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Gatwick KennsArthur TRArthur TRArthur TRBeanie SR Beanie SR Arthur TRArthur TRBentley TRArthur TRArthur TRArthur TRArthur TRArthur TRBarley TRBarley TRBarley TRBarley TRBarley TRArthur TRArthur TRFrankW SR FrankW SR FrankW SR Franklyn RRFranklyn RRFranklyn RRFranklyn RRFranklyn RRFranklyn RRFranklyn RRFranklyn RRFranklyn RRFranklyn RRBeau SRBeau SRBeau SRBeau SRBeau SRBarley TRBarley TRBarley TRBlake SRBarley TRBarley TRBarley TRAntnDec TR 22Barley TRBentley TR Barley TR
Chessington KennsBarley TRBarley TRBeanie SR Bentley TRBentley TRBarley TRBentley TRBuster SR 14Bentley TRBarley TRButtons SRButtons SRButtons SRButtons SRBilly SR 25 Buttons SRButtons SRButtons SRBarley TRButtons SRArthur TRArthur TRArthur TRLadyhaye SRLadyhaye SRLadyhaye SRLadyhaye SRLadyhaye SRLadyhaye SRLadyhaye SRGillespie SR Ladyhaye SRHoney SR Franklyn RRPoppy SRPoppy SRPoppy SRPoppy SRFranklyn RREdie AB Blake SRBryn SR Blake SRBlake SRBlake SRBarley TRBlake SRBlake SRBentley TR
Guildford KennsBeanie SR Beanie SR Bentley TRBetzy SRBetzy SRBentley TRButtons SRButtons SRBuzz TRBentley TRBuzz TRBuzz TRBuzz TRCoco TR 1Buttons SRDustin SRChurchill AB Churchill AB Churchill AB Churchill AB Barley TRBarley TRButtons SRHollyMay SRHollyMay SRHollyMay SRHollyMay SRHollyMay SRHollyMay SRSonny & Leesa SR Ladyhaye SRSonny & Leesa SR Ladyhaye SRHoney SR Sonny & Leesa SR Sonny & Leesa SR Sonny & Leesa SR Ice SRHoney SR Franklyn RRBuster SR Buster SR 20Bryn SR Bryn SR Bryn SR Blake SRBrandy SR 15Boris SR 8Blake SR
Broxbourne KennsBetzy SRBentley TRBetzy SRDougie SRButtons SRButtons SRBuzz TRBuzz TRDustin SRButtons SRDustin SRDustin SRCoco TR Dustin SRChurchill ABJordon RRDustin SRDustin SRDustin SRClover SRButtons SRButtons SRCharlotte SR FrankW SR FrankW SR FrankW SR FrankW SR FrankW SR FrankW SR FrankW SR 8Sonny & Leesa SR Arthur TRSonny & Leesa SR Poppy SRFranklyn RRFranklyn RRFranklyn RRSonny & Leesa SR Ice Beau & Poppy SR 3Lizzie RRDaisy SRDougie RR Charlie TR Donna SR Donna SR 4Bubber RR Bryn SR Bryn SR Buttons SR Buttons SR
FosteredDougie SRBetzy SRDougie SRJordon RRDougie SRBuzz TRDave SR 22Codi SR 13Sammy SRBuzz TRJordon RRJordon RRDustin SREbby SR Dustin SRLatte RR Frank SRFrank SRFranklyn RRDustin SRCharlotte SR Churchill AB Churchill AB Gillespie SR Gillespie SR Gillespie SR Gillespie SR Arthur TRGillespie SR Arthur TRArthur TRAsha SR 28Arthur TRSonny & Leesa SR Babs RR 5Arthur TRMabel TR 27Franklyn RRMissie RRMartha RRDougie RR Charlie TR Dusty RR Dougie RR Charlie TR Dougie RR Charlie TR Dougie RR Charlie TR Bubber RR 21Chyna SRChyna SRDougie RR Charlie TR
Temp fosterHooch RRDolly & Fifi SR 24Jordon RRMarian SRJordon RRDave SRJordon RRJordon RRJordon RRDustin SRMarian SRMarian SRJordon RRJordon RREbby SR 25Marian SRFranklyn RRFranklyn RRFrankW SRFranklyn RRChurchill AB Dustin SRDustin SRArthur TRArthur TRArthur TRArthur TRBeth RR Arthur TRBarley TR Asha SR Barley TRBarley TRArthur TRArthur TRBarley TRArthur TRArthur TRPablo SR Missie RRDusty RR Edie AB Dusty RR Edie AB Edie AB Podge SR 21Dougie RR Charlie TR Dougie RR Charlie TR Edie AB
Own HomeJordon RRDougie SRMarian SRMissie RR Marian SRDougie SR 25Malcolm TRMarian SRMarian SRJenny TRMax TR Max TR Marian SRMarian SRMax TR Missie RR Jordon RRJordon RRJordon RRJordon RRDustin SRFranklyn RRFrank SR Barley TRBarley TRBarley TRBarley TRButtons SRBarley TR Buttons SRAutumn RR 5Daisy RRButtons SR Barley TRBarley TRButtons SR Churchill AB Churchill AB Rowan SR Oreo TR Edie AB Franklyn RREdie AB Franklyn RRFranklyn RRDougie RR Charlie TR Edie AB Edie AB Emily SR
Trial AdoptMissie RR Jordon RRMissie RR Misty SRMissie RR Jordon RRMarian SRMaxx SRMissie RR Jordon RRMissie RR Missie RR Max TR Max TR Marian SRNessa RRLatte RR Latte RR 1Missie RR Missie RR Franklyn RRJordon RRFranklyn RRButtons SRButtons SRBuzz TR Buttons SRFrank SR Beth RR 20Churchill AB Buttons SRDiesel SR Churchill AB Buttons SR Buttons SR Churchill AB Hollymay SR Chyna SRSonny & Leesa SR Pablo SR Franklyn RRJade SR Franklyn RRHarry RR Pints TRHarry RR Pints TREdie AB Franklyn RRFranklyn RRFranklyn RR
ReservedMisty SRMarian SRMisty SRPablo RRMisty SRMarian SRMissie RR Missie RR Pablo RRMarian SRPablo RRNessa RRMissie RR Missie RR Nessa RRPablo RRMarian SRMarian SRScooby SRZebedee SRJordon RRMissie RR Jordon RRCharlotte SR Charlotte SR Charlotte SR Charlotte SR 31 Heidi SRButtons SRDiesel SR Daisy RRHenry SR Daisy RRChurchill AB Churchill AB Frazer RR 31Honey SRDaisy RRArthur TRPeppermint SRJethro RRMarley SRHarry RR Pints TRMarley SRHollymay SR Franklyn RRHarry RR Pints TRGillespie SR Gillespie SR
ReturnedPablo RRMissie RR Pablo RRShadow RR Pablo RRMissie RR Pablo RRPablo RRSonny RR Missie RR Shadow RR Pablo RRNessa RRNessa RRPablo RRRosemerry SRMissie RR Missie RR Shadow RR Angel SRMissie RR Nessa ABMissie RR Churchill AB Churchill AB Churchill AB Churchill AB Missie RR Churchill AB Frank SR Diesel SR Jordon RRDiesel SR Daisy RRDiesel SR 10Heidi SRRocky RR 24Heidi SRButtons SR Pinky SR Lizzie RRMissie RRJade SR Martha RR Jacob TR Harry RR Pints TRMarley SRHarry RR Pints TRHarriet RR
HomedShadow RR Misty SRShadow RR Steve RRShadow RR Pablo RRSammy SRRolo RRShirley SRPablo RRSonny RR Shadow RR Pablo RRPablo RRRosemerry SRScooby SRRosemerry SRNessa RRAutumn RR Autumn RR Nessa ABShadow RR Nessa ABDiesel SRDiesel SRDexter TRFrank SR Mitsi RR Diesel SR Heidi SRHeidi SRMissie RR Heidi SRDiesel SR Heidi SRHenry SR 31Jacob TR Hollymay SR Churchill AB Reggie SR Missie RRRusty RRMarley SRMissie RRMarley SRJacob TR 21Martha RR Jethro RRHarry RR Pints TR
Retained by familySteve RRPablo RRSteve RRZiggy SRZiggy SRShadow RR Shadow RR Sammy SRSteve RR Sonny RR Steve RR Sonny RR Shadow RR Shadow RR Sonny RR 25Shadow RR Scooby SRRosemerry SRBuddy SR Buddy SR Shadow RR Zebedee SRShadow RR Dustin SRDustin SRFrank SR Jordon RRNessa ABFrank SR Henry SR Henry SR Toby SRHenry SR Heidi SRHenry SR Jonson SRJonson SRHoney SRChyna SRIce Beau & Poppy SR 3Oreo TR 22Oliver SRMissie RRNessa ABMartha RR Marley SRMia RR Marley SRHughie SR
VetsTedds SRShadow RR Tedds SRAngel SR Angel SR Angel SR Sonny RR Sonny RR Angel SR Steve RR Angel SR Steve RR Sonny RR Sonny RR Angel SR Angel SR Angel SR Scooby SRBuzz TR Buzz TR Zebedee SRAutumn RR Zebedee SRFrank SR Frank SR Jordon RRLeo SRToby SRHeidi SRJordon RRJordon RRBeau SR Jonson SRHenry SR Jonson SRJordon RRJordon RRJacob TR Daisy RRRowan SR Pablo SR Pablo SR Oliver SROliver SRMia RR Martha RR Missie RRMartha RR Jethro RR
RIPZiggy SRSteve RRZiggy SRAutumn RR Autumn RR Autumn RR Angel SR Autumn RR Autumn RR Angel SR Autumn RR Angel SR Angel SR Angel SR Autumn RR Autumn RR Autumn RR Shadow RR Cosmo AB Cosmo AB Autumn RR Beth RRZena SR Jordon RRJordon RRLeo SRMissie RR Zebedee SRHenry SR Missie RR Missie RR Bella RR Jordon RRJonson SRJordon RRLadyhaye SR 29Toby SRJordon RRHeidi SRRusty RRPeppermint SRPeppermint SRPablo SR Pablo SR Missie RRMia RR Nessa ABMia RR Kyla SR
PhotosBelle SRTedds SRAutumn RR Belle SRBelle SRBeanie SR Autumn RR Betzy SR Betzy SR Autumn RR Boycie RR 23Autumn RR Autumn RR Autumn RR Buddy SR Buddy SR Buddy SR Angel SR Dylan SR Dylan SR Buddy SR Buddy SR Autumn RR Missie RR Missie RR Missie RR Nessa ABZena SR Jordon RRMitsi RR Mitsi RR 5Benji TR 28Missie RR Jordon RRLadyhaye SR Rocky RR Adelle TR Moby RR Hollymay SR Shadow RRPinky SR Pinky SR Peppermint SRPeppermint SRNessa ABMissie RROliver SRMoby RR Marley SR
B Hugo Hooch Tala TokoCharlie RR Ziggy SRBelle SRCharlie RR Charlie RR Belle SR 29Beanie SR 22Cosmo AB Cosmo AB Betzy SR 30Coco TRCoco TRCosmo AB Buddy SR Buzz TR Buzz TR Buzz TR Autumn RR Edie AB Edie AB Buzz TR Buzz TR Beth RRNessa ABNessa ABNessa ABShadow RR Annie RR 28Missie RR Nessa ABNessa ABBlaze SR Nessa ABLadyhaye SR Nessa ABStardust RRBruno SR Nessa ABJacob TR Sonny & Leesa SR Reggie SR Reggie SR Pinky SR 8Reggie SR Oliver SRNessa ABPablo SR Nessa ABMartha RR
GSidney Charlie TroyCosmo AB Autumn RR Charlie RR Cosmo AB Cosmo AB Betzy SR Betzy SR Dylan SR Dylan SR Boycie RR Cosmo AB Cosmo AB Dylan SR Buzz TR Cosmo AB Camilla SR Camilla SR Buddy SR Freddie TR Freddie TR Cosmo AB Cosmo AB Buddy SR Shadow RR Shadow RR Shadow RR Toby SRAsha SRMitsi RR Shadow RRShadow RRBonno RR 28Shadow RRNessa ABShadow RRToby SRCassie SRShadow RRJordon RRTilly SR Rico RR 22Rowan SR Reggie SR Roxie SRPablo SR Oliver SRPenfold SR Oliver SRMia RR
Maya Sebby WandaDylan SR Belle SRCosmo AB Dylan SR Dylan SR Candy TR Candy TR 22Edie AB Edie AB Cosmo AB Dylan SR Dylan SR Edie AB Cosmo AB Dylan SR Cosmo AB Cosmo AB Buzz TR Jerry SR 28Heathcliff RRDylan SR Dylan SR Buzz TR Zebedee SRZebedee SRToby SRZebedee SRAustin SR 23Nessa ABToby SRToby SRBuzz TR Toby SRShadow RRStardust RRBruno SR Cosmo AB Toby SRMoby RR Arthur TRRio SRRoxie SRRowan SR 13Shadow RRPeppermint SRPablo SR Peppermint SRPablo SR Moby RR
Charlie Milo RaffertyEdie AB Charlie RR Dylan SR Edie AB Edie AB Charlie RR Charlie RR 22Elton TR 15Lexi SR 8Dylan SR Edie AB Edie AB FrankW SRDylan SR Edie AB Dylan SR Dylan SR Camilla SR 1Heathcliff RRLara RREdie AB Edie AB Cosmo AB Zena SR Zena SR Zebedee SRZena SR Autumn RR Shadow RRAsha SRBeau SR Cosmo AB Bella RR Toby SRToby SRCosmo AB Daisy RRAdelle TR Nessa ABButtons SR Rowan SR Shadow RRRoxie SRSonny & Leesa SR Podge SR Penfold SR Riley & Misty SRPenfold SR Nessa AB
Maya SR 30Cosmo AB Edie AB Elton TRElton TRCosmo AB Cosmo AB Gus TR 15Malcolm TR Edie AB Heathcliff RRFrankW SRGraham RR Edie AB FrankW SREdie AB Edie AB Cosmo AB Max TR Max TR Frank SR Frank SR Dylan SR Autumn RR Autumn RR Zena SR Austin SR Bonzo SR Toby SRAutumn RR Blaze SR Dylan SR Blaze SR Baloo SRBaloo SRDaisy RREdie AB Bobby TR 18Shadow RRChurchill AB Rusty RRSonny & Leesa SR Sonny & Leesa SR Susie RRReggie SR Peppermint SRRio SR PeppermintBlossom SROliver SR
Milo SR Dylan SR Malcolm TRHarold SRHarold SR 4Dylan SR Dylan SR Malcolm TR Maxx SR Jetson RR 30Maggie SR 22Graham RR Heathcliff RRFrankW SRGraham RR 25FrankW SRFrankW SRDylan SR Merlin RR Merlin RR Freddie TR Freddie TR Edie AB Beth RRBeth RRAustin SR Autumn RR Buzz TR Zena SR 20Blaze SR Bonno RR Edie AB Buzz TR Bella RR Bella RR 5Edie AB Gillespie SR Bruno SR Toby SRChyna SRShadow RRTilly SR Susie RRTilly SR 5Shadow RRReggie SR Shadow RRRiley & Misty SRPablo SR
Neuterings Rafferty SR Edie AB Rosemerry SRMalcolm TRLexi SR Edie AB Edie AB Misty SR 15Merlin RR Maggie SR Malcolm TR 22Heathcliff RRMaxx SR Graham RR Heathcliff RRHeathcliff RRHeathcliff RREdie AB Mitsi RR Mitsi RR Heathcliff RRHeathcliff RRFreddie TR Buddy SR Buddy SR 14Autumn RR Beau SR 2Cosmo AB Asha SRBuzz TR Buzz TR Frank SR 28Cosmo AB Blaze SR 12Buzz TR 5Gillespie SR Jojo TR Cassie SRVinnie RRHeidi SRSonny & Leesa SR Arthur TRTilly SR Vinnie RRSonny & Leesa SR Shadow RRTasha SRRio SR Penfold SR
Joey Wanda MayaRosemerry SRMalcolm TRSidney SRTwix SR 11Malcolm TRElton TRElton TRMerlin RR Nala SR 3Malcolm TR Maxx SR Maxx SR Merlin RR Heathcliff RRJasper SR 26Max TR Jerry SR FrankW SROrson SR Nancy SR Lara RRLeo SRFreddy SR Buzz TR Cosmo AB Beau SR Beth RRDustin SR 29Autumn RR Cosmo AB Cosmo AB Jack SR 28Dylan SR Buzz TR Cosmo AB Jojo TR Maria RRCosmo AB Adelle TR Hollymay SR Tilly SR Buttons SR Arthur TRArthur TRSusie RRTeddy TR 18Timmy Tim RR Shadow RRPeppermintBlossom SR
Scruff TR 3Milo SR 26Smiley SRQueenie RR Merlin RR Lexi SR Gus TRQueenie RR Queenie RR Maxx SR Merlin RR Merlin RR Molly RRJasper SR Merlin RR Merlin RR Max TR Freddie TR Otis RR 28Orson SR Liberty RR Liberty RR Heathcliff AB Cosmo AB Dexter TR Beth RRBuzz TR Dylan SR Blaze SR Daisy RRDylan SR Kirstin SR Edie AB Cosmo AB Daisy RRMario TR Mario TR Dusty RR Bruno SR Jacob TR Zola RRChurchill AB Buttons SR Boris SR Timmy Tim RR Timmy Tim RR Vinnie RRTasha SRRiley & Misty SR
Sebby RR 28Rafferty SR 21Tansy RRRosemerry SRSammy SRLuLu TR Lexi SR Rosemerry SRRosemerry SRMerlin RR Nancy SRMolly RRNancy SRMerlin RR Steve RR Molly RRMerlin RR Heathcliff RRPedro RR Pedro RR Max TR 14Merlin RR Leo SRDexter TR Dylan SR Cosmo AB Cosmo AB Edie AB Bonzo SR 18Dylan SR Edie AB Maizie SR 28Gillespie SR Dylan SR Dylan SR 9Merlin RR Merlin RR Edie AB Cassie SRJordon RRArthur TRChyna SRChurchill AB 13Buttons SR Vinnie RRVinnie RRAdelle TR Tiffin SRRio SR
Smiley SRRosemerry SRTommy TR 18Sidney SR 7Smiley SRMalcolm TRLuLu TR 22Tansy RRTansy RRQueenie RR Patch TR 22Nancy SRRosemerry SRNancy SRBasil TRNancy SROtis RR Jerry SR Tansy RR Scooby SRMerlin RR Mitsi RR Liberty RR Dylan SR Edie AB Dylan SR Dustin SRHeathcliff AB Buzz TR Edie AB Frank SR Mario TR Jojo TR Edie AB Edie AB Mika TRMika TRJojo TR Cosmo AB Marian SR Buttons SR Heidi SRChyna SRChyna SRArthur TRArthur TRArthur TRTimmy Tim RR Tasha SR
Waiting List to come in Tansy RRSidney SRZach TRSmiley SRTansy RRMerlin RR Merlin RR Asha SR Asha SR Rosemerry SRQueenie RR 23Rosemerry SRSteve RR Rosemerry SRBentley TRSteve RR 21Tansy RR Max TR Bentley TRTansy RR Mitsi RR Nancy SR Luna SR Edie AB Freddy SR Edie AB Dylan SR Jack SR Cosmo AB Gillespie SR Jack SR Martha RR Kirstin SR Gillespie SR Gillespie SR Roxy SR Roxy SR Maria RRDusty RR Moby RR Churchill AB Hollymay SR Heidi SRHeidi SRBoris SR Boris SR Boris SR Adelle TR Tiffin SR
Tony SR Wanda SR 29Smiley SRAngel SRTansy RRAsha SR Misty SR Misty SR Basil TRBasil TRShirley SR 30Rosemerry SRRory TR Tansy RRSteve RR Bruce Poppy SR Tammy SRBasil TRMerlin RR Clover SR 30Basil TRNancy SR Orson SR Merlin RR Freddy SR Heathcliff AB Freddy SR 6Edie AB Kyla SRDylan SR Heathcliff AB 12Kirstin SR Merlin RR Lassie RR Jojo TR Jojo TR Tasha SRTilly SR Mario TR Gillespie SR Nessa ABChyna SRJacob TR Hollymay SR Hollymay SR Buttons SR Buttons SR Buttons SR Arthur TRTimmy Tim RR
Scarlett 8Angel SRTansy RRAsha SR Tedds SR 7Big Bruce SR Rosemerry SRTansy RRBig Bruce SR Bruce Poppy SR Tansy RRTansy RRTansy RRAsha SR 3Asha SR 3Clover SR Bentley TRBentley TRNancy SR Cracker TRBentley TROrson SR Pedro RR 30Mitsi RR Heathcliff AB Liberty RR 16Heathcliff AB Heathcliff AB Mandy AmB Edie AB Jack SR Leo SR 5Nancy SR Mario TR Kirstin SR Kirstin SR 10Tilly SR Alfie SRMerlin RR Edie AB Toby SRHeidi SRJordon RRJacob TR Jordon RRChyna SRCarol SRCarol SRCarol SRArthur TR
Boycie RR 10Basil TRTommy TRBasil TRZach TR 7Bruce Poppy SR Sammy SRAsha SR Bruce Poppy SR Big Bruce SR Asha SR 3Asha SR 3Asha SR 3Basil TRBasil TRCracker TRBruce Poppy SR Buddy SR Otis RR Flora SRCracker TRPedro RR Roma TRNancy SR Leo SRLuna SR Edie AB Jack SR Martha RR Heathcliff AB Kirstin SR Maddox RR 6Polo TR 28Martha RR Lassie RR Lassie RR 5Adelle TR Bentley TRMika TRJojo TR Vinnie RRHollymay SR Moby RR Jordon RRMoby RR Heidi SRChyna SRGillespie SR Gilbert TRAdelle TR
Billy SR Hack (Lexi)Big Bruce SR Troy TR 21Big Bruce SR Asha SR Buddy SRSmiley SRBasil TRClover SR Clover SR Basil TRBasil TRBasil TRBentley TRBentley TRHank RR Buddy SR Candy RR Tansy RR Frank SR Flora SRScooby SRRosemerry SR Orson SR Liberty RR Merlin RR Merlin RR Luna SR 1Merlin RR Jack SR Leigh SR 12Maizie SR Poppy SRMerlin RR Mario TR Mario TR Alfie SRBlake SRStruan RR Lizzie RRAdelle TR Jacob TR Nessa ABMoby RR Noodles TRJonson SRHeidi SRHeidi SRHeidi SRCarol SR
Kyla in23 out29Bonzo SR Angel SRBonzo SR Basil TRBuster SRTansy RRBig Bruce SR Cracker TRCracker TRBruce Poppy SR Bruce Poppy SR Bentley TRBilly SR Billy SR Heidi SRClover SR Clover SR Basil TRFreddy SR Frank SR Tansy RR Scooby SRPedro RR 30Luna SR Mitsi RR Mitsi RR Merlin RR Nancy SR Mandy AmB 18Maizie SR Martha RR Rocky RR Beau SR Martha RR Merlin RR Basil TRCracker TRTilly SR Maria RRBruno SR Jordon RRRoscoe SRNessa ABPhoebe SRJordon RRJonson SRJonson SRJaffa SR Gilbert TR
Eliah 26Bruce SRAsha SR Buster SRBig Bruce SR Charlie TR Asha SR Bruce Poppy SR Frankie RR Harrison SRFrankie RR Harrison SRBig Bruce SR Big Bruce SR Billy SR Bruce Poppy SR Big Bruce SR 1HollyMay SRCracker TRCracker TRBentley TRGillespie SRFreddy SR Bentley TRTansy RR Roma TRMerlin RR Nancy SR Nancy SR Mitsi RR Orson SR Martha RR Martha RR Merlin RR Tansy RR Nancy SR Merlin RR Mika TRBentley TRJethro RRAlfie SRMario TR Cassie SRMoby RR Toby SRRoscoe SRRoscoe SRMoby RR Jordon RRJordon RRJonny SR 8Heidi SR
Dewi TRBuster SRBasil TRCharlie TR Buster SRClover SR Basil TRBuddy SRGwilym RR Heidi SRBuddy SR 25Clover SR Bruce Poppy SR Big Bruce SR Bruce Poppy SR Jethro RRHeidi SRFreddy SR Buddy SR Heidi SRHeidi SRCracker TRBentley TRRosemerry SR Mitsi RR Orson SR Orson SR Nancy SR Tansy RR Merlin RR Merlin RR Nancy SR Adelle TR Rocky RR Nancy SR 16Tilly SR Blake SRLara RRBaloo SR Merlin RR 11Coco SRNessa ABVinnie RRToby SRToby SRPhoebe SRMoby RR Moby RR Jonson SRJaffa SR
Poppy TRClover SR Big Bruce SR Clover SR Charlie TR Cracker TRBig Bruce SR Buster SRHank RR HollyMay SRClover SR Cracker TRBig Bruce SR Buddy SR Buddy SR Lara RRHollyMay SRHeidi SRCandy RR 1HollyMay SRHollyMay SRFlora SRCracker TRTansy RR Nancy SR Rosemerry SR Rosemerry SR 10Orson SR Basil TRNancy SR Nancy SR Polo TR Alfie SRPoppy SROllie & Jack TR 16Adelle TR Chyna SRLizzie RRBentley TRMika TRCosmo AB Toby SRAdelle TR Vinnie RRAdelle TR Roscoe SRPhoebe SRPhoebe SRJordon RRJonson SR
AlfieCracker TRBonzo SR Cracker TRClover SR Frankie RR Harrison SRBruce Poppy SR Clover SR Heidi SRJethro RRCracker TRDr Pepper Clover SR Clover SR Clover SR Latte RRJethro RRHollyMay SRClover SR Jethro RRJethro RRFreddy SR Daisy RR 10Basil TROrson SR Tansy RR Tansy RR Tansy RR Bentley TROlly TR 20Tansy RR Poppy SRBentley TRTansy RR Rocky RR 15Alfie SRCracker TRMaisie SRBlake SRPinky SRDusty RR Vinnie RRArchie SR Adelle TR Archie SR Sydney SR Roscoe SRRoscoe SRPhoebe SRRoscoe SR
DuncanFrankie RR Harrison SRBuster SRFrankie RR Harrison SRCracker TRGwilym RR Buster SRCodi SR Jethro RRLeo SR Dr Pepper Frankie RR Harrison SRCracker TRCracker TRCracker TRLeo SR Lara RRJethro RRCracker TRJodiBonnie SR JodiBonnie SR Gillespie SR Flora SRBentley TRRosemerry SR Alfie TR Alfie TR Alfie TR Cracker TROrson SR 20Zebedee SR Tansy RR Cracker TRAdelle TR Tansy RR 16Basil TRHollyMay SRMarley SRCracker TRRoxy SR Gillespie SR Adelle TR Boris SRArchie SR Cassie SRToby SRSydney SR Sydney SR Sydney SR Sydney SR
ShaneGwilym RR Charlie TR Gwilym RR Frankie RR Harrison SRHank RR Charlie TR Cracker TRLeo SR Maisie SRFrankie RR Harrison SRGerry SR Dr Pepper 13Frankie RRHank RR Lizzie RRLeo SR 21Lara RRFlora SRLadyhaye SRLadyhaye SRHeidi SRFreddy SR Buddy SR Tansy RR Alfie SRAlfie SRAlfie SRDaisy RRTansy RR Adelle TR Zebedee SR 5Flora SR Alfie SRTasha SRBentley TRJacob TRMartha RRDougie RR Charlie TR Struan RR Jojo TR Archie SR Bruno SR Boris SRCoco SR Adelle TR Adelle TR Tizzy TR Tizzy TR Tizzy TR
2 Jack & collieHank RR Clover SR Hank RR Gwilym RR Heidi SRClover SR Frankie RR Harrison SRMaisie SRMarley SRGerry SR Hank RR Frankie RR Harrison SRHank RR Heidi SRMaisie SRLiberty RRMarsha SRFreddy SR Lara RRLeo SRHollyMay SRGillespie SR Cracker TRAlfie TR Basil TRBasil TRBasil TRJethro RRZebedee SR Alfie SRAdelle TR HollyMay SRBasil TRTilly SR Blake SRJethro RRMaxx SR Jethro RRTasha SRMaria RRBruno SR Cassie SRBruno SR 11Cosmo AB Archie SR 28Cosmo AB Cosmo AB Cosmo AB Barclay SR
Tess & Lexi 7Heidi SRElsa RRHeidi SRHank RR Jethro RRCodi SR Gwilym RR Marley SRMax TR Gwilym RR 1Heidi SRGerry SR 13Heidi SRHollyMay SRMarley SRLizzie RRLiberty RRGillespie SRLeo SRLiberty RR Jethro RRHeidi SRDaisy RRAlfie SRBentley TRBentley TRBentley TRKirstin SR Adelle TR Bentley TRAlfie SRJethro RRBentley TRAdelle TR Chyna SRLara RRMeera SR Jonson SRTilly SR Mario TR 3Cassie SRCosmo AB Cassie SRCracker TRAstra TR 25Cracker TRCracker TRCracker TRBruce SR
Jethro RRFrankie RR Harrison SRJethro RRHeidi SRLara RRCracker TRHank RR Max TR Otis RRHank RR HollyMay SRHank RR HollyMay SRJethro RRMaxx SR Maddox RRLizzie RRHeidi SRLiberty RR Lizzie RRJodiBonnie SR HollyMay SRFlora SRBentley TRBuddy SR Buddy SR Buddy SR Lara RRAlfie SRCracker TRBasil TRLara RRCracker TRAlfie SRCracker TRLizzie RRMiko RRLara RRAlfie SRMika TRCosmo AB Elfin SR Cosmo AB Dusty RR Bridie SR Gillespie SR Maria RRHollymay SR Cosmo AB
Lara RRGwilym RR Lara RRJethro RRLeo SR Eros RR 26Heidi SROtis RRPippin SR Heidi SRJethro RRHeidi SRJethro RRLara RRMiko RRMaisie SRMaisie SRHollyMay SRLizzie RRMaisie SRKirstin SRJethro RRGillespie SR Buddy SR Cracker TRCracker TRCracker TRLizzie RRBasil TRFlora SR Bentley TRLizzie RRFlora SR Basil TRFlora SR Maisie SRMissie RRLizzie RRBaloo SR Rio SR Gillespie SR Gillespie SR Cracker TRElfin SR Cassie SRMaria RRMegan SRJoJo TR Cracker TR
Leo SRHeidi SRLeo SRLara RRMaisie SRFrankie RR Harrison SRJethro RRPippin SR Roxy SR HollyMay SRLara RRHollyMay SRLara RRLeo SR Missie RR Marley SRMarley SRJethro RRMaisie SRMarley SRLadyhaye SRJodiBonnie SR 5Heidi SRCracker TRDaisy RRDaisy RRDaisy RRMaisie SRBentley TRHollyMay SRCracker TRMaisie SRHollyMay SRBentley TRHollyMay SRMarley SROliver SRMaisie SRBasil TRRoxy SR Jojo TR 27Maria RRElfin SR Gillespie SR Cosmo AB Mika TRMika TRMaria RRHollymay SR
Maisie SRJethro RRMaisie SRMarley SRMarley SRGwilym RR Lara RRRoxy SR Rusty RRJethro RRLeo SR Jethro RRLeo SR Maisie SROtis RRMaxx SR Maxx SR JodiBonnie SR Marley SRMaxx SR Leo SRKirstin SRHollyMay SRDaisy RRHeidi SRHeidi SRHeidi SRMarley SRCracker TRJethro RRFlora SR Marley SRJethro RRBlake SRJethro RRMartha RRPeppermint SRMarley SRBennie SRStruan RR Maria RRMika TRGillespie SR Jacob TRCracker TRNoodles TR Nancy SRMegan SRJoJo TR
Mandy AmB Lara RRMandy AmB Max TR Max TR Hank RR Leo SR Rusty RRTeddy SR Lara RRMaisie SRLara RRMaisie SRMarley SRPippin SR Meera SR Meera SR Lara RRMaxx SR Meera SR Lizzie RRLadyhaye SRJethro RRFlora SRJethro RRJethro RRJethro RRMaxx SR Daisy RRLara RRHollyMay SRMaxx SR Lara RRChyna SRLara RRMaxx SR Reggie SRMartha RRBentley TRAlfie SRMika TRRio SR Maria RRJade SR Dusty RR 26Rio SR Noodles TR Mika TRKevin SR
Marley SRLeo SRMarley SROtis RROtis RRHeidi SRMarley SRScarlett RRTrixie RR Leo SR Marley SRLeo SR Marley SRMaxx SR Rowan SRMiko RRMiko RRLeo SRMiko RRMiko RRMaisie SRLara RRLadyhaye SRHeidi SRLara RRKirstin SR Kirstin SR Meera SR Flora SR Lizzie RRJethro RRMiko RRLizzie RRCracker TRLizzie RRMiko RRRupert RRMaxx SR Blake SRBaloo SR Roxy SR Struan RR Martha RR Maria RRElfin SR 25Rusty RR Reggie SR 16Nancy SRMaria RR
Max TR Maisie SRMax TR Pippin SR Pippin SR Jethro RRMax TR Teddy SR Vinnie RRMaisie SROtis RRMaisie SROtis RROtis RRRoxy SR Otis RRMolly RR Lizzie RRPippin SR Pippin SR Marley SRLizzie RRLara RRJethro RRLizzie RRLara RRLara RRPeppermint SRJethro RRMaisie SRLara RROllie & Jack TRMaisie SRFlora SR Maisie SRMissie RRRusty RRMeera SR Cracker TRBasil TRStruan RR Tasha SRMika TRMika TRGillespie SR Tasha SRRusty RR Noodles TR Megan SR
Otis RRMandy AmB Otis RRRusty RRRusty RRLara RROtis RRTrixie RR Ziggy SR Marley SRPippin SR Marley SRPippin SR Pippin SR Rusty RRPedro RR Pedro RR Maisie SRRoxy SR Roxy SR Maxx SR Maisie SRLizzie RRKirstin SR Maisie SRLizzie RRLizzie RRPippin SR Kirstin SR Marley SRLizzie RRPeppermint SRMarley SRHollyMay SRMarley SROliver SRStardust RRMiko RRDougie RR Charlie TR Bennie SRTasha SRTiger RR Rio SR Rio SR Jade SR 26Toby SRToby SRRusty RR Mika TR
Pippin SR Marley SRPippin SR Scarlett RR 12Trixie RR Leo SR Pippin SR Vinnie RRAnnie RRMax TR Roxy SR Otis RRRory TR 5Roxy SR Scooby SRPippin SR Rowan SRMarley SRRusty RRRusty RRMiko RRMarley SRMaisie SRLara RRMarley SRMaisie SRMaisie SRRowan SRLara RRMaxx SR Maisie SRPippin SR Maxx SR Jethro RRMaxx SR Peppermint SRStruan RR Missie RRJethro RRBentley TRBaloo SR Alfie SR Rusty RR Rusty RR Maria RRAlfie SR Alfie SR Tess SR 7Nancy SR
Rusty RRMax TR Rusty RRTrixie RR Vinnie RRMarley SRRoxy SR Ziggy SR Bonzo SR Otis RRRuby SRPippin SR Roxy SR Rusty RRTansy RR Rowan SRRoxy SR Maxx SR Vinnie RRVinnie RRPippin SR Maxx SR Marley SRLizzie RRMaxx SR Marley SRMarley SRRoxy SR Lizzie RRMeera SR Marley SRRowan SRMiko RRLara RRMiko RRReggie SRSydney SR Oliver SRJonson SRBlake SRBasil TRBaloo SR Struan RR Struan RR Mario TR 28Baloo SR Baloo SR Toby SRNoodles TR
Sasha SR 3Otis RRTrixie RR Vinnie RRAnnie RRMax TR Rusty RRAnnie RRCoco RR 6Pippin SR Rusty RRRoxy SR Rusty RRTansy RR Trixie RR Roxy SR Rusty RRMeera SR Zola RRZola RRRoxy SR Miko RRMaxx SR Maisie SRMeera SR Maxx SR Maxx SR Rusty RRMaisie SRMiko RRMaxx SR Roxy SR Ollie & Jack TRLizzie RRMissie RRRowan SRTrixie RR Peppermint SRLara RRCracker TRBennie SRBennie SRTasha SRTasha SRMika TRBasil TRBasil TRAlfie SR Poppy SR
Sidney SRPippin SR Annie RRAnnie RRBonzo SR Otis RRStardust RRBonzo SR Graham RRRoxy SR Teddy SR Ruby SRTeddy SR Trixie RR Vinnie RRRusty RRTrixie RR Miko RRAnnie RR Annie RR Rusty RRPippin SR Miko RRMarley SRMiko RRMeera SR Miko RRScooby SR 29Marley SROllie & Jack TRMiko RRRupert RRPeppermint SRMaisie SRPeppermint SRRupert RRVinnie RRReggie SRMaisie SRJethro RRBentley TRBentley TRTiger RR 11Alfie SR Rio SR Bennie SRBennie SRBaloo SR Toby SR
Trixie RR Rusty RRGraham RRBonzo SR Buster & Patch SRPippin SR Trixie RR Graham RRHeathcliff RRRusty RRTrixie RR Rusty RRTrixie RR Vinnie RRAnnie RRTansy RR Vinnie RRMitsi RRAsha SRAsha SRStardust RRRoxy SR Pippin SR Maxx SR Peppermint SRMiko RRPeppermint SRStruan RR Maxx SR Peppermint SROllie & Jack TRRusty RRPippin SR Marley SRReggie SRStruan RR Zola RRRowan SR Marley SRJonson SRCoco SRBuddy SRAlfie SR Baloo SR Rusty RR Bentley TRBentley TRBasil TRAlfie SR
Vinnie RRTrixie RR Heathcliff RRGraham RRGraham RRRusty RRVinnie RRHeathcliff RRHugo RR Teddy SR Vinnie RRTeddy SR Vinnie RRAnnie RRBonzo SR Trixie RR Annie RR Molly RR 1Bonzo SR Bonzo SR Trixie RR Ruby SRRoxy SR Meera SR Pippin SR Peppermint SRPippin SR Sydney SR Meera SR Pippin SR Peppermint SRStruan RR Rowan SRMaxx SR Rowan SRSydney SR Frankie RRRoxy SR Martha RRLara RRCracker TRCracker TRBaloo SR Basil TRStruan RR 25Buddy SRCurly RRBennie SRBaloo SR
Foster returnsAnnie RRVinnie RRHooch RR 14Heathcliff RRHeathcliff RRTrixie RR Ziggy SR Hugo RR Mandy AmB Trixie RR Ziggy SR Trixie RR Ziggy SR Bonzo SR Dexter TRVinnie RRAsha SRPedro RR Dexter TRDexter TRVinnie RRRusty RRRusty RRMiko RRRoxy SR Pippin SR Rowan SRTrixie RR Miko RRRocky RR Pippin SR Sydney SR Roxy SR Miko RRRoxy SR Trixie RR Hank RR Rupert RRMaxx SR Maisie SREliah RREliah RRBasil TRBennie SRTasha SREliah RRDaisy SRBuddy SR Bennie SR
Scarlett RR 8Graham RRAnnie RRHugo RR Hugo RR Hugo RR Vinnie RRAnnie RRMandy AmB Rolo RR Vinnie RRAnnie RRVinnie RRAnnie RRDexter TRFrankie RRAnnie RR Bonzo SR Pippin SR Frankie RRFrankie RRZola RRStardust RRScooby SRPeppermint SRRusty RRRowan SROrson SR Vinnie RRPeppermint SRRoxy SR Rocky RR Trixie RR Rupert RRMissie RRRupert RRVinnie RRKeats RR Rusty RRMeera SR Marley SRJonson SRMartha RRBennie SRBentley TRAlfie SR Geraldine RREliah RRCurly RRBuddy SR
Heathcliff RRGraham RRKeita RRKeita RRKeita RRZiggy SR Bonzo SR Smiley SRSmiley SRZiggy SR Bonzo SR Ziggy SR Bonzo SR Frankie RRHarrison SR Asha SRDexter TRRowan SRHank RR Hank RR Annie RR Trixie RR Vinnie RRPippin SR Scooby SRRoxy SR Rusty RRZola RRPippin SR Rusty RRRoxy SR Vinnie RRRusty RRPeppermint SRRusty RRZola RRNutkins SR Sydney SR Miko RRMaxx SR Lara RRJethro RRBentley TRBuddy SRBaloo SR Jethro RRGeraldine RRDaisy SRCurly RR
Hooch RRHeathcliff RRTala & Toko RR 14Mandy AmB Mandy AmB Annie RRBuster & Patch SR 20TimmyTim RRTimmyTim RRAnnie RRGraham RRAnnie RRDexter TRHarrison SR Hugo RR 28Bonzo SR Frankie RRRoxy SR Harrison SR Harrison SR Asha SRVinnie RRZola RRRoxy SR Struan RR Rusty RRScooby SRFrankie RRRocky RR Struan RR Rusty RRZola RRStruan RR Pippin SR 13Struan RR Frankie RRRolo RR Trixie RR Peppermint SRMeera SR Maisie SRJonson SRBuddy SREliah RRBennie SRLara RRJethro RRDiesel SRDaisy SR
Hugo RR Hooch RRTimmyTim RRTimmyTim RRQueenie RRBonzo SR Graham RRBlossom SRBlossom SRBonzo SR Hugo RR Bonzo SR Hugo RR Hugo RR Kirstin SRDexter TRHank RR Rusty RRMandy AmB Mandy AmB Bonzo SR Zola RRAnnie RR Rusty RRSydney SR Scooby SRStruan RR Hank RR Rowan SRSydney SR Struan RR Frankie RRSydney SR Rowan SRSydney SR Hank RR Susie RRVinnie RRReggie SRMiko RRMarley SRLara RREliah RRGeraldine RRBentley TRMaisie SRMaisie SREliah RRDiesel SR
Joey SR 28Hugo RR Blossom SRBlossom SRTimmyTim RRBuster & Patch SRHeathcliff RRPodge SRPodge SRCoco TRMandy AmB Dexter TRKirstin SRKirstin SRMandy AmB Frankie RRHarrison SR Trixie RR Rolo RR Rolo RR Dexter TRAnnie RR Asha SRScooby SRTrixie RR Struan RR Sydney SR Harrison SR Roxy SR Trixie RR Sydney SR Hank RR Trixie RR Roxy SR Trixie RR Keats RR Teddy SR Zola RRRupert RROliver SRMartha RRMaisie SRGeraldine RRJethro RREliah RRMeera SR Meera SR Geraldine RREliah RR
Keita RRKeita RRChloe TR Chloe TR Blossom SRGraham RRHugo RR Angel SRAlfee SR Graham RRPeggy RR 22Hugo RR Mandy AmB Mandy AmB Rolo RR Hank RR Kirstin SRVinnie RRSmiley SRTeddy SR Frankie RRAsha SRBonzo SR Struan RR Vinnie RRSydney SR Trixie RR Keats RR Ruby SR 21Vinnie RRTasha SRHarrison SR Vinnie RRRupert RRVinnie RRNutkins SR TimmyTim RRFrankie RRRusty RRRupert RRMaxx SR Maxx SR 21Jethro RRJonson SRGeraldine RRMiko RRMiko RRMaisie SRGeraldine RR
Max RR 1Megan RR 26Fredds TRFredds TRChloe TR 3Heathcliff RRMandy AmB Arthur TRBarley TRHeathcliff RRRolo RR Kirstin SRRolo RR Rolo RR Smiley SRHarrison SR Mandy AmB Annie RR Sushung RR 31TimmyTim RRHank RR Bonzo SR Dexter TRSydney SR Zola RRTrixie RR Vinnie RRNutkins SR Rusty RRZola RRTrixie RR Keats RR Zola RRRusty RRZola RRRolo RR Blossom SRHank RR Sydney SR Sydney SR Meera SR Meera SR Jonson SRLara RRJethro RRMuffin TRMuffin TRMeera SR Maisie SR
Vax ( 2nd) dueMegan RR Snoop SR 21Podge SRPodge SRFredds TRHugo RR Smiley SRAlfee SR Buddy SRHugo RR Sammy SR 22Mandy AmB Smiley SRSmiley SRTeddy SR Kirstin SRRolo RR Asha SRTeddy SR Blossom SRHarrison SR Dexter TRFrankie RRVinnie RRAnnie RR Vinnie RRZola RRRolo RR Struan RR Frankie RRVinnie RRNutkins SR Frankie RRStruan RR Frankie RRSusie RRBrandy SRHarrison SRTrixie RR Trixie RR Miko RRMiko RRLara RRMaisie SRLara RRRupert RROzzie SRMiko RRMeera SR
Rafferty CharlieSnoop SR Tala & Toko RR Barley TRAlfee SR Podge SRKeita RR 26TimmyTim RRBarley TRButtons SR Mandy AmB Smiley SRRolo RR TimmyTim RRTeddy SR TimmyTim RRMandy AmB Smiley SRBonzo SR TimmyTim RRBrandy SRMandy AmB Frankie RRHank RR Zola RRAsha SRZola RRAnnie RR Teddy SR Sydney SR Hank RR Zola RRRolo RR Hank RR Sydney SR Hank RR Teddy SR Marian SR Keats RR Zola RRZola RROliver SRRupert RRMeera SR Meera SR Maisie SRSuede RRRolo RR Muffin TRMiko RR
Dolly Fifi MiloTala & Toko RR TimmyTim RRBertha RR 17Arthur TRRoxy SR Mandy AmB Blossom SRBuddy SRCamilla SRPeggy RR TimmyTim RRSmiley SRBlossom SRTimmyTim RRZiggy SR 28Rolo RR Teddy SR Dexter TRBlossom SRMaddox RRRolo RR Hank RR Mandy AmB Annie RR Bonzo SR Annie RR Asha SRTimmyTim RRTrixie RR Harrison SR Frankie RRTeddy SR Harrison SR Trixie RR Harrison SR 9TimmyTim RRPablo RRNutkins SR Frankie RRFrankie RRRupert RRSydney SR Miko RRMiko RRMeera SR Trixie RR Rupert RROzzie SRMuffin TR
Elsa(4) JoeyTimmyTim RRBlossom SRBruce & Poppy SR 16Barley TRAlfee SR Queenie RRPodge SRCamilla SRChurchill ABRolo RR Blossom SRTimmyTim RRPodge SRZiggy SR Blossom SRSmiley SRTimmyTim RRFrankie RRBrandy SRMarian SR Teddy SR Harrison SR Rolo RR Asha SRFrankie RRAsha SRBonzo SR Blossom SRVinnie RRKeats RR Hank RR TimmyTim RRKeats RR Vinnie RRKeats RR Blossom SRPodge SRRolo RR Hank RR Hank RR Sydney SR Trixie RR Rupert RRRupert RRMiko RRZola RRSuede RRRolo RR Rolo RR
Blossom SRChloe TR Buddy SRBuddy SRArthur TRTimmyTim RRAlfee SR Churchill ABFreddy TRSammy SR Jenny TR 25Blossom SRAlfee SR 8Blossom SRPodge SRTeddy SR Blossom SRHank RR Maddox RRMarsha SR TimmyTim RRMandy AmB Teddy SR Bonzo SR Hank RR Bonzo SR Dexter TR 4Brandy SRZola RRNutkins SR Harrison SR Blossom SRLuna RR Zola RRNutkins SR Brandy SRBaloo SRSusie RRHarrison SRHarrison SRTrixie RR Zola RRStardust RRSydney SR Rupert RRBruce SR Zola RRRupert RRRupert RR
Vax ( 1st) dueChloe TR Fredds TRButtons SRButtons SRBarley TRBlossom SRBarley TREliah RRHank RRSmiley SRPodge SRPodge SRBarley TRPodge SRArthur TRTimmyTim RRMaddox RRHarrison SR Marian SR Pablo RRBlossom SRRolo RR TimmyTim RRFrankie RRHarrison SR Frankie RRFrankie RRMaddox RRFrankie RRRolo RR Keats RR Brandy SRNutkins SR Frankie RRRolo RR Marian SR Barley TRTeddy SR Keats RR Keats RR Frankie RRFrankie RRSydney SR Trixie RR Suede RRCassie SRBruce SR Suede RRSuede RR
Fredds TRPodge SRChurchill ABChurchill ABBasil TRFredds TR Camilla SRFreddy TRHuckleberry RR TimmyTim RRAlfee SR Alfee SR Buddy SR Arthur TRBrandy SR Blossom SRPablo RRKirstin SRMarsha SR Podge SRBrandy SRTeddy SR Blossom SRHank RR Keats RR Hank RR Hank RR Marian SR Hank RR Teddy SR Nutkins SR Marian SR Rolo RR Hank RR Susie RRPablo RRBasil TRTimmyTim RRNutkins SR Nutkins SR Hank RR Hank RR Trixie RR Zola RRTrixie RR Frankie RRCassie SRStanley RRVinnie RR 30
Podge SRBenny TR 25Eliah RREliah RRChurchill ABPodge SRChurchill ABHuckleberry RR Kyla SRBlossom SRBarley TRBarley TRCamilla SRCamilla SRBuddy SR Podge SRPodge SRMandy AmB Pablo RRBarley TRMaddox RRTimmyTim RRBrandy SRHarrison SR Mandy AmB Harrison SR Harrison SR Pablo RRHarrison SR TimmyTim RRRolo RR Pablo RRSusie RRHarrison SR Teddy SR Podge SRBertie TR Blossom SRRolo RR Rolo RR Harrison SRHarrison SRZola RRFrankie RRZola RRHank RR Cathy RRWillow SRWillow SR
Benny TR Bertha RRElsa RR 17Freddy TREliah RRRoxy SR Eliah RRKyla SRLily RRPodge SRBentley TRCamilla SRChurchill ABChurchill ABCamilla SRArthur TRArthur TRRolo RR Podge SRBlanche RR Marian SR Blossom SRMaddox RRMandy AmB Nutkins SR Keats RR Keats RR Podge SRKeats RR Blossom SRTeddy SR Podge SRTeddy SR Keats RR TimmyTim RRAlfie TR 28Buttons SRBrandy SRSusie RRSusie RRKeats RR Keats RR Frankie RRHank RR Frankie RRKeats RR Frankie RRZola RRZola RR
Bentley TRBruce & Poppy SR Freddy TRHuckleberry RR Freddy TRAlfee SR Fredds TR 22Lara RRLily RRAlfee SR Camilla SRChurchill ABFreddy TRFreddy TR 4Huckleberry RR Basil TRBrandy SR Smiley SRAngel SRBuddy SR Marsha SR Brandy SRMarian SR Nutkins SR Rolo RR Mandy AmB Mandy AmB Adelle TRNutkins SR Brandy SRTimmyTim RRAlfie TR TimmyTim RRNutkins SR Blossom SRBaloo SRBobby TRMarian SR Teddy SR Teddy SR Nutkins SR 23Rolo RR Hank RR Keats RR Hank RR Ozzie SRHank RR Bruce SR Bryn SR
Buddy SRBuddy SRHarold SRKyla SRHuckleberry RR Buddy SRFreddy TRLexi SRMally TR Camilla SRChurchill ABFreddy TRHarrison SRHuckleberry RR Jordon RRBrandy SR Bruce Poppy SR 12Teddy SR Basil TRCharlotte SRPablo RRMaddox RRMarsha SR Rolo RR Teddy SR Nutkins SR Nutkins SR Alfie TR Rolo RR Maddox RRBlossom SRBasil TRBlossom SRRolo RR Brandy SRBobby TRChyna SRPablo RRTimmyTim RRTimmyTim RRRolo RR Teddy SR Harrison SROzzie SRKeats RR Rolo RR Hughie SR Bryn SRCassie SR
Buttons SRButtons SRHuckleberry RR Leo SR Kyla SRCamilla SRHuckleberry RR Lily RRMerial SR Churchill ABFreddy TRHuckleberry RR Huckleberry RR Kyla SRKyla SRChurchill RRFreddie TRTimmyTim RRBlanche RR Gillespie SR Podge SRMarian SR Pablo RRTeddy SR TimmyTim RRRolo RR Rolo RR Alfie SRTeddy SR Marian SR Brandy SRBlanche RR 28Brandy SRSusie RRMarian SR Daisy SRDaisy SRPodge SRBlossom SRBlossom SRSusie RRTimmyTim RRKeats RR Rolo RR Ozzie SRBlossom SRJonny SR Cassie SRCathy RR
Churchill ABChurchill ABKyla SRLexi SRLily RRChurchill ABKyla SRLily RRMika TR Freddy TRHuckleberry RR Kyla SRKyla SRLily RRLiberty RR Freddie TRHuckleberry RR Blossom SRBuddy SR Huckleberry RR Angel SR 14Marsha SR Podge SRTimmyTim RRBlossom SRTeddy SR Teddy SR Barley TRTimmyTim RRPablo RRMarian SR Bobby TRMarian SR Teddy SR Pablo RRFlora SR 28Harrison SRBarley TRBrandy SRBrandy SRTeddy SR Blossom SROzzie SRTeddy SR Rolo RR Holly SR Keats RR Cathy RRFrankie RR
Dolly SRCracker TRLily RRLily RRLily RREliah RRLily RRMally TR Nancy SRHuckleberry RR Kyla SRLily RRLily RRLily RRLily RRHuckleberry RR Jessa RRMaddox RRButtons SRJessa RRBasil TRPablo RRBarley TRBlossom SRBrandy SRTimmyTim RRTimmyTim RRBlanche RR Blossom SRPodge SRPablo RRButtons SRPablo RRTimmyTim RRPodge SRHoney SRHeidi SRBasil TRMarian SR Daisy RR TimmyTim RRMarian SR 16Rolo RR TimmyTim RRTeddy SR 31Brandy SRLara RRFrankie RRHank RR
Eliah RREliah RRLily RRLily RRMally TR Freddy TRLily RRMerial SR Rowan SRKyla SRLily RRLily RRLily RRMally TR Lily RRKyla SRKyla SRPablo RRHuckleberry RR Kirstin SRBlanche RR Podge SRBlanche RR Brandy SRMaddox RRBlossom SRBlossom SRBuddy SR 26Brandy SRAlfie TR Podge SRChurchill AB Podge SRBlossom SRAlfie TR Huckleberry RR Huckleberry RR Bertie TR Podge SRHolly SR Daisy RR 23Holly SR Teddy SR Blossom SRBlossom SRRosie TRTess SR Hank RR Harrison SR 3
Elsa RRFreddy TRMally TR Maisie SRMerial SR Huckleberry RR Maisie SRMika TR Ruby SRLily RRLily RRMally TR Mally TR Merial SR Mally TR Lily RRLily RRPodge SRJessa RRKyla SRBuddy SR Basil TRCharity RR Maddox RRMarian SR Brandy SRBrandy SRChurchill ABMaddox RRAmy TR 12Alfie TR Chyna SRAlfie TR Brandy SRBobby TRIce SRIce SRButtons SRBertie TR Podge SRBlossom SRPodge SRTimmyTim RRBrandy SRHolly SR Bessie RR Theo RR Hughie SR Jordon RR
Fifi SRHank RRMika TR Mally TR Mika TR Kyla SRMally TR Nala SRRuby(Pru) SRLily RRMally TR Merial SR Merial SR Mika TR Marsha SRLily RRLily RRArthur TRKirstin SRLily RRHuckleberry RR Blanche RR Chyna SRMarian SR Pablo RRMaddox RRMaddox RRChyna SRMarian SR Basil TRBarley TRGillespie SRBaloo SRMarian SR Honey SRKyla SRKyla SRDaisy SRDaisy SRBertie TR Brandy SRBarley TRBlossom SRHolly SR Brandy SRBobby SRTrixie RRKeats RR Keats RR 3
Huckleberry RR Harold SRNancy SRMerial SR Nancy SRLily RRMerial SR Nancy SRScarlett RR 6Mally TR Merial SR Mika TR Mika TR Miko RR Meera SRMally TR Mally TR Brandy SR Kyla SRLily RRJessa RRBuddy SR Huckleberry RR Pablo RRRoma TR Marian SR Marian SR Gillespie RRPablo RRBlanche RR Benji TR Heidi SRBobby TRPablo RRHuckleberry RR Lexie SR Lexie SR Gillespie SR Huckleberry RR Buster SRMarian SR Basil TRBrandy SRMissy RR 4Basil TRBranston SRWilbur TR Lara RRLara RR
Kyla SRHuckleberry RR Queenie RR Mika TR Poppet RR Lily RRMika TR Rowan SRScoobie TR Merial SR Mika TR Miko RR Miko RR Mitsi RRMerial SR Marsha SRMerial SR Huckleberry RR Lily RRMally TR Kyla SRCharity RR Jessa RRRoma TR Podge SRPablo RRPablo RRDiesel SRPodge SRBobby TRBlanche RR Honey SRChyna SRPodge SRIce SRLois TR 1Lily RRHuckleberry RR Jeremy TR Daisy SRHolly SR Bertie TR Holly SR Podge SRBranston SRBridie SR 21Blossom SRTeddy SR Poppy SR
Lily RRKyla SRRolo RRNancy SRRolo RRMaisie SRRosemerry SRRuby SRShadow RRMika TR Miko RR Mitsi RRMitsi RRMolly RRMika TR Merial SR Mika TR Kyla SRLily RRMerial SR Lily RRCharlotte SR Kirstin SRPodge SRBlanche RR Roma TR 8Podge SRHuckleberry RR Alfie TR Leo SR Bobby TRHuckleberry RR Huckleberry RR Alfie TR Kyla SRLily RRMally TR Jeremy TR Kyla SRDarcie RRPodge SRBrandy SRMissy RR Bertie TR 4Buddy SRCurly RRHolly SR Theo RR 9Rusty RR
Lily RRLily RRRowan SRPoppet RR Rosemerry SRMally TR Nancy SRRuby(Pru) SRSpencer RR Nancy SRRowan SRPixie TR 13Rowan SRRowan SRMitsi RRMika TR Mitsi RRJessa RRMally TR Mika TR Lily RRHuckleberry RR Kyla SRBasil TRBuzz TR Podge SRBlanche RR Ice SRBlanche RR Chyna SRChyna SRIce SRIce SRBobby TRLexie SR Mally TR Merial SR Kyla SRLexie SR Dougie RR Charlie TR Alfie RRCoco SRPodge SRBranston SRCoco SR 26Darcie RRHollymay SRTrixie RRTeddy SR
Malcolm TRLily RRRoxy SR Rolo RRRowan SRMerial SR Queenie RR Scoobie TR Stardust RRRowan SRRuby(Pru) SRRowan SRRuby SRRuby SRMolly RRMitsi RRNancy SRLily RRMeera SRMilo TR Mally TR Jessa RRLily RRBlanche RR Charity RR Blanche RR Charity RR 2Jessa RRBobby TRHuckleberry RR Huckleberry RR Jessa RR 28Kyla SR Huckleberry RR Lily RRMeera SR Nessa ABLexie SR Lily RRHoney SR 4Bertie TR Daisy SRBertie TR Daisy SRCurly RRDaisy SRRosie TRWilbur TR Trixie RR
Mally TR Mally TR Ruby SRRowan SRRuby SRMika TR Rolo RRShadow RRTilly TR 4Ruby SRScoobie TR Ruby(Pru) SRRuby(Pru) SRRuby(Pru) SRNancy SR Orson SR Nessa RRLily RRMerial SR Nessa RRMeera SRKyla SRLily RRCharity RR Chyna SRButtons SRChyna SRJonson SRChyna SRIce SRIce SRJonson SRLexie SR Ice SRLois TR Merial SR Pinky SRLily RRMally TR Huckleberry RR Buddy SRDarcie RRBranston SRDarcie RRDarcie RREmily SR Bessie RR Holly SR Wilbur TR 3
Mika TR Mika TR Scarlett RRRoxy SR Scoobie TR Nancy SRRowan SRSpencer RR Toffee TR Ruby(Pru) SRSpencer RR Scoobie TR Scoobie TR Scoobie TR Nellie SR 25Ruby SROrson SR Mally TR Mika TR Patzy TR Merial SR Lily RRLulu SR Chyna SRFlora SRCharity RR Chloe TR 2Jordon RRHuckleberry RR Jessa RRJessa RRKyla SR Lily RRKyla SR Mally TR Nessa ABRio SR Mally TR Merial SR Jeremy TR Darcie RRDonna SRCoco SREmily SR Daisy SRHarrison SRBobby SRRosie TRChyna SR
Nancy SRNancy SRScoobie TR Ruby SRSpencer RR Poppet RR 26Ruby SRStardust RRBailey TR Scoobie TR Stardust RRSpencer RR Shelley AmBShelley AmBOrson SR Ruby(Pru) SRPatzy TR Marsha SRMilo TR Peppermint SRMika TR Lily RRMally TR Huckleberry RR Huckleberry RR Chyna SRDiesel SRLeo SR Ice SRJonson SRJonson SRLexie SR Lily RRLexie SR Meera SR Pinky SRRosie SR Merial SR Oliver SRKyla SRDonna SRHuckleberry RR Daisy SRHarrison SREmily SR Hollymay SRBuddy SRBarclay SRHolly SR
Queenie RR Queenie RR Shona TR 14Scoobie TR Steve RRRolo RRScarlett RRSteve RRBilly RR Shadow RRToffee TR Stardust RRSpencer RR Spencer RR Ruby SRScoobie TR Pippin SRMerial SR Nancy SR Rowan SRMilo TR Mally TR Merial SR Ice SRIce SRChloe TR Huckleberry RR Lily RRJessa RRKyla SR Kyla SR Lily RRMally TR Lily RRMerial SR Rio SR Rowan SRPinky SRRio SR Lexie SR Huckleberry RR Jeremy TR Darcie RRHuckleberry RR Harrison SRHuckleberry RR Branston SRBarley TRPhoebe SR
Rolo RRRolo RRSpencer RR Spencer RR Tilly TR Rowan SRScoobie TR Tilly TR Charlie TR Spencer RR Bailey TR Toffee TR Stardust RRStardust RRRuby(Pru) SRSpencer RR 17Ruby SRMika TR Nessa RRRuby SRPatzy TR Meera SRMeera SR Jessa RRJessa RRDiesel SRIce SRLily RRJonson SRLily RRLily RRLily RRMeera SR Lily RRMilo TR 8Rosie SR Sasha & Pepi RR Rio SR Rosie SR Lily RRKirstin SRJoey TR Emily SR Jasper TR 4Huckleberry RR Jeremy TR Darcie RRBessie & Rolo RR Max SR 3
Rowan SRRowan SRToffee TR Toffee TR Toffee TR Ruby SRSpencer RR Toffee TR Eliah RR 8Stardust RRBilly RR Bailey TR Toffee TR Toffee TR Scoobie TR Shelley AmBRuby(Pru) SROrson SR Patzy TR Ruby(Pru) SRPeppermint SRMerial SR Mika TR Kyla SRKirstin SRDustin SRJessa RRMally TR Kyla SR Lily RRLily RRLoki RR 28Merial SR Luna RR 14Pinky SRRusty RRScoobie TR Rosie SR Sasha & Pepi RR Mally TR Jeremy TR Kirstin SR 16Huckleberry RR Jeremy TR Jeremy TR Joey TR Emily SR Bobby SRBasil TR
Roxy SR Roxy SR Vinnie RRMilo RR Milo RR Scarlett RRSteve RRBailey TR Milo RR Toffee TR Charlie TR Billy RR Bailey TR Bailey TR Shadow RRStardust RRScoobie TR Patzy TR Peppermint SRScoobie TR Rowan SRMika TR Milo TR Lily RRKyla SRHuckleberry RR Jonson SRMerial SR Leo SR Mally TR Mally TR Mally TR Mika TR Mally TR Rex TRSasha & Pepi RR Shadow RRSasha & Pepi RR Scoobie TR Merial SR Joey TR Kyla SRJeremy TR Joey TR Joey TR Kyla SRHarrison SRBranston SRBessie & Rolo RR
Ruby SRRuby SRLeo TR 20Pablo TR Pablo TR Scoobie TR Tilly TR Billy RR Pablo TR Bailey TR Milo RR Charlie TR Billy RR Billy RR Shelley AmBToby SRShadow RRPeppermint SRRowan SRShadow RR Ruby SRMilo TR Patzy TR Lily RRLeo SRIce SRKyla SRMika TR Lily RRMerial SR Meera SR Meera SR Milo TR Meera SR Rio SR Scoobie TR Shelley RRScoobie TR Shelley RRRosie SR Kyla SRLexie SR Joey TR Kyla SRKyla SRLexie SR Huckleberry RR Champ SR Bobby SR
Scarlett RRScarlett RRMaggie TR 20Rupert RR Rupert RR Spencer RR Toffee TR Charlie TR Gwilym RR Billy RR Pablo TR Milo RR Charlie TR Charlie TR Spencer RR Toffee TR Shelley AmBRuby SRRuby SRShelley RRRuby(Pru) SRPatzy TR Peppermint SRLulu SR Lily RRJessa RRLily RRMilo TR 25Lily RRMika TR Merial SR Merial SR Pinky SRMerial SR Rosie SR Shadow RRSkip TR Shelley RRSkip TR Sasha & Pepi RR Lexie SR Lily RRKyla SRLexie SR Lexie SR Lily RRJeremy TR Darcie RRBranston SR
Scoobie TR Scoobie TR Milo RR Buster SR 7Camilla SR 31Steve RRBailey TR Milo RR Lara RR 9Charlie TR Mitsi RR 20Pablo TR Milo RR Milo RR Stardust RRBailey TR Stardust RRRuby(Pru) SRRuby(Pru) SRSmiley RR Scoobie TR Peppermint SRRio SR Mally TR Lily RRKyla SRLily RRMiko RRMally TR Rio SR Mika TR Mika TR Rex TRMika TR Sasha & Pepi RR Shelley RRSmiley RR Skip TR Smiley RR Scoobie TR Lily RRLizzie RRLexie SR Lily RRLily RRLiquorice SR Joey TR Emily SR Champ SR
Spencer RR Shona TRPablo TR Patch SR 7Anna Candy TR 1Tilly TR Charlie TR Pablo TR Boycie RR 7Milo RR Kirstin SR 22Patch Scooby SR 16Pablo TR Pablo TR Toffee TR Billy RR Tammy SR 12Scoobie TR Scoobie TR Snowy TR Shelley RRRowan SRRowan SRMarsha SR 25Lulu SR Lily RRLulu SR 31Patzy TR 23Merial SR Rowan SRRex TRNessa ABRio SR Milo TR Scoobie TR Smiley RR Snowy TR Smiley RR Snowy TR Shelley RRMally TR Mally TR Lily RRLizzie RRLizzie RRLizzie RRKyla SRHarrison SRDarcie RR
Toffee TR Spencer RR Rupert RR Merlin RR 11Eros RR 4Toffee TR Gypsy AmB 18Rupert RR 16Lottie Maggie SR 7Pablo TR Frank W SR 23Buddy (Wales) SR 17Scooby SRScooby SRBailey TR Milo RR Toby SRShelley AmBShelley RRStardust RRSmiley RR Ruby(Pru) SRRuby SR Merial SR Mally TR Lily RRMally TR Rio SR Mika TR Sasha & Pepi RR Rio SR Rex TRSasha & Pepi RR Pinky SRShelley RRSnowy TR Tasha SRSnowy TR Stardust RRSkip TR Merial SR Merial SR Lizzie RRMally TR Mally TR Mally TR Lexie SR Henry TR Henry TR
Leo TRToffee TR Basil Twix SR 18Bruce SR 12Dave SR 5Bailey TR Milo RR Barney Arnie SR 14Jenny TR 8Patch TR 1Pixie TR 24Buddy SR 17Ebby SR 10Nellie SR 29Billy RR Zola RR 18Toffee TR 13Snowy TR Snowy TR Toby SRSnowy TR Scoobie TR Ruby(Pru) SRMika TR Merial SR Lulu SR Meera SR Ruby SR Rio SR Scoobie TR Rowan SRRio SR Scoobie TR Rex TRSmiley RR Billy RR Billy RR Stardust RRBilly RR Smiley RR 2Rosie SR Rosie SR Maisie SRMerial SR Merial SR Merial SR Lily RRHuckleberry RR Huckleberry RR
Maggie TRLeo TRLexi SR 18Poppy SR 12Buzz TR 5Milo RR Pablo TR Coco RR 15Dr Pepper 8Miko RR 2Billy SR 24Shelley AmBull 19Jasper SR 11Marsha SR 31Charlie TR 22Jerry SR 19Bailey TR Stardust RRStardust RRToffee TR Toby SRShelley RRScoobie TR Milo TR Mika TR Mally TR Merial SR Ruby(Pru) SR 25Scoobie TR Shelley RRSasha & Pepi RR Sasha & Pepi RR Scrabble TRRio SR Snowy TR Daisy TR Daisy TR Tasha SRDaisy TR Snowy TR Sasha & Pepi RR Sasha & Pepi RR Mally TR Muffin TRMuffin TRRoxy RR Liquorice SR Jeremy TR Jeremy TR
Milo RR Maggie TRPoppet RR 18Sammy SR 12Scarlett RR 5Pablo TR Rupert RR Dustin SR 15Coco TR 8Molly SR 24Sally SR 31Milo RR Franklyn RR 20Billy RR Sushung RRToby SRTrixie RR Toffee TR Smiley RR Shelley RRPatzy TR Milo TR Merial SR Mika TR Scoobie TR Skip TR 17Smiley RR Scoobie TR Scoobie TR Shelley RRRosie SR Tasha SRLily RR Lily RR Billy RR Rex TR Stardust RRScoobie TR Scoobie TR Merial SR Rosie SR 4Noodles TRSasha & Pepi RR Lizzie RRJoey TR Joey TR
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