** List complied for informational purposes only by Funders for LGBTQ Issues. Includes funds established specifically for U.S. transgender communities, as well as funds that state they are trans-inclusive. Funders for LGBTQ Issues has not vetted these resources, and does not endorse or support any particular resource. While all efforts will be made to keep this list up-to-date, this list should not be taken as exhaustive. Please send and questions and additional resources to add to the list to Alex Lee at**
Last update: 6/3/20
Fund NameContact InformationLocation ServedDescription
Coronavirus Rapid Response Fund for Trans CommunitiesContact for how to contribute to this collaborationNationalCoordinated funding from TRANscend & Destination Tomorrow, Borealis Fund for Trans Generations, and the Third Wave Fund
Trans Justice Funding Project List of Trans-Led Grassroots Crisis Response Funds statesLonger list of trans-led grassroots crisis and rapid response funds and resources created by TJFP's grantees.
The Okra Project/Black Trans Solidarity Fund York/New Jersey/ Pennsylvania"The Okra Project is a 100% grassroots, organizer-led initiative with the goal of combatting food insecurity in the Black Trans/GNC community."
COVID-19 Mutual Aid Fund for CA Latinx Elders"The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the particular vulnerability of older low-income service workers in the Latino/a/x community. The funds are meant to help non-traditional service workers such as: canners/ bottle collectors, house cleaners (limpiadores de casa), street vendors (eloteros, churros, pupuseros, taqueros), catalog home sales agents (provedores de ventas por catalogo), older folks who drive Uber/Lyft for extra income (Conductores de Uber/Lyft), Seamstress/Costureros, swap meet vendors (vendedores y trabajadores en mercados de segunda), undocumented self-employed workers (personas indocumentadas que generan su propio trabajo/ingresos), Farmworkers (trabajadores de campo), Queer/Trans elders, others who hustle for a living for example people who pick up free items, repurpose, and sell (personas que se las ingenian para conseguir fondos, por ejemplo reventa de productos)."
Queer Writers of Color Relief Fund National"This fund is to help at least 100 queer writers of color who have been financially impacted by the current COVID-19. Priority will be given to queer trans women of color and queer disabled writers of color, but I hope this relief fund will help many queer writers of color it can."
NYC Low-Income Artist/Freelancer Relief Fund York"We seek to provide support for low-income, BIPOC, trans/GNC/NB/Queer artists and freelancers whose livelihoods are being effected by this pandemic in NYC. Whether it's from cancelled gigs, lost jobs, or a lack of business due to coronavirus scares, we hope to orchestrate an egalitarian approach to crowdsourcing."
Oakland Food Service Workers COVID-19 Relief Fund, CA"Hundreds of restaurants, coffee shops, and catering companies have all shut down or drastically reduced hours due to the COVID-19 crisis, leaving thousands of Oakland food service workers unemployed and without means to pay their bills + rent!! All food service workers living or working in Oakland, CA impacted by the COVID-19 crisis + shutdown are encouraged to apply!! PRIORITY WILL BE GIVEN TO: BLACK, INDIGENOUS AND OTHER POC, UNDOCUMENTED, UNHOUSED, DISABLED, LGBTQIA+, OAKLAND/BAY AREA NATIVE FOLKS."
COVID-19 Emergency Fund for LGBTQIA+ Immigrants York/New Jersey"Increasing commissary funds to members in immigration detention so they are able to stay in contact with QDEP and their communities while being able to afford the supplies they need, including food and antibacterial soap." Additionally your support will allow them to provide members released from detention with: Clothing, shoes, toiletries and underwear, monthly unlimited metrocards, monthly unlimited phone service.
CLOSED - COVID-19 Mutual Aid Fund for LGBTQI+ BIPOC Folks"We are prioritizing LGBTQI+, non-binary, gender fluid, and gender non-conforming people of color because we often have less ties to familial support networks, we have historically been simultaneously overlooked and surveilled by welfare state systems, our needs have been surplus to mainstream political formations, and we tend to work in the gig economy. In “Round 1,” we will redistribute $100 to every person of color who is LGBTQI+, non-binary, gender fluid, and gender non-conforming who is self-employed or working in the service economy (even if they asked for less)."
UTOPIA Seattle - COVID-19 QTPI Relief Fund stateFrom their application: "The U.T.O.P.I.A. SEA COVID-19 Relief Fund was created to provide financial assistance to all QTPI (Queer and/or Trans and Gender Diverse Pacific Islanders') in Washington State who are experiencing a financial setback due to the negative economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. U.T.O.P.I.A. SEA is prioritizing assistance to QTPI sex workers, sick and disabled, elderly, undocumented, and have lost their primary/only income or have an increased financial burden as a direct result of the COVID-19 pandemic. We aim to help those in need by providing up to $250 in cash assistance."
Trans Women of Color Solidarity Network, state"The TWOC Solidarity Network upholds the self determination of Two-Spirit, Trans Women and Femmes of color and creates opportunities to exercise collective and community care. The fund is one element of how we are confronting the systematic economic disempowerment and violence that Two-Spirit, Trans Women and Femmes of Color face in our region. We know unrestricted financial resources can really make a difference and we believe that the resources already exist in our community to support TWOC to survive and thrive." Note: TWOCSN has been in operation for the past several years to provide emergency cash grants to its constituency. They continue to support their community members through the COVID-19 pandemic.
Trans & Gender Diverse Emergency Community Aid (a joint project of UTOPIA Seattle and the Ingersoll Gender Center) Sound region of Washington state"This fund will prioritize those in our community hit hardest by this crisis: QTBIPOC, Sex Workers, Sick and Disabled, Elderly, Undocumented and others who have been historically and systematically disadvantaged."
COVID-19 Resource & Referral Database, Compiled by the Ingersoll Gender Center state and various counties/regions in WATrans-inclusive database of COVID-19 support resources, including cash assistance and in-kind services food, medical and income support services.
Transgender District COVID-19 Relief Fund Francisco, CACashi mini-grants for trans folks in need of groceries, medications, income replacement, and other needs. As of 4/3/20, out of funds and closed after making 28 grants. Please contact Alex Lee ( for information on donating to support future grantmaking.
Black Trans Futures CV19 Fund by Black Trans Media ( "This money will be redistributed to Black intersex, non-binary, trans & gender non conforming people that need material support during this pandemic."
NYC Dancers Relief Fund (COVID-19)"Priority will be given to POC, disabled, Trans/NB, and dance artists who will not have access to emergency funds due to immigration status"
Twin Cities Queer and Trans Mutual Aid, MN"The idea behind this is to crowd source some mutual aid for queer/trans/nonbinary folks in the Twin Cities area, who are affected by Covid-19 or the current situation. You may be immune-compromised, chronically ill, asthmatic, or in another kind of high risk group. You may also be quarantined for some reason and need help. If you need help, this is a non-judgmental place to ask for help and hopefully get it."
Middle TN Black & Indigenous Support Fund & Dekalb Counties, TennesseeFinancial relief for RURAL QTBIPOC living in 3 counties in middle Tennessee!
GLP SANI - Green Light Project Sex-Worker Aid Network Initiative, WA"This fund is raising money to support sex workers impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic in Seattle and the surrounding areas. We are asking for donations and help from allies, clients, organizations, and workers not impacted by the pandemic so that we can take care of our community during this uncertain time! We are prioritizing the needs of street based workers, trans, POC, and immuno-compromised workers. We will be using it to purchase medications, sanitation supplies, toiletries, as well as provide cash support for bills and rent."
Black Trans COVID Supplies & Donation Funds metro area"We are a all queer and trans household and the majority of us are black and trans living in Philadelphia. Many times when a epidemic hits black trans people are the LAST to receive help and resources due to the fact that they experience not only discrimination because of them being trans but also because of them being black in a world full of white supremacy. We understand times are incredibly hard and many of us cannot travel right now due to the state of the world." Accepts cash donations as well as medical, personal hygiene, and food supplies.
Trans Resiliency Fund (based in Vancouver)"Organized and managed on unceded Coast Salish territory in so-called Vancouver, Canada, the Trans Resiliency Fund (TRF) is a general emergency fund for low-income trans folks to access. Funds are received from cis and/or financially privileged folks and is managed by volunteer organizers of the Coalition Against Trans Antagonism."
Transmen and Transmasculine COVID-19 Rapid Response Fund"This fund will send critical aid to transmen and transmasculine folx throughout our nation to cover food and hygiene products during this pandemic."
Pittsburg's LGBTQIA COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund County, PA"We are prioritizing displaced LGBTQIA+ people because we have historically and currently faced increased barriers - including fewer ties to familial support networks, being simultaneously underserved and over-surveilled by welfare state systems, our needs have been surplus to mainstream political formations, and we tend to work in the gig economy (making us eligible to even receive unemployment). "
Brave Space Alliance and Trans Liberation Collective Trans Relief Fund area"Trans Liberation Collective and Brave Space Alliance are collaborating to provide Relief funding for transgender, non-binary, and intersex individuals in the Chicagoland area, particularly the South and West sides."
Destination Tomorrow TRANScend Rapid Response Fund"We are establishing the COVID-19 Rapid Response Fund which will be used to address the emergency needs we foresee happening due to this global pandemic, particularly around how emergency funds will be distributed. We are concerned that the most vulnerable within our community, those who participate in sex work, are hourly workers or contractual, will be left behind. We also understand that there will be an increase in request for assistance with rent payments, utilities, food shortages and transportation. Our goal is to ensure that our community has access to any funding available." Also working in partnership with Trans Solutions Consulting to distribute funds.
Campaign for Southern Equality COVID-19 Rapid Response Grants South"As the nation confronts the significant and unprecedented challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Campaign for Southern Equality has created a rapid response grant round to quickly route funds to individuals, families, and community organizations across the LGBTQ South. The grant round will be distributed through CSE’s Southern Equality Fund. In the first round, we moved $25,000 across the #LGBTQSouth, and in the second round (applications now open) we will move an additional $30,000." More information at
Homeless Black Trans Women Fund metro area"This is fund for the community of Black Trans women that live in Atlanta and are sex workers and/or homeless." Note: fundraising pre-dates COVID-19 pandemic but fund has re-opened to meet the current need.
Southern Vision Alliance Frontlines Leaders Fund: COVID-19 Community Response Grants Carolina and South Carolina "These are small grants of up to $500 to neighborhood-based and local organizing efforts in response to COVID-19. Priority will be given to efforts led by workers, LGBTQ people, youth and students, Black people and people of color, rural communities, migrants, and families." Individual and institutional donors should use the form on the linked webpage to contribute.
Olive Branch Transgender Disaster Relief & Recovery Black Trans COVID-19 Community Response Grant (National Black Trans Advocacy Coalition)"Black Trans COVID-19 Community Response Grant Program provides rapid response funds to individuals at their point of need during a government declared crisis. Financial assistance is provided for emergency food, shelter, utilities, transportation and health care to ensure the basic needs of our most vulnerable populations are met."
Women's Foundation of California Relief and Resilience Fund statewide"During this time of uncertain impacts on the health, safety and economic security of our communities, the Women’s Foundation of California will offer rapid response funding to current grantee partners through the Relief and Resilience Fund. Relief grants will help off-set costs incurred to maintain operations or adapt to health and financial impacts caused by COVID-19." Only some of their current grantees are trans-led. Current grantees listed at
Trans United Showing Up for Our Communities Relief Fund"Trans United has launched a new program, Showing Up for Our Communities Relief Fund, to address the ongoing COVID-19 crisis and the associated economic pressures that have resulted from social distancing... Donations will go directly to trans and nonbinary people of color who are in desperate need for support and assistance in the midst of this crisis." Currently in second round of issuing rapid response grants.
Marsha P. Johnson Institute COVID-19 Relief Fund
National"MPJI’s COVID-19 Relief Fund will provide $500 to 10 Black transgender or non-binary identified people. As our commitment is to always center the needs of those beyond the margins, priority will be given to Black trans women and those who have experience as sex workers, formerly incarcerated, and other vulnerable community members."
Radical Muslim Mutual Aid Fund"This initiative is a collaboration between Queer Crescent and Masjid al-Rabia." "We define Muslim as a person who identifies with muslimness in some way - cultural, political, spiritual, revert, etc. We seek to dismantle traditional ideas and norms of what it means to be Muslim while intentionally supporting our communities. We will be prioritizing support for our community members who are disabled, low-income, transgender, queer, undocumented, formerly incarcerated, survivors of domestic and sexual violence, those who financially support others, and/or have had their income impacted due to loss of work as a result of COVID-19."
Point of Pride COVID-19 Emergency Fund"This program provides microgrants to transgender recipients who have lost employment and lack the financial means to cover expenses related to their health and well-being, such as hormone replacement therapy (HRT), mental health services, and medical supplies."
Astraea Foundation COVID-19 Collective Care Response Fund
National"Astraea launched a COVID-19 Collective Care Response—grounded in our feminist funding principles and healing justice values—to provide a new $1 million in flexible resources for our grantee partners at this critical time."