Tesla Model S firmware wish list
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Tesla Model S Firmware Wishlist
WishesWanted byCommentsImplemented in version
Move driver seat to max back and steering wheel to max up when driver door is opened. Then revert to default driver position after driver is seated upon entry.mr.rs4Isn't this implemented in current software? There is an 'entry/exit profile'.
1Make one driver profile marked as default. Then make seat and steering wheel go back to that default profile when car is in park. (Or when the car is in park and the drivers door is opened.) This will make it easier to have enough room to exit and enter the car.KD, Omart0505, JasonZX12R, DP, cra,Ko_deZCould lead to lots of wear and tear on the motors for seat/stearing-column - Depends on the car. - My friend's Lexus does this automatically and hasn't been an issue for him
Easy Entry implemented -Randy
aBetter light on Norwegian Cars,,, ST,Kim, cra, RA, asbjornoIt is simply not good enough for Norwegian dark and rainy roads
cra: Something that produced some heat to remove fox/ice would help a lot.
a.Presets EQ like, Rock, Pop, and Jazz. OR the possibility to save 3 custom user EQ. omart0505, cra
b.Shuffle, Repeat, Playlist.omart0505, BN, chico, Man_Utd, DP, craPlaylists can be complicated to implement without an underlying database structure, but shuffle functionality can be programmed quite easily... Shuffle is extremely important in a car, otherwise big USB compilations are worthless (since one ever gets to hear the songs starting with "A" and "B" (and special characters)
c.Possibility to adjust subwoofer volume. omart0505, BN, DLH,mj, JasonZX12R, Man_Utd, cra, mr.rs4
d.Searchable TuneIn station list
e.When listening to XM - the steering wheel track up/down buttons would scroll thru every station and not just the favorites.This also applies to DAB+
f.Previews of what’s playing on each station from the browse screen.
g.Scrolling artist/album/song lists from the USB drive on the steering wheel scroll wheel. Omart0505
h.Allow USB connection to iPhone for music instead of just Bluetooth. (either Direct USB or Analog: see item u. below...)chico, ErikSu, CDDuplicated by H
i.Larger fonts on the stored radio channels. Omart0505
j.Switch media source by voice command
k.Correct the DAB radio interface so that the main information displayed is the radio channeliamxerc
l. Remove the frequency block information in the DAB interface. This is superfluous information for the user.DP, Ko_deZ, OddB, iamxerc
m.Optimized phase/delay and volume attenuation based on a chosen position in the cabin
n.USB connection to iPhone for music instead of just Bluetooth.Duplicates H
o.Allow æ, ø, å, ö and ä in both music file names and metadataKD, MS, DLH, cra, mj, rg, KS, Dr, St, KI2.2.173
p.Have a +0.5 button over the bass, mid-range and treble slider, so that you can adjust the sound in 0.5 increments by pushing a button and not always use the slider. omart0505, BN, cra
q.Download album / artist cover.omart0505, trigga71
r.Spotify. stianrod, ST, rawen76, EVERYONE+1, DP, FBN, mr.rs4, ST, KI, TL, ErikSuImplemented

mr.rs4 offline music as well
sHold down next/previous on the steering wheel to fast forward/rewind on the current track playing.BN, cra, trigga71, KS
t.Speed dependent volumeBN, GSS, rawen76, mj , rg, trigga71, cfm, SAH, RSR911, iamxerc, CDShould adjust EQ also. More bass at lower volumes.
u.Allow analog audio input via simple USB connector (like this: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001MSS6CS/ref=olp_product_details?ie=UTF8&me=&seller=chicoThere are many audio devices that can't connect to Tesla's audio system today (e.g., iPod classic, video players, video game devices, etc.) but which could do so with an audio input jack.
Tozz: This will never be implemented. It would require a driver specific to the audio chip in the USB stick.
v.Enable audio MP3/AAC/QuickTime streaming from URL chico, CDI want to listen to music from my home server!
w.Wimpcra, rg, dr, ErikSu
x.Let the skip back button restart the current track in Rdio/TuneIn.cra , JasonZX12R, atta, DP
y.Display what song will be next on Rdio/TuneIncra,mjMay be the functionality it is included, but with bad result?
z.Dual amplifier so that one can listen to for example news in the front and the kids can listen to music in the trunk TNB
aa.A general reworking of the DAB/FM system in order to enhance the reception quality and the ability to keep holding the station (RDS functionality)Gressvikingen, DP, FBN
ab.It should be possible to make a pure search by using the steering wheel buttons. Not only a jump between the preset stations (FM).
ac.Display track length and position + allow jumping (mp3 etc.)HhartesJumping in the song can be done when playing .mp3 from USB.
ad.Ability to play Apple Lossless format.ITSELEApple Lossless is open source. It takes me 2 days to convert my collection to flac format which currently is supported.
ae.A software/app to manage USB content from a computer, and the sync (automatically/manually) then the Tesla connects to the same LAN as the app. Kind of like syncing between iTunes and iPhone.cra, CDIf Tesla's API allows for this functionality I'm sure we'll see a 3rd party app for it.
af.Display more of the ID3 info when playing MP3 from USB when playing. Currently only the song title is displayed. At least the artist, and perhaps also album would be nice info to include. And since there is plenty of room, an option to display technical info about the track (file format, compression rate etc) would be nice.cra
ag.(Related to af.) Option to display artist and song title by ID3 tag (or similar) if available. Some (long) songnames causes all songs to appear with the same name, typically if artist and album is the first part of the filename.cra
ah.Passenger mute button. Tap the centre of the bottom right volume control to mute / unmute. This way my wife can mute the sound to talk to our son in the back more easily. DGatesNever was able to mute my missus!
ai.Enable html5 audio in the browser.ST, CDWould open up for 3. party music players (google play music, winp and spotify) without a lot of development

option for the suspension height to be speed fixed. Useful in
wintertime when on small snowy roads I find my self always choosing the
very high suspension when possible (speed bellow 35 km/h). 

rossifan46, ErikSu
ak.Spotify. Sort playlists by A-Z or by date added, like in the spotify player.iamxercIf you add new songs to a playlist, you now need to scroll all the way down to bottom. Sort by date added etc prevents this.
a.Auto dimmable display brightness, when driving into tunnels and such, or when it's dark outside.Omart0505, Rawen76, cra, rg, afitch80, FBN, dr, JumboTour,Kim, SAH, OleT,mr.rs4,acittlau, Ko_deZ, PSchaug, iamxerc, CD, mnemoIsn't this already a feature?
Answer: No, it takes a while for the dimming to occur. When driving into tunnels, the shift should happen within a few seconds. This could be coupled with the gps that normally know if the is going into a tunnel. GPS is not necessary; the headlights and tail lights come on instantly when going into a tunnel. This should trigger the display mode change also. Preferably with fade in/out.
b.12V battery status on screen.,cra, drAt least the possibility to check it in some status screen somewhere, if not on the display at all times.
SAH: Why is this important?
c.Window lock button (or something similar in the GUI) disables the at least for the right side of the driver's window switch panel. CD
d.Homelink button popup either much larger or, ideally, placed in the center of the screen where it's easier to get to.JasonZX12R, SAH
e.Have preferences setting to let the browser identify itself as either a mobile browser or a regular desktop browser.Omart0505, cra, trigga71
f.Weather appOmart0505, BN, mj, SAHAvailable on external websites such as http://mintesla.com
g.Enable Flash/HTML5/Video when in parkOmart0505, trigga71, iamxercor when passenger is detected.
SAH: On WiFi only at least. Over 3G will cost someone, something.
h.Display flashes the text "ALARM ON" when the car is closed and the alarm is activated ..TNB, CD
i.Add a button to shut off main screen. jasonZX12R, SAHIs more or less available today (screen cleaning mode)
No, it is not. The screen is not off in cleaning mode, it still emits light when the screen displays black color. And using cleaning mode is too complicated.
SAH: Need to be an easy, accessible button on the main screen. Touch the screen anywhere to bring it back to life.
j.It is a bit hard to read remaining energy from the battery indicator on the small screen. (Due to dark green color).
k.Have a delay before the backseat unbuckled warning disappears from top of screen.
Reason: When parked the display "jumps around", making it difficult to use buttons if unbuckled kids move about in the back seat.
l.Smartphone mirroring on the main screen TNB (KD) Please elaborate.
SAH: You thinking of Apple/Google CarPlay?
m.Indicator on display to show when brake light comes onThis is already available, if you open control or charge window you will see an animation on the break light when you push the break.
n.an indicator of the cars hight setting without opening the car menucra, iamxercCould be just a letter like the D R N, at least when not in standard mode.
o.Enable a phonenumber as "Homelink" KatatonSome parkinghouses uses a phonenumber to get the gate to open. Now I have to scroll trouigh recent calls or look in phonebook to open the gate.
SAH: You can automate this, install Tasker or IFTTT on your phone, then make an event that calls a certain number based on GPS-location or WiFi sense. You can add a timer and day-of-week etc as criterias for good measure.
P4G instead of 3G Kim, ErikSu3G is yesterday,,,, Tesla is THE future
iamxerc: new cars have 4G
Implemented in 2018 cars. Maybe 2017 also?
q.Read access for admin status screens, especially HVAC, battery cell status, tire pressures etc.Amund, CD
r.Display projected range when energy app is selected on the small screen. This will be extra useful now as many have energy % displayed instead of range on the battery bar. The energy selection could also display Trip graph if this was previously selected in the energy app at the big screen.
sUse front cmera as dashcam. Have ability to replay-export,rvcMarin, ErikSu, iamxerc, Lii8, posthouse, CD, TozzLii8: parking-mode, with warning to tesla-app on events registered by the car (type motion detect or impact) and possibility to save recorded event to internal memory or to usb.
tA notification if the key is not in the car when driving. (if lost during driving, for example if placed on the roof and falls off during driving))Øyvind M-K, CD
uEnable possibility to use the car LTE/4G/3G carrier as wifi hotspot for passengers in the carLii8, CD
vSupercharger info on the map: Display the stall number on the available supercharger stall that presently will give you the highest power output.
wNorwegian language softwareSimen1
a.Have the option to let the car “idle”, which I mean keep the air-condition , audio and so forth running for a set amount of time when the driver is not in the vehicle. For example if the driver is in the store, and the dog is in the car, and it is hot outside. If the car had an “idle” function it would maintain preset temperature for a set amount of time. (BN) This would also be useful when napping/sleeping in the car to keep the heat/AC running. Also known as Camper Mode.CD(KD) Isn't this possible just by setting the car in N and then select parking break from the Control menu?This is implemented in software version 8.something and is indeed called Camper Mode
b.Suspension preset settings: comfort, sport and normal.MS, Omart0505, rg, SCI, ElToro, SAH, ST, ErikSu, CD
c.Ability for the phone app to send pop up notifications for alerts, such as forgetting to charge, or letting you know there is an issue if you are not in the car yourself. Especially "CHARGING INTERRUPTED" notification via APP.GSS, Omart0505, Rawen76, Quintilian, BjornLo, DPP, cfm, mr.rs4SAH: Charge Interrupted is available in the latest App, yes?
d.Adding gridlines to the rear view camera to assist in parking.KD, MS, GSS, BN, KK, DLH, cra, Quintilian, JasonZX12R, trigga71, BjornLo, atta, HV, DP, KS, ElToro, Kim,afitch80, FBN, dr, SAH,Anita,mars, St, jbw550313introduced in firmware 6.1
e.Ability for the car to recognize that there is crud on the back up camera before you start driving, so you can clean it if necessary.Omart0505, DP,SamV, CD
f.Ability for the car to stop on its own if the parking sensors is sensing a collision.Omart0505,mj, rg, cra,Kim, SAH, mr.rs4, CDOh no! Makes it impossible to drive in high gras. Ok if possible to disable.
SAH: This is useful, just add override button.
g.Ability for phone to either display text message from phone on display (privacy option) or read the text aloud over the sound system...also the ability to respond by voice.MS, BN, cra, DP, SCI, ElToro,Kim, mr.rs4, jbw550313,SamV, CD
h.JasonZX12R, trigga71, CD
i.Range factoring in the ambient temperature.Omart0505, CD
j.Allow the suspension height to be geofenced.MS, Omart0505, Quintilian, DPIntroduced in Firmjmware 6.0
k.GPS enabled homelink activation.MSSAH: See 3o.
l.Option for gated community receivers. For gates to parking houses and so on.JasonZX12R
m.Auto- unfold mirrors above a certain speed (say 20 mph)CD
n.Locking the car into a Driver Profile with limits on max torque, max speed, and certain app restrictions. Pincode. (Valet mode)MS, cra, trigga71,rabalder, toregrill, ElToroValet mode
o.Roll up the windows from the Tesla application. and have an alert if parked with anything open.Omart0505, cra, JasonZX12R, SCI, cfm, CD, HBW, AKThis may not be possible in the US due to legal limitations
HBW: But should be no problems elsewhere...(!?) - most cars from DE and FR automakers has this feature! (important in cold climate, you don't want snow inside)
p.Key fob to enable both lowering raising all of the windowsOmart0505, rg, cfm,SamV, CDThis may not be possible in the US due to legal limitations
HBW: no need to let that stop you ;-)
q.Add a "Regen" counter to track how much energy was generated via regen since the last charge.trigga71,rabalder, SCI, cra, CD
r.An Inside Cabin temp indicator.BN, Rawen76, cra,mj, JasonZX12R, cfm,SamV, CD
s.Possibility to lock Mobile Access with a pincode - to avoid that someone disables mobile accessMS, GSS, Rawen76, cra, trigga71, rabalder, DP, ElToro, asbjorn, cfm,SamV, iamxerc, CDElToro: Could also apply to other security settings: Alarm and Tilt/Intrusion.
t.Parking sensors to show distance from object, even closer than "Stop"MS, BN,mj, rabalder, DP, mr.rs4, jbw550313, CDMessure to few centimetres. This could be difficult if there is a pole between two of the sensors. It works with a flat wall though.
u.Passenger Profile with more settings storedJasonZX12R, DP, SCI, jbw550313,SamV, iamxerc, CD
v.Ability to display the most used aftermarket wheels on the two screens, on the same level as original Tesla wheels (GUI)MS
w. Add more counters than A and B and select which to show in the display. BN, Rawen76, cra, rabalder, toregrill, asbjorn, cfm,Km, CDOne counter should auto reset after one hour of inactivity. Add driving time counter.
x.Include driving time in trip stats, and auto-reset for each trip for one specific counterBN, dr, cfm,Kim
,SamV, CD
GSS: And avarage speed etc.
y. Connect the timers to a driver profile so that we can see which driver is the most economic :-)CD
z.Include monthly/annual vampire drain statVisible tesla software has this option