NameRill's Rating 1-5Family FriendlyMultiplayer Mode?CostTypeDescriptionOther notesGood Exercise?
69 Ways to Kill a ZombieNo19.99*Crashes, have not been able to load yet
Abode3YesNo9.99PuzzleFigure out how to escape the room you are locked in.
Acan's Call1NoNoFreeRPG FantasyFight skeletons and escape the cave.Every time you die you start all over again at the very beginning. The weapons also seem to have some quirky physics attached to them which can be frustrating. Difficulty of mobs steepens impossibly quickly. Has potential if those issues get fixed in the future but for now it's too frustrating to be playable.
AirMech Command3Yes*Yes19.99RTSCapture bases, build fighting units and send them to take over the map. Can take direct control of the hero unit. Pretty fun, especially if you're into RTS games. No room-scale required since you can move the map around using grips.
Allumette2YesNoFreeExperienceWatch the 3D story of how a little girl became an orphanCute but also a little sad. Imagine watching Up but it's only the first 10 minutes. You don't get the rest of the story to make you happy again after the sad.
Apollo 11 VR2YesNo9.69ExperienceWatch or participate in the Apollo 11 mission.It's a very museum like experience. Be prepared to just sit and listen/look a lot without much excitement/interactivity. Interesting but I kinda felt it was lackluster especially since you can't control your camera angles or movement.
Arcade Saga4YesYes19.99Arcade/ActionArchery, Tennis, Raquetball with a storylineSuper fun and easy to pick up and play. Multiplayer online optionalY
Arizona Sunshine3NoYes39.99RPG/HorrorYou are a lone survivor of the zombie apocalypse searching for other survivors.Feels like you're in the Walking Dead tv show. Also a lot of vulgarity in the intense parts and it's gorey.
Audioshield5YesNo19.99Music/ActionDefend yourself against incoming song beats. Guitar hero meets boxingFun and good exercise. Great crowd pleaser. You can use songs on your computer, itunes, or from youtube. Beats are automatically calculated.Y
Battle Dome1Yes/No*Yes14.99*FPS/PVPRed Team vs Blue team in an arena with different game modes.Multiplayer ONLY there is no single player mode so I didn't really get to play this game since there is no one online when I am.
Beat Saber5YesYes*19.99Music/ActionUse your lightsabers to slice the boxes in the correct direction to the beat of the music while avoiding obstacles.Super duper fun! Multiplayer is turn-based only.
Bigscreen Beta1YesYesFreeExperienceWatch movies or use your computer desktop in VRInteresting for about 5 minutes. Can be cool to watch movies
Blue Effect VR3NoYes*14.99
Wave FPS / Horror
Jump scare warning! Fight waves of enemy monsters in a dark warehouse.This game is built to freak you out. The lighting, the ominous music and monster sounds, even the pauses between waves, meant to built anticipation of something bad coming your way. Lighting is limited and mobs like to sneak up on you.
The Body VR2YesNoFreeExperienceExplore the human body from the inside at a microscopic level.*Showcases how VR can be used for education. It's neat but not exciting or fun and there are too many science words thrown at you to be able to absorb and understand in any meaningful way.
Butterfly Moment0YesNo1.99ExperienceCatch Butterflies<Literally that's all. Stand in one place and catch endless butterflies. It says you can unlock more levels but blimey if I can figure it out. No instructions for controls or anything. Even at only $2 it's not worth it because it's more frustrating than fun.
Candy Kingdom3YesNo5.99Arcade FPSRide a train through candy land and shoot candy targets with your candy gun.A must-have game for younger kids. Pretty repetitive but a far less intense game than other FPS ones.
Cliffstone Manor3YesNo10.99PuzzleYou're being recruited by a mysterious patron who is testing your worthiness by seeing if you can figure out his puzzles. The goal of each test is to escape the room.< Intriguing and fun!
Climbey4YesYes9.99*Action/SportsClimb through an obstacle course.*Takes some getting used to because you are flinging yourself through the air but not 'really' moving. You can also 'fall' off the course. Really fun but might be tough for people with fear of heights or easily motion sick. Y
Cloudlands : VR Minigolf3YesYes19.99*SimulationPlay mini golf!
Comets Wake2YesNoFreeRPG CrawlerYou are a pirate! Fight your way across cosmic islands, kill monsters, get treasure and upgrade your gear. Follow the comet to the next pirate ship and sail to a new set of islands to conquer and explore.Graphics are not awesome but good enough to make gameplay enjoyable. It keeps track of your stats so you can work to improve them and challenge yourself.
Cosmic Trip4YesYes*19.99RTS / ActionBuild your base, gather resources, build your army and conquer your enemy bases. Classic RTS format but instead of a third person view you are in first person, building and fighting with your army. More strategy required since there are only certain paths you and your army can travel on to take over points of the map. It does have a somewhat steep learning curve despite the tutorial.
Cow Milking Simulator3YesNo6.99SimulationMilk your cow, defend against aliens who want to steal your cow, dress up your cow and oh yeah, make a profit!Funny little game. Good for showing to a crowd.
Crashimals3YesNo19.99ArcadeUse the controllers to direct your pilots and drop bombs on cakes to clear the level.The controls take a lot of getting used to but overall it's a fun game if you like the Angry Birds style of gameplay but IMO don't buy it at full price.
CubeWorksNo14.99Puzzle/ArcadePiece together patterned cubes that are flying around through the factory. Gets more challenging the deeper into the factory you get.
Diner DuoYesYes*
Dick Wilde3Yes/NoYes*14.99Wave FPSDefend the hillbilly homelands from wildlife with your makeshift, homemade, and dual-purpose weapons.Some crude language is the only thing that makes it not family friendly. Otherwise it's a fun and funny game.
Dreamworks Voltron VR Chronicles3YesNo14.99ExperienceExperience an animated episode of Voltron where you occasionally get to interact by solving puzzles and fighting in the battles. It's pretty cool but there are a few buggy things like floor height not always being accurate and inability to set height. No replayability but kids would probably enjoy it. IMO don't buy at full price.
Eagle Flight3YesYes39.99SimulationFly like an eagle over Paris in the future when it's retaken by nature. Collect feathers to improve your nest, fight off other critters.Very easy to pick up and play. Controls are simple and intuitive. The beak in front of your face takes getting used to but I think it actually helps with motion sickness/balance
Elite Dangerous4YesYes29.99
Simulation Adventure
Fly your ship through the galaxy and beyond. Explore planets, complete missions, collect bountys and more. Surprisingly fun. I'm not generally into simulator type games but the immersion factor of VR has sold me!
Elven Assassin3YesYes9.99Wave FPSDefend your town from waves of monster with your bow<
Emmerholt: Prologue3YesNoFreeRPGYou and your friends dream of a better life off the island but troubles and change come to tear your friendships apart.It's really really short but intriguing enough that I'm keeping an eye on it to see what the developers release next.
Eye of the Owl2Yes/NoNoFreeExperienceExamine an old painting with the painter BoschWARNING NUDITY - Interesting but could be boring for younger crowds. Also nekked people in the paintings, some in explicit positions.
Fancy Skiing VRNo9.99
Fantastic Contraption3YesNo29.99PuzzleFigure out how to get the ball in the goal by building a vehicle (contraption) from stock parts to move it there. Fun but mind boggling! Definitely a puzzler/head scratcher game.
Found2YesNoFreeExperienceA short interactive filmGood for 1st time players, very short and graphics are not amazing, just ok. Could be scary for young children as it's very dark/night at first.
Frontier VR2YesNo4.99ExperienceExplore a couple frontier style locations. Play with the guns, change the time of day.Possibly good for younger children because of the cutesy style but not much to do. No movement or teleportation abilities. You can shoot animals, change the time of day, watch trains go by. That's about it.
Fruit Ninja VR4YesNo14.99Action/ArcadeSlice and dice fruit to get a high scoreReally fun for all ages.Y
The Gallery Eps 1 Call of the Starseed
3NoNo19.99*RPGExplore a science fiction/dystopia world where something has gone terribly wrongVery puzzle-solve focused RPG
Gary the GullNoFree***Have not been able to open this game yet. Just freezes constantly.
Google Earth VR2YesNoFreeExperienceGoogle maps/earth but in 3DInteresting but boring quickly
Guided Meditation VR3YesNo14.99ExperienceExplore different maps with or without music and voiceoversThe maps are 3D rendered and not super realistic. Otherwise it's pretty awesome for meditating and relaxing and showing off what the VR can do for people who don't want to game.
Holopoint3Yes*No14.99Wave FPSStand in the center of the dojo and destroy incoming holographic enemies with your bow. Enemies can be archers, samurai, or just cubes with projectiles to dodge. Only two modes, increasingly difficult waves or time trials. Both are fun and good exercise. The bow can feel a bit unweildy because it does not have the dynamic aim feature of other archery games. It's more like a real bow, requiring proper grip/posture/accuracy.Y
Homeworld: Deserts of KharakYes49.99
Hover Junkers1YesYes34.99PVPFight other junkers in an arena, get resources to improve your hoverjetNo single player mode and more often than not no one is online to play with/against. Hear they have plans to add a single player mode and modes with AI bots to fill teams but not worth it at the moment for the price.
Hyperide VRNo7.99
I Expect You To DieNo24.99
In Your Face TDNoFree
Invasion3YesNoFreeExperienceFunny little mini game/experience where bunnies (you) stop an invasion of aliens. Amusing and short. A good starter/show-off piece.
Irrational Exuberance1YesNoFreeExperienceWatch colliding objects in space.The program is very cool except for two big issues. When you transport to another area it flashes wildly different colors at you that are very disorienting (it has a seizure warning about this) and every time things start colliding and breaking apart the video would cut out, lag, or stutter.
Job Simulator5YesNo29.99SimulationYou visit a museum in the future to learn about jobs that humans used to do... history according to robots. Then enter a simulation and pretend to be one of the job-wielding humans of the past.VERY good crowd pleaser and funny!
Karnage Chronicles5YesNo24.99RPG CrawlerPick between Archer or Warrior and fight your way through caves and dungeons, earning gear, finding treasure and learning your true purpose.One of the best RPG dungeon crawlers I've played. Very well designed with good tutorials and multiple levels of difficulty.Y
Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes4YesYes14.99SimulationDefuse a bomb with friend's help. They have the manual, you have the bomb. Multiplayer only. Person in the VR has to defuse a bomb and gets instructions from people not in the VR who have the manual but can't see the bomb.
King Kaiju3YesNo4.99ActionYou are King Kaiju, the new godzilla. Smash towns, people, and planes to get a high score.Fun for a short time but good for the price. There are only 4 levels and nothing much changes from level to level. But if you just feel like smashing things, this game is awesome. Young children really seem to enjoy it too.
Knockout League
The Lab5YesNoFreeArcadePocket Universe Lab 8 has a little of everything. Visit places, play arcade games, defend your castle with your bow or try your hand at repairing a robot. Free and fun! Also a crowd pleaser and good starter game. People who have played Portal should recognize this game and setting. Y
Lazerbait3YesNoFreeStrategyYou must take over every planet in the galaxy to win the game. You start with one planet with space ships and must send them to other planets to gain control of them. More planets = more ships but watch out for enemies!Plenty of options to tweak difficulty, size of the maps, number of opponents etc. Optional multplayer online. It's cool to do in VR but could easily just be a desktop game. No room-scale needed since you can move the map around using grips.
A Legend of Luca3YesNo19.99FPS CrawlerFight your way through a maze of dungeon rooms filled with monsters, treasure, and puzzles.Not as structured as others of it's type. I don't classify it as an RPG because there is very little story. The dungeon is basically a maze of rooms with doors to other rooms. Each room has monsters or treasure, or puzzles or all three. You don't have a direction or purpose other than pick a random door.
Lifelique VR Museum1YesNoFreeExperienceExplore a few science & history things!Pick from a dozen various options to view. Things from cell structure to stonehenge. The scene appears in the center of the room and you can rotate it or scale it to examine it. You can also point at and select different objects to learn what they are called. Otherwise it's not much for interaction.
Lightblade VR3YesNo3.99ActionDeflect incoming lazer shots with your lightbladeFor every Star Wars nerd out there. Wield a lightsaber like Luke or Rey and deflect incoming blaster bolts. Except you can't use those words because copyrights and trademarks. Crowd pleaser but short.
Lunar Stone: Origin of Blood3NoNo14.99Wave ShooterFight waves of monsters and bosses that progress through a storylineNUDITY - At one point in the game your companion gets wounded and you have heal her... with her shirt off. Yes, she's laying in bed on her stomach but the side boob might as well be full boob for all the bed doesn't do to hide it. Shows everything but nip. Otherwise the game is fun and had interesting mechanics. It is VERY short however. I wouldn't pay even half price for it as it currently is. Go for it when it's like 75% off.
Magic Lantern2YesNo4.99ExperienceExplore a child's bedroom, play with the toys and watch make-believe movies/stories on the magic-lantern projectorGood for kids because the room size is so small. I was 'walking' on my knees for this one and could reach most everything in the room.
Modbox3YesYes14.99SandboxBuild your own VR games or play ones others have builtVery involved. Not good for crowds as there is a big learning curve. But they are updating constantly and it's really cool to build your own VR stuff by basically dragging and dropping premade peices.
The Night Cafe5YesNoFreeExperienceVisit a cafe done in the style of Vincent Van Gogh and see some of his famous works<
NVIDIA VR Funhouse4YesNoFreeActionPlay some of the games you'd find at a carnivalShort, fun, easy crowd pleaser
Orbus VR5Yes/NoYes39.99MMORPGMedival Fantasy you wants to be a guardian of the realm. Practice your skills, level up, fight monsters, go questing. Join parties and defeat dungeons. Get gear!It's a classic MMORPG in the medieval fantasy genre. Open mic but you can turn yours off and mute others or do a global mute. Could use more by way of character customization but I think that will come with time as it's still in Alpha testing. Coolest thing I've seen so far has been the ability to do certain sword swings in a certain order to have different results on your enemies (combos!)
Panoptic3YesYes*FreePvPVR vs PC player 2 Player Game Only. Player must reach the top of the structure and touch the crystal to shut down the monster. VR Player is the monster trying to find and kill the PC player among dozens of NPC decoys. Pretty fun but seems to be really easy for the PC player to win constantly. Currently the game is only a demo with one level.
Panzer Panic3YesYes*9.99ActionDrive your tank and obliterate enemy tanks!Currently only two modes of gameplay available... deathmatch or capture the flag. No tutorial so it takes a little time to figure everything out and practice movement of your tank. Recommend sitting down while playing.
Pavlov VR1NoYes9.99*FPSArmy-style classic fps game with bad guys to kill and objectives to take. Reminds me of Call of Duty.Some language & multiplayer option has voice chat where other's language might not be awesome either. Biggest complaint is that the tutorial is not very helpful at teaching you how to play and in the single player option, your bots(teammates) are idiotic and shoot you more than the enemy. I hear the PvP is fun but unfortunately I didn't get that far since I couldn't get past the learning stage without rage quit worthy frustration.
Pierhead ArcadeYesYes9.99Arcade
Pixel Gear3YesYes*11.99Wave FPSUse your weapons to defend against pixelated enemies, collect coins, buy upgrades and fight bosses.It is fairly intuitive to learn but there is no tutorial so you do have to do some experimenting to figure out how to beat bosses and use controls and things.
Planet Protector VRNo9.99
Please State Your Name2YesNoFreeExperienceWatch a movie about a robot that is just a head and can only say one phrase.Short, non-interactive and the storyline can be a little hard to follow. It's also very dark. Don't recommend for kids.
QuiVR4YesYes19.99*Wave FPSDefend your keep from oncoming waves of attackers with your bow and arrows and magic stuff! Bosses includedMultiplayer option to get more help against larger forces. MMO games can go for hours with huge and epic waves of mobs. Y
The Ranger: Lost TribeNoFree
Raw Data5NoYes39.99Wave FPS / RPGDefend yourself from enemy robots as you hack your way into an evil corporation to get data and build a case against them. Fight the man!Really fun but has some strong language and can be scary/intense at times. Can be multiplayerY
Rec Room5YesYesFreeActionVisit a gymnasium where you can play all kinds of sports and games with other VR players worldwide.Multiplayer/Online game - you play against other people. Microphone and headphones are default ON. Others language can be bad but you can silence voicechatY
Rise of the Tomb Raider: Blood TiesNo59.99Action AdventureThis is a PC game that has one chapter that has been converted for VR. Be aware of that before buying! It's a great game but not all of it is available on VR yet.
Sairento VR4No24.99FPS
Senza Peso3YesNoFreeExperience3D Music VideoIt's a little trippy. You get moved through the experience, you don't get to move yourself so it can throw your balance off. I recommend sitting.
Skyrim VR
Smashbox Arena
Snow FortressYesYes14.99*
Sprint Vector
Soundboxing5YesNo7.99Music/ActionPunch incoming song beats created by other players or make your ownFun, good exercise and a crowd pleaser. Sound beats are not automatically calculated but you can pick from a database of songs created by other people or create your own.Y
Space Pirate Trainer5YesNo14.99Wave FPSShoot incoming waves of enemy spacecraft. Gain power ups and fight bosses.Really fun arcade style shooter. You can swap weapons, use power ups and the waves get harder and harder. Recently updated with new features like wave selector or different play modes.
Superhot VR3Yes*No24.99FPS StrategyLearn how to beat each scenario (kill all the bad guys) using only the tools and weapons at hand. Time is slowed until you do an action.Really fun if you love strategy/puzzles. Can be a little frustrating to learn at first since there isn't much by way of tutorial but once you get the hang of it it's awesome if ultimately short. Biggest hang-up is starting ALL OVER if you fail the scenario.
Surge1YesNoFreeExperienceWatch and experience a truly 3D music video.*You are moved through the video which can be disorienting and the scenes/graphics are really not very impressive. But hey, it's free.
Surgeon Simulator VR: Meet the Medic
theBlu5YesNo9.99ExperienceExplore the depths of the ocean with it's plants, scenes, and creaturesPerfect first VR experience
Tilt Brush3YesYes/No19.99Art/ExperienceDraw and paint in 3DYou can't play with other people online but you can download other people's art to explore for your self and you can upload your own as well.
Titanic VR
Titans of Space 2.0No7.99
Trials on TatooineFree
Trickster VR3Yes/NoYes12.99RPGFight your way through different scenarios with bow or sword. Collect treasure and advance through map levels.Can be a mite bloody but not gorey. Y
Vanishing Realms5YesNo19.99RPGFight your way through a realm to free it of the influence of the undead king. Gather treasure, figure out puzzles, solve riddles, earn gear, fight bosses.One of the best RPG's available right now. Tutorial is simple and controls are intuitive. Challenge mode also available to increase the difficulty.Y
Vintage VRNoFree*Have not been able to load yet. Just crashes