2 - JonBenet Ramsey: FBI Emerges from Chaos
JonBenet Ransom Note Analysis (re Bob Enyart) by Dani Kekoa

PHOTO: 1999-10-14 JonBenet Ramsey Grand Jury - Shadowgov Kenneth Tyler Scott Bob Enyart Doug Mcburney protest Boulder Colorado courthouse steps (
12/1987Jo Anne Scott (FKA Jo Anne Kreipel) wife of KENNETH TYLER SCOTT indicted by federal grand jury for conspiring to bomb a San Diego abortion clinic. Plead GUILTY. Served 15 months in federal prison.

"Jo Anne Kreipel of Santee, to reduce her 15-month sentence, the result of her guilty plea on a charge of conspiracy. Kreipel's attorney, Richard Barnett, argued Monday that Kreipel has medical problems and should have her term reduced to nine months. She is serving her sentence in Northern California."
-LA Times,12/20/1988,
7/8/1989 re ROBERT ADOLPH ENYART -- Denver, 20th/Vine, Planned Parenthood -- charged with INTERFERENCE and TRESPASSING


-ROA 10/26/89 THRU 5/14/90 (DEAD SMALL FILE 9/9/1999)
11/30/1989(presentence report)(arrest record)re-ROBERT ADOLPH ENYART - arrested by Wheat Ridge PD and charged in Jeffco with TRESPASSING.
12/16/1989(presentence report)(arrest record)re ROBERT ADOLPH ENYART -- DENVER, 2030 E 20TH AVE -- arrested by Denver PD and charged with LOITERING, OBSTRUCTION, TRESPASSING AND RESISTING AN OFFICER.

2/20/1990 re ROBERT ADOLPH ENYART Arrested by Aurora PD and charged with trespassing
3/10/1990 re ROBERT ADOLPH ENYART -- Denver -- charged with Interference, Assault, Obstructing Passage and CONSPIRACY, CASE #90GS812303

3/14/1990(presentence report)(arrest record)re ROBERT ADOLPH ENYART - arrested by Boulder police department and charged in Boulder County Court with OBSTRUCTING POLICE & CROSSING LINES.
5/5/1990 re ROBERT ADOLPH ENYART -- Denver -- charged with Interference, Obstructing Passage

-ROA 7/11/90 thru 9/9/90
10/7/1990Randall Terry, founder of Operation Rescue, came to Boulder to lead a demonstration at Dr Warren Hern's Boulder office. At one point, he led a prayer in front of the office and prayed for Dr Hern to be "EXECUTED."
10/1990KENNETH TYLER SCOTT is admitted to Porter Hospital psychiatric unit; wife "Tracy" drives him there with Police in tow.

-SCOTT is diagnosed bipolar/manic depressive
-psychotic episodes
-needs medication
"With the police following at a distance, a terrified Tracy picked up her husband. He was wearing all white, cotton clothes, having read somewhere in the Bible that it was evil to wear anything else; he said he had burned his other clothes..."

"A psychiatrist there determined that Scott was bipolar, a condition more commonly known as manic depressive. Scott also had a chemical imbalance that was causing him to be delusional and have psychotic episodes, the doctor said. Without medication, the problem would get worse."

"While at Porter, Scott lost his wife--but he found God with a vengeance. He was going to round up disciples of his own, he told Tracy. It would take him a few years, but when he had all twelve it would be time for Armegeddon."

Westword, 2/13/1997
7/2/199191dr1209 (Adams)(divorce/custody) re ROBERT ADOLPH ENYART -- Krista L Enyart (Krista L Johnson, Krista L Crisler) files for divorce
8/15/1991KENNETH TYLER SCOTT arrested by Arapahoe Sheriff for felony assault 2nd degree and transferred to Colorado Mental Health Institute for evaluation. On 8/31/1991, Scott escapes the Institute through the roof. Later ordered to undergo a PSYCHIATRIC EVALUATION.

-SCOTT diagnosed again as bipolar

-Doesn't recognize the authority of the Court
"Again Scott was diagnosed as bipolar, but this time he refused to take any medication. On August 31, he escaped by jumping on top of an air-conditioning unit and going over the roof. Scott showed up right on time for his trial, however, accompanied by his followers. He placed pictures of Jesus, Tracy and the children on the defense table alongside a Bible. He told the judge he didn't recognize his authority because he reported to a higher authority: God. Apparently not impressed, the judge postponed the trial and ordered Scott to undergo a psychiatric evaluation." Westword, 2/13/1997
10/1991KENNETH TYLER SCOTT undergoes court-ordered psychiatric evaluation at Aurora Community Mental Health Center.


"The result was not flattering: 'It should be noted that throughout all the tests, Mr. Scott self-protectively denies any shortcomings and attempts to project an image of having no difficulties or problems.'

"When I really lose my temper, I am capable of slapping someone," Scott told his evaluator, "and if I have to resort to physical violence to defend my rights, I will."

"According to the evaluation, Scott 'is a defensive, intensively resistant person who attempts to present a socially acceptable front. He is an egocentric man with an inflated sense of self-importance which hides his concerns about his self-worth. He is socially intolerant of others and identifies global and national issues to fuel his anger and justify his position. He refers in the interview to 'the blind and stupid general population' as a way of pushing others down while seeming to himself to be superior to them.

"'Mr. Scott has had difficulties with his anger especially when he is not able to control or manipulate the situation. These feelings of powerlessness are frustrating and produce anger.'"

"The evaluator also added a new diagnosis to go with bipolar: narcissistic personality disorder."

"The evaluator recommended that Scott receive anger-control counseling on an outpatient basis." -Westword, 2/13/1997
3/10/1993Dr. David Gunn is assassinated in Pensacola, Florida by Michael Griffin
4/1993 ROBERT ADOLPH ENYART begins working for Lesea Broadcasting
8/13/1993Dr Warren Hern writes NYT editorial -- called attention to the fact that he had to wear a bullet-proof vest because of the Pope's visit to Denver and the attraction of large-number of anti-abortion fanatics to the area because of that visit.Same day, Randall Terry of Operation Rescue went on national radio and "invited followers to assassinate" Dr Hern. "And I hope someday he is tried for crimes against humanity and I hope he is EXECUTED." --Randall Terry


In 1990 Randall Terry, the founder of Operation Rescue and a protege of Scheidler, came to Boulder to "pray" in front of Hern's clinic. As clinic staffers videotaped the event, Terry asked God for Hern to be executed. (The tape would become part of a 60 Minutes broadcast in February 1992.) Terry's "prayer" frightened Hern more than anything else in the preceding twenty years. These people called themselves pro-life, yet they were asking God--and whoever God appointed to do the dirty work--for his death. "In reality, Terry is just another fascist demagogue who motivates a lot of vicious people to be violent," says Hern. "He's driven by power and hatred and rage. He claims to be nonviolent but then urges other people, unbalanced people, to kill and destroy."
--Westword, 2/13/1997
8/1993Dr Warren Hern re ROBERT ADOLPH ENYART:

Anti-abortion TV and radio talk show host Bob Enyart, based in Denver, syndicated on 700 cable TV stations, has attacked me on his broadcasts on several occasions.

My first encounter with him was when he invited me to be on his radio talk show. Not knowing his reputation and ideology, I agreed to be interviewed briefly. I ended my participation after a few minutes when I discovered what was happening. But at about this point in 1993, Enyart published a pseudo-magazine printed in red and black ink filled with anti-abortion messages. The middle of the magazine was a two-page article, mostly about me, using some quotes from me on his program, with a banner headline across the two pages in red ink that read, "HOW WARREN HERN DOES HIS KILLING." When I showed this to a visiting psychologist in my office, I asked her, "What do you think that the author of this headline wants the reader to do after he or she read this?"

"Kill you," she said.
8/15/1993The doctor who replaced Dr. Gunn at the Pensacola clinic was found murdered in Birmingham with money in his pocket. The murder was apparently not connected to a robbery.
8/19/1993Assassination attempt on Dr George Tiller, Wichita KS

Throughout his career, Tiller was a frequent target of anti-abortion violence. In June 1986, his clinic was firebombed. While it was being rebuilt, Tiller displayed a sign reading "Hell no, we won't go". On August 19, 1993, Shelley Shannon shot Tiller five times, while he was in his car. At the time she attacked Tiller, Shannon had been an anti-abortion activist for five years and had written letters of support to the convicted murderer Michael Griffin, who had murdered David Gunn. She called him "a hero."

At her trial in state court, Shelley Shannon testified that there was nothing wrong with trying to kill Tiller. The jury convicted Shannon of attempted murder, and she was sentenced to 11 years in prison. The following year, however, Shannon was sentenced to an additional 20 years in prison on charges of arson, interference with commerce by force and interstate travel in aid of racketeering in connection to her participation in several fires and acid attacks on abortion clinics.
9/2/199391dr1209 (Adams)(divorce/custody) re ROBERT ADOLPH ENYART -- His sons, Josiah (10) and Nathaniel (8) begin living exclusively with their mother, Krista L. Johnson (FKA Krista Enyart)
1/1994KENNETH TYLER SCOTT was convicted of stalking and harassing his ex-wife...he was ordered to undergo a psychiatric evaluation...Scott was sentenced to five and a half months in jail

"Mr. Scott does demonstrate a personality style that makes it difficult for him to recognize any faults in himself," the psychologist reported. "He believes that his problems are unique and can only be understood by himself and other religious people and is preoccupied with finding fault and placing blame on others [...] The examiner remains quite concerned about this defendant's access to weapons," the psychologist concluded, adding that he was "concerned about the possibility that this defendant's anger, combined with his religious beliefs, in respect to his anti-abortion stand, could lead to some extreme lethality on the part of the defendant." -Westword, 2/13/1997

"...concerned about this defendant's access to weapons..."
"...extreme lethality..."
5/12/1994KENNETH TYLER SCOTT arrested by Denver PD - Disturbing the Peace & Assault and Threats against a Planned Parenthood Counselor.

--Issued a permanent restraining order.
-"Scott was to remain at least a hundred feet from the counselor. That meant he could no longer protest in front of the clinic where she worked, so Scott moved two blocks to 18th Avenue and Vine." -Westword, 2/13/1997,

-"had vowed to 'get' a clinic employee who signed a trespassing complaint against him." -Westword, 1/3/1996,
6/26/199494m2658 (Jeffco)(cruelty toward child)re ROBERT ADOLPH ENYART -- 1ST CHILD ABUSE CHARGE -- was issued a summons regarding child abuse on 7y/o Stephen Mayns, son of John Mayns of the JEFFERSON COUNTY SHERIFF'S DEPARTMENT, regarding causing injury to a child when disciplining, child abuse CRS 18-6-401, Arvada PD -- case #94m2658 Jeffco


--"Mr Mayns informed officers that his exwife's boyfriend, the defendant Robert Enyart, beat Mr Mayns' seven year old son, Stephen Mayns, with a belt, leaving several welts on the victim's buttocks. Mr. Mayns reported he had visitation with his children and returned them to their residence at approximately 8pm. At about 10:20, Mr. Mayns received a phone call from his twelve year old son, John Jr, who told him the defendant had beat the the victim with a belt. Mr Mayns returned to the victim's residence at about 10:30pm and asked to see the victim. The defendant was not present at the residence when Mr Mayns arrived and asked the children's mother what had happened. The children's mother, Cheryl Enyart, informed him that the victim would not take a shower when she asked him to and the defendant told the victim to pull his pants down and then spanked him approximately six times on the bare buttocks with a belt. Mr Mayns then contacted officers regarding the incident. When officers contacted Cheryl Enyart she concurred with the victim's statement. Upon contact by officers with the defendant, HE EXPRESSED NO REMORSE for the injury and reiterated that this was his customary way of punishing his own children, and that the children's mother had no problems with this type of punishment. When officers informed the defendant that the law indicates that you are not allowed to cause injury when disciplining a child the subject replied "THAT'S A STUPID LAW." The defendant was subsequently issued a summons regarding this offense. There is no indication that alcohol or drugs were a factor in this offense."


"...he expressed no remorse..."
"That's a stupid law."

"Defendant [Enyart] was charged with child abuse on account of a spanking he administered, using a belt to the child's buttocks, to Stephen Mayns. At the time, Mr. Enyart was engaged to Cheryl Enyart, Stephen Mayns' mother, at whose request the spanking was administered on account of the child's obstinate refusal of her instructions to take a shower." -- Bob Enyart's Petition for Writ of Certiorari, CO Supreme Court #97sc726, Jefferson District Court #97cr2137, Jefferson County Court #94m2658 11/30/98

"It should be noted that, at the time the Defendant [Enyart] injured the victim with a belt, the victim was not the Defendant's stepson; rather, the Defendant had known the victim for less than the two months he had been dating the victim's mother. As well, the defense of 'reasonable and appropriate physical force' as contained in CRS 18-1-703(1)(a) was raised by the defendant at each of his two trials. That defense was rejected by both of the juries. This was not a 'spanking' case." --Dep DA George Brauchler Jeffco, People's Response to Reconsider Sentence in People v Enyart, 4/19/1999

"CRS 18-1-106(3)(a), (b)(II) delineates the child abuse charge for which the Defendant was convicted as an "extraordinary risk" crime." --Dep DA George Brauchler Jeffco, People's Response to Reconsider Sentence in People v Enyart, 4/19/1999


-"This was not a 'spanking' case."
-"...'extraordinary risk' crime..."
7/2/1994ROBERT ADOLPH ENYART MARRIES Cheryl Mayns 6 DAYS AFTER 1ST CHILD ABUSE CHARGE (Jeffco) on 7y/o son Stephen Mayns;

Psychological Control:
7/6/1994Dr Warren Hern receives anonymous harassment call -- 2:50pm -- MALE: "Hi, do you kill babies? I want you to kill my girlfriend's baby." HERN said we perform abortions here. Did caller have information about her pregnancy? He said, "Hold on, I'll transfer you," and then a very loud tone in Hern's ear. Hern hung up.
7/13/1994Dr Warren Hern's office receives 3 harassment calls in a row -- 4pm:

#1 - Young female asked for Dr. Hern, said she was Amanda Tusing. When told he was unavailable & asked if she wanted to leave message, she said "Yes, tell him to fuck off."
#2 - Female Felicia asked for Dr. Hern - same thing as above but left message to tell him "He's a fucking asshole."
#3 - 3rd call the same
(El Paso)(Child Abuse)(presentence report)
re ROBERT ADOLPH ENYART -- 2ND CHILD ABUSE CHARGE -- Served by summons by El Paso County Sheriff's Department and charged in El Paso County Court with child abuse, case #94m9021. This case is set for trial [first on 2/8/1995 (MISTRIAL); 3/20/1995; and] on May 8, 1995. (

The "paddling episode" supposedly happened on the way home from a camping trip ON THE SIDE OF THE HIGHWAY. Again, the offense was against Lieutenant Mayns' sons. El Paso child abuse charge occurred less than one month after the Jeffco child abuse charge.

This was a calculated effort by Enyart, because he was now able to mislead others about his Jeffco child abuse charge (6/26/1994) by saying he was charged with child abuse on his "stepson" rather than a girfriend's kid.
7/24/19947:16pm -- Dr Warren Hern's office receives phone message by Morgan Fischer Tel# 303-389-2547, Screamed Obscenities
7/25/1994Dr Warren Hern's office receives 2 harassing calls:

2pm -- Hern: female A woman called asking if I could speak German. I said call back tomorrow. Another woman got on the phone asking if I speak German, I told her the same thing. She said something foreign then, "Go fuck yourself."

2:05pm -- Hern: Female with German accent asked for Dr. Hern. I said he wasn't available, could I take a message. She said, "Yes, tell him to go fuck himself." I hung up before she could continue.


7/30/1994Dr. John Britton & escort ASSASSINATION in Pensacola, Florida - escort's wife wounded by PAUL HILL
8/16/1994Dr. Warren Hern of the Boulder Abortion Clinic receives a letter with Phoenix postmark, no return address (Boulder police report P94 15477):

"Doctor: As you must be acutely aware, there is an underground network forming that is monstrously contagious. The objective: to stop the murderous medial and non-medical persons such as yourself blatantly interfering with the right to life of innocents in the womb. What with the pro-choice feminist groups and their ilk, the evil government objectives and hidden agendas, certain Americans have decided that wee to can be pro-choice. Pro-choice enough to take out a number of you abortionist [sic] at the same time all around the country no matter where you are. You have been selected by a random poll and fit all the criteria needed to qualify for this event. Careful to take note, bullet-proof vests are not enough to protect quilty [sic] murderers. There are other areas on the body that invite fatal wounds. Careful to take note as well no body guard can protect 24 hours a day 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year. You may ask by what right does anyone have to break a legal law which protects abortion rights? The answer is so simple: UNJUST AGRESSORS! This means YOU! Abortion is the unjust act, YOU are the unjust actor. GET IT? All abortion laws are unjust, therefore ALL abortionists are fair Game. It's a simple concept growing... All Hell is going to break loose and you will have a front row seat!
Forever," (signed, illegible) (first letters of names appear to be F.T.)
--From: "Anti-Abortion Activity at Boulder Abortion Clinic 1975-1995 In A National Context," Warren M. Hern, M.D., M.P.H., Ph.D. Director, Boulder Abortion Clinic -- Special Report prepared for JoAnn Harris, Director, Criminal Division, U.S. Department of Justice, Washington, D.C. January 6, 1995 (

--Original copy of 8/16/1994 letter given to FBI agent William Clifford; At least 4 other MDs received as well.

--Key phrases:
"acutely aware"
"underground network forming"
"evil government"
"certain Americans have decided that wee to can be pro-choice"
"What with..."
"Careful to take note" (twice)
"All Hell is going to break loose"
"guilty murderers"
"fair Game"


--Westword, 2/13/1997,
8/16/1994 re ROBERT ADOLPH ENYART -- 10pm -- Dr. Warren Hern of the Boulder Abortion Clinic receives phone msg from TIA in Lafayette about BOB ENYART and his TV show:

"From: Tia Lafayette, 321-2458, Someone on TV called Bob Enyart She happened to catch his program and knows that he doesn't want anyone to know he's being investigated for child abuse. Woman rambled about Bob mentioning Dr. Hern's name and she wanted us to know about his child abuse accusations. Is not affiliated with PP (left their #) and referred to protestor (Al Garcia) being hit with baby carriage by patient's boyfriend."
--From: "Anti-Abortion Activity at Boulder Abortion Clinic 1975-1995 In A National Context," Warren M. Hern, M.D., M.P.H., Ph.D. Director, Boulder Abortion Clinic -- Special Report prepared for JoAnn Harris, Director, Criminal Division, U.S. Department of Justice, Washington, D.C. January 6, 1995


--This message about BOB ENYART was received same day as threat letter to Dr. Hern
11/10/199491dr1209 (Adams)(divorce/custody) re ROBERT ADOLPH ENYART -- Krista L Johnson (FKA Krista Enyart) Verified Motion for Temporary Injunction re children may not leave state of Colorado

-Petitioner (Krista) has had the minor children in her care for substantial periods of time and as of September 2 1993, has had the residential care of the minor children with the consent of the Respondent (Enyart) [...] Petitioner is fearful that unless an injunction is entered preventing either party from removing the children from the State of Colorado without order of the court, the Respondent, Robert Enyart, may remove the children from her care and remove the children out of the state of Colorado prior to a hearing on the issue by this court [...] Petitioner feels that irreparable harm will occur to herself and the minor children if this injunction were not issued.
11/22/1994KENNETH TYLER SCOTT arrested by Boulder PD, disturbing the peace, noise in front of Dr Warren Hern's clinic;

8:10am (Boulder police arrive at 8:20 AM) 4 protesters: David Lane, Ken Scott, Richard Jacobsen, and Leon Gonzales, who is wearing a blue jump suit. Demonstrators driving a large white milk truck covered with signs. Pacing on sidewalk in front of building, blowing a horn very loudly, yelling at patients and passersby, changing loudly, carrying video camera. Tape A - footage 2294 + --Picket signs say, "You can still change your mind," "Do you care?" "Abortion is Judicial Murder," "God Bless Coach McCartney" (a local anti-abortion football coach). Patients coming through this demonstration were upset, crying, hyperventilating. Mother of patient stated it was very upsetting, especially because she is religious. Three police cars, Ken Scott arrested for noise ordinance; Officer Feeney. --
"While Lane [25y/o twice-convicted felon] videotaped from the top of the van, Scott stood in front of the clinic and began screaming for Hern. The doctor got his own video camera and started taping, opening the door just enough to film the action but ready to slam it shut if Scott pulled a weapon. After the 1988 shooting, Hern had replaced all the windows with bullet-proof glass...Boulder cops placed themselves between the clinic and Scott.

"'Fourteen years ago, I paid for an abortion," Scott screeched. "I cheated on my wife twice to get even with her...Those police officers can't save you, Warren. You better repent. Those officers can't escape death...It's too late for the doctors in Florida. God loves you enough to let you still be here to hear this message. God hasn't snuffed you out yet, Warren. I don't believe in killing abortionists, but 'vengeance is mine,' sayeth the Lord." --Westword, 2/13/1997,


"...cheated on my wife twice to get even..."
"...can't escape death..."
"...snuffed you out..."
"...killing abortionists, but 'vengeance is mine'..."
11/25/1994KENNETH TYLER SCOTT three days after arrest reappears in front of Dr Hern's clinic for more harassment;

Repeat appearances by Ken Scott, David Lane, Richard Jacobsen, Scott driving 5-ton truck covered with anti-abortion posters, park this down the street from my office, man on top videotaping proceedings and shouting obscenities, Ken Scott standing on sidewalk in front of my office, screaming some of the following statements:

--"Fourteen years ago, I paid for an abortion. I cheated on my wife twice to get even with her."
--"Those police officers can't save you,Warren. You better repent."
--"Those police officers can't escape death."
--"How many days do you have left?"
--"God's judgment of you is coming."
--"It's too late for the doctors in Florida."
--"God loves you enough to let you still be here to hear this message."
--"God hasn't snuffed you out yet, Warren."
--"The judgement, your judgement, is coming close."
--"It's too late for Dr. Gunn. It's over for him."
--"I don't believe in killing abortionists, but 'vengeance is mine,' sayeth the Lord."
--"God loves you enough that He hasn't taken your life yet."
--"Warren, how many days do you have left? The Lord showed me you have less than one year. One year and He's gonna take your life. God's law is above man's law. Warren, how many days do you have left? How many days, Warren, how many?"
--"No one knows the time and hour of a baby's birth or knows the time and hour of your last breath is."
--"You won't have Michael Newell to defend you! How much longer before the Lord brings justice, because His law is above man's law. It's above Warren Hern."
--"Escape death, Warren! How are you going to escape death?"
--From: "Anti-Abortion Activity at Boulder Abortion Clinic 1975-1995 In A
National Context," Warren M. Hern, M.D., M.P.H., Ph.D. Director,
Boulder Abortion Clinic -- Special Report prepared for JoAnn Harris,
Director, Criminal Division, U.S. Department of Justice, Washington,
D.C. January 6, 1995 (
12/5/199491dr1209 (Adams)(divorce/custody)Resp ROBERT ADOLPH ENYART advised the court that his employment wants him to move to Indiana and that he is willing to work with the petitioner KRISTA as to the children
12/10/1994KENNETH TYLER SCOTT "was sentenced to ninety days in Denver County Jail for violating a court order to stay at least 100 feet from the entrance of any abortion clinic; part of the evidence used to lock him up was Hern's videotape."

Dr Warren Hern: "Kenneth Scott is sentenced to 90 days in Denver County Jail for violating a court order to stay at least 300' away from the entrance of any abortion clinic. Part of the evidence available was the video tape from my office taken by me and my staff members."
--Westword, 2/13/1997,

--stay at least 300' away from clinic entrances, because "Kenneth Scott is an expert marksman capable of sniping beyond 300 yards, a survivalist, hunter, animal tracker, and expert woodsman. He also has an extensive criminal record which includes convictions for assault and stalking."


--The only facts Scott denies outright, however, are that he is a marksman, survivalist, and member of an organization that published a "hit list" containing Hern's name [...] Because those undisputed facts are more than sufficient to support the judge's initial finding that Scott posed a danger to himself and others as a result of his mental illness, Scott's involuntary commitment was lawful, and the district court properly dismissed the false imprisonment claim against Hern. (Scott v. Hern, 216 F. 3d 897 - Court of Appeals, 10th Circuit 2000)


"...Scott posed a danger to himself and others as a result of his mental illness..."
12/30/1994 re ROBERT ADOLPH ENYART Two Boston abortion clinics attacked -- "opened fire with a semi- automatic rifle. He wounded seven people and killed two young women, one of whom begged for her life before he pumped ten bullets into her. He wasn't caught until the next day, when he shot 23 bullets into a Norfolk clinic."
"The night of the Boston murders, Bob Enyart used his TV show to attack abortion providers, specifically naming Hern. 'According to people who called me from around the country,' Hern says, 'the two most common words used on the program were my last name and "kill."'" --Westword, 2/13/1997,

Dr Warren Hern: On the night of the Brookline killings, Denver-based anti-abortion radio-TV talk show host Bob Enyart goes on his nationally-syndicated TV talk show (over 700 cable channels) and attacks me along with other abortion providers, inviting his viewers to take action against me. All the viewers calling in advocate violence against abortion providers. According to the reports of viewers calling from around the country, the most common two words on the program are my last name and the word "kill." Enyart puts an image of my Boulder Abortion Clinic yellow pages display ad on the air, which includes the name of my clinic, my name, street address, and telephone number. One caller said she was afraid for me because it was clear to her that Enyart was inciting people to hurt me. --
1/6/1995Dr. Warren Hern prepares Special Report to the Department of Justice

"Anti-Abortion Activity at Boulder Abortion Clinic 1975-1995 In A National Context," Warren M. Hern, M.D., M.P.H., Ph.D. Director, Boulder Abortion Clinic -- Special Report prepared for JoAnn Harris, Director, Criminal Division, U.S. Department of Justice, Washington, D.C. January 6, 1995
1/22/1995Dr. Warren Hern is placed again under 24hr protection by the Boulder police department and the Gilpin County sheriff, along with the FBI, the BATF and the U.S. Marshal's office

---Westword, 2/13/1997,
2/7/199594m2658 (Jeffco)(cruelty toward child) ROBERT ADOLPH ENYART -- Jury Trial GUILTY of cruelty toward a child -- "six person jury convicted the Defendant, who appeared pro se, of Child Abuse, in violation of CRS 18-6-401(a)(V), a class one misdemeanor" --Dep DA George Brauchler Jeffco, People's Response to Reconsider Sentence in People v Enyart, 4/19/1999DA was allowed to introduce El Paso county child abuse paddling incident as evidence at trial. 1994m921 (El Paso)(Child Abuse)
2/8/19951994m921 (El Paso)(Child Abuse)re ROBERT ADOLPH ENYART - JURY TRIAL - MISTRIAL
3/17/1995Dr Warren Hern place placed again under 24hr protection by federal marshalls--Westword, 2/13/1997,
3/20/19951994m921 (El Paso)(Child Abuse)re ROBERT ADOLPH ENYART - JURY TRIAL - HEARING HELD
3/21/199594m2658 (Jeffco)(cruelty toward child) re ROBERT ADOLPH ENYART
VICTIMS: John Anthony Mayns Jr (13) and Stephen Mayns (7)

--What happened?
Anthony: I was on the phone with one of my friends when Stephen came in and started talking to me. A few minutes later my mother came in and told Stepehn "Get over here right now." He came in a few minutes later crying really hard. After he was in the shower he said, "I hate Bob."

--Were you emotionally hurt?
Anthony: Yes I was.

--How has this incident affected you at school?
Anthony: One of the principals at my school knew Bob and is one of his close friends. Every time he sees me now he will say, "Hi Tony."

-How has this incident affected you at home?
Anthony: I try to not let it affect me at home unless it really needs to. Other than that no, I go on with my normal life.

--Did you know the defendant? What was your relationship?
Anthony: Yes. He is my stepfather

--Are you afraid of the defendant? If so, please explain.
Anthony: Yes. His radical ideas of hating all gays, liberals, democrats and basically everybody that doesn't agree with him is not okay to teach a child or an adolescent. If you disagree with him he says you aren't right and if it is a serious enough matter he will beat you.
"Several years ago, after telling his mother that he would call his father or the police if Stephen was spanked again, Anthony was reportedly awakened by Enyart in the middle of the night, lectured about disrespect, whipped with a belt, made to repeatedly write out a Bible passage and forbidden to contact his dad for a week." -Westword, 12/16/1999,
KENNETH TYLER SCOTT was subpoenaed to appear before a federal grand jury investigating allegations that there was an organized CONSPIRACY to assassinate abortion doctors.--Westword, 2/13/1997,
4/13/199591dr1209 (Adams)(divorce/custody) re ROBERT ADOLPH ENYART -- Confesses to the change in residence under joint custody arrangement over minor children with primary residence changing from Respondent ROBERT ADOLPH ENYART to petitioner Krista Johnson (FKA Krista Enyart)
94m2658 (Jeffco)(cruelty toward child)
re ROBERT ADOLPH ENYART -- Child Abuse -- Presentence Report completed by Carrie Grein, Corrections Specialist, Approved by Laurence Stremel, Supervisor

-When officers informed the defendant that the law indicates that you are not allowed to cause injury when disciplining a child the subject [Enyart] replied "That's a stupid law."

-...married his first wife, Krista Lynn Johnson, in 1982...divorced in 1991...married his second wife in 1991 and the union ended in divorce after three months. Mr Enyart married his present wife, Cheryl Enyart in July 1994 [July 2, 1994].

-...the subject portrayed no remorse for his actions regarding the two charges of Child Abuse...

-...the subject is not effected by the presence and position of the Courts...

-...he expressed no remorse for the injury...this was his customary way of punishing his own children...the children's mother had no problems with this type of punishment.
-The present offense is the subject's first known arrest for child abuse, and there is a second case pending trial in El Paso County Court which involves the same victim. Jefferson County Social Services reports indicate several child abuse incidents where the defendant has left bruises on the victim and his twelve year old brother. When questioned regarding this information, the defendant told this Corrections Specialist that the "spankings" are being used to take custody of the kids away from him and his present wife. Further the subject failed to report the pending child abuse case to this office. Based on the information provided and the subject's lack of remorse regarding these charges, it appears the subject is not effected by the presence and position of the Courts. It is strongly suggested that the subject serve a period of incarceration to be followed by a period of supervision which would include parenting classes by an approved and certified program.
5/2/199594m2658 (Jeffco)(cruelty toward child)re ROBERT ADOLPH ENYART -- SENTENCING Hearing -- "the Defendant was sentenced by the Honorable Judge Demlow to 730 days in Jail, with 670 days suspended, leaving a 60 day jail sentence and one year of probation. The Defendant was further sentenced to 50 hours of community service, PARENTING CLASSES, had to pay a $1000 fine" --Dep DA George Brauchler Jeffco, People's Response to Reconsider Sentence in People v Enyart, 4/19/1999

"No UNSUPERVISED CONTACT WITH VICTIM (2 years) - Deft. to pay for counseling for victim deemed appropriate by INTERVENTION." Judge Demlow
At Appellant's [Enyart] sentencing hearing, the trial court initially denied a request for a stay of execution, stating: "Well, you can appeal this if you wish to do so. The Court is not going to grant a stay.... The child did not receive a stay before the child received the beating and I don't think it's appropriate.... The request is denied." -- Defendant-Appellant's objection to county court proceedings concerning the revocation of stay of execution and bond, Appeal case #95cr960, 10/30/1995
5/4/199594m2658 (Jeffco)(cruelty toward child) re ROBERT ADOLPH ENYART Court granted stay of execution and $1500 appeal bond, LATER RAISED TO $2500
5/8/19951994m921 (El Paso)(Child Abuse) ROBERT ADOLPH ENYART -- Jury trial in El Paso cty for child abuse-- not guilty -- case closed
6/1/199594m2658 (Jeffco)(cruelty toward child)

1995cr960 (Jeffco)(FIRST APPEAL)
ROBERT ADOLPH ENYART -- Notice of appeal from lower court AFTER first child abuse conviction in JEFFERSON COUNTY (2/7/1995)
6/12/1995KENNETH TYLER SCOTT arrested by Boulder Sheriff, 2 counts public peace, guilty, 15 days sentence
8/21/199594m2658 (Jeffco)(cruelty toward child)

1995cr960 (Jeffco)(FIRST APPEAL)


"Ken Scott was in front of Hern's clinic on October 6, 1995, when Boulder detective Greg Idler tried to talk with him; Scott had just gotten out of jail on charges of disturbing the peace. Suddenly Scott started yelling, an incomprehensible ranting 'in a strange tongue' as he held his Bible in the air and looked toward the sky. When Idler walked on, Scott calmed down as quickly as he had gone off." --Westword, 2/13/1997
10/24/199594m2658 (Jeffco)(cruelty toward child)

1995cr960 (Jeffco)(FIRST APPEAL)
Monday: "The People filed their motion to revoke Appellant's bond in the County Court"
Enyart's motion for modification or orders pertaining to defendant-appellant's stay of execution and bond, Appeal case #95cr960, 10/30/1995
11/22/199594m2658 (Jeffco)(cruelty toward child) re ROBERT ADOLPH ENYART -- Stipulation to obtain new $2500 appeal bond:

-Defendant who now works in the state of Indiana...has agreed to increase appeal bond to $2500
-Defendant is still a resident of Colorado and returns to Colorado three weekends per month
-His wife and two children still reside in Colorado on a full-time basis
12/10/1995KENNETH TYLER SCOTT protests Dr. Hern's home -- "Gilpin County undersheriff John Bayne called Hern. After finding a white cross on Hern's lawn and anti-abortion posters tacked to nearby utility poles, Bayne had found Scott less than a quarter-mile from Hern's home."
12/17/1995re KENNETH TYLER SCOTT -- Dr Warren Hern was contacted by Boulder County prosecutor Jan Rundus.

"They were concerned that in light of everything that had just happened...that Scott was getting more dangerous," Hern says. "She asked me to come down to sign a document to have him evaluated for mental illness" [...] a judge issued an order for Scott's arrest and involuntary commitment to a mental health institution based on a motion by Rundus and supported by an affidavit from Hern. Colorado law authorizes the involuntary commitment of a person to a mental facility for a 72-hour evaluation upon a finding by a court that such an individual is gravely disabled and/or a threat to himself and/or others.
12/17/1995KENNETH TYLER SCOTT has TEMPORARY RESTRAINING ORDER placed against him, Gilpin County -- Dr Hern "swore out a similar affidavit and was granted a temporary restraining order against Scott. 'I believe that Kenneth Scott's condition has rapidly deteriorated in these past few months and that it will continue to deteriorate,' Hern said. 'I believe that he is a danger to others and perhaps gravely disabled as a result of his mentally ill, religious obsessions with me and the abortion rights issue.'"

"...mentally ill, religious obsessions..."
--Westword, 2/13/1997,

--On the same day he submitted his affidavit to the Boulder County Attorney, Hern sought and obtained a temporary restraining order ("TRO") from the Gilpin County Court. (Scott v. Hern, 216 F. 3d 897 - Court of Appeals, 10th Circuit 2000
12/20/1995KENNETH TYLER SCOTT was arrested and taken to the Boulder County Mental Health Center. There he was served with the temporary restraining order and told to appear at the Gilpin County courthouse two weeks later to defend himself against Hern's request for a permanent restraining order. Scott was transported to the Colorado Mental Health Institute at Fort Logan for further evaluation. Upon his arrival, Dr. G. Qwick determined that Scott had homicidal thoughts and was a threat to defendant Hern.

"...served with temporary restraining order..."
"...homicidal thoughts and was a threat..."
--Westword, 2/13/1997,


-Dr. Qwick diagnosed Scott as "[b]ipolar, hypomanic-homicidal" and estimated that he would need to remain in treatment for two to four weeks. (Scott v. Hern, 216 F. 3d 897 - Court of Appeals, 10th Circuit 2000)
12/21/1995KENNETH TYLER SCOTT was evaluated again at the Colorado Mental Health Institute at Fort Logan, this time by Dr. Alan Levy: "The patient is a tall, handsome man who was very cordial and cooperative during the interview...fairly intense, and having a particular ax to grind that very much colored the interview. In other words, he said he was here on a mission: to promote his views against abortion, and he seemed to want to get his message across to me. He told of how he had been in some trouble in his earlier years, being hospitalized for depression, being hospitalized here after hitting someone, and having difficulty with his ex-wife and his loss ofcustody of his children...but that he had worked through God on his theological and philosophical positions. He was now a born-again Christian, who feels called by God to point out the evils of abortion and will go to legal extremes to test the system and try to effect change, but who is a pacifist, and is against all violence."

"...particular ax to grind..."
"...hospitalized for depression..."
"...hospitalized after hitting someone..."
" extremes to test the system..."
--Westword, 2/13/1997,

-Levy thought that Scott was bipolar, but Scott refused to take any medication that might help determine if that was an accurate diagnosis.

-Dr. Levy made a tentative diagnosis of bipolar illness and hypomania but noted that more data was necessary to determine if Scott was dangerous. (Scott v. Hern, 216 F. 3d 897 - Court of Appeals, 10th Circuit 2000)

"...bipolar illness and HYPOMANIA..."

--HYPOMANIA (literally, "below mania") is a mood state characterized by persistent and pervasive elevated (euphoric) or irritable mood, as well as thoughts and behaviors that are consistent with such a mood state. Many people also experience signature HYPERSEXUALITY.

--HYPERSEXUALITY is extremely frequent or suddenly increased sexual urges or sexual activity.
12/22/1995CERTIFIEDre KENNETH TYLER SCOTT -- Dr. David Graybill, the facility's chief psychiatrist, evaluated Scott. He concluded that the patient was a danger to himself, a danger to others and gravely disabled. Graybill certified that Scott be involuntarily committed for 90 days for further evaluation; Scott was also told he would be involuntarily forced to take psycho-active drugs. --Westword, 2/13/1997,

"...danger to himself, a danger to others and gravely disabled..."
"...forced to take psycho-active drugs..."
--Dr. David Graybill found that Scott was a danger to himself and others and gravely disabled and certified Scott for short-term (not to exceed three months) involuntary treatment pursuant to Colo. Rev. Stat. 27-10-107. (Scott v. Hern, 216 F. 3d 897 - Court of Appeals, 10th Circuit 2000)

"...danger to himself and others and gravely disabled and CERTIFIED..."

--Scott has been unavailable for comment. He's been in the state hospital in Fort Logan on a psychiatric hold since the week before Christmas. He was placed there at the request of Hern, who says Scott has been stalking him.

"He followed me to my home, thirty miles southwest of Boulder," says Hern. "He even followed me to the county attorney's office, where I signed the petition asking for the psychiatric hold. They'll have to evaluate him on whether to let him loose. I'm kind of hunkered down, waiting to see what happens next."
1/27/1996 re ROBERT ADOLPH ENYART -- Bob Enyart broadcast a phone interview with KENNETH TYLER SCOTT from inside Colorado Mental Health Institute. The mental-health institute's switchboard was immediately deluged with telephone calls, many of them threatening, in support of Scott.
1/30/1996KENNETH TYLER SCOTT is released from the mental heatlh center after a reversal by Dr. Graybill:

"The past five weeks, Mr. Scott's psychiatric condition has been thoroughly and repeatedly examined [...] He has for the most part been calm and in control. At no time has he been assaultive, made verbal threats, or been threatening in demeanor. He repeatedly and emphatically denies any thoughts, plans, or intent (previous, current or future) to harm or kill Dr. Hern or anyone else [...] I could find no evidence that Mr. Scott has made a direct threat to the life or safety of Dr. Hern [...] Furthermore, there is no evidence that Mr. Scott has threatened Dr. Hern with a weapon... At this time, it is my professional opinion that Mr. Scott does not meet the criteria for continued involuntary treatment. Though I recommended voluntary treatment to Mr. Scott, and he refused to accept it, the current amount and severity of psychiatric symptoms do not justify continued involuntary care and treatment." --Westword, 2/13/1997,
--Scott is released ONLY after threats and intimidation by virtue of Bob Enyart's mental hospital phone interview with Scott three days earlier.


--Graybill's diagnosis and certifications were objectively reasonable. Graybill possessed the following information at the time he determined that Scott was gravely disabled and represented a danger to himself and others: the Hern affidavit describing in detail Scott's threatening behavior; an evaluation conducted by mental health professionals at Boulder Mental Health Center immediately following Scott's detainment finding interrupted speech, tangential thinking, loose associations, and an intimidating stance towards the interviewer; medical records demonstrating a history of mental illness; Dr. Qwick's diagnosis of Scott as "[b]ipolar, hypomanic-homicidal" (II Joint Supp. App. at 518); Dr. Levy's tentative diagnosis of bipolar illness and hypomania, which also noted that more data was necessary to determine if Scott was dangerous; and his personal observations. We find that a reasonable person exercising professional judgment in light of this information would have reached the same conclusion as Graybill. Contrary to Scott's suggestion, Dr. Levy's diagnosis, though tentative, is consistent with Graybill's. Similarly, evidence that Scott was permitted to retain sharp objects and receive visitors with limited supervision during his time at CMHI and that Graybill subsequently found Scott no longer posed a danger to himself or others has no relevance to the objective reasonableness of his initial determination and therefore fails to create a genuine issue of material fact. (Scott v. Hern, 216 F. 3d 897 - Court of Appeals, 10th Circuit 2000)

"...interrupted speech, tangential thinking, loose associations, and an intimidating stance..."
"...history of mental illness..."
"[b]ipolar, hypomanic-homicidal"
"...bipolar illness and hypomania..."
3/15/199694m2658 (Jeffco)(cruelty toward child) re ROBERT ADOLPH ENYART -- MINUTE ORDER Any sealed envelope may be unsealed by the court hearing the appeal, Judge Demlow
5/16/199691dr1209 (Adams)(divorce/custody) re ROBERT ADOLPH ENYART Motion for specific parenting time;

"She has no basis for this refusal, other than she is not controlling the situation. Because Petitioner is continuing to be a problem with obstructing parenting time between Respondent and the boys, Respondent asks this Court to award attoneys fees in this matter. Additionally, Respondent asks this Court to order the boys be allowed to attend the Promise Keepers meeting in Tulsa in June, and to order that the boys spend an extended period of time with Respondent in South Bend this summer. Furthermore, Respondent asks this Court to order Petitioner to attempt to work more reasonably with Respondent with regard to parenting time. There is no indication at all that there [sic] any harm or problems arise when the boys see their father in Indiana."
" basis for this refusal..."
"...not controlling the situation..."
"...continuing to be a problem..."


"...award attorneys fees..."
"...allowed to attend the Promise Keepers..."
"...order [Krista] that the boys spend an extended period of time with [ENYART]..."
"...order [Krista] to attempt to work more reasonably with [ENYART]..."
6/14/199691dr1209 (Adams)(divorce/custody) re ROBERT ADOLPH ENYART -- Order, Court grants motion for specific parenting time (summer vacation with boys)

"Ordered that the aforesaid Mortion for Specific Parenting Time be and hereby is granted as set forth in Respondent's motion"
8/1/1996Book "Mindhunter" by John Douglas, FBI profiler, released: "During his twenty-five year career with the Investigative Support Unit, Special Agent John Douglas became a legendary figure in law enforcement,pursuing some of the most notorious and sadistic serial killers of our time: the man who hunted prostitutes for sport in the woods of Alaska, the Atlanta child murderer, and Seattle's Green River killer, the case that nearly cost Douglas his life. As the model for Jack Crawford in The Silence of the Lambs, Douglas has confronted, interviewed, and studied scores of serial killers and assassins, including Charles Manson, Ted Bundy, and Ed Gein, who dressed himself in his victims' peeled skin. Using his uncanny ability to become both predator and prey, Douglas examines each crime scene, reliving both the killer's and the victim's actions in his mind, creating their profiles, describing their habits, and predicting their next moves. Now, in chilling detail, the legendary Mindhunter takes us behind the scenes of some of his most gruesome, fascinating, and challenging cases -- and into the darkest recesses of our worst nightmares."
Enyart mentions on his shadowgov Ramsey proclamation ( and on his radio show (9/14/2006, that "Mindhunter" was found in the Ramsey's bedroom, which it WAS NOT. Enyart mentions that it reads like the JonBenet murder with ligatures mentions BTK.
8/22/199691dr1209 (Adams)(divorce/custody) re ROBERT ADOLPH ENYART -- Krista's motion for emergency protective order of the minor children w/attch & po (protective order):

On 8/18/1996 "Petitioner became aware of a number of bruises and welts on the buttocks of Josiah [age 13, born 8/4/83]. He informed her that the Respondent [Enyart] had spanked him during the vacation as a form of discipline [...] There were about 5 bruises in number each measuring about 1 inch in width and 4 inches in length and deep purple in color [...] Petitioner reported this incident to the Lakewood police department and took the child to their family physician for treatment. (See Dr. Hoskins' Report - attached as Exhibit A) [...] The Respondent [Enyart] has been convicted for child abuse for similar conduct concerning his step child on February 6, 1995 in Jefferson County Court [...] This conviction was for child abuse under section 18-6-401 CRS [...] Petitioner is very concerned for the safety and welfare of her children in light of the Respondent's prior abusive conduct toward her children [...] CRS Section 14-10-124 (1.5)(1) states that when a party is a perpetrator of child abuse under section 18-6-401 CRS, it is not in the child's best interest to be awarded joint custody to said party [...] Petitioner believes that the Court should protect the children from possible continued abuse"
8/26/199691dr1209 (Adams)(divorce/custody)Court grants motn of the petitioner [Krista] for emergency protection order of the minor children

"Order for the Emergency Protective Order of the Minor Children: It is therefore ordered that Respondent will not be permitted to have visitation with the minor children, Josiah and Nathaniel until further of this Court, and it is further ordered that this matter be set for a hearing on the merits of the Petitioner's [Krista] motion."
9/4/199691dr1209 (Adams)(divorce/custody) re ROBERT ADOLPH ENYART Respondent's [Enyart] response to verified motion for emergency protective order of the minor children;

"Respondent states he is under no court order denying him the use of corporal punishment. As a matter of fact, Petitioner is aware that corporal punishment is one method Respondent has used to discipline his children over the years and has approved of said method of discipline. It is Respondent's position the alleged corporal punishment and injuries to the children are being exaggerated. Respondent further states he has only disciplined the children in an appropriate manner, and that the children themselves would agree they have been appropriately punishment for their own misdeeds. Respondent asks this Court to deny to [sic] any request Petitioner has made which would deny him parenting time with his children."
As with his prior child abuse conviction (2/7/1995, Jefferson County, Case# 94M2658), Enyart takes no responsibility and shows no remorse for beating his sons. In fact, Enyart pins the blame for abuse squarely upon the "misdeeds" of his children, and that the "children themselves would agree" with the abuse.
10/24/199691dr1209 (Adams)(divorce/custody)Order: The court has revd emergency protection order -- the court disagrees with excessive corporal punishment. The court's concern is with the children. The court believes the resp crossed the line between spanking and abuse C.R.S. 14-10-129(B)(X). The children are authorized to spend every other weekend w/respondent. Overnights are ordered to cease and parenting time shall be 8am-8pm unless extended times are agreed to by the parties or by court order. The children shall not be removed from Colorado w/o agreement of petnr in writing or order of court. Any discipline shall not be done w/leather belt or any other intrument. If the order is violated and the children have marks from discipline, and if the matter is returned to court, resp will be in specific violation of the court order and ATR shall, after this hearing, inform resp of possible consequences"Adams County District Court Judge Phelps stated in the minute order that 'the court disagrees w{ith} excessive corporal punishment.... The court believes the resp{ondant} crossed the line between spanking and abuse.' The court then ordered the Defendant not to discipline the children with a leather belt or any other instrument." --Dep DA George Brauchler Jeffco, People's Response to Reconsider Sentence in People v Enyart, 4/19/1999
11/8/1996Movie "RANSOM" starring Mel Gibson released 6 weeks before JonBenet was found strangled

Synopsis: Tom Mullen is a millionaire, he built his fortune by working hard. Along the way he learned how to play the game. He has a great family. One day his son is kidnapped. He is willing to pay the ransom but decides to call in the FBI, who manages to go into his home secretly. When he goes to make the drop something goes wrong. The kidnapper calls him again and reschedules it. On the way Mullen decides not to go and appears on TV saying that the ransom he was going to give to the kidnapper is now a bounty on the kidnapper.


The movie Ransom is one of Enyart's favorites, often mentioned on his radio program and from the pulpit on more than one Sunday morning, because it demonstrates how everyone loves it "when the bad guy gets it in the end."

In 1996, Ransom was being showed in Boulder.