. We stopped early because of the deep, swift crossing where Desolation Lake outflow crosses trail (37.253544,-118.741693). Following day: Water crossings NW of of Piute Pass through Hutchinson Meadow doable in the AM. I'm 6'3". Most knee deep, a couple mid thigh. All were very pushy w/ strong current.
Lexi7/12Pinchot elev 12100SoBo11,40011,40011,40011,400121003.0Very patchy on North side most people rock scrambling. Upper switchbacks clear. South side has good well-packed boot track.
Strider7/12Kearsarge elev 1170911,70011,70011,70011,7000.0Snow free from Bullfrog to Pass. On east side only a few minor snow patches, clearly defined trail, lots of traffic.
Joshua Der7/13Forester elev 13200SoBo11,20012,20011,20012,200132005.7But some of tis snow is intermittant? based on 7/12 more detailed report from V
John M7/13Donohue (E/W) elev 11050SoBo10,50010,20010,50010,200110502.7Snow up againascending island Pass startsing at about 10,000 feet
Lexi7/14Glen elev 11980SoBo11,30011,90011,30011,900119801.4N side snow 11.3 to top, but patches of rock/ trail. One exposed snow slope up high. S side mostly snow free one snow slope below upper switchbacks.
Joshua Der7/14Whitney (E/W) elev 14495SoBoEastern side to Mt Whitney is largely snow free except for a small snowfield just below the summit. The east side switchbacks down to Trail Camp are icy in the morning and the section of trail with cables is narrow/icy and the poles supporting the cables have been bent away from the trail at the upper end
David Saussy7/14Evolution Lake area elev 11000SoBoSome long snow patches (100-300 yds) as we hiked above Evolution Lake (about 11,000). Crossing at 10,871 of inlet to Evolution (below Sapphire Lake) no problem even in the afternoon.
Lexi7/15Forester elev 13200SoBoNorth side has snow from 11,600 to 11,900 without much of a packed track, then dry trail/rock scramble from 11,900 to 12,800, then a steep snow traverse 12,800 to 13,200. Great bootpack up high. So side mostly dry trail and rocks coming down from 13,200 to 12,500. The "chute" is snowy but with a good deep track. Mostly snow descending from 12,500 to 12,100 with a hit or miss boot track. Patchy snow down as faas as 11,700
David Saussy7/15Muir (E/W) elev 11955SoBo11,00010,80011,00010,800119557.5
Jeremy Josefovsky7/17Silver elev 10900SoBo10,76510,90010,76510,900109000.3Good boot track, spikes not needed. Spotty snow starting above Squaw Lake (10,300). Continuous above 10,765. South side pass mostly snow free
David Saussy7/17Bishop PassSoBoUpper Dusy Basin to Bishop Pass has some long stretches of snow, but nothing challenging, and it’s generally easy to find the trail. Pass itself is snow free as are first parts of the switchbacks on the east side. There are a few places on that section where the trail is blocked by a steep snow bank, necessitating a somewhat challenging traverse across a steep section of snow. Further down, mostly clear, but there is a very long section of snow above Long Lake. When descending this section, pay attention to the GPS track for the trail, as there is some old boot track that will lead you down a very long snow slope. This may have been useful when more snow was present in the past, but is unnecessary now as the trail is largely clear of snow at that point. Beyond that, it’s dry hiking all the way to South Lake.
Lexi7/18Whitney (E/W) elev 14495SoBoThere's really not much snow to speak of anywhere on Whitney... Just patches here and there, all well tracked and easily navigable. The cables area, yesterday mid morning was passable on bare rock, though earlier I'm sure it was icy.
Jeremy Josefovsky7/19Selden elev 10879SoBo10,58010,87910,58010,879108791.0continuous snow on North side above 10580. South side no continuous snow BUT many large patches for another 0.7 miles to Heart Lake (also 10,580)
Peter Hirst7/19Parker PassSoBo "On Parker Pass Trail. Easy travel to Mono Pass Junction. Dana Fork was dry crossing near trail. No one going to Mono Pass has snow gear of any kind. First snow across trail 10,800 foot elevation. Long way from snow line. Just a 30’ patch."
Ethan Gallogly7/20Island PassSoBo"There are some patchy snow crossings. No route finding but snow is soft in spots and easy to break through and posthole. ... Thousand Island lake is mostly snow free except patches along the banks."
Jeremy Josefovsky7/21Muir (E/W) elev 11955SoBo11,30011,00011,30011,000119553.0Muir pass Sobo north side continuous snow at 11300. Many large patches from evolution lake on though. South side continuous snow to almost 11000.
Ethan Gallogly7/21Garnet Lake AreaSoBo AreaDid not need spikes around Garnet, but many used them as a fall could drop you in the lake. Patchy snow over Ruby Lake and around Garnet. Still has sketchy north traverse and a lot of snow on South side up. Snow is Soft and melting fast which means posthole city for the next week, after which I would guess garnet will be snow free. No snow from summit above Garnet to Shadow lake to Rosalie. Rosalie teeming with mosquitoes. Thousand Island had far less.
Alan7/24Lyell Canon AreaSoBo AreaHiked SOBO over from Lyell canyon to Ediza Lake trail to camp. Only one water crossing with wade below the lake before Donohue pass. Some snow but not bad. Snow around Garnet is melting and some snow bridges about to collapse. If not comfortable on snow go on PCT as a bypass.
Gilbert M7/24Minaret CreekCreekThere is no bridge at Minaret Creek
Joe7/26New Army PassCrossed New Army pass nobo at 9:30 this morning. Scrambled right of the snow guided by the rock piles left as markers.
Alan7/26Silver elev 10900SoBoHiked SOBO over Silver pass on 26th. North side has a steep short climb on snow. Glissade for NOBO has a rock exposed in it part of the way down so use care
Alan7/27Muir (E/W) elev 11955SoBoSnow for three miles on each side. Boot tracks lead into collapsed snow bridges. Had to hike up and over. Cracks appearing where it looks like it is ready to collapse so be careful.
Alan 7/27Selden elev 10879SoBoCrossed Seldan pass SOBO on 27. Snow patches on both sides of pass. At top where steep snow easiest to rock scramble on the left at end of trail switchback.
Ethan Gallogly7/28Silver elev 10900SoBoSilver pass still has a fairly steep snowfield just below the top on the north face. Microspikes are recommended, but others climbed without. About 200' of steep climbing to top. South face of silver pass has two large snowfields near the bottom, but flat and not a concern.
John Ladd7/29Rock Creek AreaRock creek has great double fallen log crossing 100 yards upstream. Rock creek upper crossing on New Army route at 9 am was knee deep & moderately fast. Trail crossing best. Skeeters are swarming.
Ethan Gallogly7/29Silver elev 10900SoBo10,900Three river crossings from Silver Pass down to VVR not bad. I crossed in late afternoon and worst was only knee deep.
Joe7/29Forester elev 13200NoBo13,200NOBO Tyndall Creek crossing and Forrester Pass today. Ranger suggested crossing 1/4 mile upstream. Followed boot pack through snow leading up to switchbacks. One snow field remains on the switchbacks. Crossed the pass at 11:30am. Followed the high boot pack descending. The snow was soft and slushie. Some post holing.
John Ladd7/30New Army Pass12,300Nasty cornice at New Army looks thick enough to last well into Aug. 10th? Well marked boulder scramble about 300 yards long to North side of cornice is quite safe.
FB poster8/11Muir (E/W) elev 11955"Snow started around Helen Lake on South and was large patches to the top. North side only had very small patches which was no concern. after 11am it gets very slushy, early morning would be difficult if frozen."