Fast Forward is redirecting many of our resources to support tech nonprofits addressing the COVID-19 crisis.

Fast Forward is redirecting many of our resources to support tech nonprofits addressing the COVID-19 crisis. Systemic racism results in people of color suffering the brunt of the pandemic. The majority of the organizations we support are led by people of color working with communities of color to address the devastation.

As builders of digital-first tools, tech nonprofits fill in social safety net gaps from community-based healthcare to distance learning to social service discovery. The demand for their services has grown exponentially since the crisis began. At the same time, resources to support their work is limited. If you are interested in supporting any of these groups, please email
Organization LogoOrganization NameWebsiteIssue AreaFounder Diversity: POCFounder Diversity: Gender (Women/Non-Binary)Racial Justice WorkHeadquartersOne-LinerMissionCovid-19 ResponseCovid-19 Response Needs (USD)Pro Bono Support NeedsCo-FoundersFounder ContactImpact Region
The AI Education Project Area, CAInteractive digital AI curriculum preparing underserved students for the future of work.AIEDU provides free curriculum for high school students and teachers about artificial intelligence, its impacts, and the future of work. Our content works in self-guided, fully remote, and hybrid learning environments and is currently delivered using the Google Classroom and Canvas platforms to support the most widely used distance learning ecosystems.$250k will allow AIEDU to launch our own digital platform to better support student digital learning and better leverage student feedback to improve materials and delivery, while integrating with learning tools and platforms widely in use (e.g. Google Classroom).

* $100k will allow AIEDU to fund a full educator training and distance learning success team for the remainder of the 2021 school year and summer to meet increasing demand.
Software Engineer/Designer: to assist with scoping/building digital learning platform.

Growth Hackers: Strategic advice regarding user acquisition and retention.

Customer Success: Strategic advice to improve educator and student user outcomes.
Ehrik Aldana, Co-Founder & Head of Programs

Alex Kotran, Co-Founder & President

Ora Tanner, Co-Founder & Chief Learning Officer
Almost Fun York City, NYA free mobile and web app fusing pop culture with SAT prep to level the playing field for college admissions.Almost Fun provides low-income students with culturally-relevant, accessible, and almost fun resources to prepare for college. It utilizes popular content from movie scripts, pop culture, and young adult novels to engage students.Almost Fun provides free educational resources with the primary goal of engaging students in their learning. For students in grades 6-12, Almost Fun sparks interest in Math, Reading, and Grammar.$50k will allow Almost Fun to extend its platform and speed up creation of new, engaging content specifically currated for 6th-8th grade distance learners.Lisa Wang, Founder & USA
Ample Labs & AccessibilityPOCYesYesToronto, CanadaAI-powered chatbot helping people facing homelessness find free meals, shelter, and clothing.Ample Labs makes it easier to find free, critical homeless services tailored to users’ location and specific needs. Their solution has made over 100,000 recommendations to 75,000 unique users in Toronto, Canada.People experiencing homelessness are twice as likely to contract COVID-19. In response, Ample Labs is developing CovidBot, a chatbot providing up-to-date information on preventative measures, testing information, and mental health resources.$100k will allow Ample Labs to increase engineering capacity to get CovidBot out the door ASAP.Fundraising Specialist: Assist with new fundraising initiatives and execute existing ones

Senior Developers: Help make Chalmers better, faster and smarter through code!

Growth Hackers: Help solve user-acquisition and retention here at Ample Labs.
CG Chen, Founder & CEOcg@amplelabs.coToronto, Canada
Beyond12www.beyond12.orgEducationPOCYesYesOakland, CABeyond 12 is a digital coaching platform that combines virtual human coaches, a campus customized mobile app, and an AI-powered analytics engine to help first-generation students thrive in college and beyond.Beyond 12’s mission is to significantly increase the number of low-income and first-generation students who graduate from college. Working in partnership with high schools and colleges, the Beyond 12 platform provides students with the academic, social, and emotional support they need to not only earn their degrees but to also translate those degrees into meaningful employment and choice-filled lives. Beyond 12 is responding to the crisis in three ways. (1) Financial support through an Emergency Student Relief Fund to help students from its partner organizations address the unexpected financial challenges they are experiencing as a result of campus closures and their college’s move to distance learning. (2) Coaching support through a COVID-19 Virtual Coaching Corps that extends its current virtual coaching model to ANY first-generation college student who may need guidance and advice from a knowledgeable and inspirational recent college graduate. (3) Information support through a curated COVID-19 Student Resource Guide to help college students navigate the overwhelming number of messages they are receiving and the shortage of clear, accurate information about the pandemic itself and its impact on their college and career plans. $1.1m: will allow the organization to launch and maintain its COVID-19 resource guide and expand its virtual coaching corps to coach an additional 20,000 first-generation college students.

$2.5m: will fully fund the organization's COVID-19 student relief fund.
Marketing: Beyond 12 is seeking social media strategists to help create and implement a series of campaigns to amplify its brand across social platforms.

Content/Researcher: Beyond 12 is seeking a volunteer to conduct online research to vet content and update its COVID-19 Resource Guide.
Alexandra Bernadotte, Founder & CEOabernadotte@beyond12.orgUSA
CareerVillage.orgCareerVillage.orgEducationPOCYesYesPalo Alto, CAA platform that crowdsources career advice from 50,000+ professionals for 4M+ underrepresented uses crowdsourcing to provide personalized career guidance to students. The platform matches the career questions that students ask to a volunteer corps of over 50,000 working professionals with relevant expertise. works especially to support youth in low-income communities, first generation college students, first generation immigrants, young people of color, and young women interested in STEM is launching a Covid-19 Response Fund with three planks: (1) Ramping up its student and educator support team; (2) Streamlining its global expansion to support new countries; and (3) Adding support for Spanish and other languages.$250k will allow CareerVillage to succesfully launch its COVID-19 Response Fund; $1m will fully fund the Response Fund.Career Advisor: Give life-changing career advice virtually
Jared Chung, Co-Founder & Executive

To learn about volunteering with email:
USA, Global
CoachMe Healthwww.coachmehealth.orgDigital Health, Health EquityLatinaYesYesSan Francisco, CACoachme provides digital health coaches to reduce health disparities and help build healthier behaviors and livesCoachMe's mission is to fill a critical gap in the healthcare system - helping low-income Americans reverse a diagnosis of chronic disease through our high quality, supportive, technology enabled coaching model. CoachMe's health coaches work remotely to give patients on Medicaid the support they need to live longer, healthier lives.CoachMe is providing critical outreach to clients to help them stay safe at home. Its community clinic partners have closed their doors to in-person visits. CoachMe has been providing resources, videos, up-to-date information, and personal coaching on stress management and making changes to adapt to COVID.$20k will allow CoachMe to make key upgrades to its platform for more rapid outreach to patients and regular video updates about COVID

$50k will allow CoachMe to expand to 400 additional low-income patients in a high-risk group for COVID in the bay area
Product Management and Software Engineer:
Help CoachMe build a SMS-based patient chatbot that automates regular symptom tracking and gives patients insight into their own data and health outcomes.

Graphic / UX Design:
Help us translate the clunky PDFs that patients used to receive at office visits to bite-sized, visual images that support health literacy and health education during COVID for our patients and clinic partners.
Karin Underwood,
Co-Founder & CEO

Yaritza Vargas

karinu@coachmehealth.orgBay Area, CA
CommonLitcommonlit.orgEducationPOCYesYesWashington, DCA free platform equipping educators with high-quality, standards-aligned literacy toolsCommonLit is a free online reading program for students in grades 3-12 where teachers and parents can access great content, standards-aligned assessments, and more. CommonLit has over 4.5 million active monthly users today, and the site has always been 100% free. The CommonLit platform is scalable, secure, and interoperable with Google Classroom and Clever. In the past week, teacher sign-ups on CommonLit have more than doubled, student sign-ups have more than tripled, and parent sign-ups have increased by 10x. The CommonLit user support team is urgently trying to meet the increased demand through extended chat support hours, expanded help resources, and manual parent account verification protocols. Entire departments have been repurposed to provide free video consultations for school administrators and lead webinars for parents, teachers, and admins 3-5x weekly.$150k - $250k by end of March will allow CommonLit to fund a dedicated customer service team.

$500k - $750k+ will allow CommonLit to hire engineers to accelerate feature development that supports at-home learning on cell phones

$5m+ if school closures continue into August, so that CommonLit can release its new curriculum early and support the institutional/state/district level demand. Brown,
Founder & CEO USA, Latin America
Dost Educationdosteducation.comEducationPOCYesSan Francisco, CA/Delhi, IndiaDost Education empowers parents of any literacy level to take charge of their child’s early education through short, friendly audio content.Dost is a mobile platform that promotes parent engagement in early childhood development. Dost’s works primarily with illiterate women in urban India who have children below the age of six and own a feature phone. Through short, prerecorded voice messages delivered via an automated call to mobile phones, Dost enables these moms to give their kids intellectual stimulation using evidence-based approaches. Dost is using its expertise in supporting low-income Indian families to handle stress through the current emergency and continue their child’s learning at home. Dost is doing this by: (1) COVID-specific podcasts on awareness, safety, myth busting, addressing mental health and stress in families during the lockdown; (2) Offering existing educational content to help parents continue their child’s learning at home.

$300k will allow Dost to reach high-need, low-literate, densely-populated communities through digital campaigns and partnerships, and deploy the program to reach 150,000 families.

$20k of Google Cloud grants of to help Dost subsidize its costs for running COVID campaigns and learning at home
Digital Campaign Expert: Dost has started campaigns through TikTok and WhatsApp - Help advise Dost on how to run these effectively

Software Engineer: Help Dost build and integrate its analytics into partner platforms

Software Engineer/Designer: Help Dost build its COVID response page for partner organizations

Engineering and UX Support: Help Dost build its online content portal and create Dost branded banners/animations to be included in video content.
Sindhuja Jeyabal, Cofounder and CTOsindhuja@dosteducation.comIndia
Empower Work & Accessibility, Economic EmpowermentYesYesSan Francisco, CAEmpower Work provides confidential support for tough work situations via SMS or web chatEmpower Work is on a mission to create healthy workplaces where employees are valued, supported, and empowered. Empower Work provides support for challenging work situations through trained peer counselors, accessible via web chat or text.In the first week of shelter-at-home, Empower Work saw a 197% increase in volume. Empower Work is rapidly investing in infrastructure to provide key resources to volunteers at their fingertips, expand volunteer training, and ramp up outreach efforts including marketing and content. $275k will allow Empower Work to (1) Develop online content to increase SEO to reach vulnerable workers (2) Expand volunteer recruitment and training to meet the increased needs (3) Build new features to meet evolving demands (e.g., connection to unemployment)Communications and Marketing: Empower Work needs experienced social media strategists to work on a campaign to amplify Empower Work across social platforms; Communications professionals to help with media strategy and outreach; Support on partnership strategy to connect with national and local orgs supporting vulnerable workers

SEO Experts: Empower Work needs help with reviewing and implementing site audit and recommendations

UX & Design: Empower Work needs designers to help with adjustments to key landing pages; UX researchers and designers to improve post-use survey and follow up to increase data collection and sharing of its service

Engineering & Technical:
Empower Work needs Communications engineers to help build out improved and more efficient alert system for volunteers during surges; ETL Engineer to build ETL integration between learning management system and volunteer management system; Data Analysts with AWS expertise to work with Empower Work data, to uncover trends and build out dashboard; Engineer to help devise a better system for matching volunteers in the training phase of practice for pair practice

Peer Counselors
: Empower Work's peer volunteers provide direct support to those facing work challenges.
Jaime-Alexis Fowler, Founder & Executive Directorjaimealexis@empowerwork.orgUSA
Good Call ReformPOCYesYesNew York, NYGood Call runs a tech-enabled 24/7 hotline, connecting anyone in NYC to a free lawyer in case of an arrest.Good Call's mission is to protect the rights of low income communities and communities of color by providing immediate access to legal representation when it's needed mostIn light of new policing regulations related to COVID-19, Good Call aims to rapidly launch a digital awareness campaign in lieu of community outreach to ensure that all New Yorkers have access to direct arrest support and other legal support services during this crisis. Good Call will create a platform for collecting data and feedback from users in order to best respond to the situation.$200k will allow Good Call to transition its community outreach to digital organizing, improve hotline software, onboard more attorneys, and launch an awareness campaign to make relevant information and resources available through our social media platforms and website
Front End Developer: To assist with creating digital resource platformJelani Anglin (founder and co-executive director), Gabriel Leader-Rose (founder and co-executive director), gabe@goodcall.nycNYC
Hack Club, EducationSan Francisco, CAPlatform enabling high schoolers to start awesome after-school coding clubsHack Club is a global network of programming clubs where members learn to code through tinkering and building projects.Before nationwide school closures, Hack Club students led nearly 400 after-school computer science clubs in almost all 50 states. Since none of them can meet, Hack Club has moved entirely online. Hack Club became the official student partner of the COVID-19 Global Hackathon.5-year goal is to have a Hack Club in 50% of U.S. high schools

10-year goal is to create a generation of problem solvers equipped with the "hacker" mindset and advanced 21st-century tech skills. Lattazach@hackclub.comUSA, Global
Hikma Health
Health & AccessibilityPOCSan Jose, CAA platform that digitizes refugees' healthcare data to deliver coordinated, long-term care.Hikma Health partners with nonprofit organizations providing healthcare in underserved and refugee populations. It creates customized data systems for these healthcare providers to improve patient outcomes. It analyzes health data to support delivery of personalized healthcare to refugees.Refugee and migrant populations are now confirmed to be at elevated risk for Covid-19. With clinical partners, Hikma has designed and is now building a screening module in its mobile platform that physicians can use to assess potential Covid-19 patients in refugee camps. Hikma Health's offline-first capability will empower physicians to rapidly help those most in need of testing and symptomatic relief. Hikma is also working continuously to spread disease awareness and scientific communication about prevention against infection in multiple languages. $750k will allow Hikma Health to complete development and deployment of its 2.0 mobile app with the integrated Covid-19 screening module for multiple populations.

$50k will allow Hikma Health to deploy the software at a single mobile clinic serving 5k patients

$100k will support software customization for a new partnership with an organization giving free healthcare services to 20k patients

$250k will empower Hikma to hire a full-time engineer and a part-time epidemiology data scientist to upgrade its Covid-19 module from a screening tool to a validated realtime clinical prediction tool

$100k in Google Cloud Platform credits will allow deployments to support thousands of patients across the world.

Hikma can also use donated mobile devices, particularly Android phones and tablets.
UI/UX Designer: Hikma Health is seeking pro bono designers to help improve the UI/UX of our newly released clinician mobile app that screens for COVID-19, and start designing the UI/UX for a new patient app which will include educational materials about COVID-19 and information about local resources.Senan Ebrahim, Founder & Chair

Hassaan Ebrahim, CEO
senan@hikmahealth.orgLebanon, Greece, India, USA
Hopeboundhopebound.comHealth & AccessibilityPOCFemaleAtlanta, GAVirtual therapy platform for low-income youth at higher risk for teen suicide and mental illness.Hopebound makes virtual therapy more accessible to adolescents, within and alongside their communities.While Hopebound's medium to providing school-based therapy has always been virtual, it is now encountering new challenges that the digital divide bring: lack of access to connectivity for kids at home. To respond, it's providing hot spots and Ethernet cords to those in need.$5k to help support COVID-19 response.Connections to family and/or parent advocacy groups in the Bay Area, Atlanta, or Newark that are smoothly navigating the challenge of staying in contact with parents and kids during the pandemic.Christina Guilbeau, Founderchristinaguilbeau@hopebound.comUSA
Intelehealth & AccessibilityPOCFemaleEllicott City, MDA mobile app that improves access to primary health care through its digital health assistant, called Ayu, & telemedicine support to deliver care for hard to reach communities.Intelehealth is a telemedicine & case management app that supports patients and frontline health workers with a digital assistant called 'Ayu' for triage and risk assessment. It connects them with remote doctors over telemedicine (audio/video calls) in order to provide care for patients in hard-to-reach situations. We have set up several telemedicine projects in countries like India, Philippines and Haiti.Intelehealth’s unique Covid-19 monitoring and case management solution has three modules: (1) Identification of cases; (2) Treatment and monitoring of suspected and confirmed cases; (3) Mapping of suspected and confirmed cases. More information about Intelehealth's COVID-19 response is available here:$1.2m will support platform deployment in India, US (Maryland and Rhode Island) and Krygyzstan

$100k in cloud credits (AWS, Azure or Google cloud); all partnerships for deployment are confirmed
Volunteer Software Architects: Help Intelehealth build a secure and scalable backend database architecture on AWS capable of handling 200 million transactions a year.

Marketing & Communications Volunteers:
Help to curate a monthly donor communications newsletter that highlights our work and also shares emerging evidence on the fight against Covid-19.
Neha Verma, Co-Founder & CEOneha@intelehealth.ioUSA, India, Krygyzstan
IssueVoterhttps://issuevoter.orgCivic Engagement, Education, Healthy Democracy, All policy issuesPOCFemaleYesWashington, D.C. (with all team members remote)A non-partisan online platform, IssueVoter opens the lines of communication between people and their representatives, making civic engagement accessible, efficient, and impactful.IssueVoter aims to give everyone a voice in the USA's representative democracy. IssueVoter makes information accessible and actionable with customized alerts *before* Congress votes, and translates bills into laymen’s terms with points from *both* sides. It is the only platform that provides a personalized representative scorecard, helping individuals keep politicians accountable and become more informed voters at the next election. IssueVoter has sent over two million alerts to people and opinions to Congress from individuals across all 435 Congressional Districts. As a direct result, 30% of people using IssueVoter were motivated to vote in the first place. Plus, 47% were exposed to new viewpoints, 59% inspired to take additional forms of civic action, and 94% learned about new issues for the first time.With 555+ coronavirus-related bills in Congress, each of which is competing for attention from news headlines and social media, it is more important than ever to give every day Americans access to succinct, powerful information so they can make their voices heard and help shape the new world we will be facing. In addition to the increased volume of new bills, there are two more complexities: speed and understanding the likelihood of a vote. In order to give the public time to make their voices heard, IssueVoter has shifted even more focus to bill monitoring. The increase in volume for the IssueVoter team has quadrupled, and for the platform it has increased tenfold.$500k to enable IssueVoter to inform and activate over 1 million voters

$100k to launch an iOS and Android app, making access to Congress even more accessible both amidst this global pandemic and for the future.

$50k in emergency funding will fund increased tracking and traffic as Congress introduces dozens of new bills each week that will have long-lasting unprecedented changes on the country’s healthcare and economic policy.

$15k to launch text message alerts.

$5k to send 750,000 opinions to Congress.
IssueVoter is looking for help on Full Stack Software Engineering, Digital Marketing, PR/Media Relations, Fundraising, and User Awareness and Growth
Volunteer anytime, anywhere:
Maria Yuan, Founder & CEOmaria@issuevoter.orgUSA
JustFix NYCJustFix.nycHousing JusticeYesYesNew York, NYTechnology for Housing builds data-driven tools for tenants and organizers fighting displacement. Our goal is safe and healthy homes for all.With all court filings now needing to be done digitally, JustFix has partnered with the housing court system to adapt its existing tools in order to streamline the emergency filing process for tenants. Through JustFix, tenants can create the emergency repair court filings and have them officially submitted to the courts. JustFix also gave a webinar about its work with the LISC institute and launched a new website to support tenants across the country struggling to pay rent during COVID-19:$50k will allow to adapt for new eviction moratorium rules.Georges Clement, Founder & Executive Directorgeorges@justfix.nycNYC
Learning Equality Diego, CABridging the global digital divide by bringing the online learning revolution offlineLearning Equality builds inclusive edtech products that work completely offline so children without internet connectivity don't get left behind. Learning Equality's tech tools, educator training and assessment tools are used in educational programs in places with little to no resources. Learning Equality’s free products have benefited millions of learners in over 200 countries, in places like rural schools, orphanages, refugee camps, and prisons.Already more than 1.375 billion children and youth have had their learning disrupted and are being kept at home, hundreds of millions of whom are also facing connectivity barriers. Learning Equality is working to provide teachers, administrators, parents/guardians, and students around the world with the resources they need to quickly set up learning spaces without requiring Internet after the initial set-up. $600K will enable Learning Equality to (1) support the urgent needs of governments in making relevant digital content available to learners; (2) support learners, parents and educators on how to best use these resources; and (3) coordinate Learning Equality’s Covid-19 education response with stakeholders including UN agencies, governments, and telecoms.Curriculum Development: Help Learning Equality develop its curriculum
Jamie Alexandre, Co-Founder & Executive Director

Elizabeth Vu, Co-Founder & Implementations Lead

Richard Tibbles, Co-Founder & Product Lead
Medic Mobile & AccessibilitySan Francisco, CAMedic Mobile is improving health in the hardest to reach communities by building world-class, open-source software that supports community health workers on the ground.Medic Mobile is improving health in the hardest to reach communities by building world-class, open-source software that supports community health workers on the ground. Their work helps community health workers track outbreaks faster, treat illnesses door-to-door, ensure safe deliveries, keep stock of essential medicines, communicate about emergencies, and more. Medic Mobile is making an impact in 14 countries and has trained and equipped over 28,000 health workers.As of March 24th, Medic Mobile is supporting COVID-19 prevention, detection, and containment efforts in countries with the weakest health systems. National networks of community health workers are receiving guidance and preparing to report COVID-19 cases. Medic Mobile also deployed Nepal's system for traveler self-quarantine, and they're preparing to support large-scale roll-out of Rapid Diagnostic Tests and new primary care protocols for millions of people. $1m will support deployments of the Community Health Toolkit for COVID-19 surveillance, contact tracing, and care in 6 countries

$10m will allow Medic Mobile and partners to rapidly equip, pay, and support approximately 10,000 frontline health workers responding to this crisis. They are ready to rapidly and strategically deploy $100 million through a coalition of 16 leading community health systems in the hardest-to-reach communities.
Technical Writers: to improve documentation

Senior Engineers: to jump in and knock down "help wanted" tickets in github.

App Builders: Developers to configure apps for high priority implementations, using the CHT core framework

Information on additional support needed:

Josh Nesbit, Co-Founder & CEOjosh@medicmobile.org14 countries across Africa and Asia. Expecting new deployments in 3-5 counties during the COVID-19 response.
Nexleaf Anaytics & AccessibilityPOCFemaleLos Angeles, CAWireless sensors and analytics tool to improve global health and the environment
Nexleaf Analytics provides low-income countries with sensor technologies and data to improve public health and the environment. Two of their core products are ColdTrace and StoveTrace. ColdTrace protects temperature-sensitive vaccines for newborns and has been installed in over 15,000 refrigerators. StoveTrace reduces air pollution by incentivizing cleaner cooking and has reduced 681 metrics tons of CO2.Nexleaf is proactively supporting countries and Ministries of Health in preparing their supply chains to respond to COVID-19. This includes protecting the vaccine supply chain for the COVID-19 vaccine once developed, and preparing the health system to ensure routine immunization continues to prevent outbreaks of other dieases. Because the COVID-19 vaccine will likely be deployed outside of the routine government immunization system, via a parallel system as part of broader emergency outreach and campaign infrastructure, Nexleaf is helping countries to prepare this infrastructure by providing better visibility and data throughout the vaccine supply chain and health system.$1M will allow Nexleaf and our partners to support Ministries of Health to put together the training materials and resources needed for COVID-19 vaccine handling when the vaccine is available for distribution. This training kit will be shared with Centers of Excellence in Africa and Asia so they can share widely with more than 70 low and middle-income countries.

$2M to build additional capacity on Nexleaf's dashboard and data analytics to allow for real-time tracking of vaccine storage during outreach.

$5M in unrestricted funding will allow Nexleaf team and partners to support existing deployments in 23 countries to have real-time data from critical cold chain points, and create a safe storage network for emergency response. This will allow the Ministries of Health to be prepared to store the Covid-19 vaccines when available, to minimize the burden of Covid-19 response on routine immunization, and to prevent other outbreaks that can happen such as Polio and Measles.
Communications, Marketing and
Nithya Ramanathan,
Co-Founder & CEO
nithya@nexleaf.org23 countries across Africa and Asia
Noora Health www.noorahealth.orgHealth & Education POCFemaleBangalore, IndiaTrains patients and families with high-impact medical skills, making them an important part of healthcare deliveryNoora Health empowers families and patients with high-impact medical skills, making them an integral part of healthcare delivery. Noora turns hospital hallways and waiting rooms into classrooms turning these worried family members into skilled caregivers. To date, Noora's program has reached over 854,000 patients and family members through the dedicated efforts of over 4,000 nurses/trainers across public/government hospitals in India and Bangladesh. Through its COVID-19 response work, it has reached over 12.6 million people across India and Bangladesh.
Noora is uniquely positioned to help flatten the curve of COVID-19 in India and Bangladesh by using its proven experience in driving behavior change for at-risk communities through directed communications and training. Its COVID-19 response has four key elements: well-designed content, training frontline workers (both healthcare/non-healthcare), mobile-phone follow-up, and research to inform development. More detail on each of these components can be found below or its website here. To date, it has reached 12.6 million people across India and Bangladesh through its COVID-19 response efforts.

$100k will allow Noora Health to (1) Fund personnel and tech costs to set up and build WhatsApp platforms to respond to COVID-19 in regional languages, for frontline healthcare workers and vulnerable populations in India and Bangladesh and (2) Create and disseminate timely comprehensive and evidence based COVID-19 healthcare content that can be shared across healthcare facilities in India and Bangladesh

$500k will allow Noora Health to do the above, as well as deploy remote training tech-based interventions (e.g. IVRS) for COVID positive patients in 3 states in India and BD

$1m will allow Noora Health to do the above, as well as (1) Build out its Care Companion App app for remote content dissemination and training of frontline workers (2) Extend its WhatsApp offerings to more NGO and government partners

Digital Marketing Strategy (Advice from an Expert)

Visual Designers (Volunteers)

Data Analysts/Data Visualization Expert (Volunteers)

Front-Dnd Developers (Volunteers)

Data Science Strategist (Expert advice)
Edith Elliott, Co-Founder & CEO

Shahed Alam, Co-Founder & President
Bangladesh, India
One Degree & AccessibilityPOCYesSan Francisco, CAA Yelp!-like app connecting low-income communities with social servicesOne Degree is building an online directory for social services. With over 20,000 resources in the San Francisco Bay Area and LA County, One Degree helps low-income families access the resources they need to achieve social and economic mobility. One Degree operates four products that make it easier to access affordable housing, health care, food banks, and employment services. Almost half a million people have used One Degree.One Degree created a COVID resource guide, updated daily, for families who have been affected financially or medically to use as a quick and effective reference to resources they might need during this period.$100K will allow One Degree to fund emergency response for the next 3 months.Data Entry: As part of the Resource Management team, you will be updating One Degree's existing database of 22k community resources in the Bay Area and Los Angeles counties. This work is crucial to One Degree's commitment to provide up-to-date information for families and individuals that need community resources.

Data volunteer for One Degree's COVID-19 Resource Guide: You will conduct online research to add and update existing resources on One Degree’s COVID-19 Resource Guide and compile data into user-friendly google docs.

Translation volunteer for One Degree's COVID-19 Resource Guide: You will translate existing and new resources from One Degree’s COVID-19 Resource Guide to Spanish and compile translations into user-friendly google docs.
Rey Faustino, Founder & CEOdevelopment@1degree.orgUSA
Onward Financial, Inc.www.onward.orgEconomic EmpowermentPOCYesWashington, DCWe provide tools for low and moderate income workers to establish a financial cushion.Nearly two out of every five Americans couldn’t come up with just $400 in savings in case of an emergency. With over 79M Americans earning less than $20 per hour, workers facing financial stress are vulnerable to asking for pay advances or worse, seeking out usurious payday loans. Onward Financial, a not-for-profit employer-sponsored benefit program, offers a mobile-first platform, allowing employees to automatically save directly from their paychecks, receive simple, actionable financial tips, and gain access to pre-qualified emergency credit.Starting immediately, Onward is offering up to 10,000 free memberships to SMBs with an “essential workforce” (geared especially toward industries including health care, grocery, delivery, and ground transportation workers).
$600k from philanthropic and/or government partners will allow Onward to deliver these 10,000 free accounts, and to preemptively address the need for emergency savings after the COVID-19 crisis concludes.

Engineer: Help Onward put a "Donate Now" button on the website and set up payments online

Marketing: Help Onward put a plan in place for free Google Ad, LinkedIn, FB credit to market first come first serve for free Onward membership for businesses

Jr. Developer: Help Onward implement its new Incentive function in the app
Ronnie Washington, Founder & CEOronnie@onward.orgUSA
Quill York, NYFree online tools to help students improve grammar and writing provides free online tools to help low-income students become sharp writers. Quill provides four writing tools that enable students to build writing, grammar, and proofreading skills. Using these tools, students gain the ability to express, with clarity and precision, complicated thoughts in writing. Each activity helps teachers progressively build the skills students need to read deeply and think critically about the world around them. By automatically grading the writing as they work, students are able to receive instant feedback and personalized instruction. This saves teachers hundreds of hours spent on grading. Quill is open-source and is currently being used by over 200,000 students in the US.Quill is committed to supporting teachers and families through the COVID-19 crisis by offering free Premium subscriptions, free additional support and, as always, our free platform. (1) Immediately, all teachers and parents on Quill may access Quill Premium for free, and district administrators can request district-wide access; (2) Quill has started hosting twice-daily drop-in Q&A sessions where teachers or parents can ask its team of writing experts anything. (3) Quill is expanding its communications to include parents/guardians looking for resources for their kids while at home.

$50k to fund additional staff to address support and increased teacher requests due to growth of users by 400%

$25k to fund additional server costs due to increased user growth
PR: Offer support and expertise to alert the larger school community of Quill's tools and efforts. Craft and execute media outreach efforts.

Social Media: Act as a strategist who can help spread the word about Quill and the ways that Quill can support teachers and families.
Peter Gault, Co-Founder & Executive Directorpeter@quill.orgUSA
Real Talkhttps://myhealthed.orgYouth & HealthPOCFemaleYesChapel Hill, North CarolinaA mobile app that connects teens to stories and resources on sensitive topics to help them know they are not alone in their experiences growing upReal Talk crowdsources authentic stories from teens on sexual health, mental health, and identity-related topics and pairs each story with high quality resources to help teens get the information and support they need to be healthy, regardless of who they are or where they live.In a time when schools, workplaces, and entire cities have shut down, people from across the globe have mobilized at lightning speed to provide resources for rapidly changing needs among adults. However, few (if any) of these resources have focused on the emotional and mental health needs of young people, particularly those who may be most vulnerable and in greatest need of support. Real Talk is responding to these needs through several efforts: (1) creating the 1st coronavirus resource guide available specifically for teen mental health - already launched, (2) actively collecting data and generating new content to monitor needs and how youth are coping with the coronavirus outbreak, (3) fast-tracking our expansion to Android and web versions of our resources to ensure as many teens as possible can access Real Talk content and resources.$25k to fund data monitoring efforts and content campaigns for vulnerable youth dealing with coronavirus challenges.

$50k to ramp up advertising for the Android launch and generally increasing reach for teens who may need mental health support during this time

$100k to fast track our expansion to Android and web resource hub
PR: Help guide press outreach strategy for product launch + user insights

Mental Health Partners: Real Talk is looking for partners as it explores how to provide wraparound services for youth who express an unmet need
Cristina Leos,
Co-Founder & CEO
Reboot Rxrebootrx.orgHealth & AccessibilityPOCFemaleBoston, MAReboot Rx is fast-tracking the development of affordable cancer treatments using repurposed generic drugs and AI technologyReboot Rx aims to fast-track the development of affordable cancer treatments using repurposed generic drugs and AI technology.Reboot Rx is applying its AI technology to rapidly sift through hundreds of thousands of studies to find those that are most relevant for cancer patients with COVID-19, a particularly vulnerable population. It released the Reboot: COVID-Cancer Project, a free dashboard that provides doctors and researchers easy access to this information in order to accelerate the search for effective treatments.$200k to hire a Biomedical Scientist, Machine Learning Engineer, and Data Analyst for the Reboot: COVID-Cancer Project. It will allow Reboot Rx to expand the scope of the project to synthesize data on all generic drugs being tested for COVID-19, and generate critical insights about which drugs may be most effective for patients with different types of cancer.Volunteer Biomedical Scientist

Machine Learning Engineer

Data Analys
t for the Reboot: COVID-Cancer Project.
Laura Kleiman, Founder & CEOlaura@rebootrx.orgGlobal
SIRUM & AccessibilityPOCFemaleYesPalo Alto, CASaving lives by connecting surplus medications to patients in needSIRUM collects surplus, unexpired drugs from manufacturers, wholesalers, pharmacies and health facilities. Next, they disperse the drugs to clinics and pharmacies to be dispensed to low-income patients at a fraction of the price. The tech nonprofit’s goal is to get medications to all 50 million Americans who skip their prescriptions each year due to cost. To date, SIRUM has provided enough medicine to fill 729,000 prescriptions.SIRUM is using its platform to offer surplus medicine completely free of charge to anyone who has been furloughed, lost their job, or works for a public benefit corporation.$50k-$75K to cover the cost of distributing the free medicine in the state of Georgia and ramping up support services for clinic partners in California.Professional Volunteers: Support Sirum's mission through volunteeringKiah Williams, Co-Founderkiah@sirum.orgUSA
Talking Points Francisco, CAA multilingual family engagement platform that helps families and teachers and schools stay connected with two-way translation and coaching supports for teachers and familiesTalkingPoints is a multilingual family engagement platform that transcends language barriers and empowers caregivers to be involved in their child’s success at school. The platform connects teachers with their students’ caregivers via mobile app and SMS in the caregiver's native language. The web and mobile apps have facilitated over 20 million conversations and are producing incredible results. Of the caregivers who used TalkingPoints, 87% reported having more conversations about school at home with their children. Additionally, teachers using TalkingPoints have seen a four times increase in homework assignment return rates.Talking Points is seeing a 10-20 fold demand from teachers and families. In response, it is: 1) Expanding access to TalkingPoints for those who need it most, with priority for Title 1 schools/districts, and 2) Developing distance learning and family-facing resources and content that will be shared via the TalkingPoints Platform to help educators and families best navigate distance learning. $1.5m to aid TalkingPoints' already fast-growing operation in 2020.Heejae Lim, Founder & CEOheejae@talkingpts.orgUSA, Canada
Tarjimlywww.tarjimly.orgHealth & Accessibility; Human Rights & Civic TechPOCYesSan Francisco, CATranslation app connecting the world’s 3B bilinguals to humanitarians and the 65M displaced people worldwideTarjimly means “translate for me” and was founded in 2017 in response to the Syrian refugee crisis and Travel Ban. Our mission is to eliminate language barriers for refugees and humanitarians, such as health workers fighting Covid-19. We do this by mobilizing our community of thousands of everyday bilingual volunteers as remote translators and interpreters. Similar to Uber, they are immediately notified through the Tarjimly Mobile App when someone needs their help and they can Accept or Reject requests at their convenience. Once connected they are placed in a live chat with the person in need, where they can send text, documents, and start a phone or video call. We believe it is a human right to be understood and our goal is to make Tarjimly the world's default humanitarian translation - Refugees and immigrants are some of the hardest hit by Covid-19 because there is still a massive information gap for non-English speakers. Tarjimly is offering free translation & interpretation in 60+ languages to help with this public health crisis. Tarjimly is available on iOS and Android to connect with a live humanitarian translator - they are already helping people at the Seattle Flu Study, Harvard Med, and Norwegian Institute of Public Health.$50k will allow Tarjimly to deploy its document translation app to all of its healthcare users, providing immediate information and assessments to immigrant communities in 50+ languages.

$80k will allow Tarjimly to integrate HIPAA compliance into its tools so that thousands of healthcare workers can legally use Tarjimly in their crisis response, with immediate access to Tarjimly's 20,000+ interpreters.
Translators & Employee Volunteering: - Volunteer translators (especially with medical experience) and especially in kurdish, mam, zapotech, quiche, swahili, somali, amharic, kunama, bengali, vietnamese, burmese, simplified chinese, nepali, karen, indonesian, haitian creole, and tigrinya

Compliance Professional: Volunteers with experience in HIPAA or GDPR compliance

Growth Hacker: support widening Tarjimly's marketing pipeline to health organizations and humanitarians to drive growth (ads, email, SEO)

More ways to help:
Atif Javed, Co-Founder & Executive Directoratif@tarjim.lyGlobal
Think of Us & FamiliesPOCYesThink of Us is leverages technology, data, and multimedia to improve policy, practice, and outcomes for youth and familiesThink of Us leverages technology to upgrade the foster care system and its programs for better life outcomes for its youth. They take a two-part approach: they help agencies innovate by co-designing systemic level interventions that address some of their most pressing issues; and they transform youth programs into tech-enabled interventions. They do this by upgrading programs and embedding a technology strategy in a way that amplifies the program’s effectiveness. Think of Us launched a central, nationwide command center for quickly and efficiently deploying solutions for foster youth and those that serve them for the duration of the coronavirus pandemic. It also plans to set up national and regional virtual resource invoices. Think of Us will also support state and local child welfare agencies, and complete overarching data-driven activitieSixto Cancel, Founder & CEOsixto@thinkof-us.orgUSA
UPchievewww.upchieve.orgEducationPOCFemaleYesNew York, NYFree, online, & on-demand STEM tutoring for low-income high school studentsUPchieve’s mission is to connect low-income high school students with live academic support any time they need it via its free, online platform. Students can use UPchieve 24/7 from any device to speak with a live, volunteer tutor and get help with anything from finishing their math homework to preparing a college app.In response to Covid-19, UPchieve is giving Title 1 schools 100% free access to its platform. It also launched open enrollment for low-income students, as well as, platform improvements that make UPchieve more accessible via mobile browsers, targeted at the millions of low-income students without computers or internet who are now expected to learn independently from their homes.$100k to launch a mobile app, which will dramatically improve the user experience for students without computers

$100k to launch new topics on the platform. UPchieve has had requests from existing schools + nonprofit partners to launch pre-algebra and science topics.

$50k will cover the cost to launch in new schools. Upchieve has launched with 10 new schools over the last two weeks. It costs UPchieve $5K per year to support one additional school.
On-Demand Tutor: Tutor underserved high schoolers remotely

Volunteer Staff Positions: Special need for bloggers, recruiters, and developers
Aly Murray, Co-Founder & Executive Director
Upsolve EmpowermentPOCYesNew York, NYOnline tool helping low-income families file for bankruptcyUpsolve's mission is to help low-income families in financial distress get a fresh start through Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Upsolve's free online tool asks users a series of questions to collect required information about their financial circumstances. Using their answers, Upsolve generates automated bankruptcy forms that are reviewed by an Upsolve bankruptcy attorney. After filing, users complete relevant financial literacy lessons. All free of charge to the user. Upsolve is the largest provider of bankruptcy services in the US and has relieved $200 million worth of debt since 2017.Upsolve created a COVID-19 FAQ page to answer common questions about the effects of COVID-19 on bankruptcy cases. If it is able to raise enough funding, it hopes to accelerate online outreach efforts. Upsolve will scale its customer support and accelerate its product roadmap to serve increased demand.

This past week, 7 of the top 10 Google search results that led people to Upsolve's website related to COVID-19, and the Upsolve web page on COVID-19 had over 10 times the amount of traffic as its homepage. Bankruptcy courts have started to close down, provide limited service, and delay their 341 meetings. Many low-income families only have access to a computer via their public libraries, which are now also closed. The combination of these factors has significantly limited the ability to find debt relief and get a fresh start at such a critical time.
$250k will (1) Increase Upsolve's investment in online marketing, as low-income and working class families face the economic consequences of Covid-19 and need to wipe their slate clean to recover; (2) Increase the level of customer support that Upsolve is able to provide the increased user demand it is expecting in the coming months; and (3) Accelerate its product development to build key self-service features that will help Upsolve scale its product to serve growing userbase.Volunteer: Help people get back on their feet
Rohan Pavuluri, Co-Founder & CEOrohan@upsolve.orgUSA