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Godstone KennsBarney SRBarney SRBentley TR Bentley TR Bentley TR Angel SRBentley TR Bentley TR April RR April RR April RR April RR 23Angel SR Angel SR Angel SR Angel SR Angel SR Angel SR Angel SR Blake SRBobby Nancy SR 20Baloo SRBaloo SRBaloo SRBlake SRAnnabell RR Abby Lucy RRBernie SR Biff SRAbbyLucy RR Barley TRBarley TRBarley TRAlfie SR Alfie SR Barley TRBarley TRBarley TRBarley TRBarley TRBarley TR
Gatwick KennsBentley TR Bentley TR Bessie & Rolo RR 21BobbyNancy SRBobbyNancy SRBentley TR Blake SRBlake SRBlake SRBlake SRBobbyNancy SRBernie SRBernie SRBailey SR 7Bernie SRBlake SRBella SR Bella SR 12Bernie SRButtons SR Buttons SR Blake SR Buttons SR Blake SRBuddy SRBernie SR Annabell RR 9Biff SRBlake SRBarley TRBiff SRBoe & Charlie RR 7Benson SRBarley TRBarley TRBlake SRBlake SRBlake SRBlake SRBlake SRBlake SR
Guildford KennsBessie & Rolo RR Bessie & Rolo RR Buttons SR Buttons SR Buttons SR Blake SRBlaze SRBlaze SRBobbyNancy SRBobbyNancy SRButtons SR Blake SRBlake SRBernie SRBlake SRBobbyNancy SRBernie SRBernie SRBlake SRCathy RRCathy RRButtons SR Cathy RRButtons SR Buttons SR Blake SRBernie SR Blake SRBruce RRBiff SRBlake SRBiff SRBiff SRBiff SRBlake SRBryn SRBryn SRBryn SRBryn SRBlaze RRBlaze RR
Chessington KennsButtons SR Buttons SR Cathy RRCathy RRCathy RRBlaze SRBobbyNancy SRBobbyNancy SRButtons SR Buttons SR Cathy RRBobbyNancy SRBobbyNancy SRBlake SRBobbyNancy SRButtons SR Blake SRBlake SRBobbyNancy SRClara TRClara TRCathy RRClara TRCathy RRCathy RRCathy RRBlake SRCathy RRCathy RRBlake SRBoe & Charlie RR Blake SRBilly RRBilly RR 16Bryn SRCosmo RRCosmo RRCosmo RRCosmo RRBryn SRBryn SR
Broxbourne KennsCathy RRCathy RRChina & Pinky SR China & Pinky SR China & Pinky SR BobbyNancy SRButtons SR Buttons SR Cathy RRCathy RRCharlie TRButtons SR Cathy RRBobbyNancy SRCathy RRCathy RRBobbyNancy SRBobbyNancy SRButtons SR Esme TRDiesel TRClara TRCurly RRDiesel TRDiesel TRCino SRBuddy SRClara TR Clara TR Bruce RRBruce RRBruce RRBlake SRBlake SRCosmo RRCurly RRCurly RRCurly RRCurly RRCosmo RRCurly RR
North Godstone KennsChina & Pinky SR China & Pinky SR Edie RR Chyna SR 15Daisy TR Buttons SR Cathy RRCathy RRChina & Pinky SR Charlie TRChino SRCathy RRCurly RRCathy RRCrystal SRClara TRButtons SR Buttons SR Cathy RRFinn SRGeorgi RRDarcie RRDiesel TRGeorgi RRGeorgi RRClara TRCathy RRDiesel TRDiesel TRCathy RRBryn SRBryn SRBryn SRBryn SRDiesel SR Diesel SR Diesel SR Diesel TRDiesel TRCurly RRDiesel TR
Potters BarDaisy SR Daisy SR Franklyn RRDuchess SR Duchess SR 7Cathy RRChina & Pinky SR China & Pinky SR Franklyn RRChina & Pinky SR 8Franklyn RRCharlie TRFreddie SR 14Darcie RR Diesel TRDiesel TRCathy RRCathy RRClara TRGeorgi RRHarry RRDiesel TRGeorgi RRGina RR Gladys RRDiesel TRDiesel TREdie RREdie RRClara TR 20Buck SRCosmo RRCosmo RRCosmo RRDiesel TRDiesel TRDiesel TREuston RREuston RRDiesel TREuston RR
FosteredEdie RR Edie RR Fudge SRFranklyn RRFranklyn RRChina & Pinky SR Daisy TR 29Franklyn RRGeorgi RRFranklyn RRGeorgi RRFreddie SR Georgi RRGeorgi RRElsa RR 3Georgi RRClara TRClara TRDiesel TRBobbyNancy SRHughie SRGeorgi RRGina RR Gladys RRHarry RRGeorgi RREuston RREuston RRGeorgi RRDiesel TRCathy RRDaizy RR Diesel SR Diesel SR Harry RREuston RREuston RRGladys RR Gladys RR Euston RRGladys RR
Due in from fosterFranklyn RRFranklyn RRGeorgi RRFudge SRHeidi SRDaisy TR Franklyn RRGeorgi RRHughie SRFreddie SRHughie SRGeorgi RRGracieTatiana TR GracieTatiana TR Georgi RRHarriet RRDiesel TRDiesel TREsme TRHughie SRJason RR 19Harry RRGladys RRHarry RRHester RR Harry RRGeorgi RRGeorgi RRHarry RREdie RRCosmo RRDiesel TRDiesel TRDiesel TRHugs RRGeorgi RR 2Gladys RR Harriet RRHarley SR Gladys RR Harley SR
Own HomeFudge SRFudge SRHughie SRHughie SRHughie SRFranklyn RRHughie SRHughie SRIssy SRGeorgi RRIssy SRGracieTatiana TR Hughie SRHarriet RR 26- 13GracieTatiana TR 29Hughie SRGeorgi RRGeorgi RRGeorgi RRJason RR Lexus SRHughie SRHarry RRHughie SRHughie SRHester RR 16Gladys RRHarry RRHughie SRShadow RRDaizy RR Euston RREuston RREuston RRCharlie Boe RR 10Harriet RRHarriet RRHarry RRHarriet RRHarley SR Harriet RR
Trial AdoptGeorgi RRHughie SRIssy SRIssy SRIssy SRGeorgi RRIssy SRIssy SRJolie SRHughie SRJolie SRHughie SRIssy SRHughie SRHarriet RR 26- 13Jason RR Hughie SRHarriet RRHughie SRLexus SRLizzie RR Lexus SRHughie SRJasper SR 1Lexus SRHughie SRHarry RRHughie SRHugs RRHarry RRDiesel TRGeorgi RR Harry RRHugs RRKiki RRHarry RRHarry RRHugo RR Harry RRHarriet RRHarry RR
ReservedHughie SRIssy SRJolie SRJolie SRJerry SRHughie SRJolie SRJerry SRLexus SRIssy SRJonny SR 30Issy SRJolie SR Issy SRHughie SRLexus SRJason RR Hughie SRJason RR Madge Marilyn SRMadge Marilyn SRLizzie RR 13Jasper SR Kevin SR 1Madge Marilyn SRJolie SR Hughie SRKiki RRKiki RRHughie SREuston RRHarry RRHughie SRNessa RRMadge Marilyn SRHugs RRHugs RRHugs RRHugo RR Harry RRHugo RR 2
ReturnedIssy SRJessie SR Lexus SRLexus SRJolie SRIssy SRLexus SRJolie SRLiquorice SR Jolie SRLexus SRJerry SR 20Lexus SRJolie SR Lexus SRMadge Marilyn SRLassie RRJason RR Lexus SRMarley SR Marley SR Madge Marilyn SRKevin SR Lexus SRMarlee SR Lexus SRLaylah SRLexus SRLexus SRHugs RRGeorgi RR Hughie SRHugs RRKiki RRMaisie SR Kiki RRKiki RRJackson SR Hugs RRHugo RR Hugs RR
StrongleadJessie SR Jolie SRLucy SR Madge & Marilyn SRLexus SRJerry SRMarley SRLexus SRMally TRLexus SRMadge Marilyn SRJolie SRMadge Marilyn SRLexus SRMadge Marilyn SRMarley SRLexus SRLexus SRMadge Marilyn SRMiss Marley RRMiss Marley RRMarley SR Lexus SRMiss Marley RRMiss Marley RRMadge Marilyn SRLexus SRLottie SRMadge Marilyn SRKiki RRHarry RRHugs RRKiki RRLexus SRMerial SR Madge Marilyn SR 2Maisie SR Kiki RRJackson SR 17Hugs RRKaiser RR
HomedJolie SRLexus SRMarley SRMarley SRMarley SRJolie SRMegan SRLiquorice SR Marley SRLiquorice SR Marley SRLexus SRMarley SRMadge Marilyn SRMarley SRMiss Marley RRMadge Marilyn SRMadge Marilyn SRMarley SR Nessa SRPablo SR Milo SR Madge Marilyn SRNessa RRMissie RRMarlee SR Madge Marilyn SRMarlee SR Marlee SR Lacey SR Hughie SRKiki RRLexus SRLinford RR 16Mika TRMaisie SR Merial SR Maisie SR Kiki RRKiki RRKiki RR
Retained by familyLexus SRLucy SR Mia RRMia RRMia RRLexus SRMia RR Marley SRMegan SRMadge Marilyn SRMarshall SR Madge Marilyn SRMika TRMarley SRNessa RRPablo SR Marley SRMarley SRMiss Marley RRPablo SR Penfold SR Miss Marley RRMilo SR 6Pablo SR Nessa RRMiss Marley RRMarlee SR Miss Marley RRMiss Marley RRLexus SRHugs RRLexus SRLinford RR Madge Marilyn SRMiko RRMerial SR Miss Marley RRMerial SR Maisie SR Kizzie SRKizzie SR
Christmas/Easte rfosterLucy SR Marley SRMika TRMika TRMika TRMarley SRMika TRMegan SRMika TRMarley SRMika TRMarley SRNessa RRMika TRNoodles TR 3Penfold SR Marshall SR 17Miss Marley RRNessa SRPenfold SR Reilly SRNessa RRMiss Marley RRReilly SRPablo SR Missie RRMiss Marley RRMissie RRMissie RRMadge Marilyn SRKiki RRMadge Marilyn SRMadge Marilyn SRMaisie SR Nessa RRMiko RRNessa RRMiss Marley RRMerial SR Maisie SR Maisie SR
Marley SRMika TRNancy SRNessa RRNessa RRMegan SRNessa RRMia RR 18Nessa RRMika TRNessa RRMika TRPablo SR Nessa RRPablo SR Rosie TR Miss Marley RRNessa SRPablo SR Roxie RR Roxie RR Pablo SR Nessa RRRoxie RR Polly SR Nessa RRMissie RRNessa RRNessa RRMaisie SR Lexus SRMaisie SR Maisie SR Merial SR Oscar RR Miss Marley RRPercy SRNessa RRMiss Marley RRMerial SR Marley SR
Tomorrows MovementMika TRNessa RRNessa RRPablo SR Pablo SR Mia RR Pablo SR Mika TRPablo SR Pablo SR Pablo SR Nessa RRPenfold SR Pablo SR Penfold SR Roxie RR Nessa SRPablo SR Penfold SR Roxy RR Roxy RR Penfold SR Pablo SR Rupert RR Reilly SRPablo SR Nessa RRNeville SRNeville SRMarlee SR Madge Marilyn SRMiss Marley RRMika TRMika TRRoxy China SR Nessa RRPippa SROreo TROreo TRMiss Marley RRMerial SR
Nessa RRPablo SR Pablo SR Penfold SR Penfold SR Mika TRPenfold SR Nessa RRPenfold SR Penfold SR Penfold SR Pablo SR Redd SR Penfold SR Redd SR 3Roxy RR Pablo SR Penfold SR Rosie TR 2Rupert RRRupert RR Reilly SRPenfold SR 5Sandy TRRoxie RR Polly SR Pablo SR Pablo SR Polly SR Miss Marley RRMaisie SR Nessa RRMiss Marley RRMiko RRSammy SROscar RR 5Roxy China SR Percy SRPercy SRNessa RRMiss Marley RR
Pablo SR Penfold SR Penfold SR Ralph SR Ralph SR 10Nessa RRRoxie RRPablo SR Poppy SRRocky SR Poppy SR 30Penfold SR Rosie TR Redd SR Rosie TR Rupert RRPenfold SR Rosie TR Roxie RR Sandy TRSandy TRRoxie RR Reilly SRShelley RR Rupert RR Roxie RR Polly SR Polly SR Roxie RR Missie RRMarlee SR Pippa SRNessa RRMiss Marley RRShadow RRPercy SRShadow RRRoxy China SR Roxy China SR Pedro SRNessa RR
Penfold SR Riley & Misty SR Ralph SR Riley & Misty SR 19Rosie TRPablo SR Storm SR Penfold SR Rocky SR Roscoe SR Rosie TR Redd SR Roxy RR Rosie TR Roxy RR Sandy TRRosie TR Roxie RR Roxy RR Shadow RRSherry RR Roxy RR Roxie RR Stanley RRSandy TRRupert RR 16Roxie RR Roxie RR Roxy China SR Nessa RRMiss Marley RRRoxy China SR Pippa SRRoxy China SR Sherry RR 10Roxy China SR Tigger SR Shadow RRShadow RRPolly SRRoxy China SR
Rolo RRShadow RR Riley & Misty SR Shadow RR Shadow RR Penfold SR Tess SRRosie TRRoxie RRRosie TR Shadow RRRocky SR 23Rupert RRRoxy RR Rupert RRShadow RRRoxie RR Roxy RR Rupert RRSherry RR Simba RRRupert RR Rupert RR Star SR 1Shadow RRSandy TRShadow RRRoxy China SR Sherry RRPamela RRNessa RRShadow RRRoxy China SR Sasha (red) SR Timmy Tim RR Sammy SRTimmy Tim RR Tigger SR 24Tasha SR 17Roxy China SR Rufus SR
Shadow RR Stardust RRShadow RR Storm SR Storm SR Peppermint SR 3Timmy Tim RR Roxie RRSuede RRRoxie RRSpice RR 30Rosie TR Sandy TRRupert RRSandy TRTazz SRRoxy RR Rupert RRShadow RRSimba RRTess SR Sandy TRSandy TRTimmy Tim RR Shelley RR Shadow RRSandy TRSandy TRSimba RR 25Roxie RR Roxie RR 12Skye RRShadow RRShadow RRZola RRShadow RRTwix TRTimmy Tim RR Timmy Tim RR Shadow RRShadow RR
Stardust RRSydney SRStorm SR Tess SRTess SRRosie TRArthur TRStorm SR 21Tess SRShadow RRTimmy Tim RR Rupert RRShadow RRSandy TRSebastian RR Timmy Tim RR Rupert RRShadow RRSimba RRTess SR Timmy Tim RR Shadow RRShadow RRArthur TR Tammy SR Tammy SR 17Simba RR Buddy SRTeddy&Barbie TR Roxy China SR Roxy China SR Timmy Tim RR Skye RRSherry RR Arthur TR Timmy Tim RR Winnie SRTwix TRWinnie SRTara SRTimmy Tim RR
Sydney SRTess SRTess SRTimmy Tim RR Timmy Tim RR Shadow RRBailey SR Tess SRTimmy Tim RR Timmy Tim RR Archie TR Star TR 20Timmy Tim RR Sebastian RR Shadow RRArchie TR Shadow RRSimba RRTess SR Timmy Tim RR Angel SR Sherry RR Star SR Clara TRTimmy Tim RR Timmy Tim RR Teddy&Barbie TR Simba RR Tony SR Teddy&Barbie TR Skye RRMarlee SR 8Tillie RRTimmy Tim RR Barney SRZola RRYogi RR Winnie SRYogi RR Timmy Tim RR Yogi RR 30
Tess SRTimmy Tim RR Timmy Tim RR Arthur TRArthur TRStorm SR Cherry SRTimmy Tim RR Arthur TRArthur TRArthur TRTimmy Tim RR ApplePie TR Shadow RRTimmy Tim RR Arthur TRSimba RRTimmy Tim RR Timmy Tim RR Arthur TRArchie TR Tess SR Tess SR 4Dustin SR Tootsie SR Tootsie SR Timmy Tim RR Teddy&Barbie TR Arthur TR Timmy Tim RR Timmy Tim RR Arthur TR Timmy Tim RR Walter TRBiff SR Alfie SR 5Zola RRYogi RR Zola RRWinnie SRArthur SR
Timmy Tim RR Alfee SR 30Barney SRCrystal RRCrystal RRTimmy Tim RR Crystal RRArthur TRBlaze SR 14Baloo SR Baloo SR Archie TR Archie TR Timmy Tim RR Archie TR Baloo SRTimmy Tim RR Archie TR Archie TR Angel SR Harley SRTimmy Tim RR Timmy Tim RR Harley SRArthur TR Violet&Pearl RRTootsie SR Timmy Tim RR Dustin SR Tony SR Tony SR Charmaine RR 6Walter TRZola RRBruce SR Arthur TR Arthur TR Zola RRArthur TR Yogi RR Arthur TR
Alfee SR Arthur TRArthur TRFinn SRFinn SRArthur TRFinn SRBailey SR Crystal RRCrystal RRCrystal RRArthur TRBaloo SR Archie TR Arthur TRCrystal RRArchie TR Arthur TRArthur TRArchie TR Kiki RRAngel SR Angel SR 5Kiki RRClara TRArthur TR Violet&Pearl RRTootsie SR Gigi SR Arthur TR Arthur TR Dustin SR Arthur TR Arthur TR Dustin SR Barney SRBarney SRArthur TR Barney SRArthur TR Barney SR
Vet visitArthur TRCrystal RRCrystal RRHeidi SRLiquorice SRCrystal RRLiquorice SRCrystal RRFinn SRFinn SRFinn SRBaloo SR Finn SRArthur TRIssy SRKiki RRArthur TRBaloo SRKiki RRPatch TRMissy SR Archie TR Archie TR 9Kizzy SRDustin SR Dustin SR Arthur TR Arthur TR Harley SRDustin SR Dustin SR Gigi SR 6Bruce SR Barney SRFreddie TR 12Biff SR Biff SR 27Barney SRCash SRBarney SRJethro RR
Crystal RRFinn SRFinn SRLiquorice SRMally TRFinn SRMarshall SRFinn SRMarshall SRMarshall SRPatch SR Finn SRKiki RRBaloo SR Kiki RRIssy SRBaloo SRCrystal RRMissy SR Kiki RRSandy TR Arthur TR Arthur TR Lottie SRHarley SRHarley SRDustin SR Dustin SR Harriet RRGigi SR Gigi SR Harley SRDaizy RR 23Flora SR Georgi RR Bruce SR Brian RR 28Bruce SR 25Crispin SR 17Jethro RRJock TR
Finn SRHeidi SRHeidi SRMally TRMarshall SRLiquorice SRPatch SR Marshall SRPatch SR Patch SR Roxie RRPatch SR Patch SR Finn SRLassie RR Lassie RR Crystal RRKiki RRPatch TRMissy SR Tony SR Bella RRBella RRMarley SR Kiki RRKiki RRHarley SRHarley SRMarley SR Harley SRHarley SRJolie SRDustin SR Bruce SR Harley SRDustin SR 5Bruce SR Crispin SR Jethro RRJock TR Mika TR
Heidi SRLiquorice SRHugo RR 23Marshall SRPatch SR Mally TRRoscoe SRPatch SR Roscoe SRPoppy SRSandie TRRoxie RRRoxie RRKiki RRMerial SR Merial SR Kiki RRSandy TR Sandy TR Sandy TR Tootsie SR Harley SRHarley SRSandy TR Kizzy SRKizzy SRKiki RRHarriet RRPablo SR Harriet RRLenny SR 10Marley SR Flora SR Dustin SR Lexus SRHannah SR Hannah SR Hannah SR 22Harvey TR 17Marley SROreo TR
Liquorice SRMally TRLiquorice SRMegan SRRoscoe SRMarshall SRSandie TRRoscoe SRSandie TRSandie TRSooty TR Sandie TRSooty TR Merial SR Roxie RRSebastian RR 24Sandy TR Sooty TR Sooty TR Sooty TR 26Bernie SR Kiki RRKiki RRTony SR Lottie SRLottie SRKizzy SRMarley SR Pamela RRGeorgi RR Marley SR Smudge RRGeorgi RR Freddie TR Sandy TR Harley SRHarley SRJethro RRMarley SRMika TR Rosie SR 2
TuesdayMally TROliver SR 29Mally TRPatch SR Sandie TRPatch SR Sooty TR Sandie TRSooty TR Sooty TR Tootsie SR Sooty TR Tommy SRRoxie RRSooty TR Sooty TR Sooty TR Tommy SR Tommy SR Tony SR Cosmo RRMissy SR 14Kizzy SRTootsie SR Marley SR Marley SR Lottie SRReilly SRSandy TR Marley SR Pablo SR 10Sandy TR Harley SRGeorgi RR Tootsie SR Mika TR Mika TR Harley SRMika TR Oreo TRSandy TR 4
Oliver SR Patch SR Patch SR Roscoe SRTootsie SR Roscoe SRTootsie SR Sooty TR Tootsie SR Tootsie SR Bailey SRTommy SRTootsie SR Sooty TR Tommy SRTony SR Tommy SR Tony SR Tony SR Tootsie SR Curly RR Sandy TR Lottie SRBernie SR Sandy TR Reilly SRMarley SR Sandy TR Tootsie SR Pablo SR Pamela RR 11Tootsie SR Marley SR 28Harley SRWalter TR Peggy SR Peggy SR Mika TR Rosie SR Rosie SR Tootsie SR
Patch SR Roscoe SRRoscoe SRSandie TRAngel SRSandie TRAngel SRTootsie SR Angel SRBailey SRBella SRTootsie SR Bailey SRTommy SRTony SR Tootsie SR Tony SR Tootsie SR Tootsie SR Bernie SR Gigi SR Tony SR Marley SR Bruce SRTony SR Sandy TR Reilly SRTony SR Bernie SR Sandy TR Sandy TR Billy RRMerial SR Harry RRDion RRSandy TR Sandy TR Peggy SR 22Sandy TR Sandy TR Blessie SR 4
Roscoe SRToby SR 30Sandie TRTootsie SR Bella SRSooty TR Bella SRAngel SRBailey SRBella SRBranston SR Bailey SRBella SRTootsie SR Tootsie SR Bella SRTootsie SR Constance TR Constance TR Constance TR 27Gina RR Tootsie SR Sandy TR Cino SR Baloo SR 25Tony SR Sandy TR Billy RR 3Cino SR Tootsie SR Tootsie SR Charlie TRSandy TR Sammy SRElla RRTootsie SR Tootsie SR Rosie SR Tootsie SR Tootsie SR Dion RR
Toby SR Tula SR 4Stardust RR 23Angel SRBlaze SRTess SRBuddy RR Baloo SRBaloo SRBranston SR Buddy RR Bella SRBranston SR 16Buck SRBella SRBilly RR Billy RR 17Cosmo RRCosmo RRCosmo RRKizzy SRBernie SR Tony SR Cosmo RRBernie SR Bruce SRTony SR Cino SR Cosmo RRBilly RRBilly RRCino SR 5Tootsie SR Sandy TR Geraldine RRDion RRDion RRSandy TR Dion RRBailey SRGeraldine RR
Tula SR Angel SRSydney SR Bella SRBuddy RR Tootsie SR Cosmo RRBella SRBella SRBuddy RR Buddy SRBranston SR Buddy RR Bella SRBilly RR Cosmo RRCosmo RRCurly RR Crystal RR Crystal RR 29Lenny SRCosmo RRTootsie SR Curly RRBruce SRSimba RR Bruce SRCosmo RRDion RRCharlie TRCharlie TRDion RRBarney SRTootsie SR Jackson SR Ella RRElla RRTootsie SR Ella RRCash SR 8Karla TR
Angel SRBella SRTootsie SR Buddy RR Cosmo RRBella SRDaisy SR Buddy RR Bentley TR Buddy SRCosmo RRBuddy RR Buttons SR Billy RR Buttons SR Darcie RR Curly RR Gina RR Curly RR Curly RR Maria RRCurly RR Bernie SR Georgia SR 27Cino SR Cosmo RRCino SR Dion RRDuggie SR 25Cino SR Cino SR Jackson SR Charlie TRCharlie TRKizzy SR Jackson SR Geraldine RR Dion RRFudge TR 15Dion RRMaria RR
Bella SRBuddy RR Angel SRCosmo RRDaisy SR Buddy RR Eliah RRBuddy SRBuddy RR Cosmo RRDarcie RRCosmo RRCharlie TRBuddy RR 8Charlie TRFinn SRDarcie RRLenny SRFinn SRFizz TRMika TRGeorgia SR Cino SR Gigi SR Cosmo RRGigi SR Cosmo RRGigi SR Kizzy SR Cosmo RRDion RRKizzy SR Dion RRDion RRMaria RRKizzy SR Jackson SR Ella RRGeraldine RR Geraldine RR Tara SR
Bruno RRCosmo RRBella SRDaisy SR Diesel TRCosmo RRGertie TR Cosmo RRBuddy SRDiesel TRDiesel TRDarcie RRCosmo RRButtons SR Constance SRGina RR Eddie SR 19Lizzie RR Gina RR Gina RR Milo SR Gigi SR Cosmo RRJasmine SRCurly RRLenny SRDion RRJasmine SR 2Lacey SRDarcy SR Jackson SR Laylah SR 5Jackson SR Ella RRSam TR Maria RRKizzy SR Geraldine RR Karla TRKarla TRZola RR
Buddy RR Kyla SR Buddy RR Diesel TRFudge SR 13Daisy SR Hunni SR 29Daisy SR 22Cosmo RREliah RR Eddie SR Diesel TRDarcie RRCharlie TRCosmo RRJolie SR Finn SRMaria RRLenny SRReilly SRSam TR Gina RR Darcie RR 7Lenny SRGigi SR Maisie SRGigi SR Lenny SRLaylah SR Dion RRKizzy SR Linford RR Kizzy SR Jackson SR Stanley RRSam TR Maria RRKizzy SR Kizzy SR Maria RRBrenda SR
PhotosCosmo RRMaria RRCosmo RRJessie SR Gertie TR Diesel TRJessie SR Eliah RR Daisy TR 16Jerry SREliah RR Eddie SR Diesel TRCosmo RRDarcie RR Lizzie RR Gina RR Merial SR Lizzie RR Lenny SRTommy SR Kizzy SRGeorgia SR Maria RRGina RR Maria RRJasmine SR Maisie SRLenny SRJackson SR Laylah SR Merial SR Maria RRKizzy SR Tara SRStanley RRSam TR 12Maria RRMaria RRStanley RRBruno SR
Diesel TRMegan SRDaisy SR Maria RRJessie SR Gertie TR Lily RR Gertie TR 22Diesel TRLexy SR Jerry SREliah RR Eddie SR Crystal RREddie SR 4Maria RRIssy SR 20Mika TRMaria RRLizzie RRAlfie SRLenny SRGigi SR Mika TRLenny SRMerial SRLenny SRMaria RRMaisie SRKizzy SR Linford RR Mika TRMiko RRMaria RRTigger SR Tara SRStanley RRSam TR Polly SR Zola RR Buttons SR
Maria RRRalph SR Diesel TRMax SRMaria RRPoppy SR Lucy SR 28Jessie SR 17Eliah RR Maria RRLexy SR 28Maria RREliah RR Eddie SR Finn SRMika TRLizzie RR Patch TRMerial SR Lucille RR 27Arthur Bri SRMaria RRLenny SRSam TR Merial SRMika TRMaisie SRMika TRMaria RRLaylah SR Merial SR Miko RRSam TR Oscar RRYogi RRTigger SR Tara SRStanley RRSam TR 12Arthur Bri SRClover SR
Megan SRRolo RRJessie SR Rolo RRRolo RRJessie SR Maria RRLexy SR Lexy SR Pippa TR Liquorice SR 28Reilly SRJasper TR 15Eliah RR 8Gina RR Patch TRMaria RRReilly SRMika TRMaria RRBarney SRMerial SRMaria RRSherry RR Mika TRMiko RRMaria RRMiko RRMerial SR Lenny SRMika TRSam TR Sherry RRSam TR Arthur Bri SRYogi RRTiffiny SRTara SRStanley RRButtons SR Dixie RR
Ralph SR Rosie TRMaria RRKyla SR Kyla SR 8Lily RR Max SR 28Lily RR 19Maria RRReilly SRMaria RRSam TR Maria RRElsa RRJolie SR Reilly SRMerial SR Sam TR Reilly SRMerial SR Charlie TR Mika TRMerial SRSimba RR Sam TR Rocco RR Merial SRRocco RR Mika TRLinford RR Miko RRSherry RRTessa SR 23Vaughan SR 20Buttons SR Arthur Bri SRArthur Bri SRTiffiny SRTara SRDixie RRHenry RR
Lynnes planning NeuRosie TRStorm SR Max SRRosie TRTrevor SR Maria RRTrevor SR Maria RRReilly SRSam TRPippa TR 28Trevor SR Miko RRLizzie RRLizzie RR Sam TR Mika TRSeamus TR Sam TR Mika TRDiesel SRSam TR Mika TRTammy SR Sherry RR Sam TR Mika TRSam TR Miko RRMaria RRSam TR Tessa SR Yogi RRYogi RRCurly RRButtons SR Buttons SR Arthur Bri SRTiffiny SRHenry RRLara RR
(Maddie)Storm SR Trevor SR Megan SRTrevor SR Sydney SR 10Max SR Will TR Mervyn TR 22Trevor SR Trevor SR Reilly SRAlfie SRReilly SRMaria RRMaria RRSimba RR Patch TRTrevor SR Seamus TR 5Milo SR Flora SR Simba RR Sam TR Tommy SR Simba RR Sherry RR Miko RRSherry RR Rolo RRMerial SR Sherry RRTillie RRAlfie SRArthur Bri SRDixie RRClover SRClover SRButtons SR Arthur Bri SRKaiser RR Mr Marlie
Willow S 10.15Trevor SR Alfie SRMyra SR 22Sydney SR Alfie SRRolo RRAlfie SRTrevor SR Alfie SRAlfie SRRocky SRArthur Bri SRSam TR Reilly SRMika TRSonny SR Reilly SRAlfie SRTrevor SR 5Sam TR Kevin SRTommy SR Sherry RR Warren AB 1Stanley RRShelley RR 17Rocco RR Alfie SRSam TR Mika TRTessa SR Tony SR 5Arthur Bri SRCurly RRJethro RRDixie RRDixie RRDixie RRButtons SR Lara RRNelson SR
(JRT) AdamPatchy SR 5Arthur Bri SRRolo RRAlfie SRArthur Bri SRTrevor SR April RRWill TR 22Arthur Bri SRArthur Bri SRTrevor SR Billy RRTrevor SR Sam TR Reilly SRStan SR Sam TR Arthur Bri SRAlfie SRTommy SR Jethro RRWarren AB Simba RR Alfie SRTommy SR 21Boss TR 17Sam TR Arthur Bri SRAlfie SRMiko RRWalter TRWalter TRCurly RRDixie RRKaiser RR Henry RRHenry RRHenry RRClover SRLily SR 8Obama RR
Shelley RR S 25/9Nellie TR 5Baloo SR Kyla SR Arthur Bri SRBaloo SR Alfie SRArthur Bri SRAlfie SRBranston SR Curly RRAlfie SRCurly RRAlfie SRTazz SR Sam TR Tommy SR Seamus TR Barney SRArthur Bri SRAlfie SRLottie SRAlfie SRTommy SR Arthur Bri SRAlfie SRAlfie SRSherry RR Barney SRArthur Bri SRSam TR Alfie SRAlfie SRDixie RRGeraldine RRKarla TRJethro RRJethro RRKarla TRDixie RRMax SR 11Sally TR
MyraTaurus SR 5Bennie SR Rosie TRBaloo SR Barney SR 10April RRBaloo SR April RRCurly RRDiesel SRArthur Bri SRDiesel SRArthur Bri SRTrevor SR Sonny SR Trevor SR Sonny SR 17Charlie TR Barney SRArthur Bri SRMaisie SRArthur Bri SRWarren AB Barney SRArthur Bri SRArthur Bri SRAlfie SRCharlie TR Barney SRSherry RRArthur Bri SRArthur Bri SRGeraldine RRJethro RRLara RRKarla TRKarla TRLara RRHenry RRMr MarlieTrixie RR
Alfie SRBlake SRTrevor SR Barney SR Blake SRArthur Bri SRBuddy SR Arthur Bri SRDiesel SRGracie & Tatiana TRCurly RRJethro RRBilly RRAlfie SRTazz SR Alfie SRStan SR 19Diesel SRCharlie TR Barney SRMiko RR Barney SRAlfie SRCharlie TR Barney SRBarney SRArthur Bri SRCurly RRCharlie TR Walter TRBarney SRBarney SRJethro RRKarla TROreo TRKaiser RR Kaiser RR 1Obama RRKaiser RR Nelson SR Winnie SR
Arthur Bri SRBuddy SR Alfie SRBennie SR 15Buddy SR Baloo SR Curly RRBranston SR Gracie & Tatiana TRJethro RRDiesel SRLara RRDiesel SRArthur Bri SRTrevor SR Arthur Bri SRTazz SR 17Flora SR Diesel SRCharlie TR Oreo TRCharlie TR Arthur Bri SRDiesel SRCharlie TR Charlie TR Barney SRDiesel SRCurly RRAlfie SRCurly RRCurly RRKarla TRLara RROzzie SRLara RRLara RRNelson SR Lara RRObama RR Earl SR
Baloo SR Curly RRArthur Bri SRBlake SRCurly RRBuddy SR Diesel SRCurly RRJethro RRLara RRGracie & Tatiana TRMaisie SRJethro RRDiesel SRAlfie SRBarney SRTrevor SR Jethro RRFlora SR Diesel SROzzie SRDiesel SRBarney SRFlora SR Diesel SRCurly RRCharlie TR Flora SR Diesel SRArthur Bri SRDiesel SRDiesel SROreo TROreo TRPeggy SROreo TRObama RRPolly SR Max SR Sally TR Flora SR 2
Bennie SR Diesel SRBaloo SR Buddy SR Diesel SRCurly RRJethro RRDiesel SRLara RRMaisie SRJethro RROzzie SRKevin SRJethro RRArthur Bri SRCharlie TR Alfie SRKevin SRKevin SRFlora SR Percy SRFlora SR Charlie TR Geraldine RRFlora SR Diesel SRCurly RRGeraldine RRDixie RRBarney SRDixie RRDixie RROzzie SROzzie SRPercy SROzzie SROreo TRSasha (red) SR Mr MarlieSasha (Red) SRGiles RR
Blake SREliah RRBennie SR Curly RREliah RRDiesel SRMaisie SRJethro RRMaisie SRMoose TR Lara RRPercy SRLara RRKevin SRBarney SRDiesel SRArthur Bri SRLottie SRJethro RRKevin SRPolly SRKevin SRDiesel SRJethro RRGeraldine RRDixie RRDiesel SRGina RR Flora SR Curly RRFlora SR Flora SR Peggy SRPeggy SRPolly SR Polly SR Ozzie SRTrixie RR Nelson SR Trixie RR Jordon RR
Buddy SR Geraldine RRBlake SRDiesel SRJethro RREliah RROzzie SRMaisie SROzzie SROzzie SRMaisie SRPolly SRMaisie SRLara RRDiesel SRFlora SR Barney SRMaisie SRLottie SRJethro RRSasha (Red) SR Jethro RRFlora SR Maisie SRJethro RRFlora SR Dixie RRJethro RRGeraldine RRDiesel SRGeraldine RRGeraldine RRPolly SR Percy SRRosie SRRosie SRPolly SR Charlie TR Sally TR Earl SRJudy RR
Lynnes planning VaxCurly RRJethro RRBuddy SR Eliah RRMaisie SRJethro RRPolly SROzzie SRPercy SRPercy SROzzie SRSasha (Red) SR Ozzie SRMaisie SRJethro RRJethro RRCharlie TR Miko RR Maisie SRMaisie SRStanley RRLottie SRGeraldine RRMiko RR Maisie SRGeraldine RRFlora SR Karla TRGina RR Dixie RRJethro RRJethro RRRolo RR 23Polly SR Sasha (Red) SR Sasha (red) SR Rosie SREarl SRTrixie RR Flora SR Lily RR
JessieDiesel SRMaisie SRCurly RRJethro RRMartha RRMaisie SRRupert RRPercy SRPolly SRPolly SRPercy SRStan SR Patch TR Oreo TRKevin SRKevin SRDiesel SROreo TRMiko RR Miko RR Walter TR Maisie SRJethro RROreo TRMiko RR Gina RR Geraldine RROreo TRJethro RRFlora SR Karla TRKarla TRSasha (red) SR Stanley RRTrixie RR Trixie RR Sasha (red) SR Flora SR Charlie TR 16Giles RR Marvin RR
Sydney SR Eliah RRMartha RRDiesel SRMaisie SROzzie SROzzie SRSasha (Red) SR Polly SRRupert RRRupert RRPolly SRStanley RRPercy SRPatch SR 10Lara RRMaisie SRFlora SR Ozzie SROreo TROreo TRYogi RRMiko RR Maisie SROzzie SROreo TRJethro RRGina RR Ozzie SRKarla TRGeraldine RROreo TROreo TRSmudge RR 24Trixie RR Charlie TR Charlie TR Trixie RR Giles RR Earl SRJordon RRMontydog SR
Geraldine RROzzie SREliah RRMartha RRPolly SRPolly SRSuede RRRupert RRSasha (Red) SR Stan SR Rupert RRSuede RR Polly SRPatch TR Maisie SRMiko RR Jethro RRPercy SROzzie SROzzie SRZola RROreo TRMiko RR Peggy SROzzie SRKarla TRJethro RRPeggy SROreo TRGina RR 19Ozzie SROzzie SRStanley RRCutie SR 19Darcy SRDarcy SRCharlie TR Jordon RRFlora SR Judy RRPippa SR 4
Jethro RRPolly SRJethro RRPolly SRRupert RRRupert RRWillow SR Sasha (Red) SR Stan SR Stanley RRSasha (Red) SR Tazz SR Sasha (Red) SR Percy SRMiko RR Oreo TRKevin SRPolly SRPercy SRPercy SRAnnabell RR Ozzie SROreo TRPercy SRPeggy SROreo TRKarla TRPercy SROzzie SRJethro RRPeggy SRPeggy SRTrixie RR Darcy SRFlora SR Flora SR Darcy SR 31Judy RRGiles RR Marvin RRRex SR
Maisie SRRupert RRMaisie SRRupert RRSuede RRSuede RRZola RRSuede RRStanley RRSuede RR Stan SR Trixie SRStan SR Polly SROreo TRPercy SRLenny SRSasha (Red) SR Polly SRPolly SRBryn SRPercy SRPercy SRSasha (Red) SR Percy SROzzie SROreo TRRosie SRPeggy SRKarla TRPercy SRPercy SRZola RREarl SR 17Jolie SR 9Jordon RREarl SRLily RRJordon RRMontydog SR Sandy TR
Martha RRSooty TRMartha RRSooty TRWillow SR Willow SR Bernie SRSusie RR 17Tazz SR Tazz SR Stanley RRZola RRStanley RRSasha (Red) SR Patch TR Polly SRMaisie SRStanley RRSasha (Red) SR Sasha (Red) SR Charlie & Boe RRPolly SRPolly SRTrixie RRRocco RRPeggy SROzzie SRSasha (Red) SR Rosie SROreo TRPolly SR Polly SR Bernie SR 28Jolie SR Jordon RRJudy RRFlora SR Marvin RRJudy RRPippa SR Storm SR
Ozzie SRSuede RROzzie SRSuede RRZola RRZola RRBryn SRTazz SR Willow SR 13Tess SR Suede RR Bryn SRSuede RR Stan SR Percy SRSasha (Red) SR Miko RR Suede RR Stanley RRStanley RRDarcy SR Sasha (Red) SR Sasha (Red) SR Walter TR Sasha (Red) SR Percy SRPeggy SRStanley RRSasha (red) SR Ozzie SRRolo RR Rolo RR Cutie SR Jordon RRJudy RRLily RRJordon RRMiko RR Lily RRRex SR Sunny RR
Return datePolly SRWillow SR Polly SRWillow SR Bernie SRBernie SRCharlie RRWillow SR Zola RRZola RRTazz SR Charlie & Boe RRTazz SR Stanley RRPolly SRStanley RROreo TRTrixie RRSuede RR Suede RR 26Ginge TR Stanley RRStanley RRYogi RRTrixie RRSasha (Red) SR Percy SRWalter TR Stanley RRPeggy SRSasha (red) SR Sasha (red) SR Darcy SRJudy RRLily RRMarvin RRJudy RRMontydog SR Marvin RRSandy TR Bailey TR
Rupert RRZola RRRupert RRZola RRBleu SR 12Bryn SRDaizy RRZola RRBernie SRBernie SRTess SR 29Darcy SR Trixie SRSuede RR Sasha (Red) SR Suede RR Ozzie SRWalter TR Trixie RRTrixie RRHank RR Trixie RRTrixie RRZola RRWalter TR Stanley RRSasha (Red) SR Yogi RRTrixie RR Percy SRStanley RRStanley RREarl SR Lily RRMarvin RRMontydog SR Lily RRPippa SR Miko RR 17Storm SR Benny SR
Jessie SR 28Sooty TRBernie SRSooty TRBernie SRBryn SRCharlie RRDarcie RRBernie SRBryn SRBryn SRTrixie SRFrankie RR Zola RRTrixie SRStan SR Trixie RRPercy SRZola RRWalter TR Walter TR Jordon RRWalter TR Walter TR Annabell RR Yogi RRTrixie RRStanley RRZola RRWalter TR Polly SR Trixie RR Trixie RR Jordon RRMarvin RRNelson SRNelson SRMarvin RRRex SR Montydog SR Sunny RR Benson SR
Oliver SR 29Suede RRBryn SRSuede RRBryn SRDarcie RRDarcie RRHank RR Bryn SRCharlie RRCharlie & Boe RRZola RRHank RR Bryn SRYogi RRStanley RRWalter TR Polly SRBryn SRZola RRYogi RRJudy RRYogi RRYogi RRBryn SRZola RRWalter TR Trixie RRBryn SRYogi RRRolo RR Yogi RRYogi RRJudy RRNelson SRRex SR Rex SR Miko RR Sandy TR Pippa SR Bailey TRKingsley TR
Toby SR 30Willow SR Darcie RRWillow SR Darcie RRDarcy SRHank RR Jordon RRCharlie RRDaizy RRDaizy RRBernie SRJordon RRCharlie & Boe RRZola RRSuede RR Zola RRSasha (Red) SR Charlie & Boe RRAnnabell RR Zola RRLara RR Zola RRZola RRCharlie & Boe RRAnnabell RR Yogi RRWalter TR Charlie & Boe RRZola RRRosie SRZola RRZola RRLily RRRex SR Sandy TR Sandy TR Montydog SR Storm SR Rex SR Benny SRBailey TR
Alfee SR 30Zola RRFrankie RRZola RRDarcy SRFrankie RR 11Jordon RRLara RRDaizy RRDarcie RRDarcie RRBryn SRLinford RR Darcy SR Bryn SRZola RRBryn SRStanley RRDarcy SR Baloo SRAnnabell RR Linford RR Annabell RR Annabell RR Daizy RRBryn SRZola RRYogi RRDaizy RRBryn SRSasha (red) SR Bernie SR Bernie SR Marvin RRSandy TR Storm SR Storm SR Nelson SRSunny RR Sandy TR Benson SRPolly SR
Alfie Gus TR 2Bernie SRHank RR Bernie SRHank RR Hank RR Lara RRLinford RR Darcie RRDarcy SR Darcy SR Charlie & Boe RRMarshall SRFrankie RR Charlie & Boe RRBryn SRCharlie & Boe RRSuede RR Frankie RR 11Bryn SRBaloo SRMarvin RR Bryn SRBryn SRDarcy SR Charlie & Boe RRBryn SRZola RRDarcy SR Buddy SR Stanley RRBuddy SR 14Cutie SR Maxy SR 23Storm SR Teddy & Barbie TRSunny RR Rex SR Bailey TRStorm SR Kingsley TRSasha Doo SR
Stanley RR 3Bryn SRJordon RRBryn SRJordon RRJordon RRMarvin RR Marvin RR Darcy SR Hank RR Frankie RR Daizy RRMarvin RR Hank RR Darcy SR Charlie & Boe RRDarcy SR Trixie RRGinge TR Charlie & Boe RRBryn SRRusty RR Charlie & Boe RRCharlie & Boe RRJolie SR Daizy RRCharlie & Boe RRBryn SREarl SR Charlie & Boe RRTrixie RR Charmaine RRDarcy SRNeville SR 28Teddy & Barbie TRBailey TRTeddy & Barbie TRSammy SR 31Benny SRSunny RR Mabel SR 6Sasha (red) SR
Bruno RR 4Darcie RRLara RRDarcie RRLara RRLara RRMiss Marley RRRedd SRHank RR Jordon RRHank RR Darcy SR Miss Marley RRJordon RRFrankie RR Darcy SR Frankie RR Walter TR Hank RR Darcy SR Charlie & Boe RRSkye RRDarcy SR Darcy SR Ginge TR Darcy SR Daizy RRCharlie & Boe RRJackson SR Daizy RRYogi RRCutie SR Earl SR Poppet SRTillie RR 19Benny SRBailey TRSandy TR Benson SRBailey TRMeesha SRSpot SR
Tula SR 4Frankie RRMarvin RR Frankie RRMarvin RR Marvin RR Redd SRRusty RR Jordon RRLinford RR Jordon RRFrankie RR Rusty RR Linford RR Ginge TR Frankie RR Ginge TR Zola RRJordon RRGinge TR Darcy SR Storm SR Esme TR 17Jolie SR Hank RR Jolie SR Darcy SR Daizy RRJolie SRDarcy SR Zola RRDarcy SRJordon RRRex SR Bailey TRBenson SRBenny SRStorm SR Kingsley TRBenny SRPercy SRAbby Lucy RR
Hank RR Poppy SRHank RR Poppy SRMiss Marley RRRosie RR 5Skye RRLara RRMarvin RR Linford RR Freddie SRSkye RRMarshall SRHank RR Ginge TR Hank RR Bryn SRLara RR Hank RR Ginge TR Bailey TRJolie SR Ginge TR Jordon RRGinge TR Earl SR Darcy SR Jordon RREarl SR Bernie SR Earl SR Judy RRSandy TR Benny SREdie RR Benson SRSunny RR Meesha SRBenson SRSasha Doo SRAlbert SR
Jordon RRRedd SRJordon RRRedd SRPoppy SRRusty RR Susie SRLinford RR Miss Marley RRMarvin RR Hank RR Teddy SR Marvin RR Jordon RRHank RR Jordon RRCharlie & Boe RRLinford RR Jordon RRHank RR Diesel SR 19Ginge TR Hank RR Lara RR Hank RR Ginge TR Earl SR Judy RRJackson SR Bryn SRJolie SRMarvin RRStorm SR Benson SRHannah SREdie RR Tex SRPedro SRCherub RRSpot SRAlfie TR
Lara RRRusty RR Lara RRRusty RR Redd SRSkye RRTrixie RRMarvin RR Redd SRMiss Marley RRJordon RRApplepie TR Miss Marley RRLinford RR Jordon RRLara RR Darcy SR Marvin RR Judy RRJordon RREdie RRHank RR Jordon RRLinford RR Jordon RRHank RR Ginge TR 11Lara RR 31Jolie SRBuddy SR Jordon RRMaxy SR Teddy & Barbie TRButtons SRKingsley TRKingsley TRBailey TRSasha Doo SRKingsley TRAbby Lucy RRArthur Bri
Marvin RR Skye RRMarvin RR Skye RRRosie RR Teddy SR 3Dougie RR Miss Marley RRRusty RR Redd SRLinford RR Clara TRRusty RR Marshall SRLinford RR Linford RR Frankie RR Rusty RR Lara RR Judy RRKingsley TR Jordon RRJudy RRMarvin RR Judy RRJordon RRHank RR 9Laylah SR Jordon RRCharlie & Boe RRJudy RRNeville SR Bailey TREdie RR Pedro SRMeesha SRBenny SRSpot SRMeesha SRAlfie TRBailey SR
Poppy SRSusie RR Poppy SRSusie RR 15Rusty RR Trixie RRMally TRRedd SRSkye RRRusty RR Marvin RR Danny TR Skye RRMarvin RR Marshall SRMarshall SRGinge TR Skye RRLinford RR Lara RR Nala RR Judy RRLara RR Rusty RR Lara RR Judy RRJordon RRLinford RR Judy RRCharmaine RRMarvin RRPoppet SRBenny SRKingsley TRSasha Doo SRPedro SRBenson SRAbby Lucy RRPedro SRBailey TRBailey TR
New arrivals Redd SRTeddy SR Redd SRTeddy SR Skye RRCharlie TRSam TRRusty RR Teddy SR Skye RRMiss Marley RRBailey TRTeddy SR Miss Marley RRMarvin RR Marvin RR Hank RR Stella SR Marvin RR Linford RR Doris SR Lara RR Linford RR Skye RRLinford RR Lara RR Judy RRPetal RRLinford RR Daizy RRMaxy SR Rex SR Buttons SRPoppet SR 16Spot SRSasha Doo SREdie RR 28Alfie TRSasha Doo SRBasil TRBasil TR
Rusty RR Trixie RRRusty RR Trixie RRTeddy SR Dougie RR Mervyn TRSkye RRTrixie RRTeddy SR Redd SRBenji TR Tess SRRusty RR Miss Marley RRRusty RR Jordon RRStella2 SR 13Rusty RR Marvin RR Abby Lucy RRLinford RR Marvin RR Storm SR Marvin RR Linford RR Lara RR Poppet SRMarvin RREarl SR Neville SR Sandy TR Edie RR Sasha Doo SRArchie RR 11Spot SRFran RR 27Bailey SRSpot SRBeau SRBeau SR
Skye RRBruno RR 5Skye RRCharlie TRTex SRSam TRBailey TRTrixie RRCharlie TRTrixie RRRusty RR Buddy SR Tiny TRSkye RRRusty RR Tess SRLara RR Tess SRSkye RRRusty RR Arthur TRMarvin RR Rusty RR Tex SRRex SR Marvin RR 16Linford RR Rex SR Maxy SR Jolie SRPoppet SRStorm SR Kingsley TRSpot SRAlfie TRAlfie TRKingsley TRBailey TRAbby Lucy RRBlessie SRBobby TR
Susie RR Bobby SRSusie RR Daisy TR Trixie RRMervyn TRDiesel SRDougie RR Dougie RR Archie TRSkye RRDiesel SR Clara TRTeddy SR Skye RRTiny TRLinford RR Tiny TR 11Stella SR Skye RRBailey TRRusty RR Skye RRBailey TRRusty RR 23Rex SR Rex SR Rolo RR Petal RRJordon RRRex SR Teddy & Barbie TRSasha Doo SRAbby Lucy RR 21Bailey TRBailey SRMeesha SRBasil TRAlfie TRBobby TRBuck SR
Teddy SR Charlie TRTeddy SR Dougie RR Charlie TRBailey TREdie RRMally TRSam TRBentley TR Teddy SR Edie RRDanny TR 17Tess SRTeddy SR 30Bailey TRMarvin RR Domino SR 11Bailey TRStella SR 27Barley TRSkye RRStorm SR Benny SRSkye RRSkye RRRolo RR Skye RRPoppet SRJudy RRRocco RR 14Tex SRMeesha SRAlfie TRBasil TRBailey TRPedro SRBeau SRBailey SRBuck SRCathy RR
Trixie RRDaisy TR Trixie RRLily RRDougie RR Diesel SRHeidi SR Sam TRBailey TRClara TRClara TRFranklyn RR 26Bailey TRTiny TRTess SRBenji TR 2Rusty RR Bailey TRBenji TR 2Storm SR Basil TRStorm SR Tex SRCutie SR 3Storm SR Storm SR Skye RRStorm SR Rex SR Marvin RRSandy TR Bailey TRVioletPearl RR Bailey TRBenji TRBasil TRSasha Doo SRBlessie SRBailey TRCathy RRCharlie RR
Bobby SRDougie RR Bobby SRMervyn TRLily RREdie RRKingsley TR Bailey TRBenji TR Dougie RR Danny TR Jasper TR Benji TR ApplePie TR Tiny TRBuddy SRStella SR Benji TR 2Benny SRBailey TRBilly RRBailey TRBailey TREdie RRTroy RR Troy RR Storm SR Bailey TRRocco RR Maxy SR Storm SR Benny SRAbby Lucy RR Basil TRBlessie SR Benji TR 4Spot SRBobby TRBasil TRCharlie RRCody TR
Charlie TRLily RRCharlie TRSam TRMervyn TRHeidi SR Poppy SRDiesel SRDiesel SRBailey TRDougie RR 28Kingsley TR Buddy SR Clara TRApplePie TR 29Diesel SR Stella2 SR Buddy SRBuddy SRBenny SRBlake SR Benny SRBenny SRKingsley TR Bailey TRTomos TR 17Troy RR 9Benny SRSandy TR Neville SR Teddy & Barbie TRButtons SRBailey TRBlessie SR Bobby TRBlessie SR Alfie TRBuck SRBeau SRClover SRCosmo RR
Daisy TR Mervyn TRDaisy TR Bailey TRBailey TRKingsley TR Barley TREdie RREdie RRBenji TR Bailey TRAlice TR Buddy TR Bailey TRClara TREdie RRTess SRDiesel SR Diesel SR Buddy SRBobby TREdie RREdie RRRoxy RR 27Benny SRBailey TRBailey TRButtons SR Skye RRPoppet SRTillie RREdie RR Basil TRBobby TRBuck SRBobby TRBailey SRCathy RRBlessie SRCody TRDexter SR
Dougie RR Sam TRDougie RR Ben TR 17Billy SR 11Lucy SR Basil TRHeidi SR Heidi SR Diesel SRBenji TR Angel SRDiesel SR Benji TR Bailey TRKingsley TR Tiny TR Edie RREdie RRDiesel SR Buck SRKingsley TR Kingsley TR Abby Lucy RREdie RRBenny SRBenny SRJessy RR Storm SR Rex SR Bailey TRKingsley TRBlessie SR Buck SRCathy RRBuck SRBailey TRCharlie RRBobby TRDenzil SRElla RR
Mervyn TRBailey TRLily RRBilly SR Diesel SRBarley TRBobby TRKingsley TR Kingsley TR Edie RRCherry SR 30Barley TREdie RRBuddy SR Benji TR Nala RR Bailey TRKingsley TR Kingsley TR Doris SR Cody TRNala RR 11Roxy RR Bailey TRJessy RR Buttons SR Biff SRKingsley TR Bailey TRRocco RR Benny SRAbby Lucy RR Bobby TRCathy RRCharlie RRCathy RRBasil TRClover SRBuck SRDexter SRHarpoZeppo TR
Bailey TRBilly SR Mervyn TRDiesel SREdie RRBasil TRBranston SRPoppy SRStar TR Heidi SR Diesel SR Basil TRKingsley TR Buddy TR Buddy SRStella SRBenji TR 2Nala RR Nala RR Edie RRDaizy RRDoris SR 15Abby Lucy RRBarley TRKingsley TR Edie RRButtons SR Tessa SRBenny SRSandy TR Buttons SRBailey TRBuck SRCharlie RRCody TRCharlie RRBeau SRCody TRCathy RRElla RRHuckleberry RR
Billy SR Chyna SR Sam TREdie RRKingsley TR Bobby TRCasper RR Alice TR Alice TR Kingsley TR Edie RRBobby TRAlice TR 16Diesel SR Buddy TR 4Barley TRBuddy SRBailey TRBailey TRKingsley TR Daphne SR Daphne SR 15Bailey TRBasil TRTomos TR Jessy RR Edie RRAbby Lucy RRBonny SR 24Skye RREdie RR Basil TRCathy RRCody TRDenzil SRCody TRBobby TRDenzil SRCharlie RRHarpoZeppo TR Jamie SR
Chyna SR Diesel SRBailey TRKingsley TR Lucy SR Branston SRCharlie TRBarley TRBarley TRMegan SR 6Kingsley TR Buck SRArthur TREdie RRDiesel SR Basil TRDiesel SR Barley TRBarley TRNala RR Darcie RRAbby Lucy RRBarley TRBella SR 30Abby Lucy RRKingsley TR Jessy RR Bailey TRButtons SR Storm SR Kingsley TRBlessie SR Charlie RRDenzil SRDexter SRDenzil SRBlessie SR Dexter SRCody TRHuckleberry RR Kyle RR
Diesel SRKingsley TR Billy SR Lucy SR Barley TRCasper RR Cody TRBasil TRBasil TRStar TR Molly SR 27Casper RR Barley TRKingsley TR Edie RRBernie SREdie RRBasil TRBasil TRBailey TRDenzil SRBailey TRBasil TRBilly RRBailey TRAbby Lucy RRKingsley TR Barley TRJessy RR 24Bailey TRLacey SR 11Bobby TRCody TRDexter SREuston RRDexter SRBuck SRDiesel SR 24Denzil SRJamie SRLavinia RR
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