Archive of Dermatology Applicant Spreadsheet, 2017-2018
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Program Name2017-2018 Comments# Rotators That Month (Including You)?Did You Get a LOR?Did You Get an Interview?EMR
ALUniversity of Alabama Medical Center
ARUniversity of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
AZUniversity of Arizona
AZKCUMB-GME Consortium (KCU-GMEC) Mesa
AZMayo Clinic College of Medicine (Arizona)Fantastic rotation with fun, welcoming residents. Test was pretty challenging to me (30Qs+essay question), so it is a good idea to take studying seriously. Had to do a 10 min grand rounds presentation. The PD is the nicest man I've met. Mostly shadowing, probably 20 biopsies during the month. Excellent rotation.2Yes x 4Powerchart
CAUniversity of California (Irvine)
CAUniversity of California (San Diego)
CALoma Linda University Health Education Consortium
CAKaiser Permanente Southern California (Los Angeles)
CAUCLA Medical Center2Epic
CAUSC/LAC+USC Medical CenterGood rotation. Get to see patients/write notes/ assist with procedures and occasionally do a biopsy or two. Residents were really laid back, chair is super nice. 2 half days of didactics a week. 1 week of each: peds, county, surgery, and inpatient consults. LA is super expensive unfortunately, need a car to get around or else youll spend a lot on uber/lyft.4YesNoOrchid
CAStanford University
CAUniversity of California (Davis) Health SystemThe program director, residents, and "most" attendings are really nice. 98% shadowing. 2% cryotherapy and shaves, but only with certain residents and attendings. Overall a great experience. Sacramento is fairly affordable, but it would be nice to have a car while rotating (public transportation sucks).3Didn't askEpic
CAUniversity of California (San Francisco)
CALos Angeles County-Harbor-UCLA Medical CenterOrchid
COUniversity of ColoradoWonderful rotation. The attendings and residents are friendly. At the VA, you write note/ put orders in/ present directly to attending. Other sites , you shadow. You have homework each week, an end of rotation presention, and an end of rotation test (which is very easy). Rotators are not guaranteed interviews.6YesNo
CTUniversity of ConnecticutNo (Post-ERAS)Paper
CTYale-New Haven HospitalNo visiting students. | someone did this cycle | They occasionally do it for extenuating circumstances, like spouse at YaleEpic
DCGeorge Washington UniversityOk rotation where you spend each week with a different resident. Clinic only and only shadowing. Have to be extremely proactive if you want to do a procedure. Not allowed to see patients on your own, whereas the research fellow can (appears to favor their research fellow over away rotators). Meet all the faculty over the rotation. Multiple specialty clinics including: blistering diseases, cosmetic, male genitalia, and cutaneous T cell Lymphoma. Grand rounds at the NIH 2x a month. Easy to access via metro. 45 question, two part test at the end. PD is a great teacher. Chair appears to be "anti-medical student". Didactic days are longer than normal, but students can be involved. Program seems mainly interested in getting people from big name schools or making money.3yesallscripts
DCHoward University
DCWashington Hospital CenterOverall a good rotation. Work at Chevy Chase clinic, WHC (consult), Children's National (consult), and other smaller clinics.5 min presentation at the end with a 75 question, two part test. Grand rounds at the NIH 2x a month. Residents are easy to talk to, fun to work with, and make sure you are able to get to the sites, but some are more proactive than others about communicating expectations. Easier with car to travel between sites. Parking reimbursed at most sites. Can easily get some research or a letter if you are interested in that. Lots of recent changes; some good, some worrisome.4no x 2
FLBroward Health Medical Center Program2no (didn't ask)
FLUniversity of FloridaMostly all shadowing as per most derm rotations.
FLMayo Clinic College of Medicine (Jacksonville)
FLLargo Medical Center
FLKCUMB-GME Consortium (KCU-GME Consortium)/ADCS-Orlando
FLU-Miami - Jackson Memorial Hospital/Jackson Health System
FLFlorida State University College of Medicine
FLUniversity of South Florida Morsani
GAEmory University3YesPowerchart and Epic
GAMedical College of Georgia
IAUniversity of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics
ILJohn H Stroger Hospital of Cook County
ILMcGaw Medical Center of Northwestern UniversityMany rotators at one time. Separated due to multiple attendings but felt like it was difficult to have enough one-on-one time. Many subspecialty clinics and strong in research. Mostly shadowed but presented/wrote notes with 1-2 attendings. Multiple choice test and presentation required.5-6YesEpic
ILRush University Medical CenterYesEpic
ILUniversity of ChicagoAwesome rotation with friendly, down to earth residents. Gets more hands-on with time. Started off by shadowing and then eventually saw own patients, presented one-on-one to attendings, wrote notes, and did biopsies/injections. Can change depending on attending you are with but all were eager to teach and approachable! Patient population diverse in race, SES, dermatologic presentations. Did not do cosmetics during rotation. Dedicated medical student lectures taught by PGY3/PGY4 residents 1x/week. Will only rotate at one site. Did PPT at the end on case seen/interesting derm topic. No test at the end. | Agree with the above. The residents were seriously the best!2-3YesEpic
ILUniversity of Illinois College of Medicine at Chicago
ILLoyola University
ILSouthern Illinois University
INIndiana University School of Medicine
KSUniversity of Kansas School of MedicineSuper nice residents and attendings. All shadowing.Epic
KYUniversity of Louisville
LALouisiana State UniversityEpic
LATulane UniversityAbsolutely amazing rotation. Not only is New Orleans a fun city, but also the dermatology faculty and residents were very welcoming and made me feel at home right away. Diverse patient population. Great variety of pathology. No cosmetics. Strong dermpath exposure. Get to know all the faculty and residents very well. Could assist with biopsies/surgeries. Students can see and present patients on their own to both residents/faculty. Can write your own notes. Rotate at a few sites, not the VA though as it is in Mississippi. Great schedule with lots of time to explore the city. 10 minute presentation in front of everyone at the end.Epic
MABoston University Medical CenterContrary to all those rumors from the previous years, I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed my rotation here. All the faculty and residents were very welcoming and supportive, and I got the sense that this was a very strong academic program. I would be lucky to interview here.
MAHarvard Combined
MATufts Medical Center
MAUniversity of Massachusetts1YesYesEpic
MDJohns Hopkins University
MDUniversity of Maryland
MIUniversity of MichiganGood rotation. Varies how much you get to do (shadowing vs doing procedures/interviewing patients). Need a car because you go to Domino's campus as well. Lots of procedures at the VA. Faculty are very nice and the residents are hit or miss (some are incredibly kind and thoughtful and others are pretty indifferent to students) but overall a good experience. Lots of reading and there is a presentation and exam at the end.4yesEpic
MIWayne State University School of MedicineVery friendly residents that are happy to throw you a case report or two to help your app out. You will get lots of hands on experience at the VA, not so much at the Oakwood clinic. Chair is rarely ever availible to work with. Lots of great dermpath exposure.4
MIHenry Ford Hospital2016-2017: Wonderful experience, nice residents, friendly faculty. Chair is awesome| They have a rotator clinic where rotators get to see patients and present to residents, then the attending| Lots of specialty clinic exposure| Dermpath exposure isn't the best| Sometimes you get put into consults for the day because there's not enough space in clinic, which can be a little slow| 10 minute presentation at the end, attended by all the residents and faculty| residents take you out for happy hour at the end of the month | Some opportunities to write notes and see pts on your own but mostly shadowing x2 | Very good rotation. As mentioned, they have rotator clinic, happy hour, and rotator lectures, which shows they care about the students. Everyone gets to rotate with the PDs and chair, as well as set up a meeting with them which is a good opportunity to ask for a LOR| 2017-2018: Dr. Lim is known to write generic letters according to my home Chair.5, 9yesEpic
MISt Joseph Mercy Livingston ProgramMost of the residents are very friendly. You drive a lot to many different clinics (sometimes up to 100 miles in a day). Strictly shadowing, very little opportunity to participate. Some of the residents are disinterested in medical students.
MNUniversity of Minnesota2017-18: Highly recommend. Residents were outstanding. Very friendly and willing to teach. If you are at the VA you have the opportunity to do lots of procedures. I didn't like how it was structured, however, as two rotators were at the VA all four weeks, while others were at UMN for all four weeks. They are very different experiences. Minneapolis was beautiful the month I was there. Test at the end if you are in the "basic"/ intro course or 5 min. presentation if you are in the "advanced" course. If you are in the advanced course, you are expected to function as a resident. You see patients on your own, write the note, put in the orders (the attending has to sign them, of course), and then the attending leaves and you are expected to finish the visit and the after visit summary with the patient. It is a lot, but in the end it was an incredible experience.4Didn't ask
MNMayo Clinic College of Medicine (Rochester)Good rotation...can be a hit or miss depending on who you work with. Rochester is quite isolated.
MOUniversity of Missouri-Columbia
MOSt Louis University School of Medicine
MOWashington University/B-JH/SLCH
MSUniversity of Mississippi School of MedicineGood rotation, mostly shadowing/few procedures. Faculty and residents are very friendly and helpful in getting you a publication during your time there. Good diversity of patients and clinics.2YesEpic
NCUniversity of North Carolina Hospitals
NCDuke University HospitalNot very accomodating to students' preferences/wishes
NCVidant Medical Center/East Carolina
NCWake Forest University School of Medicine2016-2017: Everyone was super friendly. Lot of research to jump on if desired. GREAT about providing solid LORs | Highly recommend the one-month research rotation with Dr. Feldman. Super-friendly attending despite his incredible contributions to dermatology. You can easily finish 4-5 papers with him in a month if you are highly motivated!3yesx2
NHDartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center
NJCooper School of Rowan University/Hospital
NJRutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical
NMUniversity of New Mexico
NYAlbert Einstein College of Medicine
NYSUNY Downstate BrooklynMostly shadowing, great grand rounds every Wednesday, residents seem happy overall. Location a little sketch. Prob wont rank it that high
NYNorthwell Health (formerly North Shore-Long Island Jewish Health)Great rotation, residents and faculty were super nice and easy to work with. Good mix of both shadowing and presenting. Also spent time in peds derm, Mohs, dermpath, and inpatient consults. Worked with both the chair and PD. 10 minute presentation at the end of the rotation.2-3yesAllscripts
NYIcahn School of Medicine at Mount SinaiComplete waste of your time. Read more in chitchat and chitchat archives for more info but basically, spots reserved for research fellows and Saudis | This is not the case this year! I rotated there, and apparently there are fewer fellows this cycle. | This program is intense and doesn't care about you as an actual human. | It used to have this rep because of the PD (who seems to be stepping down), but the culture at this program has changed a lot recently. All the current residents are super nice and seemed genuinely happy. Only criticism after rotating there is it seems a little weak on surgery. Plus no test at the end, and they will interview all rotators. | It is definitely possible to match as a rotator. There are still some issues but it is better than past years and will hopefully continue to get better |
NYNew York Presbyterian Hospital (Columbia)
NYNew York Presbyterian Hospital (Cornell)Mostly shadowing unless you work with individual attendings. Everyone was kind, but residents are especially busy/ stressed x2. Presentation at end. | I loved my rotation here and learned SOO much. The PD is wonderful, as are many of the attendings. The clinic is busy, but I think residents are well-supported.yesEpic
NYNew York University School of Medicine
NYNew York Medical College (Metropolitan)
NYUniversity of Rochester
NYSUNY at Stony Brook
OHUniversity of Cincinnati Medical Center2016-2017: Awesome residents, everybody seem happy, lots of opportunities to do procedures. VA is right next to resident clinic area with huge patient demand. Residents will allow students a fair amount of autonomy. Students will also participate in attending clinics at various sites in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. Never spend a great deal of time with any one physician, so LORs will probably not be forth coming. Expected to prepare a 5-10 min presentation in a PICO format addressing a very specific aspect of dermatology.

As of 9/2017 the PD has left the program and a prior PD has taken over. Fairly diverse faculty. As a rotator, some time spent in private practices. Residents do not get much private practice or cosmetic exposure.
2016-2017: No- director straight up said he hates writing letters, other faculty recommended getting one from him- weird situation

New PD as of 9/2017, though I doubt new PD will write LORs for rotators either
Case Western Reserve University/University HospitalsBasically a month of shadowing x2. Plenty of residents so it's hard to make solid connections with any of them. | disagree x0 easy to connect with residents all are very friendly and helpful x2| Barely interact with attendings at all. No opportunity to see patients on your own or stand out in any real way. Still a fantastic rotation with some of the kindest and happiest residents I've met | x47No, No
Cleveland ClinicSomeone fill this out or catch a stabbing
MetroHealth Medical Center/Case WesternGreat residents and laid back faculty. Mainly all resident clinics staffed by different attendings. Some attendings gave students opportunities to see patients on their own. Residents all open to letting students do procedures as well, which was great. What the students got to do was dependent on how much interest they showed. Residents are all really happy and are happy to be around each other. Great atmosphere.3No
KCUMB-GME Consortium (KCU-GMEC) Cuyahoga Falls
Ohio State University Hospital
Wright State UniversityGreat residents and great faculty. You rotate through the VA and the Wright State Physicians building so you get a good idea of the patient load residents carry. You do surgery at the VA on Mondays. The residents will let you do a lot! There is a lot of shadowing. You will not see patients on your own so you have to prove yourself in different ways. (2017-2018)1, 3yes x2
OKUniversity of Oklahoma Health Sciences
OROregon Health & Science UniversityAmazing facility, Portland is wonderful. Lots of shadowing. (2016-2017) | Mostly shadowing as prevoiusly noted. Wonderful program with really nice welcoming residents and attendings. Rotors give a 5 min presentation during weekly grand rounds/morphology conference on a topic of their choosing. Portland is an amazing city. | The residents and faculty at OHSU were incredibly welcoming to rotating students. Really nice people. The rotation is 4 weeks long. Test at the end of the rotation that is "not graded," but the course director will review it. Also there is a short presentation as previously mentioned. Day to day, the rotation is almost exclusively shadowing, but you get to rotate through many areas (peds derm, derm surgery, clinic, VA, possibly cosmetics, etc.) and the course coordinator is fantastic about giving you a personalized experience based on your interests. Portland is GREAT. Lots of fun things to do there.5+ (x4)No, Yesx4Epic
PAGeisinger Health System
PAPenn State Hershey Medical Center
PADrexel University College of MedicineGreat rotation with super helpful residents. You get about 2.5 days on surgery (includes excisions and Mohs) and 2.5 days on path. The remainder is working in the clinic with all of the faculty. There is one main site in center city that houses everything and you spent most of your time. There is one sit you spend 2.5 days doing clinical derm as well with a different attending. You see all new patients and present to the resident then attending! (From 2017-2018)4-5
PASidney Kimmel Medical College at Thomas Jefferson University/TJUHAnyone? Didn't get an away here so very curious what the people who did get accepted have to say
PAUniversity of Pennsylvania
PATemple University Hospital
PAUniversity of Pittsburgh (UPMC) Medical EducationAnyone rotate here? I am curious!!
PRUniversity of Puerto Rico
RIBrown UniversityFantastic away rotation. The residents are amazing--so warm and inclusive, and they love to teach. The faculty is also terrific. Great teachers. Very hands-on. You effectively get to act as a resident. Lots of didactics. A presentation and an exam at the end but they spoon feed you what to study beforehand. My only complaint was that they had 5 medical students rotating at a time so you work with a different person every half day in order to allow everyone to work with every staff member. Kind of hard to get to know someone that way, although I had no trouble getting a strong letter of recommendation from someone I only worked with a few times.| Echo all prior comments. Wonderful faculty and residents. Very friendly people. You see all patients on your own and present to faculty (really no shadowing, except in surgery). I really hope foot fetish comes through Brown and Mount Sinai | Want FF impressions of all programs!5, 2Yes X2Epic for inpatient; ECW for outpatient
RIRoger Williams Medical Center
SCMedical University of South Carolina (MUSC)4YesEpic
TNUniversity of Tennessee