The Group Creator Spreadsheet for Differentiation
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Group Creator Spreadsheet
Jen Roberts created this spreadsheet because she wanted to be able to group and re-group her students easily by both homogeneous and heterogeneous factors. You can make your own copy and add your own students. Please read the directions below before you get started.
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Welcome to the Group Creator sheet. This sheet automatically creates homogeneous and heterogeneous groups for you based on your student data. If you have advanced spreadsheet knowlwdge you may want to try some of these things.
If you just got here you only have "view only" access. Use File/Make a copy to create your own version of this sheet. If you teach multiple periods you will need one copy of the sheet for each period you teach. Rearrange the order of the groups on the sheet so it is a bit less obvious which groups are higher. I typically make my even numbered groups the lower ones and the odd numbered groups the higher ones. This simple trick keeps many kids from noticing that they are grouped homogeneously.
To get started type (or paste) your student roster into the roster sheet. (See the tabs below.) I have sample names in there now to demonstrate how the sheet works.Rename the tabs below to Number Groups, Letter Groups etc to make it even less obvious that student groups are homogeneous or heterogeneous.
Add some data you might use to rank your students, such as a recent quiz score, into the Score column. Use a random number generator instead of scores and all groups become heterogeneous and more random.
Hover over the B above the word score to reveal a small grey down arrow. Click on the arrow to reveal options. Select "Sort Sheet Z-A" That will put students with the highest scores at the top of your roster. I'm sure you'll have other creative ideas and improvements. Please let me know about them.
Once your students are sorted from highest to lowest your groups have already been created. Try clicking on the tabs to the right of the roster to see your various group possibilities. Thanks for being a great teacher. @JenRoberts1
Note: If a student leaves your class you can delete their name and re-sort the roster sheet, but DO NOT delete their ROW. That will cause a ripple effect of errors. More resources at
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