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Tanaka, M.Inactivation of the central thalamus delays self-timed saccades.self-timing, eye movements, inactivation, motor thalamus, nonhuman primateNature Neuroscience09/01/
Tanaka, M.Cognitive signals in the primate motor thalamus predict saccade timing.self-timing, saccade, thalamus, monkeyJournal of Neuroscience31/10/
Kunimatsu, J. & Tanaka, M.Alteration of the timing of self-initiated but not reactive saccades by electrical stimulation in the supplementary eye field.self-timing, supplementary eye field, stimulation, monkeyEur J Neurosci30/07/
Ohmae, S., Uematsu, A. & Tanaka, M.Temporally specific sensory signals for the detection of stimulus omission in the primate deep cerebellar nuclei.prediction, rhythm, cerebellar nuclei, entrainment, monkeyJournal of Neuroscience25/09/
Nowak K., Oron A., Szymaszek A., Leminen M., Näätänen R. & Szelag E.Electrophysiological indicators of the age-related deterioration in the sensitivity to auditory duration devianceduration discrimination, mismatch negativity (MMN), P3a, aging, temporal information processingFrontiers in Aging Neuroscience01/
Ohmae, S. & Tanaka, M.Two different mechanisms for the detection of stimulus omission.rhythm, prediction, auditory streaming, omission oddball, humansScientific Reports05/02/
Oron A., Wolak T., Zeffiro T., & Szelag E.Cross-modal comparisons of stimulus specificity and commonality in phonological processingPhonological processing, Phonological awareness, Unimodal and supramodal phonological processing, fMRIBrain and Language05/
Nowak K., Dacewicz A., Broczek K., Kupisz-Urbanska K., Galkowski T. & Szelag E.Temporal Information Processing and its Relation to Executive Functions in Elderly Individualsnormal aging, temporal information processing, executive functions, executive planning, Tower of London, temporal-order judgementFrontiers in Psychology10/
Suzuki, T.W., Kunimatsu, J. & Tanaka, M.Correlation between pupil size and subjective passage of time in non-human primates.pupil dilation, interval timing, stochastic variation, monkeyJournal of Neuroscience02/11/
Kunimatsu, J. & Tanaka, M.Striatal dopamine modulates timing of self-initiated saccades.dopamine, acetylcholine, interval timing, striatum, eye movements, nonhuman primateNeuroscience19/11/
Ali Aytemur, Nathalia Almeida, Kwang-Hyuk LeeDifferential sensory cortical involvement in auditory and visual sensorimotor temporal recalibration: Evidence from transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS)Sensorimotor temporal recalibration, sensorimotor synchronisation, tDCSNeuropsychologia01/2017aali.aytemur@gmail.com
Mina A. Khoei, Guillaume S. Masson, Laurent U. PerrinetThe Flash-Lag Effect as a Motion-Based Predictive Shiftpredictive coding, motion coherency, flash-lag effect, neural delays, diagonal model, motion extrapolation, probabilistic modelsPLOS Computational Biology01/2017laurent.perrinet@univ-amu.fr
Daniel J. Franklin, Stephen GrossbergMemory consolidataion: Adaptively timed conditioning in hippocampusMemory consolidation, adaptively timed conditioning, hippocampusCognitive, Affective, & Behav. NeuroscienceCognitive, Affective, & Behavioral Neuroscience02/2017steve@bu.edu
Szymaszek, A., Wolak, T. & Szelag E.The Treatment Based on Temporal Information Processing Reduces Speech Comprehension Deficits in Aphasic Subjectstemporal information processing, aphasia, stroke, phoneme discrimination, speech comprehension, temporal treatmentFrontiers in Aging Neuroscience04/
Takeya R, Kameda M, Patel AD, Tanaka M.Predictive and tempo-flexible synchronization to a visual metronome in monkeys.synchronization, rhythm, prediction, eye movements, monkeysScientific Reports07/
Mukesh Makwana & Narayanan SrinivasanIntended outcomes expand in timeTime perception, temporal bisection, verbal estimation, bindingScientific Reports07/;
Satoshi Okazaki, Makoto IchikawaPerceptual simultaneity range as a function of frequency separation for two pure tones.Perceptual simultaneity, Perceptual fusion, Consonance, Harmonic relation, Basilar membrane motionAcoustical Science and Technology07/2017okazaki@chiba-u.jp
Judit Castellà, Cristina Cuello, & Antoni SanzDoes Time Fly 20 m above the Ground? Exploring the Role of Affective Response on Time Perception in a High‐risk SportTime Perception, arousal, valence, dominance, retrospective & prospective assessmentApplied Cognitive Pyschology09/2017judit.castella@uab.cat
Suzuki, T.W. & Tanaka, M.Causal role of noradrenaline in the timing of internally-generated saccades in monkeys.noradrenaline, self-timing, eye movements, monkeysNeuroscience09/10/
Toda K., Lusk, NK., Watson, GDR., Kim, N., Lu D., Li HF., Meck, WH., Yin HH.Nigrotectal Stimulation Stops Interval Timing in Miceinterval timing, peak procedure, basal ganglia, substantia nigra pars reticulata, superior colliculus, optogenetics, licking, orofacial movement, miceCurrent Biology11/2017kt131@duke.edu
Eve Isham, Cong-Huy Le, Arne EkstromRightward and leftward biases in temporal reproduction of objects represented in central and peripheral spacesMental time line, time-space, central and peripheral vision, time reproductionNeurobiology of learning and memory12/2017eaisham@email.arizona.edu
Sh. Khoshnoud, M. Shamsi, M.A. Nazari and S. MakeigDifferent Cortical Source Activation Patterns in Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder during a Time Reproduction TaskAttention-deficit/ hyperactivity disorder;contingent negative variation;electroencephalography; P300; theta activity; time reproductionJournal of Clinical and Experimental Neuropsychology12/2017shiva.khoshnoud@gmail.com
Szelag E.Commentary: Effects of Video Game Training on Measures of Selective Attention and Working Memory in Older Adults: Results from a Randomized Controlled Trialhealthy aging, neurorehabilitation, cognitive training, video gamesFrontiers in Aging Neuroscience01/
Ceyda Sayali, Ezgi Uslu, Melisa Menceloglu, Resit Canbeyli, Fuat BalciEffect of Acute Physical Activity on Interval Timingattentional-gate model; physical activity; pacemaker–accumulator model; Temporal reproduction; internal clock; movementTiming & Time Perception01/
Daniel Levitin, Jessica Grahn, Justin LondonThe Psychology of Music: Rhythm and Movementmusic perception, tempo, timing, rhythm, entrainment, movementAnnual Reviews in Psychology01/2018jgrahn@uwo.ca
F.L. Bouwer, J.A. Burgoyne, D. Odijk, H. Honing, J.A. GrahnWhat makes a Rhythm Complex? The Influence of Musical Training and Accent Type on Beat Perception.PLOS ONE01/2018jgrahn@uwo.ca
Jordan J. Wehrman, John H. Wearden, Paul SowmanShort-term effects on temporal judgement: Sequential drivers of interval bisection and reproductionSequential experience; temporal perception; interval bisection; interval reproduction; assimilationActa Psychologica01/
Mioni G, Capizzi M, Vallesi A, Correa Á, Di Giacopo R, Stablum F.Dissociating explicit and implicit timing in Parkinson's disease patients: Evidence from Bisection and Foreperiod Tasks.Parkinson participants; basal ganglia; explicit timing; foreperiod; implicit timing; sequential effects; time bisection taskFront Hum Neurosci.01/2018mioni.giovanna@gmail.com
Ruth S Ogden, Rhiannon MacKenzie-Phelan, Catharine Mongtomery, John E Fisk, John H WeardenExecutive processes and timing: Comparing timing with and without reference memoryTime perception; timing; executive function; memoryQuarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology01/
Sven Thönes, Christoph von Castell, Julia Iflinger, Daniel OberfeldColor and time perception: Evidence for temporal overestimation of blue stimuliTime perception, color, duration discrimination, arousal, blue, red, hueScientific Reports01/2018thoenes@ifado.de
Aysha Motala, James Heron, Paul McGraw, Neil Roach & David WhitakerRate aftereffects fail to transfer crossmodally: Evidence for distributed timing mechanismsCross-modal, rhythm perception, psychophysicsScientific Reports01/
Alexander J Billig, Matthew H Davis, Robert P CarlyonNeural decoding of bistable sounds reveals an effects of intention on perceptual organizationAuditory streaming, intention, MEG, multivariate classification, perceptual organization, stream segregationJournal of Neuroscience02/2018ajbillig@gmail.com
Andrew W. Corcoran, Christopher Groot, Aurelio Bruno, Alan Johnston, Simon J. CropperIndividual differences in first- and second-order temporal judgmentTime perception, individual differences, schizotypy, metacognitionPLoS ONE02/2018aurelio.m.bruno@gmail.com
Daniela Ballotta, Fausta Lui, Carlo Adolfo Porro, Paolo Frigio Nichelli, Francesca BenuzziModulation of neural circuits underlying temporal production by facial expressions of painPLOS ONE02/2018daniela.ballotta@unimore.it
Devika Narain, Evan D Remington, Chris I De Zeeuw & Mehrdad JazayeriA cerebellar mechanism for learning prior distributions of time intervalsBayesian inference, interval timing, cerebellumNature Communications02/2018dnarain@mit.edu
Jim Maarseveen, Hinze Hogendoorn, Frans Verstraten, Chris PaffenAttention Gates the Selective Encoding of DurationDuration after-effect, Attention, PsychophysicsScientific Reports02/2018j.maarseveen@uu.nl
Isabelle Brocas, Juan D. Carrillo, Jorge TarrasóSelf-awareness of biases in time perceptionTime perception; decision-making; self-awareness; metacognitionJournal of Economic Behavior and Organization02/2018juandc@usc.edu
Sven Thönes, Kurt Stocker, Peter Brugger, Heiko HechtIs mental time embodied interpersonally?Mental time line, interpersonal, STEARC effect, embodimentCognitive Processing02/2018thoenes@ifado.de
Andrea Ravignani, Bill Thompson, Thomas Grossi, Tania Delgado, Simon KirbyEvolving building blocks of rhythm: how human cognition creates music via cultural transmissionevolution of music; rhythm; timing; cultural transmission; biomusicology; Bayesian modelAnnals of the New York Academy of Sciences03/2018andrea.ravignani@gmail.com
Benedikt Zoefel, Sanne ten Oever, and Alexander T. SackThe Involvement of Endogenous Neural Oscillations in the Processing of Rhythmic Input: More Than a Regular Repetition of Evoked Neural Responsesentrainment, phase, ERP, evoked response, power, oscillation, endogenousFrontiers in Neuroscience03/
Francisco Magalhães, Kaline Rocha, Victor Marinho, Jéssica Ribeiro, Thomaz Oliveira, Carla Ayres, Thalys Bento, Francisca Leite, Daya Gupta, Victor Hugo Bastos, Bruna Velasques, Pedro Ribeiro, Marco Orsini and Silmar TeixeiraNeurochemical changes in basal ganglia affect time perception in parkinsoniansParkinson’s disease, Time perception, Dopamine, Basal gangliaJournal of Biomedical Science03/2018fisiofranciscoxavier@gmail.com
Germán Mendoza, Juan Carlos Méndez, Oswaldo Pérez, Luis Prado & Hugo MerchantNeural basis for categorical boundaries in the primate pre-SMA during relative categorization of time intervalsNature Communications03/2018hugomerchant@unam.mx
Laura K. Cirelly, Sandra E. Trehub, Laurel J. TrainorRhythm and melody as social signs for infantsinfants; social development; singing; synchrony; musicAnnals of the New York Academy of Sciences03/2018laura.cirelli@utoronto.ca
Lison Fanuel, Sophie Portrat, Barbara Tillmann, Gaen PlancherTemporal regularities allow saving time for maintenance in working memoryrefreshing; working memory; temporal regularities; attentional resourcesAnnals of the New York Academy of Sciences03/; gaen.plancher@univ-lyon2.fr
Nihal Apaydın, Sertaç Üstün, Emre H Kale, İpek Çelikağ, Halise D Özgüven, Bora Baskak, Metehan ÇiçekNeural Mechanisms Underlying Time Perception and Reward Anticipationtime perception, reward anticipation, fMRI, dopaminergic pathwaysFront Hum Neurosci.03/
Chia-Jung Chang, Mehrdad JazayeriIntegration of speed and time for estimating time to contactTime-to-contact estimation; cue combination; temporal context; Bayesian model; sensorimotor coordinationPNAS03/2018mjaz@mit.edu
Scheurich, R., Zamm, A., & Palmer, C. Tapping into rate flexibility: Musical training facilitates synchronization around spontaneous production rates. synchronization, spontaneous rates, endogenous rhythms, auditory-motor integrationFrontiers in Psychology03/; caroline.palmer@mcgill.ca
Stephen Grossberg, Devika KishnanFragile X Syndrome: mGluR-modulated adaptuively timed learningFragile X Syndrome, mGlurR, adaptively timed learningFrontiers in Psychology: Psychopathology03/2018steve@bu.edu
Amir Hossein Ghaderi, Shadi Moradkhani, Arvin Haghighatfard, Fatemeh Akrami, Zahra Khayyer, Fuat BalcıTime estimation and beta segregation: An EEG study and graph theoretical approachPLOS ONE04/
Anelli Filomena, Avanzi Stefano, Arzy Shahar, Mancuso Mauro, Frassinetti FrancescaEffects of spatial attention on mental time travel in patients with neglect.Mental time travel, Spatial attention, Neglect, Prismatic adaptation, Voxel-based lesion-symptom mapping (VLSM)Cortex04/2018filomena.anelli@unibo.it
Freek van Ede, Sammi R. Chekroud, Mark G. Stokes & Anna C. NobreDecoding the influence of anticipatory states on visual perception in the presence of temporal distractorsNature Communications04/
Jorge Gámez, Karyna Yc, Yaneri A. Ayala, Dobromir Dotov, Luis Prado, Hugo MerchantPredictive rhythmic tapping to isochronous and tempo changing metronomes in the nonhuman primatebeat entrainment; predictive timing; rhythm perception and production; synchronization task; monkeyAnnals of the New York Academy of Sciences04/2018hugomerchant@unam.mx
Oswaldo Pérez and Hugo MerchantThe Synaptic Properties of Cells Define the Hallmarks of Interval Timing in a Recurrent Neural Networkinterval timing, long-term synaptic properties, recurrent neural network, spontaneous activityJournal of Neuroscience04/, doswaldo.perezm@gmail.com
Lison Fanuel, Gaën Plancher, Noé Monsaingeon, Barbara Tillmann, Sophie PortratTemporal dynamics of maintenance in young and old adultsaging, working memory, refreshing, maintenanceAnnals of the New York Academy of Sciences04/, sophie.portrat@univ-grenoble-alpes.fr
Aysha Basharat, Meaghan S. Adams, William R. Staines and Michael Barnett-CowanSimultaneity and Temporal Order Judgments Are Coded Differently and Change With Age: An Event-Related Potential Studyaging, audiovisual, event-related potentials, multisensory integration, simultaneity perception, temporal order perception, temporal binding window
Frontiers in Integrative Neuroscience04/2018mbc@uwaterloo.ca
Richard McWalter, Josh H. McDermottAdaptive and Selective Time Averaging of Auditory Scenesaudition, auditory scene analysis, natural sounds, sound texture, summary statistics, temporal integration, texture synthesis, sound segregation, perceptual grouping, psychophysicsCurrent Biology04/2018mcwalter@mit.edu
Ignacio Polti, Benoît Martin & Virginie van WassenhoveThe effect of attention and working memory on the estimation of elapsed timeScientific Reports04/; virginie.van.wassenhove@gmail.com
Peter Vuust, Martin J. Dietz, Maria Witek, Morten L. KringelbachNow you hear it: a predictive coding model for understanding rhythmic incongruityrhythm; music; predictive coding; brainAnnals of the New York Academy of Sciences04/2018petervuust@gmail.com
Sylvie Droit-Volet, Sophie Monceau, Mickaël Berthon, Panos Trahanias, Michail ManiadakisThe explicit judgment of long durations of several minutes in everyday life: Conscious retrospective memory judgment and the role of affects?PLOS ONE04/2018Sylvie.droit-volet@uca.fr
Taisuke Kamada, Toshimichi HataInsular cortex inactivation generalizes fear-induced underestimation of interval timing in a temporal bisection taskInterval timing, Fear conditioning, Insular cortex, Temporal bisection taskBehavioural Brain Research04/2018taisuk.kamada@gmail.com
William Mau, David W. Sullivan, Nathaniel R. Kinsky, Michael E. Hasselmo, Marc W. Howard, Howard EichenbaumThe Same Hippocampal CA1 Population Simultaneously Codes Temporal Information over Multiple Timescaleshippocampus, CA1, temporal encoding, calcium imaging, longitudinal recordingCurrent Biology04/2018wmau@bu.edu
Zoran Tiganj, Jason A. Cromer, Jefferson E. Roy, Earl K. Miller, and Marc W. HowardCompressed Timeline of Recent Experience in Monkey Lateral Prefrontal CortexJournal of Cognitive Neuroscience04/2018zoran.tiganj@gmail.com
Atser Damsma, Rober van der Mijn, Hedderik van RijnNeural Markers of Memory Consolidation Do Not Predict Temporal Estimates of Encoded ItemsTime perception, working memory, memory consolidation, P3Neuropsychologia05/, d.h.van.rijn@rug.nl
Ola Ozernov‐Palchik, Aniruddh D. PatelMusical rhythm and reading development: does beat processing matter?rhythm processing, reading development, phonological awareness, beat‐based structure, temporal regularityAnnals of the New York Academy of Sciences05/2018a.patel@tufts.edu
Sathesan Thavabalasingam, Edward B.O'Neil, Andy C.H.LeeMultivoxel pattern similarity suggests the integration of temporal duration in hippocampal event sequence representationsHippocampus, Memory, Time, Event sequences, Functional magnetic resonance imagingNeuroImage05/2018andych.lee@utoronto.ca
Zamm, A., Debener, S., Bauer, A-K.R., Bleichner, M.G., Demos, A.P., & Palmer, C. Amplitude envelope correlations measure synchronous cortical oscillations in performing musicianssensorimotor synchronization, hyper-brain entrainment Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences05/; caroline.palmer@mcgill.ca
Nadia Paraskevoudi, Fuat Balci, Argiro Vatakis“Walking” through the sensory, cognitive, and temporal degradations of healthy agingaging, cognitive aging, gait, multisensory integration, sensory processing, temporal processingAnnals of the New York Academy of Sciences05/2018argiro.vatakis@gmail.com
Kevin D.Himberger, Hsiang-Yun Chien, Christopher J.Honey Principles of Temporal Processing Across the Cortical Hierarchyhierarchy, predictive coding, timescales, sequence processing, temporal integrationNeuroscience05/2018chris.honey@jhu.edu
Carter Daniels, Paula Overby, Federico SanabriaBetween-session memory degradation accounts for within-session changes in fixed-interval performanceFixed-interval schedule of reinforcement, Within-session, interval timing, response threshold, computational modeling, ratsBehavioral Processes05/2018cwdaniel@asu.edu
Darren RhodesOn the Distinction between Perceived Duration and Event Timing: Towards a Unified Model of Time PerceptionTime perception, bayesian timing, duration, perceived timing, multisensory, modelsTiming & Time Perception05/2018darrenrhodes34@gmail.com
Liberty S. Hamilton, Erik Edwards, Edward F. ChangA Spatial Map of Onset and Sustained Responses to Speech in the Human Superior Temporal Gyruselectrocorticography, ECoG, intracranial recordings, auditory, natural speech, neurolinguistics, unsupervised learning, spectrotemporal receptive fieldCurrent Biology05/2018edward.chang@ucsf.edu
Freek van Ede, Andrew J. Quinn, Mark W. Woolrich, & Anna C. NobreNeural Oscillations: Sustained Rhythms or Transient Burst-Events?local field potential, electroencephalography, magnetoencephalography, beta oscillations, signal interpretation, frequency analysisTrends in Neurosciences05/
Valentian Ciullo, Daniela Vecchio, Tommaso Gili, Gianfranco Spalletta, Federica PirasSegregation of Brain Structural Networks Supports Spatio-Temporal Predictive Processingpredictive timing, spatio-temporal predictive performance, structural connectivity, diffusion tensor imaging, complex network theory, schizophreniaFrontiers in Human Neuroscience05/2018g.spalletta@hsantalucia.it
Joseph Paton, Dean BuonomanoThe Neural Basis of Timing: Distributed Mechanisms for Diverse FunctionsNeuron05/, dbuono@ucla.edu
Shoko Kanaya, Masamichi J. Hayashi, David WhitneyExaggerated groups: amplification in ensemble coding of temporal and spatial featuresensemble coding, summary statistics, perception, size, temporal frequencyProceedings of the Royal Society B05/
Laurel J. Trainor, Andrew Chang, John Cairney, Yao-Chuen LiIs auditory perceptual timing a core deficit of developmental coordination disorder?developmental coordination disorder (DCD), motor deficit, auditory–motor interaction, time perception, child developmentAnnals of the New York Academy of Sciences05/2018ljt@mcmaster.ca
Degos, B, Ameqrane I, Rivaud-Péchoux S, Pouget P & Missal MShort-term temporal memory in idiopathic and Parkin-associated Parkinson’s diseaseTemporal preparation, foreperiod effect, eye movements, ParkinsonScientific Reports05/2018marcus.missal@uclouvain.be
Mehdi Bugallo, Armando Machado, Marco VasconcelosA new variable interval schedule with constant hazard rate and finite time rangeexponential distribution, hazard function, uniform distribution, variable interval schedule, temporal contingenciesJournal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior05/2018mehdi.bugallo@gmail.com
Martin Wiener, Alomi Parikh, Arielle Krakow & H. Branch CoslettAn Intrinsic Role of Beta Oscillations in Memory for Time EstimationScientific Reports05/
Zuk N.J., Carney L.H., Lalor E.C.Preferred Tempo and Low-Audio-Frequency Bias Emerge From Simulated Sub-cortical Processing of Sounds With a Musical Beatauditory, rhythm, tempo induction, musical beat, biomimetic modelFrontiers in Neuroscience05/2018nzuk@ur.rochester.edu
Alexander Chern, Barbara Tillmann, Chloe Vaughan, Reyna L.GordonNew evidence of a rhythmic priming effect that enhances grammaticality judgments in childrenLanguage, Music, Grammar, Rhythm, Syntax, Rhythmic priming effectJournal of Experimental Child Psychology05/2018reyna.gordon@vanderbilt.edu
Simone G. Heideman, Gustavo Rohenkohl, Joshua J. Chauvin, Clare E. Palmer, Freek van Ede, Anna C. NobreAnticipatory neural dynamics of spatial-temporal orienting of attention in younger and older adultsageing, anticipatory attention, spatial orienting, temporal orienting, oscillations, MEGNeuroImage05/
Rui Liu, Xiangyong Yuan, Kepu Chen, Yi Jiang, Wen ZhouPerception of social interaction compresses subjective duration in an oxytocin-dependent mannereLife05/,
Szymaszek, A., Dacewicz, A., Urban, P., & Szelag, E.Training in Temporal Information Processing Ameliorates Phonetic Identificationtemporal information processing (TIP), specific language impairment (SLI), voice-onset-time, phonetic identification, temporal intervention, voicing contrast detectionFrontiers in Human Neuroscience06/
Catalin V. Buhusi, Sorinel A. Oprisan, and Mona BuhusiBiological and Cognitive Frameworks for a Mental Timelinetime perception, temporal order, computer simulations, biologically inspired cognitive architectures, brain, neural networksFrontiers in Neuroscience06/2018catalin.buhusi@usu.edu
Catalin V. Buhusi, Marcelo B. Reyes, Cody-Aaron Gathers, Sorinel A. Oprisan and Mona BuhusiInactivation of the Medial-Prefrontal Cortex Impairs Interval Timing Precision, but Not Timing Accuracy or Scalar Timing in a Peak-Interval Procedure in Ratsinterval timing, medial prefrontal cortex (mPFC), pharmacology, muscimol, computational modeling, rats, Sprague-Dawley, Striatal Beat Frequency modelFrontiers in Integrative Neuroscience06/
Yingqi Wan and Lihan ChenTemporal Reference, Attentional Modulation, and Crossmodal Assimilationtemporal window, temporal ventriloquism effect, central tendency effect, assimilation, attenFrontiers in Computational Neuroscience06/
Alberta Ipser, Mayaan Karlinski, Elliot FreemanCorrelation of individual differences in audiovisual asynchrony across stimuli and tasks: new constraints on Temporal Renormalization theorysensory synchronisation; multisensory; individual differences; speech processingJournal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance06/
Valentina Ciullo, Federica Piras, Daniela Vecchio, Nerisa Banaj, Jennifer T. Coull, Gianfranco SpallettaPredictive timing disturbance is a precise marker of schizophreniaTime perception; Predictive timing; Duration estimation; Working memory; Comorbid cognitive deficits; Temporal expectationsSchizophrenia Research: Cognition06/2018federica.piras@hsantalucia.it
Björn Herrmann, Ingrid S. JohnsrudeNeural Signatures of the Processing of Temporal Patterns in Soundelectroencephalography, entrainment, neural synchronization, stimulus statistics, sustained activity, temporal regularityJournal of Neuroscience06/2018herrmann.b@gmail.com
Inga Korolczuk, Boris Burle, Jennifer T. CoullThe costs and benefits of temporal predictability: impaired inhibition of prepotent responses accompanies increased activation of task-relevant responsesTemporal prediction; Temporal preparation; Timing; Attention; Response inhibition; Response conflictCognition06/
Jennifer T. Coull , Katherine A. Johnson, Sylvie Droit-VoletA mental timeline for duration from the age of 5 years oldtiming, Time Perception, duration, space, Position, development, timeline, magnitudeFrontiers in Psychology06/2018jennifer.coull@univ-amu.fr
B. Kyu Kim, Gal ZaubermanPsychological Time and Intertemporal PreferenceCurrent Opinion in Psychology06/; gal.zauberman@yale.edu
Ljubica Jovanovic; Pascal MamassianTiming in the absence of a clock resetJournal of Vision06/; pascal.mamassian@ens.fr
Andrew Chang, Dan J. Bosnyak, Laurel J. TrainorBeta oscillatory power modulation reflects the predictability of pitch changeSensory prediction; Predictive coding; Beta oscillation; P3a; Electroencephalogram (EEG); Auditory cortexCortex06/2018ljt@mcmaster.ca
Tomás Gallo Aquino, Raphael Yokoingawa de Camargo, Marcelo Bussotti ReyesApproaching subjective interval timing with a non-Gaussian perspectiveInterval timing, Bisection task, Scalar timing, log-normal, inverse GaussianJournal of Mathematical Psychology06/
Zvi Shapiro, Samantha Cerasiello, Loryn Hartshorne, & Matthew Matell5-HT1a receptor involvement in temporal memory and the response to temporal ambiguity5HT1AR, interval timing, memory, rats, WAY100635, 8-OH-DPAT, stimulus compounding, drug discriminationFrontiers in Neuroscience06/2018matthew.matell@villanova.edu
Mehdi Bugallo, Armando Machado, & Marco VasconcelosA new variable interval schedule with constant hazard rate and finite time rangeexponential distribution; hazard function; uniform distribution, variable interval schedule, temporal contingenciesJournal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior06/2018mehdi.bugallo@gmail.com
Katsuhiko Miyazaki, Kayoko W. Miyazaki, Akihiro Yamanaka, Tomoki Tokuda, Kenji F. Tanaka, & Kenji DoyaReward probability and timing uncertainty alter the effect of dorsal raphe serotonin neurons on patienceNature Communications06/2018miyazaki@oist.jp
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