CSH 2 year budget - public
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Item cost
(over 1 year)
(over 1 year)
Item cost
(over 2 years)
Total cost
(over 2 years)
CSH running at reduced scale for 2 years $200,000$200,000$400,000$400,000This would result in signing up about 100k people a year with no growth and minor cutbacks on experimentation. We think this is pretty much the minimum funding CSH could continue to exist at.
CSH running at equal scale for 2 years $100,000$300,000$200,000$600,000This would result in no cutbacks and moderate progress of CSH over time. We would expect to sign up about 250k people a year and be able to hire some core staff to benefit our organization long term.
CSH running a small scale study$50,000$350,000$100,000$700,000This would give enough funding to run a mini study to test our effect size on vaccination rate improvements which would help determine the sample size of the large RCT. Additionally, if it came back with sufficiently precise null results, it could convince us the intervention is not working and thus save funds and time on the RCT.
CSH running a mid scale RCT$250,000$600,000$500,000$1,200,000This is our estimated budget for a RCT of our program done with a partner academic and minor consulting from GiveWell and IDinsight. We expect this to be the minimum evidence bar that would need to be crossed to become a GiveWell recommended charity.
CSH running an RCT with a higher sample size $50,000$650,000$100,000$1,300,000With increased funding we could increase the sample size of our study which would increase our chance of accurately detecting small effects, getting GiveWell recommended, as well as increasing the probability we could do useful sub-group analysis to improve our general program effectiveness.
CSH working fully with IDinsight instead of an external academic
$100,000$750,000$200,000$1,500,000At this level of funding we could do a high touch partnership with IDinsight, the partner GiveWell most often works with on RCTs and the group that did the recent New Incentives RCT. We expect this partnership to have significant benefits across the board in study quality relative to most academics. This is the level of study GiveWell would be most confident in.
Total 2 year cost$1,500,000
Current funding pledged/expected over 2 years from previous CSH donors, including GiveWell$1,005,000
Total 2 year funding gap$495,000
Total gap for this year$247,500
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