Index to Santa Clara County Subdivision Maps 1930-1970
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Map Book #Page #Tract #Tract NameOther Tract NameCityScaleEngineerDateStreet NamesNotes
6611555Fremont ParkAll of Lot 19 and a Portion of Lot 24 of the Emerson TractLos Altos1"=100'Mackay & SompsAug-55Truman Ave.; Queensbury Ave.; Fremont Ave.; Wakefuield Terr. Elmhurst Dr. Milovina; Havenhurst Ct. West Kingston Ct.; Lepesh; Joorfesttext accompanying map
6631543Vista Los Altos - Unit No. 1Portion of the San Antonio RanchoLos Altos1"=100'Don ReinoehlNov-55Deodara; Wistaria Lane; Wistaria Ct.; Vineyard Drive; Honeysuckle Pl.; Text accompanying map 3, pg 2
664, 51639Sleepy Creek Tract No. 3All of Lot 15 & 23 and a Portion of Lots 7, 14 & 22 of the Sleeper TractSanta Clara County1"-100'Mackay & SompsOct-55Eunice Ave; Lorene Ct; Franklin Ave; Sleeper Ave; Redcliff Ct; Franklin Ct; Pastel LnText accompanying map (insert pg 5)
6661602Los Ranchitos Gardens - Unit No. 2A subdivision of the Quito RanchoCampbell1"-60'Mark Thomas & Co.Aug-55Palo Santo Dr; Rio Serena Ave; Ensenada Dr; Villarita Dr; San Thomas Aquino Rd; Calado Rd; La Pradera DrText accompanying map 6, pg 7
6681481Westchester Manor A subdivision of a Portion of NE 1/4 of Section 14, T.8.S., R.1.W., M.D.B. & MSan Jose1"=100'Mark Thomas & Co.Apr-55Keene Dr; Taft Dr; Westchester Dr; Los Gatos- Almaden Rdtext accompanying map
6691457Shadow Woods Unit 2Portion of Lots 10 & 11 of the Leigh TractSanta Clara County1"=100'Mackay & SompsSep-55Midway St. Herbert Ln, Fewtrell Dr, Decorah Ln, Peter Ct; Peter Dr; Leigh Ave; Patio Dr; Cabana Drtext accompanying map
66111641EdgewoodPortion of Lots 6, 7, 9 & 10 of the Greer PartitionPalo Alto1"=100'Geo. S. NolteOct-55Edgewood Dr; Channing Ave; Ivy Ln; Channing Ln; Wildwood Ln' Embarcadero; Sandalwood; St. Francis Dr; Bayshore Hwytext accompanying map 11, pg 10
66131604Cambrian GatewayPortion of Lots 42, 43, 51 & 52 of the Ware TractSan Jose1"=100'John L. WaltersOct-55Union Ave; Casey Rd; Hocking Way; Curtner Ave; Kirby Way; Schrader Dr; New Jersey Avetext accompanying map 13, pg 12
66141634Garland ManorPortion of Lot 10 and all of Lot 11 in Block 4 of Subdivision No. 5 - Seale TractPalo Alto1"=60'Geo. S. NolteOct-55Louis Rd; Garland Dr; Oregon Ave; text accompanying map
66151642Cherrybrook Park Unit No. 3Portion of the Narvaez RanchoSan Jose1"=50'McMillan and McMillanOct-55Padres Dr; Hervey Lntext accompanying map
66161447A Subdivision of a Portion of Section 12, T.8.S., R.1.W., M.D.B. & MSan Jose1"=100'Mark Thomas & Co.Mar-55Branham Ln; Conrad Ave; Sally Drtext accompanying map
66171627Pastoria Gardens Unit No. 1Subdivision of Lot 3 and a Portion of Lots 2 & 4 of the J.T. Murphy Subdivision No. 1Sunnyvale1"=100'Geo. S. NolteOct-55Sutter Ave; Olive Ave; Rincon Ave; Purisima Ave; Pastoria Avetext accompanying map
66191645Redivision of PTN. Tract No. 1496portion of the Rancho Rincon de San FrancisquitoPalo Alto1"=100'Leo W. RuthNov-55Commercial St; Industrial Ave; Bayshore Hwy; Charleston Hwy; San Antonio Rd; Transport Sttext accompanying map 19, pg 18
66201610Pullen SubdivisionA Portion of Lots 4 & 8San Jose1"=100'Robert W. TonkinSep-55Eden Ave; Lindenoaks Dr; Cypress Ave; Williams Rd; Rosedale Drtext accompanying map
66211644Brooksview Unit No. 2Portion of Lots 4 & 5 - Titus and Langtry TractSanta Clara County1"=100'Mackay & SompsNov-55Bellwood Dr; Brookview Dr; Palmtag Dr; Brook Glenn Dr; Saratoga Creek Waytext accompanying map
66231618Albertsworth EstatesPortion of Lot 43 of the Hale Ranch in the San Antonio RanchoSanta Clara County1"=60'Mackay & SompsOct-55Magdalena Ave; Albertsworth Lntext accompanying map 23, pg 22
66251528Sylvia Manor Unit No. 2Subdivision of a Portion of the SW 1/4 of Sec. 20, T.6.S., R.2.W., M.D.B. & MLos Altos1"-50'Charles L. CoburnJan-56Valencia Dr; San Antonio Ave; Sevilla Dr; Jardin Drtext accompanying map 25, pg 24
66261653Manchester VillagePortion of Lot 8 - Leigh TractSanta Clara County1"=100'Edward A. HazenNov-55Leigh Ave; Ridgeley Dr; Midway Sttext accompanying map
66271669Whitehaven Unit No. 2Portion of Lot 16 - I.J. Truman SubdivisionSanta Clara County1"=60'Mackay & SompsDec-55Pinehurst Dr; Truman Ave; Oak Avetext accompanying map
66291599Willowcrest Unit No. 3Portion of the Rancho San Juan BautistaSan Jose1"=60'Leo W. RuthAug-55Avalon Dr; Westgate Ave; Tahoe Dr; Cottle Ave; Aulin Drtext accompanying map 29, pg 28
66311651Castleview HeightsPortion of Lot 3 - Albright SubdivisionSanta Clara County1"=50'Mackay & SompsNov-55Golf Links Dr; Clara St; text accompanying map 31, pg 30
66321660Portion of the Rancho Pastoria de Las BorregasA Resubdivision of a Portion of Tract No. 1203Sunnyvale1"-60'Geo. S. NolteNov-55Alvarado Ave; San Miguel Ave; Amador Ave; text accompanying map
66331673Subdivision of Lot 92 part of Tract 1101Other Lands in Section 28, T.6.S., R.2.W., M.D.B. & MMountain View1"=50'Mark Thomas & Co.Dec-55Hans Ave; Bonita Ave; Boranda Ave; text accompanying map
66351623Surrey FarmsPart of the Rancho Rinconada de Los GatosLos Gatos1"=100'Robert W. TonkinNov-55Blueberry Hill; Long Meadow Dr; Twin Oaks Dr; Kennedy Dr; Cresent Ave; Olde Dr; Hilow Rd; Clover Waytext accompanying map 35, pg 34
66371616A portion of a part of the Quito Ranch Santa Clara County1"=50'H. Searancke23-Sep-55Sharon Dr; Saratoga- Sunnyvale Rdtext accompanying map 37, pg 36
66381633Ardell ManorPortion of Lots 17, 18, 23, 24Los Altos1"=50'Whipple Engineering CompanyOct-55Hawthorne Ave; Monte Ave; Gordon Way; Waverly Lntext accompanying map
66391620Portion of Section 15, T.7.S.,R.1.W., M.D.B.& M.San Jose1"=100'Mackay & SompsOct-55Moorpark Ave; Coakley Dr; Constance Dr; Kirkwood Dr; Cypress Avetext accompanying map
66411575Brookhurst Unit No. 3Portion of the I.J. Truman SubdivisionSanta Clara County1"=60'Mackay & SompsJan-56Ravenswood Dr; Brookhill Rd; Mercedes Ave; Fremont Ave; Burns Ave;text accompanying map
66421609Cypress ManorPortion of SW1/4 Section I5, T.7S., RIW, M.D.B. & M.San Jose1"=100'Don ReinoehlSep-55Cypress Ave; Doma Dr; Judro Way; Coakley Dr; Nolden Ave; Zaton Avetext accompanying map
66431652Westclair - All of Lots 1-13 of Tract No. 1221WestclairSan Jose1"=50'Mackay & SompsNov-55Homestead Rd; Los Olivos Dr; Los Padres Blvd; Hart Ave; Clara Vista Ave; San Miguel Avetext accompanying map
66451657Rancho Verde EstatesSubdivision of Portions of Lots 7, 9 & 10 - Granger Subdivision of the Bergin RanchSanta Clara County1"=50'Charles L. CoburnDec-55Montclair Way; Eva Ave; Montclair Ct; text accompanying map 45, pg 44
66471699Surrey FarmsPart of Rancho Rinconada de Los GatosLos Gatos1"=100'Robert W. TonkinNov-55Blueberry Hill; Long Meadow Dr; Twin Oaks Dr; Kennedy Dr; Cresent Ave; Olde Dr; Hilow Rd; Clover Waytext accompanying map 47; pg 46
66481600Portion of Lot 109 - C.M. Wooster Company's Subdivision of the Clarke Ranch Palo Alto1"=40'Geo. S. NolteOct-55Loma Verde Ave; Manchester Ct; text accompanying map
66491447Portion of Lot 3 of the Hicks Partition Santa Clara County1"=100'Park L. VernerFeb-56Hurst Ave; Mount Vernon Dr; Montemar Way; Cocher Dr; Meridian Rdtext accompanying map
6650949CrestfieldPortion of the Prune Ridge TractCity of Santa Clara1"=100'Edward A. HazenJul-55Woodland Ave; Pruneridge Ave; Crestview Dr; Dolores Avetext accompanying map
66521579Cascade Park Unit 1Portion of the Quito RanchoCity of Santa Clara1"=100'Mackay & SompsJul-55Lawrence Station Rd; Calvert Ct; Calvert Dr; Tracy Drtext accompanying map 52, pg 51
66531662Part of the Southeast 1/4 of sec. 35, T.75.R.IW.M.D.B.&M.Santa Clara County1"=60'Leo W. RuthFeb-56Stonehurst Way; Casey Rd; Sweetbriar Drtext accompanying map
66551614College ManorPortion of Sections 23 & 26, Township 7 South, Range 1 West, M.D.B.& MSan Jose1"=80'Leo W. RuthJan-56Spruance St; Arnold Way; Romero St; Aram Ave; Wainwright Dr; Stokes Ave; San Jose Los Gatos Rdtext accompanying map 55, pg 54
66561502Blossom Valley Estates Unit No. 7Mountain View1"=100'Warren S. CookApr-55Fordham Way; Walnut Dr; Appletree Ln; Rose AveText accompanying map
6311574River RanchPortion of the Quito RanchoSanta Clara County1"=50'Mackay & SompsJul-55Herriman Ave; River Ranch Circle; Saratoga Vista Ave; Beaumont Avetext accompanying map
6321507Grandview Manor Unit No. 1Portion of the Quito RanchoSan Jose1"=100'Don ReinoehlApr-55Saratoga Ave; Borina Dr; Pinewood Drtext accompanying map
6331510Castlebrook Terrance No. 2Portion of section 4, T.7S.,R.IW.,M.D.B.&M.City of Santa Clara1"=100'Geo. S. NolteApr-55El Sobramte St; Kiely Blvd; Wallace St; Crowley Ave; Morton Ave; Phillips Ave; Phillips Ct; Foley Ave; Fresno Sttext accompanying map
6341544Casa View OaksPortion of the Quito RanchoSan Jose1"=100'Mackay & SompsJun-55Miramar Ave; Rio Vista Ave; Capistrano Ave; Loma Linda Dr; Casa View Dr; Stevens Creek Rdtext accompanying map
6361497Willo-MarPortions of Rancho San Juan Bautista and Narvaez RanchoSan Jose1"=80'Leo W. RuthMay-55Foxworthy Ave; Gardendale Dr; Willo-Mar Drtext accompanying map 6, pg 5
6381556Royal ManorA Subdivision of Lots 134, 135, 137-139 & 142-144 & a Portion of Lot 141 of the C.M. Wooster Company of the Clarke RanchPalo Alto1"=100'Geo. S. NolteJun-55Kenneth Dr; Janice Way; Louis Road; Greer Road; Thomas Dr; Loma Verde Avetext accompanying map 8, pg 7
63101558Meadow BrookSubdivision in Pueblo Tract No. 1San Jose1"=100'Mark Thomas & Co.Jun-55Almaden Rd; Red Bird Dr; Skylark Dr; Thrush Dr; Bobolink Dr; Nightingale Dr; Kingfisher Dr; Humming Bird Drtext accompanying map (see maps 9 and 10 together)
63111570Mann Craft Manor Unit 2Portion of Section 14, T.7.S.R.2W.,M.D.B.&M.Santa Clara County1"=100'Geo. S. NolteJul-55Mann Dr; Monte Ct; Gardenview Ln; Woodbury Dr text accompanying map
63121565Portion of Lot 6 - G. Madigan Subdivision Los Altos1"=50'Geo. S. NolteJun-55Marilyn Dr; Springer Rd; Edith Avetext accompanying map
63131571Toyon TerracePortion of Lot 2 of the Pala RanchoSanta Clara County1"-100Geo. S. NolteAug-55San Pablo Ave; Shelby Ln; Surf Ct; Toyon Ave; Penitencia Creek Rdtext accompanying map
63141542Willow OaksPortion of Los Coches Rancho and a Portion of Lot 1 - Hamilton PartitionSan Jose1"=100'Robert W. TonkinJun-55Willowbrae Ave; Willow Oaks Dr; Meridian Rdtext accompanying map
63151597Meadow Park Unit 3Portion of Rancho de Rinconada de San FrancisquitoPalo Alto1"=100'Geo. S. NolteAug-55Corina Way; East Meadow Dr; Louis Rdtext accompanying map
63171480Portion of the Glendale Subdivision San Jose1"=100'Robert W. TonkinJun-55Elester Dr; Venn Ave; Venndale Ave; Winton Way; Adair Way; Wilma Way; Clydelle Ave Branham Ln; Carlton Avetext accompanying map 17, pg 16
6319, 201589Pepper Tree PlacePortion of Blocks 2 & 3 - Santa Clara Homestead Association Santa Clara 1"=50'Mackay & SompsAug-55Pepper Tree Ln; Cristopher Ct; Miles Dr; Miles Ct; Homestead Rd; Marietta Dr; Marietta Cttext accompanying map 19, 20, pg 18
63211522Manuela Acres Portion of Lot 8 - Mesa TractSanta Clara County1"=100'Geo. S. NolteApr-55Robb Rd; Manuela Avetext accompanying map
63221537Gettings ParkRancho Rincon de San FrancisquitoSanta Clara County1"=50'Calvin M. JonesMay-55Donna Ave; Barron Ave; Josina Ave; El Centro Ave; Laguna Ave; Cass Waytext accompanying map
63231615Ann Darling Park No. 1Portion of 500 Acre Lot 27, San Jose City LandsSan Jose1"=100'Wilsey & HamSep-55Royce Dr; Mckee Rd; 33 St; Berrywood Dr; Melody Lntext accompanying map
6324, 25, 26, 271578Laurom ParkPortion of the Quito RanchoSunnyvale1"=50'Mackay & SompsOct-55Wren Ave; Lawrence Station Road; Lochinvar Ave; Kilmarnock Ave; Waxwing Ave; Lerwick Ct; Vireo Ave; Warbler Way; London Ave; Homestead Rdtext accompanying map 24, 25, 26, 27 pg 24
63281598Charlin Glen Portion of Sub. Lot No. 9 - Town of Santa ClaraSanta Clara County1"=50'Mission EngineersAug-55Jackson St; Jackson Ct; Main Sttext accompanying map
63291593Willow PinesPortion of the Narvaez RanchoSan Jose1"=100'Raymond W. FisherAug-55Fuchsia Dr; Bookson Ave; Larkspur Dr; Plummer Avetext accompanying map
63311605Cambrian Gardens - Unit No. 2Portion of Section I2, T 8 S, RIW, M.D.B. & MSan Jose1"=100'Don ReinoehlSep-55Kenlar Dr, Kenson Dr; Anna Dr; Tony Ave; Trent Dr, Wilfred Way, Rosswood Dr; Sandy Ln; Tilden Dr; Leigh Avetext accompanying map 31, pg 30
6333, 341523Lot 1 and a Portion of Lot 5, Pullen SubdivisionPortion of Section 22, T. 7 S. R. I W. M. D. B. & M. San Jose1"=60'Mackay & SompsApr-55Coakley Dr; Moorpark Ave; Margate; Widget Dr; Shearton Dr; Cypress Avetext accompanying map 33, 34 pg 32
63351587Latimer Park Unit No. 2Campbell1"=100'H. H. GambsJul-55Guam Way; Saipan Way; Victor Ave; Agana Way; Latimer Ave; Tinian Waytext accompanying map
6337, 38, 391591Resubdivision of Tract No. 1483 and Tract No. 1484, Winchester WoodsPortion of Section 23, T.7.S., R.1.W., M.D.B. & MSan Jose1"=60'Leo W. RuthAug-55Greentree Way; Westfield Ave; Santa Clara- Los Gatos Hwy; Greenbriar Ave; Redoaks Dr; Baywood Ave; Fireside Dr; Castlemont Ave; Woodlawn Avetext accompanying maps 37, 38, 39, pg 36
6340, 411452Lawrence Meadows Unit No. 2Portion of Section 32, T.6S.,R.IW.,M.D.B.&M.Santa Clara1"=50'Mackay & SompsSep-55Cabrillo Ave; Lawrence Station Road; Fairbanks Ave; Bonita Ave; Machado Ave; Berry Way; Earl Drive; Briarwood Drtext accompanying maps 40, 41, pg 40
63421611GreendellPortion of Lot 11 of the J.J. Morris Real Estate Co's Subdivision of M.S. Loucks TractPalo Alto1"=100'Geo. S. NolteSep-55Dake Ave; Ferne Ave; San Antonio Rdtext accompanying map
63431622Marlborough Manor Unit No. 2 Portion of the J.T. Murphy subdivision No. 8 Sunnyvale1"=100'Geo. S. NolteAug-55Borregas Ave; Hemlock Ave; Alturas Avetext accompanying map
6345, 461584Sun-N-ShadowA Subdivision of Lots 13 & 14, and a Portion of Lot 15 of the McGinness SubdivisionSanta Clara County1"=50'Mark Thomas & Co.Aug-55Murtha Dr; McGuiness Ave Sunshadow Ln; Sundown Ln; Farringdon Dr; Sandalwood Ct; Woodale Ct; Zephyr Ct; White Rd; Sienna Dr; Candler Avetext accompanying map 45, 46, pg 44
6348, 491631Westwood OaksA Subdivision in the Quito RanchoCity of Santa Clara1"=60'Mark Thomas & Co.Sep-55Hillsdale Ave; Pruneridge Ave; Hillsdale Ct; Carlysle Ave; Hudson Dr; Herran Dr; Giannini Dr; text accompanying maps 48, 49, pg 47
63511511La Linda Glen Unit No. 1Part of Lots 10-13 of the William F. Taaffe SubdivisionSanta Clara County1"=100'Hunt Engineering Co.Oct-55Evelyn Ave; Carson Dr; Pierda Dr; Sunset Ave; Bidwell Ave; Washington St; Donner Ct; Clarence Avetext accompanying map 51, pg 50
63521650Meadowpark Unit 4Portion of Rancho Rincon de San FrancisquitoPalo Alto1"=100'Geo. S. NolteOct-55Louis Rd; Ross Rd; Nathan Way text accompanying map
63531532Ampes SubdivisionsS.E. 1/4 of sec. 27.T. 7S.,R.IW., M.D.B. &M.Campbell1"=60'Mark Thomas & Co.Jun-55Dunster Dr; Latimer Ave; Santa Clara- Los Gatos Rd; Sunberry Drtext accompanying map
63551590WestmoorPortion of section 11. TNP. 7 South, Range 2 West, M.D.B.& MSunnyvale1"=100'Mackay & SompsAug-55Bernardo Ave; Coronach Ave; Harper Ave; The Dalles; Wright Ave; Dominion Ave; Helena Drtext accompanying map 55, pg 54
63561596Harwood Manor Unit No. 1Part of Section 18, T.8 S., R.1.E., M.D.B.&M.San Jose1"=100'Don ReinoehlSep-55Coralee Drive; Harwood Rd; Brahnam Ln; Gattucio Dr; Rafton Dr; text accompanying map 56
6211439Cherrydale - Unit No. 1Portion of the Hicks Tract in the Naravez RanchoSan Jose1"=100'Mackay & SompsMay-55Hanmilton Ave; Hicks Ave; Cherrydale Drtext accompanying map
6221563Meadowpark Unit 2Rancho Rincon de San FrancisquitoPalo Alto1"=100'Geo. S. NolteJun-55Corina Way; Ross Rdtext accompanying map
6241564Westwood Unit No. 10Resubdivision Tract 1430City of Santa Clara1"=50'Mark Thomas & Co.Jun-55Forrest Ave; Londonderry Dr; Donner Pl; Harold Ave; Sutter Ave; Kit Carson Ct; Bel Ayer Dr; Cypress AveText accompanying maps 3, 4, pg 3
6251459Portion of the Quito RanchoQuito RanchoCity of Santa Clara1"=60'Mackay & SompsFeb-55Blake Ave; Mckinley Dr; Mauricia; Stevens Creek Roadtext accompanying map 5, pg 6
6271478Arlington WoodsPortion of the Navarez RanchoSan Jose1"=100'Mackay & SompsJun-55Lexford Ave; Valla Dr; Potero Dr; Foxworthy Avetext accompanying map
6281424Alsip Subdivision - Portion of Lot 7and a Portion of Lot 5 - Arata SubdivisionMountain View1"=100'Geo. S. NolteMar-55Lassen Ave; Diablo Ave; Whitney Dr; Parker St; Tamalpais St; Alma St; Anna Avetext accompanying map
6291211Portion of Section 3, of the R.V. Jones, Frank Lee Crist et al. propertyLying south of the Mentone Tract No. 1211Santa Clara County1"=50'Don ReinoehlJun-55Grant Road; Middleton Ct; Middleton Avetext accompanying map
62101491Ilima GardensSanta Clara County1"=40'James and Waters & AssociatesApr-55Laguna Ave; Llima Cttext accompanying map
62121560Excelsior ManorSubdivision of Lots 10 & 11 - E.N. Parr SubdivisionCampbell1"=60'Mark Thomas & Co.Jul-55Albert Way; Corliss Way; Virginia Ave; Rincon Ave; Budd Ave; Sobrato Dr; Buddlawn Waytext accompanying map 12, pg 11
6213Portion of Parcels 9 & 10 of Survey of Lot 43 - Part of Lot 44 of the Hale Ranch Subdivision and being a Portion of Lot 43 - of the Hale RanchSan Antonio RanchoSanta Clara County1"=40'Mackay & Somps1955Magdalena Ave; text accompanying map
62141486Loyola ManorSubdivision of a portion of section 4, T. 7S., R. 2W., M.D.B.&M.Los Altos1"=50'Charles L. CoburnMay-55Golden Way; Altos Oaks; Miramonte Avetext accompanying map
6215Portion of Lot 4 of Sanborn Partition of a portion of the San Antonio Rancho `1"=100"Mark Thomas & Co.Jun-55El Monte Ave; Tepa Way;
6216Lands of Louis H. Caine and a Portion of a 5.776 Acre Parcel of LandAlso a Portion of Lots 26 & 27 - Taaffe Partition of Lot 2 and part of Lot 1 in the La Purissima ConcepcionSanta Clara County1"=60'Don ReinoehlApr-55Elena Way text accompanying map
62171559Camelot GardensPortion of Lots 17 & 18 as shown on the Maybell TractSanta Clara County1"=50'James and Waters & AssociatesJun-55King Ct; Pomona Ave; Arthur's; Arastradero Rdtext accompanying map
62191566Alberbrook Estates Unit 2Portion of the Quito RanchoSanta Clara County1"=60'Mackay & SompsJun-55Bollinger Road; Estates Drive; Brookwell Drivetext accompanying map 19, pg 18
62211467Junipero Gardens Unit No. 4Portion of the S.E. 1/4 of Sec. 4 T.7S.. R.1.W.. M.D.B & M.City of Santa Clara1"=60'James J. BreenMay-55Las Palmas Dr; Benton Dr; Arroyo Drtext accompanying map 21, 20
6222Land of Mowatt M. Mitchell Et AlSituated in the Northeast Quarter of SEC. 27- T.8.S R. IW M.D.B. &M.Santa Clara County1"=100'P.W. McMillianAug-55Ringrosetext accompanying map
62231545Sunset AcresAzule SubdivisionsSanta Clara County1"=60'Mission EngineersJun-55Carniel Ave; Wardell Rdtext accompanying map
62241513C.M. Wooster Co.'s Subdivision - Portion of Lot 110Palo Alto1"=50'Geo. S. NolteApr-55Loma Verde Ave; Louis Rd text accompanying map
62251531Crescent ViewRancho Rinconada del Arroyo de San FrancisquitoPalo Alto1"=40'Geo. S. NolteMay-55Sharon Ct; Channing Ave; Newell Rdtext accompanying map
62261541Morrow ManorC.M. Wooster Co.'s SubdivisionPalo Alto1"=100'Lawrence G. BrianMay-55Stone Ln; Ross Rdtext accompanying map
62281454Willowcrest Unit No. 2Rancho San Juan Bautista San Jose1"=60'Leo W. RuthJul-55Cottle Ave; Tenaya Dr; Westgate Avetext accompanying map 28, pg 27
62291533St. Francis Woods Unit No. 2Hamilton PartitionSanta Clara County1"=50'Don ReinoehlJun-55Keesling Ave; San Gabriel Waytext accompanying map
62301561Traina ManorPart of the Hamilton Partition - T.7.S., R.1.W., M.D.B. & MSanta Clara County1"=100'Don ReinoehlJun-55Santa Inez Dr; San Ardo Dr; San Gabriel Way; Keesling Avetext accompanying map
62321508Oak GlenPortion of Lot 4 in the Rancho La Purissima ConcepcionSanta Clara County1"=60'Don ReinoehlMay-55Blue Oak Ln; text accompanying map 32, pg 31
62331562Cherry AcresLot 5 of the Leigh TractSanta Clara County1"=60'Raymond W. FisherJun-55Leigh Ave; Campbell Avetext accompanying map
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