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CountryCitySource GPSNameTypeType(original)DescriptionDate verifiedPriceElectricityInternetKitchenParkingRestaurantShowersWaterToiletsTent FriendlyImageImage 2URLAttribution
BelizeSartenejaN18 20.688 W88 09.173Backpacker’s ParadiseCampgroundCampground & HostelExcellent mosquito-screened common area with tables, hammocks, power and a kitchen. Super friendly owners. Wifi in the restaurant, but doesn't reach the camping or common areas.January 14, 2012YesYes, unknownYesYesYesColdYesYesYes
BelizeCaye CaulkerN17 44.677 W88 01.477Sandy LaneHotelHotelVery basic. Shared bathrooms but awesome hot showers. There was a place to grill and covered picnic tables outside, but no kitchen. Probably the cheapest place to stay on Caye Caulker if you don’t have a tent and don’t want to stay in a noisy hostel dorm. Ask the groundskeeper named Moses about conch ceviche.January 17, 2012$25 BZ room for threeYesNoNoUnknownNoHotYesYesUnknown
BelizeAltun Ha RuinsN17 46.754 W88 19.153Mayan WellsCampgroundCampground & GuesthouseBeautiful property, friendly owners and a great place to camp. There's a pet howler monkey and a pond for fishing, just watch out for the biting flies. Internet is a hardline connection and requires some setup.January 20, 2011$10 BZ per person campingYesYes, averageNoYesYesWarmYesYesYes
BelizeBelize ZooN17 21.422 W88 32.480Tropical Education CenterCampgroundCampground & HotelClosest place to stay by the Belize Zoo. Good place to camp, brand new bathrooms with gigantic showers and covered picnic tables. Lots of people stay here in the cabins to do the night tour of the zoo. We went during the day and saw everything but the spider monkeys. Electricity available only in the office.January 21, 2011$10 BZ per person campingYes, not at sitesYesNoYesYesColdYesYesYes
BelizeSan IgnacioN17 05.411 W89 07.408The Trek StopCampgroundCampground & HotelA great place to stay before crossing into Guatemala. Very friendly owner. Has a big covered area with tables next to the kitchen with power and wifi. The butterfly house was interesting. Watch out for tarantula holes if you're pitching a tent.January 23, 2012$11 BZ per person campingYesYesYesYesYesColdYesYesYes
BoliviaCopacabanaS16 10.426 W69 5.668Camping Hostel PizzaHostelHostel with CampingWe're not entirely sure of the name of this place, but the signs on the front advertised camping, pizza and a hostel. The bathrooms are a bit dodgy. The water is solar-heated, and the electric shower heads don't supply enough juice to heat water in the morning, so it's only somewhat warm in the afternoon. But the price is right and the Argentinian couple who run the place are very friendly. We opted for a room because it was only US$5 more for the three of us, but you can pitch a tent here as well.October 6, 2012Bs$10 per person for camping or Bs$20-30 per person for a roomYesNoYesYesYesWarmYesYesYes
BoliviaSorataS15 46.175 W68 39.295Altai OasisCampgroundHotel with CampingOne of the best campgrounds of our trip to date. Lots of grassy areas to pitch a tent plus a fire pit that we used nearly every night. Very friendly English-speaking staff. The camping area's kitchen was wood-fire only. We used the oven half a dozen times with great success. Internet is available in the restaurant, which serves great food at reasonable prices, but only worked a couple hours during our six night stay. Also, if you are in need of a Toyota mechanic, ask the owners here. Highly recommended! Electricity available in the kitchen. Internet was sketchy.October 8, 2012Bs30 per person campingYes, not at sitesYes, slowYesYesYesHotYesYesYes
BoliviaLa Paz (Mallasa)S16 34.073 W68 05.358Hotel OberlandCampgroundHotel with CampingHotel Oberland is roughly 15 minutes south of La Paz, in the town of Mallasa if you're coming from the north, research the bypass loop to avoid driving through the city. More of a parking lot for overlanding vehicles, it's not the best place to pitch a tent. But it is a great place to meet other travelers and swap notes about Bolivia and Peru. Wifi is decent by Bolivian standards, and there is a kitchen above the campground that may be free to use, but we never bothered to ask.October 13 & 17, 2012Bs$50 per person for campingYesYesUnknownYesYesHotYesYesYes
BoliviaCoroicoS16 11.887 W67 43.431Sol y LunaCampgroundCabins with CampingOne of the best camping spots we found in Bolivia. Grass, a fire ring, a covered common area with power and the best wifi we found in Bolivia. Lots of bugs, but blissfully warm temperatures relative to La Paz. The restaurant was reasonably priced, but we never tried the food. The surrounding property is huge, and is dotted with large cabins that sleep 3-8 people.October 15, 2012Bs30 per person for campingYesYesNoYesYesHotYesYesYes
BoliviaOruroS17 57.704 W67 6.216Hotel Sumaj WasiHotelHotelContinental breakfast is included, but we're not sure if the restaurant is open beyond that. Oruro isn't the happiest town in Bolivia, and finding a place to stay that had secured parking proved difficult. If you sleep in your vehicle it would be possible to stay a night in their parking lot.October 19, 2012Bs70 per person for a shared triple with private bathYesYesNoYesYesHotYesYesNo
BoliviaPotosiS19 35.062 W65 45.317Residencial TarijaHotelHotelAnother case of needing a hotel with secure parking in the city. We only stayed one night, favoring to head to the more popular city of Sucre sooner rather than later. This hotel was decent enough, but lacked wifi. There was a kitchen, but we're not sure if it was free for guests to use or if it was part of a restaurant that was not open.October 19, 2012Bs60 per person for room with private bathroomYesNoNoYesNoHotYesYesNo
BoliviaSucreS19 02.580 W65 15.303Camping Alberto and FelicidadCampgroundCampgroundA small grassy area very close to the center of Sucre. It's not signed, but it is a well-known stop for overlanders. Upon arrival you need to track down the owner, Alberto or his wife Felicidad and have them let you in. Alberto may be in his workshop on the property, knock loudly, or at their house which can be found around the corner at 416 Arcento Arce. Very friendly people and an excellent (and the only) place to camp in Sucre just a few blocks from the center. They also have a room for rent at the top of the A-frame common area.October 20, 2012Bs60 per car or Bs50 per tentYesYesYesYesNoHotPotableRunning WaterYes
BoliviaUyuniS20 27.941 W66 49.602Hostel MarithHostelHostelA free breakfast of bread and an egg is included. One of the few places in Uyuni that includes parking at a price that won't break the bank. We stayed here the night before and after we ventured into the salt flats. Nothing to write home about, but not altogether terrible either. You have to ask for the hot water to be turned on if it is not, the hours when it's supposed to be available are posted and aren't condusive to an early-morning departure. If you sleep inside your vehicle you should be able to camp in their parking lot for a night. Hot showers after 7AM!October 24 & 26, 2012Bs78 per person for a room with private bathroomYesNoNoYesYesHotYesYesNo
BoliviaIsla PescadorS20 8.346 W67 48.632Uyuni Salt FlatsWild campBush CampYou can camp anywhere on the Solar de Uyuni, but Isla Pescador is probably your best bet. Not to be confused with Isla Pescado, the more popular destination for tour groups. You can stay on Pescado, but it's not a friendly place for tent campers and is likely to be crowded in the afternoon. However, there are bathrooms and trash facilities available, whereas Pescador has nothing. We spent the entire day and night without seeing another soul. We recommend camping around the back side of the island so you'll have a view of the sunset.October 25, 2012FreeNoNoNoYesNoNoNoNoYes
BoliviaNear Laguna ColoradoS22 17.576 W67 46.892Canyon CampWild campBush CampJust off the road on the right as you leave the Laguna Colorado area we found this dry canyon. You can drive a few hundred meters into the canyon and find a secluded place to camp for the night that's protected from the sun and wind. The elevations in Bolivia's southwest are incredibly high, meaning brutal sun during the day and cold temperatures at night. There are bathrooms and trash facilities at the ranger station on the north end of Laguna Colorado.October 27, 2012Free (Bs150 per person park entry fee)NoNoNoYesNoNoNoNoYes
BoliviaDali's RocksS22 37.415 W67 40.262Dali's RocksWild campBush CampJust south of Laguna Chalviri, Dali's Rocks are another stunning landscape on Bolivia's Southwest circuit. We found the rock that offered the most shelter from the wind and prying eyes. Our highest-elevation campsite on this trip at over 15,000 feet. The wind at night was brutal and temperatures dropped below freezing, but the scenery is absolutely surreal. The road out to the rocks can be a bit soft. Proceed with caution if you are not in a high clearance 4x4.October 28, 2012Free (Bs150 per person park entry fee)NoNoNoYesNoNoNoNoYes
BrazilFoz do IguacuS25 29.557 W54 33.047Iguassu Motorcycle Travellers HostelCampgroundHostel with CampingA great place to stay on the Brazilian side of the falls. Has a small area to pitch tents, a grill and a nice common area. The English-speaking owner can help with anything from route planning to selling motorcycles. Highly recommended for motorcycle travelers. This is a small place, so have a backup plan, it's becoming very popular and may be booked.April 3, 2013R$20 per tentYesYes, unknownYesYesNoHotYesYesYes
BrazilCuritibaS 25 26.171 W 49 23.857No SolCampgroundCampgroundThis campground has a RV park attached and has a really large mountain bike track. Has the nicest bathrooms we have seen on this entire trip. We found a restaurant worker who spoke Spanish to help us get settled.April 5, 2013R$20 per personYesNoNoYesYesHotYesYesYes
BrazilBetween Caraguatatuba and UbatubaS 23 31.640 W 45 13.084Camping Clube do BrasilCampgroundCampgroundThis is a members RV park and campground. Membership is a whopping R$2400 per year. We negotiated a better rate with the staff at the gate. We got member prices, paid R82 for the three of us and 2 tents. Still expensive, but not record breaking. The beach is amazing and the wifi good too, although it doesn't reach all sites.April 15, 2013Expensive! Full price is about $20 USD per person, plus fees for tents and vehicles.YesYes, fastNoYesYesHotYesYesYes
Brazil24 miles outside of Rio de JanieroS 23 00.719 W 43 30.824Camping Clube Verde MarCampgroundCampgroundThis campground has turned partially into a permanent caravan park and has seen better days. There is a pristine pool in front of a rubble pile. The campground is just off the freeway, a quick 24 mile drive into Rio. A good place to park if you want to take a bus into Rio for a few days.April 17, 2013R$25 per personYesNoNoYesNoHotYesYesYes
BrazilRio de JanieroS22 57.597 W43 12.204Lagoa Guest HouseHostelHostelAbout a 45 minute walk to Ipanema and Copacabana, and a R$25 taxi ride to the center. This guesthouse has parking for a additional R$15 per day but is limited to two cars. Make sure to reserve the spot when making a reservation. If you have anything longer or taller than a stock Land Rover, you probably won't fit. Nice rooms, fast wifi free breakfast, and very helpful staff.April 18, 2013R$210, triple with shared bathroom, breakfast includedYesYes, fastYesYes, with restrictionsNoHotYesYesYes
BrazilParatyS23 12.543 W44 42.964Jabaquara CampingCampgroundCampingThis large campground is right across the street from a huge beach, and is close to several beach restaurants. There is a open air night club close to the camping area that can be extremely loud between 9pm to 6am. Discounts are given for low season and if you stay more than two nights. If you aren't sure how long you will stay, ask to pay when you leave. They do NOT offer refunds if you leave early.April 21, 2013R$20 per personYesNoNoYesNoHotYesYesYes
BrazilBeritoga (20km north of Santos)S23 50.363 W46 07.693Humaitá CampingCampgroundCampingCampsite is a little run down, but there is a large and mostly clean bathroom block with hot showers. The electricity at the campsites tends to short circuit every now and then, be careful. Walking distance to the beach and a supermarket. Discounts offered if you stay additional days.April 25, 2013R$30 per person (discount for more days)YesYes, unknownNoYesNoHotYesYesYes
ChilePichilemuS34 23.595 W72 00.754Pequeno BosqueCampgroundCampgroundA very friendly owner. They seem to care about noise at night, so it's a good bet this will be a quite place to spend a night. The camp sites are small, vehicles larger than our 4Runner may not fit.December 5, 2012CLP 12,000 per siteYesYesNoYesNoHotYesYesYes
ChileBuchupueroS36 04.341 W72 47.027AkeyanCampgroundCampgroundA very large campground five minutes walk from the beach. Has sinks, good grills and there was plenty of firewood nearby. The restaurant may be noisy on the weekends or if there is a party.December 7, 2012CLP 15,000 per siteYesNoNoYesYesHotYesYesYes
ChileSalto del LajasS37 12.688 W72 21.582Nuevo El PioneroCampgroundCampgroundA quiet campsite on a river a few minutes drive from the waterfalls. There are 20 or 30 campsites within 10 miles of the waterfalls, we chose this one because it was the least crowded. The showers were being renovated when we were here so we did not verify the owner's claim of having hot water.December 10, 2012CLP 5,000 per tentYesNoNoYesNoHotYesYesYes
ChileVillaricaS39 18.005 W72 07.150Camping LorenaCampgroundCampgroundIt was very windy while we were here, but the view and sunsets was quite nice. The internet reached several of the campsites nearest the reception building and was very fast.December 11, 2012CLP 15,000 per siteYesYesNoYesNoHotYesYesYes
ChilePuconS39 16.834 W71 58.747Camping La Poza PuconCampgroundCampgroundNice place with big grassy areas, and lots of trees. Lots of grills, and there is a nice covered common area with a small kitchen for when it rains. It's a short walk to town and the beach. Internet was very hit or miss, most of the time it did not work.December 12, 2012CLP 3,500 per personYesYes, poorYesYesNoHotYesYesYes
ChileLincon Ray - Lago CalafquenS39 30.013 W72 06.576Las GaviotasCampgroundCampgroundOn the lake. Likely to be crowded during the weekends, but most people seem to be picnickers. Has a few covered shelters with tables, grills and electricity.December 15, 2012CLP 10,000 per siteYesNoNoYesNoHotYesYesYes
ChileSaltos de Nilahue - Lago RancoS40 17.064 W72 10.405Saltos de NilahueCampgroundCampgroundA nice little camping area with access to the waterfalls, surrounding by farm fields. The owner will turn on the hot water on request. Lots of cats, dogs, chickens and geese running through the camping area. There is a restaurant with a patio that we were free to use in the event of rain. Electricity available in the restaurant.December 16, 2012CLP 3,000 per personYes, not at sitesNoNoYesYesHotYesYesYes
ChileEnsenada - Lago LlanquihueS41 12.447 W72 32.385MontanaCampgroundCampgroundVery windy when we were there. Luckily most covered areas also have wind breaks. Owner speaks English and is very helpful. Internet was decent, but definitely not fast. Hot showers were hit or miss.December 17, 2012COP 15,000 per siteYesYesNoYesYesHotYesYesYes
ChilePuerto MonttS41 32.176 W73 02.483Los AlamosCampgroundCabanas & CampgroundAbout 15km southwest of Puerto Montt. There are covered picnic tables at each site and a big common area as well. Internet is fast and reaches almost all the camping area. Cabanas available.December 21, 2012CLP 10,000 per siteYesYesNoYesNoHotYesYesYes
ChileRio LencaS41 35.855 W72 36.053Parque Nacional Alerce AndinoCampgroundCampgroundA beautiful camping spot on the river. Not many facilities, but there are tables and covered shelters and fire pits.December 23, 2012CLP 9,000 per siteNoNoNoYesNoColdYesYesYes
ChileAncudS41 51.908 W73 45.702Las GaviatasCampgroundCabanas & CampgroundA good place just a few kilometers outside Ancud. Covered areas at most camping sites, and good grass for pitching tents everywhere. There is an indoor common area with tables and a big wood fireplace. Negotiate for a better price. The cabanas are expensive and not very clean. Hot showers available if you request it. Cabanas available.December 24, 2012CLP 5,000 per personYesNoNoYesNoHotYesYesYes
ChileQuellonS43 07.316 W73 38.493Los PaicosCampgroundCabanas & CampgroundSuper friendly place just outside of Quellon. There are picnic tables at sites and two covered areas - there is a restaurant plus a large outdoor covered space. Great internet and amazing sunsets over Quellon. We stayed here just before taking the ferry across to Chaiten. The ferry leaves at midnight and the family let us stay all day without an extra charge. Cabanas available.December 26, 2012CLP 3,000 per personYesYesNoYesYesHotYesYesYes
Chile35km west of FutaleufuS43 22.273 W72 04.617Cara del IndioCampgroundCampground & CabanasOn a long stretch of river about 35km west of Futaleufu. Beautiful scenery. There are lots of covered areas, some at sites, others big communal areas. Plenty of space and grassy areas for tents. Watch out for the wild (domesticated) boars! Showers are hot, but are wood fired. Electricity in the house only. Cabanas available.December 28, 2012CLP 3,000 per personYes, not at sitesNoNoYesNoHotYesYesYes
ChileFutaleufuS43 11.302 W71 52.389Los CoihuesCampgroundCampgroundRight on the river just before town. There are no covered areas at the campsites but plenty of tables. The fishing is excellent.December 30, 2012CLP 4,000 per personYesNoNoYesNoHotYesYesYes
ChilePuerto PuyuhuapiS44 19.574 W72 33.649La SirenaCampgroundCampingCovered camping spaces are small, but the family that owns the place is very friendly. They grilled an entire lamb for New Years and were nice enough to share a huge part of it with us. There are two common rooms for cooking, one with a wood fired stove you can use for heat or cooking. It's a short walk to the water.December 31, 2012CLP 3,000 per personYesNoYesYesNoHotYesYesYes
ChileBetween Puerto Aysen and CoyhaiqueS 45 23.880 W 72 28.568Las Torres del SimpsonCampgroundCampgroundAmazing place, highly recommended! The owner and his wife have five greenhouses full of organic vegetables that are for sale, and they will make fresh bread on request. There is a big grassy area for camping, and a giant common area with full kitchen and fire pit. This place is also just across the road from Rio Simpson which is great for fishing! The only downside is the internet, which is via a USB modem and rarely works. Internet was slow.January 1, 2013CLP 5,000 per personYesYes, slowYesYesNoHotYesYesYes
ChileCoyhaiqueS45 35.048 W72 05.099Albergue Las SalamandrasInformal CampgroundHostel with CampingThere are no established campsites here, but we managed to camp next to the driveway below the hostel. The hostel common area is excellent, and the kitchen features a full-sized stove, sink and fridge. Big rigs might not be able to turn around here.January 3, 2013CLP 10,000 per campsiteYesYesYesYesYesHotYesYesYes
ChileParque Nacional Cerro CastilloS45 59.138 W71 52.912Laguna ChinguayCampgroundCampgroundOn a small lake about 15 minutes before the town of Villa Cerro Castillo. A very well-maintained campground but unfortunately without wifi or power. Every site has covered shelters, multiple tables and a giant stack of firewood. Ranger is very friendly and can help start a fire for the shower and will bring more firewood if you need. Showers were hot but wood-fired.January 5, 2013CLP 5,000 per siteNoNoNoYesNoHotYesYesYes
ChilePuerto Rio TranquilloS46 37.998 W72 39.951Camping PuduCampgroundCampgroundA beautiful location about 1km outside of the small town of Rio Tranquillo. There are wind breaks and huge tables, but no roofed shelters. The showers are amazing, and bathrooms are spotless. The owner also sells firewood and will light up the sauna if enough people are interested. Electricity in the office (small fee).January 6, 2013CLP 5,000 per personYes, not at sitesNoNoYesNoHotYesYesYes
ChileCochraneS47 15.135 W72 34.199Latitude 47HostelGuesthouseAfter several days of freezing rain and no internet we stopped in this guest house for a little relaxation. The family here is incredibly friendly and helpful. We had trouble connecting to the wifi and they actually called the guy in town that runs the internet to come over and sit at our laptops until it was fixed. A nice place if you need to get warm and get some work done. Breakfast is included and other food is for sale. Some rooms have a microwave, sink & kettle. Parking available on the street.January 7, 2013CLP 10,000 per personYesYes, fastYesOn streetNoHotYesYesNo
ChileBetween Cochrane and Caleta TortelS47 29.181 W72 56.411Camping NadisCampgroundCamping & Dorm BedsOur favorite place on the Carretera! Highly recommended. Huge grassy camping area run by a friendly family. They sell fresh veggies, some of the only ones you'll find on this road out of season. There is a nice kitchen with wood-fired oven and stove and a big sink area. There is a second covered fogon with a fireplace and sink. It's on a small river (with fish!) and five minutes walk from the huge Rio Baker. Stunning scenery, mountains, rivers, and fields. I'd move here in a heartbeat. You can also buy a "Patagonia Chileana Sin Represas" sticker here. The owner told us if the dams go through as planned the entire property will be 20 meters under water. Sad.January 9th, 2013CLP 3,500 per person camping, CLP 7,000 per person dorm bedNoNoYesYesNoHotYesYesYes
ChileVilla O'HigginsS 48 25.186 W 72 32.993O'Higgins Bush CampWild campWild campWe don't wild camp often, but with this view, who can resist. It's on the river about five miles from town. There are two places to camp in town. But we wanted river access for fishing and well, showers are overrated anyway. There is gas in Villa O'Higgins, but it's very expensive, along with everything else in this part of Chile.January 10, 2013FREE!!NoNoNoYesNoNoNoNoYes
ChilePuerto GuadalS46 50.343 W72 41.471Terra LunaCampgroundLodge with Camping and CabanasA beautiful lodge right on Lago General. The restaurant is huge and has plenty of space you can hang out an work and use the internet. There is a beach area to chill out, and lots of hike and excursions available. The sort of place you could stay for a while. The camping area is a hike from the lodge, but you can park close to where you camp. Bathrooms and showers are in a cabana, but it sounds like there are plans to build proper camping facilities. Wifi and electricity are available in the restaurant only. Cabanas available as well.January 14, 2012CLP 5,000 per personYes, not at sitesYesNoYesYesHotYesYesYes
ColombiaCartagenaN10 25.220 W75 32.713Casa TatisHostelHostelA reasonably-priced hostel in the Getsemani neighborhood of Cartagena. Has private rooms with AC. Breakfast included. No parking on-site but there are secured lots nearby.June 16, 2012COP$100,000 for a triple with ACYesYesYesGarage nearbyNoColdYesYesNo
ColombiaCartagenaN10 25.335 W75 32.703Hotel San RoqueHostelHostelWe were referred to this hostel because Casa Tatis didn't have a room for more than one night. The kitchen is very small, but the rooms have AC, are relatively cheap and breakfast is included. They will cut you a deal if you stay three or more nights. No parking on-site but there are secured lots nearby.June 17, 2012COP$90,000 for a triple with ACYesYesYesGarage nearbyNoColdYesYesNo
ColombiaTayrona National ParkN11 18.325 W73 54.988Camping CastilletesCampgroundCampgroundA (usually) quiet place to camp on the beach in Tayrona. Water is not drinkable, but the restaurant sells simple meals and drinks. Friendly owners. Not safe to swim on the beach most times of the year. Trails to the more popular swimming and snorkeling beaches start nearby, or they can be reached by car in several minutes. A bit pricey considering the park fees on top of the cost to camp. If you are sleeping in your car, note that you cannot drive to the palapa beach area, you'll have to park in the back near the restaurant. General parking available away from beach areaJune 22, 2012COP$40,000 for three people per night, plus COP$35,000 per person for a one-time park entrance fee and COP$7,000 per day for the car.NoNoNoYesYesColdYesYesYes
ColombiaMincaN11 08.670 W74 06.687Sans SouciCampgroundHostel with Camping AreaLocated about a mile above Minca. Beautiful view, pool, great common area, kitchen, and place to cook and grill outside. Excellent place to bird watch, lots of toucans in the morning. The parking lot is very small. If you sleep in your vehicle it may be a bit crowded.June 25, 2012COP$10,000 per person to campYesNoYesYesNoColdYesYesYes
ColombiaTagangaN11 16.044 W74 11.313Hotel Villa EstherHostelHostelA nice, quiet place to stay in Taganga. Great kitchen and friendly owner. Rooms with AC available. Nice open courtyard with tables, chairs and fans.June 26, 2012COP$75,000 for a triple with fansYesYesYesYesNoColdYesYesNo
ColombiaAguachicaN8 18.695 W73 36.587La Hosteria Del ViajeroHotelHotelA good midway stop between the north coast and central highlands. Restaurant next door serves a decent and cheap breakfast. Rooms with AC available. Parking available at the car wash next door. Also a restaurant right next door.June 27, 2012COP$70,000 for a triple with ACYesYesNoYesYesColdYesYesNo
ColombiaSan GilN6 32.356" W73 7.614Hotel Posada CampestreCampgroundHotel with Camping AreaLooks great on paper - pool with swim up bar, camping next to a river, free coffee, small kitchen, but it's a horrible place to camp, especially on the weekend. Incredibly noisy at night, unresponsive staff and a long uphill walk from the camping area to the parking lot. A terrible place to put tent camping facilities.June 28, 2012COP$10,000 per person to campYesYesYesYesYesColdYesYesYes
ColombiaSan GilN6 32.685 W73 9.900No Name CabanasHotelHotelWe moved to these cabins shortly after a sleepless night Hotel Posada Campestre. Nestled between two large river-front hotels, it was a good place to catch up on sleep. The very friendly owner brought us coffee every morning.June 30, 2012COP$150,000 for a tripleYesYes, unknownNoYesNoColdYesYesNo
ColombiaVilla de LeyvaN5 38.189 W73 30.828Hostal RenecerCampgroundHostal with Camping AreaAKA Colombian Highlands - this is a fantastic place to stay and probably the best hostal we visited to date. Plenty to do, lots of space, great facilities and a quiet camping area. First hot shower we'd had in months and our first experience with an honor-system beer fridge. There are several nice grassy areas where you can park if you sleep in your car.July 2, 2012COP$10,000 per person to campYesYesYesYesYesHotYesYesYes
ColombiaGuatavitaN4 56.280 W73 49.588Finca MonticelloCampgroundHostel with CampgroundA quaint place in a quaint town. As usually, very friendly owner who made us feel right at home. Quiet campgrounds in front or behind the property. Areas for grilling and campfires.July 5, 2012COP$15,000 per person to campYesNoNoYesNoColdYesYesYes
ColombiaSalentoN4 37.804 W75 34.858La SerranaCampgroundHostel with Camping AreaA beautiful location about 10 minutes walk from Salento. All the facilities one could hope for. Excellent private rooms and dorms are also available. Breakfast of eggs and toast is included, more options are available for a small fee. A set dinner is served at the restaurant each night. One of the best spots so far.July 6, 2012COP$10,000 per person, per night for campingYesYesYesYesYesHotYesYesYes
ColombiaManizalesN5 2.28 W75 33.819La Hacienda VeneciaCampgroundHostel with Camping AreaA very relaxing guesthouse with great camping spots along a river running through a coffee farm. Very helpful management. A great pool with hammock-lined patio for chilling. Restaurant serves set meals for a small fee and coffee, rum and beers are for sale. Espresso machine, coffee roaster and a fresh supply of beans grown on-site are free to guests. Grill available for use outside. The road in can be a bit bumpy, 4x4 required if you come from the south as the road is washed out into the river. Wifi was ghetto.July 23, 2012COP$15,000 per person to campYesYes, slowYesUnknownYesHotYesYesYes
ColombiaCaliN3 26.857 W76 32.348La Casa CafeHostelHostelA simple and cheap hostel to stay at in Cali. Kitchen isn't the best, but the restaurant is decent. Beds are harder than your average patch of dirt and grass. Dorms and private rooms available but no AC. No parking on-site; street parking is not recommend.July 26, 2012COP$30,000 for a singleYesYesYesNoYesColdYesYesno
ColombiaPanceN3 20.045 W76 38.374Reserva Ambiental La CastellanaCampgroundHostel with Camping AreaAnother top pick on our trip. Friendliest owners on the planet. On the road to Pance there are dozens of places to camp, but you should hold out until the end of the road for this gem. All the facilities but internet, and the owners plan to add that very soon. Beautiful property, tons of space to spread out. Areas to grill, watch TV, hang out, go for a swim and fish. No internet yet, but they said it was coming soon.July 27, 2012$10,000 per person to campYesNoYesYesYesColdYesYesyes
ColombiaPopayanN2 26.618 W76 36.607HostelTrail.comHostelHostelA decent hostel, part of a larger network of hostels, in Popayan. All of the facilities you would expect from a downtown hostel in a central location. TV room, good kitchen and a couple common areas for hanging out. Rooms on the street are very noisy. Two secured parking lots are within blocks.July 29, 2012COP$63,000 for a private triple with bathroomYesYesYesGarage nearbyNoHotYesYesno
ColombiaPastoN1 12.690 W77 16.758Hotel AmericanaHotelHotelWhen we drove through Pasto a large stretch of roads were closed. We ended up at this place largely out of convenience and because we couldn't find the two places we knew about. Decent room, hot showers, can't complain. Breakfast can be included for a small extra fee, but there are many panderias nearby, so better to save your money. Secured parking lot within a block.July 29, 2012COP$100,000 for a tripleYesYesYesGarage nearbyNoHotYesYesno
ColombiaSantuario de las LajasN0 48.38 W77 34.974No Name HotelHotelHotelA very simple place at the end of the main parking where the trails lead down to the church, next to the internet cafe. We ended up here because it was cheaper than camping. There are a few other hotels in the area that were cheaper than what we found in Ipiales. A good place to stay before crossing the border as it's only a 15 minute drive to Ecuador. Parking lot in front is guarded at night.July 29, 2012COP$30,000 for a tripleYesNoNoSecuredYesHotYesYesno
Costa RicaN10 58.149 W85 41.286Junquillal Bay Wildlife RefugeCampgroundCampgroundThe park entry fee is a bit steep if you're only staying one night. Tons of animals and a very well maintained camping area with friendly and helpful park rangers. Sunsets on the beach are amazing.April 21, 2012$3 per person per day for camping, $13 per person for park entryNoNoNoYesNoColdYesYesyes
Costa RicaPlaya BrasilitoN10 24.439 W85 47.857Brasilito LodgeCampgroundHotel with CampgroundWebsite says it has wifi, but it does not. Owners were rude and not at all helpful. OK place to pitch a tent if you want to get an early start heading down the Nicoya Peninsula.April 23, 2012$4 per person per nightYesNoNoYesNoColdYesYesyes
Costa RicaPlaya CarrilloN9 52.124 W85 30.079Camping MoraCampgroundCampgroundVery friendly and helpful owners. Good covered areas to cook under. Showers are bit rustic. Lots of bugs and even more crabs! Close to Playa Carrillo which is a beautiful beach and less crowded than nearby Playa Samara.April 24, 2012$4 per person per nightYesYesNoYesNoColdYesYesyes
Costa RicaArenalN10 27.755 W84 44.399Arenal Volcano National ParkCampgroundCampgroundAcross the street from the main entrance to Arenal Volcano National Park. Camping in a field in the middle of a farm, lots of animals!April 27, 2012$5 per person per nightNoNoNoYesNoColdYesYesyes
Costa RicaEl CastilloN10 25.860 W84 45.502Lake ArenalWild campBush campOn the shores of Lake Arenal in the town of El Castillo, just off the main road through town before the pizza shop. No services, but it's free and offers an amazing view of the volcano.April 28, 2012FreeNoNoNoYesNoNoNoNoyes
Costa RicaSanta ElenaN10 19.048 W84 49.421Pension Santa ElenaCampgroundHostel with Camping AreaA great, cheap place to stay in the middle of Santa Elena. Offers all the amenities, hot(!) showers and a great kitchen. Camping is in the back and the parking lot is guarded 24 hours a day. Taco Taco restaurant is next door.April 29, 2012$5 per person per nightYesYes, unknownYesYesYesHotYesYesyes
Costa RicaNear San Jose AirportN9 58.641 W84 11.971El Rodeo Inn and SteakhouseHotelHotelWe stayed here when our parents flew in after dark, and again the night before they left early. Ten minutes from the airport. Had our parents not been paying we would not have stayed here. It is a very nice hotel, cheaper than other boutique hotel options. The steakhouse restaurant is also very good, and not expensive given Costa Rican prices.May 2, 2012$100 for a deluxe roomYesYes, unknownNoYesYesHotYesYesno
Costa RicaCerro de la MuerteN9 40.144 W83 52.684Truchas Selva MadreCampgroundCampgroundHigh in the mountains, relatively cold weather. Crowded with locals on the weekend, especially Sunday, but very few overnighters. Covered areas for cooking. Trout pond for fishing, gear provided. $9 per kilo, no catch and release, expensive but delicious. Beautiful 1.5 mile hiking trail into the cloud forest behind the restaurant.May 13, 2012$10 per person, per nightYesNoNoYesYesNoYesYesyes
Costa RicaUvitaN9 11.478 W83 46.335Rancho RemosCampgroundCampground and CabinsA lucky find. Look for the camping sign on the main street just outside Uvita. Beautiful view, lots of toucans. Brand new bathrooms and covered area to cook under. Very friendly owners who will made food in their restaurant on request.May 17, 2012$5 per person per nightYesNoNoYesYesColdYesYesyes
Costa RicaBahia DrakeN8 41.389 W83 39.969Vista DrakeCampgroundHostel with CampgroundParking in front of the hostel, it's a bit of a climb up to the camping area. Covered tent areas. A great view of Drake Bay. The roads to Drake aren't the greatest, they were newly graded but did involve a few shallow river crossings. 4x4 recommended.May 18, 2012$7 per person per nightYesYes, unknownNoYesNoColdYesYesyes
Costa RicaBahia DrakeN8 39.131 W83 42.769Playa JosecitoWild campWild campA beautiful free place to camp south of Drake Bay near the Corcovado. Scarlet macaws everywhere, an amazing beach and not a person in sight. River crossings and bad roads, 4x4 required. Pack your trash out. Camping on the grass in front of the house, next to the soccer field. Can use the covered shelter for cooking. Do not camp on the soccer field or beach, the tide is high, and low areas will flood if it rains. Freshwater hose and open shower on the beach. Bathrooms in the school you can use if you ask for a key. A lodge with a bar and restaurant 500m down the beach will also let you use their showers and bathrooms.May 19, 2012FreeNoNoNoYesNoColdYesYesyes
Costa RicaPuerto JimenezN8 32.437 W83 18.408Cabinas JimenezHotelHotelA great place, the owners cut us a deal for staying two nights. Don't leave your stuff on the porch, we had a few things stolen. The owners were very sorry and incredibly helpful, dealing with the police and talking to locals to try and recover our stuff. They were putting up security cameras the day we left. And they gave us a free night stay. Can't recommend enough if you want to splurge after camping for free without facilities in the jungle for a few days. Fridge, microwave and coffee makers in rooms. Lots of restaurants nearby.May 21, 2012$80 for a waterfront cabin (low season prices)YesYes, unknownNoYesNoHotYesYesno
Costa RicaCarateN8 26.559 W83 27.760Carate BeachWild CampWild Camp4x4 required. River crossings can flood if rains are bad. Do not leave anything unattended on the beach. Pack your trash out. There's a shop at the end of the road offering cold beer, bathrooms, showers and food for a cost. If you're headed into Corcovado you can park your car behind the store for $5 a day. Buy the old Canadian expat a beer and listen to some of his stories!May 23, 2012FreeNoNoNoYesNoNoNoNoyes
Costa RicaCorcovado National ParkN8 28.791 W83 35.376Sirena Ranger StationHostelDorms and Camping AreaMake reservations in Puerto Jimenez. YouMay 24, 2012$8 per person for dorm, $4 per person to camp, $10 per person per day park feeYesYes, unknownNoNoYesColdYesYesyes
EcuadorOtavaloN0 12.300 W78 17.200 (Estimate)Rose CottagecampgroundHostel with CampingA fantastic place to camp above Otavalo, it's hard to beat the view. There are indoor and outdoor common areas, and a place to have a campfire and grill. The kitchen is open for breakfast and dinner upon request, but is not available for use by guests. A variety of cabins and rooms can also be reserved if you don't want to camp. See website for directions.August 3, 2012US$4.50 per person for campingYesYesNoYesYesHotYesYesyes
EcuadorCotopaxi National ParkS0 35.251 W78 26.940 (Estimate)TambopaxicampgroundHostel with Camping AreaTambopaxi is the only lodge inside the park, and one of two places where you can camp, the other being the Limpiopungo Lake Campground a short distance from Tambopaxi. The hostel offers rooms and the restaurant serves good food but at higher-than-average prices. Camping is in front of their new lodge building which was just opening for business when we arrived. At over 12,000 feet it's cold and windy, so bring plenty of warm clothes. Campfires not allowed. See website for directions.August 8, 2012US$6.50 per person for campingYesYesNoYesYesHotYesYesyes
EcuadorChugchilan - Quilotoa LoopS 0 53.451 W 79 04.061 (Estimate)Cloud Forest HostelHostelHostelPrice per night includes a set breakfast and dinner. Internet was not available, but there were signs for it, so it may have just been offline while we were there. Restaurant also sells fresh bread and lunches upon request. Hard to miss this place as you drive the Quilotoa Loop counterclockwise into Chugchilan on the right-hand side of the road.August 10, 2012US$15 per person for a roomYesNoNoYesYesHotYesYesno
EcuadorRio Verde - 25 minutes east of BañosS 1 24.055 W 78 17.365Pequeño ParaisocampgroundHostel with Camping AreaA very overlanding-friendly place run by two ex-professional overlanding tour operators. Has all the amenities you could want - a big grill, a cozy common area and plenty of places to pitch a tent, covered and uncovered. Sue can help you arrange any number of activities nearby. Highly recommended!August 12, 2012$6 per person for tent camping, $10 per vehicle if you sleep inside itYesYesYesYesNoHotYesYesyes
EcuadorMacasS2 15.206 W78 05.031 (Estimate)Las TolitascampgroundHotel with Camping AreaVery expensive and not entirely setup to be tent-camper friendly. Has the potential to be very noisy during the weekends. There are several other options around Macas but they were either temporarily closed or temporarily without a bathroom. The hotel was closed while we were there, the only activity was at the at the pool and (loud) open-air restaurant. We pitched our tents as far away as possible. The groundskeeper will want to charge you extra to use the facilities. Rip off.August 16, 2012$8 per person to campYesNoYesYesYesColdYesYesyes
EcuadorAlausiS2 11.559 W78 50.490Hosteria PircapambaHotelHotelA cozy place with friendly staff and a great view of Alausi. The restaurant was closed while we were there, the chef was on vacation.August 17, 2012$20 per person for a roomYesYesNoYesYesHotYesYesno
EcuadorCuencaS2 54.120 W79 00.165Hostal Hogar CuencanoHostelHostelWith half a dozen options on the same street, we ended up here by chance. We had a great room on the top floor with a balcony overlooking the city where we could cook our own meals. The lady who runs the hostel was incredibly friendly and helped us find parking on several occasions. There are guarded lots nearby but they are closed on Sundays. Street parking during the week is not free, you must buy a ticket at a shop nearby. Parking attendants carry cameras and know exactly how long you've been there.August 18, 2012$9 per person for a room, prices vary by roomYesYesNoNoNoHotYesYesno
EcuadorPuyangoS3 52.681 W80 05.618Puyango Petrified ForestCampgroundPark Office with Camping AreaThe petrified forest has a legitimate campground near the river, but it was closed due to road construction. The park employees let us pitch our tents in the "recreational areas" next to the park headquarters and small museum. We did not visit the park, but would have had camping conditions been better and non-street parking available. The road to the park is not in good condition, although it is currently being re-paved. We recommend not coming to the area unless you plan on spending two or three nights and know that the campground is open.August 22, 2012$3 per personNoNoNoNoNoColdYesYesyes
El SalvadorSanta AnaN13 59.488 W89 33.810Hotel El FaroHotelHotelThere is indoor parking here, but might be hard to fit anything with a big roof rack, or larger than an SUV. Very friendly service. Sketchy neighborhood. Showers were hot sometimes.March 25, 2012$20 USD for a room for three peopleYesYes, unknownNoYesNoHotYesYesno
El SalvadorPlaya SunzalN13 29.660 W89 23.459El Hostal / Sunzal Point Surf LodgeCampgroundHostel with CampgroundParking and big open area to camp surrounding the hostel. Just watch out for the mango trees. Several cheap eateries nearby. Two minutes walk to the beach. Surfing is about the only thing to do here.March 26, 2012$4 USD per person campingYesYes, unknownYesYesNoColdYesYesyes
El Salvador6 km north of Juayua near the Ruta de las FloresN13 53.455 W89 46.367Portezuelo ParkCampgroundCampground and RoomsThe best kept secret in El Salvador. Friendly staff, awesome camp sites, plenty of firewood and a huge fire ring. Also, the food fair on weekends shouldn't be missed. Can take a horseback tour of the coffee plantation for $20 per person. Electricity available in restaurant.March 30, 2012$5 USD per person campingYesNoNoYesYesColdYesYesyes
El SalvadorSan SalvadorN13 42.490 W89 14.383Hostal Cumbres del VolcanHostelHostelBreakfast included. Excellent kitchen and spacious rooms in a good neighborhood of San Salvador. Has indoor parking two vehicles as long as they aren't bigger than a 3rd gen 4Runner.April 2, 2012$41 USD for a 3 person room with AC and private bathroomYesYes, unknownYesYesNoYesYesYesno
El SalvadorSan MiguelN13 29.082 W88 10.291Hotel King PalaceHotelHotelHas a pool and secure parking across the street. Good place to stop if you want to do the crossing through Honduras to Nicaragua in one day. Wifi and computer terminals available. Parking available nearby.April 5, 2012$40 for 3 person room with private bathroom and ACYesYes, unknownNoGarage nearbyNoHotYesYesno
GuatemalaTikal, GuatemalaN17 13.624 W89 36.644Jaguar InnCampgroundHotel with CampgroundThe best place to stay if you want to see the ruins with few other tourists in it. You can get up early in the morning before the busloads of tourists get there and then go back late in the afternoon when they have all left again. There is a small grassy area for pitching tents that can get crowded at night. Parking is in front of the restaurant. Wifi available for a fee. Electricity in restaurant.January 25, 201275Q per person campingYesYes, unknownNoYesYesColdYesYesyes
GuatemalaRaxruha, Guatemala (near Candelaria caves)N15 51.980 W90 02.593Hotel CancuenHotelHotelThere is secure parking in the hotel grounds, but they don’t allow camping. This is a good place to stay if you have a vehicle and want to go to the Candelaria caves. They have terminals for internet but no wifi.March 22, 2012170Q per double room with ACYesYesNoYesYesHotYesYesno
GuatemalaCobanN15 28.377 W90 23.008Parque Nacional VictoriaCampgroundCampgroundHard to believe this campground is in a city, it's very quiet at night. Good place to overnight between Tikal and Antigua, or if you're heading to Lanquin/Semuc Champey and get delayed.January 27, 201290Q for 3 people, including the park entry feeUnknownNoNoYesNoHotYesYesyes
GuatemalaLanquinN15 34.672 W89 58.680Zephyr LodgeCampgroundHostel with CampgroundThe view is insane, but camping is on uneven ground between the cabins. Ok for small tents, but difficult for larger tents, and there is nowhere to setup a cooking area. Outside food and drinks are not allowed in the common area. It's cheapest to stay in a cabin and cook on the patio, however the food at the restaurant is quite good and not too spendy. Reportedly they are building more accommodation.January 28 and March 17, 201230Q per person camping or 50Q per person for a cabin with shared bathroomYesYes, unknownNoYesYesHotYesYesyes
GuatemalaN15 12.927 W90 12.865Biotopo del QuetzalCampgroundCampgroundExcellent park, but the camping area is a bit of a walk from the parking lot. Rangers are really friendly and there is great hiking. Chances of seeing a quetzal are slim, but the cloud forest is amazing. Electricity available in the office. No showers, but you can go for a swim if you like.March 22, 201220Q per person camping plus a one-time 40Q per person park entry feeYesNoNoYesNoNoYesYesyes
GuatemalaBiotopo del QuetzalN15 12.921 W90 13.160Ranchito del QuetzalHotelHotelBest place to go if you want to see a Quetzal! Owners are very nice and the comedor onsite serves good cheap meals. Showers were sometimes hotMarch 24, 2012260Q for a room for three peopleYesNoNoYesYesHotYesYesno
GuatemalaPanajachelN14 44.432 W91 09.445Hotel Larry’s PlaceHotelHotelA nice place to crash for a night on Lake Atitlan. We were limited to finding a place with parking which was a big reason we chose this hotel for the night.February 17, 2012250Q for two rooms, one double, one singleYesNoNoUnknownNoHotYesYesno
GuatemalaSan Pedro la LagunaN14 41.712 W91 16.385Gran SuenoHotelHotelA short walk up from the Panajachel ferry dock in the middle of. Parking lots nearby.February 18, 2012275Q for two rooms, one double, one singleYesYesNoNoNoHotYesYesno
MexicoEnsenada31°41'53.75"N 116°38'7.44"WCentro Recretivo Mi RefugioCampgroundCampingNot far from Ensenada, this is a nice place on the water. The father of this family spent most of his extra money from the last ten years turning his house into a castle, turrets included. There are nice shady palapas and farm animals roaming around the camping area. Wifi available near the house.November 5, 2011M$150YesYes, unknownNoYesNoHotYesYesyes
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