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Nickname / Alias / PseudonymLGBTQ or Ally?Real First Name(s) (Optional)Age (Optional)What is your current continent?What gender do you identify as?Are you cisgender or transgender?What pronoun do you wish to be referred to?What is your sexual orientation?What is your romantic orientation?Can you fall in love with more than one person genuinely?Best Pony (or MLP Character)How long have you been a pony fan?Have an OC (original character) or 5? If so, tell us about them.Have any hobbies?
a-stray-catLGBTQ29North AmericaMaleCisgenderMale (he, him, sir, mister)Homosexual (Gay/Lesbian)Homoromantic (Same Gender)Not SurePinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, or Twilight SparkleSince Season 1No real pony OC, but it'd probably be a magically-oriented Unicorn.Generally: PC games! Video games! Reef tanks! Planted tanks! Graphics programming! Programming! Painting! Drawing!

Media: Ponies! Dr. Who! AtLA/LoK! SAO! Log Horizon! Attack on Titan! Probably other Anime/Cartoons
AmberLGBTQAmber18North AmericaFemaleTransgenderFemale (she, her, madam, miss)Heterosexual (Straight)Heteroromantic (Opposite Gender)No, I'm monoamorous (one love)FluttershySince Between Season 2 & 3Ember Charm - an OC unintentionally made in my likeness. Trying to find herself for who she really is and where she belongs.

She's tumblr born, but needs some content first.
I make video games. Ask me about it!

Also my DeviantArt name, yes I have one, is AmberTrue
AppleDashLGBTQNorth AmericaMaleCisgenderMale (he, him, sir, mister)PansexualPanromantic (Any Gender)Yes, I'm polyamorous (many loves)Rainbow DashSince Season 1Not really, I use the computer a lot, am a programmer, and I'm trying to learn how to draw digitally.
Archive / GwenLGBTQGwen21North AmericaFemaleTransgenderFemale (she, her, madam, miss)PansexualPanromantic (Any Gender)Yes, I'm polyamorous (many loves)Princess CadanceSince Season 2My OC is an alicorn with purple and blue mane, yellow coat, long hair, and runs the Canterlot Royal Archives. She is, thus, the Archive Alicorn.Vector art, philosophy, science, web design, writing (poetry/essays), photography, technology, lots and lots
ArchPegasusMichaelLGBTQMichael26EuropeMaleCisgenderMale (he, him, sir, mister)AsexualBiromantic (Same or Opposite Gender)Not SureEverypony and SpikeSince Between Season 1 & 2Canternet only: Archpegasus Michael
An archangelic pegasus, brought into existence by silly #EquestriaDaily citizen LunaticHell. Serves as my IRC avatar here on the network.

Appearance: a tall pegasus (nearly Celestia's size, also with similar body type) with bright silvery coat and dark brown mane. Eyes are blueish green, with a distinct glassy reflection sometimes visible deeper in the pupils. An angelic aureola hovers over his head, glowing with gold or electric blue light. It can in some situations become tilted in comedic manner, touching the owner's ear or completely falling onto his head. His cutiemark is WinXP/7 era Windows logo.
Special abilities: resurrecting dead users or himself, big winghugs :3

OC and ponysona: Night M. Spark, or simply Night Spark
Created in TCB-like rp universe, Night is a converted human. Despite being comfortable with his pegasus form, he very often magically changes his appearance to become more human-like creature: an anthro cat (in Jay Naylor's style). He's able to do that using his enchanted collar.

Appearance (pony): Mane6-sized and slim pegasus, with ash-gray coat, and dark brown mane with a single electric blue streak in front (I'm poetically comparing that to a lightning cutting through a storm cloud ;) ). Eyes are the same as Archpegasus' above, the only difference being lack of glassy reflection in them. The two also share the same cutiemark.
Spark wears clothes for most of the time, and it's at least a t-shirt and hoofwear on hind legs. He likes socks and dark colored sport shoes.
Special abilities: soundless flight provided by his unusual type of wings, which plumage is very similar to owl's.

Appearance (cat): human body type, slim and 1,85m tall; with fur in typical European tabby colors and stripey "camo". Fluffy and long tail (the tip touches the ground when Spark's standing), 20cm wide. Eyes are the same as in Spark's pegasus form, except the difference in pupils' shape. Hands and feet human-like with five fingers and toes, with no visible claws/nails; the palms and soles covered in very short but also very dense black fur, with a bit brighter paw pads.
Just like he does as a pony, Spark wears clothes in human manner. Except socks, he tends to choose darker color themes in his wardrobe.
Special abilities: being a cat.
Eating potato chips, spending hours on IRC, and procrastinating.
Azure Skies / Azzie / AzzLGBTQAzure18AustraliaFemaleTransgenderFemale (she, her, madam, miss)PansexualPanromantic (Any Gender)Yes, I'm polyamorous (many loves)Princess Luna
Since Season 1Why tell when I can show~! :D http://i116.photobucket.com/albums/o26/PHANMAN007/Azzycopy2_zpse1609a1d.png And boop~! http://i116.photobucket.com/albums/o26/PHANMAN007/78FFABAA-0F43-4D87-AED7-8DC038069E95_zpswy5moksg.png
Being awesome, caring for people, demanding hugs from friends, you know, the usual stuff~
bishyLGBTQ19North AmericaGenderqueerTransgenderNeutral (they, them, their)BisexualBiromantic (Same or Opposite Gender)Yes, I'm polyamorous (many loves)RoseluckSince Season 2I love drawing and messing with electronics. I also enjoy just kicking back with friends and talking.
Blizzard BlastLGBTQ24North AmericaMaleCisgenderMale (he, him, sir, mister)PansexualPanromantic (Any Gender)Yes, I'm polyamorous (many loves)Pinkie PieSince Season 1
Vidya, Tech, Music
BlodweddLGBTQ16EuropeFemaleCisgenderFemale (she, her, madam, miss)PansexualPanromantic (Any Gender)Not SurePinkie PieSince Season 1No, sorry. "C'mon you can write more than that" But I can't!Photography, computer science, celery.
Broken/KuroLGBTQBrad27North AmericaMaleCisgenderNeutral (they, them, their)AsexualPanromantic (Any Gender)Yes, I'm polyamorous (many loves)Fluttershy or Rainbow DashSince Between Season 1 & 2Not a whole lot of hobbies to talk about, I am a gamer and a wrestling fan, other than that i usually keep to myself. have PTSD and Agoraphobic and consider myself a non sexual being although I do find romantic interest in all genders and also believe in Polyamory
BubbleBerryLGBTQNick16North AmericaMaleCisgenderMale (he, him, sir, mister)Homosexual (Gay/Lesbian)Homoromantic (Same Gender)Not SurePinkie Pie or Vinyl ScratchSince Season 2Video games, music, comics, movies, skateboarding (kind of)
BumbleSweetLGBTQSara22North AmericaGenderfluidTransgenderFemale (she, her, madam, miss)PansexualPanromantic (Any Gender)Yes, I'm polyamorous (many loves)Lyra HeartstringsSince Season 1Bumble Sweet: a G1/G3 character, and a G4 toy. I've taken her on as an identy, and I know a few other people that have as well.. on a few tumblrs and what not. But nothing all too active still. But I dunno, to everyone on the IRC I am bumble, sweet like honey.
Spring Bud: my one oc, cause I was told bumble wasn't my oc :-P she is fun lovely and often upside down. very playful and childlike. smaller then a normal character and often flying ~
Sweetpea: my unicorn oc, not yet formed, but she is my more reformed side. proper and very shy.
I paint, draw, write a little, I digially draw as well. Most of my money goes to CCG though :-3 Magic the gathering and pokemon. and now pony card game.
ButterLGBTQ24North AmericaMaleCisgenderMale (he, him, sir, mister)Homosexual (Gay/Lesbian)Homoromantic (Same Gender)No, I'm monoamorous (one love)Fluttershy Pinkie Pie RaritySince Between Season 2 & 3
CaliLGBTQCaliNorth AmericaFemaleTransgenderFemale (she, her, madam, miss)PansexualPanromantic (Any Gender)No, I'm monoamorous (one love)Since Season 1video games
CenturionLGBTQPhil19EuropeMaleCisgenderMale (he, him, sir, mister)BisexualBiromantic (Same or Opposite Gender)No, I'm monoamorous (one love)FluttershySince Season 2Century. Plays cricket, I guess.Cricket :I
Cinnamon_TwistLGBTQErinNorth AmericaFemaleTransgenderFemale (she, her, madam, miss)BisexualBiromantic (Same or Opposite Gender)No, I'm monoamorous (one love)FluttershySince Between Season 1 & 2Cinnamon is a rather sweet, quiet mare. She tends to spend her time baking, but she is a heartmender at heart, and often volunteers her time being what others need when they're hurting.I like to do poetry. It's not any good, but I enjoy it.
ClaudiLGBTQKariëlleEuropeFemaleTransgenderFemale (she, her, madam, miss)Homosexual (Gay/Lesbian)Panromantic (Any Gender)Not SureSince Between Season 2 & 3photography, reading, educating people, gaming, the furry fandom, more
CloudrunnerAllyAsiaMaleCisgenderMale (he, him, sir, mister)Heterosexual (Straight)Heteroromantic (Opposite Gender)No, I'm monoamorous (one love)FluttershySince Season 3Yes, his name is Cloudrunner. He's an orphan whom his parents died from a horrible tragety.I do art and coding. :3
DrëLGBTQAndre23North AmericaGenderfluidTransgenderNeutral (they, them, their)PansexualPanromantic (Any Gender)No, I'm monoamorous (one love)Stargazing, Gaming, Acting, Adventuring, Traveling, Anime, Japanese Culture, Storywriter, Traveling
KaydaLGBTQAlex / Lexi24North AmericaFemaleTransgenderFemale (she, her, madam, miss)AsexualPanromantic (Any Gender)No, I'm monoamorous (one love)SpitfireSince Season 1Dusk Arcania: Pegasus night guard
TwistedGears: Automaton Pony
I'm a Nuclear Mechanical Engineer in the United States Navy. I'm qualified in nuclear welding and chemistry as well as electrical engineering.
I'm also the Director of PVL!
ElementLGBTQDoug23North AmericaMaleCisgenderMale (he, him, sir, mister)BisexualHomoromantic (Same Gender)Not SureTwilight SparkleSince Between Season 1 & 2Competitive Super Smash Brothers Melee player;
Writer of Hip-Hop, Jazz, Progressive Metal, and short stories;
Blabber mouth;
EndraLGBTQJenna26North AmericaFemaleTransgenderFemale (she, her, madam, miss)PansexualPanromantic (Any Gender)No, I'm monoamorous (one love)ScootalooSince Season 1Endra - Pegasus Mare, orange with brown mane.
Arc Light - Batpony Mare, Purple with yellowish/white mane.
Graphic design, gaming, neuroscience, philosophy
FireSparkleLGBTQAlice19EuropeFemaleTransgenderFemale (she, her, madam, miss)PansexualPanromantic (Any Gender)Yes, I'm polyamorous (many loves)DerpySince Season 2Cinder Spark (Cindy for short)
games, cartoons, programming, football!
FlashyLGBTQ28North AmericaFemaleTransgenderFemale (she, her, madam, miss)Heterosexual (Straight)Prefer Not To SayNo, I'm monoamorous (one love)Twilight SparkleSince Season 2http://assasinmonkey.deviantart.com/art/Flashwing-X-Ariel-397007369?q=favby%3AWDZAjax%2F51443261&qo=19

These 2
Cars, Animation, music, guns, movies, games, and Italian food
FlurshyLGBTQWeslie19North AmericaFemaleTransgenderFemale (she, her, madam, miss)Heterosexual (Straight)Heteroromantic (Opposite Gender)No, I'm monoamorous (one love)Derpy HoovesSince Season 2Flurshy! http://flttrs.deviantart.com/art/Flurshy-Now-in-Vector-359991333Movies, sound engineering, chess, poni--oh wait.
FlutterDashieLGBTQAlly18North AmericaFemaleTransgenderFemale (she, her, madam, miss)Homosexual (Gay/Lesbian)Homoromantic (Same Gender)No, I'm monoamorous (one love)Fluttershy or Rainbow DashSince Season 2Light Breeze, a very emotional, loving pegasus. Basically me in a ponyI play games, make music, and want to get into DJ'ing
FlutterMint / Irish_CremeLGBTQMichelle63North AmericaFemaleTransgenderFemale (she, her, madam, miss)BisexualBiromantic (Same or Opposite Gender)No, I'm monoamorous (one love)ScootalooSince Season 2FlutterMint : Ham Radio Pony

Irish_Creme (current OC) from the shetland Islands. Runs the local candy shop in Ponyville.

Black_Velvet : Hit pony, works as a body guard for Silver Spoon. Occasionally takes jobs as a hit pony

Lillypaws ; warrior cat
Ham Radio
Pony Art and pmvs
tropical fish
FruitNibblerLGBTQEugen30EuropeMaleCisgenderNeutral (they, them, their)PansexualPanromantic (Any Gender)Yes, I'm polyamorous (many loves)Rarity/MaudSince Between Season 1 & 2FruitNibbler
Batpony hermaphrodite (or gender neutral in PG context) with rather large wings short blue-grey fur, ponytail

Unicorn polar bear that likes fine tea
Drawing, painting, parkour, juggling, designing/inventing/improving whatever occupies my mind currently, gun, car and aviation machines inner workings and all things mechanical, CAD, 3D related programming, languages and linguistics, composite materials, art of debates/diplomacy, have big interest in fields of psychology, bionics, biometrics and neuroscience
GigabitPonyLGBTQVega24North AmericaFemaleTransgenderFemale (she, her, madam, miss)PansexualHomoromantic (Same Gender)Yes, I'm polyamorous (many loves)Rainbow Dash and ApplejackSince Season 2GigabitPony, info can be found on my deviant art page.Computers, ponies.
GurkeLGBTQEinhorn or Adrian27EuropeMaleCisgenderDoesn't Matter To MePansexualPanromantic (Any Gender)Not SureRainbow and Twilght as character, but I adore especially Skipsy's artwork on BraeburnSince Season 2Just something I once made in that tool. I'm not so much into the EQD, 4Chan or Anime-Community:
I love Ships (that ones floating on the sea), electronics, a bit programming, archaeology (studied that with a BA, but archaeologists are mostly idiots), hirstory, nature, weed, games, and sex of course.
GyroTechLGBTQJonathan23North AmericaMaleCisgenderMale (he, him, sir, mister)PansexualPanromantic (Any Gender)Not SureTwilight SparkleSince Season 1Gyro Tech - A resident of Seaddle. When he's not at work designing machines, mostly for the naval industry, he can often be found hanging around a local bar, having a drink and hitting on mares. https://imgur.com/a/75uii

Ruzeth - A new zebra imigrant to the same town. Presently he's jobless, but back home he was a shaman in training, before a vision came to him and told him to make a new life here. He currently resides with his best friend and maybe partner, Lucent, who saved his life on the first day in town. https://imgur.com/a/RaQR1
Art, crafts, video games. If its a form of art I've probably tried it at one point or another. Board games, outdoor stuff. I've got pretty varied tastes.Oh, and RP, I love RPing.
HazelLGBTQGabriel(male) / Hazel(female)15North AmericaFemaleTransgenderFemale (she, her, madam, miss)PansexualPanromantic (Any Gender)Yes, I'm polyamorous (many loves)Vinyl ScratchSince Between Season 2 & 3Alice, she is a shy nerdy human with a secret. She can become a furry named Fr0sty.Music, reading, video games, etc
Hisha_The_UnicornLGBTQMatias18EuropeMaleCisgenderNeutral (they, them, their)Not SureHeteroromantic (Opposite Gender)Not SureTwilight SparkleSince Season 1Hisha_The_Unicorn, is her name. She's female and lotsa purple, because purple is best color. She's always kind to other ponies and respects ponies who respect her and ignores ponies that disrespects her. Never gets angry.Computers!!
Computer games!!
Computer game programming!!
HoofyDerpsLGBTQSakura (trans woman name)22North AmericaFemaleTransgenderDoesn't Matter To MeNot SureHeteroromantic (Opposite Gender)No, I'm monoamorous (one love)Sonata DuskSince Between Season 2 & 3Volunteer work, being outdoors & singing are my preferred hobbies
IrwinvonCrettinowitzAlly21EuropeMaleCisgenderMale (he, him, sir, mister)Heterosexual (Straight)Heteroromantic (Opposite Gender)Prefer Not To SayRHENHBOW DHAHESHSince Season 1WRITING, drawing, making fun out of pepole and myself.
JavashockLGBTQJay33North AmericaMaleTransgenderMale (he, him, sir, mister)Heterosexual (Straight)Heteroromantic (Opposite Gender)No, I'm monoamorous (one love)ApplejackSince Between Season 2 & 3My OC's name is Javashock. His cutie mark is a take on a Starbucks paper coffee cup. He's a pegasus and loves flying fast with his earphones in. He does enjoy the fine cider from Sweet Apple Acres but he's a bit of a caffeine addict so coffee is his drink of choice. He and Applejack trade music often, they both love tunes with a twang.music, singing, world of warcraft, collecting movies
Jwhoof LGBTQJonathan 25North AmericaGenderfluidTransgenderDoesn't Matter To MePansexualPanromantic (Any Gender)Yes, I'm polyamorous (many loves)RaritySince Season 1Nous lisi is a white unicorn who is a psychologist from Canterlot. Pretty much anything
KalastrearLGBTQ18North AmericaFemaleTransgenderFemale (she, her, madam, miss)BisexualBiromantic (Same or Opposite Gender)No, I'm monoamorous (one love)Princess CadanceSince Between Season 1 & 2I draw, kalastrear.deviantart.com
KFrohmanLGBTQ21EuropeMaleCisgenderMale (he, him, sir, mister)Homosexual (Gay/Lesbian)Panromantic (Any Gender)No, I'm monoamorous (one love)Vinyl ScratchSince Between Season 1 & 2http://fav.me/d6trial - Skylar McKenzie. Likes clouds, naps, cuddles and sunsets ouoMusic, Guitar, Games... not much else to it.
Oh and trains.
LinaeaLGBTQLinaeaAsiaFemaleCisgenderFemale (she, her, madam, miss)BisexualBiromantic (Same or Opposite Gender)Not SureOctaviaSince Season 1Drawing, editing, robots, fashion, cooking, knitting, programming... Other stuff
locodashie11LGBTQ18North AmericaMaleCisgenderMale (he, him, sir, mister)PansexualHomoromantic (Same Gender)Not SureRainbow DashSince Between Season 3 & 4locodashie: Mostly just how I am as a pony with some other things I find fun/funny. A batpony with some special skills involving tacos.As my username suggests, I am crazy (sometimes). My hobbies are building and working on cars, computers, and motorcycles, as well as playing some games, mostly minecraft, but depending on my mood.
LoerwynLGBTQ24EuropeFemaleTransgenderFemale (she, her, madam, miss)Not SureNot SureNot SureTwilight SparkleSince Between Season 1 & 2Prefer to look like Luna, but I have two OC Ponies:
1: http://imageshack.com/a/img819/8710/mdds.png
2: http://imageshack.com/a/img33/8404/x2xn.png

They don't have names, though.
Books 'n' stuff.
LuniaLGBTQEllen22EuropeFemaleTransgenderFemale (she, her, madam, miss)BisexualNot SureYes, I'm polyamorous (many loves)My OC lolSince Season 2This is like my ponysona. She is transgender just like me and is pretty much the same as me.
I draw ponies sometimes and I like singing :3 My moves are pretty good too :3
Mayhem/MinnieLGBTQCristina18North AmericaFemaleCisgenderFemale (she, her, madam, miss)BisexualBiromantic (Same or Opposite Gender)Yes, I'm polyamorous (many loves)Tumblr
Melly/Mel/LightningSkyLGBTQNorth AmericaThird GenderPrefer Not To SayFemale (she, her, madam, miss)AsexualNot SureNo, I'm non-amorous (no loves)ApplejackSince Season 3I love to read and be a counselor for people
MewnLGBTQSam27EuropeFemaleTransgenderFemale (she, her, madam, miss)AsexualBiromantic (Same or Opposite Gender)No, I'm monoamorous (one love)Princess LunaSince Season 3sarcasm
MirSarAlly20EuropeMaleCisgenderDoesn't Matter To MeHeterosexual (Straight)Heteroromantic (Opposite Gender)Not SureRainbow DashSince Between Season 1 & 2Character description

Name: MirSar | Sex: M | Age: 27 | Race: Pegasus | Height: 104 cm - 3.4 feet - 40.9 inches
Sexual orientation: Only admits being heterosexual

Colors: | Base: black/dark Grey | Mane: dark green | other: got a large straight scar under his right wing from the wing base, not visible if wings are folded

Background: | Birthplace: Outskirts of Philadelphia | Family: | Mother: Claire 43 Pegasus | Father: Klaus 48 Pegasus Killed in an accident when 34 (when MirSar was 8) | Brother: Peter 19 Pegasus Constantly argues with Mirsar, wants to know everything happening in his life. They do not talk unless they have to.

He grew up with very little friends and only one he really could accept really. Was the silent type who never spoke in class and got bullied because he was so shy. When he was old enough he started studying computers and got extremely good at it since he was studying in isolation. Later he started working at the Rainbow Factory (age: 19) and lived in Cloudsdale (this is a sore topic for him) At the age of 26 he moved to Ponyvile and started working for the weather control (time: NOW)
IT Technitian, Linux server owner, Minecraft server owner.
You will detect my crazynes Level when talking to me :3
MishaLGBTQMichelle33North AmericaFemaleTransgenderDoesn't Matter To MeNot SureNot SureNot SureRaritySince Between Season 1 & 2No original character, per-se. Just a pony version of myself. http://i.imgur.com/gDY3VQP.pngMusic production, music editing, music remixing, video production, video editing, music video production, music video editing, video games (primarily GTA V), anime, Steven Universe, probably more. You should ask me some time.
Nexus of Concordia or DashiteLGBTQVincent18EuropeGender NeutralNot SureDoesn't Matter To MePansexualPanromantic (Any Gender)Not SureEvery pony, and not just the show poniesSince Season 1Nexus. There's a lot to tell and not enough time right now. Sorry.Ponies. Roleplaying. Kinky roleplaying. Games. Internet.
NickChanLGBTQNickNorth AmericaNot SureNot SureFemale (she, her, madam, miss)BisexualPanromantic (Any Gender)Not SureTwilight SparkleSince Between Season 1 & 2 Talking, Playing games, Video games, Watching funny videos, Sleeping :3
NovaEraLGBTQNova20North AmericaFemaleTransgenderFemale (she, her, madam, miss)PansexualPanromantic (Any Gender)Prefer Not To SayRainbow DashSince Between Season 2 & 3I'm a Death Metal guitarist and vocalist, psychological/lovecraftian horror writer, I'm into tattoos and a lot of alternative/countercultures.
Ola HughsonLGBTQOla Kaarina Isadora25EuropeFemaleNot SureFemale (she, her, madam, miss)Prefer Not To SayPanromantic (Any Gender)No, I'm monoamorous (one love)RaritySince Between Season 1 & 2Either unicorn, batpony or a batpony-changeling chimaera.Electronic music, vintage audio&video, old computers, books
Peak VolumeLGBTQAndrew35North AmericaMaleCisgenderMale (he, him, sir, mister)Homosexual (Gay/Lesbian)Panromantic (Any Gender)Not SureRainbow DashSince Between Season 1 & 2Ham Radio, Pink Pistols, Cars, tech of all kinds.
Phasor_ShiftAllyKyle22North AmericaMaleCisgenderMale (he, him, sir, mister)Heterosexual (Straight)Heteroromantic (Opposite Gender)Not SureVinyl Scratch or Queen ChrysalisSince Season 2Phasor Shift, my OC and basically me as a pony... no real backstory.

Hoss, a Zebra alchemist D&D character. I suppose he counts as an OC. From the far off continent of "Horsetralia" (Australia), Hoss is a crocodile Dundee type character that loves experimenting with alchemicals and blowing things up. Chaotic Good alignment.
Video games, internet, D&D, occasionally fiddling with electronics, occasionally camping or fishing... probably other things but I dunno right now.
PixelPolishLGBTQKim18EuropeFemaleTransgenderFemale (she, her, madam, miss)PansexualPanromantic (Any Gender)No, I'm monoamorous (one love)FluttershySince Between Season 1 & 2Pixel Polish
Just me as a pone I guess.
Game design, graphic design.
Platinum_WishLGBTQAriana15North AmericaFemaleCisgenderDoesn't Matter To MeBisexualBiromantic (Same or Opposite Gender)Not SureDerpy HoovesSince Season 1Platinum Wish,
Shes Funny and is really good at singing
My hobbies are Singing and Drawing
PrincessRadanceLGBTQNorth AmericaFemaleTransgenderFemale (she, her, madam, miss)BisexualBiromantic (Same or Opposite Gender)Yes, I'm polyamorous (many loves)Pinkie PieSince Before Season 1Making music
PrincessRTFMLGBTQLilith18North AmericaFemaleTransgenderFemale (she, her, madam, miss)Not SurePanromantic (Any Gender)Yes, I'm polyamorous (many loves)Princess Luna, duh!Since Between Season 1 & 2PrincessRTFM is a cat - not a catgirl, just a cat. All black, magenta/violet eyes, and she wears a little tiara made of jade.Programming
Reading everything I can get a hold of
ProtonLGBTQMatthewNorth AmericaMaleCisgenderMale (he, him, sir, mister)PansexualPanromantic (Any Gender)No, I'm monoamorous (one love)RaritySince Season 3Yes, I like to play and listen to music. I play the french horn and the piano. My favorite bands are Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and Soundgarden.
qualiaLGBTQ23North AmericaGenderqueerTransgenderFemale (she, her, madam, miss)PansexualPanromantic (Any Gender)Yes, I'm polyamorous (many loves)Twilight SparkleSince Between Season 1 & 2Qualia is a seafoam green unicorn with a long, slightly curled cerulean mane. Her cutie mark is a simplified/stylized three-hares triskelion. She's the quiet, listening type, and she likes reading, the quiet company of close friends, or being out 'n about in nature.Recreational mathematics, linguistics, philosophy, social justice, furries, psytrance, kink, exploring outdoors, exploring indoors, reading, photography, music (admiring and creating), computers, parties, naps, etc.
RSoMKCLGBTQ18EuropeFemaleTransgenderFemale (she, her, madam, miss)PansexualPanromantic (Any Gender)Yes, I'm polyamorous (many loves)
ShnugglesLGBTQJesse21North AmericaMaleCisgenderDoesn't Matter To MePansexualHeteroromantic (Opposite Gender)Yes, I'm polyamorous (many loves)Vinyl ScratchSince Between Season 1 & 2Minigash: Character that represents my outlandish views and attitudes. This is the character that is a bit more unpredictable.

BigBuck(BB): Another character that represents my nature to find whats right and to do whats right. Questions a lot of things.

Shnuggles: My character that represents my romantic side. This OC also displays my ability to be quick to anger if something would anger me.

Crystal Pedals: Represents my more feminine side, not very well developed. Still exists for this purpose though.

Brolf_Pog (Wolf turned pony for pony related rps): Represents my religious side in a world where it doesn't fit. This character is naive in terms of wisdom. Perks of making a character being completely innocent.

Brolf (human or wolf, depends): My character that contains all things above. This character is me, you see me as this character. Who and where are you?
Sadly no. I play league of legends i guess, Add brolf and hit me up for a game!
skyblueLGBTQChris18EuropeMaleCisgenderMale (he, him, sir, mister)Homosexual (Gay/Lesbian)Homoromantic (Same Gender)No, I'm monoamorous (one love)Twilight SparkleSince Season 2A pegasus with a pale blue coat paired with a very light yellow mane. He's very affectionate and friendly, and would almost never turn down a hug. Born and raised in Cloudsdale, he is a skilled flier and has since moved down to Ponyville to work with the local weather team. http://i.imgur.com/NoEjBk9.pngI love playing guitar and listening to music, particularly metal and its various subgenres. Aside from that, I have a strong interest in video games, especially Dark Souls and Runescape.
SliverLGBTQMarcin23EuropeMaleCisgenderMale (he, him, sir, mister)BisexualHeteroromantic (Opposite Gender)No, I'm monoamorous (one love)FluttershySince Between Season 1 & 2Music, Books, Anime and Manga, Fantasy
SomasisLGBTQKylie17North AmericaFemaleTransgenderFemale (she, her, madam, miss)Heterosexual (Straight)Heteroromantic (Opposite Gender)Not SurePinkie PieSince Season 2Yeah. It's just a ponysona though, there's not really a story behind it... Music and coding
Star NoteLGBTQAlex16EuropeGenderqueerTransgenderNeutral (they, them, their)Not SureNot SureNot SureBraeburnSince Between Season 2 & 3Star Note, a super-snuggly genderqueer purple pegasus pony! Look at this cutie.~ http://i.imgur.com/4JZ6VQG.png :PVideo games, music, reading... Mainly video games though :3
StormieLGBTQSkylerNorth AmericaFemaleTransgenderFemale (she, her, madam, miss)PansexualPanromantic (Any Gender)Not SureAll of them~Since Between Season 1 & 2I love aviation~
SummerSpritzLGBTQ27EuropeFemaleTransgenderFemale (she, her, madam, miss)Heterosexual (Straight)Panromantic (Any Gender)No, I'm monoamorous (one love)ApplejackSince Between Season 1 & 2Summer Spritz

Slightly scatterbrained Pegasus Mare, a bit of a butterhooves, she's always happy to make new friends, sometimes says things without thinking but her heart is always in the right place.

Usually wears her two tone mane in pigtails and has an umbrella made from half an orange as her cutie mark
Plenty, mostly gaming, tinkering with electronics, curling up with a good book or watching a ton of anime.
TenderPetalsAllyElectra29North AmericaFemaleCisgenderFemale (she, her, madam, miss)Heterosexual (Straight)Heteroromantic (Opposite Gender)No, I'm monoamorous (one love)Pinkie PieSince Between Season 2 & 3World of Warcraft, Caffeine, Hugging/Snuggling, mostly country music, watching documentaries, dancing, drawing, cooking, Random hugs fan!
TheFlutterGuySuper Fiancé AllyTobiasEuropeMaleCisgenderDoesn't Matter To MeHeterosexual (Straight)Heteroromantic (Opposite Gender)Not SureSweetie BotSince Season 1Computers
Anything sciency(Mostly hard science)
Reading books
TicTacLGBTQShane20North AmericaMaleCisgenderMale (he, him, sir, mister)BisexualBiromantic (Same or Opposite Gender)No, I'm monoamorous (one love)LyraSince Season 2Toffee Latte: A cheerful and friendly earth pony mare from Baltimare that's a cook and has a lame leg.
Willflower: Batpony mare that's part of the night gurads.
Swept Wing: Pegasus stallion, member of the Wonderbolts.
Sound Design for the Fallout: Equestria Radioplay, and doing lighting for a few conventions in the fandom.
TihanLGBTQGrace22North AmericaFemaleTransgenderFemale (she, her, madam, miss)PansexualPanromantic (Any Gender)Not SurePinkie PieSince Season 1Tihan is a half kirin, half unicorn. She loves to experiment with magic, but her specialty is fire. Snuggles welcome!
Razor Hoof is a changeling filly, and she loves being adorable and making ponies happy
Gaming. So much gaming.
Oh, and Roleplaying!
Topsie/Tops/TopHatLGBTQ18EuropeGenderfluidTransgenderFemale (she, her, madam, miss)PansexualPanromantic (Any Gender)Yes, I'm polyamorous (many loves)Queen ChrysalisSince Between Season 1 & 2Top Hat

Gaming, programming, would love to learn another language.
Drawing. Mostly redrawing stuff of others, not tracing.
TorinAllyTorin18EuropeMaleCisgenderMale (he, him, sir, mister)Heterosexual (Straight)Heteroromantic (Opposite Gender)No, I'm monoamorous (one love)Since Season 1I play piano, guitar and bass, and I write software.
Trace_ElementLGBTQJosh17North AmericaMaleNot SureDoesn't Matter To MePansexualNot SureNo, I'm monoamorous (one love)ZecoraSince Between Season 2 & 3Trace Element is a male pegasus weredog. He sometimes is part dog but mostly is inbetween forms. He is very nice and will do anything for someone else that they enjoy or that brings them joy. Rarely thinking of himselfI like video games, anything scarey and creepy, music mostly techno.
tripleponeLGBTQMiguel19North AmericaMaleCisgenderMale (he, him, sir, mister)Homosexual (Gay/Lesbian)Homoromantic (Same Gender)No, I'm monoamorous (one love)Rainbow DashSince Season 1I play bass trombone for my university's jazz ensemble, I'm editor of photography for the school paper, and I accompany myself on piano while I sing in my spare time.
TulipLGBTQEli26North AmericaMaleCisgenderMale (he, him, sir, mister)Homosexual (Gay/Lesbian)Homoromantic (Same Gender)No, I'm monoamorous (one love)FluttershySince Season 3
TwilightliciousLGBTQKara24North AmericaFemaleTransgenderFemale (she, her, madam, miss)AsexualBiromantic (Same or Opposite Gender)No, I'm monoamorous (one love)Twilight SparkleSince Season 2Tons~? ♥
Untitled_Dot_VLGBTQTyler16EuropeNot SureTransgenderNeutral (they, them, their)AsexualPanromantic (Any Gender)Not SurePrincess LunaSince Season 4I have 3:
Binary Star is a ponysona/OC. They are who I want to be IRL, basically building stars.... yeah. They have a dark grey coat with purple mane/tail. Is also a distant ancestor of Wolf Rayet
2nd is Wolf Rayet, again a ponysona, but of who I am right now (hence why Binary is an ancestor, they're older :P)
3rd is Bizarre Blazar, she is an actual OC who is the ringmaster of a circus and is rivals with Trixie.
I like.... making stuff, whether it's programming, something mechanical etc. As long as it does something that is interesting and preferably useless, I like making it. Current project is an X8 heavy lifting multi rotor.

I also make MLP vector art that is show accurate, but am trying to come up with my own style. The other MLP based thing i'm interested in is the CCG, which I go and play with others often.

And finally is aviation, I've been gliding on a monthly basis since I was 11 and have flown a few powered aircraft. I'm looking to get my PPL soon before my driver's license...
UrioxisLGBTQ27EuropeGenderfluidTransgenderDoesn't Matter To MePansexualPanromantic (Any Gender)Yes, I'm polyamorous (many loves)ZecoraSince Season 2Dark turquoise unicorn pony with dark blue mane and tail with light blue highlight. Smokes and likes to read comics about the adventures of Horseman! Cutie mark is of a glider structure from Conway's Game of Life to signify his love of programming, algorithms and problem solving.Hobbies? Got kids. Ain't got no time for hobbies :/
Vigil HeartLGBTQJustin27North AmericaMaleCisgenderMale (he, him, sir, mister)PansexualPanromantic (Any Gender)Not SureLunaSince Season 2My OC, Vigil Heart, is a gray pegasus with a purple/pink short-cropped mane and tail. His special talent is caring for others, and he works as a caregiver for the elderly and disabled.Gaming (PC, Xbox, Playstation, 3DS)
Reading (Mostly fanfiction lately, though I'm a big Raymond E. Feist fan)
Listening to music
Occasionally drawing ponythings
VulporAllySean30North AmericaMaleCisgenderMale (he, him, sir, mister)Heterosexual (Straight)Heteroromantic (Opposite Gender)No, I'm monoamorous (one love)Pinkie PieSince Season 2Videogames, anine and writing are my three big passions
xnullLGBTQJames25EuropeMaleCisgenderMale (he, him, sir, mister)BisexualBiromantic (Same or Opposite Gender)Yes, I'm polyamorous (many loves)Rainbow DashSince Between Season 2 & 3Programming, learning, reading.. that's about all I do really.
z1gg3hLGBTQ25EuropeMaleCisgenderMale (he, him, sir, mister)Homosexual (Gay/Lesbian)Panromantic (Any Gender)No, I'm monoamorous (one love)OctaviaSince Between Season 1 & 2Music, drawing, cello, consuming a possibly illegal amount of cider and of course . . . Customer support!
ZuthalLGBTQ19EuropeMaleCisgenderMale (he, him, sir, mister)PansexualPanromantic (Any Gender)Yes, I'm polyamorous (many loves)FluttershySince Season 3My main OC is Zuthal, a male tatzlpony. He has a green coat, with darker green mane and light green eyes. His cutie mark is of a compass inscribed in a magnifying glass. Zuthal is very curious and loves exploring his environment, finding things that other ponies might overlook. He is also generally friendly, and will more likely than not try to be friends with you, unless you give him a good reason not to.I am an avid reader, especially of the genres of fantasy and science fiction, including darker, dystopian stories. I like listening to music, especially brony music, of almost all genres, and also watching movies, there again mostly fantasy and sci-fi. I also watch several more-or-less well-known Let's Players on YouTube, and play some games myself, though mostly Pokémon and other Nintendo games. On top of that, one of my main hobbies is pony roleplay, which is what my OC Zuthal was initially conceived for.
EtoranLGBTQAneta21EuropeFemaleCisgenderFemale (she, her, madam, miss)Homosexual (Gay/Lesbian)Homoromantic (Same Gender)No, I'm monoamorous (one love)Vinyl ScratchSince Season 2I like to watch animation and read comics. And sometimes I draws something myself.
defaultPenguinLGBTQ16North AmericaFemaleTransgenderFemale (she, her, madam, miss)Homosexual (Gay/Lesbian)Homoromantic (Same Gender)Not Sure
JesLGBTQ22North AmericaNot SureNot SureDoesn't Matter To MeAsexualPanromantic (Any Gender)Not SurePinkie PieSince Between Season 2 & 3
Mystik, A purple and blue unicorn who inherited some superficial traits from her Zebra mother. Just into adulthood and is trying to get her big break as a pop singer, traveling Equestria and funded by her parents back in Canterlot, or any small gig she happens to get. Generally means well, but she can be a bit selfish at times.

Sweet Sorbet: An indecisive teen with a bubbly attitude, just wanting to have some fun in life. Her parents are typically not as enthusiastic about this. She is an earth pony who lives in Seaddle and works part time at a collectibles stall at the market downtown (mirroring Real-life Pike Place Market).

Swan Dance: A skilled dancer, either on-hoof or in the skies. This pegasus likes to present herself as a classy, elegant mare but around good friends one will find plenty of quips and even crude humor hidden in her eloquent manner of speaking. She's also a bit of an avid comic book and table-top rpg fan, and whether at home or away, she will find a way to "geek out" with her childhood friend Clyde over these things.

Clyde S. Dale: A real estate agent, charismatic and smooth-talking on the outside, the king of the nerds inside. When he's not talking people into splurging on their dream homes, he's reading comics, playing games, collecting cards and the like. His favorite thing to find in a comic about a well-written, unlikely superhero, and he occasionally daydreams about himself in such a position.
I doodle, and sometimes I'll play games like World of Warcraft and Minecraft. Lots of crafting, I guess.
ClearlyClaireLGBTQClaire27North AmericaFemaleTransgenderFemale (she, her, madam, miss)Bisexual
Biromantic (Same or Opposite Gender)
Yes, I'm polyamorous (many loves)Priness LunaSince Before Season 1
Claire is a soft spoken but silly pink unicorn who is fairly unremarkable . . . . except her body is completely made of cotton and plastic. She is an enchantress in the Canterlot Royal Guard and a magical accident ended with her soul bound to a nearby toy . . . she was eventually was able to hire a local seamstress to make a life sized plush of her former body to which she bound her soul so that she can continue with some simbalence of normalcy.
Gaming, Art, and anything Aviation related.
Arta FactiaLGBTQCorey27North AmericaFemaleTransgenderFemale (she, her, madam, miss)Not SureNot SureYes, I'm polyamorous (many loves)
I hesitate to use 'best', more preferring 'favourite'. My favourite is Chrysalis
Since Season 1
Arta Factia (main OC) - A female pegasus who works as a freelance architect. She has a cream-coloured coat, chestnut brown mane and tail (her mane is done up in a ponytail), and green eyes behind a pair of rounded spectacles.

Midwatch Newmoon - A male batpony who runs his own combination coffee shop and bookstore. Dark grey coat, navy blue mane and tail, mauve eyes. Handsome fangs~

Nilak Softclaw - A young dragoness (197 years old...what? That's young for a dragon!) that has moved from Draconia to live in Equestria. At the present time, she stands just a little bit taller than Celestia when on all fours. She has purple scales, an electric blue frill that runs from her head down to her tail, two black curved horns, and green eyes.
Writing poetry
(Casual) Gaming
FlameSniperLGBTQNorth AmericaNot SureCisgenderDoesn't Matter To MeAsexual
Biromantic (Same or Opposite Gender)
No, I'm monoamorous (one love)Sunset ShimmerSince Season 4I don't have one. No, seriously, I don't. OC's aren't my thing.
Ooooh lots: animation, writing, media. politics, shoujo manga, fashion, reading, vocaloid music.
FreezeFrame (*Frame for away nicks)
LGBTQ31North AmericaFemaleTransgenderFemale (she, her, madam, miss)Homosexual (Gay/Lesbian)Homoromantic (Same Gender)No, I'm monoamorous (one love)RaritySince Between Season 1 & 2
FreezeFrame (ponysona): A pegasus mare, light blue with curly stark white hair, cutie mark is a trio of snowflakes. Special talent is making winter weather, hobby is photography.
Video games, board games, role-playing games.
NetzblockiererAllyNetzblockierer25EuropeMaleCisgenderMale (he, him, sir, mister)Prefer Not To SayPrefer Not To SayPrefer Not To SayFluffle PuffSince Before Season 1Hacking - not only electronics...
CowgirlKaboomLGBTQ39North AmericaFemaleTransgenderFemale (she, her, madam, miss)PansexualPanromantic (Any Gender)No, I'm monoamorous (one love)ApplejackSince Between Season 2 & 3Actual horses, trucks, travel, tech, raspberry pi, gaming, rural living, farming.