Sales Opportunity Assessment Template
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The Opportunity Assessment provides a structured, repeatable method for assessing your current sales opportunity. This sales aid will help you qualify opportunities faster and more effectively by analyzing them from the most critical customer, business, and competitive perspectives. Use of this aid will help you invest time, energy, and resources on the opportunities you are most likely to win. You will also be able to communicate key issues more clearly with the sales team through the use of a common language framework.
1. Is There an Opportunity?
The criteria under this question help you determine whether the customer is motivated to take some action? In other words, does the customer have a compelling reason to act. Do we know enough about the customer’s business to determine if the cost of the status quo exceeds the cost of change?
2. Can We Compete?
This set of criteria helps assess the question of whether we are in a position to address the customer’s problem or opportunity. Can we provide value to the customer that can be differentiated from competitors?
3. Can We Win?
This assessment area focuses on the informal organization. Are we aligned with the right people in the customer organization? And do the most powerful people in the organization want us to win?
4. Is It Worth Winning?
This question focuses on the value of the opportunity to us to determine whether it is worth pursuing. If we win the opportunity, will it provide us the return and profit our needs?
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