Team NameTeam NumberDivisionTeam LocationWhat one problem did your team identify for its research and innovative solution?What innovative solution did your team propose?Copy and paste the link to any online album or website your team has created.
Greenbrier Panthers25741ChesapeakeMany seniors tend to forget things when they are lonely because they have less stimulation and interaction.The Newfangled Xtraordinary Trainer robot interacts and encourages the seniors to help maintain their brains and lessen loneliness.
Bruin Brick Builders10182ChesapeakeSeniors suffer from depression and loneliness at a higher rate than others.The Bruin Brick Builders started a volunteer program at the school to have students interact and spend time with seniors. They created a web site and a short video to promote the program. They also got local Boy Scouts involved in the program to get others to volunteer their time with seniors.http://www.cpschools.com/Schools/WBM/Lego%20League/lego.web.htm
WaffleBaconBots!47732AccomacMoving items up and down stairs for the elderly can cause a fall. The elderly have strength and balance issues and a heavy grocery bag can alter their center of gravity causing a fall.

The team used pipe clamps over a stair railing with padding to protect the rail and a oversized carabiner. The carabiner supoorts the weight of the bag and the senior move the carabiner from clamp to clamp.
Got Lego?73762ChesapeakeSeniors have difficulty doing yard work, as it is very physically demanding. We developed an autonomous leaf collector with automatic bagging toolhttps://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dDhrc1lIX1F4azdEemlMMVNjXzlSVVE6MQ
Atrophy Amigos67452HenricoSkin atrophyFor Seniors with skin atrophy our team devised a mixture of Hyaluronic acid and colloidal silver. The Hyaluronic acid builds the skin back up and the silver is an antibacterial to fight infection when skin tears occur.
The Firewalls1321Cary, North CarolinaPeripheral NeuropathyThe Cool Cane is a personalized walking and balancing aid that is designed for the specific senior and includes an emergency service calling function and a tracking function.
Pi Heads11902ChesterfieldAlzheimer's patients forget or don't want to do many things that are necessary for day to day living. Caregivers may have a hard time remembering everything that needs to happen for the Alzheimer's patients.The Pi Heads actually built an Iphone/Ipad app that provides a notification system for things that need to be remembered with several presets such as remembering to take pills, go to the doctors, exercising and eating. Additionally the app contains an award system which when the task is completed lets the caretaker know and the caretaker can give the patient an award. The app is hooked up via the cloud system so that the caretaker and the patient can see what is going on at all times and the caretaker can make changes or rewards as needed. There are over 1000 lines of code in the app that this team of 4 did by themselves with no adult help. It took them over 100 combined hours.www.piheads.com is the team website though it has not been updated for senior solutions yet. That is coming soon.
Electrical Invaders6702Newport NewsSeniors need inexpensive, easy to use products that solve their difficulties with fine motor objects. The team of five invented and recreated solutions that were focused mainly on arthritis.The Electrical invaders invented a pen helper (a pen that has elastic bands on it so it does not need to be gripped to be used.), a spoon helper (used sculpty clay to create an over the spoon handle, allowing for gross motor control for self feeding for those having difficulty holding feeding utensils.) and a ladderless gutter cleaner (that used a sliding wedge to clean existing gutter systems without climbing up the ladder.). They came up with a theoretical device that connects a bloodless glucose meter to the iphone, a favorite device of seniors.http://electricalinvaders.blogspot.com/
Mindstorm Maniacs601Southern PinesThis team discovered that a majority of seniors are uncomfortable with the constant upgrades in modern technology. They didn't grow up with these devices, such as iPads, iPhones, etc., and are frustrated with not able to keep up with it all. They either totally avoid the technology or give up on it when it "doesn't work" for them. (Such problems have been not knowing how to turn it on or off, not having an owner's manual -- because it's ON the device that they can't access --- or thinking they may break it if they don't use it correctly.)This team thinks that an ongoing volunteer program to introduce, educate, and guide seniors in the use of the current technological trends would enable them to stay connected, literally, with their friends and family.
Knights of the Brick Table74031FredericksburgMany seniors and people with disabilities resulting in lack of mobility still want to walk their dogs. Unfortunately, sometimes dealing with leashes can be impossible and downright dangerous for those in walkers, those with rheumatoid arthritis, or with other issues. The Knights of the Brick Table propose a solution by means of a leashless dog walking system, dubbed The Shocky Walky. We used invisible fence technology, radio wave technology, and child proximity alarms to come up with a system where a senior (or other interested party) could put a small adjustable strength and adjustable perimeter remote in their pocket that would communicate with a receiver on a dog's collar via radio waves. When the dog tries to exceed the set boundary, a warning tone and a harmless electrical pulse acts as a cue for the dog to stay near their senior. This leaves the walker's hands free and allows them to safely spend time outdoors with their dog.
BuinBots83551ChesapeakeSeniors are lonely and disconnected and unable to visit friends because they cannot drive anymore.The BruinBots designed a voice-activated autonomous vehicle that will take seniors wherever they desire to go while offering entertainment and video communications in the backseat.
Robo-Bulls 267301CentrevilleOne problem that we decided to solve is that seniors are depressed when they can't contact friends and family easily.We designed a senior friendly tablet that can be used to video chat with their friends and family. Enlarged screen for the people with disabilities in their eyes. Has a rough handle with bright colors for the visually impaired also their fingers grip rough things easier. Has a big button featuring a rough surface. Has a special photo memory that includes a feature that makes it so the camera takes a picture while you are talking to the person and sets it as the memory for that person. Also features a dimming slider for the people who need more brightness or less. https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B5UTqVL85XK0WHBZd0l1Qnk4amc
Fairhill Rockstars72261FairfaxMany Seniors have arthritis and are in pain and cannot move very well. Creating Nanobots to enter the body through a shot and to travel to the inflamed sites and remove the causes of the arthrits or otherwise repari the injury. This is innovative because nanobots are not yet 100% robotic and are not yet applied to arthritis.
B.O.T., Jr.18491FranklinOf the seniors interviewed, a big fear was that of falling when going from place to place, and, if they fell, getting seriously hurt (break a hip, etc.). They knew that could be the end of their independence.The Candy Cane is a cane equipped with sensors along the front of the cane. When the area in front of the cane changes, such as a slope on the sidewalk, a break in the sidewalk, an animal headed in their direction, etc., the cane senses the change and activates a vibration in the handle making the senior aware of a problem. The closer to the obstacle the senior gets the more the handle of the cane vibrates.
TechnoDragons 4-H2852King GeorgeThe team found that seniors have many issues. In our rural county we have no county-only phone directory nor one central place for information for seniors. The team voted to do a web site with phone numbers and connection to other web sites that meet specific needs.The team voted to do a web site listing local phone numbers and connections to other web sites that meet specific needs. m We also put the info into a booklet to distribute at Social Services, and the Senior Citizen luncheons. We are discussing with the weekly newspaper possible distributionor web connection.Our virtual website is not yet activated, as we could find no free way to post it on the internet.
Loch Lomond103261HaymarketMany seniors have a difficult time with learning new technology.Tech Kids - a company that will come to the house to teach you how to use technology.
Brick Busters40302Augusta CountyOur team discovered that knee problems are one of the major complaints of seniors. They specifically dealt with bursitis, or gardener's knee.They devised a multi-optional knee pad system. There were three knee pads, one bubble shape one for the kneecap, one squishy ball shaped one filled with cooling gel for behind the knee to reduce the angle of the bend, and a firm wedge to wear on the shin that extends past the knee to reduce pressure when kneeling. Each are attached with Velcro, and can be used individually or simultaneously.
Rockin' Penguins71021ArlingtonTwo-thirds seniors over 70 experience hearing loss. Hearing aids can help but only one-fifth of seniors use hearing aids. One reason for not getting hearing aids is that hearing aids are expensive and Medicare do not provide coverage. The team created a website to raise awareness and to raise money for two charities that provide assistance to people with hearing problems. www.rockinpenguins.weebly.com
Magellan Wharf Rats5421RaleighOver one million Seniors suffering from COPD, emphysema and other lung diseases rely on oxygen concentrators to breathe. Seniors use oxygen concentrators in their home, with tubing that funnels concentrated oxygen from the electronic device to the nose. About 40 feet of tubing enables the Senior to move from room to room.

Excess tubing runs haphazardly along the floor, making it easy for Seniors to trip over it and fall. Plus, excess tubing can become kinked or entangled, reducing or cutting off the oxygen supply. There is no alarm when this happens.
O 2 4 U
Our invention, O24U, improves oxygen delivery in three ways:
1. A retractable spool winds up excess tubing, eliminating the hazard of extra tubing lying on the floor.

2. Hi-tech tubing turns from clear to red, immediately warning the Senior when oxygen flow has decreased or stopped completely.

3. When oxygen levels drop, an alarm beeps and a text message is sent to nearby caregivers (triggered by a color sensor and pressure gauge).
In progress
Charlotte County 4-H Awesome Bots67022CharlotteOur team picked a problem that faced the elderly couple they chose as partners - which can also affect any elderly person with a dog as a pet. The couple has a large (100+ pound) dog and both have some issues getting around. The dog has been walking them instead of them safely walking the dog. Our team members decided that they could help the Bakers fix the problem by setting up a leash system attached to the gator which Mr. Baker likes to drive around. They fixed it so that the dog's collar could be attached to a longer leash attached to the back of the gator, then Mr. Baker and the dog go "walking" the neighborhood - the dog gets the exercise it needs in a safe quick release way and Mr. Baker stays upright and doesn't get walked.
Brick Hawgs104251Springdalemany seneiors tend to forget to take their medicine or take it at the wrong times. Another problem is drug interactions that can result in hospitilization or even death.The inovative solution or team came up with was the Automated Medicine Cabinet or A.M.C. It is a machine that organizes, dispences, and tells you when to take your medicine. The important part of our machine though is the process it is what seperates it from other machines similar to it. The process connects the doctor to the pharmacist to the patient.
The Cellar Dwellers74121ViennaSeniors sometimes forget to take their medications correctly. This is called medication non-compliance or non-adherence. If they are non-compliant, seniors may get sicker or even die. Their memory can be affected by aging and medical problems like stroke or dementia. Since many seniors take lots of different medications, keeping track of them can be difficult.

The Q-Bar Watch and The Q-Bar App for Smartwatches/Smartphones

The Q-Bar Watch: a medication reminder alarm watch or pendant with an innovative built-in scanner to read Quick Response (QR) or bar codes on medication bottles. Each pharmacist-printed code would contain the medication’s details, dosage, doctor’s instructions, and photo of the pill or capsule. Scanner eliminates the tedious and error-prone process necessary to input reminders into traditional alarm watches, and there are many other Q-Bar features not available on ordinary reminder watches.

The Q-Bar Watch/Phone App: Works like the Q-Bar Watch, but uses an existing smartwatch and the QR code scanner on a paired smartphone to read a medication bottle's QR code or bar code.
Lego Force46061HerndonThe team identified the following problems seniors face due to memory loss, specifically during the early stages of the Alzheimer's disease.
1) They get lost and forget how to get home or familiar places
2) The forget to take pills or double dose it
3) They forget their schedule
A 'SmartWatch' which can be always worn on the senior with a home button (to direct to home) and panic button (to talk directly to caretaker). It will also have a address book and a scheduler which can be all updated by the caretaker from a secure website. A companion product called SmartMeds is an electronic pill dispenser which can interact with SmartWatch to remind the senior to take pills. It will dispense the required pills at the push of a button. The caretaker can fill-in the pill dispenser and can customize the SmartWatch to provide directions to take the pills in caretaker's voice.www.legoforce.net
Blue Dragons46842RichmondThe fear of losing independence
as a result of declining health and
an inability to recall information
The MI watch is a device which allows the user to dictate notes
and reminders while simultaneously monitoring vital signs. The “MI” watch stands for “My Independence”.
The 4 Musketeers140462Glen AllenOur problem is that senior citizens have a lack of education about the risk factors of heart diseases and problems. We have created an awareness program to educate seniors about heart diseases and maintaining proper health.Website:
Cyborg Makos103122CharlottesvilleSeniors have trouble living alone, but do not want to go into assisted living.The Senior Citizens Mutual Assistance Program (SCMAP) provides seniors with access to compatible seniors who can help them with difficulties in everyday activities. The seniors could eventually become good friends or even roommates. The seniors are matched up with different handicaps for a symbiotic companionship.https://www.sites.google.com/site/scmap2012/

Lego Engineers of Dahlgren76302DahlgrenMany seniors tend to forget things on the cooktop which has the potential to result in kitchen fires.The "Holiday Saver", it will alert seniors when they leave the cooktop unattended and a dangerous temperature is reached. Unlike similar products, the "Holiday Saver" is inexpensive and does not require permanent installation by a licensed electrician. This also makes it more acceptable for use in most retirement homes.
The Lost Marbles9632Glen AllenSocial Isolation. Seniors become isolated due to the loss of loved ones spouse, poor health, transportation issues, distance from family, and other issues etc.We have developed The Square. This is a simple device that will connect you with your family and friends and you can play games, meet in online clubs and interest groups all through video chat and all with only 3 to 4 pushes of a button. Not only did we take existing technologies and put them in one device, we made it so simple that anyone can use it. The end result is a virtual community, only for seniors that is safe and easy to use.