Service Interruption Report
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IssueTime Problem StartedDescriptionTime Problem ResolvedServices Impacted
Zoom service outage11:04 CST on 1-9-2019Zoom experienced a disruption of their meeting platform. Services were largely restored by 10:55 am PST. They have determined that the cause of this service disruption was related to an infrastructure failure of one of their vendors, Amazon Web Services. They are examining failovers and other elements of the Zoom architecture to ensure that this does not happen again. 1:00 pm CDT on 1-9-2019Web based Zoom calls
Kirksville Campus Student Housing Internet outate9:00AM CDT on 12-9-2018CableOne experienced an issue with our Internet connections that run to the Student Housing buildings on the Kirksville campus. Once they addressed the issue normal service was restored12:00PM CDT on 12-9-2018Internet Services at Kirksville Campus Student Housing Buildings
CGHS Switch Failure2:43PM CDT on 9-21-2018While cabling in a new switch to a stack in CGHS the primary Data Switch Reboot without cause. Most likely this was a bug that will be investigated2:53PM CDT on 9-21-2018Network access in CGHS Building (Oklahoma) Kirksville Campus
Kirknet1 hardware failure (motherboard)4 AM CDT on 6/18/2018Hardware failure. Ivanti incident 14065.6 PM CDT on 6/19/2018Solarwinds monitoring and alerting for Kirksville. Secret Server. Mail routing for Kirksville network equipment. Modem for network management. Alternative administrative server during emergencies.
Outage on Campus Nexus Student Client12:30PM CDT on 5/2/2018Due to modified API file users could not log into the Campus Nexus Student Client software. This impacted access to Active Directory to authenticate users. Once Support replaced the file with good copy access was restored.7:00AM CDT on 5/3/2018Access to Campus Nexus Student Client
Network outage at AFA Clinic Location4:19PM CDT on 4/6/2018Due to a fiber cut the AFA Clinc lost communication with the rest of the Network causing a complete outage. The fiber cut was localized to a very small subset of Cox Business customers so we had to notifiy them of the outage. Once they repaired the fiber service was restored.3:00AM CDT on 4/7/2018All network based services for the AFA Clinic
Issue from WAN Maintenance1:00AM CST on 3-9-2018After Bluebird NOC performed maintenance on our WAN circuit several systems experienced connectivity issues. To restore service all traffic was routed to the backup WAN on the VPN tunnel.9:30AM CST on 3/9/2018Access to Kirksville resources from Mesa campus, Cisco Phone system
Issue with ATSU Wireless Access - St. Louis Center8:00AM CST on 2-28-2018Due to failed maintenance on one of the authentication nodes for wireless none of the users at the St. Louis Center could access the wireless system. Once the failed node was taken offline then access was restored.10:00AM CST on 2-28-2018Wireless network access for St. Louis Dental Center
Internet Outage - St. Louis Center3:00PM CST on 2-12-2018ATT has a hardware failure in St Louis. We are waiting foran update from ATT. They have identified the bad switch and are working on the fix.1:30AM CST on 2-13-2018Internet and WAN for St. Louis Dental Center
Internet Outage - Both Campuses7:40AM CST on 1-30-2018An issue from an upgrade to the Cisco IPS caused both campuses to loss internet connectivity. Once the IPS systems were placed into bypass mode was access restored.8:40AM CST on 1-30-2018Internet access from both Campuses
Kirksville Internet Outage3:00AM CST on 1-30-2018Due to an issue with an undocumented change to the IPS firewalls the Kirksville campus lost internet access. Once the issue was resolved Internet service was restored.6:15AM CST on 1-30-2017All Kirksville based services including internet access and public web sites
Kirksville VMWare Outage2:00PM CDT on 10/4/2017While completing an upgrade of NSX firewall a VMWare support engineer invoke a shutdown of two of the four VM hosts in the Kirksville Data Center. Since this created a lack of resources all servers and services in VMWare started to fail intermittently. Once a new VMWare engineer was added to the call they brought all servers back on line. Several servers still needed to be restarted to fully restore services.4:30PM CDT on 10/4/2017All Kirksville based Services including public web sites
Outage of Kirksville Campus Data Center5:23PM CDT on 9/14/2017During an upgrade of the core Switch in Kirksville it experience a flaw that caused it to become unavailable to the entire network. Once It was removed from service, connectivity was restored to the other core switch. 7:32PM CDT on 9/14/2017 (Campus access restored by 11:59PM CDT)All Kirksville based services including internet access and public web sites
Outage of Communication at Mesa Campus3:25PM CDT on 9/1/2017Due to a major transport failure in the southwest part of the United States the entire Mesa Campus lost all of its communication lines.4:35PM CDT on 9/1/2017All Mesa based communications (voice, video, data), access to Blackboard 9.1 via
Outage on Education Closet Switch4:00PM CDT on 8/21/2017Due to an apparent software issue the Cisco 4506 Switch in the Education closet crashed and rebooted. 4:05PM CDT on 8/21/2017Access to the network on Kirksville Campus for Education Building Users
Cisco Phone System Issue10:00AM CDT on 6/18/2017One of the servers on the Kirksville Campus for the Cisco phone system hung completely. Technicians had to force a power off and back on to restore service. This happened twice during the day. CDWG Managed Services determined it was a bad memory module on the server, and disabled it to keep it from crashing. Since it happened on a Sunday its unclear if there was any impact, but it appears the redundancy kicked it to prevent any phone outages.9:00PM CDT on 6/18/2017Possible impact to Cisco Phones
Outage on Kirksville Internet Firewall9:24AM CDT on 6/22/2017Due to the loss of a power supply the Kirksville Edge firewall one went off line causing the connection to ST. Louis to go down. During the troubleshooting of the issue the backup edge firewall was taken offline causing a 5 minute outage for all of the Kirksville Internet. A temporary repair was made to the failed firewall restoring all connectivity 12:19PM CDT on 6/22/2017Connection to St. Louis VPN, Kirksville Internet connectivty was down for 5 minutes at 10:00AM CDT.
Outage on Connell Building Basement Switch3:57PM CDT on 6/12/2017The Cisco 4507 Edge switch in the Connell had a major failure with its supervisor module. Once the module was replaced and the configuration restored it was back online.5:04PM CDT on 6/12/2017Network acces for the basement and 1st floors of the Connell (CITC) building, including internet and VOIP phones
Outage on Blackboard Managed Hosting11:00AM CDT on 6/4/2017Users lost the ability to access our Blackboard Managerd Hosting environment via ADFS. It was determined to be a system wide issue with Blackboard for all the hosted clients using SAML for Single SIgn on. Once they corrected the issue access was restored.4:30PM CDT on 6/4/2017Access to Blackboard Managed Hosting Production Environment.
Issue with authentication for Empcenter and EZProxy4:39PM CST on 2/2/2017During the automated token signing certificate update process both Empcenter and EZProxy would not update cauing them to refuse access. Empcenter manually updatied the cert on their end, while ITS technicians manually updated the files to allow access once more.9:20PM CST on 2/2/2017Access to EmpCenter and Online library resources
Outage of Internet for Kirksville7:04AM CST on 12/15/2016During maintenance by MORENET technicians access was taken offline for Internet for the Kirksville Campus system and Faculty Connection. Due to a bug in Cisco's code at the MORENET core router routing was affected it did not fail over to the student connection. Once ITS reset our routing tables access was restored through the Kansas city connection.7:14AM CST on 12/15/2016On campus Internet for Kirksville and St. Louis Locations, access to Blackboard MH, Public web sites (
Outage of Internet for Kirksville1:51AM CST on 12/5/2016During maintenance by MORENET technicians access was taken offline for Internet for the Kirksville Campus system and Faculty Connection. Because routing was affected it did not fail over to the student connection. Once MORENET corrected the issue access was restored.2:54AM CST on 12/5/2016On campus Internet for Kirksville Locations, access to Blackboard MH, Public web sites (
Outage of Internet for Kirksville and St. Louis9:05AM CST on 11/18/2016Due is a core outage at MORENET all internet access for the Kirksville and St. Louis locations were put offline. 9:20AM CST on 11/18.2016On campus Internet for Kirksville and St. Louis Locations, access to Blackboard MH, Public web sites (
Outage of Voicemail on Kirksville Campus Cisco Phones8:00AM CDT on 10/25/2016Due to a failing SCSI RAID controller on server KIRKUC1 the primary Cisco Unity voicemail server for Kirksville hung up. Once the KIRKUC1 server was put offline it allowed the secondary Unity server to come online2:00PM CDT on 10/25/2016Voicemail for Kirksville Campus based IP phones
Outage on Kirksville Citrx Environment12:01AM CDT on 8/24/2016Due to an issue with the licensing component all Citrix access for the Kirksville applications was denied. Once Support was contacted there was a step not in the Citrix Recovery documentation that needed to be performed in order to restore access8:40AM CDT on 824/2016Access to the Following Applicatons: Nextgen, Dynamics, CampusVue, Talisma, Remote Management, SPSS, Imagenow, and other misc applicatons
Outage on Blackboard Managed Hosting8:45AM CDT on 7/27/2016Blackboard Managed Hosting Experienced a service outage. They resolved the issue. No reason given9:00AM CDT on 7/27/2016Access to Blackboard Learn Managed Hosting (
Problem with ADFS1:30AM CDT on 7/22/2016Due to an unknown reason the authentication for Blackboard and other services produced a "500 Error" Only when the ADFS main server was restared did the services start again and provide authentication again7:30AM CDT on 7/22/2016Access to Blackboard Learn MH and library Services
Loss of Internet at Kirksville Campus12:30AM CDT on 5/12/2016During regularly scheduled MORENET maintenance both Internet connections stopped working.1:15AM CDT on 5/12/2016Internet access on the Kirksville Campus for Faculty, Staff, and Systems
Issues with Blackboard2:08AM CDT on 4/28/2016In order to correct issues with the Blackboard mobile access all servers were restarted.2:23AM CDT on 4/28/2016Blackboard Learn 9.1
Issues with Blackboard2:14AM CDT on 4/26/2016In order to correct issues with the Blackboard processes all servers were restarted.2:27AM CDT on 4/26/2016Blackboard Learn 9.1
Internet Outage for Missouri Campus Faculty/Staff2:56PM CDT on 3/18/2016MORENET had an issue with a card rebooted in the Kansas City hub. MOREnet engineers identified the cause and applied a patch.3:08PM CDT on 3/18/2016Internet access on the Kirksville Campus for Faculty, Staff, and Systems
Reboot of Mesa based servers 4:30PM CST on 2/12/2016In order to not reboot during the scheduled Maintenance window tomorrow morning ITS restarted several servers in order to apply updates that were scheduled to install. Those servers will now not restart during the window.5:00PM CST on 2/12.2016Dentrix, Dexis, File and Print services on the Mesa campus
Reboot of Blackboard Learn 9.112:50 PM CDT on 2/2/2016Issue manifested with inability to access some courses, an to submit changes to Assignments, Assessments and Discussions. The root cause was likely a stuck course copy process1:09 PM CDT on 2/2/2016Blackboard Learn 9.1
Reboot of Blackboard Learn 9.19:30 AM CDT on 8/5/2015Issue began with inabialty to Submit Assignments, Assessments and Discussions. Worked with Blackboard Support to make server XML changes which required a reboot to take effect1:30 PM CDT on 8/5/2015Blackboard Learn
Outage on Blackboard 9.14:00PM CDT on 8/4/2015Services started failing and eventually stopped responding all together. Once Technicians restarted the servers normal operations resumed4:29PM CDT on 8/4/2015Access to Blackboard 9.1
Intermittent outage of all Kirksville services10:30 AM, Noon CDT on 7/22/2015Various services interrupted after applying a VMware NSX policy update12:30 PM CDT on 7/22/2015All Kirksville servers
Outage on Blackboard 9.18:25PM CDT on 7/16/2015Due to a unknown cause all Blackboard front end services went down. Once technicians restarted all the servers, access was restored. The cause is being investigated9:14PM CDT on 7/16/2015Access to Blackboard 9.1
5850 Western Offices Network Outage11:50AM MST on 6/30/15Network down because of VLANs 126 and 127.12:20PM MST on 6/30/15Wireless, Wired, Phones on floors 1 and 2 in western part of 5850.
Outage of Kirksville Servers8:22AM CDT on 6/30/2015During a routine update of server hardware, all Kirksville Cisco UCS Blade Servers rebooted at the exact same time causing all servers to go offline. Once all physical servers were brought back online did services resume. Bad software in the blade system was to blame, and support provided a work-around to complete updates.8:55 CDT on 6/30/2015CampusVue, Great Plains, Talisma, Nextgen, Web, File, Print
Emergency restart of Blackboard 9.1 servers5:00AM CDT on 5/20/2015In order to fix the ActiveMQ process all blackboard servers had to be stopped and restarted in the right sequence.5:30AM CDT on 5/20/2015Blackboard 9.1
Outage on Core Switch in Mesa10:55AM CDT on 5/11/2015One of the core switches in Mesa crashed causing redundant links go offline. We also lost complete communication to Dental Care West and the Audiology Clinic. Normal service to all locations was restored within an hour. The cause was a failed line card which technicians can replace without further downtime.12:05PM CDT on 5/11/2015Connection to Dental Care West and Audiology Clinics
ASA Code Upgrade and EIGRP Implementation Settings12AM CST on 3/7/2015Needed to upgrade code from to 9.2.3 to fix a VPN issues. Also there were some outstanding EIGRP issues that need to be looked at and re-implemented.2:30AM CST on 3/7/2015Kirksville Campus External network access globally and minor internal services
Data Network (VLAN 22) Outage in Still Building3:00 CST on 12/4/2014All VLAN 22 traffic would halt intermittently.4:45 CST on 12/4/2014Wireless network access in: HR, Rec Room, Dean's Office, CMH Classroom, GOHWC Anatomy Conference Room, study area in the TBR basement, FDR Classroom, AcaAff Conference Room, Helpdesk, Denslow Park, Academic Affairs Conference Room. Wired network access for all areas served by this building's switch.
Restart needed for Blackboard 9.110:05AM CST on 12/1/2014Because of ongoing issues with Blackboad's ActiveMQ process the entire system had to be restarted.10:23AM CST on 12/1/2014Access to Blackboard 9.1
Issue with DNS system12:31PM CST on 11-25-2014Due to a misconfiguration problem the internal Zone for ATSU.EDU was shut off. Once technicians fixed the issue access was restored1:29PM CST on 11-25-2014access to web based resources both Campuses
Outage on Blackboard 9.16:15AM CDT on 9/7/2014Due to a SAN issue the Blackboard 9.1 environment was interrupted causing issues in the system. Once all front-ends were restarted, normal operation resumed12:35PM CDT on 9/7/2014Access to Blackboard 9.1
Blackboard Emergency Reboot9/2/14 10:00 am CDTBlackboard ADM server lost the lock on the ActiveMQ service causing erratic behavior with quizzes and discussion boards. Contacted all ATSU academic programs to schedule a time. Rebooted all Bb services. Issue resolved9/2/14 2:45 pm CDTBlackboard
Reboot of Blackboard 9.1 Database server12:40PM CDT on 8/22/2014The database Server for Blackboard 9.1 started a forced reboot countdown due to a missing critical update that was made mandatory by our Update system. Once the server restarted access was restored12:49PM CDT on 8/22/2014Access to Blackboard 9.1
Blackboard emergency reboot8/17/14 11:00 a.m. CDTBlackboard servers were behaving erratically for some users. Java caches on BB2 and BB3 were overrun. Servers unable to contact filestore. Rebooted all servers at 12:00 noon CDT. All services back up at 12:35 p.m.8/17/14 12:35 p.m. CDTBlackboard Learn
Outage on Citrix MyApps8:44AM CDT on 8-13-14Due to failed authentication services on KIRKCXA7, access to MyApps for Citrix was severely impacted to the point where most could not sign in. Once the services were restarted all access was restored.10:50AM CDT on 8-13-14Access to Citrix Applications via MyApps
Blackboard Learn Emergency Reboot1:00 am CDT 7-22-14Blackboard Learn Emergency Reboot to fix BBADM1 server configuration error1:30 am CDT 7-22-14Blackboard Learn
Partial Bb service interruption7/5/14 12:30 pm cdtBb front ends 1 and 2 were pointing to the test server7/5/14 3:00 pm cdtBlackboard Learn
Blackboard Services unavailable7/2/14 5:55 pm MSTBlackboard services were un-available to users. Blackboard was running, but it was not receiving any network traffic for a half hour.7/2/14 6:25 pm MSTBlackboard Learn, Blackboard Mobile
Internet outages at ATSU Visalia, CA Community Health Center10:00AM CST on 6/3/2014Internet service outages8:33AM CST on 6/4/2014All Internet services at Visalia, CA CHC
Restart of Blackboard 9.1 servers needed2:06PM CDT on 6/28/2014Due to a failure of one of the building blocks after upgrade all Blackboard 9.1 front end servers had to be restarted.2:22PM CDT on 6/28/2014Blackboard 9.1
Outage on Dexis8:00AM CDT on 6/26/2014Dexis completed the conversion of the Dental images in ASDOH. However, they failed to updated all the rights and reconnect the database to the user clients. Once that work was completed all users could get in.1:30PM CDT on 6/26/2014Acess to Dexis Dental Imaging (ASDOH Clinics only)
Outage on Blackboard 9.19:37AM CDT on 6/17/2014Due to a power failure on host MESAUCS2 the Blackboard database server was knocked offline causing a total outage of Blackboard 9.1. The servers failed over to new host quickly but all front ends had to be restarted and reconnected to the Load Balancer in order to bring the service back online.10:00AM CDT on 6/17/2014Access to Blackboard 9.1
Outage on TK202 PM CST on 1/23/2014TK20 fails to authenticate users. Likely caused by change in security certificate of the LDAP server.evening of 1/23/2014TK20
Outage on Blackboard CE812:00AM CST on 1/13/2014Due to the expiration of the license for CE8 on 12/30 the 14 day grace period expired this morning. Once a temporary key was received the system was restored online.2:14PM CST on 1/13/2014Access to WebCT/Blackbard CE8
Kirksville Student Wireless Outage9:05 AM CST on 12/08/2013Students reported Wireless Access issue on the Kirksville Campus. It issues was on the back end authentication ISE servers, once found the issue was resolved and service was restored.9:20 AM CST on 12/08/2013Student Wireless Access on the Kirksville Campus
Outage on ATSU Portal9:20 AM CST on 11-19-2013Users reported on the Mesa campus getting Java errors when accessing the ATSU Portal. Upon investigation there appear to be a problem with the communication to the LDAP servers. Both sides of the portal appeared to be experiencing the same issue. The decision was made to upgrade the production side of the ATSU portal to a new version and switch the LDAP configuration. Once this was complete normal services was restored.11:30AM CST on 11-19-2013Access to ATSU Portal
Outage on Echo360 System12:10PM CST on 11/8/2013Problems were discovered with the Echo360 system. When technicians restarted the system it would not come back online. Only after applying a service pack software upgrade did the system start working again.3:15pm CST on 11/8/2013Access to Echo360
Outage on web site11:09AM CDT on 10-4-2013FABCOM attempted to perform an upgrade of the expression engine on server ATSUWEBPRO1 but could not get it to work. They reverted back to the old version of EE.12:04PM CDT on 10-4-2013Access to
Kirksville Next Gen Clinical software not starting correctly8:00 AM CDT on 9/30/2013Application errors on startup. Back-end server drives were modified over the weekend. The drives did not automatically come online after reboot. Manually initiating the new configuration resulted in online drives, and services were restored.8:30 AM CDT on 9/30/2013Kirksville Next Gen Clinical software
Google Mail Delay Issue8:30AM CDT on 9/23/2013Users from all over started reporting their e-mails were not going to their intended recipients. Google acknowledged they had a problem cause by an undersea communication cable failure that cascaded into e-mail delays all over their network. Once they rerouted around the area it took several hours for the backed up e-mails to finally get delivered.10:00PM CDT on 9/23/2013Google Gmail Delivery, Google Presentation, Google Drive
Blackboard Courses Access Issues11:00 A.M. CST 9/22/2013Same as previously reported issues where users are getting 500 errors accessing courses.11:15 A.M. CST 9/22/2013Blackboard 9.1 Course Access
Blackboard course access issue11:00 MST on 9-13-13Blackboard spontaneously restarted itself, users who were currently logged into the system experienced the 500 Server Error when trying to access their courses. Clearing individual browser cache solves issue. Addressing tickets as they come in, sent All-ATSU email to explain how to clear out cache11:30 MST 9-13-13Blackboard 9.1 course access
Blackboard System Issues4:10PM CDT on 9/12/2013Pages and file downloads were experiencing 500 Errors after a Building Block Update. IT determined that there might be database issues and there were not any. The services were restarted and offline for about 15 minutes. After they came back online, the system was restored to full operations.5:51PM CDT on 9/12/2013Access to Blackboard 9.1 system
Wireless Connectivity - AZ Campus10:00 AM CDT on 8/19/2013Configuration error on the Mesa Primary Wireless Controller caused users authentications to fail. Configuration discrepancy was corrected and service restored.11:00 AM CDT on 8/19/2013Mesa Wireless Access
Blackboard System Issues10:30AM CDT on 8/18/2013Pages and file downloads were experiencing 500 Errors. Around 1, IT determined that there might be database issues. Once the issues were resolved, the services were restarted and offline for about 15 minutes. After they came back online, the system was restored to full operations.1:00PM CDT on 8/18/2013Access to Blackboard 9.1 system
Blackboard System issues - Post Upgrade6:00AM CDT on 8/10/2013After the upgrade of Blackboard 9.1 to Service Pack 12 Patch 4 Pages were experiencing increasing numbers of 500 Errors when accessing files on the system. This was not reported in great numbers until 8/11. Around noon Technicians determine there maybe database issues in the system. Once the database issues were resolved the front ends for all servers went offline. They were restarted and the system was restored to full operations9:00PM CDT on 8/11/2013Access to Blackboard 9.1 system
Wireless connectivity - MO campus10:00AM CDTon 8/8/13Due to an incompatibility with Windows AD 2012 and ISE the Kirksville Campus lost the ability to Authenticate Wireless users. A temporary solution was put in place at 3:30 CDT allowing Mesa to authenticate Kirksville’s wireless users. Working with Cisco we restored normal service at 10:30 CDT.10:30 CDT on 8/8/13Kirksville Wireless Access
SAN Issue on KIRKFS110:00PM CDT on 7/30/2013Due to a unusal amount of file activity the aggregate storage on the USERS volume filled up causing issues with computers attaching. Once the space was cleared up normal activity resumed.8:00AM CDT on 7/31/2013Network access on Kirksville Campus for Facutly and Staff Computers
Kirksville Campus Network Issues3:30PM CDT on 6/24/2013The Kirksville Campus experienced major network routing issues for all areas. It was discovered two devices in the Dental-IPE building broadcasting a storm of data that cascaded around the entire campus network. Once they were turned off normal service was restored. In addition new mitigation services were turned on to prevent this in the future.5:30PM CDTon 6/24/2013All services on the Kirksville Campus
Online Budget Down3:30PM CDT on June 10, 2013New department added by Controller's office caused key index to resort and erroneously assign department keys to individuals.10:00AM CDT on June 14, 2013Online Budget
Outage on Main web server3:08AM CDT on 6/18/2013Due to a failure of the Helicon plug in in IIS all traffic to server KIRKWEB2 was down. Once IIS was restarted service was restored7:30AM CDT on 6/18/2013All web sites for
MO-AZ WAN slowness8:00AM CDT 6/7/2013There are slowness issues with our main inter-campus WAN link. This is most likely related to the maintenance performed by the ISP last night. Bluebird was able to resolve the issue by changing the speed/duplex on the BBN-COX handoff in Kansas City.11:41AM CDT 6/7/2013MO-AZ 4-digit call quality, lagging on Citrix sessions from AZ to MO.
Directory Search from Cisco Phone Handset Not Working11:00AM CDT on 6/6/2013Directory search capability experienced intermittent outages during the period. Cisco support was involved and it was determined that there is a software defect which is causing high CPU on the system. They have provided us with a software patch which will need to be applied to all servers during a downtime. In the mean time the services were restarted to temporarily resolve the issue.2:00PM CDT on 6/6/2013Directory search from Cisco phones
Directory Search from Cisco Phone Handset Not Working2:45PM CDT on 6/5/2013The WAN outage seems to have caused a backlog of directory synchronization changes between the Cisco Phone System and Microsoft Active Directory. The service was restored after starting a manual LDAP sync and restarting some of the directory related services on the phone system.3:26PM CDT on 6/5/2013LDAP-based Directory Search from Cisco Phone Handsets. NOTE: The impact from this issue seems to be minor
Cisco Unity Connection CrashMid morning 6/5/2013 (exact time unknown)Intermittent WAN outages caused communications failures between the Cisco Unity Connection server cluster. The cluster eventually crashed. ITS technicians rebooted the servers which ultimately resolved the issue. Cisco support was brought in and they confirmed that, given the circumstances with the WAN, there is nothing we could have done to avoid this.10:37AM CDT on 6/5/2013Cisco Voicemail (Mesa/Kirksville), Call routing for ITS Help Desk (ext 2200)
Backup Path Fiber Damaged During Replacement of Primary Path Fiber10:39PM CDT on 6/4/2013Crews working with the Internet Service Provider accidentally stretched and damaged the backup fibers while pulling new fiber to repair the destroyed fibers in the primary fiber path. Once the issue was detected, the stretched fibers were quickly repaired by fusion splicing.11:08PM CDT on 6/4/2013Missouri Campus Internet and WAN
Fiber Cut / Internet Outage3:05PM CDT on 6/4/2013Construction crews destroyed one of the fiber optic cables which connects the Missouri campus to the Internet. The Internet Service Provider was able to restore service by manually switching the connection to a backup fiber path.3:22PM CDT on 6/4/2013Missouri Campus Internet and WAN services
Web Services Outage3:00PM CDT on 5/23/2013Due to an unknown error the Helicon process for redirection on server KIRKWEB2 failed. After restarting the server the processes were restored3:25PM CDT on 5/23/2013Public and private web services.
Webservices down10:47AM 5/28/2013Webservices down for www.atsu.edu10:57AM 5/28/
Outage on Blackboard/WebCT CE811:36AM CDT on 5/16/2013Due to a failed Course copy function the Blackboard CE8 server on MESAWCT2 crashed. Once technicians restarted the service normal function was restored11:44AM CDT on 5/16/2013access to Blackboard/WebCT CE8
Outage on Google Apps7:15AM CDT on 4-17-2013Google experienced an outage on e-mail, Drive, and Groups due to a failure of their API system. They were able to restore access to all services for most users, with the rest coming later in the morning. Here is the link to the report on this issue. CDT on 4-17-2013Access to Google Apps (e-mail, Drive (Docs), Groups)
Login issues on BB 9.12:00AM CDT on 4/2/2013Due to a failure of the User synchronization between CVUE and Blackboard, 5% of the accounts were disabled. The next job at 6:00AM CDT did not run to fix the problem. Once the job was run manually all accounts were restored to active status8:50AM CDT on 4/2/2013Blackboard 9.1
Blackboard 9.1 Outage4:10PM CDT on 3/22/2013Due to a problem with the Test servers all of the Blackboard 9.1 production servers were knocked offline. Once they were restarted services were restored. Test enviornment will be rebuilt to correct the issue to prevent a future outage.4:29PM CDT on 3/22/2013Access to Blackboard 9.1
Users could not login to Blackboard 9.13:30 a.m. CDT 3/12/13EAI reported users could not login to Blackboard 9.1. Services started working again with no intervention.. No cause can be determined.5:30 a.m. CDT 3/12/13Blackboard 9.1
Blackboard 9 Outage9:50 am Central 02/28/13Course export caused high CPU usage on all front end servers resulting in temporary service interruption.10:40 am Central 02/28/13Blackboard 9
Tk20 login problem8:00AM CST on 2/19/13Jane Hawthorne discovered she could not log into the web site. I confirmed her results and after rebooting both servers it did not fix it. Tk20 support was able to fix the isuse.10:30AM CST on 2/19/13access to Tk20
Connection interruption on KirkCMAPI311:04am Central 02/08/2013VADP Backups caused momentary connection interruption to server.11:07am Central 02/08/2013Mail services and web services (and API calls) from CampusVue.
Outage on Blackboard/WebCT CE81:01AM CST on 1/13/2013The license expired on server MESAWCT1 for Blackboard CE8 causing the service to go offline. It was not discovered until later in the day when tickets were reported by users saying they could not bring up the login page for CE8 even though alert messages were sent that the service was down. The new license file applied during the recent downtime window was put in the wrong location. Once it was moved to the right location the service started up successfully once again.12:08AM CST on 1/14/2013Access to Blackboard/WebCT CE8
ISP Routing Issue8:00am Central 12/13/2012BGP routing protocol issue (possibly in Level3's network) caused certain web pages to become unavailable from Kirksville campus9:38am Central 12/13/, bank of kirksville, others
Firewall Failure3:00pm Central 12/11/2012Firewall failover issue caused intermittent Internet outages - Outbound service was restored after 5 minutes, but inbound access issues took longer to detect and were not restored until later in the afternoon5:00pm Central 12/11/2012Internet access on the Mesa campus. Blackboard & Portal access from the public Internet.
Blackboard 8 not allowing logins8:30 AM Central 12/11/2012Login page displays, but gives error when attempting login. Corrected by rebooting the front-end server.8:50 AM Central 12/11/2012Blackboard 8, ASDOH Testing
Blackboard 9.1 outage6:00AM CDT on 10/13/12Due to the downtime the database server for BB 9.1 got restarted. However because of restarts to the front end servers earlier in the week those servers did not restart in their normal sequence. Therefore they all lost connection to the database causing the outage. Once they were restarted Blackboard 9.1 service was restored.8:35AM CDT on 10/13/12Blackboard 9.1
Network outage multiple systems at Mesa (BB8,BB9, Dental Clinic)11:35 Central on 10/8/2012All virtual servers on VMWare Host 3 lost network connectivity.11:45 AM Central on 10/8/2012BB8, Mesa Dental Clinic, BB9 file server, Mesa Print server
Outage on Blackboard 9.17:40PM CDT on 10/1/2012Users reported not seeing content in Blackboard 9.1 courses. After rebooting then no one could login. Due to DNS issues in the load balancer it was not able to pass request properly from the public IP. Once a change was made to DNS to only use the new servers the problem was resolved.9:45PM CDT on 10/1/2012Blackboard 9.1
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