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NameTwitter handleLinkedin/xing profileWhat is your agile experience?What do you plan to explore on this coach camp?How do you plan to contribute?If you were a dragon, what color would you be?
Albrecht Güntheralbrechtg10 years of agile transition @ mayflowerhow agile, newWork and economic success fit togethersharing my learnings from agile teamsdark
Alex Fürstenauafuerstenau mindset changed my life and I try to make a difference.Have never been on the camp. I am open to everything. Nothing concrete.Combine work, education, parenting in an agile
Alex Kylburgalexkylburg last five years in stop-motion-video without video: developer, code, code, code, team leader, code, meetings, meetings, code, more meetings, ScrumMaster, no more code, great changes, csm, happy teams, conferences, metrics, sustainable pace, accde12, test automation, fast teams, continuous delivery, company agile infection, sudden change, no support, conference talk on own cost, new job, agile coach, consultant, unagile customer, accde13, new customer, agile tranformation, own conference, new plans, self-employed, customers, own conference again, accde14, more customers, england, romania, bavaria, own office, more customers, p4a15, own conference again, growing company, new projects, developer, code, code, code again - accde 15!I want to learn more insights of other coaches, sharpen my own expertise and detect new aspects of our overall worklife.Like always, maybe more than before, I will do what I can do best: listen to people and bring those together, that need to know each other. My ambition is to help the agile community grow, help to start taking a look to the left and right, to connect with other good and helpful movements, that come from people`s belief that the world really can be a better place.Green, sometimes invisible, like a magician! Impressive, but not hazardous; convincing, and always observing. I´m the watcher of the light for my teams. The need to be protected, before they can be asked to commit. Stakeholders, you shall not pass!
Alexander Stein /
6 years of agile field experience as Scrum Master, Product Owner, agile Coach, Trainer, Consultant,...the world (my current area of opetation is mainly Germany so, I'm looking for what's hot internationally right now)I'll do what needs to be done, just show melight blue, with a white belly
Alexey Pikulev@AlexeyPikulev
I have been working in Agile since 2011New peopleShare my knowledge and collaboration with friendsgreen
Allan Rennebo Jepsen@rennebo lot of years at all organizational levels :)The Agile Mindset and Agile LeadershipInspiration on Agile Leadership, incl. Unboss & DRiVELight blue with purple stars
Anja SteinI'm coaching two teams as a ScrumMaster for eight month by now.In our company we're in an ongoing process in becoming agile and convincing the management to lead and not to control the development department. For that I want to get in contact with other ScrumMasters, Agile Coaches and POs to talk about their "realities" and their experiences with that and to validate different concepts.I will exchange experiences, methods, adaptions, whatever other participants are interested in
Anja Stiedl@anjastiedlSome yearsExplore my limitsListening carefully, being open to ideas and peopleJet-black with shades of grey...
Anke MaerzMy company wants to go agile and is transitioning to Scrum. (I was involved in defining and establishing the process.) Therefore, I did the PSM-I and PSPO-I certification at, I read several books and now I am the Scrum Master of a big product-to-be and of a currently small team.I plan to explore how the role of an agile coach can be interpreted and how much of it I can (and should) include in my Scrum Master role. Examples: how can I make coaching feel appropriate in business context (especially as I'm quite young and unexperienced). How can I learn to ask powerful questions rather than trying to solve people's problems myself (and in which contexts can I apply these questions)?I'd love to share my experiences and I have (and plan to raise :-) ) a whole lot of questions, e.g. how to help people discover their own agile path.Red with golden sparkle.
Anton yearsDiscuss cutting edge agile themes, run agile games, networking.Facilitate sessions, run with gold speckles
Archana Kumari_ArchanaKumari_I am working as a software developer with agile methodologies for past 1.5 years. For past six months, I am also working as a scrum master for a different team.I would love to know more about the responsibilities of a scrum master. I would like to share my experiences as a developer in an agile team.Blue
Armin Schubert@arminschubert4 Years as ScrumMaster and Agile CoachI will explore people, thoughts and ideas... so much to learn from everybody... I do a bit of organization, a bit of moderation, a bit of participation and some turns in the jogging shoes... ;-)I think this would be blue with yellow stripes...
Bernhard'm a fulltime AgileCoach/ScrumMaster within a lean spin-off startup team. Since two years I'm deeply involved in the cultural change of our company trying to bring agile development and empowerment in. Before I was a web developer for nearly 12 years.people, ideas, knowhow, thoughtswith active discussions, good mood, motivation, ideas, knowhow, thoughtsdefinitely colorful
Bernhard Welzelwelzelhttp://bernhard-welzel.deExtensive. Scrum of Scrum with 14 Teams / 130 Developers over 3 yearsBest Practice; Exchange Ideas. Connect & NetworkI can share experience, best practice. Current hot topic: KANBAN with JIRA for small teamsgreen
Berthold Barth@bertholdb ,
intermediateSharing the gift of AgileTalking about Coaching for fun and profit outisde of Agilewhite
Björn Radon@bjornradonOperative ScrumMaster since 2007, Agile Coach since 2012. The benefits of heterogenity are well understood in the agile scene. How can we extend that to a world (local or global) that is moving in another direction?Ask questions, listen, bring up the topic of heterogenity and mutual respect.yellow with speckles of blue, black and red
Carolin Metzner@schmuckstueck78carolinmetzner.dea small but honest one...much more of the agile worldplain green but shimmering
Christof Braun@christofbraunAs SW development manager I introduced Scrum and implemented it in various orgnisations. Since 2011 I am coaching agile ideas to enterprises and organisations mostly in Germany.Agility on organisational levels. How can we use agile values and principles in organisational development? Patterns for Living Organizations; Using agility in projects for international cooperation - scrum for wells in desert coutries...brown
Christoph Lukas@cluk33 with agile teams for the last 5 years as developer, Scrum Master. In companies with very different culture and size.I would love to spend some time on real coaching sessions. I am also very interested in hacking organisational culture. I have dealt a lot with team collaboration, DevOps and Continuous Delivery. I am always glad to share experiences and learn something new. Red. :)
Christoph Oberle@OldAgile partly as an agile coach for some years, founded Agiler Stammtisch Rhein-Neckar, grooming a consulting firm since 2014ways to engage peoplepropose sessions with questions not answers, tell stories from my experience, listen, talkdark green
Claudia Nottebrock experience as a developer being part of a scrum team which tried being agile in a waterfall environment for years, mostly failing miserably, but slowly, slowly making progress. After passing my SM certificate I also served as (a pretty bad) scrum master for a neighbour team for a year or so, until they got a real one. So far doesn't sound that enthusiastic, but years of fighting for a better process kinda got my hooked and pretty curious on how it COULD be, one day, and what I can do.Mainly what and how makes the community tick. Do I want to be a part of this? Like, for real? Or just continue sitting brooding in my comfort zone?Probably by asking pretty stupid questions. Green. With sparkling white teeth.
Claudius Link@realn2sIntroducing agile in a departmentConversations, connections, new ideas, discussions and funlistening and contributing, being open and transparentstarkling purple
Corinne Lemercier3 years of agile coachingchange with my energy and happinessRed and Green
Dana Jane BonneyAbout one yearSetting up agile methods and mind sets in teams and companysSharing my experiences and empowering good team work experiencesPurple
Daniel HommelIt happened during my studies in 2007 that I started writing patches for the Continuous Integration (CI) tool CruiseControl.NET (CCNET), which lead to personal adoption of the core Extreme Programming (XP) engineering practices like Test Driven Development (TDD) and Refactoring (and obviously CI). After a few months of activity I got invited to the CCNET core team in 2008. After the first months in my first job after university, somewhere between mid 2010 and early 2011, I started adopting Scrum with my team. I was working as a developer then. In early 2012 I also started hosting Coding Dojos for my colleagues every few weeks to pass on my knowledge about TDD and Refactoring. In the following months I took several trainings with accredited trainers from ScrumAlliance, leading to a certification as Certified Scrum Professional (CSP) in early 2013. Just a while before my CSP certification, I took over the role of the ScrumMaster for my team in the end of 2012, while still working as developer for the same team for approximately 50%. This role conflict caused more and more of a struggle and lead me to lay down the ScrumMaster role again for a short time in the end of 2013. In 2014 I switched to a new project where I started as full-time ScrumMaster, where I still work today. In this project we have currently 3 Scrum teams working on the same code base and we are planning to scale up development further to 4 or 5 teams during 2015. In this project I had the chance to experience and tackle the challenges that come with scaled agile development and the opportunity to work in a community of practice on a cross-team level together with other ScrumMasters. Recently I’m also very interested in ways to create and sustain organizational change. Also, over the years I have co-founded two meet-up groups about agile and lean in two of the companies I worked for. Both are still alive as of today.At ACCDE I would love to learn more about the different thought-schools of and approaches to coaching single persons as well as groups. I’d also like to interview trained coaches about how they liked their training or education program to find out which one could be right for me to take in the future. I’d also like to share experiences with and learn from other ScrumMasters and team facilitators and coaches and find new ways to improve my practical skills to serve my teams better when I get home. Specifically, I’d like to improve my skills in the area of helping teams in times of high pressure, to deal with and overcome negative team dynamics and do a great job with a sustainable effort while also having fun and joy in the workplace.I want to contribute to ACCDE primarily by just being there. I’ll provide an open ear where needed and share my thoughts and experience with everyone interested. In particular I developed a growing interest in running fun and effective retrospectives and I plan to host a session on this topic at least. Another area of interest is facilitation techniques for different group sizes, as well as team building activities that lead to better empathy and trust among a team. While I would not view myself as an expert in this area I would still be happy to host sessions on this topics.Recent events brought me to the thought that I was a boring and gray dragon for quite a long time, but that in fact I am a shiny colorful one beneath the dust. I think orange is my new color.
I am a CSM and CSPO. But on the "real" experience I have worked in XP methods ten years ago. Later I did some years doing scrum (both failing and succeeding), coaching companies to do so (also both failing and succeeding). I am currently workiing as a Scrum Master and tend to call myself agile coach every now and then.I am very interested in the love and sharing I have experienced at accde14. And I have learned an awesome lot. I plan to deepen this, learn about new things, trends or don'ts. And I plan to get some hugs. And a glitter tattoo.I plan to give hugs. And kudos cards. And I will share my expertise. Both in coaching (where I have little) and in changing (where I have a little more). I hope to add some sessions on methodology like estimations, continuous whatever and crafts(wo)menship. And I plan to contribute to some sessions. Maybe I juggle a bit. And I also plan to close the bar at least once (be among the last ones to leave). And has to have goals in life ;)I used to be a software architect. So my answer ist of course: It depends. On my mood. On the lighting conditions. On the environment. But I think I'd be mostly greenish (I want to become a fireman!) with a rainbow shimmer. Glittering, of course, after I find Gitte... And maybe also from the hugs with my kids. Their clothes leave traces of glitter everywhere.
Dobroslawa (Dora) Wierzbicka@DobroslawaWJust look up "Dobroslawa Wierzbicka"I'm still more of a theoretician than a practitioner of Agile. I support JIRA Agile, so I got to learn about our customers' approaches to Agile methodologies. I'm a Certified Scrum Master, read a lot about and go related Meetups; outside of small side-projects, though, I've got little practical experience. I'm looking forward to talking to people who use Agile practices on a daily basis. I'd like to learn, too, about complete Agile transformations rather than isolated issues related to the tools. I've got an extensive knowledge of main problems regarding implementations of Agile tools. Most of these cases more or less directly expose issues in the Agile transformation at large ("we're Agile but we need this report for the managers"). That's the experience I could contribute with, in a addition to the theoretical knowledge of the Scrum framework.Classic green with tasteful turquoise details
Dominik Angerer@dominik_angerer'm a newbie; my experience is about 6 months, whereas more theory than practice. That is something I want to change with my contribution at ACClearning methods for agile transitions; learning from experienced scrum masters; Sharing my experience in requirements engineering; Having discussions with people; transparent green
Dörthe Schröederdeltasig Owner of an Agile Transition Team. Lots of lobbying, talking, explaining, … especially with managers in a big (BIG!) company.Ideas and inspiration for instigating the cultural shift in large organizations. And: DevOps experience, anyone? Listen, talk, discuss, exchange knowledge, help, hugs for Gitte (and maybe others). Session? Maybe. deep sea blue-greenish
Eike Reinel@eike_reinel'm a Scrum Master since my CSM in 2007 and an agile coach since 2009. I work as a coach for our TNG software development teams and for companies of different sizes, ranging from SMB to big global companies like well known car manufacturers. I like Scrum and Kanban, but in general I think an agile, Kaizen mindset is important. I give Scrum and Kanban trainings. Besides working as a coach, I'm one of the founders of TNG and therefore I'm one of the managers of TNG taking care that our our customers and our employees are happy :-)Myself :-) Agile coach camps are my main source of ideas and energy throughout the year. I enjoy talking about agile mindset and methods with other lokeminded people. Many of the participants at the ACCDE got real friends over time so coming back to Rückersbach is meeting my “agile family” again. Hot topics for me currently are agile methods in very large companies and the question who to turn these tankers. Besides that I plan to explore the surroundings of Rückersbach in a Geocaching session with other nature loving people again :-)1. I want to share knowledge I got at play4agile 2015 and share experiences about games. 2. I want to talk about agile in big companies. 3. I want to offer a session about gamified hiking again (a.k.a. Geocaching). 4. I’ll see, what comes to my mind during the ACCDE and share that with the other people :-)Green, what else? :-) (green is hope :-))
Falk Kühnel@agiledivider have been following the ideas since XP. I am an agile enthusiast and i like to help other become one too.I want to meet my family and have lots of discussions and generate new ideas.This time i like to focus on testing. How to teach devs and management the usefulness and necessity if you want to work agile.I would be a glittering darker green color with purple and pink additions.
Frank Schneider I am looking forward to agilizing the adminteam in our company. I am ScrumMaster for several years now, most of the time responsible for 2 dev-teams. I studied political science, started in IT as a project manager, with all the pain following a longterm plan with just little adaption, looking for better solutions, like iterative approaches.Learning from each other, exchange about current todos, like agilizing the company furthermore: administration and other departments like customer support, marketing, recruiting etc.My contribution is to talk openly about my successes, failures and learnings. Participating in workshops means for me bringing in my curiosity and experience. Green because that matches best with my eyes.
Frederik Becker
I work with human beings and agile mindsets since 2010.I would like to give and get new impulses and want to learn something new about modern leadership!I am able to do some moderation, talking to people and telling everything, what's in my mind! I am a HSP!black
Gerald Fiesser as a Scrum Master for a couple of years...Ways to facilitate and improve colaboration of self organized teamsI#ll offer at least one sessionI'd like to be translucent.
I have been working professionally with agile since 2006 in different positions. Team member, scrum master, agile coach, trainer, mentor, explorer :)How we can help each other help others?I am often a butterfly :) I also bring all my experience, my curiosity and ability to listen.Green :)
Jan enjoy agility since 2003Ways how to work together which brings most possible happiness and success togetherShare ideas, stories and experience; maybe host sessionsGreen like Elliot from "Pete's Dragon"
Jasmine Zahno occupy a position named scrum master at the moment, as many of us I did read a few books and I am a very keen participant on many events linked to agile and new work place in general... All in all I still feel like a newby and my expirience is not extensive as there is still heaps to explore and learn...Most of all probably myself ;-) I would not want to arrive with a specific expectation but I do intend to conect further with the comunity, to encounter people, ideas, thoughts, disscusions... to search for inputs and inspiration... to share knowledge and a laugh or two. . As I am not originally from IT I can bring some knowledge from occupational psychologie and organisational development into discussions, I have plenty of unanswerd questions of whom at least some will make a good session, I do also plan to contribute with openness an respect maybe the one or other hug ;-) and not to forget a werwolf moderatio in a gloomy voice... Diffrent shades of purple, with dark green stripes and some yellow sprinkels.
Jellaj_frannyHave been working as a Scrum Master for a bit over a year know. We're doing agile at our company but actually, we care about our people, no matter what label you put on it.I plan on meeting awesome people, I plan on feeling home again in a room full of (mostly) strangers, I plan on having good talks, helping others, laughing and learning with everyone.Don't know yet - I certainly will do the butterflying a lot. Most of the interesting stuff happens in between sessions :)Um, glittery red... obviously.
Jo SeibertjseibertJoachim_Seibert3ScrumMaster an Agile Coach for about 5 yearsinsights about self-organization and servant leadershipbring my experience as "manager" with medark blue
Johannes Schartau@integralagileLinkedin:
Four years of agile coachingNew and different perspectives. Challenges to my own mental models. How much fun can we have while still sharing useful knowledge?Listening, questioning, providing a different point of view. There are many things I picked up during my agile journey which I am sure will help others as well.Jet black-
I have been working as a product owner, scrum/kanban master and agile coach, now working as a freelancer in agile coaching and consultingI will explore the presence of all other agile coaches on the camp and the exchange of experiences.I will contribute by actively taking part in the open spaces, helping with organizational tasks when needed and sharing my knowledge openly. I was recently certified in teaching yoga, anyone wants yoga sessions? ;)green of course.
Kathleen Bothe@katlennyemmi
I've been working as a Scrum Master for 2.5 yrs now. Besides my full time engagement within different companies, I started a little agile business with 3 of my friends, who are also Scrum Master/Choaches. Since the 4 of us love "AGILE" we founded the"Agile Cologne". It's an unconference we organizd for the 3rd time now and we're very happy to be sold out this year :-)So far, I don't really have plans for the camp but I do have wishes. I wish to meet people who are just as crazy in love with their jobs as I am. I also wish to share my learnings and learn from others to become better at what I do. I wish to be confronted with new topics, thoughts, attitudes and experiences. And I wish to have fun and enjoy a wonderful weekend with like-minded.I will share my thoughts, experiences and energy with everyone. I could be a sessin-host but I could also share my experiences while having breakfast together, going for a walk or hanging out at night. I'd love to try some games as well as discuss questions I haven't found an answer for. My contribution will be multifaceted - depending on the needs/wishes/impact of the people around me.If I was a dragon, I would be red. Not just because it is my favourite colour. But also because red is such a passionate colour just as my character ;-)
Krishan@krishan_mathisLots of good and bad things around waterfall and Agile. Since 2001.Back to the roots of collaboration, removing handovers and driving continuous improvement.Session about Agile Evolution.Tale.
Lydia Grawunder@lllyyyddd6 years as scrummaster and now agile coachget a clear vision for my as a coacha lot of questinonsblack
Magnus HoferBeginnerAgile Teamwork and SpiritBy asking a ton of questions. By contributing the learnings I have made. By being funny.Sparkly Rainbow
Marc Löffler@marcloeffler companies and teams for 6 years now.Let a team shine.Talking about retrospectives and the happiness advantage.Green.
Marcel KilianI'm a Scrum Master for just four months now. Before that I was a student of software engineering where I only had a few chances to learn about agile software development. However that was enough to convince me that agile is the more productive and certainly the more humane way to develop software. That's why I took the first chance I got to get into the role of a Scrum Master for a Scrum team of ten that didn't really have a Scrum Master up to that point.At this point my knowledge about agile is theoretical for the most part. In my organisation the opportunities to learn from other Scrum Masters are very limited so I'm really just looking to learn as much as possible with a very broad scope. One of the aspects that I'm interested in the most is how can I inspire a team to truly work agile and accept the responsibility that comes with it.As I've alluded to earlier I've only a very limited experience. I guess that's what I'm going to contribute: A certain dose of naïveté and idealism that people sometimes lose when they've done something for a long time, coupled with a strong believe in agile values and a lot of curiosity.Azure.
Marina HaaseI am a software developer and a scrum master - I have been a scrum master for around 9 years.I plan to explore a lot of things! Retrospectives, team coaching aspects.I will bring my massaging table and offer massages, I will also bring some communication games, for us to practice comminication with as well as some community building games. I also plan to contribute by listening - hearing other people's storiesI have absolutely no idea. This is more of "I have no idea of the solution, but I admire the problem". After reading this question, I have asked a lot of different people what they think - and got into really interesting discussions.
Markus Reinhold years as Scrum Master, member of multiple coaching teams to introduce agility on organizational Level, various publicationsI'd like to exchange experiences with other agile coaches about various aspects of agility in order to support the transition of organisations to the agile way of working.Bring my experience and curiosityFlame red
Markus Wissekalthemaxxmaster years in Scrum and KanbanI want to learn from Self-Employed Coaches what steps to take... and learn as much as possible from people I don't knowI plan to facilitate some agile simulations and possibly help with werewolves or powerpoint karaokeblue
Martin Heider@martinheider'm in the Agile Community since my first visit to XP 2006 in Oulu 2006. Since then I'm working as an Agile Consultant, Coach and Trainer.On Play4Agile Malte Sussdorf and I started to experiment with a game exploring team dynamics. I want to work more on this ...By organizing, exploring team dynamics more and last but not least by keeping my balance :-)My dragon would have chameleon ancestors and could change its colors according to the needs
Matthias SeidenstickerI am ScrumMaster and Kanban-Coach since Januar 2014 Wie kann man einen Scrumban Prozess einführen Mit unseren ersten Erfahrungen eines Scrumban TeamsBrown White
Matthias -- 5 years working as a team member, scrum master and coachWorking with remote teams, facilitating agile & scrum with large distributed projectsI have gathered a lot of experience working with distributed, multi-cultural teams as well as transforming traditional waterfall projects into agile ones. All of that knowledge I want to share and distribute as well as get the other's impressions on the topics. I want to do at least one lightning talk and open space session, will be happy to do Sketch Notes (Either impromtu or with Mentos if he offers it again). Finally I look forward to the after-hours discussions which can go above and beyond anything I expected - the last time we spent until 5 am in the morning :-DWhite with golden accents, but I would actually not be recognizable as a dragon since they can obviously shapeshift into human form. Everybody knows that! :D
Michael Mahlberg@MMahlberg
in short: 17+ years, active, practitioner, coach. Extended version: Started introducing agile practices in the late nineties, became interested (and actively promoting) xp around 2002, moderated some agile user groups, currently running the Limited WIP society cologne together with a couple of colleagues. Coached teams in all kinds of lean and agile approaches from finance through startups via media etc.Coaching models, HSD (Human System Dynamics) and the current general approach to coaching (as opposed to teaching) I would offer sessions on negotiation, aikido, probably run a toc-Simulation (Theory of constraints) and I always wanted to explore the Kanban-ones game in a bigger setting. British racing green! Non polychromatic - after all I'm a Dragon, not a car!
Michael Schmidt Coachlatest trends and experience in team interactionsI can offer an opinion on many topics...The colour doesn't matter - as long as it is black.
Michael Tarnowski
@M_TarnowskiCSM, Coachtrust, solution focus, safetysee above: trust, solution focus, safetyblue (dark, with light stripes or spots)
Mike Leber@michael_leber, caring and exploring Agile since 2001Change, Agile OrganizationsInsights around Evolutionary Change and LeadershipBlue
Nils since 2007, usually doing agile coaching in a multi-team setup.Coaching techniques, things that work, coaching interventionsSomething on innovation, something that energizes people.Chameleon style, shifting colors.
Oksana LeuchtImplementation Kanban MethodAny experiences about saccessful implemented management methodsExperience about Kanban implementation into Sotfware Developmentdark-silver
Pete Roessler@p_roessler worked as Scrum Master, Kanban Coach and Agile Coach. Experiencing Agile since 2008.New people, old people. Communication, Play. Drinks (at least some.)All of the above... :)There are no dragons, only unicorns! And only pink unicorns, of course!
Peter Schmidt (5+ years)Path from mentor to coachFilling the gap wherever contributions are missingcyan
Ralf Difflipp & TrainerNew Ideas & practiceperhaps, i can tell some stories from our companydark blue with silver mane
I work since five years as external agile coach; supported smaller & bigger transitions and love to develop exercises & gamesExchanging on how to get a got agile coach and its challenges. Exercises and approaches to help individuals, teams and orgs to get more effective.I have some concrete sessions in mind to foster exchange and exchange of concrete experiences. black till i find something darker
Ralph Miarka@ralphmiarka started to work in an agile team in fall 2005. By Feb 2006 I lead a team towards Scrum and I'm coaching teams since. Officially I gained the role of an agile coach approx. mid 2008. I work as an independent agile coach for more than three years now. I mostly coach teams in larger companies, like Siemens, Agfa Healthcare and Bison. In 2012 I completed successfully a 2 1/2 year Masters course on systemic coaching. One topic I'm currently interested in is estimation. I want to hear from other coaches what experiences they have on this topic. This relates also to trust between the stakeholders and teams. Beyond that I want to see where the general agile coaching trend is going. Currently several trainings on coaching and leading agile teams appear, including our own What will the future look like? How can we work together rather than blocking each other? What's the potential for collaboration?Together with Veronika, I will provide Open Space sessions on solution focused coaching, the value of positivity and other more general coaching related topics. I noticed that these approaches help the teams I work with to succeed and that I experience less resistance to change from the teams I work with. I will share my coaching insights with others. Hopefully, we can also bring our new book
Roland Frey6 year non IT ScrumMy one habit as an Coach, acting on managmentExperience: Scrum in hardware developmentRed
Roman Müller to work as an agile coach in an interdisciplinary team in August 2014. Before that, I did a one year traineeship at GGS which with an agile focus. I am CSM since January 2015. I also worked as an Project Lead in an agency which was the opposite of agile project organization. That helps me a lot in being a motivated agile coach!Get in touch with the German agile community. My current team organizes its work with Kanban. I want to get in touch with experienced agile coaches to get more perspectives how to push an agile transition in a big company.Share my experiences: My current team is in the middle of a transition phasis. Two teams were merged in a top-down decision with a big company with red eyes
Sarah BoostScrumMaster / Agile CoachGenerating new ideas by the exchange of a variety of people, new input for daily work and vision of a new work orderContribute ideas from other industries and tools from Coaching and Organizational Developmentblack with silver stripes and a colorful dotted belly
Sergej Koščejevs_koscejev to introduce agile into a waterfall organizationPossibilities of introducing agile into non-agile organizations - first steps and next stepsCan tell you about The Core Protocols (by Michele & Jim McCarthy), can probably run a simple game too.dark blue with orange belly
Silvana Wasitovawasitovawasitova10 years of ScrumBeyond the boundariesWith all i have, plus stories, smiles and laughterpurple
Sven KöhlerkoesveMy Xing profile is Sven KöhlerI'm coaching teams in adopting agile at Siemens for 2 years now. I've experiences in big bang project starts where we used to train all teams the Scrum Framework and coached them in using it. I also have experiences with a much more people aware way where we used one of the Kanban principles "start where you are and evolve" to start with. From this point I tried (and still try) to help the teams in finding their way in adopting agile methods for their daily work. I'm the only in-house coach in a department of around 70 people. So it's my part to help all teams, management and colleagues of our department find their way in the companies transition process.As I'm the only in-house coach in a department of around 70 people, I'd like to discuss problems I face on a daily basis with teams and management, to share my learnings and experiences and I'm eager to learn from other attendees their ways on how to cope with such situations. I like to learn more about retrospectives and how to convince people in using them for their personal or their teams inspect and adapt process. My experience so far is that bringing trust into the teams is a very important part of being a coach. To improve my ability on this I like to explore others experiences and what they learned.Being the only in-house coach in a department of a big company to support the companies agile transition I might provide a session on the topic "how to convince local management to support an agile transition as an in-house coach".As dragon I would be grayish with a pearly touch. Gray because a coach should not be the focus person. The coachee or the team does. But sometimes it is necessary to take the lead - following the coaching dance - and that's where the pearly touch comes into play.
Sylvius Gerber@think_lean Scrum since 5 Years, now extending my Lean Experience outside of the IT Getting new Inspirations how to make Agile and Lean even more attractive to People that are unexperienced with itI am planning to host one or two Sessions about Lean Thinking and my experience with coaching Teams that are not willing to do an agile Transformation & how to convince them blue-red
Tamás Hajdu@thajdu1 - but i don't use twitter too much :) Master for a couple of yearsMainly to get new ideas how to get a team not experienced with agile methodologies engage to do more experimenting and work in closer cooperation with the others. Also to catch up with people I haven't met since last year's camp and also to meet new crazy people of course. :)Joining discussions, sharing my experiences since last year's campMost likely keep the traditional dragon color. :)
Thomas Krausethomykay is one of the influences I'm using since years to work with individuals in my org to support them in becoming more productive and happy at work.I'm always looking for people who work as change agents without formal authority, influencing their org and their communities.I'm thinking about contributing something to reconcile Agile (the agile community) and KM (for knowledge mastery/the KM community).I'd be invisible like a chameleon and would instantly switch to purple-red when I see someone is not respecting people.
Thomas Poisl years as Product Owner; Guiding scrum transitionsI'd love to hear more about SPS!Sharing my knowledge as active scrum
Thorsten Sturm@thosturmI'm using agile approaches for about 15 years, in the beginning without even knowing that there is something like "Agile". For the past 10 years I supported teams and organizations on their way of becoming agile or strengthening the steps they already took. I did that (and still do) in various roles, but mostly as from a coaching position. I would like to explore how others interpret their role as a coach and what they do in "unusual" situations. My main interest for exploration is on how to make upper management and whole organizations understand what agile approaches can do for them.From my point of view, discussing with colleagues inside or outside the official sessions is what really makes the difference of the coach camp. I'm completely open to share my experience from the past 10 or more years with everyone who is interested. Of course, I haven't decided yet about sessions to propose for the open space. That will be something I will make up more spontaneously. The first topics that came to my mind as I thought about this are around introducing Agile in more traditional environments and working with teams that are not as eager to use agile practices as one might expect.As a kid I really liked Grisu (the little dragon who wanted to become a firefighter). As far as I remember he was green. So I guess as a dragon I would be green as well.
Udo Carls years of agile coaching / scrm masteringAll topics on fostering and maintaining an agile culture, especially how to effectively introduce changeopen space sessions, maybe a short presentation or gamegreen, for dragons are green
Uwe Kalinowski 4 teams as a ScrumMaster since 2010. Held initial agile trainings for an international blend of developers who were to work in agile projects. Organised a Scrumban-project and accompanied it as "Scrumban-master". Exchange with other agilists. Especially on workimg agile methods left, right, up and down of Scrum ;)I could hold a short lecture on my Scrumban project. Like "ScrumBut is evil, but ScrumBan can be good"black ;-)
Veit Richter Coach / Scrum MasterI look forward to get in touch with other minds and ideas. I'd like to improve my agile knowledge and share some of my experiences if these are helpfull.Due to this is the first event for me to contribute, I will try to be spontenous and contribute where I think it is helpfull once I am
Veronika Kotrba@Simply_Coaching'm a professional business coach since 2006 and I have been working with individuals and teams since. I have no experience in coaching teams toward being Agile however I learn a lot about it from Ralph, my partner. Together we offer a training on Leading and Coaching Agile Teams ( want to explore more on the topic of Agile Schools as this was a very hot topic last year. I want to learn more about the hot topics regarding agile teams. What are the issues agile teams face at this time. I want to learn, what agile teams need to perform better.I want to offer Open Sessions on professional coaching topics. Also together with Ralph we will offer sessions on topics out of our new book on coaching agile teams.grün
Andreas Simon@ndrssmn
3 years of agile developer, 1 year as ScrumMaster. Deep knowledge in engineering practices.
Team dynamics, prerequisites in team members, coaching higher levels.
Curiosity, critical thinking, sharing my stories.It depends. ;-)
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