Louisiana stories: Effects of the healthcare bill
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First NameHow would the health care bill affect you?House RepType of coverage
DaleBoth of my stepchildren would be excluded because of pre-existing medical conditions and lack of insurance due to unemployment. Trying to cover prescriptions alone would be prohibitive, not to mention loss of wellness examinations.Ralph Abrahamhealthcare.gov exchange
LindaI can't meet the deductable to receive my insulinRalph Abrahamhealthcare.gov exchange
NorrineMy nephew has schizophrenia and requires monitored medication. His mother, a single parent, is a retired public school teacher. Without the help of medicaid, his care would be cost prohibitive.Ralph AbrahamMedicaid
SondraI would not be able to afford insurance on my retirement pension. Health Insurance is very important to me because I have Diabetes Type 2.Ralph Abrahamhealthcare.gov exchange
DenilleIt would increase costs of co-pays and medicine. It would hurt many of my friends who have worked all of their lives and only now can afford medical care. This is a death sentence to those with chronic disease like diabetes.Ralph AbrahamMedicaid
RonaldI would cause an cause a hardship, in terms of ability to pay for any insurance.Ralph AbrahamMedicaid
AimeeIf my friend doesn't get the post-Cancer tests, she will die. She can't afford it without ACA.Garret Graveshealthcare.gov exchange
BelindaMy sister in law and brother signed up for Medicaid 6 months ago under Medicaid expansion. In December, she was diagnosed with liver failure. Her medicine alone runs several thousand dollars a month.Garret GravesMedicaid
Daughter, 22, has a chronic disease. Want to keep her on my insurance for as long as possible. The disease is a pre-existing condition and -- without ACA protections -- could keep her from getting insurance. I have a pre-existing condition; same ACA protections apply for me if I ever leave this job.Garret Gravesthrough a job
DorothyA friend of mine has been battling cancer off and on for 16 years and he is now disabled and on Medicaid and 45 yrs oldGarret GravesMedicaid
BrandyI have Sarcoidosis and Medicaid is the only insurance I have for me and my baby and with my disease I have to constantly see a doctor or get tests ran on me and it helps so much with my medsGarret GravesMedicaid
MaryI have special needs child who depends on therapy so that he can live life more comfortablely and learn how to live with his disability to best of his ability.Garret Graves
Other type of health insurance
SaraMy mother is nearing retirement age, and the raised premiums/tax credits scare her. My sister is currently on medicaid, she did not qualify until Louisiana expanded. She has Crohn's disease, and was not eligible.Garret Gravesthrough a job
DawnI will lose my coverage without the subsidies to help pay for it. My daughter will likely die, because she has type one diabetes, and I cannot afford the insulin without insurance.Garret Graveshealthcare.gov exchange
MargieI had a kidney removed 1 year ago from last December due to renal cell carcinoma. I am self employed and have my insurance through the ACA. The ACA has helped me to be able to afford health care. I have to have scans done every 6 months. I really need my health insurance to be able to stay well.Garret Graveshealthcare.gov exchange
AprilMy daughter has cancer. Bringing back lifetime limits on insurance plans and making it harder for high risk patients to get insurance are both extremely detrimental to us, as her treatment is quite long and expensive. Cutting funding for Medicaid (or capping it, as they plan) also takes away our emergency safe shelter. If Medicaid is out of money and a private plan won't take her, what are we supposed to do?Garret GravesMedicaid
DanielleInsurance through my job is unaffordable for me so I purchase it through the healthcare marketplace. Also my kids are on medicaid and this would affect our quality of life significantly. I have rheumatoid arthritis.This would be considered a pre-existing condition so it would be difficult for me to purchase insurance without the ACA. We have six children so most of our income goes to mortgage, car payments, utility bills and groceries. The only thing we could cut back on would be the grocery bill. I don't see us being able to afford insurance for everyone if we have to pay the full cost. My meds and supplements aren't cheap either, and I need those to be able function, so I can work and take care of my children.Garret Graveshealthcare.gov exchange
AngelMy 50-year-old mother didn't have insurance until the ACA was implemented. With that insurance, she was able to get surgery to remove lumps that had formed on her breasts. It's also worthy to note that she's diabetic, although she is not yet insulin dependent, and there's no telling if she will suffer complications from diabetes as she gets older. Now she will go back to having zero coverage and no opportunity to purchase affordable healthcare.Garret Graveshealthcare.gov exchange
JudyI have diverticulosis; I've had two major attacks which required surgery in the last four years. When I was uninsured, I was given largely palliative care--and almost died because of it. A surgeon who saw the fear and pain of my elderly mother and children did the unthinkable--he decided to do the surgery (and cost be damned). He explained everything and was livid that the other hospital's ER discharged me--when I was obviously in distress. A year later, I had a complication when having ostomy reversal surgery--and I was in the hospital for three months (but I was insured). I got the best of care...and an eye opening experience as to my value in the medical sphere. So...the new healthcare plan is horrific, and because I'm not a wealthy woman...

I'll probably lose my insurance--and though no one thinks that's important... It's important to my family and I.
Garret Graveshealthcare.gov exchange
AimeeThe cuts would affect me personally. I'm a Medicaid recipient (a very thankful Medicaid recipient). I am a very low income single mom, but until Gov John Bel Edwards' executive order to expand Louisiana's Medicaid program to extend coverage to more Louisianians, I didn't qualify for state-funded healthcare. I make too little to qualify for federal subsidies. I deal with chronic mental health issues and take a handful of prescription psychiatric medicines (which are thankfully covered by my Medicaid). To lose my coverage for either my mental healthcare or my mental health medication would mean a HUGE impact on my ability to function as a human being. Without these life-saving prescription drugs, I cannot confidently parent my two small children safely. Without the therapy I undergo, I wouldn't be able to be productive at my job. Losing coverage would set into motion a chain of events that would not just profoundly affect me and my mental state, but the physical safety and emotional wellbeing of my children, too.Garret GravesMedicaid
NatalieMy sister is a type one diabetic. As is, her medication costs thousands each month and she would die without it. I have fibromyalgia which causes me to need frequent doctors visits and treatment.Garret GravesThrough a job
AndreaMy mother is a 56 year old small business owner in Baton Rouge, LA. She opened her business 4 years ago and did not have. Before the ACA she really could not afforded health insurance. She even let her policy go. After it went into affect she was one of the 1st to sign up through the exchange. At that time she couldn't afford insurance if it were not for the ACA. Because of the ACA she had insurance when she was diagnosed with renal cell carcinoma and had to have her kidney removed. She is cancer free, but has to have routine cancer treatments done. Based on the report by the COB, she won't be able to afford health insurance in within the next decade and possibly when it is repealed and replaced.Garret Graveshealthcare.gov exchange
AmyMy sister has a preexisting condition, multiple sclerosis. My husband has a preexisting condition, ulcerative colitis. My brother is under 26 and still under my parents' insurance. I have a newborn who required preventative care and my husband and I are hoping to expand our family in the coming years. While some of these things are not explicitly in danger under the proposed cuts, the erosion of the ACA will likely not stop after the "repeal and replace" bill. This is the first step toward the eradication of required coverage for women's health care, protection for those with preexisting condition, and many other necessary benefits.Garret Gravesthrough a job
DonnaMy son doesn't have health insurance through his employer and has to self insure. His income requires a very affordable policy and he is really worried about how he will manage this coming year. He understands the need for health insurance and is stressing about this at age 29. I am 70 and can't help with a huge premium.Garret Graveshealthcare.gov exchange
EleanorTwo examples: one friend has multiple, serious, pre-existing conditions and would not be accepted for coverage if she had to seek new coverage.
After Storm 2016, my church sheltered families who had no home after losing everything. These were working poor families. They had no insurance and with the help of a case worker and the support of all the people helping in the shelter, we were able to get them covered with the ACA and Medicaid. I can't imagine them having to go through that process again. One of our families saw a doctor for the first time in years. He had been living for those years with the fear that he had a form of cancer that runs in his family. Imagine the relief he found when he was seen by a doctor, screened, examined and told he did not have this disease!
Garret Graveshealthcare.gov exchange
EddieMother in law is undergoing chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation for stage 3 breast cancer. It's my understanding her treatment will not be covered completely by Medicaid anymore.Garret GravesMedicaid
HeatherI would lose my health coverage. I am a nursing student who works part-time. The cost of company sponsored health insurance is prohibitve for me. I am thankful affordable insurance is available through the ACA. This allows me to work less and focus on my education.Garret Graveshealthcare.gov exchange
AnnaI receive my health insurance via ACA for the past four years. As a self employed person, the benefits provided by the ACA have allowed someone like me to have insurance as a single person. Repealing this bill will take away health insurance from me. I will not be able to afford insurance as provided under the revision. As a woman with high blood pressure, I will not be able to obtain my medication or have dental insurance. I will also not have the reduced cost available for cost of eyecare via my health insurance. Many self employed like me will not be able to maintain our businesses. As a flood victim, putting my home together, having loss everything I own, now I am facing loss of my health insurance. America is not great for me right now.Garret Graveshealthcare.gov exchange
MelvinI cant afford ins. On what I make so im on medicade and i have a heart condition along with high blood pressure.Garret GravesMedicaid
JulietteI was diagnosed with bi- polar disease 29years ago. I was unable to get health insurance because of this pre- existing condition until ACA. I worry that again I could go uncovered.Garret Graveshealthcare.gov exchange
RobinThe repeal will affect my brother who has diabetes. Without insurance he is not able to afford insulin and supplies critical to managing his diabetes.Garret Graveshealthcare.gov exchange
RobinThey would have no insurance and was recent;y diagnosed w/breast cancer.Garret Graveshealthcare.gov exchange
CarolMy daughter is a performer who works on a contract basis. Insurance is important because her job is physical and somewhat risky. She has been able to afford insurance through the exchange and pays for it with tax credits. If insurance becomes unavailable to her or unaffordable, she will be unable to do the work she loves and has trained for for many years. She is 27, so too old to be on my insurance.Garret Graveshealthcare.gov exchange
My daughter and I have Secondary Adrenal Insufficiency- an uncommon condition that is fatal without proper treatment. Doctors are not taught much about this and therefore most doctors and Emergency Rooms don't know how to diagnose or treat it, so they insist we don't have it and MISdiagnose it as something else, or as nothing at all. Because of this, I have been ill unnecessarily for much of my life.

And my daughter got so ill several yrs ago from lack of necessary life-sustaining treatment that her body was shutting down- she was dying a slow death.
Thanks to Governor Edwards for being part of the reason my daughter is still alive- due to his Medicaid expansion. If it is eliminated, she (and probably I) will lose access to healthcare and we will likely die. No one should have to be without 'proper' healthcare- especially when a life-threatening illness is involved.
Garret GravesMedicaid
TammyIm an unemployed single mother, who has high blood pressure, arthritis and get cold/flu/ upper respiratory illnesses yearly. If the medicaid is cut i would not be able to get my medications and other medical treatment, especially the prevention visits. There are several people like myself having trouble obtaining stable employment and some employed but still don't make enough to purchase health insurance.Garret GravesMedicaid
Carolynthis will affect my sister who is diagnosed with dementia and Alzheimer's disease and she would need the Medicare she cannot be alone, she is staying with my sister who is taking care of her.Thisis why it is so important for me.Garret GravesMedicare
TaylorAs a young woman who does not plan to have children anytime soon and who additonally suffers from symptoms of endometriosis, oral birth control is the only thing that helps. Before the ACA, I couldn't afford it and suffered chronic symptoms that eventually led to me removing myself from school. With the ACA, not only could I afford the monthly pills, I could afford regular checkups and specialist doctor visits. If this is repealed I'll lose the care I have already gone too long without. I am not in a position to afford the very expensive medicine I take on a daily basis, despite having a full time job.Garret Gravesthrough a job
JuliaTheir coverage for pre-existing diabetes will be lost.Garret Graveshealthcare.gov exchange
KimFor decades, I was haunted by the fact that if I ever lost my job (or were forced to take a job without health benefits), I would be unable to get insurance due to a pre-existing condition (Crohn's disease). If the Republican bill passes, I will go back to being unable to get insurance outside of a job--this time, because it will be ruinously expensive due to my age. Forget ever starting my own business, or retiring early; I need the insurance. I also worry that Medicare will be destroyed by the time I am old enough to qualify, and my treatable condition will bankrupt me or simply lead me to an early grave.Garret GravesThrough a job
I originally was able to afford healthcare because of the ACA. Since being married, I now have barely affordable health insurance, that takes up almost an entire paycheck. If health insurance premiums were to go up under the new plan, I would no longer be able to afford it. The problem is, I can't afford to not have insurance either--what if I get pregnant? I have pre-existing health conditions as well--how will I pay for my medication and my regular doctors visits? There is no good option for me anymore. The option is to be poor with insurance, or to risk an uninsured pregnancy and be slightly less poor b/c of the cost of my condition. I don't know how much it will affect me, or in what ways, but if premiums go up even in the slightest, I'm done for.Garret Graveshealthcare.gov exchange
PhillipTwo people very close to me will be affected adversely. A woman who is fighting diabetes. She now has affordable insurance now that covers her for the pre-existing condition of being a live, human citizen of the U.S. A country without a national single payer health care system.. Another friend is a man I work with who had no insurance until the medicaid expansion program here in La. Now his injured shoulder can receive the attention he needs.Garret Graveshealthcare.gov exchange
SarahAs a women currently pregnant, I am worried about the proposed cuts mean to me now and for any future pregnancies. Will my pregnancy be considered a pre-existing condition like it has in the past? Will I be able to access affordable mental healthcare? One of my prescriptions is already $270 a month! I have a niece that has Type I diabetes. I am worried about how she will be able to receive treatment in the future, especially as she ages and changes insurance.Garret GravesThrough a job
AliceWorking parents, using subsidies, if they get sick, they have no safety net.Garret Graveshealthcare.gov exchange
SarahMy husband injured himself at work over a year ago, and I about to have a second surgery from that injury. While he was out on medical leave, his company fired him to fill the position, and we lost his medical benefits. I qualify for the ACA Medicaid expansion, but he's a green card holder so we purchase his insurance through healthcare.gov. we can only afford the premium because of the ACA subsidy. We both have asthma and our inhalers would cost $400/month without the ACA. But on workers comp, we're only getting $326/week for a family of 4.Garret GravesMedicaid
JennyMy sister has chronic healthcare issues and is currently pursuing the vocational education she needs (on top of her postsecondary degree) to get certified in the field she wants to work in. ACA made it possible for her to finish college and begin pursuing this certification; without it, the cost of her healthcare will again increase beyond what she's able to pay and make it impossible for her to maintain her health while pursuing her job goals.

I myself suffer from depression, which is controlled by antidepressants. If employer plans are no longer required to cover maintenance mental health costs, I won't be able to afford my antidepressants (I am employed full time, but the pills are expensive and I don't make a huge amount of money) and will be at a greatly increased risk of serious (and expensive) mental health problems.
Garret Graveshealthcare.gov exchange
ClaireI am about to have my first child and would lose prenatal coverage. Without the ACA I cannot afford to have anymore children. My child would not have the brothers and sisters that I want for him, like I had growing up.Garret GravesThrough a job
VanessaMy husband and I are ensured through the marketplace. LSU cut its health insurance stipend for graduate students, leaving us with little option. We are young, healthy people, but we still need access to routine/preventative care to make sure we stay healthy.Garret Graveshealthcare.gov exchange
JI am a small business owner who has coverage under the Medicaid expansion, and will lose my coverage under the proposed bill. I previously had ACA coverage, and hoped to return to it in the future as my financial situation improves. Insurance through the ACA was the first time I'd had adequate health insurance coverage in many years. Prior, I could not get health insurance due to pre-existing conditions. Further, with the reduced subsidies and greatly increased financial burden imposed on seniors, my 63 year old mother, who is chronically ill and currently has ACA coverage, will no longer be able to afford health insurance. The 30% penalty for lapse in coverage is no replacement for the individual mandate, and seems to only be a cruel form of punishment for those who may not be able to afford their new and increased premiums, My mother and father who tries to provide for her medical needs will suffer tremendously. I fear she could pass away before she turns 65. For reasons that are self-explanatory, this issue is very important to me.Garret Graveshealthcare.gov exchange
Carmenbeing a senior citizen and on a fixed income, I'm afraid that I would no longer be able to afford coverage because of the increase in projected premiumsGarret GravesMedicare
I won't be able to get medical services or see a doctor at all. It also provide me to get medicine that I am unable to pay for on my own I am a black female who suffer from severe case of hypertension, pre diabetic, also with a nerve problem in my leg's witch cause a numbness from my feet to my upper body. I am seeing a neurologist for that. Without my insurance I will not be able to get the help I am in desperate need of ! As many others also will be affected by this loss of medical treatment. I am a 57 year old black female who is also unemploy with no income at all, my family helps out when they can, so I have to make a choice to buy medicine or keep a roof over my head. I go without the medicine to be honest. This is what I did before I got Obamacare, so I guess I'll be doing that again and praying God will keep me as before. I was a walking time bomb and didn't even know it with blood pressure ranging from 220 /210 Nobody but God kept me with a pressure like that. Thanks to Obamacare I am now able to get the HELP I NEED... PLEASE HELPGarret GravesMedicaid
RobertBoth of my children, one grown aged 24, have a diagnosis of a chronic condition. Repeal of the ACA, and the pre-existing conditions clause, might one day result in them not being able to find or afford coverage.Garret GravesThrough a job
AimeeI could stand to lose my Medicaid coverage. The only reason I have coverage is Gov. John Bel Edwards executive order to expand Louisiana's Medicaid program. To lose my coverage would mean losing access to the life-saving mental health care I receive and the mental health prescriptions I take every day. I could very well deteriorate mentally to the point where I wouldn't be able to care for myself, much less care for my young children.Garret GravesMedicaid
AdrienneMy friend is uninsurable in about 5 different ways, and won't be able to receive the long term medical treatment needed to manage his chronic medical conditions.Garret Gravesthrough a job
NancyI am a case manager in a Federal Bureau of Prisons Halfway House that helps inmates return to society as functioning citizens. One of the ways to avoid recidivism is to help them get good health care. The Medicaid program in LA is outstanding. It is also the first time many are able to go to the doctor, get a physical, and get health needs taken care of. Many are later able to get health care through their employers, or through ACA, as their income improves. To take this away would likely cause undue harm physically and financially which may contribute to their recidivism.Garret GravesMedicaid
My friend had to retire early because of health reasons and had to get insurance through the ACA exchange until Louisiana accwepted Medicaid expansion. The might lose Medicaid and would not be able to afford $13,000 a year for health insurance under Trumpcare.Garret Graveshealthcare.gov exchange
RandolynIt will affect my ability to see the doctor as much as need. Also will cost more for co-pay and the cost of medications.Garret GravesMedicaid
RenaeI have pre-existing conditions and cannot get insurance otherwise.Garret Graveshealthcare.gov exchange
crystalBoth of my parents are low income and currently depend on Medicaid for all of their healthcare. My sister-in-law is over 50, currently on long-term disability and dependant on chemotherapy treatments for ovarian cancer. My brother's family finally is insured because of Obamacare and fear losing insurance yet again.Garret GravesMedicaid
CynthiaCuts to Affordable Healthcare will cause me to lose coverage that I will no longer be eligible for if the cuts go through.Garret Gravesthrough a job
DeMeziaI am a recipient of medicaid through the medicaid expansion. I have several health issues that prevent me from working though I don't qualify for disability.Garret GravesMedicaid
DonnaI have 6 years before Medicare eligibility and do not have access to a group employer plan. I cannot afford an individual policy and rely heavily on the government subsidy applied towards my premium.Garret Graveshealthcare.gov exchange
FloraI work full time, but cannot afford to pay for insurance. I have several major health issues. I would die without coverage.Garret GravesMedicaid
franMy 38 year old nephew would have no health insurance.Garret Graveshealthcare.gov exchange
HeatherI have friends who were covered for the first time under ACA. They will likely lose coverage. They will probably go back to being uninsured. They will Postpone care and forego prevention. Costs of care of uninsured will drive costs for all of us up further.Garret Graveshealthcare.gov exchange
HelenI would no longer be able to afford healthcareGarret Graveshealthcare.gov exchange
IeishaThis would affect myself as well as my 3 children. I'm currently a part-time student and can't afford healthcare.Garret GravesMedicaid
IngridMy daughter would lose her ACA coverage. My grand daughter is on Medicaid which could be cut.Garret Graveshealthcare.gov exchange
I have pre existing conditions that I cannot afford to treat without coverage. I will die without treatment.Garret Graves
Other type of health insurance
KerryI am already struggling to keep benefits under Medicaid expansion long enough to get initial medical services after being released from incarceration for less than 90 days. Because I was employed within the first month after release, I am already being told my automatic enrollment will end at the end of March 2017 based on income not yet earned but projected to be earned. I understand that by the third quarter my income will have probably surpassed the qualification limit, but until that time, while trying to reestablish my life, it will hurt. Changes to the program will only make people in my position less able to obtain much needed healthcare benefits.Garret GravesMedicaid
MargaretMy friend would not be able to afford to pay for health insurance without the assistance given under the ACA. He is hard-working, self-employed and is 60 years old.Garret GravesMedicaid
MeghanI would lose coverage after having it for the first time in over six years (excluding pregnancies when I qualified for LA mom's).Garret GravesMedicaid
M'LouBefore Obamacare, insurance would have cost me over $900 a month. I can't afford that so was uninsured. I take 4 daily medications and often had to go without. Since getting insured through the ACA I always have access to my medications and healthcare. I pay $110 for insurance. It's extremely important that this continues and I'm very worried that the repeal and replace agenda will leave me without coverage and my medications.Garret Graveshealthcare.gov exchange
MauraI am currently ensured through the ACA. I opted to go part time at work so I could go back to school to advance my career as a nurse practitioner so I no longer receive benefits from work. The ACA has been such a godsend because I broke my ankle last year and was covered, when without it I wouldn't have been- or I wouldn't have been able to reduce my work hours for school- one or the other. Also, when my boyfriend was between jobs as an oil field inspector he was able to get affordable coverage for himself and his 8 year old son through the ACA instead of paying a thousand of dollars a month for COBRA. I have another friend who is a type one diabetic who does not get insurance through her work and she is able to be covered through the ACA affordably, before she was paying $900 a month for COBRA. My little brother is a student and gets extremely affordable coverage through the ACA while he studies and works part time. My yoga teacher works for herself and is covered through the ACA! That's just a piece of my life- I am a nurse and help to treat many people who receive life saving care thanks to their new insurance. This is not a disaster- it has been a godsend to so many of us.Garret Graveshealthcare.gov exchange
MollyMy jobs and my husband's jobs do not offer health insurance. The only way we can afford it is through the monthly subsidies offered through the plan we bought through healthcare.gov. We are very fortunate to be relatively healthy people who do not need a lot of medical care or medications, but I personally appreciate the birth control coverage.Garret Graveshealthcare.gov exchange
NancyYoung scientist, works "Gig economy" jobs, pre-existing conditions. Medicaid expansion made insurance affordable for her; this would throw her into high risk pools, tax subsidy would not begin to cover gap.Garret Graveshealthcare.gov exchange
WendyI am on the ACA and have been for four years. Before the ACA I was not able to afford insurance. I was 54 before I was able to get insurance and I raised two children without insurance. MY daughter at the age of 24 became ill with a mental illness schizo affective disorder. She displayed all the symptoms of schizophrenia including paranoia. I was unable to get her to get any medical help or insurance. When the ACA came out I was able to get her and myself insurance without her help because her illness made her a dependent on my taxes. This was the beginning of getting her properly medicated. The next year they found her eligible for medicaid. She went six years unmedicated and delusional. Today she is two years properly medicated. I am still on ACA and continue to get very good health care. I am under a lot of stress and that affects my health. I worry for my health because I take care of my daughter. I can honestly say the ACA has saved my family.Garret Graveshealthcare.gov exchange
PatriciaI am an older person and not yet eligible for Medicare. I strongly object to the proposed age tax that would charge higher premiums based on age.Garret Gravesthrough a job
RanjiI would be left without access to health care and mental health careGarret GravesMedicaid
SherylI pay taxes and I work. I have health issues. If this is taken away from
Us. Our quality of life re will change because . You will go from being productive to not because u can't see the dr.
Garret GravesMedicaid
ShelbyIf we lose our subsidy, we will not be able to afford our current healthcare plan. If we switch plans, we will have less choice of health care providers and will almost certainly not be able to go to some of our current doctors. Also concerned with losing annual wellness visits that are not subject to deductible, as well as dental and vision benefits for our child. Also concerned about a rise in both premiums and deductibles, as well as making sure our plan has catastrophic coverage.Garret Graveshealthcare.gov exchange
CharlesThis person is my housecleaning lady. She is in her 60s and earns no more than $ 6000 or 7,000 per year. She has medicaid, and it is her only health insurance. If she lost it she would have no access to health care.Garret GravesMedicaid
WilliamMy mother is current on the expanded Medicaid coverage that exists under the ACA after Gov. Edwards signed Louisiana on. She's about to turn 64 in August. If she loses access to Medicaid (which would depend on the timing and size of the bloc granting of funding that may occur), she will probably go without health insurance in the final months before she hits Medicare.Garret GravesMedicaid
RuthI have an elderly friend who worked as a yard man for decades, worked just as long and hard as anyone else, but never made a lot of money, certainly not enough to purchase health insurance or the medicines he needs for his asthma and high BP. Gov. Edward's (democrat LA) recent acceptance of federal Medicaid monies has helped out my friend considerably and he is very appreciative, seeing to his health in proactive ways now.Garret GravesMedicaid
BeckyDiabetes care. Could be a life or death issue.Garret Graveshealthcare.gov exchange
DorisBecause as a person that was injured on my job of twenty years of service and was injured now on disability retirement I would be deeply affected.Garret GravesMedicare
LindseyA middle-aged white male friend on unemployment will lose the coverage he just qualified for late last year.Garret GravesMedicaid
KerrieI would lose coverage and I would not be able to afford to get my prescriptions. The Medicaid expansion has allowed me to be covered and afford my medicine.Garret GravesMedicaid
ThomasMy new premiums would skyrocket to a price I could no longer afford and I fear that even were I to find a way to afford it, the coverage would be very limited.Garret Graveshealthcare.gov exchange
JosephMy daughter (23yrs) is working towards grad school and is allowed to remain on my insurance until age 26 under the ACA.Garret Graves
Other type of health insurance
A. P.I believe that the repeal of the ACA will affect me by making all insurance companies less inclined to cover a lot of procedures/medications; I'm fortunate in that I can afford decent health insurance through my work - and although a repeal might mean that I pay less for my insurance, I do believe it sends a message that the companies don't have to be so solicitous to those insured; Those I know who counted on the AFA for their insurance will be completely up a creek - - most likely will go back to just living uninsured; There are major kinks with the AFA - of that I'm well aware - but instead of repeal and replace, why can't Congress just work with the plan that is in PLACE instead of disrupting everyone who is now newly covered by the ACA; I believe we ALL lose eventually when there are so many who stay permanently uninsured - for whatever reason;Garret Graveshealthcare.gov exchange
JoCollege grad, under-employed now back in grad school, would lose coverage. Others rely on employer market, rather than pursue their own businesses, because of pre-existing conditions.Garret GravesThrough a job
LauraI will have no insurance. And many people I know will be without. We all work hard, but do not make enoughGarret GravesMedicaid
MichelleBoth of my parents would lose insurance coverage, and possibly my niece.Garret Graveshealthcare.gov exchange
Will cut my healthcare coverage as well as my husband's. Just got it thanks to Jon Bell Edwards...Garret Graveshealthcare.gov exchange