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NameCategoryNeighborhoodNote 1Note 2Source# of RecsJuliet Been? - Mexico CityMy Maps Location
Contramar LunchRomaAn institution! Only open for lunch. Insane seafood. Email them to get a reservation. pescado a la talla, Tostadas atun, need res to get in, Seafood $$$ Tuna toasts. Huachinango. - @ceballosOld-school seafood joint. Menu is somewhat limited but it is an excellent place for a long Thursday lunch, after-lunch cocktails, drinks in the Colonia Roma, and ending the night at Cafe Paraíso. Try the shrimp and octopus tostadas.-JaimeLucy Dana, @Ceballos, Jaime6XX - Mexico CityContramar - Mexico City
Frida Kahlo MuseumThings to doDel CarmenMuseum, buy tix ahead of timeMuseo Frida Kahlo - Frida's home - Casa Azul. Must buy tickets online (you need a master card) to avoid long wait. There's a market close by in Coyoacan which is supposed to be really good.Yu Wu Guide6XX - Mexico CityFrida Kahlo Museum - Mexico City
Gin GinBars/DrinksCondesaUpscale cocktail bars where they push around a cart and you can describe the drink you want. Sometimes you have to call to reserve.upscale hipster bar from Max, 'for raging' - Laura's broLucy Dana, Yu Wu, Ronit, Laura's Brother6X - Mexico CityGin Gin - Mexico City
La DocenaFoodRomaSeafood and Wine $$ Grilled Provoleta, Dozen of Oysters with Tabasco, Dozen of Oyster with butter.make a reservation, order a pinguino - Max)Uber Team @marlon and @miguel, Max, Yu Wu, Ronit6XXX - Mexico CityLa Docena - Mexico City
MOGFoodColonia Roma/Condesa:Best-value Asian food in Mexico City. Unreal sushi, Thai food, dim sums, etc. The average check (including drinks) is under US$20.Asian $$ - Laksa!!

-Spicy Magurodon
-Prepared edamames (LOOOOVE them)
Jaime,Uber Team @elmike, @nataliagalvez, Ronit6XX - Mexico CityMOG - Mexico City
PujolDinnerPolancoeveryone recommends, go watch Chef's TableDUH6X - Mexico CityPujol - Mexico City
XochimilcoThings to doXochimilco - Canals 30 minutes from city where you rent a big colored boat and can bring on speakers and drinks/food. They paddle you around and it can be as 'party' or as chill as you want. Can also buy food and drinks from other little boats and hire mariachi singers for a song.: I haven't been in years, but Xochimilco is a lake where farming on chinampas (floating islands) still takes place. As I said, I haven't been in years, but basically you rent a barge and are poled around the lake. This is the only place in the world where you can find a certain species of axelotl. - Jaime
Worth noting this is outside the city and is more popular as a thing to do with a group of friends who knows the ins and outs of xochimilco, I've have the most success going with a group including locals. Also make sure you get dropped off in the right area etc. - Juliet
Lucy Dana6XX - Mexico CityXochimilco - Mexico City
Azul CondesaDinneror Azul Historia - Mexican food in trendy setting. Food can be hit or miss but they have good margaritas and serve grasshoppers on the guacamole.Max also recommends $$$, Gourmet Mexican $$ Don't order the extraordinary black mole - everything else was goodLucy Dana, Ronit5X - Mexico CityAzul Condesa - Mexico City
Chapultepec CastleThings to doCondesaChapultepec Park - Their 'central park'. Huge park with lots of walking paths, museums, a lake you can paddle boat in, the zoo & Chapultepec castle (where the last emperor lived and is now the national museum of history)Former presidential and imperial residence. Nice walk and way to spend a morning / afternoon before / after the anthropology museum.-JaimeYu Wu Guide, Jaime5X - Mexico CityChapultepec Castle - Mexico City
HusetDinnerRoma- my favorite restaurant!! Everything is cooked in a wood burning oven and you can sit outside under lots of pretty lights. Really good cocktails.Lucy Dana, Nancy, Ronit, Max5XXX - Mexico CityHuset - Mexico City
Lalo!Breakfast- yes, the ! is included. Really cute place for breakfast with communal table and a graffiti wall. Get the chilaquiles! I would go on a weekday if you can to avoid a wait. "Modern italian with mexican influence $$ -Best spaghetti carbonara in townLucy Dana, Ronit, Uber5X - Mexico CityLalo! - Mexico City
Maximo BistrosDinnerNicer, also rec by Rihanna, (modern, $$$$ - Max)
French/Mexican; one of the best spots in town
Juliet IG5 - Mexico CityMaximo Bistros - Mexico City
Ojo de AguaLunchRonit, Jose Luis5X - Mexico CityOjo de Agua - Mexico City
Quintonil DinnerThe two 'fanciest' and most famous restaurants in cdmx. Tasting menus at both (pujol you have to do it and quintonil you don't - can just order off the menu). Watch the chef's table on pujol. The meals will cost like ~70 USD. The green rice and crab tostada are my faves at QuintonilLucy Dana, Yu Wu, Ronit5XX - Mexico CityQuintonil - Mexico City
RosettaFoodRomaYu's favorite, right next to Blanco Colima- Pretty setting with good, inventive italian-ish foodYu Wu Guide, Lucy, Rihanna, Ronit5X - Mexico CityRosetta - Mexico City
Teotihuacan - The PyramidsThings to doTeotihuacan - The Pyramids ~1-2 hrs outside the city. Depending on the traffic this can take up a half or full day. Can stop at La Gruta for food which is a restaurant in a cave. There's no shade here so it can get hot. Cool things to see but I'd prioritize other stuff first., Teotihuacan - 1800 year old pyramids 45 minutes from downtown, Uberable if needed: Ruins located about 45 minutes away from Mexico City. Unique in that you can climb a lot of the pyramids. Balloon flights have become popular.Lucy Dana5 - Mexico CityTeotihuacan - The Pyramids - Mexico City
Azul HistoricoFoodCentroMexican $$ -Enchilada de mole negro
-Mezal (served in jicara)Uber Team @Lauren, Max Wenneker4X - Mexico CityAzul Historico - Mexico City
Dulce PatriaFoodPolancoit's a littlbe bit overrated... Interior not very special but food is good"High-end Mexican with good food. Popular amongst the "I have friends visiting from outside Mexico and want to show them typical, but high-end, food""-JaimeYu Wu Guide, Ronit, Jaime4 - Mexico CityDulce Patria - Mexico City
El ParnitaFoodYucatán 84(tacos, only during the day), pen-air setting, typical mexican food"Mexican $ Delicious Mexican food and really really great ambiance. Hip without overdoing it"Ronit, Lucy Dana4 - Mexico CityEl Parnita - Mexico City
Eno BreakfastThe chef at Pujol's (Enrique Olvera) more casual joint. Good mix of traditional mexican dishes/ingredients with modern breakfast.Lucy Dana4X - Mexico CityEno - Mexico City
LardoFoodRomaBrunch - Super cute spot-JulietRihanna (through Rebecca Bernhard)4XXX - Mexico CityLardo - Mexico City
LeonorBars/DrinksColonia Roma/Condesa:- Feels 'secret', chill vibe but a little more dancey., ": Club that has been a go-to spot since the mid-2000s. Great bartenders and DJs."-JaimeLucy Dana4 - Mexico CityLeonor - Mexico City
Licorería LimantourBars/DrinksRomaawesome mezcal dranks - MaxYu Wu Guide, MAx, Ronit4X - Mexico CityLicorería Limantour - Mexico City
Mercado RomaFoodColonia Roma/Condesa:Think Eataly in Mexico. It's a bunch of stands selling really good food where you can walk around sampling different plates and cuisines. The rooftop has a beer garden that's fun on a nice day. Good place to rest if you're walking around the Colonia Roma.-Jaime, ...(lots of options, $$), Everything $ Personal favs: Ahumadora, Reina de la Brasa, French Dip. For dessert there are also several good options, don't remember the names. Biergarten on top floor. @Manuel, Uber TeamJaime, Uber, Max4X - Mexico CityMercado Roma - Mexico City
Museo de AntropologiaThings to doMuseo de Antropologia - Biggest and best museum. Pre-hispanic culture. Right outside there's a big pole where these guys swing around on ropes (hard to explain lol but trust me it's fun to watch).Anthropology museum (beware, not tons of English, make sure to select only a section or two to visit since it’s overwhelming)Lucy Dana4X - Mexico CityMuseo de Antropologia - Mexico City
Museo SoumayaThings to doPolancoCarlos Slim's museum., Museo Soumaya - Mexican billionaire's collection. Free to the public.-LucySoumaya museum (Carlos Slim’s art collection, and free), must see architecture; FREE and AMAZING collectionsJaime, Lucy4X - Mexico CityMuseo Soumaya - Mexico City
Pamares AzoteaFood or DrinksUpscale cocktail bars where they push around a cart and you can describe the drink you want. Sometimes you have to call to reserve. for rooftop food & dranksLucy Dana, Ronit, Laura's Brother4X - Mexico CityPamares Azotea - Mexico City
Rokai RamenFoodAmazing Ramen in a tiny and chic spotRonit4X - Mexico CityRokai Ramen - Mexico City
Tori Tori TemistoclesFoodPolanco: My favorite sushi in Mexico. I highly recommend ordering the chirashi mixto (bowl of rice with assorted sashimi, avocado slices, chipotle mayonnaise, spring onions, wasabi and ginger on top. Add ponzu sauce (soy sauce with lemon) and enjoy. They also have good cocktails. "Tuna or Salmon bowl - Uber Team @ceballos"Jaime4XX - Mexico CityTori Tori Temistocles - Mexico City
Blanco ColimaBars/DrinksRomaSeafood $$$ Yu Wu Guide, Ronit, Uber3X - Mexico CityBlanco Colima - Mexico City
BOWIEFoodRomaoctopus + tuna & croquette, grilled cheeseYu Wu Guide, Ronit3X - Mexico CityBOWIE - Mexico City
Cafe ParaisoBars/DrinksColonia Roma/Condesa:My favorite 'club' - it only plays latin music and has huge murals on the wall of leavesOne of the current nightlife hotspots in Mexico CityLucy Dana, Jaime3XX - Mexico CityCafe Paraiso - Mexico City
Casa FrancaBars/DrinksAMAZING second floor jazz bar above a pizza shop, specialty cocktails, dimly lit, amazing music, and cool side rooms/balconiesJuliet! Via the owner of La Docena3XX - Mexico CityCasa Franca - Mexico City
Chiquitito CaféFoodCondesamatcha/avotoast/coffeecoffeeRonit3 - Mexico CityChiquitito Café - Mexico City
Condesa DF RooftopBars/DrinksCondesaIf you want a midday drink you can sit on big bed-ish things on their roof - LucyYu Wu Guide, Max, Lucy3X - Mexico CityCondesa DF Rooftop - Mexico City
El ZocaloThings to doEl Zocalo - the main square in the historic district. Famous cathedral on the square and Templo Mayor (ruins from old temple) is right next to the square.Lucy Dana3XXX - Mexico CityEl Zocalo - Mexico City
Havre 77FoodJuárezFrench bistrot $$ -Avocado pizza (not on the menu)Uber Team @nataliagalvez, Ronit3X - Mexico CityHavre 77 - Mexico City
Jules BasementBars/DrinksPolanco: Speakeasy located through the refrigerator door of a taco joint. Fun for a drink before moving on.Jaime3X - Mexico CityJules Basement - Mexico City
Koku SushiFoodLow priced, high quaity sushi in a hip/cool settingRonit3XXX - Mexico CityKoku Sushi - Mexico City
Kurimanzutto GalleryThings to doCaroline Sims3 - Mexico CityKurimanzutto Gallery - Mexico City
La OndaFoodChapultepecMexican tacos $ Tacos al pastorMy go-to taco spot. All you need to do to get to heaven is: order tacos al pastor two at a time, load them up with cilantro, onion and green avocado sauce, consume and repeat until full."-JaimeUber Team @ceballos, Jaime3 - Mexico CityLa Onda - Mexico City
La ÚnicaFoodPolancoMexican $$$ Tostadas de atún. Tacos de tuétano. Tacos de ribeye. Cauliflower!!! and sit in the back-JulietUber Team @ceballos3XXXX - Mexico CityLa Única - Mexico City
MerotoroFoodcentroone of my favorites. get the natural wine " biches" & pulque natural. the fish / shrimp tostada, red snapper and fig desserts are on point.Yu Wu Guide3 - Mexico CityMerotoro - Mexico City
Museo del Templo MayorThings to doCentro:: Museum that goes through some ruins that were built over by the Spanish.Jaime3X - Mexico CityMuseo del Templo Mayor - Mexico City
OaxacaThings to DoOaxaca: 45min flight south (5hrs drive). Amazing city with some of the best food in Mexico. Enough to do to spend a full week here.Cities to visit from Max: (colonial town)Jaime, Max Wenneker List3 - OaxacaOaxaca - Oaxaca
Panadería RosettaBakeryCuauhtemocbest bakery in town (if you have time to visit 1 bakery, this is it.) 2 floors with outdoor patio and roundabout counter. You can see a lot of actions and enjoy a local life here. Same owner as LardoBakery $ Best bakery in Mexico. Hands down. Don't expect a seat on the weekends, but there are nice parks nearby - UberYu Wu Guide, Ronit, Uber3X - Mexico CityPanadería Rosetta - Mexico City
RepúblicaBars/DrinksPolancoMany nights in Polanco end here. I have mixed feelings about the place. Music is very high energy, the door is strict enough that you don't have many under-25s amongst you. One of the most popular clubs in Mexico CityJaime3X - Mexico CityRepública - Mexico City
Sushi KyoFoodJuárezJapanese $$$$$ Fixed menuUber Team @rebeca3 - Mexico CitySushi Kyo - Mexico City
The ComradeBars/DrinksUpscale cocktail bars where they push around a cart and you can describe the drink you want. Sometimes you have to call to reserve."International $$$ - Tacos de Pato
- Mac & Cheese
- Drinks
Cute restaurant/bar with big outdoor area-JulietLucy Dana, Ronit3X - Mexico CityThe Comrade - Mexico City
Tour Gastronómico de la Colonia RomaThings to doColonia Roma/Condesa:: I don't recommend many tours, but this is an exception. You start at around 11am and do a walking tour of the Colonia Roma that takes you to all the foodie hotspots.Jaime3X - Mexico CityTour Gastronómico de la Colonia Roma - Mexico City
Tres GaleonesLunchRomaIncredible Tacos

"Fish tacos $ -Pescado al pastor
-Camarones estilo baja" - Uber Natalia Galvez
Laura's Brother3X - Mexico CityTres Galeones - Mexico City
AmayaFoodWine BarRonit2X - Mexico CityAmaya - Mexico City
AuroraBars/DrinksAlvaro Obregón 126Drinks $$ Has an awesome G+T bar. Really cool patio space makes for a nice ambiance, and often has live music.Uber Team 2 - Mexico CityAurora - Mexico City
Baltra Bar CondesaBars/DrinksCocktailsRonit2 - Mexico CityBaltra Bar Condesa - Mexico City
Buna 42CoffeeRomabest artisan coffee in CDMX. try the Cafecheta (Espresso + Horcheta)Yu Wu Guide, Ronit2 - Mexico CityBuna 42 - Mexico City
CancinoFoodRomaPizza $$ - Arugula + Prosciutto Pizza
- Brownie
Uber Team @elmike2 - Mexico CityCancino - Mexico City
Churreria El MoroFoodCuauhtémocworld famous churrosYu Wu Guide, Max2XX - Mexico CityChurreria El Moro - Mexico City
Cicatriz CafeBars/DrinksJuarezMonday nights, but great fried avo sandwich and drinks, chicken is apparently delish, american ownersRonit2 - Mexico CityCicatriz Cafe - Mexico City
DelirioFoodMonterrey 116 BSandwiches and some gourmet snacks $$ Super reasonably priced (paninis and baguettes are around 70) with crazy high quality food. She's a really famous Mexican chef and her fancy restaurant is aboveUber Team, Ronit2 - Mexico CityDelirio - Mexico City
DepartamentoBars/DrinksRonit, Caroline Merin2X - Mexico CityDepartamento - Mexico City
Dosis CaféFoodRomaCoffeeRonit2 - Mexico CityDosis Café - Mexico City
El CardenalBrunch(Brunch, $$) - favorite brunch in Mexico City so far, go to the one on La PalmaMax Wenneker List, Jaime2 - Mexico CityEl Cardenal - Mexico City
El MayorFoodCentro:: Simple restaurant that overlooks the Templo Mayor ruins below. More for the view than the food.Jaime2X - Mexico CityEl Mayor - Mexico City
El PescaditoFoodAtlixco 38Fish tacos $ Awesome fish tacos. The line moves fast. Deep fried shrimp, chiles rellenos, and marlinUber Team , @512foodie2 - Mexico CityEl Pescadito - Mexico City
Farmacia InternacionalFoodBreakfast or LunchSuper cute, ultra hipster cafe in Juarez - LOVE!Ronit2X - Mexico CityFarmacia Internacional - Mexico City
FelixBars/Drinkscocktail barRonit2 - Mexico CityFelix - Mexico City
Frëims Sándwiches CuadriculadosCoffeeRomaTry their "dirty chai" and waffle sandwiches. Super awesome vibe with great artworks.Yu Wu Guide2 - Mexico CityFrëims Sándwiches Cuadriculados - Mexico City
Hanky PankyBars/DrinksJuarezRonit2 - Mexico CityHanky Panky - Mexico City
La CapitalFoodCondesa(Mexican, $$$)Max Wenneker List2X - Mexico CityLa Capital - Mexico City
La ClandestinaBars/Drinks- Very relaxed, trendy bar in Condesa with mezcal.semi-underground mezcal bar-MaxLucy Dana, Max2 - Mexico CityLa Clandestina - Mexico City
LampugaFoodRoma, Condesa, Polanco(Mexican, $$$) International $$$ Tacos de camaron - @ceballos-Best burger in town" - Uber Team @nataliagalvezMax Wenneker List, Uber2 - Mexico CityLampuga - Mexico City
LimosnerosFoodCentoRonit2 - Mexico CityLimosneros - Mexico City
Lucha LibreThings to doLucha Libre - Wrestling. Only on Tuesday and Friday nights. Insanely entertaining - there's grandmas, 3 yr olds and everyone in between all screaming at the characters in the ring. They sell instant ramen and huge beers. You can buy front seat tickets for ~20 usd on ticketmaster.Lucy Dana2X - Mexico CityLucha Libre - Mexico City
Luis Barragon HouseThings to doLuis Barragon House - Mexico's only Pritzer price winning architect's house. Have to reserve a tour online.Lucy Dana2 - Mexico CityLuis Barragon House - Mexico City
Macelleria RomaFood(Italian, $$), Italian $$ - Pappardelle Macelleria @manuel uberMax Wenneker List2 - Mexico CityMacelleria Roma - Mexico City
MaqueFood(Brunch, $$) - I've never been here but there's always an insane line outside on weekends. It's right on Parque Mexico so you can walk around after - LucyMax Wenneker List2 - Mexico CityMaque - Mexico City
MerkavaFoodIsraeliRonit2X - Mexico CityMerkava - Mexico City
Museum Studio of Diego Rivera and Frida KahloThings to doSan AngelJuliet IG2XX - Mexico CityMuseum Studio of Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo - Mexico City
Nudo NegroFoodGet the tasting menu - HarryRonit, Harry2 - Mexico CityNudo Negro - Mexico City
Nueve NueveFoodRomaNancy's favorite, also RonitYu Wu Guide2 - Mexico CityNueve Nueve - Mexico City
Palacio de Bellas ArtesThings to doCentroPalacio de Bellas Artes - at least get a picture in front of it, but also some cool exhibits inside (not tons of English), Theatre, diego and orozco's murals - Yu WuMust see. Usually good exhibitions in the museum. Try and get tickets for a show, there's one called the Ballet Folklórico that brings traditional dances from all of Mexico into one performance."-JaimeMax Wenneker List, Yu Wu, Jaime2 - Mexico CityPalacio de Bellas Artes - Mexico City
Paramo FoodRomaSuper hip dinner spot, gets crazy packed (we made a reservation and still waited for an hour) I would recommend going before 7pm so you can actually get seated (make a reservation by FB message)TacosRonit2X - Mexico CityParamo - Mexico City
Parker and LennoxBars/DrinksJuarezRonit2 - Mexico CityParker and Lennox - Mexico City
Pasillo de HumoFoodRonit2 - Mexico CityPasillo de Humo - Mexico City
Porco RossoFoodRoma* / CondesaAmerican / BBQ $$$ - Mac & Cheese
- Pulled Pork
Uber Team @elmike, Max2 - Mexico CityPorco Rosso - Mexico City
Rokai (Izayaki)FoodCuauhtémocRamen $$ -Ramen
-Roasted Avocato
- Sake
Uber Team @nataliagalvez2X - Mexico CityRokai (Izayaki) - Mexico City
San Angel InnFoodSan Ángel:: Traditional place to have any meal if you're in the area. Good Mexican food.Sit inside the beautiful gardenJaime2XX - Mexico CitySan Angel Inn - Mexico City
San Miguel de Allende Things to doColonial town 2.5hrs north of Mexico City. Very popular with tourists and has become a weekend hotspot.Cities to visit from Max: (colonial town)Jaime, Max Wenneker List2 - San Miguel de Allende San Miguel de Allende - San Miguel de Allende
Tenampa Bars/Drinks(go with a large, rowdy group. mexican mariachi bar)Famous Mexican Mariachi Bar in main squareMax Wenneker List2 - Mexico CityTenampa - Mexico City
TraspatioFoodColima, near B&SLA hipster $$ Great choripan but definitely recommend the wings. Open air concept restaurant/barUber Team 2 - Mexico CityTraspatio - Mexico City
YubanFoodRomamodern, upscale Oaxacan foodRonit2 - Mexico CityYuban - Mexico City
A de AcentoFoodRonit1 - Mexico CityA de Acento - Mexico City
Above CyclesFoodEje 4 Sur Chilpancingo No.129Café + other food $ Total hidden gem. It's a bike repair shop that also makes very high quality coffee and great chilaquiles. Their coffee comes from Café Avellenada and is excellent, and the people who work their are awesomeUber Team - 1 - Mexico CityAbove Cycles - Mexico City
Ah-un SushiFoodRonit1 - Mexico CityAh-un Sushi - Mexico City
AitanaFoodRonit1 - Mexico CityAitana - Mexico City
Alma Negra CaféFoodRonit1 - Mexico CityAlma Negra Café - Mexico City