2017 RUM Schedule
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CollegeClass BeginsClass EndsRoom NumberRUM Class NumberCore Curriculum Course?Class TitleClass DescriptionType of ClassInstructorInstructor RUM numberAge RestrictionsClass Size LimitClass FeeNotes
Chancellor's Track 19:009:50C5Madame du Pont's Finishing School for Lords and Ladies: ChivalryPart 1: Etiquette and CourtesyMadame Cynthia du Pont
12 years and up
no limit
Chancellor's Track 110:0010:50C5Part 1: Etiquette and Courtesy (cont'd)
Chancellor's Track 111:0011:50C5
Chancellor's Track 11:002:00C5Part 2: William Marshal: The Greatest Knight
Chancellor's Track 12:002:50C5Part 2: William Marshal (cont'd)
Chancellor's Track 13:003:50C5Part 3: The Book of the Order of Chivalry by Ramon Llull of Spain 1276 AD
Chancellor's Track 14:004:50C5Part 3: The Book of the Order of Chivalry (cont'd)
Chancellor's Track 29:0010:00C12
Documenting Your Project for A&S Faires
This class is going to try to help you document your project more effectively. This is not a magic “one-size-fits-all” class, because there is no such thing. Arts and Sciences, as defined by the SCA, are fluid entities. What may work for one project may not work at all for another. What one judge may exclaim as the perfect documentation, may barely whet the appetite of another.
LectureDuke Thomas Blackmoore
18 years and up
Chancellor's Track 210:0010:50C12
The Genuflect Two Step: Practical Religion in Period
Class examines the predominant religious trends in Western Europe during period focusing predominately on Catholicism and Protestantism. Topics covered will include religious observance, dietary restrictions, geographic presence and how members of the Society can incorporate religion into persona development. - Age Range: 18+
LectureBaptiste Le Clerc
18 years and up
Chancellor's Track 211:0011:50C12
Deliver Post Haste: Writing and Sealing Renaissance Letters
This class will give an overview of how to compose and write a letter in period style, as well as several techniques for folding and sealing letters for delivery.
Hands OnMaster Lorenzo Petrucci
12 years and up
10$3; Fee covers letter writing supplies (paper, pen, sealing wax, etc)
Chancellor's Track 21:002:00C12
Historical Research Methods -
Historical Research Methods - Class is divided into two sections, examining the source authority arguments of the Indulgence Controversy in the early Reformation and then applies lessons learned in historical context to the manner in which we conduct historical research today. Age Range - Unlimited
LectureBaptiste Le ClercNo age limit
Chancellor's Track 22:002:50C12Beginning Calligraphy
Chancellor's Track 23:004:50C12Beginning Calligraphy
Chancellor's Track 24:004:50C12Woodworkers Rountable
A time for the woodworkers of the Kingdom to get together to talk, discuss, and share. Bring your projects to ask for advice, share tips, or just to show off. This is open to active woodworkers and those interested in woodworking at any level.
MeetingDuke Thomas Blackmoore12-17 years with adult, 18 years and up
Mid/Far Eastern9:009:50C13
Fabulous Females of the Tang Dynasty - An Overview of Clothing an Adornment
China's Tang Dynasty is considered a Golden Age of Chinese history. Women's clothing of this period went on to influence our modern concept of traditional Chinese clothing. This class is an overview of various female garments and adornments
LectureTHL Ouyang YingzhaoWould like projector but not nessisary to do class
Mid/Far Eastern10:0010:50C13Getting Started with Your Chinese Persona
This is a roundtable discussion on starting out with a Chinese persona in the modern middle ages. We'll talk about resources, alternatives, and networking. Please be prepared for a discussion on appropriation. The instructor realizes that appropriation is a sensitive subject for many and wishes to make students aware before the class.
Round TableMistress Wu
Mid/Far Eastern11:0011:50C13
Daily Life in the Realm of Mansa Musa
Discuss late 13th-early 14th century Mali Empire under the reign of Mansa Musa, the Richest King in History. Class will cover dress, economy, faith, education, and the class system of this West African empire as well as its impact on medieval Europe.
Oloye Omokehindegbegbon Ayoka Opo
15 Hand outs
Mid/Far Eastern2:003:00C13
Mid/Far Eastern3:003:50C13
Overview of Korean History - Pre-1600s
A brief overview and timeline of Korean History pre-1600s
LectureLady Stella di Silvestri
15 Handouts
Mid/Far Eastern4:004:50C13Xia : The Chinese Knight ErrantLectureMistress Wu
Culinary Arts9:009:50C14
Culinary Arts10:0010:50C14
Culinary Arts11:0011:50C14
Culinary Arts2:002:50C14
Evolution of Brewer's Yeast Throughout Period
This class will discuss the domestication of unpredictable wild yeasts over the millennia into the many different strains of brewer's yeasts used today for brewing beers. For students 21+ years and older, we will conclude the class by presenting samples of the same beer fermented with different types of brewer's yeasts to illustrate the differences.
Hands On and Lecture
Robert de Reims
18 years and up
Culinary Arts3:003:50C14Place to sit and write
Culinary Arts4:004:50C14
Heraldry9:009:50C4SCA Specific Signs
Students will be introduced to Sign Language signs that are used specifically within the Society for Creative Anachronism. Signs will include Kingdoms, Titles, Office Titles, etc.. This is primarily a vocabulary class.
Hands OnTHL Caoilfionn inghean Caomhánach12+15
Heraldry10:0010:50C4Basic Heraldry
A view of Heraldry from the beginners level. Basic tinctures, charges, and other parts that give the student an idea of how to design a device or badge.
Mistress Flannait inghean ui hEighnigh
Heraldry11:0011:50C4Protocol and PrecedenceMaster Alexzander Ravenscroft
Heraldry2:002:50C4Running Lists
Learn how to manage all types of fighting lists from Bear Pit to Double Elimination.
Hands On/ Lecture
Baroness Katerina filia Jehan
12+extra tables
What is award regalia, what does it look like and why do I want to make it?
We will go over award regalia of this kingdom. What each is for, what they look like, and tips on how to make them
Mistress Catelin the Wanderer
Heraldic Maces and Batons
Use of maces and batons by heralds in period as well as construction information and purpose in SCA use.
LectureTHL Taran the Waywardprojector
Practical Arts9:009:50C15History of Quilting
This will be an overview of quilting up to the 17th century. Materials, stitches and patterns will be discussed.
LectureTHLady Heahburh aet NiwecastelNo age limitNeeds electricity
Practical Arts10:0010:50C15
The Bau dress aka the open front apron dress
The first half of the class will be a discussion on how Flemming Bau's version of the apron dress (also called the 'Open front apron dress') came to fruition. The second half of class will cover construction methods for your own Bau dress. Students will be provided with a scaled pattern with blanks to fill in their own measurements.
LectureBaroness Lote Winterborn
18 years and up
Practical Arts11:0011:50C15Chip Carving
An introduction to the tools and techniques of chip carving. You will work on your own plaque to take with you when the class is over.
Hands OnDuke Thomas Blackmoore
18 years and up
10$5 covers tools and materials
Practical Arts1:001:50C15Warping an Inkle Loom
Have you wanted to begin inkle weaving, but do not know how to begin? Here's your chance to learn! If you have a look, or can acquire one, bring it with you. Bring at least a skein of yarn. You can bring two if you want to learn how to warp two different colors. We'll teach you how to warp the loom and how to weave.
Hands OnTHL Celeste Alienor Courtenay De Montmorency
Needs additional tables to have space for looms, Sakura Sukeiko co-teacher
Practical Arts2:002:50C15Warping an Inkle Loom
Practical Arts2:002:50C15
Gentiluomini Quattrocenti: 15th Century Italian Men's Fashion
This class will cover the patterning and construction of men's garments from Italy in the mid 15th century.
LectureMaster Lorenzo Petrucci
12 years and up
Practical Arts3:003:50C15
Viking Age Bead Use and Authenticity
This will be a quick overview of 10 Viking settlements, followed by an introduction to the Viking bead-making process. Historical patterns and trends will be discussed, with the goal to increase authenticity in portrayal.
LectureSophia BerkeleyNo age limit$5; Fee covers large, 30 page, hand-bound color handout
Practical Arts4:004:50C15
Beginning Applique: A great use for the pesky fabric scaps
Learn the basics of decorating with applique by hand and with a machine. Examples of more advanced applique techniques will also be shown and discussed.
Hands OnBaroness Lote Winterborn
12-17 years with adult
$5; Fee covers a linen pouch, an image to applique on the pouch with Heat n bond applied, needle, embroidery floss
Needs electricity
Outdoors Class Area9:009:50Outdoor area/patio
Introduction to Relief Wood Carving
I will take you from a block of wood, to showing you how to complete your project. My plan is to use a simple heraldic rose design as it will show you many of the basics you will need for future projects. I will provide the wood, transfer materials and other small things we will need except for carving tools. If you have your own set that will be fine. Otherwise, an inexpensive kit can be purchased. (Exacto brand comes to mind) You will need a straight cutting knife and some gouges. I will have my own set, but would not be enough for the whole class. Attendees may want to bring bandaids if they are not used to woodcarving
Hands OnTHL Gellis Grimm
12-17 with adult/ 18+
$5; Wood, and items you will need except for a carving kit.
We will need light, and table space. I will bring newspaper for gathering up chips. I will have handouts and transfer materials. An available broom would be good for after class clean up.
Outdoors Class Area10:0010:50Outdoor area/patio
Outdoors Class Area11:0011:50Outdoor area/patio
Outdoors Class Area3:003:50Outdoor area/patio
Weaving a Small Ribbed Basket
This class will give a limited number of participants an opportunity to begin weaving a small ribbed basket. Supplies will be provided to complete the baskets. This class will require the use of water.
Hands OnLady Zahra bint al Mu'allim
18 years and up
$10; Fee covers enough rattan reed for each participant to create one basket
If a second table is available, I can increase the number of participants to 10.
Outdoors Class Area4:004:50Outdoor area/patio
Weaving a Small Ribbed Basket
This class will give a limited number of participants an opportunity to begin weaving a small ribbed basket. Supplies will be provided to complete the baskets. This class will require the use of water.
Performing Arts9:009:50C1
Dances from the Gresley Manuscript
Playful dances uncovered in 1996 for a personal journal dated to the last 1500s. May include dances such as Grene Gynger, Ly Bens Distonys, New Year, and Talbott.
Hands On
Maestra Serafina Alamanni
Performing Arts10:0010:50C1
A la Modes: Medieval Music Theory
Come learn about the history and tradition of medieval modal music and 16th century
Hands On/Lecture
Lady Angharat merch Morcant
12 years and up
Noisy and require projector screen
Performing Arts11:0011:50C1
A la Modes: Medieval Music Theory
Performing Arts2:002:50C1Bardic 101
What it means to be a bard. Etiquette at a bardic circle. How to breath properly to get the most volume (good for heralds too!) What type of songs to sing in certain situations.
Hands On/Lecture
Mistress Flannait inghean ui hEighnigh
12-17 with adult/ 18+
Angharat verch Morcant Co-teacher, could be noisy due to singing
Performing Arts3:003:50C1
Rise to the Challenge: A Bardic Improvisation Salon
A brief discussion on SCA-compatible improvisation and bardic challenges followed by a blind challenge to create an original piece within a time limit and perform it for the group.
Hands On/ Lecture
Oloye Omokehindegbegbon Ayoka Opo
Performing Arts4:004:50C1
A Brief Introduction to the Recorder
A very basic introduction to the woodwind instrument known as the recorder. We will look at the history of the instrument, how it was used in European music, and the revival that led to its current popularity as a teaching tool and as an instrument that rewards both the casual player and the serious instrumentalist. We'll finish with a hands-on opportunity to play! Bring your recorder if you have one. A few instruments will be available to lend, or to take home for a materials fee of $8.
Hands On/Lecture
Lady Zoya Ivanovna Rezanskaya8+
$8; Recorder (optional)
May be loud at end
Lifecycle of Yersinia Pestis
A scientific presentation of the life cycle of the pathogen Y. Pestis; including place of origin, vectors, and ramifications of said disease. Also wish to include how the cycle of occurrence and how the spread of this disease affected history and different areas of the middle ages. As well as some of the views of the populace to twart contracting or spreading the malady.
12-17 years with adult
Everyone thought the world was flat before Magellan, right?
This class will explore pre-Magellanic ideas of the shape of the Earth; what did scientists and the Church think/believe pre Magellan's successful circumnavigation of the globe? Where did the idea that everyone thought the Earth was flat prior to this event, come from?
LectureLady Sara al-GarnatiyyaNo age limit
Sci/Technology2:002:50C2Medieval Western and Eastern CalendarsAn overview of the European and Middle Eastern Calendars used during the SCA period. How they were determined, what their Year 0 is, and quirks and oddities
LectureLady Sara al-GarnatiyyaNo age limitProjector needed
Extreme Researching - Conferences, Journals, and the SCA
Are you thinking of taking the next step in extreme research? How can you find out about the latest and greatest in academic resources related to your rabbit hole? Decoding abstracts, journal articles, attending conferences and networking beyond the SCA....
LectureMistress Una Barthrsdottir
Eclectric/ projector screen. Teacher may provide projector screen if white all available. Co teacher Mistress Maudeleyn Godeliva Taillour
Viking Age Bead Furnace Discussion
An open question-and-answer style discussion regarding Viking technology as related to bead making, including current available data and where research is looking forward for answers.
LectureSophia BerkeleyNo age limit
Scribal Arts9:009:50C3
Searching Online for Period Exemplars
Having trouble finding illuminated manuscripts to use for scrolls? Learn how to use the internet effectively to find period exemplars for your work. We will be exploring different online collections of digitized manuscripts, such as the British Library and the Walters Museum. Each student will have the opportunity to contribute to a Google doc of links.
LectureMistress Sunneva de Cleia
Projector and internet
Scribal Arts10:0010:50C3
The Shady Side of Scribal Arts
A survey of manuscripts to understand the methodology of shading in each period. The course will begin with a lecture of color theory in art history.
Hands On
CountessThorkatla Herjolfsdottir
Needs projector
Scribal Arts11:0011:50C3Flat Gilding
Come learn several different period methods of flat gilding! Flat gilding is the opposite of raised gilding, and can be seen on many different medieval and Renaissance works of art. This class is hands on, and geared towards scribes of all levels.
Hands OnMistress Sunneva de Cleia
10 Maximum!
$2, covers Patent gold sheets, handoutsNeeds projector
Scribal Arts2:002:50C3
Developing a Period Eye for Illumination
Come learn about the medieval and Renaissance illumination aesthetic, and improve the periodicity of your work. We will work to develop a period eye for illumination, and tackle questions such as: What makes a painting “bar and ivy,” and not just “lines and leaves”? What colors make up “white vine”? What makes a painting “squashed bug”? This class is participatory – bring your thinking caps and sharpen your eyes! Handouts will be available. This class is open to scribes of all ages and ability.
Hands On and Lecture
Mistress Sunneva de Cleia
Scribal Arts3:003:50C3Beginning Illumination
Learning how to create scroll illumination, tools, and resources to inspire creativity.
Hands On and Lecture
Lady Satara al-KatibaNo age limit20
Scribal Arts4:004:50C3RUM Scrolls
This will be an overview of the styles of scrolls that are needed for RUM. It will cover the basic degree programs and basic texts for the RUM system.
Hands OnMaster Thomas Paumer8+
Military Arts9:009:50C6
Thermopylae: How The Spartans Prepared for Glory
From Marathon to Plataea, how Spartan Culture contributed to one of the most studied series of battles in history
LectureTHL John Mailer12+
Military Arts10:0010:50C6Making Leather Armor
This class will cover the selection of appropriate materials and tools as well as the process of patterning, and construction of various SCA legal leather armors.
Hands On/LectureTHL John Mailer
12-17 with adult
Military Arts11:0011:50C6Making Leather Armor
This class will cover the selection of appropriate materials and tools as well as the process of patterning, and construction of various SCA legal leather armors.
Hands On/LectureTHL John Mailer
12-17 with adult
Military Arts2:002:50C6
Military Arts3:003:50C6History of Cannon
Covers the usage and development of gunpowder artillery in Western Europe from the 14th -16th centuries. Topics will include development, cannon founding, usage in field battle and notable sieges. - Age Range - Unlimited
LectureBaptiste Le ClercNo age limit
Military Arts4:004:50C6
Heavy: Outdoors Area9:009:50
Heavy: Outdoors Area10:0010:50
Heavy: Outdoors Area11:0011:50Fighter FieldFootwork for Fighters
Footwork is your first line of defense, the fighter's first tell, and absolutely essential to gaining positional advantage over your opponent. We'll train how to move smoothly and explosively to control range, and close and create openings. This is for chivalric and rapier fighters. Bring your kits.
Hands OnMaster Wistric OftunNo age limit
Heavy: Outdoors Area2:002:50
Heavy: Outdoors Area3:003:50
Heavy: Outdoors Area4:004:50
Rapier: Outdoors Area9:009:50
Rapier: Outdoors Area10:0010:50
Rapier: Outdoors Area11:0011:50Fighter FieldFootwork for Fighters
Footwork is your first line of defense, the fighter's first tell, and absolutely essential to gaining positional advantage over your opponent. We'll train how to move smoothly and explosively to control range, and close and create openings. This is for chivalric and rapier fighters. Bring your kits.
Hands OnMaster Wistric OftunNo age limit
Rapier: Outdoors Area2:002:50
Rapier: Outdoors Area3:003:50
Rapier: Outdoors Area4:004:50
Omnes Creatures10:0010:50C11
Equestrian 101 how to get involved in the SCA
Want to get involved in Sea equestrian activities but don't know how? Well this is the class for you! Whether you have a horse or not we will cover how to get involved in SCA equestrian activities. What those activities are, as well as complete the Meridie's risk management class.
LectureTHL Azenari Basandere
Omnes Creatures11:0011:50C11Medieval Chickens
Learn about the origin of chickens, medieval breeds, husbandry, and production.
Serena Amansadora
Omnes Creatures2:002:50C11Roman Calvary
This class will focus on Roman cavalry how they fought, and trained, as well as how they cared for and stabled their mounts. This class will also cover the position of Calvary men in the Roman Army.
Hands OnTHL Azenari Basandere
Omnes Creatures3:003:50C11Setting Up a Small Holding
Setting up a small holding/farm/homestead for use today with the SCA in mind-
Hands On
Gregoria Anne du Lac
$2; Hand Out
Omnes Creatures4:004:50C11
Care and feeding of the horse
A lecture on safely feeding and caring for a horse including vaccinations, worming, grooming and exercising.
Hands On
Eachna ni Clonmakatr
Page School9:009:50C16Basic Heraldry
A view of Heraldry from the beginners level. Basic tinctures, charges, and other parts that give the student an idea of how to design a device or badge.
Mistress Flannait inghean ui hEighnigh
Page School10:0010:50C16
Page School Info/Q&A Session
Do you have a child that enjoys the SCA and learning about new things? Are you interested in teaching the youth of Meridies about your favorite topics? If so, come by and talk to the Dean! What is Page School? Who can enroll? What is it for? The answers to these questions and more!
Non ClassLady Muirghen Inghean Ghriogain
Page School11:0011:50C16
Cartography for Youth Lesson:
How to read a medieval map. What the symbols mean. How they were made. |Activity| Make a map with a key and a compass rose.
Lecture/Hands On
Lady Ursulina de Paz
Page School2:002:50C16
Beginning European Dance
Some fun, simple dances to learn the basic steps of European dance.
Hands On
Lady Rebecca Whieldon Pyke
Page School3:003:50C16Herbal Drinks Lesson
Discussion about herbs and there uses in beverages. |Activity| Make 3 drinks and sample them. Rose Water Lemon Drink Sage water
Hands On
Lady Ursulina de Paz
Page School4:004:50C16Mancala
Learn the history of this family of game and how to play.
Lady Muirghen Inghean Ghriogain
Beginning European Dance
This class will give an introduction to several styles of dance done in the SCA. No partner or experience necessary.
Hands OnMaster Lorenzo Petrucci
8 years and up
Basic American Sign Language
A basic introduction to American Sign Language with emphasis on vocabulary, grammar, and usefulness as pertaining to SCA events.
Hands OnTHL Caoilfionn inghean Caomhánach12+15
Overflow1:002:00C7A Pouch for Your Persona
If you have an interest in finding an appropriate pouch or purse for your persona, then this class is for you! In addition to learning about period materials and sources for inspiration, a selection of reproductions will be available for study and discussion
Þýri Agviðardóttir
Handouts for 12
Small room, teacher doesnt speak very loud
Overflow2:002:50C7Fingerloop Braiding Basics
Learn how to make five different fingerloop braids for five uses - trim, purse string, laces, eyelets, and button holes; how to interpret braid patterns and the skills to do so; and some basic tricks to make braiding easier.
Hands OnMaster Wistric Oftun12+
20 hands on but audits welcome
$1; Yarn & zip ties
Needs extra tables
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