2018 MSB Community List
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Donations due NO LATER THAN Wed., December 5. For drop-off locations, visit: www.makingspiritsbright.net/locations Family 42Family 24 Family 31Family 37
Please be sure to leave your email address. We delete it shortly after it's received. 42AMomPerson DonatingEmail Address24BAdult femalePerson DonatingEmail Address31A
Mom (just diagnosed w/ congestive heart failure) - likes color blue
Person Donating
Email Address
Mom- like color blue, brown, red
Person Donating
Email Address
Family 39Family 32hat, scarf & warm glovesLeFrois Familyreceivedwinter boots, sz 12winter coat, sz MCasey & Friendsreceivedwinter coat, sz 2XCasey & Friends
39AMomPerson DonatingEmail Address32AMom - likes red, black & purplePerson Donating
Email Address
comforter & sheet set, sz queenLeFrois FamilyreceivedKindle Fire or similarMSBcomforter & sheet, set, sz fullCasey & Friendsreceivedbras, 44DDCasey & Friends
scrubs, sz M (any color)Yuhas Familydishesplush robe, sz MKleaka Familyreceived24CBoy, age 10 - likes color bluePerson DonatingEmail AddressCrock Pot or slow cookerLorri Diggoryreceivedgloves/scarf/hat setCasey & Friends
spa gift certificate (Rochester - maybe a Groupon deal?)MSBwhite v-neck t-shirts, sz MtoasterKym Malarkreceived winter coat, size adult smallCatherine Humphreycoffee potCasey & FriendsreceivedpillowsCasey & Friends
casual boots, sz 9Locker Familyreceivedhat & gloves, sz M (tan and olive green )pots & pans w/cooking utensilsCheryl Marresewinter boots mens size 7Catherine HumphreyradioCasey & FriendsreceivedcandlesCasey & Friends
hoodies, sz LYuhas Familysalon or massage gift certificate (lives in 14608)cleaning supplies - all-purpose spray, bleach, etc.Kym Malarkreceived Kindle Fire or similarMSBpictures for her wallsCasey & Friendsreceivedplush robe, sz 2XMSB (K)
warm socks, gloves and hatYuhas Familycomforter & sheet set, sz queenKleaka Familyreceivedfuzzy socks & body spraysKym Malarkreceived 24DBoy, age 18 - likes color blackPerson DonatingEmail AddressKindle Fire or similar - loves to read Casey & FriendsreceivedtoasterNicole Millardreceived
gift card for car tune up (Rochester area)Last Man Standingreceivedpots & pansWEISS - Lynn La PietrareceivedcandlesKym Malarkreceived fishing poleKindle gift card to buy booksCasey & Friendsreceivedtoilet paper & paper towelsNicole Millardreceived
flannel sheets, sz kingBarb Yuhasplush robe, sz M Christy Colesreceived42BGirl, age 8 - likes dancing and gymnasticsPerson DonatingEmail Addresstackle box31BGirl, age 12 - likes to play guitarPerson Donating
Email Address
Dove soap, Dove deodorant, Oil of Olay lotion
Nicole Millardreceived
cleaning supplies- bleach, Tide, Lysol, fabric softener, dish liquid
Patti Lippareceivedcoffee makerNIcolereceivedhat, scarf & ski glovesLeFrois FamilyreceivedWalmart gift cardwinter coat, adult MCasey & Friendsreceived37B
Girl, age 19 - likes blue - due with baby in January
Person Donating
Email Address
39Eboy age 8 - likes bluePerson DonatingEmail Address32BMale, age 19Person Donating
Email Address
shirts & pants, sz 14/16 - sporty styleLeFrois Familyreceivedwinter boots, sz 13 men'sMSBwinter boots, sz 5Casey & Friendsreceivedwinter boots, sz 9, black or brownCasey & Friends
shirt & pants, sz 10WEISS-Chasereceivedpillow & earphoneslight jacket sz 14MSBwinter coat, sz men's LCatherine Humphreycomforter & sheet set, sz twinCheryl Marresereceiveddeodorant, soap, lotionCasey & Friends
boxer briefs, sz 8WEISS-ChasereceivedXBox gift cardMogan familyanything Jo Jo SiwaFullerton familyreceived24EFemale, age 22Person DonatingEmail Addressbody wash, shampoo & scented lotionCasey & FriendsreceivedpillowsCasey & Friends
winter boots, sz 3WEISS-Chasereceivedcomforter & sheet set, sz queenKerianne Kabureckreceivedcomforter & sheet set, sz twinMSBwinter boots women's size 12decent bath towelsTina Dayreceivedconvertible car seatCasey & Friends
winter coat, sz 10Leinberg FamilyreceivedXBox gift cardKleaka Familyreceivedlunch boxKym Malarkreceived Walmart gift cardDick's gift card - loves to play sportsCasey & FriendsreceivedWalmart gift cardCasey & Friends
comforter & sheet set, sz twinreceivedLucky You body spray/cologneChristy ColesreceivedLOL Surprise dollKym Malarkreceived 24HAdult malePerson DonatingEmail AddressKindle Fire - to buy & read sheet musicCasey & FriendsreceivedWalmart gift cardCasey & Friends
Action figuresFullerton familyreceivedbody wash, deodorant, body lotion, razorsAlicia Marresereceivedslime-making suppliesKym Malarkreceived winter coat, sz 4XKindle gift card to buy sheet musicCasey & Friendsreceivedplush robe, sz SLorri Diggoryreceived
Nerf gunTina Dayreceived32EBoy, age 5Person Donating
Email Address
42CBaby girl, age 8 mos. Person DonatingEmail Addresswarm shirts, sz 4x37CBaby girl, due January 2019
Person Donating
Email Address
39CGirls, age 14 - likes turquoisePerson DonatingEmail Addressbuilding toysKleaka Familyreceivedcrib beddingCrisis Nursery receivedBarnes & Noble gift cardFamily 30Clothes, sz 3-6 monthsCasey & Friends
hat & gloves, sz LLocker Familyreceivedwinter coat & snowpants, sz 7Laurie BroccoloreceivedExersaucer or similarCrisis Nurseryreceivedhat and gloves, sz XLMogan family30AMomPerson Donating
Email Address
snowsuit, sz 3-6 monthsCasey & Friends
winter coat, sz 7/8 women'sLeinberg familyreceivedslime-making suppliesOntario Hondareceivedboard booksKleaka Familyreceivedqueen beddingCatherine Humphreyreceivedinfant car seatCasey & Friends
Ugg-like boots, sz 9.5Jennifer Haefele receivedhat & ski glovesLaurie Broccoloreceivedsnowsuit, 18 mos. Stacy BuckreceivedFamily 23nice, heavy blanketCatherine HumphreyreceivedWarm blankets
John & Stacey Stiner
Furry throw pillowsFullerton Familyreceivedwinter coat & snowpants, sz 7Laurie Broccoloreceivedhat & mittensKym Malarkreceived 23A
Dad - likes colors blue and white
Person DonatingEmail Address
winter clothes - shirts, sz S & pants, 5/6 (trendy, but simple - likes Old Navy)
Catherine Humphreyreceivedbaby shampoo, baby lotion
John & Stacey Stiner
Letter S necklage or earringsFullerton Familyreceivednotebook & colored pencils - he loves to writeCheryl Marresereceivedone-piece outfits, sz 18 mos. Kym Malarkreceived hat & gloves, sz 2Xwarm pajamas - sz, SCatherine Humphreyreceivedbaby wipes
John & Stacey Stiner
Kindle FireEllicksonpicture booksCheryl Marresereceivedlearning toysKym Malarkreceived comforter & sheet set, sz queen
winter boots, sz 9 (simple & trendy, calf-size, but no fur)
Catherine HumphreyreceivedClothes, sz 3-6 months
John & Stacey Stiner
large backpackBechtold familyreceived32FGirl, age 1Person Donating42DAdult malePerson DonatingEmail Addresssweatsuits, sz 5XTarget gift cardCatherine Humphreyreceivedcrib sheets
John & Stacey Stiner
39DMale age 17- likes color orangePerson DonatingEmail Addresstoddler car seatmicrowave
newer television (doesn't need to be new)
pots & pans Catherine Humphreyreceived37DGirl, age 17- likes purple
Person Donating
Email Address
pants, sz 32x30Yuhas Familydiapers, sz 4 & wipes (Huggies, allergic to other brands)Crisis Nursery receivedhat & ski glovesLeFrois Familyreceived
picture frames & gift card to print pictures
dishesNIcole MillardreceivedSweat pants and sweat shirt, sz 10Casey & Friends
boxer, sz M & crew socks, sz 9Yuhas Familydiapers, sz 4 & wipes (Huggies, allergic to other brands)Ontario Hondareceivedbaking sheets & tinsKleaka Familyreceivedshaving kitTaylor Family (AM)30BBoy, age 7Person Donating
Email Address
Deodorant, soap, lotionCasey & Friends
hat & gloves, sz LYuhas Familylearning toys - alphabets & musicOntario Hondareceivedstand mixer, any brandDon & Nancyreceivedwinter coat, sz 5XCatherine Humphreyreceived
mike james
winter boots, sz 13Catherine HumphreyreceivedDrawing suppliesCasey & Friends
Walmart gift cardCaruso familysnow suit, sz 12-18 mos. Laurie BroccoloreceivedpillowsKym Malarkreceived pots & pansLucania Familyhat & ski glovesCatherine HumphreyreceivedRegal Cinemas gift cardCasey & Friends
Degree deodorant, body wash, shampoo, cocoa butter lotion
Johnson/Becker family
receivedhat & mittensLaurie Broccoloreceivedshaving kitKym Malarkreceived microwaveLucania Family receivedsnowpants, sz 6/7Catherine HumphreyreceivedHat, scarf, glovesCasey & Friends
winter boots, sz 9Jennifer Haefele receivedboard booksCheryl Marresereceivedlaundry detergent, dish soap & spongesKym Malarkreceived 23BBoy, age 17Person DonatingEmail Addresscomforter & sheet set, sz twinCatherine HumphreyreceivedSocks- warm and cozyCasey & Friends
winter coat, sz MLorri Diggoryreceived32CBoy, age 16Person Donating
Email Address
Eagles blanketTina Dayreceived hat & gloves, sz XLFusillicool night light for room - scared to sleep aloneCatherine Humphreyreceivedplush robe, sz MCasey & Friends
39BBoy, age 6- likes color goldPerson DonatingEmail Addresscomforter & sheet set, sz kingguerrieri familyreceivedMcDonald's gift cardMorris Familyreceived
Beanie Boo babies - not penguins, wolf is preferable - family of them
Catherine Humphreyreceived
winter coat & snowpants, sz 8Guerrieri Familyreceivedbody wash, deodorant body lotion, razorsguerrieri familyreceivedFamily 44winter coat, sz LAnderson receivedLego sets - genericCatherine Humphreyreceived
Family 44 (partial)
shirts & pants, sz 8Guerrieri Familyreceivedcologneguerrieri familyreceived44AMom - likes pink & purplePerson DonatingEmail Address
Nike shirt, sz L & jogger sweats, sz 34
Mastowski Family receivedKnexCatherine Humphreyreceived44FGirl, age 8 - likes purple
Person Donating
Email Address
winter boots, sz 2Guerrieri Familyreceivedpillow & earphonesguerrieri familyreceivedpots & pansChristine Heffernanreceivednew gym bagMastowski Family 30CGrandmotherPerson Donating
Email Address
black snowpants, sz 10/12
Jeremy Smith family
Playstation 4 controllerOntario HondareceivedXBox gift cardguerrieri familyreceivedsilverwareChristine Heffernanreceived
toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo & body wash
Wolfgang Family receiveddifferent kinds of yarnCatherine Humphreyreceivedhat & ski gloves
Jeremy Smith family
Thermals, sz 8 (long undewear)Barb Yuhasnice art paper & art pencilsChristy Colesreceivedhat, scarf & warm glovesChristine Heffernanreceivedmovie gift cardTina Dayreceivedbath towels NIcole Millardreceivedwinter boots, sz 3
Jeremy Smith family
Nerf GunTina Dayreceived32DGirl, age 8Person Donating
Email Address
comforter & sheet set, sz fullChristine Heffernanreceived23CGrandma, age 70Person DonatingEmail Addresspicture frames w/ gift card for printing picturesCatherine Humphreyreceivedcomforter & sheet set, sz twin
Jeremy Smith family
Target for a Nerf gun
Tina Day (also getting extra darts for 39B & 39E to share)
receivedsnowpants, sz 8 - has hot pink and navy K Hillbubble bath & bath bombsKleaka Familyreceivednew small purseTaylor Family (AM)receivedMichael's gift cardCatherine HumphreyreceivedAmerican Girl-type doll
Jeremy Smith family
hat & ski glovesK Hillcleaning suppliesPatti Lippareceivedwarm pajamas, sz SWilliams (JB)received30DGrandfatherPerson Donating
Email Address
slime-making supplies
Jeremy Smith family
Family 41pillowsK Hillfuzzy slipper socks, sz 9Patti Lippareceivedslippers, sz 7Williams (JB)receivedLowe's gift cardCatherine Humphreyreceivedboard games
Jeremy Smith family
41DBoy, age 13Person DonatingEmail Addresssoft blanket, sz fullK Hill44BAdult male - likes black and bluePerson DonatingEmail Addresshand cream and perfumeWilliams (JB)receivedTarget gift cardCatherine Humphreyreceived44GGirl, age 8 - likes purple
Person Donating
Email Address
Playstation gift cardBrody Campreceivednice art kit w/ paperK Hillhat & warm glovesChristine Heffernanreceivedwinter coat, sz SZurell FamilyreceivedAA batteriesCatherine Humphreyreceivedblack snowpants, sz 12/14
Jeremy Smith family
winter boots, sz 5.5McCarthy familyreceivedloves to dance - lives in the cityK HillpillowsChristine Heffernanreceivedhat, gloves & scarf, sz SLaPietra Family receivedAAA batteriesCatherine Humphreyreceivedwinter boots, sz 3
Jeremy Smith family
winter coat, youth LZurell familyreceivedslime-making suppliesK Hilllaundry detergent, dish soap & spongesChristine Heffernanreceivedplush bathrobe, sz SOttina Family receivedhat & ski gloves
Jeremy Smith family
Axe body spray, shower gel & shampoo
Johnson/Becker family
receiveddeodorant, body wash & shampooChristine HeffernanreceivedFamily 41 (partial)comforter & sheet set, sz twin
Jeremy Smith family
headphones to play PS4
Johnson/Becker family
receivedFamily 34aftershave cologneChristine HeffernanreceivedFamily 1041AMomPerson Donating
Email Address
LOL dolls
Jeremy Smith family
hat & ski glovesBecker (JB)received34AMom - likes blue and greenPerson Donating
Email Address
Dallas Cowboys blanketTina Dayreceived 10AAdult femalePerson DonatingEmail Addresswinter coat, sz XLDJM Equipmentnice art kit w/ paper
Jeremy Smith family
NY Giants blanketTina Dayreceived comforter & sheet set, sz queenbath towelsLaPietrareceivedWalmart gift cardmike jameswinter boots, sz 7.5DJM Equipmentboard games
Jeremy Smith family
41EBoy, age 7Person DonatingEmail AddressKindle gift card (loves to read)44CAdult female - likes purplePerson DonatingEmail Address10BBoy, age 13Person DonatingEmail Addresshat, scarf & warm glovesDJM Equipment44HBoy, age 2 - likes blue & red
Person Donating
Email Address
winter boots, sz 2McCarthy familyhat, warm gloves & scarf, sz MSarah Rosenberryreceivedbubble bath & scented lotionsR/C droneFullerton Familyreceivedpots & pansDJM Equipment
toddler bedding set - likes Paw Patrol & Spiderman
Jeremy Smith family
race cars & track
Catherine Humphrey
baking pans & cupcake tinsSarah Rosenberryreceivedcomforter & sheet set, sz queenHeider familyreceivedfun games (board or other)Tina Dayreceived
shirts, sz XL & pants, sz 17 (casual work attire) - please include gift receipts
DJM Equipmenthat & waterproof gloves or mittens
Jeremy Smith family
socks, sz 2 & underwear, sz 8
Johnson/Becker family
receivedpots & pansSarah Rosenberryreceivedhat, scarf & warm glovesChristine Heffernanreceived10CGirl, age 10Person DonatingEmail AddressperfumeDJM Equipmentwarm pajama sets, sz 4T
Jeremy Smith family
hat & ski glovesWeiss-linda Bushartreceivedwinter coat, sz S - style is trendyStacy Buckreceived pillowsChristine HeffernanreceivedpuzzlesFullertonreceivedjewelry for workDJM Equipmentslippers, sz 9
Jeremy Smith family
remote control car w/ batteriesFullerton familyreceivedbody wash, shampoo & deodorantHeather bauerreceivedwinter boots, sz 11 wideMSB (K)Kindle Fire or similarHryhorenkoreceivedStrong Museum passes (4)DJM EquipmentPaw Patrol toys (likes Marshall)
Jeremy Smith family
Lego setsFullerton familyreceivedKindle Fire or similarHryhorenkoheavy sweatshirt/hoodie, sz 4XMSB (K)10DBoy, age 6Person DonatingEmail Address41BGirl, age 17Person Donating
Email Address
board books
Jeremy Smith family
winter coat & snowpants, sz 8Michelle Marquesreceived34BDad - likes red and greenPerson Donating
Email Address
nail polish and removerPatti LippareceivedMarvel action figuresFullerton Familyreceivedwinter coat, sz MDJM Equipmentlearning toy
Jeremy Smith family
41FBoy, age 6 (twin boys) - likes bluePerson DonatingEmail Addresssocks, sz 8 & undershirts, sz M44DAdult female, age 21 - likes purplePerson DonatingEmail AddressLego setsGoodwin Familyreceivedwinter boots, sz 7.5DJM Equipment
socks, sz 13 & underwear, sz 7Mogan familygaming system - decent, used condition okaywinter coat, sz 3XLeFrois Familyreceivedfun games (board or other)Hiller Family receivedhat, scarf & warm glovesDJM Equipment
winter boots, sz 13McCarthy familyreceivedGame Stop gift cardnice art kit w/ paperLeFrois Familyreceivednice blanket, sz fullDJM Equipment
hat & ski glovesWeiss-linda Bushartreceivedhat & gloves, sz LMcKnight familycomforter & sheet set, sz twinMSBFamily 45

new purse (trendy)DJM Equipment
Superheroes Lego setWeissreceivedwinter coat, sz MZurell familyhat, scarf & warm glovesChristine Heffernanreceived45AMomPerson DonatingEmail AddressSims game (newest version) for PS4DJM Equipment
Paw Patrol toyHryhorenkobluetooth speakerJennifer Haefele receivedWalmart gift cardChristine Heffernanreceivedessential oils & bath bombsflat ironDJM Equipment
picture booksWeissreceivedbody wash, shampoo & deodorantPatti Lippareceivedshampoo, deodorant & body washPatti LippareceivedTarget gift card41CBoy, age 14Person Donating
Email Address
winter coat & snowpants, sz 8Michelle Marquesreceived34CBoy, age 4 - likes blue & greenPerson Donating
Email Address
nail polish & removerPatti Lippareceived
comforter & sheet set, sz queen - likes coral and turquoise
Jennifer Ellickson receivedwinter coat, sz MDJM Equipment
41GBoy, age 6 (twin boys) - likes greenPerson DonatingEmail Addresshat & ski glovesWilliams, H&Treceived44EBoy, age 17 - likes greenPerson DonatingEmail Addresscleaning supplies & garbage bagsDixie Roethelreceivedwinter boots, sz 6.5DJM Equipment
socks, sz 13 & underwear, sz 7Mogan familybackpack & lunch boxWilliams, H&Treceiveddecent earbuds & colognetrendy, medium-sized purseDixie Roethelreceivedhat & ski glovesDJM Equipment
winter boots, sz 13McCarthy familywinter coat & snowpants, sz 5Peggy Schreiberreceivedcomforter & sheet set, sz twinJennifer Ellickson receivedpaper towels & toilet paperYuhasAxe body spray, shower gel & shampooDJM Equipment
hat & ski gloves
Weiss-Linda Bushart
receivedwinter boots, sz 11Peggy Schreiberreceivedwinter coat, sz XL (he's really tall)christine Heffernanreceivedlonger shirts, sz XL & leggings, sz LYuhasSeahawks blanketDJM Equipment
Superheroes Lego setWeissreceivedbody wash & shampooDesirae Davisreceived hat & ski glovesChristine Heffernanreceived(4) long curtain panelsBuss familyheadphones to play PS4DJM Equipment
Paw Patrol toyHryhorenkorace track & carsPeggy Schreiberreceivedshaving kitChristine Heffernanreceived45B
Girl, age 5 - (autistic) likes pink, purple and blues
Person DonatingEmail AddressPlaystation gift cardDJM Equipment
picture booksWeissreceivedaction figure toysPeggy SchreiberreceivedWalmart gift cardChristine Heffernanreceivedhat & ski glovesMcKnight family
winter coat & snowpants, sz 8Michelle MarquesreceivedLego setDesirae Davisreceived socks, sz 15 shoeMSB (K)winter coat & snowpants, sz 12/14MSBFamily 46

34DGirl, age 1Person Donating
Email Address
bluetooth mp3 playerFullerton Familyreceived46AMomPerson Donating
Email Address
Family 33diapers, sz 5 & wipesWilliams, H&Treceived
Family 43

comforter & sheet set, sz twin (deep-pocket sheets)
Alicia Marresereceivedhat, scarf & glovesPat Brooks
33AMomPerson DonatingEmail Addresswinter coat & snowpants, sz 2TStacy Buckreceived43AFemale- likes red, blue & blackPerson DonatingEmail Address100-piece puzzles (fantasy-type)Becca Yuhascomforter & sheet set, sz fullPat Brooks
small rolling suitcase (going for LPN & has lots of books to carry)
MSB (K)diapers, sz 5 & wipesDesirae Davisreceived dish towels & dish detergentFitch family
coloring books & paper w/ washable Crayola crayons
Becca Yuhasbathroom shelf for over the toiletPat Brooks
winter boots, sz 9M Kendallreceivedshirts & pants, sz 18-24 mos. Hiller Family receivedWalmart gift cardSunday family
laundry detergent - Free & Clear & fabric sheets
Pat Brooks
comforter & sheet set, sz queenKerianne Kabureckreceivedbaby soap, shampoo & detergentDesirae Davisreceived wax melts- apple cinnamon or vannillaKerianne KabureckreceivedFamily 18large pursePat Brooks
vacuumSmith familylearning toys w/ lights or soundsStacy Buckreceivedtowels & wash clothsNicole MIllardreceived18AMomPerson DonatingEmail Addressplush robe, sz XLPat Brooks
winter coat, sz L - her style is trendyMSB (K)received`board booksDesirae DavisreceivedQueen comforter & sheet setLaPietra familyreceivedcomforter & sheet set, sz full46BDadPerson Donating
Email Address
hat, warm gloves & scarf
Weiss-Linda Bushart
receivedWarm soft blanketFitch familyreceivedhoodies, sz L & joggers, sz 40winter coat, sz L - Carhartt-stylePat Brooks
nice, quality stethoscope
Sue Antao (C. Marrese)
Family 29Body lotion and body sprayFitch familyreceivedmeat, cheese & crackers platterhat & ski glovesPat Brooks
Kindle Fire or similarHryhorenko29CDadPerson Donating
Email Address
43BBoy, age 12- favorite color blue, Person DonatingEmail Addresswinter boots, sz 10Colleen BedfordreceivedAA & AAA batteriesPat Brooks
33BAdult female, 22Person DonatingEmail Addresscomforter & sheet set, sz kingCatherine DuBreckreceivedPants 34x30, shirt sz lgMSB (K)Wegmans gift cardMIke JamespillowsPat Brooks
pillowsAmatoreceivedlight bulbs, laundry detergent and bleachCatherine DuBreckreceived sz large mensFitch familyreceivedwinter coat, sz LNicole MillardreceivedSwiffer w/ sheetsPat Brooks
winter coat, sz 8 women'sMSBpillowsCatherine DuBreckreceivedBoots sz 13.5Fitch familyreceivedhat & gloves, sz MNicole MillardreceivedRaiders blanketTina Dayreceived
rolling backpackMSBbody wash, shampoo and razorsCatherine DuBreckreceivedtwin sheet & comforter setCheryl Marrese
shampoo, body wash, body spray & hand soap
Heather bauerreceived46CBoy, age 5 - likes redPerson Donating
Email Address
decent headphonesMSB (K)walletCatherine DuBreckreceivedhat & glovesFitch familyreceived18BAdult femalePerson DonatingEmail Addressaction figures - Marvel Connor Janicekreceived
hair brush, combs, headband & hair clipsKerianne Kabureckreceivedsocks, sz 10 Teresa ScorsonereceivedLego sets - Batman or knightsFitch familyreceivedplush robe, sz L
comforter & sheet set, sz twin - Marvel characters or red
Barb Yuhasreceived
knitting basket & knitting needles - teaching self to knitKerianne Kabureckreceivedwinter coat, sz 5XCatherine Humphreyanything DC ComicsFitch familyreceivedjewelryWeiss - Buttleswinter coat & snowpants, sz 6/7Sheila Ostlyreceived
thick yarn Kerianne KabureckreceivedNew England Patriots blanketTina Dayreceived43CBoy- age 10, Person DonatingEmail Addresswinter coat, sz LZurell family receivedhat & ski glovesSheila Ostlyreceived
comforter & sheet set, sz fullBarb Yuhas 29AMomPerson Donating
Email Address
twin sheet & comforter setHefners (JB)receivedBarnes & Noble gift cardMike Jamesreceivedshirts & pants, sz 6/7Hiller family received
nice, plush blanket, sz fullCheryl Marresepea coat w/ hood, sz 2XMSB (K)winter coat, sz 12Fitch familyreceivedhat & gloves, sz MWeiss-RinaldireceivedLego sets - MarvelCatherine Humphrey received
vacuumSmith familyhats & glovesFitch familyreceivedwarm pajamas, sz LWeiss-Rinaldireceivedcoloring books & crayonsHiller Family received