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Gatwick KennsBarney Ringo SR Barney Ringo SR Barney Ringo SR Barney Ringo SR Barney Ringo SR Barney Ringo SR Barney Ringo SR Barney Ringo SR Barney Ringo SR Bailey RR Bailey RR Bailey RR Bailey RR Bailey RR Bailey RR 9Aaron SR Bamba AmB Bamba AmB Bamba AmB 10Astral RRAstral RRAstral RRAstral RRAstral RRAstral RRAstral RRAstral RR 18Ashley TR Arthur TRBarni TR Barni TR Barni TR Arthur TRBarley TRBarni TR Barley TRArthur SRArthur SRArthur SRArthur SRArthur SRArthur SRArthur SRArthur SRArthur SRArthur SRArthur SRArthur SRArthur SRArthur SRBarley TR
Guildford KennsBentley TRBentley TRBeauty RR Baxter TR Baxter TR Baxter TR Baxter TR Baxter TR Baxter TR Barney Ringo SR Barney Ringo SR Barney Ringo SR Barney Ringo SR 23Bentley TRBentley TRBamba AmB Bentley TRBentley TRBentley TRBentley TRBentley TRBertram RR Barni TR Barni TR Barni TR Barni TR Barni TR Babe Amb 11Barni TR Bosco SR Benny TRBosco SR Barni TR Barni TR Buster RR Barni TR Barley TRBarni TR Barley TRBarley TRBarley TRBarley TRBarni TR Barley TRBarley TRBarley TRBarley TRBarley TRBarley TRBarley TRBuster SR
Broxbourne KennsBiggy & Marlee AmB Biggy & Marlee AmB Bentley TRBeauty RR Beauty RR Bazz TR Bazz TR Bazz TR Bazz TR Baxter TR Baxter TR Baxter TR 1Bentley TRBert RR Scamp TR 12Boots RR Bentley TRBoots RR Boots RR Boots RR Bertram RR Bertram RR Biscuit TR 20Bertram RR Bertram RR Bertram RR 29Boots RR 21Bonnie RR 16Barni TR Bosco SR Buster RR Bosco SR Boss SR Bosco SR Bosco SR 27Charlie AmbBuster RR Barni TR Buster RR Barni TR Barni TR Barni TR Barni TR Buster RR Barni TR Barni TR Barni TR 2Buster RR 25Charlie AmbCharlie AmbCharlie AmbCharlie Amb
FosteredBoots RR Boots RR Biggy & Marlee AmB Bentley TRBentley TRBeauty RR Beauty RR 3Bentley TRBentley TRBentley TRBentley SRBentley TRBert RR Scamp TR Boots RR Buster RR Boots RR Buster RR Bullseye SR 19Buster RR Boots RR Boots RR Boots RR Billy SR 10Boots RR Boots RR Buster RR Buster RR Buster RR Buster RR Charlie AmBBuster RR Buster RR Boss SR Boss SR 29Duke & Zarla RRDuke & Zarla RRBuster RR Charlie AmbBuster RR Buster RR Bertie SRBertie SRCharlie AmbBuster RR Buster RR Buster RR Charlie AmbDixie SRDixie SRDixie SRHooch RR
Temp fosterBruno & Iona SR 11Chopin TR Boots RR Biggy & Marlee AmB Biggy & Marlee AmB Bentley TRBentley TRBiggy & Marlee AmB Biggy & Marlee AmB Biggy & Marlee AmB 9Bentley TRBoots RR Boots RR Buster RR Buster SRBuster RR Buster SRBuster RR Buster SR 10Buster RR Buster RR Bruno SRBoots RR Buster RR Buster RR Carlos SR 22Charlie AmBCharlie AmBCharlie AmBCheeko SR Charlie AmBChalkie RR Buster RR Buster RR Flint TRFlint TRCharlie AmbDuke & Zarla RRCharlie AmbCharlie AmbBuster RR Buster RR Duke & Zarla RRCharlie AmbCharlie AmbCharlie AmbClover SRHooch RRHooch RRHooch RRJess & Mason SR
Own HomeChopin TR Coco SRChopin TR Bonnie RR Bonnie RR 18Biggy & Marlee AmB Biggy & Marlee AmB Boots RR Boots RR Boots RR Boots RR Buster RR Buster RR Chelsey RRChelsey RRBuster SRChelsey RR 26Buster SR 19Digby RR Chance SRChance SRBuster RR Bruno SR 10Carlos SR Carlos SR Charlie AmBDodger SR Duchess SR Duchess SR Dixie TR Cheeko SR Charlie AmBChalkie RR Charlie AmBFredds TRFredds TRDuke & Zarla RRFlint TRDuke & Zarla RRDuke & Zarla RRCharlie AmbTroy SR 4Mitch SR 24Hooch RRHooch RRDixie SRDixie SRJordon RRJess SR Jess & Mason SR Missie RR
Trial AdoptCoco SRCodi SRCoco SRBoots RR Boots RR Boots RR Boots RR Charlie RR Charlie RR 16Buster RR Buster RR Chelsey RRChelsey RRDaisy RR Daisy RR Chelsey RRDigby RR Digby RR Dodger SR Charlie AmBCharlie AmBCharlie AmBBuster RR Charlie AmBCharlie AmBDodger SR Duke & Zarla RRDuke & Zarla RRDuke & Zarla RRDuchess SR Dixie TR 20Cheeko SR Charlie AmBDuke & Zarla RRFudge SR Fudge SR Flint TRFredds TRFlint TRFredds TRDuke & Zarla RRCharlie AmbHooch RRJordon RRJordon RRHooch RRHooch RRLeonie SRJordon RRJordon RRMisty SR
ReservedCodi SRDaisy RRCodi SRBruno & Dini SR Bruno & Dini SR 19Charlie RR Cassie RR 31Chico SRChico SRChelsey RRChelsey RRDiesel SR Diesel SR 24Digby RR Digby RR Daisy RR 31Dodger SR Dodger SR Duke & Zarla RRDigby RR Cleo SR Cleo SR Carlos SR Cleo SR Cleo SR 2Duchess SR Dylan SRFredds TRFlint TRDuke & Zarla RRDuchess SR 16 Duke & Zarla RRDodger SR Ethel TR 27Hooch RRHooch RRFredds TRFudge SR Fredds TRHooch RRFredds TRDuke & Zarla RRKeita RRKeita RRMissie RR Jordon RRJordon RRMilo SR Leonie SRKiki TR 6Pablo RR
ReturnedDaisy RRDuke & Zarla RRDaisy RRChopin TR Charlie RR Duke & Zarla RRCharlie RR Digby RR Digby RR Digby RR Diesel SR Digby RR Digby RR Duke & Zarla RRDuke & Zarla RRDigby RR Duke & Zarla RRDuke & Zarla RRDylan SRDodger SR ClintDaveRosie RRClintDaveRosie RR 22Charlie AmBDigby RR Digby RR 28 Duke & Zarla RRElla RR 16Fudge SR Fredds TRFlint TRDuke & Zarla RRFlint TRDuke & Zarla RRFlint TRJack TR Kevin TRFudge SR Hooch RRFudge SR Jack TR 18Hooch RRFredds TRMissie RR Missie RR Scamp TR Missie RR Keita RRMissie RR Missie RR Leonie SR 3Betty & Rick TR 30
HomedDuke & Zarla RRDylan SRDuke & Zarla RRDuke & Zarla RRChopin TR 19Dylan SRSasha SR Duke & Zarla RRDuke & Zarla RRDuke & Zarla RRDigby RR Duke & Zarla RRDuke & Zarla RRDylan SRDylan SRDodger SR Dylan SRDylan SREdie AmbDuke & Zarla RRDigby RR Digby RR Cleo SR Dodger SR Dodger SR Dylan SRFredds TRGlynis RRFudge SR Fredds TRFlint TRFredds TRFlint TRFredds TRJordon RRJack TR Hooch RRJack TR Hooch RRJordon RRJordon RRHooch RROlive RRScamp TR Tedds SRScamp TR Leonie SRMisty SRMisty SRMissie RR Shadow RR
Retained by familyDylan SREdie AmbDylan SRDylan SRDuke & Zarla RREdie AmbDuke & Zarla RRDylan SRDylan SRDylan SRDuke & Zarla RRDylan SRDylan SREdie AmbEdie AmbDuke & Zarla RREdie AmbEdie AmbFredds TRDylan SRDodger SR Dodger SR Digby RR Duchess SR Duchess SR Edie AmbFudge SR Hank RRGlynis RRFudge SR Fredds TRFudge SR Fredds TRFudge SR Maisie SR Maisie SR Kevin SRJordon RRJack TR Maisie SR Maizie SR Jordon RRScamp TR Tedds SRDuke RR Simon SRMissie RR Pablo RRPablo RRMisty SRTedds SR
VetsEdie AmbEsme SR Edie AmbEdie AmbDylan SRFredds TRDylan SREdie AmbEdie AmbEdie AmbDylan SREdie AmbEdie AmbFleur RR Fleur RR 4Dylan SRFredds TRFredds TRFudge SR Edie AmbDuke & Zarla RRDuchess SR Dodger SR Duke & Zarla RRDuke & Zarla RRElla RRGlynis RRHarry TR 9Guinness SRGuinness SRFudge SR Guinness SR 9Fudge SR Gnasher TR 27Missie RR Missie RR Jack TR Maisie SR Jordon RRMissie RR Missie RR Maizie SR 27Ziggy SRZiggy SRZiggy SRTedds SRPablo RRScamp TR Simon SRPablo RRTimmyTim RR
RIPEsme SR Fredds TREsme SR 27Fredds TREdie AmbGlynis RREdie AmbLouiseRoxyFlopsyMary RR LouiseRoxyFlopsy Mary RR 19Fredds TREdie AmbFredds TRFredds TRFredds TRFredds TREdie AmbHooch RRFudge SR Glynis RRFredds TRDylan SRDuke & Zarla RRDuchess SR Dylan SRDylan SRFredds TRHank RRHooch RRHooch RRHooch RRGuinness SRHooch RRHooch RRHooch RRSmithy SRQueenie RRJordon RRMissie RR Maisie SR Troy SR Scamp TR Missie RR Aaron SR Aaron SR Aaron SR Zayla & Duke RR Scamp TR Simon SRSkye AmBShadow RR Ziggy SR
Christmas EasterFredds TRGerald SR 7Fredds TRGlynis RRFredds TRHazel & Hogan SR Fredds TRFredds TRFredds TRHank RRFredds TRHank RRHank RRGlynis RRGlynis RRFredds TRHuckleberry RRGlynis RRHank RRFudge SR Edie AmbDylan SRDuke & Zarla RREdie AmbEdie AmbFudge SR Harry TRJack TR Jack TR Jack TR Hank RRJack TR Jack TR Jack TR TimmyTim RRSmithy SRMaisie SR Smithy SRMissie RR Ziggy SRTroy SR Scamp TR Benson RR Benson RR Benson RR 7Ziggy SRSimon SRSkye AmBTedds SRSherry SR 6Betzy SR
Payment on contract WRGerald SR Gilbert SR Gilbert SR 27Hazel & Hogan SR Glynis RRHoney RR Hazel & Hogan SR Hazel & Hogan SR Hazel & Hogan SR Hazel & Hogan SR Hazel & Hogan SR Hazel & Hogan SR Hazel & Hogan SR 22Hooch RRHank RRGlynis RRJack TR Hank RRHooch RRGlynis RRFredds TREdie AmbDylan SRElla RRElla RRGlynis RRHooch RRJake SR Jake SR Jake SR Hooch RRJoey SRJordon RRJordon RRZiggy SRZiggy SRMissie RR TimmyTimSmithy SR 20Aaron SR Ziggy SRAaron SR Bertie SRBertie SRBertie SRAaron SR Tedds SRTedds SRTimmyTim RRSimon SRDazzle SR
Payment on contract RBGilbert SR Glynis RRGlynis RRHoney RR Hazel & Hogan SR Hooch RRHoney RR 31 Hooch RRHooch RRHooch RRHooch RRHooch RRHooch RRJethro RRHooch RRHank RRJethro RRHooch RRHuckleberry RRHank RRFudge SR Fredds TREdie AmbFredds TRFredds TRHank RRJack TR Jess SR Jess SR 30Lucy SR Jack TR Jordon RRLily SR Lily SR Aaron SR Aaron SR Smithy SRTroy SR Troy SR Benson RR Aaron SR Benson RR Dylan SR Dylan SR Dylan SR Bertie SRZayla & Duke RR Zayla & Duke RR 21Zebedee RR 15Skye AmB 3Dylan SR
Neuterings VetsGlynis RRHazel & Hogan SR Hazel & Hogan SR Hooch RRHoney RR Jakey RR Hooch RRHoratio SR Horatio SR 19Jamie SR Huckleberry RRHuckleberry RRHuckleberry RRJordon AmbHuckleberry RRHooch RRJordon AmbHuckleberry RRJack TR Hooch RRGlynis RRFudge SR Fredds TRFudge SR Fudge SR Harry TRMaggie TRJordon RRJordon RRMaisie SR Joey SRLucy SR Lucy SR Maisie SR Benson RR Benson RR Ziggy SRZiggy SRZiggy SRBetty RR Alfredo RR Betty RR 4Edie AB Edie AB Edie AB Dylan SR Ziggy SRZiggy SRZiggy SRTedds SREdie AB
Hazel & Hogan SR Honey RR Honey RR Jakey RR Hooch RRJessie TR 10Jakey RR 3Jethro RRJethro RRJethro RRJamie SR Jamie SR 29Jethro RRKevin SRJenny SRHuckleberry RRJustine SR Jack TR Jordon AmbJack TR Hank RRGlynis RRFudge SR Glynis RRGlynis RRHooch RRMaudie May TR Kevin TR 11Lucy SR Maudie May TR Jordon RRMaisie SR Maisie SR Maudie May TR 27 Betty RR Betty RR Aaron SR Aaron SR Aaron SR Blue AmB Benson RR Blue AmB 3Huey SRHuey SRHarvey TR Edie AB Aaron SR Aaron SR 19Buddie SR 12Ziggy SRMilo SR
Candy ButtonsHoney RR Hooch RRHooch RRJethro RRIzzy TR 18Jethro RRJethro RRJordon AmbJordon AmbJordon AmbJethro RRJethro RRJordon AmbLily Mika RRJethro RRJenny SRKevin SRJethro RRJustine SR 11Jake SR Hooch RRHank RRGlynis RRHarry TRHarry TRJack TR Millie SRLucy SR Maggie TRMissie RR Lucy SR Maudie May TR Maudie May TR Maxine TR 27Blue Amb 20Dylan SR Benson RR Benson RR Benson RR Chance SR 19Betty RR Bronx SR 3Izzy TR Izzy TR Huey SRHarvey TR Bertie SR 28Buddie SR Dazzle SR Dazzle SR Rafferty SR
Hooch RRJakey RR Jakey RR Jonny RR 21Jakey RR Jordon AmbJordon AmbJudy SRKevin SRKevin SRJordon AmbJordon AmbKevin SRLoui SR 14Jordon AmbJethro RRLaya TRJordon AmbKevin SRJordon AmbJack TR Hooch RRHank RRHooch RRHooch RRJordon AmbMissie RR Maggie TRMaisie SR Roxie SRMaisie SR Missie RR Maxine TR Missie RR Dylan SR Edie AB Betty RR Betty RR Betty RR Dylan SR Blue AmB Dylan SR Kyla SRMungo SR Izzy TR Huey SRDazzle SR Dazzle SR Dylan SR Dylan SR Rosemerry SR
PhotosJakey RR Jethro RRJethro RRJordon AmbJethro RRJosie SR 10Judy SRKevin SRKyza SR 18Leo SR 9Judy SRJudy SRLily Mika RRMaizie SRKevin SRJett TR 31Maggie TRJustine SR Maggie TRKevin SRJake SR Jack TR Harry TRJack TR Jack TR Kevin SR 24Pablo RRMaisie SR Maudie May TR Sandy SR Maudie May TR Moss SR Missie RR Rex & Candy TR 27Edie AB George TR Dylan SR Dylan SR Dylan SR Edie AB Dylan SR Edie AB Rosemerry SROlive RRJake TR Izzy TR 31Dylan SR Dylan SR Edie AB Edie AB Sebby RR
Jethro RRJoey RR Joey RR 1Josie SR Jordon AmbJudy SRKevin SRKyza SR Leo SR Leo TR Kevin SRKevin SRMaizie SRManny TR Lily Mika RRJordon AmbMaizie SRKevin SRMaizie SRLaya TR 3Jordon AmbJake SR Hooch RRJordon AmbJordon AmbMaggie TRPeggySue SR Maudie May TR Missie RR Scoobie SRMissie RR Polo SR 8Rex & Candy TR Sarah-Jane RRFiona TR 22Smiley SREdie AB Edie AB Edie AB Flint TR 19Edie AB Huey SRSandy SRRosemerry SRMungo SR Jake TR Edie AB Edie AB Huey SRHuey SR 5Smiley SR
Joey RR Jordon AmbJonny RRJudy SRJosie SR Kevin SRLily Mika RRLeo SR Leo TR Lily Mika RRLeo TR Leo TR Manny TR Marley SRMaizie SRKevin SRManny TR Laya TRManny TR Maizie SRKevin SRJordon AmbJack TR Kevin SRKevin SRMaudie May TR Ricky RR 16Millie SR 5PeggySue SR 30Ziggy SRMoss SR Rex & Candy Buttons TR Roxie RR Sasha SR 24George TR Bentley TR George TR George TR George TR George TR 19Huey SRIzzy TR Smiley SRSandy SROlive RRMungo SR Harry Derek TR 27Huey SRJake TR 15Kevin TR 6Tansy RR
To Vets Jordon AmbJosie SR Jordon AmbKatie RR 25Judy SRLily RR Mika TRLloyd TR Lily Mika RRLily Mika RRLloyd TR 10Lily Mika RRLily Mika RRMarley SRMillie SR Manny TR Lily Mika RRMillie SRMaggie TRMillie SRManny TR 6Maggie TRKevin SRJordon AmbLolly SR Lolly SR 29Missie RR Roxie SRMissie RR Pollypatt TR 30Ashley TR Polo SRSandy SR Sarah-Jane RRSmithy SRPenny RR 22Betzy SROscar TR Oscar TR Oscar TR Olive RRLloyd RR Lloyd RR 3Basil TRSmiley SRSandy SROlive RRHarvey TR 24Jake TR Milo SR Milo SR Basil TR
EsmeJosie SR Juno TR Josie SR Kevin SRKatie RR 18Maizie SRMaizie SRLloyd TR Lloyd TR Maizie SRMaizie SRMaizie SRMillie SR Missie RR Marley SRMaggie TRMissie RR Maizie SRMissie RR Maxy TR 2Millie SRLenny SR Kevin SRMaudie May TR Maggie TRPeggySue SR Sandy SR Pablo RRRosie Amb Aaron SR Roxie SRStephen RR 11Smithy SRZiggy SRSmiley SRBig Bruce SR Polly TRPolly TRSmiley SROscar TR Olive RROlive RRBentley TR Bentley TR Smiley SRTrixie TR 3Hector SR 24Mungo SR 19Hector SR 13Olive RR 4Beanie SR
JoeyJuno TR Katie RRJuno TR 27Lily RR Mika TRKevin SRMarley SRMarley SRMaizie SRMaizie SRMarley SRMarley SRManny TR Missie RR Molly SR Millie SR Maizie SRObi TR 27Manny TR Pablo RRMillie SRMissie RR Maggie TRLenny SR 10Millie SRMaudie May TR Ricky RRTammy SR 18PeggySue SR Roxie SRBetty RR Sandy SR TimmyTim Amb Ziggy SRAaron SR Alfredo RRBruce & Poppy SRSmiley SRSmiley SRAlfredo RRPolly TR 19Oscar TR 6Rosemerry SRBetzy SRBetzy SRBasil TRBasil TRHuey SROlive RRPrecious SRPrecious SR 6Bentley TR
GeraldKatie RRKevin SRKatie RRMaizie SRLily RR Mika TRMilly SR Milly SR 5Marley SRMarley SRMissie RR Missie RR Marley SRMolly SR Paige SR Milly SR 9Manny TR Patch SR Millie SRPatch SR Missie RR Maizie SRMillie SRLolly SR Missie RR Millie SRRoxie SRTara SR 18Pollypatt TR Sandy SR Dylan SR Ziggy SRZiggy SRAaron SR Benson RR Basil TRChalkie RR Alfredo RRAlfredo RRBasil TRSmiley SRRosemerry SRSmiley SRBig Bruce SR Big Bruce SR Bentley TR Bentley TR Jake SR 28Precious SRScamp TR 10Rosemerry SRBig Bruce SR
Kevin SRLily RR Mika TRKevin SRMarley SRMildred TR 15Milo SR Charlie RR 12Missie RR Missie RR Missie RR Molly SR Molly SR Missie RR Paige SR Patch SR Missie RR Millie SR Pero TR Missie RR Pedro RR Patch SR 6Rocco TR Missie RR Maggie TRPeggySue SR Missie RR Sandy SR Aaron SR Rosie Amb Scoobie SREdie AB Ashley TR 16Aaron SR Betty RR Betty RR Bentley TR Chance SRBasil TRBasil TRBentley TR Spice RR 19Smiley SRVinnie RRBruce & Poppy SRBruce & Poppy SRBetzy SRBetzy SRJake TR Smiley SRSmiley SRSmiley SRBoycie RR
Lily RR Mika TRLottie SR Lily RR Mika TRMildred TR Milly SR Missie RR Oscar SR 31Poppy & Bruce RR Molly SR Otis Amb RROtis Amb RR 3Molly SR Patch SR Pero TR Molly SR 5Missie RR Rolls TR Patch SR Pero TR 10Pedro RR 3Ruby SR Ricky RR Millie SRRocco TR PeggySue SR Tara SREdie AB Roxie SRZiggy SRJake SR Aaron SR Betty RR Blue Amb Blue Amb Betzy SRCodi SR Bentley TR Bentley TR Betzy SRVinnie RRVinnie RRWinnie RR 3Buddie SRBuddie SRBig Bruce SR Big Bruce SR Mungo SR Basil TRTansy RRAlfie RRBruce & Poppy SR
Lottie SR Maizie SRLottie SR 27Milo SR Charlie RR Milo SR Charlie RR Poppy & Bruce RR Poppy & Bruce RR Ralph Amb Pero TR Oz Willow RRPatch SR Patch SR Pero TR Rex SR 14Obi TRObi TRRuby SR Pero TR Rolls TR 10Rosie RRRupert TR Rocco TR Missie RR Ruby SR Rocco TR 2Tyler SR Jake SR Sandy SR Ashley TR Lily SR Betty RR Blue Amb Cheeko SR Cheeko SR 25Big Bruce SR Dodger SR Betzy SRBetzy SRBig Bruce SR Alfredo RRWinnie RR Alfredo RR 1Budds SR Budds SR Bruce & Poppy SRBruce & Poppy SROlive RRBeanie SR Alfie RRBasil TRBuddy SR
Maizie SRMarley SRMaizie SRMissie RR Missie RR Ralph Amb Ralph Amb Roxie SRPoppy & Bruce RR Patch SR Pero TR Pero TR Poppy & Bruce RR Rocky TR 14Paige SR Paige SR 28Scotty SR 22Rolls TR Ruby SR Roxie RR Sandy SR Roxie RR PeggySue SR Sandy SR Sandy SR Zeus RR 20Lily SR Aaron SR Aaron SR Roxie RR Dylan SR Dude TR 13Dylan SR Dylan SR Bruce & Poppy SRFrankie & Harrison SRBig Bruce SR Big Bruce SR Bruce & Poppy SRBasil TRBasil TRBasil TRBuddy SRBuddy SRBuddie SR 6Budds SR Precious SRBear (Beau) SR Beanie SR Beanie SR Clover SR
Marley SRMilo SR Charlie RR Marley SRMonty SR 20Poppy & Bruce RR Rolls TR 11Roxy TR 5Scotty SR Ralph Amb Pero TR Poppy & Bruce RR Poppy & Bruce RR Rex SR Rolls TR Patch SR Patch SR Sky RR Ruby SR Sandy SR Ruby SR Sky RR Ruby SR Rocco TR Simon & Dixie SRTara SRAaron SR Maxine TR Betty RR Betty RR Smiley SREdie AB Dylan SR Edie AB Edie AB Chalkie RR Hector SRBruce & Poppy SRBruce & Poppy SRChance SRBentley TR Bentley TR Bentley TR Clover SRClover SRBudds SR Buddy SRSmiley SRBentley TR Bear (Beau) SR 11Bentley TR Gwilym RR
Milo SR Charlie RR Missie RR Milo SR Charlie RR Peter SR 21Ralph Amb Roxie SRRoxie SRSebby RRRoxie SRPoppy & Bruce RR Rory TR Rocky TRRolls TR Ruby SR Pero TR Pero TR Tiggy SR 27 Sky RR Sky RR Sandy SR TimmyTim Amb Rupert TR 21Ruby SR Tara SRZeus RR Jake SR Roxie RR Dylan SR Dylan SR Basil TRJake SR Edie AB Jake SR Jake SR 25Chance SRJethro RRChalkie RR 3Chance SRCodi SR Betzy SRBetzy SRBetzy SRCodi SR 25Elsa SRBuddy SRClover SRBentley TR Betzy SRBentley TR Betzy SRHarrison & Frankie SR
Missie RR Monty SRMissie RR Poppy & Bruce RR Rolls TR Roxy TR Scotty SR Shadow RR Ruby SR Ralph Amb 10Roxie SRRoxie SRRoxie SRScotty SR Rolls TR Rolls TR Zach SR Zach SR TimmyTim Amb Sky RR Aaron SR Sandy SR Sandy SR Zeus RR Aaron SR Lily SR Smiley SREdie AB Edie AB Bentley TR Lily SR Jake SR Moss SR Lucy SR 25Clover SRLily SR Chance SRCodi SR Hank RRBig Bruce SR Big Bruce SR Big Bruce SR Elsa SRGwilym RR Clover SRElsa SRBetzy SRBig Bruce SR Betzy SRBig Bruce SR Heidi SR
Booster Monty SRPeter SRMonty SRRalph Amb Roxie SRScotty SRSebby RRShane SRScotty SR Rory TR Ruby SR Ruby SR Ruby SR Sebby RR Hugo RRRuby SR Ruby SR Aaron SR Zippy TR 17Zach SR 10Aaron SR Lily SR Sky RR 20Tara SRAaron SR Jake SR Maxine TR Tyler SR 13Jake SR Jake SR Betzy SRMaxine TR Jake SR 13Sammy TR Moss SR 25Codi SR Lucky SR Codi SR Hank RRHarrison & Frankie SRBruce & Poppy SRBruce & Poppy SRBruce & Poppy SRGwilym RR Hank RRElsa SRGwilym RR Big Bruce SR Bruce & Poppy SRBig Bruce SR Bruce & Poppy SRJethro RR
Max TRPeter SRPoppy & Bruce RR Peter SRRoxy TR Roxy TR Sebby RRShane SRSky RR Sebby RRRoxie SRSasha SR Sammy TR Sammy TR 22Sky RR Scotty SR Scotty SR Lily SR Peggy Sue SR Aaron SR Kyla SR Pablo RRAaron SR Aaron SR Jake SR Lily SR Pablo RRAshley TRLily SR Lily SR Big Bruce SR Roxie RR Lily SR Smiley SRPolly TRDodger SR Marley SRDodger SR 3Harrison & Frankie SRHector SRCodi SR Buddie SRBuddie SRHank RRHarrison & Frankie SRGwilym RR Hank RRBruce & Poppy SRBudds SR Bruce & Poppy SRBuddy SRMandy AmB
Codi SRPoppy & Bruce RR Ralph Amb Poppy & Bruce RR Scotty SRSasha & Stan SRShane SRStan & Sasha SRStan & Sasha SRShadow RR Ruby SR Scotty SR Sasha SR Sasha SR 23Tiggy SR Sky RR Sky RR Peggy Sue SR Sammy TRLily SR Lily SR Peggy Sue SR Lily SR Jake SR Kyla SR Pablo RRRoxie RR Babe AmBMaxine TR Maxine TR Bruce & Poppy SRScoobie SRMaxine TR Basil TRRoxie RR 25Frankie & Harrison SRMax TRHank RRHector SRJethro RRHank RRBudds SR Budds SR Harrison & Frankie SRHector SRHank RRHarrison & Frankie SRBudds SR Buddy SRBudds SR 10Clover SR Marley SR
Ralph Amb Rose RR Ralph Amb Sebby RRScotty SRStan & Sasha SRSummer SR 3Trixie GrahamShane SRSasha SR Sebby RRScotty SR Scotty SR TimmyTim AmbTiggy SR 10Peggy Sue SR Sammy TRSmiley SRPeggy Sue SR Pablo RRRoxie RR Pablo RRLily SR Lily SR Roxie RR Sammy TR 23Basil TRRoxie RR Roxie RR Chalkie RRSmiley SRRoxie RR Bentley TR Sammy TR 24Hank RROlive RRHarrison & Frankie SRJethro RRLester TR Harrison & Frankie SRCodi SR Codi SR Hector SRJethro RRHarrison & Frankie SRHector SRBuddy SRClover SR Buddy SRHank RRMaya RR
Rose RR Roxy TR Rose RR 27Shane SRSebby RRTrixie GrahamTrixie GrahamZippy TRSky RR Scotty SR Shadow RR Sebby RRSebby RRWillow Oz RR 14 Peggy Sue SR Sammy TRSmiley SRAlfredo RRSammy TRPeggy Sue SR Sammy TRPeggy Sue SR Pablo RRPablo RRSammy TRSmiley SRBentley TR Smiley SRSmiley SRChance SRBasil TRScoobie SR 13Betzy SRSmiley SRHector SRRafferty SR Hector SRLola SRLucky SR Hector SRGwilym RR Gwilym RR Larkin RR 23Leonie SRHector SRJethro RRGwilym RR Gwilym RR Clover SR Harrison & Frankie SRPippin SR
Vax ( 2nd) dueRoxy TR Scotty SRRoxy TR Tilly TR Shane SRZippy TRZippy TRAlfredo RRStan & Sasha SRSebby RRShane SR 5Shadow RR 29Sky RR Zippy TRSammy TRSmiley SRAlfredo RRBasil TRSmiley SRSammy TRSmiley SRRoxie RR Ricky RR 15Roxie RR Smiley SRAlfredo RR 30Betty RRBasil TRAlfredo RR 30Clover SRBentley TR Smiley SRBig Bruce SR Basil TRJethro RRRoxy SR Jethro RRLily SR 27Marley SRHuey SRHank RRHank RRLeonie SRLester TR Jethro RRLeonie SRHank RRHank RRGwilym RR Heidi SRRusty RR
Scotty SRSebby RRScotty SRTrixie GrahamTilly TR 18Alfredo RRAlfredo RRBailey RRTimmyTim AmbShadow RR Sky RR Sky RR Tiggy SR Sammy TRSmiley SRAlfredo RRBasil TRBetty RRTara SR Smiley SRTara SR Sammy TRRoxie RR Sammy TRAlfredo RR 26Ashley TRBig Bruce SR Bentley TR Basil TRCodi SR Betzy SRBasil TRBruce & Poppy SRBentley TR Lester TR Sandy SR Lily SR Lester TR Max TRJethro RRHarrison & Frankie SRHarrison & Frankie SRLester TR Maisie SR Leonie SRLester TR Harrison & Frankie SRHarrison & Frankie SRHank RRJethro RRSandy SR
Sebby RRShane SRSebby RRTroy RR 22Trixie GrahamBailey RRBailey RRBasil TRTrixie GrahamSky RR Zippy TRTimmyTimZippy TRSmiley SRAlfredo RRBasil TRBetty RRBig Bruce SR Alfredo RRTara SR Alfredo RRSmiley SRSammy TRSmiley SRAshley TRBabe AmBBruce & Poppy SRBig Bruce SR Bentley TR Dodger SR Big Bruce SR Bentley TR Chance SRBetzy SRLily SR Sheldon TRLola SRLucky SR Olive RRLester TR Hector SRHector SRMaisie SR Marley SRLester TR Marley SRHeidi SRHeidi SRHarrison & Frankie SRMaisie SR Steve RR
Shane SRTilly TR Shane SRZippy TRTroy RR 14Basil TRBernard RR Bernard RR 28Zippy TRStan & Sasha SRSammy TRZippy TRSammy TRAlfredo RRBasil TRBetty RRBig Bruce SR Bruce & Poppy SRBasil TRAlfredo RRAshley TRTara SR Smiley SRAlfredo RRBabe AmBBasil TRChalkie RRBruce & Poppy SRBetzy SRFrankie & Harrison SRBruce & Poppy SRBetzy SRClover SRBig Bruce SR Lola SRSkye AmBLucky SR Marley SROllie & Stan RR Lloyd RRJethro RRJethro RRMarley SRMaya RRMaisie SR Maya RRLester TR Jethro RRHeidi SRMarley SRTessa & Lexi SR
Tilly TR Trixie GrahamTilly TR Alfredo RRTeddy Tufty TR 15Bernard RR Betty RRBetty RRAlfredo RRZippy TRSasha SR Stumpy (Geoff) SR 28Smiley SRBasil TRBetty RRBig Bruce SR Bruce & Poppy SRCharlie AmBBetty RRAshley TRBabe AmBAlfredo RRAlfredo RRAshley TRBasil TRBentley TR Chance SRChalkie RRBig Bruce SR George TR Chalkie RRBig Bruce SR Codi SR Bruce & Poppy SRLucky SR Tansy RRMarley SRMax TRRafferty SR Lola SR 15Larkin RR Larkin RR Max TRRafferty SR Marley SRRafferty SR Maisie SR Lester TR 21Jethro RRMaya RRToby SR
TimmyTim AmbTroy RRTrixie GrahamBailey RRZippy TRBetty RRBig Bruce SR Big Bruce SR Bailey RRAlfredo RRSmiley SRSammy TRAlfredo RRBentley SR 14Big Bruce SR Bruce & Poppy SRCharlie AmBClover SRBig Bruce SR Basil TRBasil TRAshley TRAshley TRBabe AmBBentley TR Betty RRClover SRChance SRBruce & Poppy SRHector SRChance SRBruce & Poppy SRFrankie & Harrison SRChalkie RR Marley SRVinnie RRMax TROlive RRRoxy SR Lucky SR 14Lester TR Leonie SROllie & Stan RR 22Skye AmBMaya RRSandy SRMarley SRMaisie SR Maisie SR Pippin SR Trixie RR
Vax ( 1st)Trixie GrahamZippy TRTroy RRBasil TRAlfredo RRBig Bruce SR Clover SRClover SRBasil TRBasil TRStan SR Sasha SR 28Basil TRBetty RRBruce & Poppy SRCharlie AmBClover SRDuchess SRBruce & Poppy SRBetty RRBetty RRBabe AmBBabe AmBBasil TRBetty RRBig Bruce SR Codi SR Clover SRChalkie RRJethro RRClover SRChance SRHector SRChance SRMax TRAnnie RROlive RROllie & Stan RR Sheldon TRMarley SRMaisie SR Lester TR Rafferty SR Steve RRRafferty SR Skye AmBMaya RRMarley SRMarley SRRafferty SR Vinnie RR
JoeyTroy RRAlfredo RRZippy TRBazz TRBailey RRClover SRCodi SRCodi SRBetty RRBazz TR 5Alfredo RRSmiley SRBentley SR Big Bruce SR Charlie AmBClover SRDuchess SRFrankie & Harrison SRChalkie RRBig Bruce SR Big Bruce SR Betty RRBasil TRBentley TR Big Bruce SR Bruce & Poppy SRFrankie & Harrison SRCodi SR Clover SRLola SRCodi SR Clover SRJethro RRClover SROlive RRBertie SROllie & Stan RR Rafferty SR Skye AmBMax TRMarley SRMaisie SR Skye AmBTansy RRSkye AmBSmiley SRRafferty SR Maya RRMaya RRRusty RRAnnie RR
Zippy TRBailey RRAlfredo RRBernard RR Bazz TRCodi SRDigby RRDiesel SR Big Bruce SR Betty RRBasil TRStan SR 28Betty RRBruce & Poppy SRClover SRDuchess SRFrankie & Harrison SRHarry RRCharlie AmBBruce & Poppy SRBruce & Poppy SRBig Bruce SR Bentley TR Betty RRBruce & Poppy SRChalkie RRKevin TRDodger SR Codi SR Lucky SRDodger SR Codi SR Lola SRCodi SR Ollie & Stan RR Boycie RRRafferty SR Roxy SR Spice RROllie & Stan RR Max TRMarley SRTansy RRVinnie RRSteve RRSteve RRSandy SRRafferty SR Pippin SR Steve RRDixie & Simon SR
Alfredo RRBasil TRBailey RRBetty RRBernard RR Digby RRFrankie & Harrison SRFrankie & Harrison SRBuster & Patch Big Bruce SR Bazz TR 5Alfredo RRBig Bruce SR Charlie AmBDuchess SRFrankie & Harrison SRHarry RRHector SR Clover SRChalkie RRChalkie RRBruce & Poppy SRBetty RRBig Bruce SR Chalkie RRChance SRJess SRFrankie & Harrison SRDodger SR Marley SRFrankie & Harrison SRDodger SR Lucky SR Dodger SR Rafferty SR Buddy SRRoxy SR Sandy SR 29Tansy RRRafferty SR Ollie & Stan RR Max TRVinnie RRAnnie RRTansy RRTansy RRSkye AmBSandy SRRafferty SR Tessa & Lexi SRGraham RR
Due in kennels this week Bailey RRBaxter TR Basil TRBig Bruce SR Betty RRDuchess SR 12Hector SR Hector SR Clover SRBuster & Patch Betty RRBasil TRCharlie AmBClover SRFrankie & Harrison SRHector SR Hector SR Jake SR Duchess SRClover SRClover SRChalkie RRBig Bruce SR Bruce & Poppy SRChance SRClover SRJethro RRHector SRFrankie & Harrison SRMax TRGeorge TR Frankie & Harrison SRMarley SRFrankie & Harrison SRRoxy SR Dixie & Simon SRSandy SR Sheldon TRVinnie RRRoxy SR Rafferty SR Ollie & Stan RR Annie RRBoycie RRTrixie RR Trixie RR Steve RRSteve RRSandy SRTrixie RR Heathcliff RR
Bruno SR 11Basil TRBernard RR Baxter TR Charlie RR Big Bruce SR Frankie & Harrison SRLeo TR Leo TR Codi SRClover SRBig Bruce SR Bentley SR Clover SRDuchess SRHarry RRJake SR Jake SR Jess SRFrankie & Harrison SRCodi SR Codi SR Chance SRBruce & Poppy SRChance SRClover SRCodi SR Lucky SRJethro RRHector SROlive RRHector SRGeorge TR 10Max TRHector SRSandy SR Graham RRSheldon TRSkye AmBAnnie RRSandy SRRoxy SR Rafferty SR Boycie RRDigby RR Vinnie RRAnnie RRTansy RRTansy RRSteve RRVinnie RRHugo RR
Iona Amb 11Baxter TR Betty RRBazz TRClover SRClover SRHector SR Max TRMax TRDiesel SR Codi SRBuster & Patch 8Betty RRCodi SRFrankie & Harrison SRHector SR Jess SRJess SRLucy SRHarry RRDuchess SRDuchess SRClover SRChalkie RRClover SRCodi SR Frankie & Harrison SRLucy SRLola SRJethro RRRafferty SR Jethro RRHector SROllie & Stan RR Jethro RRSheldon TRHeathcliff RRSkye AmBSpice RRBoycie RRSkye AmBSandy SRSandy SRDigby RR Dixie SRZayla RRBoycie RRTrixie RR Tessa & Lexi SRTessa & Lexi SRAnnie RRMegan RR
Dotty SR 13Bernard RR Big Bruce SR Bernard RR Codi SRCodi SRLeo TR Maxy TR Maxy TR Frankie & Harrison SRDiesel SR Charlie AmBBig Bruce SR Frankie & Harrison SRHector SR Jess SRJustine SRLucy SRMarley SRHector SR Frankie & Harrison SRFrankie & Harrison SRCodi SR Chance SRCodi SR Frankie & Harrison SRHector SR 24Marley SRLucky SRLola SRStephen RR Lola SRJethro RRRafferty SR Lester TR Skye AmBKira RRTansy RRTansy RRBriony RR Tansy RRSkye AmBSkye AmBDixie & Simon SRGraham RRAnnie RRGraham RRVinnie RRTrixie RR Trixie RR Boycie RRSnoop SR
Jeffrey SR 13Betty RRCharlie RR Betty RRDigby RRDigby RRMax TRMolly SR Molly SR Hector SR Frankie & Harrison SRClover SRCharlie AmBHector SR Jess SRJett TR Lawrence SR 31Marley SRMax TRJake SR Harry RRHarry RRFrankie & Harrison SRClover SRFrankie & Harrison SRHank RRKevin TRMax TRMarley SRLucky SRSkye AmBMarley SRLola SRRoxy SR Lola SRTansy RRPipSqueak TR Vinnie RRVinnie RRBuddy SRAnnie RRTansy RRTansy RRGraham RRHeathcliff RRBoycie RRHeathcliff RRAnnie RRVinnie RRVinnie RRGraham RRTala & Toko RR
Charlie TR 15Big Bruce SR Digby RRBig Bruce SR Duchess SR Duchess SR Maxy TR PeggySue SRPeggySue SRJamie SR Hector SR Codi SRClover SRJess SRJett TR Justine SRLaya TRMax TRMaxy TR Jess SRHector SR Hector SR Harry RRCodi SR Hank RRHector SR Jess SROlive RRMax TRMarley SRTansy RRMax TRLucky SR Sandy SR Lucky SR Vinnie RRSnoop SR Annie RRAnnie RRDixie & Simon SRBoycie RRAnnie RRAnnie RRHeathcliff RRHugo RR Digby RR 10Hugo RR Boycie RRAnnie RRAnnie RRHeathcliff RRBlossom SR
Charlie RR Duchess SR Charlie RR Frankie & Harrison SRFrankie & Harrison SRMolly SR Pero TR Pero TR Max TRLucy SRFrankie & Harrison SRCodi SRJett TR Justine SRLacey SR 5Lucy SRMaxy TR Olive RRJethro RRJess SRJess SRHector SR Frankie & Harrison SRHector SR Kevin TRJethro RRPollyPatt TROlive RRMax TRVinnie RROlive RRMarley SRSkye AmBMarley SRAnnie RRTrixie RR Bertie SR 28Bertie SR 28Graham RRBriony RR Boycie RRBoycie RRHugo RR Kira RRDixie SRKira RRGraham RRBoycie RRBoycie RRHugo RR Fredds TR
Digby RRFrankie SRClover SRHector SR Hector SR PeggySue SRQueenie RR Queenie RR Maxy TR Max TRHector SR Frankie & Harrison SRLacey SR Lacey SR Lawrence SRMarley SROlive RRPablo RRLucy SRJethro RRJethro RRJess SRHector SR Kevin TRJess SRLucky SRRafferty SR Rafferty SR Olive RRAnnie RRRafferty SR Max TRTansy RRMax TRBertie SRBlossom SRBoycie RRBoycie RRHeathcliff RRBuddy SRBriony RR Briony RR 5Kira RRMilly & Molly RRGraham RRSebby RRHeathcliff RRGraham RRGraham RRKira RRPodge SR
Duchess SR Gucci RR 6Digby RRLeo TR Leo TR Pero TR Ricky RRRicky RRPeggySue SRMaxy TR Lucy SRHector SR Lawrence SRLawrence SRLaya TRMax TRQueenie RR Queenie RR Marley SRLucy SRKevin TRJethro RRKevin TRJess SRJethro RRLucy SRSkye AmBSkye AmBRafferty SR Bertie SRStephen RR Olive RRVinnie RROlive RRBuddy SRJake SR Buddy SRBuddy SRKira RRDixie & Simon SRBuddy SRBuddy SRSebby RRSebby RRHeathcliff RRSnoop SR Hugo RR Heathcliff RRHeathcliff RRScarlett RRSheldon TR
Frankie SRHector SR Duchess SR Max TRMax TRQueenie RR Sammy TRRory TR Queenie RR PeggySue SRMax TRJess SRLaya TRLaya TRLucy SRMaxy TR Ricky RRRicky RRMax TRRicky RRLucy SRKevin TRJess SRJethro RRLucky SRMarley SRTansy RRTansy RRSkye AmBBuddy SRSkye AmBRafferty SR Annie RROllie & Stan RR Dixie & Simon SRPodge SRDixie & Simon SRDixie & Simon SRPipSqueak TR Graham RRDixie & Simon SRDigby RR Snoop SR Simon SRHugo RR Tala & Toko RR Kira RRHugo RR Hugo RR Sebby RRAlfie RR
Gucci RR Judy SRFrankie & Harrison SRMilly SR Maxy TR Ricky RRShadow RR Sammy TRRicky RRQueenie RR Maxy TR Lacey SR Lucy SRLucy SRMax TROlive RRRoxie RR Rosie RRMaxy TR Marley SRRicky RRLolly SRJethro RRLucy SRLucy SRMax TRVinnie RRVinnie RRTansy RRGraham RRTansy RRRoxy SR Bertie SRRafferty SR Graham RRShadow RR Graham RRGraham RRSnoop SR Heathcliff RRGraham RRDixie & Simon SRTrevor SR Snoop SR Kira RRBlossom SRSebby RRKira RRKira RRSnoop SR Arthur TR
Hector SR Leo TR Hector SR Molly SR Molly SR Shadow RR Smiley SRSasha SR Rory TR Ricky RRPeggySue SRLawrence SRMax TRMax TRMaxy TR Queenie RR Tansy RRRoxie RR Olive RRMax TRMarley SRLucy SRLucy SRMarley SRMarley SROlive RRAnnie RRAnnie RRVinnie RRHeathcliff RRVinnie RRSkye AmBBuddy SRSandy SR Heathcliff RRAlfredo RRHeathcliff RRHeathcliff RRTrixie RR Kira RRHeathcliff RRGraham RRBlossom SRTala & Toko RR Milly & Molly RR 10Fredds TRSnoop SR Sebby RRScarlett RRTala & Toko RR Benny TR
Judy SRMax TRJudy SRPaige SR Paige SR 14Smiley SRTansy RRSmiley SRSammy TRSammy TRQueenie RR Lucy SRMaxy TR Maxy TR Olive RRRicky RRVinnie RRTansy RRQueenie RR 13Olive RRMax TRMarley SRMarley SRMax TRMax TRPollyPatt TRBertie SRBertie SRAnnie RRKira RRAnnie RRTansy RRGraham RRTansy RRKira RRArthur TRKira RRKira RRBlossom SRPipSqueak TR Izzy TR Heathcliff RRFredds TRTrevor SR Sebby RRJake SR Tala & Toko RR Snoop SR Sebby RRBlossom SRBilly SR
Waiting List Leo TR Milly SR Leo TR PeggySue SRPeggySue SRSummer RRVinnie RRTansy RRSmiley SRSmiley SRRicky RRMax TRPeggySue SRQueenie RR Queenie RR Roxie RR Bertie SRVinnie RRRicky RRRoxie RR Olive RRMax TRMax TROlive RROlive RRRafferty SR Buddy SRBuddy SRBertie SRRoxie RR Bertie SRVinnie RRHeathcliff RRVinnie RRPipSqueak TR Basil TRPipSqueak TR PipSqueak TR Jake SR Sebby RRKira RRKira RRJake SR Blossom SRSimon SRPodge SRBlossom SRTala & Toko RR Snoop SR Fredds TRButtons SR
High pressureMax TRMolly SR Max TRPero TR Pero TR Tansy RRBuster RR Vinnie RRTansy RRTansy RRTansy RRMaxy TR Queenie RR PeggySue SRRicky RRTansy RRBuddy SRBertie SRRocco TRTansy RRQueenie SROlive RROlive RRPollyPatt TRPollyPatt TRSkye AmBGraham RRGraham RRBuddy SRSnoop SR Buddy SRAnnie RRKira RRAnnie RRSnoop SR Benny TRSnoop SR Snoop SR Podge SRSnoop SR PipSqueak TR 8Sebby RRPodge SRFredds TRSnoop SR Shadow RR Fredds TRBlossom SRTala & Toko RR Podge SRChloe TR
red imminentMilly SR Paige SR Milly SR Queenie RR Queenie RR Vinnie RRChelsey RRBuster RR Tiggy SRTiggy SRTiggy SRMillie SR Ricky RRRicky RRRory TR 5Vinnie RRElla RRBuddy SRRosie RRVinnie RRRafferty SR PollyPatt TRPollyPatt TRRafferty SR Rafferty SR Tansy RRKira RRKira RRGraham RRTrixie RR Graham RRBertie SRSnoop SR Bertie SRTrixie RR Biscuit TRTrixie RR Trixie RR Shadow RR Trixie RR Sebby RRSnoop SR Shadow RR Jake SR Tala & Toko RR Ava TR Podge SRFredds TRBlossom SRSheldon TR Dolly SR
Dotty & Jeffery 12Molly SR PeggySue SRMolly SR Rolls TR Ricky RRBuster RR Daisy RRChelsey RRVinnie RRVinnie RRVinnie RRPeggySue SRRory TR Rory TR Roxie RR Bertie SRGraham RRElla RRRoxie RR Annie RRRoxie RR Rafferty SR Rafferty SR Tansy RRTansy RRVinnie RRRoxie RR Roxie RR Heathcliff RRBlossom SRHeathcliff RRBuddy SRTrixie RR Buddy SRBlossom SRBriony RR Blossom SRBlossom SRBenny TRBlossom SRSnoop SR Stella SR 5Ava TR Podge SRTrevor SR 10Benny TRShadow RR Podge SRFredds TRBenny TRDougie SR
Bhudha RRPaige SR Pero TR Paige SR Shadow RR Shadow RR Chelsey RRElla RRDaisy RRBuster RR Chico SR Willow & Oz RRQueenie RR Roxie RR Roxie RR Tansy RRBuddy SRHugo RRGraham RRTansy RRBertie SRTansy RRTansy RRTansy RRVinnie RRVinnie RRAnnie RRTrixie RR Trixie RR Kira RRPodge SRKira RRGraham RRBlossom SRGraham RRJake SR Budds SR Jake SR Jake SR Biscuit TRJake SR Trevor SR Trevor SR Barley TRShadow RR Blossom SRBiscuit TRAva TR Shadow RR Podge SRBilly SRDuncan TR
RudyPeggySue SRQueenie RR PeggySue SRSmiley SRSmiley SRDaisy RRGlynis RRElla RRChelsey RRDaisy RRChico SR Ricky RRTansy RRTansy RRVinnie RRElla RRPedro RRHugo RRVinnie RRBuddy SRVinnie RRVinnie RRVinnie RRAnnie RRAnnie RRBertie SRBlossom SRBlossom SRRoxie RR Shadow RR Roxie RR Heathcliff RRJake SR Heathcliff RRPodge SRButtons SRPodge SRPodge SRBudds SR Podge SRTrixie RR Trixie RR Benny TRAva TR Fredds TRButtons SRBasil TRAnnMarie SR 19Shadow RR Biscuit TR 5Elsa RR
Charlie TR w/gr 15Pero TR Rolls TR Pero TR Summer RRSummer RRElla RROz Willow RRGlynis RRDaisy RRElla RRDaisy RRRolls TR Vinnie RRVinnie RRBertie SRGraham RRSandy SRPedro RRAnnie RRElla RRAnnie RRAnnie RRAnnie RRBertie SRBertie SRBuddy SRPodge SRPodge SRTrixie RR Arthur TRSnoop SR Kira RRPodge SRKira RRShadow RR Charlie AmbShadow RR Shadow RR Buttons SRShadow RR Blossom SRBlossom SRBiscuit TRBasil TRJake SR Daisy RR 2Benny TRAva TR Ava TR 15Buttons SRHank RR
Cynthia BroxQueenie RR Shadow RR Queenie RR Tansy RRTansy RROz Willow RRPodge SROz Willow RRElla RRGlynis RRElla RRRory TR Willow & Oz RRBertie SRBuddy SRHugo RRSebby RR 21Sandy SRBertie SRGraham RRBertie SRBertie SRBertie SRBuddy SRBuddy SRGraham RRShadow RR Shadow RR Blossom SRBenny TRTrixie RR Roxie RR 10Shadow RR Snoop SR Arthur TRClover SR Benny TRBarley TR Dolly SRAva TR Jake SR Jake SR Buttons SRBenny TRPodge SRDolly SRBiscuit TRBenny TRBasil TRChloe TR Huckleberry RR
Rolls TR Smiley SRRolls TR Vinnie RRVinnie RRPodge SRShadow RR Podge SRGlynis RRGraham RRGlynis RRRoxie RR Bertie SRBuddy SRChico SR 7Pedro RRTrixie RR Trixie RR Buddy SRHugo RRBuddy SRBuddy SRBuddy SRGraham RRGraham RRKira RRArthur TRArthur TRPodge SRBiscuit TRBlossom SRSnoop SR Benny TRTrixie RR Barley TRDolly SRBiscuit TRBenny TRGwilym RRBenny TRPodge SRMarcus RR 27Dolly SRBiscuit TRShadow RR Heidi SRButtons SRBilly SRBenny TRDuncan TRJordon RR
Shadow RR Summer RRShadow RR Buster RR Buster RR Shadow RR Gaynor RR Shadow RR Oz Willow RRTrixie RR Graham RRTansy RRChico SR Chico SR Dixie & Simon SRSandy SRBlossom SRBlossom SRElla RRKira RRElla RRElla RRElla RRHugo RR 7Kira RRRoxie RR Benny TRBenny TRShadow RR Briony RR Podge SRTrixie RR Biscuit TRBlossom SRBenny TRGwilym RRBriony RR Biscuit TRHetty SR Biscuit TRShadow RR Podge SRHuckleberry RR Buttons SRAva TR Huckleberry RR Dolly SRBiscuit TRBilly SRGwilym RRJoey SR
Smiley SRTansy RRSmiley SRChelsey RRChelsey RRGaynor RR Mason RR 1 WandsGaynor RR Podge SRPodge SRLoui SR Vinnie RRDaisy RRElla RRElla RRSebby RR Podge SRPodge SRGraham RRTrixie RR Graham RRGraham RRGraham RRKira RRRoxie RR Trixie RR Biscuit TRBiscuit TRBenny TRBudds SR Shadow RR Blossom SRBriony RR Jake SR Biscuit TRHank RRBudds SR Briony RR Huckleberry RR Budds SR Ava TR Shadow RR Jethro RRDaisy RRBenny TRJock TR Huckleberry RR Buttons SRBiscuit TRHuckleberry RR Keita RR
Summer RRVinnie RRSummer RRDaisy RRDaisy RRArthur TRArthur TRArthur TRShadow RR Shadow RR Pedro RRWillow & Oz RRElla RRGraham RRGraham RRTrixie RR Shadow RR Shadow RR Hugo RRBlossom SRHugo RRHugo RRHugo RRRoxie RR Trixie RR Blossom SRBriony RR Briony RR Biscuit TRButtons SRArthur TRJake SR Budds SR Podge SRBriony RR Huckleberry RR Buttons SRBudds SR Izzy TR 25Buttons SRBenny TRAva TR Joey SR Dolly SRBiscuit TRJoey SR Jethro RRDolly SRButtons SRJoey SR Kenzie SR 29
Tansy RRBuster Willow RRTansy RRElla RRElla RRBertie SRBasil TRBentley SRGaynor RR Gaynor RR Trixie RR Bertie SRFleur RRPedro RRHugo RRBlossom SRArthur TRAaron SRKira RRPodge SRKira RRKira RRKira RRTrixie RR Blossom SRPodge SRBudds SR Budds SR Briony RR Dixie & Simon SRBiscuit TRPodge SRButtons SRShadow RR Budds SR Izzy TR Clover SR 8Buttons SRJoey SR Chey SR Biscuit TRBenny TRJordon RRDuke & Zarla RRButtons SRKeita RRJock TR Duncan TRDolly SRKeita RRKyla SR
Vinnie RRChelsey RRVinnie RRMaxy TROz Willow RRBiscuit TRBertie SRBertie SRArthur TRArthur TRPodge SRChico SR Glynis RRRoxie SR Pedro RRPodge SRBiscuit TRArthur TRTrixie RR Shadow RR Trixie RR Trixie RR Trixie RR Blossom SRPodge SRShadow RR Buttons SRButtons SRBudds SR Dolly SRBriony RR Shadow RR Dixie & Simon SRAlfredo RRButtons SRJoey SR Dolly SRDolly SRKeita RRDolly SRButtons SRBiscuit TRKevin TRHuckleberry RR Daisy RRKevin TRJoey SR Huckleberry RR Duncan TRKyla SR Lily RR
Buster Willow RRElla RRBuster Willow RROz Willow RRKeisha & Tilly SR 19Diesel SRBiscuit TRBiscuit TRBentley SRBentley SRShadow RR Daisy RRGraham RRTrixie RR Roxie SR 7Shadow RR Briony TRBiscuit TRBlossom SRArthur TRBlossom SRBlossom SRBlossom SRPodge SRShadow RR Arthur TRCubby Luna RR Cubby Luna RR Buttons SRElsa RR Budds SR Arthur TRDolly SRArthur TRDolly SRJordon RRGwilym RRGwilym RRKevin TRGwilym RRChey SR Buttons SRLily RRJake TRDolly SRKyla SR Kevin TRJock TR Huckleberry RR Lily RRMaisie SR
Chelsey RRJackPatt TR 9Chelsey RRRoxie SRPodge SRHarry RRDiesel SRHarry RRBertie SRBertie SRGaynor RR Ella RRLoui SR Blossom SRSebby RR Arthur TRButtons SRBriony TRPodge SRBiscuit TRPodge SRPodge SRPodge SRShadow RR Arthur TRBenny TRDixie & Simon SRDixie & Simon SRChance SRGlynis RR 25Buttons SRBenny TRGwilym RRBenny TRGwilym RRKeita RRHuckleberry RR Huckleberry RR Kyla SR Fudge SR Dolly SRChey SR 27Maggie TR Joey SR Huckleberry RR Lily RRKyla SR Joey SR Jock TR 12Mally TR Mally TR
Ella RRMaxy TRElla RRKeisha & Tilly SRShadow RR Kyla SRHarry RRJenny SRBiscuit TRBiscuit TRArthur TRFleur RRPedro RRPodge SRTrixie RR Biscuit TRCodi SRButtons SRShadow RR Biscuit TRShadow RR Shadow RR Shadow RR Arthur TRBenny TRBriony SRDuchess SRDolly SRDixie TRHank RRDixie & Simon SRBiscuit TRHank RRBiscuit TRHuckleberry RR Kyla SR Izzy TR Izzy TR Lily RRHetty SR Fudge SR 9Dolly SRMally TR Kevin TRJoey SR Maggie TR Lily RRKeita RRJoey SR Max RR Max RR
JackPatt TR 9Murphy TR 9Maxy TRPodge SRGaynor RR Lucy SRKyla SRKyla SRHarry RRHarry RRBertie SRGlynis RRTrixie RR Shadow RR Blossom SRButtons SRDixie & Simon SRChalkie RRArthur TRBriony TRArthur TRArthur TRArthur TRBenny TRBriony SRBiscuit TRHuckleberry RR Huckleberry RR Dixie & Simon SRHuckleberry RR Dolly SRBriony RR Huckleberry RR Briony RR Joey SR Lester TRJoey SR Joey SR Lola SRHuckleberry RR Hetty SR 11Huckleberry RR Mika TR Kyla SR Keita RRMaisie SRMaggie TR 25Kevin TRKeita RRMax TRMax TR
Maxy TRRoxie SRRoxie SRShadow RR Arthur TRMarcus RR LouiseRoxyFlopsyMary RR Lucy SRJenny SRJenny SRBiscuit TRGraham RRBlossom SRGaynor RR Podge SRCodi SRGlynis RRCodi SRBiscuit TRButtons SRBenny TRBasil TRBenny TRBriony SRBiscuit TRBudds SR Jordon RRKyla SR Dolly SRJordon RRElsa RR Budds SR Joey SR Budds SR Keita RRLily RRKeita RRKeita RRMaggie TR Joey SR Huckleberry RR Joey SR Milo SRLily RRKevin TRMally TR Mally TR Kyla SR Kevin TRMika TR Mika TR
Murphy TR 9Keisha & Tilly SRKeisha & Tilly SRGaynor RR Basil TRMason RR 1 WandsLucy SRMarcus RR Judy SRJudy SRDixie & Simon SRLoui SR Podge SRArthur TRShadow RR Dixie & Simon SRHank RRDixie & Simon SRBiscuit TR borderDixie & Simon SRBiscuit TRBenny TRBiscuit TRBiscuit TRBudds SR Buttons SRKyla SR Lester TRElsa RR Kyla SR Huckleberry RR Buttons SRKyla SR Buttons SRKevin TRLola SRKyla SR Kevin TRMally TR Keita RRJoey SR Keita RRMungo SRMaggie TR Kyla SR Max TRMax TRLily RRKyla SR Nancy SRNancy SR
Roxie SRPodge SRPodge SRArthur TRBertie SRMaudie May TRMarcus RR Maudie May TRKyla SRKyla SRHank RRPedro RRShadow RR Biscuit TRGaynor RR 4Kyla SRJenny SRJenny SR 16Briony TRHuckleberry RR Biscuit TRBentley TRBriony SRBudds SR Buttons SRCubby Luna RR Lester TRLily RRHank RRLester TRKyla SR Dixie & Simon SRLester TRDixie TR 24Kyla SR Maggie TR Lester TRKyla SR Marcus RR Kevin TRKeita RRKevin TRQueenie SRMally TR Lily RRMika TR Mika TR Mally TR Lily RRQueenie SRQueenie SR
Keisha & Tilly SRShadow RR Shadow RR Bertie SRBiscuit TRRowan SR Maudie May TRRowan SR Lester TRLester TRHarry RRTrixie RR Gaynor RR Codi SRArthur TRHarry RRKyla SRKyla SRButtons SRKevin TRBriony SRBiscuit TRBudds SR Buttons SRCubby Luna RR Dixie & Simon SRLily RRMarcus RR Huckleberry RR Lily RRLester TRDolly SRLily RRDixie & Simon SRLily RRMarcus RR Lily RRLily RRMika TR Kyla SR Kevin TRKyla SR Rowan SR Max TRMaggie TR Milo SRMilo SRMax RR Mally TR Rolo RRRolo RR
Podge SRGaynor RR Gaynor RR Biscuit TRHarry RRRoxie RRRowan SR Roxie RRLucy SRLoui SRFleur RRPodge SRArthur TRDixie & Simon SRBiscuit TRLester TRLester TRLester TRCodi SRLester TRButtons SRBriony SRButtons SRChalkie RRDixie & Simon SRHuckleberry RR Maisie SRMika TR Kyla SR Luna RR 27 Lily RRElsa RR 11Maggie TR Dolly SRMaggie TR Mika TR Maggie TR Maggie TR Milo SRLily RRKyla SR Lily RRRoxy SR Mika TR Mally TR Nancy SRNancy SRMax TRMax RR Roxy SR Rowan SR
Shadow RR Arthur TRArthur TRCoco SR 24Kyla SRRusty TR Roxie RRScooby TR Marcus RR Maple TR Jenny SRShadow RR Biscuit TRHank RRButtons SRLily SRLily RRLily SRDixie & Simon SRLily RRDixie & Simon SRBudds SR Dixie & Simon SRHuckleberry RR Huckleberry RR Kyla SR Marcus RR Millie SR Lester TRMaggie TR Lucky SRGwilym RRMarcus RR Gwilym RRMarcus RR Mungo SRMally TR Mally TR Mungo SRMaggie TR Lily RRMaggie TR Ruby SRMilo SRMax TRQueenie SRQueenie SRMika TR Max TRRuby SRRoxy SR
Gaynor RR Beauty RRBertie SRDolly RR 21Lucy SRScooby TR Rusty TR 31Sidney SRMaudie May TRMarcus RR Kyla SRGaynor RR Dixie & Simon SRHarry RRCodi SRMarcus RR Marcus RR Lily RRKyla SRMaggie TRHuckleberry RR Buttons SRHuckleberry RR Lester TRKyla SR Lester TRMika TR Mungo SRLily RRMarcus RR Maggie TR Hank RRMika TR Hank RRMika TR Ollie & Stan RR Marcus RR Marcus RR Queenie SRMally TR Maggie TR Mally TR Scarlett RRNancy SRMika TR Rosemerry SRRosemerry SRNancy SRMika TR Sandy SRRuby SR
Arthur TRBertie SRDolly RR Harry RRMaizie SRSidney SRScooby TR TimmyTim AmbRowan SR Maudie May TRLester TRArthur TRDuchess SRHuckleberry RRKyla SRMaudie May TRMaudie May TRLucky TR Laya TRMarcus RR Kyla SRDixie & Simon SRKyla SRLily RRLester TRLily RRMungo SRQueenie SRCubby Luna RR Maxine TRMarcus RR Huckleberry RR Mungo SRHuckleberry RR Mungo SRPolly TRMika TR Mika TR Polly TRMarcus RR Mally TR Mika TR Scooby TR Queenie SRMilo SRRowan SR 21Rowan SR 21Queenie SRNancy SRScooby TR Scarlett RR 29
Beauty RRClover SRHarry RRKyla SRMarcus RR TimmyTim AmbSidney SRCharlie AmB Roxie RRRowan SR Maple TR Biscuit TRHarry RRJenny SRLester TRRowan SR Mika TR Marcus RR Lester TRMaudie May TRLester TRHuckleberry RR Lester TRMaisie SRLily RRMaisie SRQueenie SRRosemerry SRMarcus RR Mika TR Mika TR Kyla SR Olive RRJoey SR Polly TRRosemerry SRMilo SRMilo SRRosemerry SRMika TR Marcus RR Milo SRSheldon TR Rowan SR Nancy SRRoxy SR Roxy SR Rosemerry SROlive RRSidney SRScooby TR
Bertie SRDolly RR Kyla SRLucy SRMarley SRRigby RR 12TimmyTim AmbRuby SR Sasha SR Roxie RRMarcus RR Dixie & Simon SRJenny SRKyla SRMaggie TRScooby TR Rowan SR Maudie May TRLily RRMika TR Lily RRKyla SRLily RRMaggie TRMaisie SRMarcus RR Rosemerry SRRowan SR Mika TR Mungo SRMungo SRLester TRQueenie SRKeita RRQueenie SRRowan SR Mungo SRMungo SRRowan SR Milo SRMika TR Mitch SRSidney SRRoxy SR Queenie SRRuby SRRuby SRRowan SR 21Queenie SRSpencer RR Sidney SR
Betty (Dolly) RR Dotty TR 5Lucy SRMarcus RR Maudie May TRBuddy Prince RR Charlie AmB Jamie SR 27Scooby TR Scooby TR Maudie May TRHarry RRJudy SR 22Lester TRMarcus RR Sidney SRScooby TR Mika TR Lucky TR 10Rocco TRMarcus RR Lester TRMaisie SRMarcus RR Marcus RR Mika TR Rowan SR Royale RR 6Mungo SRQueenie SRQueenie SRLily RRRosemerry SRKyla SR Rosemerry SRRuby SRQueenie SRQueenie SRRuby SRMungo SRMilo SRMungo SRSpencer RR Ruby SRRowan SR Scarlett RRScarlett RRRoxy SR Rolo RRTansy RRSpencer RR
Clover SRHarry RRMarcus RR Maudie May TRRowan SR Charlie AmB Chico SR 31Lester TR 27Sidney SRShane SR Rocky TRJenny SRKyla SRMarcus RR Maudie May TRTimmyTim AmbSidney SRPrince RR 16Marcus RR Rolls TRMaudie May TRLily RRMarcus RR Mika TR Mika TR Millie SRRoyale RRRuby SRQueenie SRRosemerry SRRosemerry SRMaggie TR Rowan SR Lily RRRowan SR Scarlett RRRosemerry SRRosemerry SRScarlett RRQueenie SRMungo SRQueenie SRTessa & Lexi SRScarlett RRRoxy SR Scooby TR Scooby TR Ruby SRRosemerry SRTimmyTim SRToffee TR
Dotty TR 5Kyla SRRowan SR Rowan SR Roxie RRSasha SR Kyza SR 1Tiggy SR 28Charlie AmB Sidney SRRoxie RRKyla SRLester TRMaudie May TRRowan SR Zippy TRTimmyTim Amb Rowan SR Maudie May TRRowan SR Mika TR Maisie SRMaudie May TRMungo SRMungo SRMungo SRRuby SRScooby TR Rosemerry SRRosie AmBull Rosie AmBull 16Marcus RR Ruby SRMaggie TR Ruby SRScooby TR Rowan SR Rowan SR Scooby TR Rosemerry SRQueenie SRRowan SR TimmyTim RRScooby TR Ruby SRSheldon TR 25Sheldon TR 25Scarlett RRRoxy SR Toffee TR Leo TR
Harry RRLucy SRRoxie RRRoxie RRScooby TR Lloyd TR 6Bentley SR 4Buster SR 28Loui SR 19TimmyTim AmbRowan SR Lester TRMarcus RR Rowan SR Scooby TR Leo TRZippy TRScooby TR Mika TR Scooby TR Mungo SRMarcus RR Mika TR Queenie SRQueenie SRQueenie SRScooby TR Sheldon TRRowan SR Rowan SR Rowan SR Mika TR Scarlett RRMarcus RR Sarah-Jane RR 21Sidney SRRuby SRRuby SRSidney SRRowan SR Rowan SR Roxy SR Toffee TR Sheldon TR Scarlett RRSherry SRSherry SRScooby TR Ruby SRLeo TRMaggie TR
Kyla SRMarcus RR Scooby TR Scooby TR Sidney SROscar SR 8Jenny SR 4Patch SR 28Patch SR 22Charlie AmB Scooby TR Maple TR 28Maudie May TRScooby TR Sidney SRJack TR 28Leo TRSidney SRRowan SR Sheldon TRPollyPatt TRMaudie May TRMungo SRRowan SR Rolo RR 29Rowan SR Sheldon TRSidney SRRuby SRRuby SRRuby SRMungo SRScooby TR Mika TR Scarlett RRSpencer RR Scarlett RRScarlett RRSpencer RR Ruby SRRuby SRRuby SRTrixie RRSidney SRScooby TR Sidney SRSidney SRSherry SRScooby TR Maggie TRMars TR
Lucy SRRowan SR Sidney SRSidney SRTimmyTim AmbCassie RR 11Ruby SR 4Hank RR 22Huckleberry RRSidney SRMarcus RR Rocky TRSidney SRZippy TRZach SR 1Prince RR 21TimmyTim Amb Scooby TR Sidney SRRollo TR 30Mika TR Queenie SRRoyale RRRoxie SRRoyale RRSidney SRSmithy SRScarlett RRScarlett RRScarlett RRQueenie SRSheldon TRMungo SRScooby TR Spice RRScooby TR Scooby TR TimmyTimScarlett RRScarlett RRScarlett RRLeo TRSpencer RR Sheldon TR Spencer RR Spencer RR Sidney SRSherry SRMars TR Milo RR
Marcus RR Roxie RRTimmyTim AmbTimmyTim AmbRigby RR Jodie SR 12Tommy SR 4Maple TR 22Fleur RR 10TimmyTim AmbMaudie May TRRowan SR Leo TRTimmyTim AmbBaylis SR 2Kira RR 26Leo TRSheldon TRTimmyTim Amb Rowan SR Mungo SRRowan SR Scooby TR Rowan SR Ruby SRSpencer RR Spencer RR Scooby TR Scooby TR Scooby TR Rosemerry SRSidney SRQueenie SRSidney SRTimmyTimSidney SRSidney SRLeo TRScooby TR Scooby TR Scooby TR Mars TR Tessa & Lexi SRSidney SRTessa & Lexi SRTessa & Lexi SRSpencer RR Sidney SRMilo RR Pablo TR
Rowan SR Scooby TR Rigby RR Rigby RR Charlie AmB Sammy TR 12Horatio SR 4Huckleberry RR 22Rocky TR 14Jess SR 3Rex SRScooby TR Buster SR 17Leo TRTiggy SR 2Pablo TR 26Kira RRSidney SRLeo TRScooby TR Queenie SRRoxie RR Sheldon TRRoyale RRScooby TR Spice RRSpice RRSheldon TRSheldon TRSheldon TRRowan SR Spencer RR Rosemerry SRSpencer RR Leo TRSpencer RR Spencer RR Pablo TR Sheldon TR Sheldon TR Sheldon TR Pablo TR TimmyTim SRSpencer RR TimmyTim SRTimmyTim RRTimmyTim RRSpencer RR Pablo TR Kira RR 31
Scooby TR Sidney SRCharlie AmB Charlie AmB Rusty TR 14Lulu Louise RR 12Rory TR 5Otis Amb 20Pedro RR 15Rex SR 3Rowan SR Sidney SRMilly SR 17Sandy SR 4Briony TR 3Rosie RR 26Rocco TR 14Leo TRSpice RR 1Sheldon TRRowan SR Scooby TR Sidney SRRuby SRSheldon TRTimmyTim Amb TimmyTim Amb Sidney SRSidney SRSidney SRRuby SRSpice RRRowan SR Spice RRPablo TR Spice RRLeo TRLloyd RRSidney SRSidney SRSidney SRDaisy RR 21Toffee TR Tessa & Lexi SRToffee TR Toffee TR Toffee TR Toffee TR Dolly SR Scruff TR 26
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