2017-2018 DAR Strategic Plan Matrix Scoreboard
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Strategic Plan Matrix2017-2018Need to add for next Strat Plan
Strategic GoalsObjectivesStrategiesPrioritiesAdvocacy GroupStaff ResponsibilityDate20172018Notes
I. Increase / Retain Association Revenue1. Expand / Improve DeKalb Real Estate Expo50% increase in net revenue. Increase attendance by 20%.Expo Task ForceCommunications & Events CoordinatorEvent Date: FRI, Sept 22, 2017YesNo2018 EXPO Stats: (2017 vs. 2018) 39 paying Exhibitors (-8.2%), 291 registered (+21.7%), 137 attended (+12.3%). Net income=$9,893.99 (-11.4%), expenses=$6056.01 (-16.5%). See financial reports.
(ds 10.24.18)
2018 Expo Financials
A. Come up with a robust program agenda including guest speakers and 1.5 hour CE class by June 30June 30YesNoCommittee determined that 1. A 1.5 hour CE classe is not enough time to present a topic of relevance. 2. The EXPO lasts 2.5 hours, the time should focus on the exhibitors. (ds 8.14.18)2017 Expo Financials
2. Self-funding for each event so each committee must come up with a budget. Financial / Association Investment CommitteesJanuaryYesYesCommittee Chairs were inform to bring in sponsors for their events. All the committee have been operating with a profit. joyce turner 3.6.18 The budgeted income on the Association budget is projected based on sponsorships the committees must secure.4.5.18 alicia
3. Review investment accounts on a regular basis, and make adjustments as needed.Research and consult with Investment Advisor to determine if Board policy should be changed to move risk profile to a growth and income strategy.CEOApril & OctoberYesYesRisk profile changed to moderate aggressive. ab 4.5.18
4. Review Association financial records on a regular basis.More detailed breakdown of monthly reports. MonthlyYesYesReport reviewed at BOD meetings. NAR Local Assoc. Survey results provided to Joyce regarding income/expense sections of Budgets. of 4.5.18 ab
5. Review ROI for sponsors and Business Affiliate MembersDevelop a PAG selected by the President which will makeup the Sponsorship Committee.Financial / Sponsorship / Membership CommitteesJulyYesYes
A. Hold Business Affiliate/ Engagement Roundtable.VC Business AffiliatesCommunications & Events Coordinator / Member Services CoordinatorYesYes
B. Revise Business Affiliate ROI sheet, as needed.Sponsorship CommitteeYesYesCommittee suggested to remove Business Partner level for 2019. All have been assigned tasks to reach out to Affilliates. Affiliate meeting to get feedback from Affiliates is 2.13.18 (bs 2.7.18)
C. Create an Affiliate of the Year Award with pre-determine metrics.Awards CommitteeRecognized at Holiday LuncheonYesYesThe first Affiliate of the year award was presented at the 2018 Pinnacle Awards Luncheon to Gerald Chamblin - Wells Fargo Home Loans (ds 9.9.18)
II. Increase / Retain Membership1. The Young Professionals Network for the Association will plan events for that group.YPN / Membership CommitteeMember Services Coordinator
A. Submit information to NAR & GAR for recognition.Appilcation is in process.
B. Plan, market and execute at least two signature networking or education events.First YPN event held at Gordon Biersch on 4.19.18. Looking at Twains for 11.29.18 ab 7.23.18
C. Develop a PAG selected by the President to select the YPN Committee.YesYPN Committee established. ab 4.5.18
2. Meet with current and potential broker members / attend office meetings.
A. 10 or more current broker members.Membership CommitteeCEO / Member Services CoordinatorAnnually
Compiled a list of the top 20 brokerage firms that are members of DAR and identified large firms we have a small presence in. Been reaching out to brokers to get on their schedule. 6 visits completed so far.
See broker visit list here.
B. 10 or more potential broker members.NoNone completed at this time. Membership committee is compiling a list of developers with brokerage firms to visit. ab 8.28.18
3. Follow up with new members via drip email campaign, welcome card and direct ask for involvement.Determine a better/ more modern strategy to communicate with members.
A. Drip email campaignMembership / Communications CommitteeCommunications & Events CoordinatorOngoingYesThe marketing email drip campaign was re-initiated in July and touches every new member during their first year a total of 13 times. (ds 8.14.18)
B. Welcome CardsEducation & Admin CoordinatorYesDiscontinued due to change of strategy ab 6.27.18
C. Direct AskMember Services CoordinatorYesYesCommittee sign up sheet is now paperless with google forms, Get Involved...Get Rewarded point sheets going out monthly (bs 2.7.18)Encourage members to develop professional skills and enroll as candidates for various professional designations of the Institues, Socieites and Councils of the National Assoication.
D. Campaign to sign up members for text.Communications & Events CoordinatorYesYesWhen individuals apply, they agree to receive notifications from DAR through all forms of communication ab 8.16.18
E. Create a budget for Public Relations & Marketing Expenses to include, but not limited to video.CEOYesYes
4. Plan a variety of professional development (see III), social or community outreach (see IV) events to attract different segments of the membership.
A. Past President's LuncheonMembership CommitteeCEO / Communications & Events CoordinatorSpringNoYesCreating a Past President's Advisory Council. First meeting is Oct 15, 2018. ab 10.2.18
B. Broker Engagement EventMember Services CoordinatorSpring & FallYesYesBroker Breakfast held 2.14.18. Fall Breakfast held 9.27.18 eb
C. Business Affiliate Member Roundtable and Appreciation ReceptionCEO / Communications & Events CoordinatorSpring & FallYesYesMotion made to combine Get Involved...Get Rewarded with the Affiliate reception to maximize Affiliate ROI at event. 2.8.18 bs
D. New MembersMember Services CoordinatorOngoingYesNew Member Orientation
E. Member Forumsi. Spring Membership ForumPresident - Elect / Membership CommitteeCEO / Communications & Events CoordinatorApril or MayYesYesSpring Forum held May 10, 2018. ab 4.5.18
ii. PinnaclePinnacle Awards CommitteeMarchYesYesPinnacle awards held at the Carlos Hellenic Ballroom on March 9, 2018. (ds 8.14.18)
iii. Fall Membership Forum at ExpoPresident - Elect / Real Estate Expo Task ForceFall @ ExpoYesYesExpo committee has secured Tim Hur / NAR Diversity Chair to be the keynote speaker and Lamont McLeod as the 2nd speaker. Theme for meeting and EXPO will celebrate 50th Anniversary of the Fair Housing Act of 1968. (ds 8.14.18)
iv. December Membership MeetingPresident - Elect / Membership CommitteeHoliday LuncheonYesEd is reaching out to John Lewis to secure as speaker. ab 6.27.18
Event it scheduled for THUR, DEC 6. (ds 10.2.18)
v. Establish a task force to create a Commercial CouncilPresident / President-ElectCEOJuneYesYesTask Force was created and worked on DAR lease negotiations and renovations. Still in process. 2.7.18 ab
III. Provide Professional Development Opportunities for Members1. Collaborate and engage with the Chamber of Commerce. Professional Development CommitteeEducation & Admin CoordinatorOngoingYesGerald Chamblin will reach out to his contact at the Chamber of Commerce to see how we can partner with them. (2.13.18 re) Gerald no longer a member of the committee. Committee will revisit in September. 8.13.2018 re
2. When appropriate, partner with and promote other opportunities from WCR, GAMLS and other entities.Community Outreach CommitteeEducation & Admin Coordinator / Communications & Events CoordinatorYesYesProvided classroom & meeting space for DeKalb WCR and GA WCR. (2.7.18 ab) Professional Development approved offering GAMLS' 4 free CE classes. (2.13.18 re)
3. Offer Broker classes. Professional Development / Community Outreach CommitteesEducation & Admin CoordinatorYesYesHad 2 Pre-broker classes in 2017. There were 9 students in the Spring and 4 in the Summer. Scheduled another class March 26- April 11, 2018. (2.13.18 re) Broker classes have been scheduled, however, not well attended (hm 6.5.18)
4. Schedule monthly Continuing Education and non-CE education programs.Re-evaluate our educational strategy to ensure we're offering the latest and greatest topics trending in the industry by creating a trend-setting task force and, when feasible, incorporate other locations and activities. MonthlyYesThis is a work in progress working with the Committee Chair. She feels she has scheduled classes for the entire year. However, it is time to schedule for 2019. Will have to place special emphasis in this area.Oliver Adams assigned as new committee chair. h.b. 6.1.18 Committee was assigned to bring classes and instructor ideas to the September meeting. 8.13.2018
5. Complete the online New Member Orientation.Membership CommitteeCEO / Member Services CoordinatorNear completion. Researching SSI certificates to accept credit cards online. 4.5.18 bs
IV. Enhance the REALTOR Image through Community Development and Service Opportunities1. In addition to current members, encourage involvement at New Member Orientation. Follow up with direct ask.When staff receives committee registration form, send a welcome email notifying them of the next meeting date and notify the Committee Chair so they can personally welcome them. Orientation CommitteeMember Services CoordinatorOngoingYesYesAutomated work flow set up to send welcome email once member has submitted a committee registration. 2.8.18 bs
2. Select community service activities and promote them for member and community participation.Through the GAMLS, our subsidiary, be a member of Tucker Northlake community Improvement District.Community Outreach / Communications and PR CommitteesEducation & Admin CoordinatorYesYesCommunity Outreach has a Showcase DeKalb Bus Tour scheduled for 10.11.2018. The DeKalb Showcase Bus Tour is currently on track. The Chair states everything is lined up. She is still seeking additional sponsorship. CO discontinuing Veteran's Book Drive as VA only wants Digital Media. (hm 6.5.18) Bob Espy says that we are on the Northlake Tucker Northlake community Improvement District. 7.23.2018 re
3. Assist DeKalb County School Board by recruiting members to serve on local school Professional Advisory Councils (PAC's).Political Affairs Committee / VC Local Political Affairs - School Board LiaisonCEOYesYes2018 School Board Task Force members assigned to various DeKalb County School PAC's. 2.7.18 ab
4. Update press and media contacts.Produce a template Press release.Communications & PR CommitteesCommunications & Events CoordinatorApril 1YesPress Release Template and updated list of Press Release Communications Channels are located on the google drive in the Press Release folder. (ds 8.16.18)Press Release Template
5. Develop an updated communications plan. Produce and distribute regular press releases and association updates through social media, websites (i.e. NAR, GAR), email, texts, and other media.Produce and distribute regular press releases and association updates through social media, website, email, texts, and other media.May 1YesThe committee is actively working on regular releases through social media and news channels. Committee actively works from the Events/Activities Communication Plan to provide promotional support via videos and all social media channels. (ds 8.14.18)Communications Plan
V. Maintain Political Involvement through Advocacy and Member Engagement1. Coordinate member meetings with elected officials to discuss matters of importance to REALTORS
A. Encourage member participation in the GAR REALTOR Legislative Day at the Capital and at the GAR State and Local Governmental Affairs Committee Meetings.RPAC TrusteesCommunications & Events CoordinatorYesYesSent stand alone email to membership and included in eNewsletter 2 times encouraging members to attend GAR Legislative Day. (ds 9.9.18)
B. Require attendance at both for Leadership Academy graduation.Leadership Academy DeanGAR Inaugural in FebruaryYesYes
C. Promote through social media emails, and other media.Political Affairs / Communications and PR CommitteesCommunications & Events CoordinatorYesYesThere is consistent promotion and dissemination of information through all media outlets to reach the Association members. (ds 8.14.18)
D. Schedule meetings with teams of Association REALTORS attending Legislative Day and all elected officials whose regions include portions of DeKalb County.VP Political AffairsCEOFebruary prior to GAR Inaugural MeetingYesYes
2. Hold a Political Forum to discuss local issues before elections.VP Political Affairs / President-ElectPrior to Election Day
A. Appoint Association members to serve as liaisons to county commissioners and school board members and report activity.President / President-Elect / VP Political AffairsMonthly ReportsYesYes2018 County Commissioners Task Force members assigned specific months to attend County Commissioner meetings. 2.7.18 ab
B. Appoint a Presidential Advisory Group (PAG) to develop plans for additional liaisons for other county/local officials.Appoint Liaisons for all cities in DeKalb: Avondale Estates, Brookhaven, Chamblee, Clarkston, Decatur, Doraville, Dunwoody, Lithonia, Pine Lake, Stone Mountain, Stonecrest & Tucker. President / VP Political AffairsJune 1Ed Patton appointed as 2017 PAG Chair 6.1.17 ab It was ultimately decided that this wast not necessary. ab 10.2.18
C. Notify the state association of relationships members have with elected officials, and when appropriate, suggest names for Federal Political Coordinator (FPC) positions. FPC's are REALTOR members who have a relationship with a Federally elected official. FPC's have an initial appointment of 6 years.VP Political AffairsOngoingYesYes
3. Raise funds for RPAC.YesAll RPAC events are completed. RPAC goal of $32,400 has been met and exceeded (115.1%) based on the GAR Sept RPAC report. RPAC Events investments: See RPAC Master Financial Budget report. (ds 10.24.18)
2018 Master RPAC Financial Report
A. Plan, publicize and implement several RPAC Fundraising Events.Audit 2014, 2015 & 2016 RPAC events and come up with a self-funding model and budget for each event.RPAC Fundraising CommitteeCEO / Communications & Events CoordinatorYesYesCommittee held an RPAC auction in conjunction with Spring Member Forum on 5.10.18.Committee still needs to come up with a self-funding model. ab 5.10.18
Each RPAC event has self-funded and made a profit this year (ds 10.24.18)
B. Include voluntary RPAC contributions as a line item in the dues bill. CEOOngoingYesYes
4. Report information to the membership about legislative and local elected officials and their activities.
A. Use member enewsletters, website and social media.Political Affairs / Communications & PR CommitteesCEO / Communications & Events CoordinatorMonthly ReportsYesYesWe have posted all information provided by the School Board Liaison Committee to the website and on our social media channels as it is received. 2.7.18 ab
5. Maintain relationships with legislative and local governing body officials.
A. Work with the state association to make RPAC presentations for appropriate elected officials.Political Affairs CommitteeCEOOngoingYesYes
B. Assign local Association RPAC Trustees to meet with candidates for office, and select those individuals to recommend to the state association for RPAC funds.VP Political Affairs / Chair, RPAC TrusteesOngoing, prior to State Association deadlinesYesYes
C. Require Leadership Academy students to attend a meeting of the county commissioners or the School Board.Leadership Academy DeanMarch 1YesYes
VI. Review Programs, Activities, Governance Structure, Policies and Resources to Meet or Exceed NAR Core Standards for Local Boards / Associations, Enhance Volunteer Involvement and Effectiveness in meeting the Needs of the Association and its Members1. Serving as the Strategic Planning Committee, the Executive Committee will review the Strategic Plan at least annually to evaluate its ability to meet NAR Core Standards, enhance volunteer improvement, and effectiveness in meeting the needs of the Association and its members.
Come up with a budget for a Strategic Planning retreat offsite for 2 days, 1 night only.President-ElectCEOAprilYesThere is no Strategic planning retreat budget due to lack of funds. 2.7.18 ab
2. Submit to the Bylaws & Policy Committee needed changes to those documents.President-ElectOngoingYesYesChanges submitted and accepted in Feb & Apr 2018. ab
3. Hold annual orientation for Officers, Committee Chairs/Vice Chairs, State Directors, Board of Directors and others, as needed.Incoming President / President-ElectFallYesScheduled for Oct 24-25, 2018
4. Regularly hold staff meetings to ensure compliance with policy, and review status of work to meet the Strategic Plan.OngoingYesYesMeetings held mostly weekly. 4.5.18 ab
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